Kiloscremora minora05:40
Kilosmorning not_found 06:26
not_foundGood morning uncle Kilos, how are you today?06:28
Kilosgood ty not_found and you?06:28
Kiloshows the studying going?06:28
not_foundNo complaints thanks :) - I was going to ask the same question about the studying :D ... and it hasn't gone yet on my side :/06:29
Kilosits all driving me crazy06:29
not_foundwhy, programs not wanting to work?06:33
Kilosno man trying to remember all the stuff and what they do06:34
Kilosso many words that are meaningless still06:34
Kilosjust in bash for beginners06:34
not_foundthat is the thing, once you learn it you have to apply it over and over day after day or it will just fade away again (and that is where you need that precious thing called time)06:36
Kiloshardware is much easier06:38
Kilosbut also frustrating06:39
not_foundhardware is more static :p06:39
Kiloslatest thing this week is when booting this pc bios gets to where it sees drives then it hangs there and 5 mins later auto reboots and runs through everything lekker fast and boots06:40
Kiloslike needs a warm up period06:40
Kilosalso hardware you can sort for good with a 4lb hammer06:40
Kilosim back on the 500g drive that kept crashing and its running fine with evolution purged06:41
not_foundWell I hope the hardware holds up on your side uncle Kilos, nothing more frustrating than faulty hardware (especially when it is intermittent)06:43
Kilosty. but strange that on 12.04 unity and kde on 2 different drives pc kept crashing06:45
Kilosmust be a security hole in evo somewhere06:45
not_foundor just a bug06:46
Kilosyeah but a bug that can crash the mbr so bios doesnt see the drive even06:47
not_foundcan even be a bug in the BIOS06:48
Kilosi found a nice tool for that in xp on gigabytes mobo's06:49
Kiloscalled @bios06:49
not_foundwho knows what combination of events must come together to cause issues...06:50
Kilosonline flash and upgrade06:50
not_foundmost newer hardware has something similar...06:50
Kilosbut i dunno if this board has a jumper to block it06:50
not_foundI am not a fan of flashing hardware how ever... easiest way to brick something :)06:51
Kilosno man the flashrom guys help you sort it06:51
Kilosbut you need to understand what they say06:51
Kiloslooks like all they do is flashrom scripts for all pcs06:53
Kilosand if you can get a floppy working you can boot with bios upgrade floppies06:55
Kilosmaybe one could do it with a usb stick as well07:04
not_foundI would imagine it is dependent to what extent the BIOS is crippled... I have heard many stories of motherboards having to be replaced or at the very least the BIOS chips on them07:17
Kilosyes thats the norm but them okes fix bricked mobos07:18
Kilosi get their mails on whats wrong and what to fix07:18
Kilosbut dont understand them anyway07:18
Kilosthey even have a channel on irc07:19
Kilosand flashrom is in ubuntu repos07:19
Kilosonly im scared to even try it because you gotta be a pro to understand them07:20
Kilosbut im sure there are tons of bricked mobos that can be fixed07:20
Kiloslinux geeks are clever07:23
not_foundI am pretty sure it is geeks in general ;)07:30
Kilosi dunno i think lotsa win geeks throw good hardware away07:31
not_foundoh and the average Ubuntu user doesn't?07:38
Kilosi was surprized when the 8ta networking guy came here to check what was wrong with my connection and the tower, he was quite familier with unity and even my opera browser07:38
Kiloswhen i started with 8.10 every one said whats linux and whats ubuntu07:39
* not_found is going to sign off for a bit... give some other peeps time to procrastinate on the PC... hope everyone has a nice Sunday...07:39
Kilosand thats only 4 years ago methinks07:40
Kiloshi Vince-0 do you have the info for RMS in pretoria please07:47
Kilosone of the youngsters wants to attend07:47
Vince-0let me see what's on the list07:48
Vince-0the wits one is mentioned here: http://softwarefreedom.co.za/07:54
