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AskUbuntuWhere do I download the Ubuntu touch Rom? | http://askubuntu.com/q/33687600:19
mhall119Aaron1011: cdimage-touch are device images provided by Canonical, community are device images provided by others01:26
Aaron1011mhall119: Thanks!02:08
akulerhow to install ubuntu touch on galaxy tab 2 10.102:19
jram0421how do i join the core apps dev team03:02
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jram0421um hello03:05
cjohnstonStart working on core apps?03:20
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RHANi think im lost..05:00
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ShapeShifter499what happens to my current edits I made to my local copy of ubuntu touch if I run "repo sync"06:18
Cyberfarmhey there09:14
Cyberfarmis it really usable on the nexus 4?09:15
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Jppass01can anyone help me to install ubuntu on nexus 712:22
wellsbJppass01: What do you need help with?  You follow these instructions? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install12:23
TKOn3Hello.Can you help me to install Ubuntu 12.10 on my tf300t ?12:57
TKOn3Hello.Can you help me to install Ubuntu 12.10 on my tf300t Unlocked and root?12:58
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markusN00bHi, it seems I am unable to make phone calls with my phone. I feel like I should update the Ubuntu Touch. (I already tried through "System Settings" without success) So what is the easiest way to update?13:44
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maximilian_markusN00b, just phablet-tools cdimage-touch -d mako, it seems this is what I do and it retains the user data.14:48
markusN00bSo you are able to make phone calls?14:50
markusN00bI used phablet-tools without the -d option. It created a dir suggesting I already have the current version of touch14:50
markusN00b$ ls Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/14:51
markusN00b>  2013082114:51
maximilian_Am trying this version now. I think I had --pending in the command line and had a version from 24th august14:52
maximilian_or maybe an older version, not sure and now the phone is being reflashed so no way to know.14:53
BECQ: is it possible to run touch along side Android?14:54
maximilian_BEC, Nope, not yet.14:54
BECmaximilian_, is it planned?14:55
BECI have a Motorola Xoom & can't wait to try it, though specs are not optimal as per site specs14:55
maximilian_That's what they said would be done for the Edge phone... No idea.14:55
BECaha; thanks :)14:55
maximilian_No need to be excited yet, the software is really not ready.14:55
marcinelloBEC, some users already did it on N7: http://barrenfrozenwasteland.com/2013/03/dual-booting-android-and-ubuntu-touch-on-the-nexus-7/14:58
maximilian_markusN00b, phone flashed, user data still there, version used is from 21st.14:58
markusN00bmaximilian_ and calls? Can you put in your Sim card and use it?15:00
BECmarcinello, thx15:01
maximilian_phone does not boot to Ubuntu Touch. Does a strange "squeek" sound and the display remains black...15:06
maximilian_Man, are the fonts small on the phone... it's flashing.15:24
maximilian_Black screen of death...15:26
maximilian_a reboot and all is fine again... and yes, it does phone calls.15:31
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ZackehhBeen trying to port to One S but can't get chroot access because ubuntu_chroot doesn't exist on the device, but it's in the zip output from the build - any ideas?16:17
HelenaKittyI've been trying to install Ubuntu Touch onto the Nexus 7 but all the links I've found online are for Windows or use the Nexus Toolkit. I want to use fastboot/adb and I can't search anymore cause my computer is wayyy too slow so please could you PM me with instructions rather than giving me a link? thnx!16:24
ZackehhYou mean you don't have fastboot/adb access due to drivers?16:25
HelenaKittyI have fastboot/adb access16:25
HelenaKittyI already said I don't want the Nexus Toolkit and I don't use Windows.16:25
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AskUbuntuChange SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) on ubuntu-touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/33712416:33
HelenaKittyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/ gives a 404 error but I found it on this page. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/Installation16:40
hiohi, where can I order my ubuntu edge?16:42
hiois ubuntu optimized for my ipod touch?16:44
maximilian_the ipod would be on the edge with ubuntu touch16:45
HelenaKittyhio: Good luck getting Linux on apple hardware. lol16:46
hiowhat do u mean? isnt apple the same as linux?16:46
HelenaKittyWTF?! Guys please give me the right link for the img files for the grouper ubuntu touch 13 image!16:47
HelenaKittyhio: No16:47
hioapple has a linux kernel16:47
