Jofironseslgc: If you still prefer UUID you could use gparted for that00:00
randomiserlgc: you can get the swap uuid by means of blkid00:00
chris310I know this isn't probably the best channel to ask.00:00
james434chris310: I think there's a program called xnee.00:01
james434I haven't used it myself, though.00:01
randomiserOerHeks:  Sorry, I'm confused - I see pkgs samba4, smab4-clients samba4-dev samba4-common-bin samba4-testsuite00:03
MosecoI have 2 drives, one with windows the other with ubuntu 13.04. I have grub installed and i have the ubuntu drive set first in the boot order. But if i let the computer start up on its own it boots windows. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6023178/00:03
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BabsSeedJofironses: Definitely looks like it00:06
JofironsesBabsSeed: k, Thanks! :)00:07
james434Moseco: Does grub show up before it boots to Windows?00:07
Mosecojames434: No, only shows if if i manually boot ubuntu00:08
* visualise pentests secured's box00:09
visualise(just to check)00:09
VassiliArim having a problem compiling a program without root can anyone help me please? http://pastebin.com/neVQb7GY00:10
lgcJofironses: randomiser I added the corresponding entry to /etc/fstab but it doesn't seem to mount. No error either.00:11
* visualise pets ris00:11
Jofironsesdid you try using swapon?00:11
james434Moseco: If you physically disconnect the Windows drive, then it works as you intend?00:11
Jofironsessudo swapon00:11
lgcJofironses: no. But It should mount nevertheless, shouldn't it?00:12
Mosecojames434: Yes, it boots the ubuntu disk and grub comes up00:12
JofironsesYeah it should, but swapon could at least give us a log of why it is not mounting00:12
MosecoThe default boot is the windows boot manager, is there a way to set the efi shell associated with ubuntu disk first?00:13
james434Moseco: Have you tried the suggestions on this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:13
lgcJofironses: when I do sudo swapon it prints the options list.00:13
BabsSeedJofironses: No problem.00:13
Jofironseslgc: sudo swapon UUID=XXXX00:13
Mosecojames434: Ill take a look, thanks00:13
chris310james434, Xnee seems a bit confusing, and it crashed when i wanted to record/ :(00:14
lgcJofironses: I used /dev/sda4 on the fstab table.00:14
Jofironseslgc: actually sudo swapon -v /dev/sda400:14
Jofironseslgc: or "sudo swapon -v -a"00:15
lgcJofironses: it seems it worked.00:15
james434chris310: I just found out there's also a program called xmacro for that.00:15
Jofironseslgc: great, I guess it should work from now on then00:15
lgcJofironses: but I'm puzzled because it doesn't appear in the mount table.00:15
Jofironseslgc: It shouldn't00:16
Jofironseslgc: You can check it with free00:16
lgcJofironses: how come?00:16
Jofironseslgc: I don't know, I guess that is just how things are.00:17
Jofironseslgc: Because you don't actually moun tit00:17
lgcJofironses: what do you mean by free?00:17
Jofironsesexecute free00:17
Jofironsesin command line00:17
lgcJofironses: Oh, I got it.00:17
lgcYes, it reports the swap space, Jofironses .00:18
Jofironseslgc: great00:18
lgcJofironses: Indeed! One last thing: I'm not sure why swapon made the change permanently. Does it modify some configuration table or such?00:19
lgcJofironses: I mean file, not table.00:19
Jofironseslgc: On the contrary, it does not make it permanent. It is only until you reset your computer. But since it works your fstab is also working00:19
Jofironseslgc: Therefore once you reboot it should work too00:20
VassiliArim having a problem compiling a program without root can anyone help me please? http://pastebin.com/neVQb7GY00:20
lgcJofironses: Thanks. Let me try that.00:20
james434VassiliAr: Why not compile on a system where you have root? Or on a live system?00:22
lgcJofironses: In fact, it's there after reboot. Thanks a lot!00:22
VassiliArjames you mean i could try getting a pre built package or similar?00:23
james434VassiliAr: That could be an option, yes.00:27
pie_if I installed ubuntu onto an sd card for use in a laptop, the installer being run on a different computer, will i run into any driver issues or other issues?00:29
wilee-nileeMoseco, Have you gone to the #grub channel as suggested earlier?00:29
Mosecowilee-nilee: I did, no one responded00:29
james434pie_: It depends on the hardware that the other system uses.00:30
wilee-nileeMoseco, Takes some time. AS of now you can boot either OS righ, you just want grub to be what you see first, am I correct?00:30
Mosecowilee-nilee: That is right00:31
pie_james434, as far as i can tell neither has anything special, ie raid or stuff00:31
pie_though i do need to change /dev/sdb1 to /dev/sda1 on the new machine00:32
pie_i thingk00:32
wilee-nileeMoseco, I'm not sure but I suspect that you are set, withe uefi setup it is a little different is all. I would be really careful in getting any help here, you had one person who is the only one I would trust suggest grub.00:32
lgcWhen I do sudo halt the poweroff process is not completed. What gives?00:32
james434pie_: If they are more or less similar, then it should be fine. But also check what graphics cards they use as that is one of the most common problems.00:32
daftykinslgc: because that's not how to turn off a computer. sudo shutdown -h 000:33
pie_heh, too poor for graphics cards, though the laptop has one, so ill look into that00:33
Mosecowilee-nilee: Ok, thanks.00:33
lgcdaftykins: It used to work.00:33
wilee-nileeMoseco,Otherwise I would use the ubuntu forums and the author of that thread I believe I linked you to.00:33
pie_lgc, halt is only part of the general shutdown process isnt it?00:33
lgcpie_: Is it? I would think otherwise, but please enlighten me.00:34
Mosecowilee-nilee: Ok00:34
pie_lgc, im asking, idk (too busy to google)00:35
fabioportoanyone would care to help here?00:35
james434fabioporto: Help with what?00:36
fabioportodid something stupid while installing 13.0400:36
daftykins!ask | fabioporto00:36
ubottufabioporto: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:36
Sector_0does anyone know of anyway to escape from a non-responsive fullscreen program?00:37
daftykinsSector_0: switch to a TTY and kill the process? *shrug*00:37
Sector_0ctrl-alt-f1 does not work for me and I can't seem to get it to work00:37
james434Sector_0: Alt+F2, then type xkill and click on the program.00:37
fabioportohmm, ok, no pvt msgs huh? ok...00:37
Sector_0james434: alt-f2 doesn't bring up a menu00:38
fabioportowell, I replaced my latest distro (Mint 15) with ubuntu 13.04 and I lost everything I had ... tried using " TestDisk" but no luck there, so this is my last resource00:39
wilee-nileefabioporto, Are you using the HD right now?00:40
fabioportounfortunately, yes, it's the only one I have... I know I shouldn't be... but there's simply no other way I can use the computer... and I even tried running TesDisk while using a bootable pendrive, but i got nothing00:42
james434Sector_0: Do you mean nothing happens if you try that?00:42
fabioportothe partitions where I used to keep all my personal files were gone00:43
wilee-nileefabioporto, If you used testdisk correctly I doubt there is anything can be done, and if so I doubt you will get it here. And continuing to use the HD is not a smart idea, you would use a live cd.00:43
james434fabioporto: Have you backed up your files to somewhere else? Also keep in mind that any drive could fail at any time, regardless of the operating system. So, you should always have a backup of important files...00:44
fabioportoI know... right know I can't even remember what files I had in this computer that could possibly be important, but I'm afraid I might just find that out someday and then it will be long gone00:46
fabioportoI haven' t been using this laptop that much, and yes I do have a portable drive, I'm just not sure everything was there, you know? I'm afraid I might have lost something important nad just not realized yet00:47
james434fabioporto: Well, if I were you, I would make a backup image of that drive, just in case.00:48
fabioportohow is that so?00:49
james434fabioporto: If you are not sure if you lost important files, then it's probably a good idea to make a backup anyway.00:49
fabioportoyou mean even know when everything is lost? could I keep trying to recover anything from this image?00:49
james434fabioporto: If you didn't overwrite the entire disk with new data, then there is a fair chance to get the files back.00:51
fabioportohow am I supposed to do that? backup everything? even the "blank" areas of the HD? 'cause right now all I've got is a 320GB hd with only ubuntu installed and my lost files hidden there, somewhere, underneath a new partition that is has created00:51
fabioportoPlease teach me how to do that, I'll try anything00:52
james434fabioporto: You could boot into a live system and use TestDisk.00:55
Sector_0james434: yes that's what I mean00:55
Sector_0the screen just remains the same00:56
fabioportoTestDisk can do that?00:56
fabioportowhich option should I use? Would you happen to know that? :)00:57
james434fabioporto: In any case, you should not be using the drive that you are trying to restore files from. Any write activity on that drive could overwrite your files.00:57
fabioportoI know :/00:57
fabioportoI'll only use the live usb drive from now on00:58
james434Sector_0: You could also use another tty to kill the process.00:58
fabioportoI still don't understand how it can be possible to create that image00:58
Sector_0james434: none of them work :/00:59
fabioportoI mean, including my files that are marked as blank now00:59
Sector_0tried Ctrl-Alt-f1-f600:59
james434fabioporto: If you just create a new partition, then it doesn't overwrite the entire drive with new data.00:59
Sector_0the sreen just goes black00:59
fabioportoI know00:59
james434fabioporto: The underlying data is probably still there. :)00:59
Sector_0but I can return from it using ctrl-alt-f7 like normal01:00
fabioportothat's why I haven't given up yet01:00
Sector_0I've read that it has something to do with video cards but I'm not sure how to fix it01:00
james434Sector_0: What happens if you press ctrl+alt+T ?01:00
fabioportobut I'm not so confident... I mean... the partitions were deleted and another one was created on top of them... how bad that can be?01:00
james434Sector_0: Can you open a terminal window?01:01
Sector_0james434: that brings up a normal terminal window01:01
Sector_0but that doesn't happen in a fullscreen application01:01
james434fabioporto: You could still give TestDisk a try.01:02
lgcWhat's the command to find out my machine's IP address?01:02
usr13lgc: ifconfig01:03
lgcusr13: thanks.01:03
fabioportook, I'll do that. Thank you for the support James434. :)01:03
james434Sector_0: If you have a terminal window open, then you can type killall processname.01:04
lgcHow can I start the ssh-server without rebooting?01:05
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usr13james434: Sector_0 You can also do Ctrl-F201:06
usr13lgc: service01:06
lgcusr13: Actually, no. It doesn't give me the IP address.01:07
james434usr13: I told him that previously :)  but it didn't work apparently.01:07
SchrodingersScatthose sound like different problems01:07
usr13lgc: ifconfig |grep Bcast01:08
fabioportoJames434: can I paste a link here? So you can tell me if this is a valid try?01:08
usr13lgc: service  ssh start01:08
james434fabioporto: Sure, but I don't know very much about TestDisk myself.01:09
usr13james434: (He probably just didn't scroll up.)01:09
lgcusr13: It doesn't.01:09
usr13lgc: It doesn't _______________?    (Do what?)01:09
Sector_0james434: the problem is that I can't access the terminal from a fullscreen program01:10
lgcusr13: Sorry, I mean that Bcast gives only the internal IP.01:10
fabioportodo you think this DD tool could help me with that image?01:10
Sector_0usr13: ctrl-f2 doesn't do anything01:10
usr13lgc: firefox ipchicken.com01:10
Sector_0and if you mean alt-f2, I can't access that from a fullscreen app01:11
lgcusr13: whatismyip.com gives me an address I can't find on the ifconfig report.01:11
SchrodingersScatlgc: correct01:12
james434fabioporto: I would suggest something easier, like CloneZilla or Ghost4Linux.01:12
lgcSchrodingersScat: but there must be some command to find out, I gather.01:12
SchrodingersScatlgc: people have arrived at several solutions01:12
usr13lgc: Correct.  (That is not what ifconfig is for.) (ifconfig [without argument[ tells you information about your network interface.)01:13
lgcSchrodingersScat: like which ones?01:13
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fabioportoit says here that only the used blocks are copied with clonezilla :/01:14
SchrodingersScatlgc: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/matching/external-ip-address/ZXh0ZXJuYWwgaXAgYWRkcmVzcw==/sort-by-votes there's some01:15
james434fabioporto: It also supports sector-to-sector copy by using dd.01:15
fabioportohmm... ok then01:16
NickNomenclatureVery quick question. I'm writing something basic in python (on 12.04) but getting ridiculous errors for the while loop. Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/ZhCLV1BX01:16
lgcSchrodingersScat: Interesting. But I wonder why one has to go out and ask for it. It should be stored on the machine somewhere, shoudn't it?01:18
usr13lgc: curl ifconfig.me01:19
SchrodingersScatlgc: why? that's mostly my router's business01:19
lgcSchrodingersScat: OK, so why isn't there a command to prompt the router for the IP address?01:20
usr13lgc: There are many types of routers.01:21
fabioportoJames434: once again, thanks for your help01:21
fabioportoI'll see what I can do here01:21
usr13lgc: wget -O - -q icanhazip.com01:22
lgcusr13: It's still like "go ask John Doe what my IP is".01:23
usr13lgc: curl ident.me01:23
usr13lgc: So login to your router's status page.01:24
SchrodingersScator better yet, learn to use curl to login to your router's status page01:24
lgcusr13: ident.me is an external site?01:24
lgcusr13: Yes, but that's not quite direct.01:25
lgcSchrodingersScat: I can't quite make out what curl does.01:26
SchrodingersScatlgc: it's not directly your IP either, so an indirect answer may have to suffice.01:26
lgcSchrodingersScat: I see.01:26
usr13lgc: But, even if you log into your router's status page, you'll see the router's outside IP but that still may not really be your "outside" IP, (or at least not your "public" IP on the internet, if that is in fact what you are looking for).  ("outside IP" is a bit vague or ambiguous)01:27
lgcusr13: OK.01:27
usr13lgc: ... so you would have to define "outside IP", (more fully).01:28
usr13lgc:  *Your* "ooutside" IP may not realy be *yours*, it may be your ISP's and you may be sharing it with lots of other people.01:29
lgcusr13: The IP address your provider assigns to you.01:30
usr13lgc: It all depends on your type of connection to the outside01:30
lgcusr13: As far as I know it's unique, albeit on a temporary basis.01:30
lgcWhat I mean is that if you have a certain address, no one can have it.01:31
usr13lgc: Not always, actually usually not.01:31
usr13lgc: In other words, not true.  It depends on what kind of service you have.01:32
Morgan_FreemanHerbal Incense, Legal Buds, Enhancements, Scales, Vapes, Extracts,  http://legal.smokemarket.ru/01:32
lgcusr13: Hmmm...01:33
eseHello i create a new thread in Ubuntuforums in hope someone knows how to fix my problem with sound: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2170099 thank you all01:33
usr13lgc: There are a number of different types of connections we may have to the "outside" [internet], and one single "outside" IP address is often times shared by many users.01:34
lgcusr13: This is the first time I hear this.01:35
somsiplgc: lots of information can be found here http://is.gd/mcJvOt01:36
lgcusr13: How would the data packets that are bound to your machine would arrive if there are more with the same IP?01:36
usr13lgc: Many ISPs will charge extra for a dedicated "outside" IP, (otherwise, you share one with many other users, sometimes hundreds).01:36
usr13lgc: Well, one way would be a process refered to as ipmasquerading01:37
lgcAh, OK, usr13 .01:37
lgcusr13: It's been an enlightening conversation. I've got now reading material. For the time being I need to go.01:38
usr13lgc: Ok, let us know if there is anything else we can do.01:39
lgc By the way, in passing, I mention an offtopic: "Obama has given a green light to military intervention in Syria!". (OMG!)01:39
lgcusr13: You bet! Thanks a lot.01:39
reisiois that a surprise? :p01:40
fajungis there any way to install friends in ubuntu 12.04 ?01:41
reisioI hope that isn't the name of... anything01:41
VassiliArhi i need help to compile a program without root - can anyone help me or tell me where i could get help please?01:45
jribVassiliAr: explain in detail what you want to accomplish exactly01:46
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VassiliAri want to compile and install qemu in my user dir - i been reading and trying for days - and seen people do it and even been told so in cahts - but it seems that each situation is different01:47
usr13fajung: http://askubuntu.com/questions/322795/install-latest-gwibber-friends-app-in-ubuntu-12-0401:48
usr13VassiliAr: sudo ?01:50
SchrodingersScatVassiliAr: which step is tripping you up?01:50
usr13VassiliAr: Why not just use the package manager?01:51
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usr13!compile | VassiliAr01:52
ubottuVassiliAr: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall01:52
VassiliArsudo wont work and neither wont pack manager cause i dont have root01:54
VassiliArbut it is still possible01:54
usr13VassiliAr: Why would sudo not work?  (Did you forget your password?)01:55
Guest67927is there a reall working no buggy software to record desktop screen and / or audio by mic?01:56
VassiliArno i dont have root - im a regular user01:57
usr13VassiliAr: But why is it you can not use sudo?  (Being a "regular user" does not explain why you are not able to use sudo.) (We need more details.)01:59
usr13VassiliAr: Is it *your* computer you are working on?02:01
usr13VassiliAr: cat /etc/issue   #What does that say?02:01
