boneliferI have mythbuntu 11.10 with .24-fixes.  I have a hdhomerun(grey dual tuner). I have it all setup and it records fine.  My problem is when I run a transcode on these files I get chipmunk audio, and the first few frames of the video running throughout the file till the end of the audio. I'd like to cut these files down in size and remove the commercials(do the initial marking manually).01:16
DonkeyHoteiisn't 11.10 EOL'ed?01:37
boneliferI haven't updated(well I tried) because I have pvr-500 and when I tried before ended up with 0kb recording, etc01:38
DonkeyHoteithere might be mythbuntu-specific upgrade notes somewhere01:39
boneliferthe 0kb, was mythtv specific. I think it's fixed in .26, but having been burned once.... :(01:40
boneliferI'm really concerned about trancoding the hdhomerun video though01:41
DonkeyHoteiwell, any notes for a mythtv upgrade in a mythbuntu upgrade should be in the notes for the mythbuntu upgrade01:42
bonelifernot trying to upgrade at the moment.01:43
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qwebirc39259Hey guys, first of all THANK YOU!  Second, I just really hosed up a Mythbuntu shared setup.  I think I went most wrong on the sql database stuff.18:09
qwebirc39259I am starting over now.  I read that the sql default settings only allow local (loopback) connections, is that right?  How do I fix that to share it?18:10
qwebirc27530hey guys. qq. i have mythbuntu booted into live cd. anyway to test tuner to make sure it works before i install?20:38
imthenachomanhey guys. are there any instructions anywhere on Mythbuntu and HDMI audio?21:06
skorpiohello, i have downloaded channel icons to '/home/user/.mythtv/channels' but they are not present in the frontent allthough it is the only one running on the same machine21:24
skorpiowhat can i do?21:24
imthenachomananyone know why when i exit mythbuntu my desktop is so huge?21:50
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