Vince-0the Pretoria one is at SITA07:54
Vince-0trying to find the details07:54
Vince-0Jo'burg registration: http://sfd-jhb-2013-es2.eventbrite.com/07:58
KilosMaaz, tell theblazehen on freenode http://softwarefreedom.co.za/  http://sfd-jhb-2013-es2.eventbrite.com/07:58
Vince-0cant seem to find a page for the Pretoria event07:58
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell theblazehen on freenode07:58
Kilosty Vince-0 07:59
Kiloshe can look further07:59
theblazehenKilos, I found the site that\nks :)09:26
theblazehenhey Vince-0 09:46
Vince-0_ow, dropped09:46
=== Vince-0_ is now known as Vince-0
Vince-0connection drops sometimes10:11
charlgood afternoon all10:18
charlMaaz: coffee on10:18
* Maaz flips the salt-timer10:18
charlwb Vince-0 10:18
charli see you people are planning something for software freedom day10:21
charli am thinking of going to amsterdam: http://www.softwarefreedomday.eu/2013/index.html10:21
theblazehenawesome charl 10:22
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!10:22
charlMaaz: thanks10:22
Maazcharl: Sure10:22
theblazehenMaaz: Coffee please10:25
Maaztheblazehen: There isn't a pot on10:25
theblazehenMaaz: Put a pot on10:25
Maaztheblazehen: Huh?10:25
theblazehenMaaz: coffee please10:26
Maaztheblazehen: There isn't a pot on10:26
theblazehenmaaz: make me coffee please10:26
Maaztheblazehen: Excuse me?10:26
theblazehenmaaz: make me coffee 10:26
Maaztheblazehen: Huh?10:26
theblazehenFuck this shit!10:26
theblazehenMaaz coffee on10:26
* Maaz flips the salt-timer10:26
KilosMaaz, coffee please10:28
MaazKilos: Done10:28
Kilosyo charl 10:29
theblazehenmaaz coffee?10:29
Maaztheblazehen: coffee is liquid code10:29
charlhi Kilos :)10:29
theblazehenlol Maaz 10:29
theblazehenhi Kilos 10:29
Kilostheblazehen, once he has done coffee on then ask coffee please10:29
theblazehenthanks Kilos 10:30
theblazehenmaaz coffee please10:30
Maaztheblazehen: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses10:30
theblazehenmaaz coffee now!10:30
Maaztheblazehen: Sorry...10:30
theblazehenMaaz I never had any coffee yet10:30
Maaztheblazehen: Sorry...10:30
MaazCoffee's ready for theblazehen and Kilos!10:30
theblazehenMaaz! I want my coffee10:30
Maaztheblazehen: Sorry...10:30
Kilosalso once you did coffee on he will make you some10:31
theblazehenmaaz coffee please10:31
Maaztheblazehen: There isn't a pot on10:31
Kilosno good then asking for coffee please because you are getting some already10:31
theblazehenI need another cup?10:31
Kilosthen you gott ask for large10:32
KilosMaaz, large10:32
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos10:32
theblazehenmaaz can I have a large coffee please?10:32
theblazehenMaaz large10:32
MaazIn a beer mug just for you theblazehen10:32
theblazehenthanks Maaz 10:32
theblazehenMaaz, how much coffee is left?10:32
Maaztheblazehen: If you say so10:32
Kilosdont ibid bots work on arch?10:33
Kiloshe only makes 4 cups10:33
Kilosya ibid is a bot written in python10:33
KilosMaaz, ibid10:33
MaazKilos: Ibid is a multi-protocol general purpose chat bot written in Python. See: https://launchpad.net/ibid10:33
Kilosuh oh his coffee machine is broken again10:39
Kilossupposed to deliver after 4 mins10:40
theblazehenah ok10:40
Kiloshi Mezenir 10:40
KilosQA, coffee on10:42
* QA washes some mugs10:42
theblazehenWhose QA?10:43
Kilosnow ask coffee please from QA theblazehen 10:43
Kilosmy bot10:43
theblazehenQA coffee please10:43
QAtheblazehen: Sure10:43
KilosQA, large10:45
QAI'll make a jug full Kilos and you can topup at will, how's that?10:45
QACoffee's ready for Kilos and theblazehen!10:46
KilosQA, ty10:50
QAYou're welcome Kilos10:50
Kilosyo Trixar_za 10:54
Trixar_zaHey Kilos10:54
Kilosso have you gone with arch?10:55
Trixar_zaI'm trying to build my own using Buildroot10:56
Kilosbest of luck Trixar_za you have some work ahead of you hey11:07
Trixar_zaYeah, a little. mdev doesn't behave exactly like udev :/11:08
Kiloswhat did you mean about the comment on tiny11:08