VassiliArim not very linux savvy buddy - i dont know why - i just know i cannot use sudo02:02
VassiliAri been trying to learn about linux theses days02:02
IdleOneVassiliAr: is this your computer?02:02
reisioVassiliAr: why wouldn't you use a binary02:03
VassiliArno its not but i use it frequently02:03
usr13VassiliAr: Open a terminal window and type   "cat /etc/issue"  (without the quotes), hit enter, tell us what it says?02:03
VassiliArthe output i got is : Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l02:03
IdleOneVassiliAr: ok, if you don't know the sudo password then you should ask the administrator to install qemu for you.02:03
usr13VassiliAr: Ahhh ok.  Well it is not a good idea to try install software on someone else's computer without their permission. (Did you ask first?)02:04
SchrodingersScatI didn't think people built as root anyway...02:04
usr13VassiliAr: Or as IdleOne suggests, ask your system administrator02:04
VassiliAradmins dont care about their users - thats not gonna work02:05
VassiliAronly what i can do02:05
usr13VassiliAr: Well, that is not really the way it works.02:05
IdleOneVassiliAr:  This channel can't help circumvent sudo, if the admins wanted you to have the ability to install software they would have given it to you.02:05
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IdleOnePlease ask your admin to install what you need02:06
usr13VassiliAr: What is your end goal?  (What is it you really want to accomplish.)  (Maybe there is something else we can help you with.)02:06
VassiliAri bet not everyone thinks like you idle - but i got you02:06
VassiliArto put some life and fun to this stinking computer lol02:07
IdleOneVassiliAr: Does not matter what everyone thinks, what matters is channel policy.02:07
art24243232join #django02:14
linuxuz3ri get lagged when i switch workspaces in gnome shell does anyone know how to fix this02:19
linuxuz3rhi fren02:20
holsteinlinuxuz3r: you can try "living with it", maybe there is nothing to do about it.. but you can try other graphics drivers, assuming there are ones available.. or, a non-3d desktop like xfce/xubuntu02:20
wilee-nileelinuxuz3r, Since your using the shell, have you had a chance to peruse the extensions?02:25
linuxuz3rnot yet02:25
linuxuz3rjust got it reinstalled again02:25
linuxuz3rside question: when i change the passwd of a user does the sudo passwd also changes?02:26
linuxuz3rthe root passwd?02:26
wilee-nileelinuxuz3r, The admin password is the sudo password, and there is no root password.02:27
kostkonlinuxuz3r, and you can have more than one users with administrator rights and thus more than one admin passwords02:28
scarrzi just installed ubuntu 13.04 and the desktop wont show up it just shows a terminal screen saying "dannyedwardslaptop Logon: *Starting" i dont know what to do i tried startx and it says display not detected02:28
linuxuz3rso if i change the user passwd it also changes the sudo passwd?02:28
linuxuz3rjust to confirm02:28
holstein!nomodeset | scarrz02:29
ubottuscarrz: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:29
holsteinscarrz: did the live desktop work?02:29
scarrzthe live one worked02:29
kostkonlinuxuz3r, if it's the password of an admin user then yes02:30
holsteinscarrz: if you installed upgrades during the installation, then you might have different packages than the live environment had02:30
wilee-nileelinuxuz3r, Your defintion here of user is the account made on install right, there are at least two types od users.02:30
ConfusdUser7800Hi I am a windows user and I wanna get a chrome book but I don't like chrome so I wanted to install chrubuntu, is it worth the cost cut?02:30
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scarrzholstein: i didnt install updates during install02:31
holsteinConfusdUser7800: chrubuntu is not ubuntu.. i would ask a hardware channel.. if i wanted a well supported ubuntu/linux machine i would look at system7602:31
wilee-nileeConfusdUser7800, Not supported here I would install ubuntu on a regular computer for support.02:31
scarrzi used unetbootin to create  a live cd on the usb drive i have02:32
holsteinscarrz: something is different.. the hard drive wasnt being used from the live CD02:33
linuxuz3ri cannot remember if i did su -02:33
linuxuz3rand then change passwd02:33
scarrzholstein the livecd didnt work the only thing that showed up was install menus for ubuntu02:34
wilee-nileelinuxuz3r, You would not use su in ubuntu to start with, and would only run passwd to change the admin password.02:35
scarrzwhats the best way to create a live cd on a usb drive02:36
holsteinscarrz: that would be a "no" then, when i asked if the live desktop worked?02:36
holsteinscarrz: could be as simple as supported graphics drivers needing installed02:37
wilee-nileelinuxuz3r, I think you may need to get a little more orientated with ubuntu and do some research on super user access.02:37
scarrzhow do i do that?02:37
holsteinscarrz: you would need to determine if that is necessary/possible. what would i do? make the live cd go to the desktop. maybe using nomodeset that i linked you already would help do that02:38
holsteinscarrz: from there i would learn what graphics card i have, and if the desktop works on the hardware.. then i would reference..02:39
holstein!ati | scarrz this if its needed02:39
ubottuscarrz this if its needed: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:39
scarrzi dont have any dvds only a usb drive02:39
DarwinSurvivor!usb | scarrz02:39
ubottuscarrz: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:39
holsteinscarrz: live CD via USB is fine. i use unetbootin, and there are many options listed above ^02:40
scarrzwhat do i do if none of  the things listed works?02:43
blackzombiealguien usa bugtraq 202:44
Prock81when is 14.04 comming out?02:44
holsteinProck81: the "14" referes to 2014.. the ".04", to the month.. april02:45
Shadowandlighthow can i restrict ip addresses that can access ssh?02:49
Shadowandlighti have already changed the port to something non-standard02:50
Shadowandlightsudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config ..  im not seeing ip specific info02:50
reisiohi fly02:54
scarrzholstein: the live cd doesnt work02:55
holsteinscarrz: with nomodeset?02:55
scarrzholstein i ca02:55
scarrzi cant even get to that option02:56
holsteinscarrz: what do you "get to"02:56
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bradyThe latest ubuntu kernel has a bug in the network driver. How do I convince apt-get to install a newer (or older) kernel?02:58
CarlFKbrady: I don't think you can downgrade with apt03:00
qinbrady: apt-get install linux03:01
qinbrady: apt-get install linux-headers-<number>03:01
ubuntuissuesHello, so I seem to be having another problem. I am unable to format a disk, and every time I use gparted/partitionmanager the new partition table does not apply/stay.03:11
holsteinubuntuissues: i would look at the disk then.. maybe its bad or failing..03:12
KoverylAnybody here have experience with xubuntu?03:14
KoverylI'm having a little trouble with it.03:14
holsteinKoveryl: just ask.03:14
ubuntuissuesDoes someone with ops mind kicking ChukwaTa, he is a spam bot and just PM'ed me the N word.03:15
KoverylAlright. Well, I'm trying to figure out how to make the icons work kinda like the ones in Win7/Ubuntu. But instead, to access any window I have open, I have to alt-tab to it.03:15
BluesKajubuntuissues, you can't make a new partition table with gparted unless you're on the gparted live cd or the ubuntu live cd03:15
Prodegoubuntuissues: use your /ignore feature03:15
ubuntuissuesBluesKaj, that would seem ridiculous, especially if the drive isn't mounted.03:16
HexagoniteIf the bug is marked as 'Fix released', it means the fix is already available for everyone, right?03:19
KoverylChukwaTa is... interesting03:19
Hexagonitea bug*03:19
IdleOneKoveryl: received some spam?03:19
KoverylYeah. He's an interesting person, alright.03:20
BluesKajubuntuissues, it's a partition table you're trying to create not just a partition03:20
holsteinHexagonite: "Fix released" means that... a fix is released.. is in in the repos? not sure if its there yet, it'll depend, and you'll have to look, on a per case basis AFAIK..03:21
Hexagoniteholstein: this bug specifically: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-themes/+bug/115481403:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154814 in ubuntu-themes (Ubuntu) "ubuntu 13.04 gnome-panel shows the Applications and Places menu in the top bar together without a space in-between them." [Low,Fix released]03:22
holsteinHexagonite: im not sure how much attention gnome is getting..03:23
KoverylCould somebody tell me a better way to go to different windows on xubuntu?03:24
KoverylRight now I have to alt-tab03:24
holsteinKoveryl: i use workspaces03:24
HexagoniteSo how do I get the fix?03:24
KoverylOh yeah, I just discovered those today. Those are cool.03:24
KoverylThat's a great idea.03:24
KoverylI'll do that03:24
holsteinHexagonite: are you running a ppa?03:24
Hexagoniteholstein: running a ppa?03:25
holsteinHexagonite: are you using a PPA, or have you found one that has the "fix" in it?03:25
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Hexagoniteholstein: the fix was released on the Ubuntu ppa (correct me please), the one that I linked?03:26
KoverylHolstein, this works great. Thanks!03:26
holsteinKoveryl: enjoy!.. i prefer it that way, when i want most apps fullscreen on a workspace03:27
holsteinHexagonite: you could try contacting someone from the bug report.. or the dev mailing list.03:28
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a1cypherHey folks.   Having a small issue with a recently updated ubuntu.   When booting, it brings up my lightdm login screen.  If I enter my password and select Ubuntu or Ubuntu 2D and hit enter the screen blinks black and then lightdm loads up again and no desktop starts.  Any ideas what trouble could be?03:38
holsteina1cypher: your session.. i would try another user, or the guest account to test that theory.. or move/remove/rename .config files in your /home03:39
a1cypherlooking in /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log I see "Session 3687 got 1 message(s) from PAM"03:39
a1cypherholstein: only one user on the box.  I'll try guest.03:39
holsteina1cypher: you can always add a user via commandline to see.. this will help you determine if its a system issue, or user config issue03:40
a1cypherhrm.. guest seems to work.  What do I delete to get my user working again?  I dont care much about any lost settings or whatever, its just an XBMC box.03:40
holsteina1cypher: then, you can move *everything* out of your /home if you want.. all the .files.. someitmes, i just move them all, and test and put back what i need03:41
juanjorip dvd03:42
juanjomejor programa para rpear dvd's03:43
reisiojuanjo: dvdrip? mplayer dvd:// -dumpstream -dumpfile foo03:43
juanjoen menos de 700 mb03:44
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reisiojuanjo: hrmmm?03:44
juanjobuena calidad03:44
reisioah :)03:44
CountryfiedLinuxIs there a way to get synapse-indicator to work in Mate desktop03:45
holsteinCountryfiedLinux: mate is not in the ubuntu repos. though, i use kupfer on whatever desktop i choose03:45
CountryfiedLinuxholstein, what's kupfer?03:46
holstein!info kupfer03:46
ubottukupfer (source: kupfer): fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher. In component universe, is optional. Version 0+v208-2 (raring), package size 810 kB, installed size 2862 kB03:46
holsteinCountryfiedLinux: its like synapse, AFAIK03:47
holstein!info synapse03:47
ubottusynapse (source: synapse): semantic file launcher. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.10-2ubuntu2 (raring), package size 486 kB, installed size 1892 kB03:47
lotuspsychjemorning to all03:49
a1cypherThanks holstein,  seems to have worked.03:52
holsteina1cypher: enjoy!03:52
Seegee_Hey guys, Im looking for someone named Joobz, or Koobz, or something like that xD Anyone know him?03:53
holsteinSeegee_: try the #ubuntu-offtopic channel03:54
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DougsTechIs there any way to remotely capture an image of a server, when only having SSH?04:08
DougsTechthe server is on Amaazon EC204:08
reisioDougsTech: you can just copy all its files over ssh04:08
DougsTechreisio, I'm new to linux. I know with windows, that would BSOD it. so, I can just SCP everything from the server to a new drive and it will boot just fine?04:09
reisioDougsTech: almost04:10
reisioyou might have to change some kernel configurations/modules04:10
reisioand the partition/layout/configuration/grub stuff04:10
reisiobut that's all really04:10
DougsTechah ok, but those are just config file changes for the most part, right? not stuff like drivers?04:11
reisioyeah, I mean04:11
reisioyou copy the filesystem04:11
reisiowhat changes is the hardware04:11
reisioand where those files are04:11
reisioso drivers & grub, basically04:11
reisioif the partition layout changes, that too04:11
reisiobut just copying the data is 99.999% of the way there04:12
DougsTechah ok. thanks!04:12
reisiothe simplest way would probably be to tar it up04:12
reisiothen you won't have to worry about special files and permissions getting messed up on any other FS you transfer to04:12
usr13DougsTech: tar -zxvf docs.tgz -C /mnt/memstick/backup/ or gzip < /dev/hda > /mnt/hdb1/system_drive_backup.img.gz  or dd if=/dev/sda2 | ssh $user@$host 'gzip - > /pub/image.gz'04:13
reisioyou can tar and redirect the output of the network to save space, or just tar it up remotely and transfer the tar file alone04:13
DougsTechsee this is the tricky part, its an amazon EC2 server, so no access other than SSH, so I have nowhere to save the tar besides the sam drive I'm taring04:13
reisiobut not dd, that'll waste your time :)04:13
reisioDougsTech: or to a drive connected to your network04:14
syn-ackscp it to your local system04:14
syn-ackman 1 scp04:14
hex20dec1Hey people, question.. My tty1-6 suddenly stopped working. All I get is no signal from my monitor but I can still go back to my gui.04:14
reisioit'd be simpler to tar it up remotely and then copy the tarball alone, but I don't know if that'll cost you extra in storage04:14
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DougsTechreisio, yea can you save the tar to the same drive your taring?04:15
reisioDougsTech: yup04:15
usr13DougsTech: gzip < /dev/hda | ssh remote-machine "cat >system_drive_backup.img.gz"04:15
DougsTechsyn-ack, what do you mean scp to local?04:15
reisioDougsTech: cd / && tar -czf everything.tar.gz .04:15
reisioDougsTech: it'll probably complain about some things, but it shouldn't be anything to worry about, otherwise you can exclude certain things if you want: http://www.gentoo-wiki.info/HOWTO_Custom_Stage4#Tar_the_System04:15
syn-ackDougsTech: Pack the tarball and scp it from their to your local system04:16
syn-ackfrom there, even04:16
reisioright, scp is just cp for over ssh :)04:16
reisios/for //04:16
usr13DougsTech: cp /dev/hda1 /mnt/hdb1/system_partition_backup.img04:16
turbulenceI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.  He used to "play the bongos" on my ass.04:16
turbulenceI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.  He used to "play the bongos" on my ass.04:16
FloodBot1turbulence: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:16
DougsTechthanks much guys, going to give this a try now!04:17
reisioDougsTech: some of the commands some people have sent you are... silly :p fyi04:17
hexyHey does anyone know why my tty1-6 suddenly stopped working? All I get is no signal from my monitor but I can still go back to my gui.04:17
reisiohexy: pressing keys does nothing?04:18
hexyAs I said, I get a 'no signal' from my monitor.04:18
reisiommm, dunno04:19
reisioreboot recently?04:19
hexy100 times.04:19
hexytbh, I haven't tried it on this machine in a while, and last time I changed anything was my video driver..04:21
hexyI did change some settings, but I don't remember what04:21
hexyAt all..04:21
hexyCould that be it?04:21
usr13hexy: New kernel?04:23
hexyusr13: No idea04:24
hexy=\ Sorry04:24
usr13hexy: ls -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-*list  #Take a look.04:25
usr13hexy: (What is the install date of the one you use now?)04:26
hexyusr13: Why not uname -a?04:26
hexy3.2.0-52-generic-pae #78-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 26 16:43:19 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux04:27
eseCan someone help me with my sound? http://sprunge.us/GdCT04:27
usr13!sound | ese04:27
ubottuese: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:27
usr13hexy: ls -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-*list  | pastebinit #Send URL04:27
hexyusr13: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6023834/04:29
eseusr13,  am working in the soundtroubleshooting you name, thats the output of the script04:29
HailDarkAleEvening, folks!04:30
usr13hexy: So, when did you first notice it?  (Just within the last day or so?)04:30
miguel123i'm using xubuntu, is it possible to completely remove the "save session for future logins" option from xfce4-session-logout? I want to block it, so that the user can't change the default session04:30
usr13hexy: If so, try booting the 3.2.0-51 kernel.04:30
hexyusr13: Yes, but as I said, I haven't tried it in a while since I use synergy and if I go to any (tty1-6), I can't control the machine anymore and I'd have to use a direct keyboard to go back to gui04:31
usr13hexy: I don't know.04:32
hexyusr13: Well, how do I boot into a different kernel??04:32
reisiomiguel123: probably, I know they have some prefs for that, avialable via xfconf, I think04:33
reisiomiguel123: stuff like this: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=478104:34
usr13hexy: Hold shift key as it boots, you'll get the grub menu and see a list of installed kernels available to boot, you should see  several.04:34
hexyOkay, thanks.04:34
reisiomiguel123: I forget the commands, but xfconf-/whatever will be able to list all the options04:34
usr13hexy: Use up or down arrows to select04:34
miguel123xfconf-query, yes reisio but I'm not seeing any option related to disable the save session option04:35
