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tony-smlrSMLR is going Live NOW!!!  Video stream http://youtu.be/F6_qyJ_qyHM - Audio only http://live.smlr.us:8000/streaming12:36
tony-smlrSMLR is also on #smlr12:37
rick_hgreg-g: cmaloney would appreciate feedback on https://github.com/mitechie/Bookie/issues/151 as you guys both export.13:04
rick_hthanks sn14:06
rick_herr, cmaloney14:06
rick_hyears of tab-complete training!14:07
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cmaloneyNothing like wiping a Windows machine for a family member23:51
cmaloneyand installing a newer version of Windows.... sigh23:51
cmaloneywere it not that she needed TurboTax, this would be a no-brainer23:51

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