josepleia2: is it fine if I create some test drafts on the fridge? not posting them at all, but will try to see if I can work out openid auth in the scripts04:33
pleia2jose: go for it :)05:09
pleia2and thanks!05:09
josepleia2: no worries. btw, do you have a minute? I'm stuck at some perl-y things05:16
pleia2jose: I'm running in degraded mode (on my phone, no wifi at home at the moment, redoing networking)05:17
josepleia2: no prob then, good luck with all of that05:18
pleia2I can help tomorrow once I'm back if you are still stuck :)05:18
josesure, I'll try to get around this today :)05:22
xephexx1Nvidia version 304.88 is  a little bit buggy when opening multiple windows and using my clipboard does anybody have any ideas?06:40
xephexx1Another glorious day here in Ubuntu-Land hope everybody has a great one...<<<XΞpћΞxҲ™>>>13:49
joseworking on the post for the change from approved to verified locoteams14:13
PaulW2Upleia2: UWN summaries done despite another very very low turnout this week :(17:22
pleia2PaulW2U: thanks again for all your work, I think this week I'll send a note to all our current summary writers, we have like 40 on the list, some of whom have never participated17:26
pleia2hopefully I can find some who just need some guidance17:26
PaulW2U40 ????17:26
pleia2heh, yeah17:27
pleia2I should say, many of whom have never participated :)17:27
pleia2I do a call for help, add them to the list, silence17:27
pleia2emailing every week!17:27
PaulW2UI sometimes see two or three on a Sunday but usually none on Saturday17:27
* pleia2 nods17:27
pleia2saturday is my day off, so I haven't kept a close watch on it lately17:28
pleia2my husband is rewriging the home network, so I'm on [Dthe roof, lousy wifi here :)17:29
pleia2errewiring too17:29
PaulW2Uon the roof?17:30
* pleia2 is mostly staying out of his way so her sysadmin self doesn't grump about the network configuration17:30
pleia2it's a roof deck, I live in a high rise17:30
josehey pleia2, have a min? couldn't get around the perl-y thing17:31
pleia2jose: ask away :)17:32
joselet me pastebin17:32
josepleia2: so, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6025788/ is for the openid auth. I have the $cgi variable, but it's not defined anywhere as my $cgi blah blah blah, and it gives me a global symbol error or something like that17:36
joseany idea on how to get that fixed?17:37
pleia2jose: why not define it?17:37
josebecause I don't know how17:39
pleia2well, what is it? :)17:39
pleia2looks like you pulled this script from somewhere else?17:39
pleia2it definitely needs to be set at some point, either earlier in the script or by a script that includes this one17:40
joseyeah, I did try to pull it and modify it17:43
joseit's basically getting the check url so the users can login to the sso service and it gives a reply to the script17:44
josethough I'm not quite sure if it'll work from a cli17:44
pleia2so look at the original script and see where it defined it? or maybe it's an environment variable or something17:44
pleia2ah yeah, that could be17:45
pleia2in a web browser it's easier because it just hooks into lp, from cli you need to launch a browser17:45
joseI'll see what I can do after lunch, thanks!17:45
pleia2there are tools in ubuntu-land that do (ubuntu-bug) but they're mostly in python afaik17:45
joseand what about porting the code to python?17:47
joseI can try17:47
pleia2that would be fine, I think nhandler went with perl because of the better regex handling (and these scripts do love regexes!)17:47
joseI've seen that17:48
josewell, time for lunch, talk to you in a while!17:49
pleia2enjoy :)17:49
PaulW2Upleia2: if anyone needs some guidance then akgraner's session at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpaYsbRnteQ might be useful. It got me started :)17:50
pleia2PaulW2U: ah, good call! thanks, I'll have a browse and include it in my email17:50
scott_evhey, I think I need to get involved with the UWN again.  Surely the process has changed some since I was involved so I'll need to be schooled a little.22:59
scott_evluckily some names here are familiar - akgraner, nhandler, and pleia2 - hello again23:00
PaulW2Uscott_ev: hi there, we definitely need help with summary writing23:08
scott_evPaulW2U: ok, what's the process?23:16
scott_evis it something I can do during the week or is everything done on one day?  I can work just about any time23:16
PaulW2Utake a look at http://bit.ly/vDkJyf. It's finished for this week but links are added during the week and summaries written at the weekend23:17
scott_evalso, a few members of my LoCo are looking for things to do to help as they are thinking about applying for ubuntu membership.  I'll see if I can get some more help if needed.  OK, I can start writing summaries on Sat.23:18
scott_evw00t!! I made it into this week's edition!! haha; I'm famous23:20
PaulW2Ugreat. I've been very much on my own for the past few weeks with only pleia2 adding links and writing summaries23:20
PaulW2UAlso have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/StyleGuidelines before you start writing23:21
scott_evunderstood.  we have our meeting tonight and I'll put the word out23:21
PaulW2UYou also might want to get on pleia2's mailing list so that you know when you can start writing summaries23:22
pleia2welcome scott_ev :)23:22
scott_evI may be able to convince a few volunteers that this is their best opportunity to start showing work outside of the LoCo23:22
scott_evpleia2: good to see you again23:22
pleia2I send an email every Friday night to everyone on my list of summary writers23:22
scott_evit's been much too long23:22
pleia2summaries are written Saturday - Sunday23:22
pleia2so I can add you to that list of writers if you'd like :)23:22
scott_evk, great. add j dot scott dot gwin at ubuntu to thaqt list23:23
scott_evIIRC your nick is about princess leia and not the pleiadese (sp) system23:24
pleia2right :)23:24
scott_evnice, I still have some medium-term memory left23:24
pleia2I do have a pleiades necklace though, given the similarity it's grown on me ;)23:24
scott_evnice, it's a very important system according to many religion's cosmology23:25
pleia2so I hear!23:25
scott_evafter many many years in meditation I can back up that sentiment23:25
=== jono is now known as Guest52668
scott_evif you look at my wiki you can see how lazy I've been for nearly 2 years.  it was nice to drop back and be a generic end user but that got boring23:26
pleia2well, we're glad to have you back23:27
scott_evI nearly downloaded the whole net, watched and read everything - filled up a nas then quit being a leech23:28
scott_evthanks, this will be fun.  I'm amazed we ever got published back when it was me, johnc4510, and tyche23:29
pleia2it's amazing you guys kept it going for so long with such a small team23:29
scott_evand a few others - we did everything on sunday morning somehgow23:29
* pleia2 nods23:29
scott_evold guys rule!!!23:29
scott_evactually, it's just sad that we had nothing better to do....23:30
scott_evbut john was a great leader for quite a while23:30
pleia2and nah, people love UWN, it's a worthy thing to spend time on :)23:30
scott_evtaking over the loco after john was more work than I had imagined23:31
pleia2I bet23:32
scott_evI think I just burned out from leading the loco, working with uwn, helping the local lug, etc.  I was working more than I did before I retirede23:32
scott_evI'm looking fwd to being a participant again23:33
joseand we look forward on having you on the team!23:36
* jose waves23:36
* scott_ev waves back - thanks23:37
scott_evand I did that w/o a rotten trout!23:38

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