reisiomiguel123: you figure out the command to list everything yet?04:35
miguel123I do xfconf-query -l -c xfce4-session04:37
reisiomiguel123: you could just disable the session manager altogether04:37
Chris123Hello, I have installed Ubuntu last night, my internet speed was real slow last night, I selected Download updates while installing, and I go to sleep. Next morning I found that Ubuntu installation is completed and it was telling me to restart my computer, Now I am bit worried that was the installation have gone right? is just running Software Updater enough now? or do I need to reinstall?04:37
miguel123I have two interesting options here, AutoSave and SaveOnExit04:37
Chris123Hello, I have installed Ubuntu last night, my internet speed was real slow last night, I selected Download updates while installing, and I go to sleep. Next morning I found that Ubuntu installation is completed and it was telling me to restart my computer, Now I am bit worried that was the installation have gone right? is just running Software Updater enough now? or do I need to reinstall?04:38
miguel123but I think none of them is the one reisio04:38
miguel123how could I disable the session manager reisio ?04:38
reisiodon't run it04:38
Chris123Hello, I have installed Ubuntu last night, my internet speed was real slow last night, I selected Download updates while installing, and I go to sleep. Next morning I found that Ubuntu installation is completed and it was telling me to restart my computer, Now I am bit worried that was the installation have gone right? is just running Software Updater enough now? or do I need to reinstall?04:39
hexyusr13: So I see the boot menu but I can't go up or down for some reason... Either way, I only have: ubuntu with linux 3.2.0-52-generic-pae   Ubuntu.........3.2.0-52....(recovery mode) and then I have Previous linux versions.04:39
qinChris123: Apart of repeating, did you restarted your machine?04:39
reisiomiguel123: how about this04:39
reisiomiguel123: make sure the 'save session on logout' pref is set to no04:40
hexyusr13: I fixed the selection... which should I select?04:40
Chris123qin: yup, I restarted it then.04:40
xmetal"previous linux versions" is a submenu with older kernels04:40
xmetalor at least it should be04:40
qinChris123: and?04:40
reisiomiguel123: then just remove any things for logout, and replace them with a shortcut to xfce4-session-logout04:40
hexyxmetal: Yes, you're right04:40
reisiomiguel123: oh bah nevermind, that's the gui04:40
reisiomiguel123: okay I got it04:41
reisiomiguel123: alias xfce4-session-logout to xfce4-session-logout --logout ;)04:41
reisiothen any logout buttons/items will just log them out without a prompt04:41
Chris123what I am trying to say is, as my Internet was real slow last night and i selected download updates from online, was the installation go erfect?04:42
reisiomiguel123: or even --fast, man xfce4-session-logout has everything you need :)04:42
hexyusr13: Well, even after booting to 3.2.0-51, I can't use my tty04:42
xmetali am still not sure what the question is04:42
reisioChris123: either it was or it wasn't, reboot and find out04:42
alxndryo , is chanserv set to steal nicknames around here04:42
miguel123it would be dangerous to do that: when the battery power is low, the xfce4-session-logout gui appears, or when you press the power button, it also appears, so I wouldn't want that to happen04:43
miguel123what's the difference if I use --fast?04:43
qinChris123: type in terminal: sudo apt-get install -f #to install any missing updates; then: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade #that all.04:43
reisiomiguel123: good question04:43
reisioseems like either would suffice04:43
Chris123reisio: ok, if it was not able to update  from internet due to bad in ternet speeds, can I just update now via software updater, or need to reinstall?04:44
reisioChris123: if your network works, you can update all you like04:44
* xmetal agrees with reisio04:44
Chris123qin: ok04:44
* reisio agrees with xmetal 04:45
hexyHey xmetal, would you care to help a bit please?04:46
hexyWould you happen to know why would tty1-6 stop working? All I get is a 'no signal' from my monitor04:46
qinhexy: did you try to boot with "text" parameter?04:47
hexyqin: Nope, how do I do that?04:48
miguel123reisio, so I'm afraid there isn't really a way to remove the "save session" option, which is quite annoying04:49
qinwonder what was facoid for that...04:49
reisiowell there are lots of ways :)04:49
reisioyou could even remove it from the source and compile the binary04:49
reisiothere may well be no very simple way, though :)04:49
miguel123i tried to compile xfce4-session04:50
qinhexy: in grub (shift at boot) you can edit booting flags, so change splash to text in kernel line (e for edit)04:50
miguel123but there's no option to disable it in the configure file04:50
hexyqin: Is this good ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/92276/how-do-i-boot-into-true-text-mode04:50
reisiomiguel123: delete it from the source :)04:50
hexyqin: Okay, I'll use your method04:50
qinhexy: probably04:50
miguel123I don't know C to do it reisio04:51
reisioyou don't need to, really04:52
miguel123I think I found a way to do it04:52
miguel123you can lock the xml files properties in kiosk mode04:52
miguel123I'll fiddle with that04:53
LiquidedgeI got a brand new Toshiba Satellite and I can't get the wireless to work.  I've done a bunch of stuff on the forums.04:53
LiquidedgeCan't seem to get it to come up.04:53
LiquidedgeCan someone help?04:53
reisioLiquidedge: what's the output of lspci -nn | grep -i net ?04:55
LiquidedgeI have a Realtek04:56
LiquidedgeIt just says "Network Controller"04:57
LiquidedgeAnd then there's an "Ethernet Controller"04:57
hexyqin: I changed splash to text, been waiting for it to do something, but yet all I see is a black screen. In the beginning I saw a blinking cursor on the top left corner04:57
hexyNow, nothing.04:58
reisioLiquidedge: which realtek?04:58
hexyqin: It's better than the 'no signal' at least.04:58
hexyOr so I think..04:58
LiquidedgeReisio: It just says "02:00.0 Network Controller [0280]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device [10ec:8179] (rev 01)04:59
xmetalgraphics driver issue perhaps?04:59
VassiliAri need help about compiling programs - any channels or places where i could go please?05:00
* xmetal shrugs05:00
wilee-nileeLiquidedge, I think this is your wifi and a bug report. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/109698905:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1096989 in linux (Ubuntu) "10ec:8179 No wireless support for Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 (RTL8188E)" [High,Incomplete]05:01
BAMbandaI ran sudo apt-get install gnome-shell. The terminal did all the unpacking, but how do I activate it?05:02
wilee-nileeBAMbanda, at the login choose gnome05:03
BAMbandawilee-nilee, so I gotta restart?05:03
reisiojust log out05:03
BAMbandacool thanks05:03
wilee-nileeBAMbanda, YOu can logout05:03
Liquidedgewilee-nilee:  So, I'm just out of luck?05:03
LiquidedgeMan, Ubuntu is brutal when it comes to wireless.05:03
reisioLiquidedge: read the comments, looked promising towards the end05:03
reisioLiquidedge: it really isn't05:03
reisioyour computer was simply assembled with a specific OS in mind05:04
xmetali did have issues with wireless on my OLD laptop and ubuntu 9.04 .. .though with 10.04 and 10.10 that was fixed05:04
xmetalwell i take that back really05:04
Liquidedgereisio, True.  It's Windows 8.05:04
xmetalit "didn't work out of the box" with 9.04 i meant05:04
reisiodoesn't matter it's not a problem with Ubuntu, it's a problem with buying hardware that was designed for software you have opted to not use05:05
Liquidedgereisio, But, it's for my son for school and trying to spread ubuntu.05:05
reisioLiquidedge: :) read the comments05:05
wilee-nileeLiquidedge, You might consider getting a cheap wifi plugin, depends on how you feel.05:05
alxndryea 3.105:06
xmetalcant remember the nick of the person in here who got one of those ... i never really thought of a usb wifi plug before ... nice idea if it works05:07
LiquidedgeSad.  :(05:10
LiquidedgeI'll try to grab a usb one.  Hopefully this one gets resolved.05:10
LiquidedgeOkay.  Next problem:05:11
LiquidedgeEverytime a boots up.  Screen is dark and I have to go in to settings to turn it up.05:11
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:20
DragYourHaloYeah I'm having some serious issues trying to install libmysqlclient. I did the sudo apt-get blah blah blah and it installs just fine. Well when I tried to do a ./configure on another install that requires libmysqlclient, it says it doesn't exist. Suggestions?05:25
joseDragYourHalo: try installing libmysqlclient-dev?05:28
DragYourHaloLemme get a paste. One sec. You'll see the problem.05:29
DragYourHaloHere's the paste to my problem.05:32
starbuckhi, i have a problem waking up my server in my home lan over internet. when i do it within a few minutes after shutdown it works, but after that nothing happens. any advice?05:36
reisiosounds like maybe after that interval it goes from suspended to powered off05:37
reisiohas to have a little power still to be able to be woken up05:37
starbuckreisio: the thing is that it always works from within the home LAN. but over internet only the first few minutes after shutdown05:41
waterlitehello alll05:42
wilee-nileewaterlite, Do you have a support issue?05:43
waterliteIm the guy with the friend05:43
waterliteWho  had that wifi issue05:43
waterliteRemember ?05:43
xmetalLiquidedge, did water05:43
wilee-nileewaterlite, no, thos is a huge channel with 100's of people a day state the problems.05:43
reisiostarbuck: would ask #networking about that05:43
reisioShapeShifter499: hi05:43
ShapeShifter499so I made a backup moved everything over resized the new install and everything seems to be booting but I just wanted to reinstall grub for good measure but I'm getting these errors, any ideas?   http://pastebin.com/PCpt0ZFf05:44
reisioShapeShifter499: indicates a system that uses UEFI, I believe05:45
reisiothe most straightforward fix, I believe, is to resize the first partition so that it starts a little later, to make room05:45
ShapeShifter499that takes so long D:05:46
ShapeShifter499but what I thought05:46
ShapeShifter499reisio, quoting the error "blocklists are UNRELIABLE "  what are blocklists exactly and why are they unreliable ?05:46
DragYourHaloAnyone have an answer to my paste?05:47
reisioShapeShifter499: I'm assuming it's a list that says "instead of looking here where you'd like to look, look for the stuff over here"05:48
wilee-nileeDragYourHalo, This is a server?05:48
reisioask #grub if you're really interested05:48
ShapeShifter499reisio, mmk05:48
DragYourHaloWell, it's a desktop but I'm running a couple of eggdrops that use sql on it.05:48
DragYourHaloHence the necessity to install libmysqlclient-dev05:48
wilee-nileeDragYourHalo, Ah, i have seen this a couple times lately, kinda slow right now you just need the right people to see it.05:49
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DragYourHaloI shall idle I guess and wait for the nick highlight05:50
wilee-nileeDragYourHalo, You get what you pay for here. ;)05:50
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ShapeShifter499I can fix my grub issue by moving all my partitions over a 1mb?05:55
ShapeShifter499leaving roughly 1mb of empty space?05:55
wiakshould i add my www user to the www-data group?06:03
wiakso i can read and write in the same dir06:03
wiakits so anyoing to use chown06:03
nowayrideSoooo for %pre and %post, where during the install do those fire06:05
helpitalianguys, any italian here?06:09
wiaknope only an stupid norwegian ;)06:09
helpitaliansomeone just post a message saying: Tale l'aruso une e pighia na cucutza e inficatelo no cu acusi forse ti si piglia06:10
helpitalianI dont quite understand06:10
lotuspsychje!it | helpitalian06:11
ubottuhelpitalian: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)06:11
tozenhelpitalian: /join #ubuntu.it06:11
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Shadowandlighthow do i lock a new ubuntu user to one directory, i want them to be able to upload files to /var/www/wordpress but nothing else06:23
Shadowandlighti made the user already06:23
aeon-ltdShadowandlight: never done this but, i'm thinking you could remove write access to everything but that dir. someone else should probably chime in incase this is a stupid idea06:25
e_t_upload files how?06:27
lotuspsychjee_t_: upload where?06:28
Shadowandlightvia ftp06:28
e_t_Shadowandlight: you should be able to chroot the FTP user to your upload directory.06:29
Shadowandlightsudo usermod -d /var/www/wordpress  -m username gave me an error06:30
Shadowandlightcause the directory already exsists06:30
e_t_was it an actual error or just a warning?06:31
Shadowandlightwell good question - usermod: directory /var/www/wordpress exists06:32
Moseco_I have a problem with grub. I have windows 7 installed on 1 disk and ubuntu on a 2nd disk (it is efi type). I have installed grub and used the repair tool but when i default boot it boots windows even though i have the ubuntu disk 1st in the bios boot order. Here is the output of sudo efibootmgr http://paste.ubuntu.com/6023160/06:32
lotuspsychjeMoseco_: why not use ubuntu single on your system06:33
e_t_Shadowandlight: check /etc/passed to see if the homedir was set anyway.06:33
xmetalthat is a grub configuration thing ... dont think it matters where the disks are06:33
xmetal(ok i didn't word the second half of that the way i wanted)06:34
Psil0Cybinhey guys quick question, how can i check if im allowing people to connect to my laptop with SSH. I use Xubuntu for a desktop and i want to make sure you cannot access my computer via SSH06:34
Psil0Cybini tried running service ssh stop06:34
Psil0Cybinand it said unrecognized06:34
tozenMoseco_: GRUB has to be installed on /dev/sda06:34
Psil0Cybinso that means im not running it?06:34
e_t_Shadowandlight: passwd*06:34
Mace268sshd i think06:34
Moseco_lotuspsychje: You mean only use ubuntu?06:34
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: nmap yourself06:34
tozenMoseco_: not /dev/sda1 or /dev/sda206:35
lotuspsychjeMoseco_: yes, your system will be great06:35
Psil0Cybinsshd: unrecognized service it says that06:35
Shadowandlightuser:x:1003:1004:user user,user,,:/var/www/wordpress:/bin/bash06:35
Psil0Cybinso im guessing it isnt running?06:35
xmetali will be honest (esp with grub2) i am not sure how to edit the files manually (harder than grub legacy, and i thought that was a piece of cake) ... i would run "grub-customizer" and tell it to boot ubuntu first06:35
Moseco_lotuspsychje: I want to play games on windows side06:35
lotuspsychje!ssh | Psil0Cybin06:35
ubottuPsil0Cybin: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)06:35
=== Percy is now known as Guest10099
Psil0Cybini know all that lotuspsychje i was just wondering how i can check quickly if my computer is able to be accessed via ssh06:36
lotuspsychje!info playonlinux | Moseco_06:36
ubottuMoseco_: playonlinux (source: playonlinux): front-end for Wine. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.1.1-1 (raring), package size 1436 kB, installed size 3507 kB06:36
Psil0Cybini tried in my own terminal doing username@ip and trying to connect and it doesnt06:36
Psil0Cybinbut im not sure if thats how i would check06:36
vedritHey, I'm trying to get my server (With a desktop environment) to share a secondary drive (Which is in NTSF format) on my network, but no matter which guide I follow, or what I do, I always get "Access denied" when I try to access from another machine06:36
xmetalcant remember the "offical homepage" for that06:36
Moseco_tozen: How do i change this?06:36
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: if ssh server deamon not running you cant ssh the machine06:36
e_t_Shadowandlight: yeah, so it warns you that the Dir exists, but still completes the command.06:37
tozenMoseco_: just pop in installation cd and tipe in console sudo grub-install .dev.sda06:37
Moseco_lotuspsychje: Cool, thanks ill check it out06:37
lotuspsychje!steam | Moseco_06:37
ubottuMoseco_: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.06:37
Psil0Cybinkk but what process does the ssh server deamon use lotuspsychje.06:38
Moseco_tozen: I can get to ubuntu so can i do this command in the installation06:38
tozenMoseco_: what??06:39
Moseco_tozen: and do you mean /dev/sda?06:39
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: read the url on ssh ive triggered you06:39
tozenMoseco_: I fix it aleady, pal ;)06:39
Moseco_tozen: i see it now :P06:40
xmetali'd look at http://www.noobslab.com/2013/04/customize-grub-with-grub-customizer-in.html06:40
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: you can nmap -PN -sV yourIPadress to see what open ports you have06:40
Moseco_tozen: Will doing this effect my windows installation on a seperate disk or does this just make it so grub is booted first?06:40
xmetaland tell it where ubuntu is and "set that as default"06:40
lotuspsychje!info nmap > Psil0Cybin06:40
tozenMoseco_: grub will be booted first06:41
Psil0Cybinperfect thank you lotuspsychje you are a ton of help106:41
HexagoniteI have an integrated Radeon HD graphics card; what proprietary driver should I install? Experimental beta of post-release updates?06:41
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: no problem mate :p06:41
tozenMoseco_: showing sitems list to be booted06:41
xmetalisn't the issue grub boots, but windows is set to default?06:41
lotuspsychjeHexagonite: what driver did ubuntu choose as default?06:41
xmetal(and they want ubuntu as default)06:42
Hexagonitelotuspsychje: None of them? It's from the Additional Drivers window.06:42
lotuspsychjeHexagonite: does it show 2 grafix drivers?06:42
Moseco_tozen: when i run sudo efibootmgr it still says http://paste.ubuntu.com/6023160/06:42
Hexagonitelotuspsychje: yes, just what I said06:43
lotuspsychjeHexagonite: try one out, and see for yourself if graphics work for you06:43
tozenMoseco_: have u tried to reboot yor machine?06:43