hioits based on some old linux thing16:48
HelenaKittyand Apple don't support Linux. No they don't, they have a BSD kernel.16:48
hioyeah right, BSD is linux16:48
HelenaKittyNo it's NOT, it's Unix!16:48
hioi always thought unix was just how stupid people spelled linux Oo16:49
HelenaKittyand either way... Apple don't support UNIX as a whole, they support Mac OS, they don't support BSD, Linux, Unix, Minix, whatever therefore their drivers will ONLY run on Mac OS.16:49
HelenaKittyUnix is a family.16:50
hiowe can just ask apple to support us, open a support ticket or something. they have reallly good apple care, that one time they fixed my broken screen for free16:50
HelenaKittyLinux and BSD are kernels within the family. OpenBSD, NetBSD are part of the BSD family and Ubuntu and Debian are part of the Linux Family.16:50
HelenaKittyApple will only support if you're a mulimillianaire and willing to pay a gigantic fee.16:51
HelenaKittyThis is Ubuntu support and we're getting offtopic.16:51
hiothat shuttleworth guy is rich right? he should pay for it16:51
hioyeah I just wanted an ubuntu edge16:52
HelenaKittyIf you want to put Ubuntu onto a device the best option is to buy an Android device.16:52
HelenaKittyDo NOT go for any ARM device! Going for an iPod wont work, going for a Blackberry wont work.16:53
hioi have a samsung ativ s with windows phone 8.16:53
HelenaKittyGoing for a Nexus device or an Xperia device or even a Huaweii phone will work16:53
HelenaKittyhio: It wont work.16:54
hiobut i wont be able to phone ppl?16:54
HelenaKittyUbuntu Touch are trying to support the phone hio16:54
HelenaKittyUbuntu Touch was MADE for phones.16:54
HelenaKittyMeaning it will eventually support Cellular and you will be able to use it like a phone.16:55
hiodamn but i already ordered the samsung ativ s16:55
hioOH OK, so it doesnt work now16:55
HelenaKittyInfact I have already seen the Phone and MS apps.16:55
hiowhat phone16:55
hiowhat phone have u seen16:56
HelenaKittyIt should work with any phone on the Ubuntu Touch compatibility list. I think I saw a list at http://touch.ubuntu.com/16:56
hiosays it cant find the website16:57
HelenaKittyI think it's http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch16:58
hioHelenaKitty, thanks for the help. I have to admit something though16:59
hioI'm actually an Opensuse user and I hate ubuntu and would never use it anywhere16:59
HelenaKitty I'm not keen on Ubuntu but I want to get rid of Android on my Nexus 7. I'm going to strip the Touch image down and make it somthing minimal.17:00
hiohm thats a surprise and a good idea17:00
hiobut by the time ubuntu will have a working smartphone version, opensuse will have one too17:01
hioor gnome17:01
HelenaKittyLol I think I just created a brick17:03
markusN00bmaximilian_ : I had to disable my PIN. Now I can phone and SMS right away with ubuntu touch.17:04
HelenaKittyRight pls can someone now tell me where the bugger I find the grouper imgs?! o.o17:05
hiomarkusN00b, what phone do you use17:05
markusN00bnexus 417:05
hiowhy is it still so expensivE?17:05
markusN00bThere are some on eBay for like 250 €17:06
HelenaKittyHow do I replace unity with mate?18:12
HelenaKittyYes I want to use mate on a tablet.18:12
HelenaKittyYou know I am regretting this switch to Ubuntu Touch cause I can't even do what i want with it.18:15
HelenaKittyI expected to be able to do more with it than I can do with Android.18:15
markusN00bHelenaKitty: You can not expect this. Touch is not alpha, not beta, not final. It is developer!18:35
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cetkatwould porting to tegra 2 devices (like the samsung captivate glide) be possible? They don't have NEON so I was wondering20:27
BamDastardanyone have any info on an installable Ubuntu Touch img for the Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T?20:49
BamDastardXDA has a couple of threads but they are not functional20:50
BamDastardand not touch20:50
crypticmofohi guys .. im wondering if you can help .. im really anxious about ubuntu-touch for android devices .. since cdma devices aren't ready do you guys know of anything that can simulate this .. i know of glovebox and unity launcher but they stil force me to go to the home screen then try something else .. i want to be able to use a side launcher / or something on the right thats linux21:29
crypticmofoany ideas ?21:29
popeycrypticmofo: might be better dropping by during European working day when people are awake / working21:32
crypticmofoman .. i swear21:32
crypticmofowhen i saw chanocial or however you say it come out with the first video about the new launcher / phone design21:33
crypticmofoi was smitten21:33
crypticmofolike when you see a fine women and your like holy shit!!!@#@!#21:33
mousepiehows every-body doing21:35
crypticmofomousepie dying inside until cdma devices have a working build21:35
mousepiehehe yeah glad im not on that train anymore altho sometimes i wish i was21:35
