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Lord255hi all. i have checked the serverguide in the topic for 12.04, but is there a step-by-step guide for a mailserver (pf,pfadmin,mysql,virus+spam filter..etc.)? i know that there are some on the net but i'm curious which one you say "the best".06:20
Calrikhi all I just after some advice Im not sure if I should run vmware-esx and run my ubuntu server in that with other vm's such as a windows xp client or run ubuntu server natively then use virtual box or something like that for the windows guest?08:46
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KihokkiHi there! It seems that I made a mistake when I created a user in my server and now I'm unable to use sudo on created user17:11
KihokkiWhen I type sudo, it gives me this "sudo: must be setuid root17:12
ikoniaKihokki: that's nothing to do with creating a user17:13
ikoniaKihokki: that's you changing the permissions on the sudo binary17:13
Kihokkiikonia, So, what should I do?17:15
ikoniaput setuid on the sudo binary17:16
Kihokkiikonia, Well, how to do that?17:23
ikoniaKihokki: how did you remove it ?17:24
ikoniaKihokki: what happened to your machine17:24
Kihokkiikonia, I only created a user with adduser17:24
ikoniathat can't be the case.17:24
ikoniaKihokki: can you do "ls -la /usr/bin/sudo" please17:25
ikonia(and show me the output)17:25
Kihokkiroot@southpole:~# ls -la /usr/bin/sudo17:25
Kihokki-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 69708 Jun  1  2012 /usr/bin/sudo17:25
ikoniaKihokki: that's really wrong, someone has changed permissions on it17:26
ikoniaKihokki: adduser would not do that17:26
Kihokkiikonia, should I do it on the created user?17:26
ikoniaKihokki: do what ?17:26
KihokkiNothing, I just checked if it gives same output on the created user17:27
Kihokkiand it does17:27
RoyKKihokki: reboot into single user mode17:27
ikoniait will do, the binary has teh wrong permissions17:27
ikoniaRoyK: 1 moment please17:27
ikoniaKihokki: can you show me the ouptut of "uname -a" please17:27
ikonialets find out if this is a standard ubuntu build, or one of these modified vps provider ones17:28
RoyKKihokki: and lsb_release -a17:28
ikoniasee if something has gone wrong, or if it's designed like that17:28
Kihokkiroot@southpole:~# uname -a17:28
KihokkiLinux southpole 2.6.32-042stab068.8 #1 SMP Fri Dec 7 17:06:14 MSK 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux17:28
ikoniaRoyK: sadly that doesn't always show it17:28
ikoniaKihokki: ok - I don't think we should change anything on this, I think you should talk to your vps provider17:29
ikoniaKihokki: explain the problem and that sudo is missing setuid17:29
Kihokkiikonia, I'll try that, thanks!17:29
ikoniano problem17:29
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tgm4883Is there someplace to grab older kernels. I'm looking for linux-image-server_3. (along with the headers), but it doesn't seem to be available via apt anymore23:21
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TheLordOfTimetgm4883, what version of Ubuntu are you looking for the kernel for if I may ask?  (I'm curious)23:48
Patrickdk_that would be 12.0423:53

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