Psil0CybinxNmap scan report for Host is up (0.0018s latency).All 1000 scanned ports on are closed....looks like i am in the clear.06:44
Moseco_tozen: I will try the reboot now, thanks for the help if i dont make it back :P06:44
Psil0Cybinright lotuspsychje06:44
Hexagonitelotuspsychje: that sounds extremely helpful.06:44
HexagoniteWhat driver do I install, anyone?06:44
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: try nmap -PN -sV localhost too06:44
Psil0Cybinbut im running a server off my raspberry pi, so would it pick that up06:44
Psil0Cybinif im canning local host?06:44
Psil0Cybini know i can ssh into the Pi, im just curious if i dint install any ssh server stuff if it was still possible06:45
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: oh sorry, you where doing localhost try external ip06:45
Mosecotozen: I rebooted and windows still boots by default06:45
Psil0Cybinlotuspsychje: when i scanned for localhost i got this06:45
Psil0Cybin53/tcp  open  domain  dnsmasq 2.5906:45
Psil0Cybin631/tcp open  ipp     CUPS 1.506:45
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: your good to go :p06:46
lotuspsychje!security > Psil0Cybin06:46
ubottuPsil0Cybin, please see my private message06:46
tozenMoseco: what if try to push and hold Shift during startup?06:47
Psil0Cybinwowww thats bomb! I love it i used nmap to scan my ip :P and it found my Pi it showing ssh server and nginx :) the ssh server being my raspberry pi06:47
Psil0Cybinoh man this is nice06:47
Psil0Cybinthanks for telling me about this tool06:47
Psil0Cybinlinux networking applications are incredible.06:47
Psil0Cybini fall more and more inlove with linux as the days go on.06:48
lotuspsychje!yay | Psil0Cybin06:48
ubottuPsil0Cybin: Glad you made it! :-)06:48
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: if you need any other handy ubuntu toolz just ask :p06:48
=== Guest10099 is now known as LSNH
tozenMoseco: I would recomend to read this manual as well:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI06:49
Mosecotozen: still boots windows, was holding shift from splash screen until i say windows start up06:49
Psil0CybinYea i will! Thank you for being so friendly lotuspsychje one day i will among you answering questions (my goal within the end of the year.)06:49
LSNH /ns register lsnh_px lsnh@foxmail.com06:49
lotuspsychjePsil0Cybin: we are all here for same reason :p06:49
Mosecotozen: saw*06:50
wilee-nilee!register | LSNH06:50
ubottuLSNH: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:50
tozenMoseco: just let to know if it helps06:50
Mosecotozen: Ill take a look, thanks06:51
lotuspsychjeare there indicators for unity that can show syslog errors?06:54
Mosecotozen: When i set the bios to boot in uefi mode it does not find any bootable disk06:55
Mosecotozen: (that was something in the tutorial)06:55
xmetali must be missing something here06:55
xmetali would think its a simple grub config issue06:55
Mosecotozen: So basically it either boots windows or does not find a bootable disk06:56
lotuspsychjeMoseco: i would disable uefi and single install ubuntu :p06:56
xmetalah ha ... the codename for Unbuntu is raring? ... just found that out06:57
Mosecolotuspsychje: Youre quite adamant about ubuntu being the answer to everything :P06:57
funyboy240Eureka! What is your real name? Welcome to my chat room, found that out.06:57
xmetali see "raring" and i think programs like winrar and file compression06:57
funyboy240Where do you see it? Since when? Is that a sign?06:57
lotuspsychje!raring | xmetal06:57
ubottuxmetal: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0406:57
funyboy240I've never heard of them before.06:57
xmetali see an irc ignore coming on06:57
funyboy240Where do you see it?06:58
lotuspsychjefunyboy240: plz stop it06:58
funyboy240"it" being an irc ignore coming on?06:58
lotuspsychjefunyboy240: this is an ubuntu support channel06:58
funyboy240I think funyboy240 this is much more than that.06:58
lotuspsychje!ops | funyboy24006:58
ubottufunyboy240: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!06:58
funyboy240Hey, MindysAss. Are we still talking about trying to run an application which depends on libwx gtk2u core 2 point 8 so point 0 the file?06:58
xmetal;) i am on a different distro ... though the next one i'd download would be ubuntu (i'd be unsure if i'd go for a LTS release or the brand new version)06:59
funyboy240:-) How do you like being on it? Who told you that?06:59
Flannelfunyboy240: Please stop.06:59
funyboy240When do you think Mindy's Ass will take over the world?06:59
funyboy240!ops | lotuspsychje07:00
ubottulotuspsychje: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!07:00
funyboy240I'm a funny boy!07:00
vedritHey, I'm trying to get my server (With a desktop environment) to share a secondary drive (Which is in NTSF format) on my network, but no matter which guide I follow, or what I do, I always get "Access denied" when I try to access from another machine07:00
lotuspsychjevedrit: did you try samba?07:01
lotuspsychjeFlannel: tnx07:01
vedritlotuspsychje: That's what I'm trying to host through07:01
lotuspsychje!samba | vedrit07:01
ubottuvedrit: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.07:01
vedritYes, I've read through those07:01
fuunnyboy243Aha. I don't think I've read that. Can you give me a reference?07:01
vedritI still can't access my drive07:01
fuunnyboy243What would make you stop can not access your drive? Why can't you do it?07:01
vedritfuunnnyboy243 what?07:02
lotuspsychjevedrit: got a router blocking maybe?07:02
hexyHey people, I installed a bad grahics driver and now I can't see anything, how do I remove all graphic drivers to revert to generic default??07:02
hexyI'm in shell on recovery mode07:02
lotuspsychjehexy: what grafix card chipset and driver?07:02
* xmetal thanks Flannel for that :)07:02
vedritMy router shouldn't be filtering any local traffic07:03
lotuspsychjevedrit: wich ubuntu version?07:03
vedritlotuspsychje: 12.04.0207:03
wguortl8188ce driver sucks,07:03
hexynvidia geforece gt52007:03
lotuspsychje!language | wguo07:04
ubottuwguo: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:04
wguortl8188ce driver not good07:04
lotuspsychjevedrit: how do you trying to access your ntfs drive?07:04
vedritlotuspsychje: Map Network Drive07:05
Mosecotozen: The way i access my two OS is by loading manual select, if i want windows i select the windows boot manager, if i want ubuntu i pick a efi shell (which brings up grub). Is there a way  to set the efi shell as higher priority then windows boot manager?07:05
vedrittried supplying login cridentials that I added with smdpasswd -a07:06
sasukehi all, Can any one  tell me command  to get the "domain info" of vms in kvm with out sudo permission07:07
wguoany idea about http://coreos.com/07:08
Caveat4Usasuke, Could you be a little more verbose about yrou issue?07:08
Caveat4Uhey doomfail07:08
* doomfail 07:08
wguoi saw the doc said which os owns two root space07:08
wguoi saw the doc said coreos owns two root space07:08
sasukeCaveat4U, i am looking for the details of vms which are installed in kvm07:09
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Caveat4Usasuke, what guest systems are you virtualizing?07:10
sasukei got this "sudo virsh dominfo domain-name" .. But i dont have sudo privelages. I am looking for alternative command07:10
sasukeits kvm07:11
Caveat4U*cough* - sorry07:11
Caveat4UJust clicked07:11
hypodogubuntor strikes back07:11
hypodoggood fun07:13
Caveat4Usasuke, well the vm is looped through /dev/kvm07:14
sasukecan you elaborate07:15
Caveat4Ugimme a minute here07:15
Caveat4UI'm trying to remember that damn command07:15
DragYourHaloCan anyone tell me why I'm getting errors? I posted a paste earlier but no one was around to answer.07:15
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=== FreelancerAllsta is now known as hypodog
vedritDoes Samba record and store logs anywhere?07:17
sasukeCaveat4U, can i open a private chat regarding this. it will be mess here if i paste the egs07:17
vedritoops, wrong screen07:17
Caveat4Usasuke, I'm afraid all I've got is a wild guess07:17
Caveat4UBecause I would say maybe you should try udisks to mount /dev/kvms07:18
vedritsasuke: why not use pastebin?07:18
Caveat4U(since you don't have access to root)07:18
Caveat4UThat's my only idea though07:18
Caveat4UI'm not that familiar with it - you had the right command is you were using root07:19
sasukei googled it . These are the exact commands 1. "sudo virsh list --all" or virsh -r -c qemu:///system list --all and 2. "sudo virsh dominfo domain-name" , but didnt get the alternative command for 2nd cmd07:20
Caveat4USince linux tries to turn everything into a file, it MIGHT be possible to use the file as an interface07:20
ShapeShifter499is there a way to read the clock of my GPU?07:21
ShapeShifter499in ubuntu07:21
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, maybe http://askubuntu.com/questions/277418/program-to-monitor-gpu-temp-usage-for-amd-cards07:22
sasukeCaveat4U, my eng is little bit bad. have you got the problem what i'm facing07:22
aeon-ltdShapeShifter499: cat /proc/cpuinfo07:23
Caveat4Usasuke, unfortunately I don't think I'm gonna be able to help you on this one. Sorry :-(07:23
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, I have a AMD card but not those fglrx drivers07:23
Caveat4Uaeon-ltd, does that really show more than cpuinfo?07:23
ShapeShifter499aeon-ltd, um GPU not CPU07:23
aeon-ltdoh orry07:24
sasuke:) np07:24
FloodBot1aeon-ltd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:24
xmetalblame the keyboard07:24
Caveat4Uaeon-ltd, I know07:24
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, maybe `sudo lshw -C display`?07:26
Caveat4Uor do you have the `glxinfo` or `aitconfig` packages installed?07:26
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, lshw says my GPU clock is 33MHz..... um that can't be right, can it?07:28
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, I see your pastebin, but I wasn't in the channel earlier - could you paste your infor again?07:28
DragYourHaloCaveat4U what info? PC info? Desktop Ubuntu 12.1007:29
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, I think that's just what you're processor is set to run at, but not the active usage, which is I think what you're trying to get...right?07:29
DragYourHaloTrying to install mysqltcl3.05 and it keeps telling me libmysqlclient isn't installed and it is.07:30
ShapeShifter499I want to know how fast this goes at07:30
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, I found your error07:30
Caveat4Umy bad07:30
lotuspsychje!lamp | DragYourHalo07:30
ubottuDragYourHalo: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.07:30
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, I have a hacked bios option to overclock but I haven't a clue if it's working07:30
* DragYourHalo smacks forehead07:30
DragYourHaloLemme try that real quick.07:30
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, ahhh07:31
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, the only way I could think of checking it would be to go back into your bios, change it back, and re-enter the OS07:32
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, right now it should be at default07:32
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, Off the top of your head, do you know your graphics card model?07:33
* Caveat4U doesn't know mine...07:33
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, it's a  ATI Radeon HD 420007:33
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, What were you getting?07:35
ShapeShifter499well if that command is correct, yes07:35
DragYourHaloCaveat4U: I went to the page and did tasksel and it flashed an install screen and then went back to bash. Still same error.07:35
ShapeShifter499if that program is right....07:35
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, According to Dr. Google your card should be clocking 500 MHZ07:35
Caveat4USo that isn't working07:36
ShapeShifter499I haven'07:36
ShapeShifter499I haven't changed anything is bios yet07:36
Caveat4UI know - I'm saying, bu default, it should be at 500 MHZ07:36
Caveat4U...I think07:37
DragYourHaloCaveat4U: all parts of lamp are already installed to newest version.07:38
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, MAYBE you might be able to find something in phoronix-test-suite07:38
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, don't quote me on this, but I would be that the GPU would be clocked in one of those tests07:39
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, OK - gimme a sec here07:39
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, http://www.phoronix-test-suite.com??07:40
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, yup. But like I said - just a shot in the dark at this point07:40
ShapeShifter499should give me something07:41
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, trying it now07:41
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, OK - can you try:07:41
Caveat4U`ps aux | grep mysql`07:42
Caveat4UI have a hunch07:42
DragYourHaloWant the two lines in here or pastebin?07:42
Caveat4Uhere's fine07:42
DragYourHalomysql 1128 0.0 1.0 317924 34000 ? Ssl 01:07 0:08 /usr/sbin/mysqld07:42
DragYourHalojared 12037 0.0 0.0 4396 840 pts/2 S+ 03:42 0:00 grep --color=auto mysql07:42
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, I hate asking this question (because I hate BEING asked this question) but what are you trying to do?07:43
ShapeShifter499Caveat4U, I give up07:43
Caveat4UJust run a LAMP stack07:43
Caveat4USorry ShapeShifter49907:44
ShapeShifter499at least I don't run the risk of lighting my computer on fire07:44
Caveat4UShapeShifter499, that could be a fun night with teqila07:44
Caveat4ULike burning man07:44
DragYourHaloCaveat4U, I am trying to install mysqltcl 3.05 so I can link my eggdrop bot to my sql database. The script uses mysqltcl and it's what I'm stuck on.07:45
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, gotcha07:45
Caveat4UAnd it says that mysqlclient....dev is not installed - right?07:46
DragYourHaloI removed and reinstalled the libmysqlclient via apt-get a couple of times to no avail07:46
DragYourHaloubuntu says it installed... but the libmysqlclient.so file doesn't exist anywhere.07:46
DragYourHaloI've NEVER had this problem before.07:47
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, I've run into something like this before and as strange as this is going to sound, I've had luck through (get this) the aptitude UI07:47
DragYourHaloYou mean that ugly Software center?07:47
Caveat4Uno no no07:47
Caveat4Usudo apt-get install syntaptic07:48
BullSharkcan i compile that ugly software center in debian lol07:48
DragYourHaloInstalling it now07:49
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, play with it - I'm switching Distros really fast - brb07:49
BullSharkcan ubuntu Unity be compiled in Arch Linux?07:50
BullSharkwhere's the source so i can run a make install07:52
esei want a thank averybody for your help on this lenovo z585 with dual boot win 7 + precise, my issue its been solved with the sound driver http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2170099  ...now i need the touch keys to work , thank you again07:52
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: hi mate07:52
HypnotiXi figured it out lotuspsychje07:52
SlartBullShark: isn't unity a regular package? apt should be able to find the source if it is07:53
BullSharkHyperbyte :: too early. go back to sleep.07:53
lotuspsychje!yay | ese07:53
ubottuese: Glad you made it! :-)07:53
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: what was the issue mate?07:53
HypnotiXthis hdd was previously used in a raid07:53
HypnotiXthats why the ubuntu installer didnt see07:53
BullSharkSlart :: i don't know. i don't run ubuntu.07:53
HypnotiXi had to remove the raid stuff from the hdd, and then it worked just fine07:53
xmetali know mint has unity in the repo07:53
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: ive suspected it, it maked no sense ubuntu could not see07:53
SlartBullShark: ah.. not enough coffee in the system yet.. check packages.ubuntu.com  if you find the unity package there should be links to the source as well07:54
BullSharkSlart :: apt-get --simulate --print-urls install unity07:54
HypnotiXtell me how to scan this hdd for bad sectors and do a smart test pls07:54
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: so you know are full ubuntu clean install?07:54
HypnotiXyes lotuspsychje07:54
BullSharkSlart :: i meant apt-get source, not install07:54
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | HypnotiX07:54
=== cyan0hack_ is now known as cyan0hack
ubottuHypnotiX: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.13-1ubuntu2 (raring), package size 516 kB, installed size 1201 kB07:54
BullSharkshould give a url to the source07:54
HypnotiXsmart data shows 22 bad sectors, can i try to repair them ?07:56
nowayrideHypnotiX: what does smartctl -a /dev/sda (or sdX or whatever) about uncorrectable offline, reallocated, pending, etc07:56
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: in your new WD drive?07:56
nowayride22 is kind of a lot of bad sectors...07:57
HypnotiXhave to install smartctl first :)07:57
nowayrideIf it already had raid metadata I'd question if it was new..07:57
Caveat4Unowayride, Agreed - time for a new HD07:57
HypnotiXits not new, i got it from a friend that didnt use it much07:57
HypnotiXnowayride: what do i need to install to run smartctl07:58
nowayrideJust typing smartctl (or any package) should tell you the base package(s) you need to install BTW07:58
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: man badblocks07:59
HypnotiXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6024199/ smartctl output07:59
alxndri suspect phone kernel is throwing an excenption and a bunch of ones07:59
nowayrideSo %pre should trigger before the installer starts hitting downloads no?07:59
alxndr12.04.2 LTS08:00
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: smart test passed, i would use the drive till it dies08:00
Caveat4UWho was I working with with the mysql issue?08:00