crypticmofomousepie why aren't you on the train ?21:36
crypticmofomousepie you have a gsm i gather ?21:36
mousepiet-mobile sucks where im at EDGE everywhere i go =(21:36
mousepieyes nexus 421:36
crypticmofomousepie so you have a full os ubuntu-touch ?21:36
mousepieyep this town suuucks21:36
crypticmofoyea but still21:36
crypticmofohow is it as a daily driver ?21:36
crypticmofobesides data21:37
mousepiewell im downloading augest 21st stable21:37
mousepiewell theres no data working yet as far as i know21:37
popeyyes, data works21:37
crypticmofoother then that i know it kills android / no more going to the home screen with a button .. you sype everything right ?21:37
popeyhas worked for a long while now21:37
popeyif it doesn't then just "adb shell", "restart network-manager"!21:37
crypticmofoif i could code i would be building / or support the cdma project of this21:38
popeyi thought the cdma problem was one of licensing21:38
mousepiewait heres what im getting http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/21:38
mousepieso your saying i just update it anf data should be working or is that on the lastest build for today?21:38
crypticmofoi didn't know that21:39
popeyI am running 20130822 and 20130823 on my devices21:39
popeybut yes, data should work21:39
popeyif it doesn't, restart network manager21:39
mousepieoh weird21:39
popeyrun nmcli d21:39
popey /ril_0     gsm               disconnected21:39
popeyyou see that21:39
popeyrestart network-manager21:40
crypticmofodo i wait for a ubuntu device .. or get a used / referb nexus 4 / well it won't make a diff cause this POS CDMA!21:40
cetkatcan ubuntu touch be ported to devices without neon support (like tegra 2)?21:40
popeythen you see this...21:40
mousepieas far as abd do i need to run it from my lappy? or from phone?>21:40
popey /ril_0     gsm               connecting (prepare)21:40
crypticmofolife is sucking for me as far as phones21:40
popeythen this...21:40
popey /ril_0     gsm               connected21:40
popeyrmnet_usb0 Link encap:UNSPEC  HWaddr 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00   inet addr:  Mask:
popeymousepie: you can use the terminal on the phone21:40
popeyor you can use adb from laptop21:41
mousepieah ok sweet thanks21:41
popeyeither way, just restart network-manager, wait ~10 seconds and you're done21:41
popeyits a known bug we're working on21:41
mousepieits funny i know irssi iinstalls and works just fine in it lol21:41
popeyirssi on the phone is fun ☻21:41
crypticmofopopey whats the point of life if CDMA is around!!!!21:41
mousepiewhat is -touch coeded in btw21:42
popeycrypticmofo: never used CDMA, never plan to ☻21:42
popeymousepie: qml mosly21:42
crypticmofoi had to .. didn't pay att bill was a long crazy thing21:42
popeyI feel for you.21:42
mousepieoh ok i see it there a way to get muiti tabs in the terminal ?>21:43
popeyi dont think that's implemented yet21:43
popeyit's on the wishlist21:43
mousepie_linuxyes well i \f i had the time i would love to help with the project21:45
mousepie_linuxbut i work too much and only have sundays off21:46
crypticmofoim watching this video on youtube its a comoparson of ubuntu touch and android .. this guy litterraly loves his ubuntu nexus and is ragging on android21:48
crypticmofomakes you fall in love all over again21:48
mousepie_linuxive seen this yeah it really makes melove ubuntu altho i hate the desktop version...........21:54
mousepie_linuxgentoo ftw lol21:54
mousepie_linuxdont shun me ...21:54
dreamer_Good evening, could anybody tell me if ubintu is going to work on a samsung Note 2 5.5 inch touch screen21:56
mousepie_linuxeventuily yes21:57
popeydreamer_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices - is it listed there?21:57
dreamer_no it isn't not is it>21:59
dreamer_i see people have make it boot22:00
dreamer_any idea or a weast of my time>22:02
mousepie_linuxsomeone has to make an image from what i understand22:03
crypticmofopopey want to donate your device ?22:05
crypticmofodonate to the crypticmofo needs a ubuntu touch device so he can be happy foundation!22:05
dreamer_ok clear,.... https://github.com/drapalyuk/android_kernel_samsung_smdk441222:06
mousepie_linuxim broke other wise i would22:06
popeycrypticmofo: i think my employer might be cross with that22:07
AnonynimityHello. I have a question...22:09
Anonynimitywould anyone be able to help me port ubuntu-touch to a huawei fusion 2?22:10
Anonynimity(the easy way)22:10
mousepie_linuxi would wait till it get out of dev then in to relise22:13
crypticmofowhen they said the edge or the ubuntu stuff will come out this fall22:13
crypticmofowe are close correct22:14
crypticmofosep / oct / nov ?22:14
crypticmofoone of those months correct ^22:14
popeythe software release will happen in sync with the ubuntu desktop release, at the end of october22:14
popeydevices will ship next year22:14