Kilosanally sparse11:09
Kilosi must look at tiny again. it might connect through my router11:14
Trixar_zaExactly what I said. They stubbornly take minimalism to the extreme11:14
Kiloshi Xethron 11:41
Mezenirhey kilos14:02
Mezenirhow are you ?14:02
superflyhi Mezenir14:06
Mezenirhey superfly14:08
Mezenirhows it going ?14:08
superflysleepy thanks14:09
superflyand you?14:09
Mezenirnow that you mention it ... ;)14:09
Mezenirim currently working on making a debian package for a java app14:10
Mezeniri used the jdeb ant task / maven plugin14:10
Mezenirit does the archiving for you14:11
Mezenirand you just need to provide the control files14:11
Mezenirso ive been doing a lot of reading on that lately14:11
Mezenirbut it seems you dont really need more than a postinst script as far as maintainer scripts are concerned14:11
Mezenirin most cases14:11
Kiloshi superfly 14:13
Kilosgood ty Mezenir 14:13
Kilosand you?14:13
Kilossorry i was fetching the sheep14:14
superflyhi Kilos14:20
Mezenirgood thanks14:23
theblazehenNetbook has graphics drivers! Finally :D!14:37
Kiloswhat took so long?15:30
theblazehenNah, went shopping15:31
theblazehenArch is dl'ing15:31
theblazehenthis is really shit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States15:31
Kiloswhat they making clones or genetically modifying15:33
Kilosinetpro, jy laat nê16:54
inetproKilos: uh?18:03
inetprogood evening18:04
Kilosgewoonlik is jy bietjie vroer op n sondag aand18:04
Kiloslo pro18:04
Kilosjy bang ek laat jou werk 18:04
Kiloshehe als werk goed hier man18:04
* inetpro looking for a Samsung Google Nexus S battery18:05
Kilosenter that competition and win a whole fone18:05
inetpromy old phone's battery not so stable any more18:05
inetpronow I found something at Dino Direct but have never ordered from them18:06
Kiloslol like my nokia, charger must stay connected or 5 mins dead18:06
Kilosthere must be somewhere locally that you can walk in and buy one immediately18:07
inetproKilos: ek sukkel18:08
Kiloswat see google18:08
inetproeverywhere I go they say nope18:08
inetprothey don't sell that battery anywhere here18:08
Kiloslexus is that yankee fone18:08
inetpronot lexus18:09
Kilosor an i thinking of the nexus car18:09
Kilosya that 18:09
KilosQA, google where to buy a battery for a nexus s in pretoria18:10
QAKilos: "Battery Booster Lite - Android Apps on Google Play" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imoblife.batterybooster&hl=en :: "What APN settings are you using with AT&T? - Android Forums at ..." http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-samsung-galaxy-nexus/155386-what-apn-settings-you-using-t.html :: "Anyone activated Nexus 4 on ATT - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com" http://forums.androidcentral.com/google-nexus-4/226814-anyon…18:10
Kilosdont google understand buy a battery18:11
Kilosons bot is siek weer met koffie maak18:12
KilosMaaz, announce Monthly meeting here tomorrow night all of you. Please try attend @ 19.3018:53
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! Monthly meeting here tomorrow night all of you. Please try attend @ 19.3018:53
theblazehenWasn't that a bit redundant?18:53
theblazehenYou told him to announce, and then he announced the same thing18:54
theblazehenunless he /msg's offline members?18:54
Kiloslol yeah i dunno 18:56
Kilosmaybe its just for show18:57
theblazehenyeah lol18:58
Kilosbut he gives good messages to peeps when they come online18:59
theblazehenah ok18:59
Kilosi go sleep now. night you all see ya tomorrow19:02
Kilossleep tight19:02
kbmonkeyhey hey19:02
Kilosohi kbmonkey 19:02
theblazehennight Kilos hey kbmonkey 19:02
Kilosyou chairing hey19:03
kbmonkeysure, and tabling and couching and bedding ;)19:03
theblazehenlol kbmonkey19:03
Kilosand you can add in the agenda about the classes on #linux-studies19:03
theblazehenooh awesome Kilos 19:04
kbmonkeygood idea Kilos 19:04
kbmonkeysay, is it for bash scripting, or python programming?19:05