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: you got other errors on ubuntu or freezes?08:00
Caveat4UI can't remember the damn nick08:00
HypnotiXno m8, i just need to decide if i should buy it or not08:00
lotuspsychjeCaveat4U: Sharp...08:00
nowayrideThat drive has like 280 days of use on it.. so it wasn't that lightly used. 22 isn't terrible and they're pending, the offline unc isn't good though08:00
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: lol dont buy a hd with bad sectors08:01
nowayridelotuspsychje: smart can "pass" and the drive still corrupts data08:01
Caveat4Ulotuspsychje, I changed Linux distros and lost all my logs08:01
usernowayride: 20 pending sectors? Throw it away08:01
userA drive with 1 pending sector should be written off08:01
lotuspsychjenowayride: i know, but if he had the hd fofr free, i would use it till it dies completly08:02
nowayrideuser: I agree, if it was free I'd still find a use for it, HypnotiX basically it isn't "dead" but if it gets any more errors you'll be getting filesystem issues prett yquickly08:02
HypnotiXdamn ok08:02
nowayridelotuspsychje: exactly, it's not completely gone but it's not something I'd put my homework on08:02
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: i got good experiences on seagates and ubuntu08:02
HypnotiXso i shouldnt buy it08:02
nowayrideBuy? No08:02
Caveat4UHypnotiX, definetely not08:03
nowayrideUnless it's dirt cheap and you want a junk drive to play with, I wouldn't use it for a normal drive08:03
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: if you want rocketfast ubuntu, buy a cheap ssd08:03
HypnotiXthis smart data cant be wrong right?08:03
nowayrideUm, no. That's from the drive's controller08:03
nowayrideWhat size/how much is he asking08:04
DX099hellhello, I'm trying to have docky to load at the start of my mate session : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6024194/ . This is the .desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart. Is anything wrong ?08:04
HypnotiXso what hdd do you guys recommend if im not too offtopic :)08:04
nowayrideJust curious08:04
lotuspsychjenowayride: its a 1tb WD08:04
HypnotiXwell its like 30% off shop price08:04
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: lol def not buy it08:04
nowayrideYeah no..08:04
lotuspsychjeDX099: this is an ubuntu support channel, not mate08:05
HypnotiXi really want a viable hdd, wd or seagate? :P08:05
HypnotiXi dont care much for speed08:05
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: seagate is stable as rock08:05
Caveat4UHypnotiX, oh wait - wait is the type of HD you were considering buying off your friends?08:06
Caveat4Uas in brand?08:06
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: try the ##hardware channel to ask best buys mate08:06
nowayrideHypnotiX: depending on budget, the 2tb-3tb range is a pretty good bang for buck. I forget which, but one costs really close to the next lowest size tier, and the next up is way more08:07
Monkeytoeis there any way to get rid of desktop tearing in xubuntu? I have the nvidia drivers installed, its on 120hz ... not sure what else to do08:07
DragYourHaloCaveat4U: tried synaptic and manually installing the .deb file via sudo dpkg and still getting that error. I even went as far as to remove LAMP completely and reinstall. Nothing.08:07
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, OK -08:07
DragYourHaloCould it be a fullblown bad base system?08:07
Caveat4UCan you throw me your pastebin one more time08:07
DragYourHaloCan anyone tell me why I'm getting errors? I posted a paste earlier but no one was around to answer.08:08
DragYourHaloWrong line08:08
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, nah - there's ALWAYS something funky that happens with libmysqlclient-dev08:08
Monkeytoethe system runs steam games fine, plays HD movies fine with no tearing... but any time I drag a window around on the desktop or scroll in firefox I get massive screen tearing08:08
DragYourHaloProbably a stupid question... BUT... could upgrading to 13.04 fix the problem or make it owrk?08:08
MonkeytoeI am using 13.04 :(08:09
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, defintely not08:09
HypnotiXthanx guys08:09
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: are you using default driver from ubuntu install08:09
Monkeytoeno, using the nvidia one08:09
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: did it show in your additional drivers?08:09
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: did default driver caused problems?08:10
Monkeytoedefault drivers wouldnt show second monitor and the first monitor wouldnt use the full screen .. its like it was running at 1280 x 720 when the monitor runs at 1920x1080..08:11
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, give me a minute - I have another hunch08:11
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: but you didnt experience tearing on default driver?08:11
Monkeytoeyes I experienced tearing08:12
Monkeytoeon both drivers08:12
Monkeytoefrom what I understand from the searches I have done is this is an issue with compositing08:12
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: what graphics card chip?08:12
MonkeytoeGTX Titan08:12
gordonjcpDragYourHalo: so what does the error line actually say?08:13
DragYourHalochecking for libmysqlclient lib... configure: error: Cannot find libmysqlclient.so in /usr/lib/mysql use --with-mysql-lib=?08:14
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: maybe #xubuntu guys might know what causes the tearing, still looking up08:15
Caveat4UHa - OK DragYourHalo - I THINK I found something08:15
Caveat4ULet me write the command08:15
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: maybe this can help too: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/10/xfce-sync-to-vblank-support-for-xfwm.html08:15
Monkeytoealso I have tried installing compton as well08:16
Monkeytoedidnt seem to help08:16
Monkeytoeim thinking of just ditching xfce08:17
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: can your system handle regular ubuntu?08:17
Monkeytoeyes but I dont like unity at all08:18
lotuspsychjeMonkeytoe: test gnome shell maybe?08:18
Monkeytoejust install gnome from the software center?08:19
lotuspsychje!gnome | Monkeytoe08:19
ubottuMonkeytoe: GNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.08:19
lotuspsychje!info gnome-shell08:19
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 269 kB, installed size 932 kB08:19
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, do you have the libmysqld-dev library installed to?08:20
BabsSeedwilee-nilee: Thanks for your help last night, looks like the default installer put grub on the wrong HDD. When I set up manual partitions it worked. Now I have RAID-10 working as well, Ubuntu looks much better than my old distro, far more desktop-worthy.08:21
DragYourHaloCaveat4U: installing it now. Apparently it wasn't.08:21
DragYourHaloI will attempt to install once more.08:21
DragYourHaloCaveat4U: same error08:21
DragYourHaloI just wanna smack it in the face lol08:22
wilee-nileeBabsSeed, No problem, glad you git it all going.08:22
Caveat4UI COMPLETELY understand08:23
DragYourHaloWell I think I'm going to crash for the night. I will leave this channel open. If anyone gets any ideas, shoot me a pm and I will try them when I wake up.08:24
DragYourHaloThanks again Caveat4U for the attempts. It'll get figured out.08:24
Caveat4UDragYourHalo, sorry dude - night08:24
DragYourHaloIt's no problem. Thank you for your time.08:25
bekksDragYourHalo: Looks like you ae compiling your own LAMP stack?08:26
Caveat4Ubekks - he was trying to install mysqltcl-3.0508:26
bekkstcl? OMG :D08:27
Caveat4Ubekks, his pastebin is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/6023929/08:27
bekksCaveat4U: DragYourHalo: "use --with-mysql-lib=?" -- did you use that, when configuring?08:28
Caveat4Ubekks, If you search is username - you can see what we tried08:28
Caveat4UThe problem was bekks that the program was looking in /usr/lib/mysql already08:28
Caveat4Uwhich was supposedly where his schtuff was installed per a simple ls we did08:29
Caveat4UI couldn't figure out where else to specify08:29
gordonjcpCaveat4U: were the development headers installed?08:30
gordonjcpCaveat4U: installing just the client libraries isn't enough08:30
bekksCaveat4U: "--with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib/mysql" and the mysql headers are needed.08:30
DragYourHaloSaw you guys talking as I walked past... what do I need to see if it's installed?08:31
Fudgehi all, Ubuntu Precise using a 3.5 Quantal backported kernel. In a rescue prompt are the same Kernel modules able to be loaded, in this case speakup and speakup_soft08:31
Caveat4Ugordonjcp, we did libmysqld-dev and libmysqlclient-dev08:32
Caveat4Ugordonjcp, what other package(s) would you recommend?08:32
nowayrideOkay so last shot before I pass out.. anyone know why wget might not be working on %pre? I just have a simple %pre \n wget url -O /dev/null but my webserver never sees the hit08:34
Caveat4Unowayride, maybe try a log fille08:40
xkernelwhere is the PAM log file? or how to investigate if an application failing to authenticate?08:41
nowayrideTried but it's before it installs so it never really saves it anwhere08:41
Caveat4ULike %pre --log=/root/my-post-log08:41
nowayrideThat logs to the final filesystem?08:41
Caveat4UTechnically this is in centos's docs, http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/KickStart08:41
Caveat4ULook for "Logging %pre and %post"08:42
nowayrideO snap that might work08:42
Caveat4UOnce again - a shot in the dark08:42
nowayrideProgress over what I had08:43
Caveat4Unowayride, I'm out for the night - but good luck?08:43
nowayrideHeh thanks that's a good find at least08:43
Caveat4Uno worries08:43
yellabs-r2hello there08:46
yellabs-r2got new firefox, but it does not open transmission when opening torrents , it used to , but no any more..08:46
Calrikhi all I just after some advice Im not sure if I should run vmware-esx and run my ubuntu server in that with other vm's such as a windows xp client or run ubuntu server natively then use virtual box or something like that for the windows guest?08:47
yellabs-r2the "magnet" extension does not show either08:47
nowayrideCalrik: how often are you going to use xp vs ubuntu08:48
yellabs-r2woud go for virtual box.. check it out, they got two versions though  one in ubuntu package channel ( open source version ) and one from website ( .deb ) the latter i found better08:49
yellabs-r2dual boot is also option afcause ..08:49
Calrikwell the xp machine will need to provide ui for my security cameras08:49
CalrikI would have have both running08:49
yellabs-r2dedicated separate machine would be best ( in this case )08:50
Calrikubuntu server going to hosting plex plus my web development server08:50
saki`does duplicate sources.list fuck with anything?08:51
saki`or is it entirely benign?08:51
Calrikwould there a big performance drop if I use a virtual ubuntu appliance on esx server as a plex media server?08:51
nowayrideESXi might be a better bet, it's a true hypervisor meant for keeping multiple OSes running08:51
Calrikyer Im just installed ESXi08:52
nowayrideThere's also Xenserver and Xen :)08:52
Calrikbut worried about the performance hit for server media files08:52
Calrikserving media files rather08:52
BabsSeedI can vouch for Xen not sucking08:52
BabsSeedI use it to run 4 OS's simultaneously08:53
nowayrideReally if one is utilized a lot less than the other VB would be fine but XP is a little heavy compared to Ubuntu and might just drag it down a bit08:53
CalrikI would be running ubuntu server with no ui08:53
nowayrideXenserver's a lot easier to manage with CLI from what I've been finding08:53
Calrikxenserver got a mac client?08:53
nowayrideDoes ESXi? Pretty sure vSphere is Windows only08:54
Calrikesxi doesnt thats right08:54
nowayrideI think both require Windows but there's openxenmanager for Xen/xapi that runs on mac/linux08:55
nowayrideLinux version was really flaky for me though08:55
Calrikif xenserver does that I would be happy to reinstall esxi for xenserver otherwise no point wasting the 3 hours I spent on it already lol08:55
nowayrideAh.. I can't speak for the OS X client but http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/openxenmanager/08:56
nowayrideIt runs on python and as I mentioned it was buggy for me, but it could have been Python version issues too08:57
nowayrideBut ESXi works fine too, a big diff is ESXi is heavily proprietary and Xenserver is built on Xen which is open source (which is where you get stuff like openxenmanager)08:58
Calrikthanks heaps all for your advice09:00
Fudgehi all, Ubuntu Precise using a 3.5 Quantal backported kernel. In a rescue prompt are the same Kernel modules able to be loaded, in this case speakup and speakup_softs09:02
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erdmgoog morning guys09:26
kelvinellahello guys, why recently my firefox is making the whole OS like a zombie??09:27
bekkskelvinella: Define "like a zombie" please.09:27
kelvinellaeven after i close firefox, the system is very unresponsive09:27
kelvinellai have to restart09:27
kelvinellajust like something is using 100% CPU time09:27
bekkskelvinella: Then you have to check whats causing it - firefox is closed, so it cant be the reason then.09:27
kelvinellait usually happens on certain sites only09:28
kelvinellasometimes facebook09:28
bekkskelvinella: Then you have to check whats causing it.09:28
kelvinellai do killall firefox, the problem still exists09:28
kelvinellai dont know whats causing it and i dont know how to check09:28
SwedeMikekelvinella: start a terminal window, use "top"09:29
kelvinellai did09:29
bekkstop, ps -aux, dmesg and lsb_release -a in a pastebin please.09:29
kelvinellaI did "top" but I cant find anything suspicious09:30
kelvinellaso i am stuck09:30
erdmi have an problem with my hd resolution in chromium/ytube. the newest nvidia drivers is installed, but scpae or hair is just with alittle blur09:30
kelvinellaI think think it may have something to do with flash???09:30
kelvinellabut i am not sure09:30
erdmin firefox it is the same09:30
kelvinellai am using chrome now and it has no problem for now09:31
kelvinellabut i want to use firefox as my primary browser09:31
erdmok, can i do a flash update ?09:31
MonkeytoeI have partitioned my usb stick as ext 4... when I copy files to it.. it never gives  a progress meter... it just acts like the files are instantly copied there... then when I try to unmount it ... it says I have to wait for files to finish writing.... how do I get it to write the files when I drag and drop them and more importantly show the progress?09:31
bekkskelvinella: Put the requested information into a pastebin please.09:32
kelvinellabekks, what information?09:32
bekks < bekks> top, ps -aux, dmesg and lsb_release -a in a pastebin please.09:32
bekksThat one.09:32
kelvinellabut now i dont have any problem09:32
kelvinellaBecause I havent fire up the firefox09:33
bekkskelvinella: Then reproduce it, and put the information into a pastebin.09:33
kelvinellalet me try hold on09:33
kelvinellaI am running firefox now, but sometimes it wont run into problems, so wait09:34
jahmGood day09:39
sadgdagdasgood day09:39
jahmMy Ubuntu xfce is acting weird09:40
jahmEvery time I boot, the minimize, restore and close buttons are gone09:40
jahmI need to do xfwm4 --sm-client-disable09:40
jahmIs it always like this?09:40
theadminjahm: That sounds like the window manager isn't getting started. I'm not sure what the reason may be, but you can simply add this command to your Startup Applications for a quick and dirty fix.09:40
jahmtheadmin: how?09:41
theadminjahm: Um. I can't remember Xfce, but go into Menu -> Settings -> Settings Manager and find... uh, "Startup Applications" or something along those lines.09:41
theadminjahm: Can't remember the exact name09:42
jahmtheadmin: no startup applications, but xfwm4 is present though09:43
theadminjahm: xfce4-session-settings is the command to launch that startup apps thing.09:48
dyuhow do i reduce the border size in byobu?09:48
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kelvinellabekks, damn I still cant generate the problem yet09:51
kelvinellabekks, sometimes it just happen out of no where its hard to predict09:51
bekkskelvinella: Then you have to wait till it happens - without the information requested and gathered when it happens it is impossible to tell you whats actually happening.09:56
kelvinellabekks, ok09:56
kelvinellabekks, i am keep trying09:56
oceanbreezeHello guys, can you please recommend me a nice, easy to set up ftp server for Ubuntu server 13.04?09:56
bekksoceanbreeze: vsftpd - but you should use SFTP instead of FTP nowadays.09:57
oceanbreezebekks: Hey, whats the difference?09:57
theadminoceanbreeze: FTP must die. Use SFTP instead -- just install openssh-server.09:57
theadminoceanbreeze: Well, they are entirely different protocols. But SFTP is secure.09:58
oceanbreezebekks: I need to simpy upload WP theme to my server from my pc :)09:58
kelvinellabekks, now its kinda slow09:58
kelvinellabekks, but not to a point where its extremely slow09:58
kelvinellado i do top now ? bekks09:58
bekkskelvinella: If you think you have that problem now, yes. Provide all the information requested.09:58
kelvinellaits slow like hell09:59
bekksoceanbreeze: If you just need a theme upload, use scp.09:59
jahmMan my xfce is broken09:59
kelvinellagod it is slow openning pastebin10:00
kelvinellamy computer is too slow now worse than win9510:00
bekks!pastebinit | kelvinella10:01
ubottukelvinella: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:01
kelvinellai know where pastebin is but my computer is in zombie mode now10:02
theadminI can't print from Chromium, what gives? "Something went wrong when trying to print.  Please check your printer and try again."10:02
bekkskelvinella: Whatever "zombie mode" is.10:02
theadminbekks: It's when it needs extra brains ;)10:02
kelvinellanothing responding10:02
kelvinellai am still trying to get to pastebin wait10:03
bekkskelvinella: Then use pastebinit.10:04