mousepie_linux+1 ^22:14
crypticmofopopey i read some where that cdma devices will not be ready on the first go round .. that dosen't mean a dev can't hack something up and make it work correct ?22:15
crypticmofoor am i wrong ?22:15
crypticmofoif they do hack something up .. will it go to chanonical ?22:15
popeyindeed, we won't ship CDMA support in october22:16
popeybut if someone wants to work on that, great.22:16
crypticmofoyea so what i meant was .. lets say somebody hacks up cdma and it works flawless .. will it just be on the ubuntu-touch list as a working device ?22:17
mousepie_linuxcrypticmofo: ok i just got it booted but i dint have acces to the terminal22:17
AnonynimityI have all the repos for the development...22:17
crypticmofomousepie_linux don't ask me ask somebody else lol im on cdma22:18
popeyAnonynimity: might be better asking during the european working day when devs are about22:18
mousepie_linuxoh oops lol22:18
Anonynimitywell... I work all next week from 11-4p22:19
mousepie_linuxsame here^22:19
mousepie_linuxis anyone here thats runing ub-t?22:22
mousepie_linuxi think im going to flash a later img22:23
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mousepie_linuxyay linux23:06
davethefanHas anybody got Touch running on a Galaxy Note 1?23:07
mousepie_linuxnot that i know of23:08
mousepie_linuxdid you look at the wiki?23:09
davethefanyeah, couldnt find anything :/23:09
davethefani think ive found something, but when i run ' sudo fastboot oem unlock' it just sits and waits for the device and never finds it23:13
mousepie_linuxyou runnint windows or linux23:17
mousepie_linuxdavethefan: ?23:17
davethefanlinux; ubuntu23:18
mousepie_linuxsudo ./fastboot-linux linux oem-unlock23:18
mousepie_linuxtry that23:18
mousepie_linuxi think its something like that you need the ./ in front of the fastboot23:19
davethefanwhat directory do i run this from, because it cant find the command23:19
mousepie_linuxyou need to be in the uhhhh 1 sec its been a whle23:20
mousepie_linuxyou need to cd in to platform-tools23:22
davethefanright, i can grab that from the wiki right?23:23
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mousepie_linuxcd /home/UserName/Downloads/Nexus4Root/ then ./adb-linux oem unlock23:26
mousepie_linuxdid you put your phoe in fast boot mode?23:27
davethefanyeah its in fastboot mode23:28
mousepie_linux then ./adb-linux oem unlock23:29
davethefani'm probably being dumb and missing something here, but where did you get Nexus4Root from?23:31
mousepie_linuxok did you download the files in oder to root /?23:32
davethefani havent got them, no23:32
davethefanthat;d be a good start heh23:33
mousepie_linuxtry this23:34
davethefani'm not actually running  a nexus, should i get the one specific to my phone?23:35
mousepie_linux.... then what phone are you running23:36
crypticmofoan iphone WTF!23:36
ubot5Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.23:37
davethefanhaha, not an iphone. A galaxy note.23:37
mousepie_linuxthen i dont know if its the same as a nexus423:38
mousepie_linuxas far as unlicking goes23:38
davethefani would _assume_ all the adb tools would be more or less the same23:39
davethefanbut i should probably use the SGN unlocking tools really?23:39
mousepie_linuxnot sure on that one23:40
davethefani'm about to find out23:41
mousepie_linuxok good23:41
davethefani'm due for an upgrade, so shouldnt matter too much23:42
Bronzehi, I'm looking at using an arm-based smart phone as a local file and email server.23:42
Bronzewould Ubuntu-touch work as a server?23:42
Bronzea deadly silence ensues23:44
Bronzeclearly such an idea is sacrilege!23:45
wilee-nileeBronze, YOu could load saucy23:46
Bronzewilee-nilee: saucy is another arm-based distro?23:46
wilee-nileeBronze 13.10 ubuntu23:47
wilee-nileepart of the possibilities that are available23:47
Bronzeoh good Lord!. I tried to look up "saucy" AND "smart phone" ... Did not get what I expected.....23:48
RAOFBronze: Depending on what your after, either regular Ubuntu or Ubuntu Touch would work fine as a server.23:50
RAOFBronze: The full archive is available on Ubuntu Touch, so you can install whatever you want there.23:51
RAOFUbuntu Touch will use the android kernel & drivers, so will be able to do things like use your mobile data connection.23:51
Bronzethe hard part is going to be soldering an ethernet jack onto the smart phone .................. [kidding]23:52
crypticmofoi have a question about a d2vzw right .. according to the wiki •Device names in bold can be flashed by using phablet-flash community --device <vendor> (ie: i9100).  .. does this mean i just find a new image with ubuntu touch on it and i can go a terminal and do a phablet-flash communit --d2vzw <ny vendorid)23:59
crypticmofoor am i missing something ?23:59
crypticmofothe d2vzw under the list of devices is bold23:59

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