kbmonkeyor both?19:05
Kilosbut looks like python gonna have to take back seat to bash hash dash and crash19:05
Kiloswell we can discuss it at the meet19:05
kbmonkeyi made a game in 12 hours today19:06
Kiloswhat kinda game19:06
theblazehenkbmonkey, Nice! link if it's online?19:06
kbmonkeyfor ludum dare, a online game coding compo this weekend.19:06
kbmonkeysure hang on theblazehen ..19:06
theblazehenthanks kbmonkey 19:07
inetprowho said you should first learn bash scriptng?19:07
theblazehenooh nice game19:08
theblazehenbit like first stage in spore19:08
kbmonkeyKilos, it is like you are a microbe organism, and you move around eating other microbes to stay alive, and avoid enemy microbes that eat yourlife19:08
Kilosthe pro kbmonkey 19:08
theblazehenthat game...19:08
* inetpro just wants beginners to learn shell basics based on good documentation of something like the bash guides19:09
kbmonkeyoh.. do not know of that :)19:09
theblazehen+1 inetpro 19:09
kbmonkeyah thanks for clearing that up inetpro - I'm making a meeting agenda item to metnion that.19:09
kbmonkeymention that*19:09
inetprokbmonkey: I shall try to be there19:10
Kilosinetpro, there are too many new things to remember there19:10
inetprobut I may have a bit of a challenge19:10
inetprohave to be at school meeting with my son19:10
Kilosoperator operand and lotsa funny stuffs19:10
inetproto choose subjects for grade 1019:11
Kilosyou gotta do what you gotta do inetpro 19:11
kbmonkeyno worries, it is just to tell everyone who does not yet know. is there a scheduled time I can add when an informal gathering can happen on #linux-studies?19:11
Kiloswe will accept you coming 10 mins late19:11
inetproI might be back on time though19:11
inetproall depends on how long those teachers keep talking19:12
Kiloskbmonkey, we gotta decide on a day as well19:12
Kilosand maybe time for family peeps to get kids fed and bedded19:12
kbmonkeyinetpro, if you like I could say for everyone interested to hang around in the chan after our meet, in case you get to pop in?19:13
Kiloshe will make it man19:13
Kiloshe will just rush the teachers19:13
kbmonkeyI will type really s l o w l y so the meeting will take longer to end ;)19:14
inetprokbmonkey: no problemos19:14
* inetpro was very upset this afternoon again19:15
Kiloswhy now?19:15
inetprosome oke acting like everyone owed him a favour at church19:16
Kilosinetpro, also ask crash kid to fix maaz so we have coffee tomorrow night please19:16
inetproended up stealing my wife cellphone19:16
inetproout of her handbag 19:17
Kilosdo you know him?19:17
kbmonkeythat is not very nice. may the fleas of a thousand camels infest his armpits.19:17
inetprowas a matter of 5 minutes that she left her handbag in the hall to go fetch something outside19:17
Kilosdo you know him i asked?????19:18
inetprohe came in from the street19:18
inetprohe actually acted like he had a fit and had some ladies help him before he suddenly vanished19:19
Kilosremember his face he will be back for more sometime19:19
kbmonkeytoys in the attic19:20
Kilosthen break his legs19:20
Kilosnot violently19:20
Kiloswith a smile on your face19:20
inetprooh well, at least it's one less blackberry in the family19:21
kbmonkeyhe probably picked up some bad habit working for the govt19:21
inetproamazing how these guys know to exploit the soft targets like that19:23
* inetpro wonders how many cellphones are stolen on the church grounds19:23
inetproon church grounds*19:24
Kilosevil has no boundaries19:24
kbmonkeytrue that Kilos. that's why zombies resurrect there too19:24
inetproKilos: anyway you wanted to sleep19:25
* kbmonkey checks zombie survival kit19:25
Kilosoh ya. sorry about that bad news19:25
kbmonkeyyep, see you all tomorrow night then o/19:25
Kilosnight all19:25
inetpromaybe he just needed that phone very urgently19:29
inetproat least it is replaceable19:29

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