kelvinellanot the website10:04
kelvinellaits my computer10:04
kelvinellaeven xchat is slow10:04
bekksUse pastebinit instead of your browser.10:04
bekksIt will do the job much faster.10:04
bekksOR stop complaining and just wait.10:04
HisaoNakaikelvinella: try hastebin too.10:05
theadminkelvinella: If you have slow hardware, maybe Lubuntu is a good choice. Just saying.10:05
bekkstheadmin: He is having performance issues currently, and we are trying to investigate the reason.10:06
kelvinellanot the hardware10:06
kelvinellanothing is wrong until using firefox10:06
bekkskelvinella: We dont know whats wrong, you dont either. ;)10:06
bekkskelvinella: Thats why I requested the information you are trying to get.10:06
kelvinellaits a little alright now10:07
kelvinellathere is a box popup saying unresponsive script10:07
kelvinellaand i click stop10:07
bekkskelvinella: Use pastebinit to provide the information requested.10:07
kelvinellabekks, http://pastebin.com/btJFEijB10:07
kelvinellanot website problem10:08
bekkskelvinella: In addition, we need "about:plugins" from firefox too.10:08
kelvinellaits the computer not responding so i cant get to pastebin now i can10:08
bekkskelvinella: You dont have to repeat that on an on again.10:08
bekkskelvinella: But without all the information requested we cant help you.10:09
oceanbreezebekks: I installed the vsftpd, i have a folder @ /var/www/html/wordpress with chmod -R 777 wordpress/ priviledges. While trying to access ftp://mysite.com, it ask for  login and password, but my default root password is not suitable.10:09
ubottuoceanbreeze: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:09
HypnotiXbekks: the problem i had with the installer was because the hdd was previously used in raid10:10
bekksoceanbreeze: And setting the HTML dir for wordpress to 777 - why dont you put the root account on the frontpage then? That will safe hackers from bruto forcing you.10:10
bekksHypnotiX: Blame it to your Dell PERC hw then ;)10:11
HypnotiXyeah :)10:12
ChrisMorganI have had Caps Lock mapped to Backspace using the tools exposed in the control centre; Ubuntu 13.10 seems to have just scrapped that and I'm stuck with a partially broken Caps Lock key. By fiddling variously with xmodmap and telling it Caps Lock is *not* a lock key I can get it to work as Backspace correctly, but I don't know where the config is coming from. How did it work?10:14
ChrisMorganHow, then, can I modify the Caps Lock key behaviour config (as set in older versions of Ubuntu) without using the UI which is no longer in 13.10?10:14
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ubottuChrisMorgan: Saucy Salamander is the codename for Ubuntu 13.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+110:14
kelvinellabekks, http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/7008/4ix0.png10:15
MonkeyDustChrisMorgan  13.10 isn't ready yet10:15
kelvinellabekks, http://pastebin.com/btJFEijB10:15
ChrisMorganbekks: I'm in there but getting no response; I changed the form of my question about so that it *does* apply to older versions: how is that config stored and enacted in the older versions?10:15
jahmIs there any way to uninstall xfce4?10:15
theadminChrisMorgan: Add this to startup: xmodmap -e 'keysym Caps_Lock = BackSpace'10:16
bekkskelvinella: And the other information requested?10:16
kelvinellabekks, my computer is super smooth now after i click the STOP button in the warning on unresponsive script in firefox but i dont know which site giving me this problem?10:16
bekkskelvinella: You dont have to tell us your computer is slow in every single sentence again and again.10:16
theadminjahm: Yes, which environment do you want to switch to?10:17
kelvinellaso any idea?10:17
bekkskelvinella: Where is the other information requested?10:17
kelvinellawhat do u mean?10:17
kelvinellahttp://img818.imageshack.us/img818/7008/4ix0.png , http://pastebin.com/btJFEijB10:18
bekkskelvinella:  < bekks>  < bekks> top, ps -aux, dmesg and lsb_release -a in a pastebin please.10:18
kelvinellaoh i forgot that command10:18
bekkskelvinella: All you pasted until now is top and about:plugins10:18
kelvinellabut now it isnt slow, so i have to wait?10:19
kelvinellaor i do it now?10:19
jahmtheadmin: well, my xfce4 is broken10:19
jahmI'm currently on Unity right now10:19
jahmWas hoping that by removing xfce4, and install it again, it will fix my xfce410:19
bekkskelvinella: dmesg and lsb_release -a will stay the same.10:19
bekkskelvinella: So finally pastebin them.10:19
theadminjahm: Ah. You can restore Xfce to default settings simply by removing .config/xfce4 from your $HOME.10:19
jahmtheadmin: no need for me to uninstall it?10:20
WinstonSmithg'morning bekks10:20
theadminjahm: Nope. Ain't Windows.10:20
bekkshi WinstonSmith10:20
jahmGonna log back to my xfce410:21
oceanbreezebekks: Haha, should i then put it somewhere else?10:21
theadminjahm: No, do that from Unity or a TTY, not from Xfce.10:21
bekksoceanbreeze: No. You should never ever set 777 on a webserver directory.10:21
oceanbreezebekks: Ok i got it, what should i set instead?10:22
Aarunifor some reason I cannot ssh into my ubuntu machine from my macintosh on my local network..10:22
bekksoceanbreeze: 755.10:22
theadminAaruni: Is openssh-server installed?10:22
Aarunitheadmin: yep10:22
theadminAaruni: Hmm. What do you get when you try to connect?10:23
bekkskelvinella: Your flash version 11.2 is freaking out. Since there is no newer version, put your complains to Adobe. Or use Chrome, not Chromium, to use PepperFlash 11.710:23
Aarunitheadmin: it times out. ping gives 1 ms, but ssh times out10:23
theadminAaruni: Huh. That's... odd.10:23
theadminAaruni: On your Ubuntu box, do ssh $USER@localhost10:23
theadminAaruni: Does it work?10:23
kelvinellabekks, i think the problem happens after i installed the adobe pdf reader10:24
Aarunitheadmin: yes. works perfectly10:24
kelvinellabecause i need it to print pdf from the work10:24
bekkskelvinella: The adobe PDF reader has nothing to do with your flash freaking out.10:24
theadminAaruni: Okay, do you have any sort of firewall up?10:24
kelvinellaso how do i update my flash?10:24
theadminkelvinella: You can't. Adobe decided to kill Flash for Linux.10:24
Aarunitheadmin: I have firestarter installed, but I keep it off, except when needed to monitor connections10:24
bekkskelvinella: You cant. You have to use Chrome with PepperFlash 11.710:24
theadminkelvinella: Google have their own implementation of Flash, but you can only use it in Chrome.10:24
bekkskelvinella: Adobe stopped providing newer versions than 11.2 natively.10:25
oceanbreezebekks: Ok, done. Now back to topic :) What is the default login and password to access my ftp server created via vsftpd? Or should i create em manually?10:25
kelvinellaso what do i need to do now?10:25
kelvinellai want to use firefox10:25
theadminAaruni: Please say what "sudo ufw status" says,10:25
bekksoceanbreeze: There is no default. You have to configure your server.10:25
bekkskelvinella: Dont use those sites then. You've been toild the only solution.10:25
Aarunitheadmin: Status: inactive10:25
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theadminAaruni: ...Huh. Any sort of firewall on your LAN, e.g. a router etc?10:25
jahmtheadmin: sir10:26
jahmtheadmin: how do I remove the thing that you told me earlier?10:26
Aarunitheadmin: there is a router, but it doesn't provide firewall. I can ssh into macintosh just fine, but not the other way round10:26
theadminjahm: That'd be "ma'am", please avoid gender-related assumptions. But just open a terminal and paste this in: rm -r ~/.config/xfce4. Do NOT do this from inside of Xfce (removing a program's settings while it's running is always a rather bad idea)10:27
jahmOh sorry ma'am10:27
oceanbreezebekks: Can't i just use my root user for that purpose?10:27
jahmtheadmin: oh I'm on xfce right now10:27
theadminAaruni: Hmm... This is strange, please pastebin your /etc/ssh/sshd_config10:28
jahmCould you do me a favour and paste that again later when I'm on Unity please/10:28
theadminjahm: Sure thing10:28
bekksoceanbreeze: Your dont have a root user with a valid password. And using FTP as root is even more insecure as setting 777 for a webserver. Dont even think about doing it.10:28
Aarunitheadmin: http://txt.krow.me/1271/10:28
jahmHi back10:29
jahmtheadmin: what was it again mam?10:29
jahmSorry for the hassle :\10:29
usr13oceanbreeze:  Using root for user for any purpose is not an option.10:30
Aarunijahm: rm -r ~/.config/xfce410:30
theadminjahm: What Aaruni said, sorry, was looking at his/her/its pastebin10:30
jahmAaruni: thanks10:30
Aarunitheadmin: "its" ? :/10:30
usr13oceanbreeze: I'm late in the conversation. Is this a webserver you are working on?10:31
theadminAaruni: I don't discriminate, not even against robots :D10:31
AaruniI assure you I am a human, not a bot10:31
theadminAaruni: Sorry, is joke10:31
jahmSo does this fix my startup manager problem?10:31
oceanbreezeusr13: vsftpd10:31
Aarunitheadmin: no offence taken10:31
theadminjahm: Probably. It just resets Xfce to default settings, is all10:31
oceanbreezeI have a folder @ /var/www/html/wordpress10:31
jahmI see10:31
usr13oceanbreeze: And what are you using vsftpd for?10:31
theadminAaruni: Hm. This looks correct. Sorry, I have no idea what the problem may be10:31
oceanbreezeusr13: I have a folder @ /var/www/html/wordpress with 755 priviledges.10:32
jahmGonna transfer to my xfce4 now10:32
Aaruniyou think its a problem on the macintosh side of things ?10:32
=== companion is now known as Companion
usr13oceanbreeze: Ok.  And you are running apache webserver serving from /var/www/ ?10:32
theadminAaruni: Maybe. What's the command you're using to connect?10:32
oceanbreezeusr13: WP themes upload/ Yep, apache2 with mysql.10:32
Aarunitheadmin: ssh -X user@ip10:32
theadminAaruni: Try without -X for starters10:32
usr13oceanbreeze: yes 755 for directories10:32
WinstonSmithAaruni: may i suggest that you run ssh -vvv for verbose output10:33
theadminAaruni: -X may not work on Mac, it'd need a local Xorg server I think10:33
oceanbreezeusr13: We got to the point where most likely i need to create users somehow, if i got it right :)10:33
usr13oceanbreeze: 755 for directories, 644 for files, (S.O.P.)10:34
jahmThis problem is annoying10:34
usr13oceanbreeze: Yes, create users. Exactly.  Here is the way I would handle it.10:34
theadminjahm: Is it still broken?10:34
Aarunitheadmin: doesn't work w/o -X either10:35
theadminAaruni: Blimey... :/10:35
oceanbreezeusr13: Yes? :)10:35
usr13oceanbreeze: Create user account for each site or set of sites and use symlinks.  That way each separate user logs in to it's own /home/ account.10:35
theadminAaruni: Try with ssh -2 -4 user@ip10:35
Aarunitheadmin: ok10:35
usr13oceanbreeze: Use symlinks from the /home/ accounts to /var/www/10:36
oceanbreezeusr13: Let's start with one! :)10:36
Aaruniok, this is strange10:36
Orpheonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6024569/ <-- Any help?10:36
Aaruniinstead of switching systems, I decided to ssh into macintosh, and then ssh back into ubuntu10:36
usr13oceanbreeze: Instead of having the actual files in /var/www/  they can all just be symlinks.  Move the directories to the various /home/ directories and create symlinks.10:37
WinstonSmithAaruni: as i said before, try connecting with "ssh -vvv user@host", as it will give you a ton of output. else look at the ssh server log10:37
Aarunitheadmin, WinstonSmith : http://txt.krow.me/1272/10:37
usr13oceanbreeze: The ftp server by default, jails the user in his /home/dir10:37
oceanbreezeusr13: Aha.10:38
oceanbreezeusr13: useradd <username>, should i create a user this way?10:38
WinstonSmithAaruni: is that box accessible? is the port open? is the ssh server running?10:38
theadminoceanbreeze: Use "adduser", it's easier10:38
AaruniWinstonSmith: how do I check ?10:38
theadminWinstonSmith: Yes, yes and yes, I checked those for him/her already10:38
Aarunitheadmin: him10:39
theadminWinstonSmith: (s)he can ssh into localhost from that box10:39
theadminAaruni: Ah, okay, thanks10:39
usr13oceanbreeze: ln -s /home/user1/html /var/www/site1  or  ln -s /home/user1/public_html  /var/www/wrodpress-site110:39
WinstonSmiththeadmin: oh sorry for hijacking then :/10:39
WinstonSmithAaruni: is a firewall running on the server?10:39
oceanbreezetheadmin: Thanks10:39
theadminWinstonSmith: No prob, just speeding it up for ya :D10:39
oceanbreezeusr13: Ok, let me create users first :)10:40
AaruniWinstonSmith: installed, but not running.10:40
* WinstonSmith speeds up10:40
usr13oceanbreeze: adduser jack10:40
naveen_i am having a problem while installing program from its source code10:40
naveen_can any one tell me about that10:40
usr13oceanbreeze: sudo adduser jill10:40
theadminnaveen_: You should avoid that if at all possible, it's usually a proper pain10:40
OrpheonI'm having trouble getting jack to run properly, clicking on the start button of qjackctl returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6024569/10:40
WinstonSmithAaruni: well timed out is rather strange. can you access other services on that box?10:40
oceanbreezeusr13: Done, the new user is ocean :)10:41
AaruniWinstonSmith: like ftp ?10:41
usr13oceanbreeze: And do not give the user any additional rights, doesn't need anything but rights to the /home/user files.10:41
WinstonSmithAaruni: yes ftp www etc10:41
Aaruniftp doesn't work either, from macintosh10:41
usr13oceanbreeze: Now create a directory for files, like mkdir /home/ocean/public_html10:41
AaruniWinstonSmith: ftp says "can't connect"10:42
oceanbreezeusr13: Should i log as user now, or create em as root?10:42
theadminAaruni: Are you sure the IP is correct? What username are you using?10:42
usr13oceanbreeze: sudo mkdir /home/ocean/public_html  ; sudo chown ocean /home/ocean/public_html  #Or just mkdir as ocean10:42
jahmThis: http://pastebin.com/qFTzpmAs10:43
usr13oceanbreeze: YEa, login as user and do it.10:43
usr13oceanbreeze: su - ocean10:43
Aarunitheadmin: yes, ip and user are correct.10:43
oceanbreezeusr13: You are so helpful :)10:43
theadminusr13: sudo -iu10:43
oceanbreezeusr13: Give me few minutes please :)10:43
theadminusr13: su isn't a good idea most of the time lol10:43
usr13oceanbreeze: then just mkdir public_html10:43
usr13theadmin: sudo -iu ?  Isnt'   sudo - ocean the same thing?10:44
WinstonSmithAaruni: are you sure that fw is off? can you ping the box from the mac?10:44
AaruniWinstonSmith: yes I can ping it. 1ms10:44
theadminusr13: Not entirely sure, but "su" is using the target password to authenicate, which isn't very secure, is it now?10:44
usr13theadmin: What is the difference?  I have always just used  su - username10:44
wolffffhallo....i have moved my /home directory to another hard drive using live cd. everything went well but when i restart the computer and i get to the display manager and type my password it would not do anything , any ideas?10:44
oceanbreezeusr13: Done10:45
OrpheonI'm having trouble getting jack to run properly, clicking on the start button of qjackctl returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6024569/10:45
oceanbreezeusr13: Now i should move my WP directory to this new folder?10:45
usr13oceanbreeze: Ok, now just create the symlink to a directory name of your choosing in the /var/www area10:46
oceanbreezeusr13: Aye, symlinks, forgot about em :)10:46
usr13oceanbreeze: sudo ln -s /home/ocean/www  /var/www/wordpress1     #Or what ever you want it to be.10:47
WinstonSmithAaruni: can you pastebin "netstat -lanpt" please10:47
martin_wolffff: you need crtl+alt+f1 login in console as root, use usermod -d /new/homedir yousername  also fix /etc/fstab?10:48
oceanbreezeusr13: ln -s /home/ocean/public_html /var/www/html/wordpress ?10:48
usr13oceanbreeze: Then when the user ocean logs in, he just puts his files in the www/ dir.  (Name is not important, you can call it public_html if you want.10:48
usr13oceanbreeze: Yes10:48
AaruniWinstonSmith: from ubuntu box ?10:49
WinstonSmithAaruni: yes10:49
usr13oceanbreeze: If /var/www/html  is where you have apache serving from.10:49
oceanbreezeusr13: /var/www/html/wordpress ?10:49
oceanbreezeusr13: I need a wordpress folder? Right?10:49
oceanbreezeusr13: Then should i create a wordpress folder for user too?10:49
oceanbreezeusr13: Like /home/ocean/public_html/wordpress ?10:50
martin_oceanbreeze: if you use FollowSymlink option enabled10:50
usr13oceanbreeze: Look in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default10:50
AaruniWinstonSmith: http://txt.krow.me/1273/10:50
oceanbreezeusr13: I am using sites-available10:50
apb1963_I've been looking over apt-get options, but I don't see how to out what versions of a package are available?  For example I'm trying to build a package that specifies  mysql-client-core-5.5... but how do I know if (for example) there's a 7.7 available?10:51
oceanbreezeusr13: default10:51
usr13oceanbreeze: Ok.  The choice is yours.10:51
apb1963_s/out/find out/10:51
WinstonSmithAaruni: sorry that has to be run with sudo10:51
Aaruniok, doing again10:51
usr13oceanbreeze: Look for the DocumentRoot line, set is as you see fit.10:51
AaruniWinstonSmith: http://txt.krow.me/1274/10:52
usr13oceanbreeze: The default is more-than-likely just   /var/www/10:52
oceanbreezeusr13: Done it already :) My site is up and running fine, just need to setup ftp file transfer to that folder i chose in DocumentRoot10:52
oceanbreezeusr13: For Wordpress themes10:52
jahmtheadmin: thanks ma'am10:52
jahmI fixed it10:53
jahmIdk how10:53
theadminjahm: hehe :D10:53
oceanbreezeusr13: ln -s /home/ocean/public_html/wordpress  /var/www/html/wordpress . Should look like this then :)10:53
usr13oceanbreeze: Ok, there you go.10:53
WinstonSmithAaruni: hmm. and you try to ssh directly from the mac? or are you ssh'ing to the mac and then back?10:54
usr13oceanbreeze: Yep. that should do it.10:54
OrpheonI'm having trouble getting jack to run properly, clicking on the start button of qjackctl returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6024569/10:54
OrpheonAny help?10:54
usr13oceanbreeze: You should also see "Options FollowSymLinks" in the DocumentRoot section of apache2's config file, so you're good to go.10:55
oceanbreezeusr13: Ok added symlink, rebooting now, just incase :)10:56
usr13oceanbreeze: No need to reboot.10:56
usr13oceanbreeze: No need to do anything.10:56
stroodlepuphi is there a fix for google chrome bad display of flash?10:56
usr13stroodlepup: I just don't use google chrome10:57
oceanbreezeusr13: Ok nice i logged in ftp as ocean10:57
usr13oceanbreeze: Yea, and then cd wordpress and upload10:57
theadminstroodlepup: Disable Chrome's built-in Flash and use one from the repositories. Or just use Chromium.10:57
oceanbreezeusr13: But the *****.com/public_html/wordpress/ directory is empty10:57
pbaseone can try gnash instead of flash..10:58
theadminpbase: Chrome comes with its' own version of Flash provided by Google. It's sometimes buggy.10:59
* pbase uses chromium10:59
bekkstheadmin: Chrome does not have its own flash version.10:59
theadminbekks: Sure it does, PepperFlash.10:59
bekkstheadmin: It does not.10:59
bekksPepperFlash is built by Adobe - and built for the Chrom-shipped Pepper-API.11:00
=== martin_ is now known as Dulin
theadminbekks: Yeah, well. The thing is, it's a different version than the one in the repos. A more recent one11:00
sakii can't find what the command ls -al does, googling it or looking up the man page doesnt say.11:00
WinstonSmithsaki: ls --help11:00
WinstonSmithwould be a good starting point11:01
pbaseit simply lists the cotnents of the current dierctory including hidden files with their compete attributes11:01
pbaselist form11:01
=== JotaK is now known as MakOke
sakiohhhhhh its a combination of -a and -l?11:02
* WinstonSmith thinks "give a man a fish..."11:02
theadminsaki: Yes, according to the GNU specification short options start with -, consist of 1 letter/number and can be combined by supplying all of the options' letters/numbers together: ls -lAR, for example.11:02
pbasesaki:  yes11:02
sakii know what ls does, what ls -a does, what ls -l does. i didn't know what ls -al was11:02
WinstonSmithAaruni: sorry i have to go, good luck11:04
* WinstonSmith &11:04
usr13Time for me to go too.11:04
sakijust to double check11:07
sakisudo adduser --home /home/music/uploads --shell /usr/lib/sftp-server uploads11:07
nbubuntuHi , I need help , I can't copy a Link to my thumbdrive .It said Error while copying Link to my thumbdrive.Filesystem does not support symbolic links . How to solve it ? it's easier if there's a way to do a shortcut11:07
sakithis command is going to create a directory called uploads and make it available under the user 'uploads'. and said user via ftp, won't be able to access anything besides that folder because that's the only permissions he'll have, yes?11:07
sakinbubuntu, why do you want to copy a shortcut to your thumbdrive?11:08
theadminsaki: Uh. Specifying that as a shell is a bad idea. Use /bin/false if you want to disallow shell logins.11:08
stroodlepupthanks guys :)11:10
nbubuntusaki : I though it's easier for me to access files.I though everyone did that ?11:10
sakino as in, do you want a shortcut, or the actual file? the shortcut's not the file if thats what you're after11:11
sakitheadmin: whoops11:11
sakii already did it11:11
bekkssaki: Then revert it.11:12
sakino i did it a little while back11:13
bekkssaki: Then revert it.11:13
foofoobarHi. I just formated an external usb drive with gparted11:14
wolffffstill am stuck at login screen after i move my /home to a new drive ...the fstab is fixed , still cant login after reboot11:15
foofoobarIt's show under unity as "ext3/ext4" but "mount" tells me its ext211:15
foofoobarhowever, when I go in the file explorer to it I cant create folder because it's "root" owned11:15
foofoobarwhich rights do I have to give the folder? Especially when I want to use this drive at more than one computer11:15
sakiso i have no idea how to revert it. can't i just manually remove the user?11:16
pbasefoofoobar: create a folder as root11:16
pbasechange its owner then11:17
nbubuntusaki : just a shortcut , I can do it in window easily , but why not on ubuntu ? weird , I though it's my USB crash11:17
foofoobarpbase, so to which should I change the permissions?11:18
foofoobarpbase, lets say I have to computer, one has the user "foo" and the second "bar".11:18
foofoobarI want to read/write from both users11:18
pbaseyou will have root on all computers11:18
foofoobarbut then I have to do some owner changes every time I plug it into a different computer?11:18
wolffffi boot into a live cd , copied all the files from /home to my new /home with rsync, then deleted the old home and edited my fstab ...when i reboot and i get to the login manager and type my password nothing happens.....11:18
apb1963_I've been looking over apt-get options, but I don't see how to find out what versions of a package are available?  For example I'm trying to build a package that specifies  mysql-client-core-5.5... but how do I know if (for example) there's a 7.7 available?11:20
muellisoftapb1963_: apt-cache policy11:20
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
MonkeyDustapb1963_  apt-cache show    to see details11:20
apb1963_hard to say if that works or not... it does tell me there's a 5.5.x ... but since I don't know if there's a 6.x or not, I can only hope it works??11:23
nbubuntuHi , I need help , I can't copy a Link to my thumbdrive .It said Error while copying Link to my thumbdrive.Filesystem does not support symbolic links . How to solve it ? it's easier if there's a way to do a shortcut11:24
bekksnbubuntu: Solution: Do not copy symbolic links to your thumb drive.11:25
apb1963_nbubuntu: What is the format of your thumbdrive?11:25
nbubuntubekks : how to create a shortcut link ?11:25
nbubuntubekks : normal fat system11:25
apb1963_fat doesn't support symlinks11:25
bekksnbubuntu: FAT does not support symbolic links.11:25
apb1963_reformat it :)11:26
nbubuntubekks : then how to create a shortcut with a symbolic  link ?11:26
nbubuntubekks : then how to create a shortcut without a symbolic link ?11:26
bekksnbubuntu: You cant.11:26
bekksnbubuntu: Use a filesystem capable of doing so.11:26
nbubuntubekks : no otherway round ? I see window can do it on fat11:27
bekksnbubuntu: No other way around it.11:27
bekksnbubuntu: Windows does not create symbolic links. It creates files with a specific content that is evaluated as "link".11:27
bekksnbubuntu: FAT isnt capable of symbolic links.11:28
nbubuntubekks : ok , then how I create a file with an evaluted as "link"11:28
apb1963_I wonder why there's no "shortcut" type file so windoze users can stop complaining :)11:28
bekksnbubuntu: Ask ##windows :)11:28
=== jan1337zZz is now known as jan1337z
=== jan1337z is now known as Jan
apb1963_I suspect he's not going to get a good answer there...  Even if he creates such a file, what is going to evaluate that "link" ?11:30
=== Jan is now known as Guest94100
apb1963_there needs to be support for it... in ls for example and in the shell I'd imagine11:32
alxndrCan anyone recommend a ssh/telnet/../etc data logger tool for Windown and Linux11:32
nbubuntubekks : weird,  but I can burn into a CD with symbolic link11:32
apb1963_CD isn't FAT11:35
=== kieran is now known as Guest50368
nbubuntugtg , thanks for the information11:37
oceanbreezevsftpd failed 550 permission denied while trying to upload file to my ftp server11:37
kapcom01my laptop has internal bluetooth but has signal problems. i want to use a usb bluetooth. how can i tell ubuntu to use the usb instead of the internal?11:38
=== Guest50368 is now known as caulkz
sakican i just remove a user by doing deluser?11:39
bekksoceanbreeze: Then you have to fix the permissions of the target directory.11:39
=== caulkz is now known as Caulkz
seekwillHello! I would like an automated/scripted way to create OS users. I know I can use a Perl/PHP/Python script and shell out to do so, but I was wondering what the recommended practice to do so11:39
oceanbreezebekks: I even set em to 77711:39
bekksseekwill: Use "adduser" and put it into a shell script.11:40
=== hypodog is now known as ingin
=== ingin is now known as hypodog
=== hypodog is now known as ingin
oceanbreezebekks: Ok worked after a reboot11:41
=== ingin is now known as hypo
oceanbreezeThanks all11:41
=== hypo is now known as hypodog
oceanbreezeI owe you a lot of beer guys :)11:42
apb1963_Hmmm... personally I'd prefer a beer girl ;)11:43
oceanbreezeOr two :D11:47
apb1963_if you've seen one.... you've seen them both11:52
OrpheonI'm having trouble getting jack to run properly, clicking on the start button of qjackctl returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6024569/11:56
OrpheonAny help?11:56
=== nuclearrambo2 is now known as nuclearrambo
PapaSierrawe're running a dodgy site that keeps crashing php-fpm. we're working replacing the site, but for now what tool can we use to restart phpfpm every time it crashes? is it upstart?12:06
Fudgeany known software to overclock z87 from inside Ubuntu12:06
FudgePapaSierra  a crontab to check running pids maybe?12:06
sakitheadmin, the guide i'm following specifies this command, specifically so only SFTP commands work and nothing else12:12
sakisudo adduser --home /srv/airtime/uploads --shell /usr/lib/sftp-server uploads12:12
sakiwhat should i be using instead, if the shell as that is a bad idea like you said?12:12
Orpheonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6024841/  Jack is installed, and ulimit -l returns 64. Where should I go searching for the problem? OS: Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit12:13
cfhowlettOrpheon, more likely to find out in #opensourcemusicians or #ubuntustudio12:14
bekkssaki: You have been told to use /bin/false as shell when the user is not going to be allowed to log in.12:16
BluesKajHowdy all12:17
Anhohello every112:18
sakii just wanted to know if sftp would still work that way?12:18
visualisehah, /bin/false is a real thing? o:12:19
visualisedamn, even options are a file in *nix12:19
gordonjcpvisualise: hm?12:19
bekksvisualise: Which options?12:20
chaprasimanhow to broadvast wifi on ubuntu?12:21
cfhowlettchaprasiman, with a router ...12:21
visualiseno adhoc?12:21
Anhoany1 here have experience in VirtualBox?12:22
chaprasimancfhowlett: i wanted to broadcast wifi from my computer so that i can use another laptop to connect locally12:22
cfhowlettAnho, yes probably most of us.12:22
chaprasimani wanted to broadcast wifi from my computer so that i can use another laptop to connect locally, would like if i can get a response, i am travelling so my net keeps dc, that's the only hurry12:24
gordonjcpchaprasiman: tried ad-hoc mode?12:25
chaprasimangordonjcp: i dnt know how to reach there12:25
chaprasimanoh guys got it thanks :D use as a hotspot option is there under network :D12:25
cfhowlettkelvinella, greetings12:28
PapaSierrahow would i count how many php5-fpm processes are running?12:34
OerHeksPapaSierra, find the parent, and count the child processes i guess > pstree -p <PID>12:37
auronandacePapaSierra: ps aux | grep fpm12:37
PapaSierrawell, i'm trying to write a restart script in case is crashes12:38
A1ReconSay a wallpaper is at 2560 res can i download it and run on a 1080p res monitor? Will there be any problem? It works I know !! But will there be any problem??12:38
silne30Hello all. Has anyone here used clonezilla?12:38
silne30I am having a partition issue where one of my partitions does not start where it should so I was going to do a backup using clonezilla and reinstall Linux.12:38
OerHeksA1Recon, i do not see any problem too12:39
BluesKajA1Recon, no problem12:41
wolffffi have a dual display setup, when i press print screen it captures both screens , how do i change this ?12:44
cfhowlettA1Recon, no problem.12:44
=== samh is now known as Guest16225
rudolf_I am having a problem in installing and even trying ubuntu.12:53
shubbWhat's the problem rudolf12:53
rudolf_When I boot through my usb, the install menu comes for 1-2 seconds and then some black screen with many commands comes up.12:54
shubb'a black menu with many commands', do you mean a menu that asks you if you want to install ubuntu etc? you probably want the first option from that...12:55
shubbor do you mean a whole bunch of scrolling white text on a black screen?12:55
rudolf_this is it.12:56
rudolf_It comes before I am able to select any of the options from the installation menu.12:56
shubboh dear...12:56
rudolf_What is it?12:57
shubbwell, it means it's trying to boot from the usb drive, and it has booted from the usb drive, but then it got stuck12:57
rudolf_So what do I do now?12:58
shubbone mo,12:58
rudolf_got anything?13:02
Vlad916Este cineva?13:02
rudolf_what? russian?13:03
bekks!ro | Vlad91613:04
ubottuVlad916: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro13:04
rudolf_shubb, did you see anything?13:05
angelahi I'm having trouble install mysql server for this message The following packages have unmet dependencies:  libapache2-mod-auth-mysql : Depends: apache2.2-common (>= 2.2.3-3) but it is not going to be installed13:06
angelahowever, when I try to install apache2.2-common it has a similar message for apache2.2-bin, which I have already installed13:06
angelabut still can't continue installation because13:06
angelaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  apache2.2-common : Depends: apache2.2-bin (= 2.2.22-6ubuntu5.1) but it is not going to be installed13:06
bekksangela: Which ubuntu do you use?13:07
angelaapache2.2-bin is already in the list when I try dpkg --list | grep apache13:07
angelabekks: 13.0413:07
bekksangela: Then why do you use those old packages?13:07
angelaWelcome to Ubuntu 13.04 (GNU/Linux 3.8.0-19-generic x86_64)13:07
sankasomewhere halfway my session the global keyboard shortcuts stopped working (they are registered but don do their function). I looked at most of the /var/log/ failes but there is nothing there which indicates the issue. Someone got a pointer where to look?13:07
rudolf_and yeah it is ubuntu 12.13:08
angelabekks: because mysql-server won't continue13:08
angelainstalling mysql-server13:08
rudolf_Anyone ?13:08
bekksangela: Whats the entire command you are issuing and whats the entire output?13:08
angelabekks: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/6024987/13:09
bekksangela: run: sudo apt-get update13:10
angelabekks: no change13:10
ceborhow can i update ubuntu 12.04.2 -> 12.04.3  ?13:11
bekksangela: Please pastebin: apt-cache policy apache2.2-common13:11
bekkscebor: By running regular updates using apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.13:11
angelabekks: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/6024991/13:12
rudolf_no one to answer my ques?13:12
cfhowlettcebor, and you might want to run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to capture new packages as well13:12
ceborcfhowlett:  thx that helped13:13
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raven_possible to "upgrade" 32bit to 64 / install it with saving all settings?13:20
bekksYou need to reinstall.13:20
raven_bekks, yes but will all settings be saved?13:20
cfhowlettraven_, possibly if you've got your /home in it's own partition.13:21
bekksraven_: Only if you backup everything that you want to restore afterwards.13:21
cfhowlettraven_, best to just bite the bullet and redo the settings13:21
raven_ok so it will be a "normal" reinstall13:21
angelabekks: did you see my last msg?13:21
mikubuntugot a laptop that won't boot past this point -- trying to install via cd :: http://imagebin.org/26873113:22
obi1kenobei can`t do any updates in Ubuntu13:22
L3topI am trying to detect physical connections (audio). I know that some nvidia drivers will create an eld#* file at /proc/asound/card*/ which I can grep an eld_valid value. I think that codec#*  Pin-ctls can determine an HDMI connection as well... though I am experimenting. Any direction would be helpful. Thanks.13:22
cfhowlettobi1kenobe, not enough detail13:22
obi1kenobeIgn http://archive.canonical.com natty Release13:23
L3top(above examples are HDMI specific obviously)13:23
obi1kenobeErr http://dl.google.com stable Release.gpg                                       Something wicked happened resolving 'dl.google.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)13:23
L3top(or DVI I guess...)13:23
cfhowlettobi1kenobe, dude.  Natty?  End of life ... upgrade to a supported version13:24
ubottuobi1kenobe,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:24
obi1kenobethats i was try to do is update13:25
sankamikubuntu, if this happens during the installation it seems like some files cannot be read from the cd/dvd. If this happens at boot from HDD the install failed13:25
cfhowlettobi1kenobe, download the 12.04 ISO.  make a boot USB.  install.  You can't update from a non-supported version.13:26
mikubuntusanka -- i used the same disk for a relatively successful install on another machine (i say relatively because i had to run a boot repair) ... oops, did i just answer my own question?13:27
sableHi everyone. I'd like to try to find a product that isn't as simple and error prone as shell scripts and ssh, yet not a systems management thing like Puppet or cfengine. This product should be able to recognize when I restart service A that I also need to restart its dependent service B. These services could reside on different hosts.13:27
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
obi1kenobeok thanks will do13:27
sableWhat's more, I need a product that will work on Solaris as well as Linux13:27
mikubuntuso, maybe i should try 12.10 disk i have instead of 13.04 that needed boot repair?13:27
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
sableI could do this with Veritas Cluster Server, but that's really expensive. I already have VCS for the Solaris hosts, but when I try to migrate services to Linux I need to retain the capability at least13:28
sankamikubuntu, or try to reburn the iso (or try install from usb)13:29
=== cubix``763 is now known as cubix`
sankamikubuntu, or try to reburn the iso (or try install from usb)13:29
mikubuntusanka, ok thx, will do13:29
X-UserMy Ubuntu Restricted Extras installation stuck in middle in "Progress" it is showing "Installed" in Software Centre home page, and showing "Removing" while clicked on that app page, not letting me install other apps even, what to do how?13:30
mikubuntusanka, i'll let you know :P13:30
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
sankamikubuntu, sure, not sure how long I'll be idling here13:30
X-Useranybody can help?13:31
cfhowlettX-User, use the terminal.  sudo apt-get ubuntu-restricted-extras.   Note the messages13:31
X-Usercfhowlett, ok13:31
cfhowlettX-User, be aware that if software center HAS glitched, that command will not run ... which is what you need to know13:32
NewWorldsable:  maybe look for something with systemd, it's the new way of managing services13:33
NewWorldsh*t's going down13:34
sableNewWorld, systemd and SMF in Solaris fit the bill for managing services. But what I need is some sort of glue between systems such that if I restart service A, then service B is restarted also. To my knowledge, neither technology is "networked"13:35
mikubuntusanka -- same thing with 12.10 disk -- what does ''try passing init = bootarg" refer to?13:35
yenihi, i just installed ubuntu 12.04 and at the end of installation after restart there were no any pages to choose what OS we prefer, always start with win7 , what do i do ?13:37
=== Freeaqingme is now known as Guest28425
ubottuyeni: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub213:38
cfhowlettyeni, sounds like grub needs some help.  reinstall/restore per the instructions13:38
ActionParsnipusually a bit busier on a Sunday :-)13:40
L3topI am trying to detect physical connections (audio). I know that depending on the hw, nvidia drivers will create an eld#* file at /proc/asound/card*/ which I can grep an eld_valid value. I think that codec#* Pin-ctls can determine an HDMI connection as well... though I am experimenting. Any direction would be helpful. Thanks.13:40
mikubuntusanka -- same problem with another disk, and same problem with usb stick13:40
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: whats the issue?13:41
sankamikubuntu, so perhaps it's the hardware having issues booting ubuntu. What's your hardware13:41
DarrylHi everyone13:41
arkawhat this command does? "sudo apt-get install -f"13:42
alxndrL3top, i know nvidia-settings is is not being upgraded on 12.04.2 LTS, I was working on !sound this morning13:42
yeniI have no idea of what grub is , but my friend told me Grub is hard for beginners and he told me to install with "install ubuntu 13.04 alongside windows" option13:42
Darrylarka, It removes a damaged package and it repairs it13:42
mikubuntusanka -- its an acer laptop, that previously was running ubuntu -- belongs to my friends son, so i don't know what he did to the machine. he says just one day it stopped booting13:42
arkaDarryl, ok thanx!13:43
yeniwhat's the differences between these two option ?13:43
mikubuntuActionParsnip: http://imagebin.org/26873113:43
Darrylarka, Enjoy using Ubuntu.13:43
alxndralso checking the hw, show a schematic for a sound chip on the NVIDIA GPU13:43
alxndrwhich is weird13:44
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: tried the omgubuntu guide: sticking it to grub13:44
L3topCorrect alxndr. It hasn't changed much at all for a long time. I need to detect across manufacturers/drivers. This should be simple enough to do in linux... I just  cant find the magic.13:44
cfhowlettyeni, you did NOT use the windows installer?13:44
sankamikubuntu, just to be sure. You're sure it boots from cd/usb and not hdd13:44
yeniwhat do mean  ?13:45
ActionParsniparka: man apt-get ,would tell you13:45
cfhowlettyeni, if you don't know, then you probably didn't.  you need to reinstall grub.  your ubuntu is likely safe, but grub can't find it so ... no bot.13:45
mikubuntusanka -- i set the boot sequence to cd, if thats what you mean. just now lastly changed it to usb fdd to try the stick13:46
Darrylaraka, "man" command will help you allot it  stands for manual use it to learn how a certain command works13:46
yeniok i'll try to fix ty13:46
mikubuntuActionParsnip: not sure what you're saying "tried the omgubuntu guide: sticking it to grub"13:47
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alxndrLTS offers support for nvidia... NOT? hm, haven't run update-grub in a long time ;)13:47
sankamikubuntu, or remove HDD from the sequence at all just to be sure13:47
sankamikubuntu, it seems unlikely to me that all the installation disks have errors13:48
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: search and you'll find the guide. You can reinstall and reconfigure grub2 using a chroot from livecd13:48
sankathe error you see seem to indicate the filesystem is corrupt13:48
mikubuntusanka, let me see if this bios allows me to remove hdd from the list13:48
methuzlaradio check13:49
sankamethuzla, one two13:49
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: you could also fsck the unmounted partitions from the livecd too, make sure they are healthy13:49
ActionParsnipalxndr: on Precise here wiyh nvidia 6150 works like a dream13:49
sankaActionParsnip, if you want to try to fix the issue instead of doing a reinstall that indeed that is a good option13:50
ActionParsnipalxndr: needs an xorg.conf file but my TV is weird13:50
sankamikubuntu, #sudo fdisk -l13:50
ActionParsnipsanka: makes sense to try.13:50
vice_Hi folks, i have a trouble with iPhone sync on Ubuntu, can someone help me?13:50
ActionParsnipvice_: try banshee13:50
sankamikubuntu, locate the harddisk and do something like this #sudo fsck /dev/sda113:50
vice_ im using banshee already13:51
Darrylvice_, What problem do you have with iPhone sync with Ubuntu13:51
ActionParsnipsanka: why the hash character?13:51
joli609my comp works fine but desktop has some weird dotted black lines going through it in the upper half13:51
vice_and the problemm is that i cant copy my songs to sync13:51
vice_coz simple sync gona delete all of them13:51
bobapplepieI'm new to ubuntu, and is there an equivalent of the windows task manager?13:51
joli609tried with hardware drivers but didnt solve the problem13:51
mikubuntusanka and ActionParsnip it won't run the live-cd either -- is there a way for me to bring up a terminal?13:51
sankaActionParsnip, oh thats to indicate its the shell command instead of me saing something ;)13:51
alxndrall SiS here, lol13:51
Darrylvice_, Are you using LTS13:51
ActionParsnipjoli609: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue13:51
ActionParsnipsanka: ahh i see13:52
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: if it wont run livecd how did you install13:52
joli609Joli OS 1.2 \n \l13:52
alxndrcouldn't get the help on phone facility though13:52
ActionParsnipjoli609: not supported here13:52
joli609ActionParsnip: why?13:53
mikubuntuActionParsnip: thats what i'm trying to do is install, but it stops here :: http://imagebin.org/26873113:53
vice_Darryl, i have no idea what LTS is13:53
ActionParsnipjoli609: this is ubuntu suport only13:53
vice_Long Term Support13:53
vice_all i found13:53
DarrylUbuntu 12.04 LTS I ment13:53
X-User!offtopic | joli60913:53
ubottujoli609: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:53
vice_Last version13:53
badkidyes ,you are right13:54
alxndryea, don't know if kernel is asking for a modem, throws (Segmentation faults)13:54
joli609ActionParsnip: ubuntu and not lubuntu?13:54
X-Userubottu,  !offtopic | joli60913:54
ubottujoli609: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:54
ActionParsnipjoli609: lubuntu is an official canonical release so it is supported here13:54
vice_to be fair im using xfce ubuntu, but i think banshee have no differences13:55
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ActionParsnipjoli609: sadly lubuntu 12.04 is not LTS :-(13:55
mikubuntusanka -- boot order currently set at 1) usb fdd, 2) usb cdrom, 3) hdd13:55
joli609ActionParsnip: could you just tell me what should i try please?13:56
mikubuntusanka -- it doesn't seem to have an option to completely remove any boot source from list13:56
ActionParsnipjoli609: /join jolicloud13:57
_JuJuBeeI am having trouble with ssh, cannot ssh to localhost ... connection refused.  I purged and reinstalled ssh, suggestions?13:57
ActionParsnipjoli609 /j #jolicloud13:57
sankamikubuntu, you see that it boots from CD (something along the line booting from cd on the console)13:57
joli609ok thankss13:57
ActionParsnipjujubee: rename ~/.ssh ,for that user. does it help?13:58
mikubuntusanka -- i don't see any indication of it on the screen -- i hear momentary whir from the cd on startup, then it goes to http://imagebin.org/26873113:58
_JuJuBeeActionParsnip: no13:59
ActionParsnipjujubee: is the service running? have you changed the port ssh runs on?13:59
_JuJuBeeActionParsnip: this is a fresh install13:59
_JuJuBeeNot configured ssh other than installing13:59
ActionParsnip_jujubee: if you nmap localhost ,do you see the service running?13:59
_JuJuBeeActionParsnip: no14:00
ActionParsnip_jujubee: try restarting ssh service14:01
sankamikubuntu, its been a while since I last installed but it seems it doesn't boot from cd14:01
_JuJuBeeActionParsnip: sudo service ssh start -> ssh start/running, process 3083, but when I nmap again, not there14:02
mikubuntusanka, but not from usb either14:02
ActionParsnip_jujubee: have you configured ufw or iptables?14:02
ActionParsnip_jujubee: could reboot....14:03
mikubuntusanka -- as i think you said -- its unlikely that the cd's AND the usb are faulty14:03
_JuJuBeeActionParsnip: tried that14:03
ActionParsniphave you tested your RAM using memtest?14:03
cfhowlettsanka, you DID md5sum check the iso, right?14:03
SwashBucklaHi there. I am currently running a livecd of Ubuntu 13.04 on a laptop with Windows 8 installed. Is it possible to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8 so that it doesn't touch my Windows 8 partition? Note: I only have one hard drive.14:03
ActionParsnip_jujubee: can you telnet to the socket?14:04
sankacfhowlett, I'm not the one with the issue :)14:04
cfhowlett!uefi|SwashBuckla, yes it is14:04
ubottuSwashBuckla, yes it is: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:04
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: resize ntfs in windows then install14:04
cfhowlettmikubuntu, did you md5sum the iso?14:04
sankabut good point mikubuntu  :)14:04
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: how do I do this? It seems like the installer doesn't explicitly provide this feature14:04
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: you can have multiple partitions one one disk so the fact you only have one is pretty irrelevant14:05
cfhowlettActionParsnip, he's got the uefi thing as well14:05
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: it does but there is a tool in Windows to resize14:05
mikubuntucfhowlett: no, don't know how -- but if i have used it (and the usb) previously doesn't that mean the .iso should be good?14:05
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: these are the partitions I can see: http://i.imgur.com/tj3sWuy.png14:06
SwashBucklacfhowlett: I have currently disabled UEFI in order to boot the liveUSB environment of Ubuntu 13.0414:06
SchrodingersScatSwashBuckla: that was neccessary for you?14:06
SwashBucklaSchrodingersScat: I'm not sure it was14:06
sankamikubuntu, is there something like this on the boot screen: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromCD#PC_requires_you_to_hold_down_or_press_a_key_to_boot_from_CD14:07
cfhowlett!md5sum|mikubuntu, I've only been half following your thread.  first, usb's do fail.  second, if you downloaded rather than torrented the ISO, it's more likely to get scrambled.  MD5sum is an integrity test of the downloaded iso14:07
ubottumikubuntu, I've only been half following your thread.  first, usb's do fail.  second, if you downloaded rather than torrented the ISO, it's more likely to get scrambled.  MD5sum is an integrity test of the downloaded iso: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows14:07
yeniwhat is the size of boot repair ? is there another way not to use this and fix Grub?14:07
BrixSAtHello, i have installed a 13.04 64bit on a new computer (6 months) and the system says  missing operating system, reboot and select proper boot device, is it the efi or uefi?14:08
mikubuntuubottu ok lemme try to md5sum14:08
ubottumikubuntu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:08
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: you can resize partitions from sda6 and higher as they are logical partitions. sda5 is the extended partition they sit in14:08
SwashBucklaso in summary here is what I did (each step may or may not have been necessary to boot the LiveUSB): 1) Disable SecureBoot 2) Disable FastBoot (in Windows 8) 3) Disabled UEFI 4) Boot from LiveUSB Ubuntu 13.0414:08
mikubuntubut, but, bot --- you said ....14:08
cfhowlettmikubuntu, meet ubottu.  ubottu; mikubuntu.  shake hands and be friends.14:09
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: users trigger her, she is only a bot14:09
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: ok, and what tool (and in what Operating System) should I resize the partition?14:09
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: disk manager in windows......14:09
X-Usercan I uninstall a app that was installed via command line (i.e, apt-get) via Ubuntu Software Centre?14:09
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: OK, and how can I be sure which partition(s) are able to be resized safely?14:10
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: lots of guides on youtube etc14:10
BluesKajX-User, yes14:10
X-UserBluesKaj, ok14:10
SchrodingersScatSwashBuckla: you'll probably not want to touch the various smaller partitions that windows makes, like the recovery partitions, but that sda5 looks like it might have some space, right?14:10
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: the ones that are logical can be resized to make free space. you'll need about 10Gb to be comfortable14:10
BluesKajX-User, apt and the software center both use dpkg to install and remove apps anyway14:11
SwashBucklaSchrodingersScat: I don't know.14:11
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: make sure your backups are up to date and you have nothing to worry about14:11
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: I have done that already. I just like to save hassle :P14:11
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: absolutely.14:12
X-UserBluesKaj, what about tasksel, aptitude and apt-fast?14:12
yenidoes ubuntu 12.04 has Boot-Repair preinstalled ?14:13
=== Guest94100 is now known as jan1337zZz
BluesKajX-User, apt links to dpkg , dunno about tasksel , never used it14:14
X-UserBluesKaj, ok14:14
X-UserBluesKaj, have to look for it14:14
BrixSAtHello, i have installed a 13.04 64bit on a new computer (6 months) and the system says  missing operating system, reboot and select proper boot device, is it the efi or uefi?14:14
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: ok, I'm going to boot back into Windows to resize a Windows partition with Disk Manager14:14
BluesKajaptitude links to dpkg as well, all the package managers in the various ubuntu flavours do14:15
AmpelbeinX-User: It's always dpkg that installs and removes software. tasksel, apt, aptitude, synaptic etc are all just different front-ends as far as I know.14:15
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:15
alxndrheimdal ??? anyone...14:15
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b0uncehi guys, on my ubuntu raring firefox crashes continuously. What could be?14:18
elementary-site8I have tried clearing CMOS, Flashing BIOS, R&R HDD, still ANY os I install begins to fail in 2-24 hours! controls go then access to objects downhill from there any ideas?14:19
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yeni is that possible to lost grub right after installing ubuntu . why is that so ?????????14:20
=== matthew is now known as Guest88519
X-UserAmpelbein, ok, thanks for reply.14:20
Ampelbeinb0unce: Bad RAM, bad harddisk, temperature problems, buggy website,.... There are many different causes for crashes. Is firefox the only application? Did you try with a clean user profile? Does it always crash on the same website? Did you try without any extension?14:20
Ampelbeinyeni: In rare cases, yes, it's possible that the installer chose the wrong device for the bootloader.14:21
cfhowlettb0unce, run it from the terminal and see what message it returns14:21
b0unceAmpelbein: in the same PC, with Ubuntu 12.04 all was fine. My OS is freshly-installed and without any extensions. It crashes on many websites. It stucks for a lot of time and got obliged to kill it.14:22
=== Guest28425 is now known as Freeaqingme
Ampelbeinb0unce: Do you get any messages in /var/log/syslog around the time of the hangs/crashes? What does the terminal show if you start firefox from there? Please use paste.ubuntu.com to paste relevant logfiles.14:23
mikubuntucfhowlett: ActionParsnip sanka the md5sum seems ok :: 486d94f51b42b401ab72ca8fcedb2e97  lubuntu-13.04-desktop-i386.iso14:24
cfhowlettmikubuntu, and that matches what's it's supposed to be?14:24
fungawhen using youtube-dl how can you continue where the download left off if the connection breaks, instead of starting again?14:25
cfhowlettfunga, don't think that's capability is built in ...14:25
sankacfhowlett, seems to be: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes14:25
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases14:25
b0unceAmpelbein: I've started it from terminal. As soon as it crashes, i paste the logs.14:25
fungacfhowlett: ok, was one hour into a two hour programming tutorial video when it broke, ouch14:25
mikubuntucfhowlett: yes, matches the codes on the check page14:26
SchrodingersScatcfhowlett: funga -c14:26
ActionParsnipfunga: i dont think that is in the app. Are you intending to rip the audio from it after?14:26
cfhowlettsanka, so then you've got a good iso.  try a different USB just for grins and giggles.14:26
fungaSchrodingersScat: excellent thanks14:26
sankamikubuntu, ^^ <cfhowlett> sanka, so then you've got a good iso.  try a different USB just for grins and giggles.14:26
SchrodingersScatActionParsnip: funga: from youtube-dl --help ##-c, --continue             resume partially downloaded files14:27
cfhowlettsanka, dern, I done it again, boss.  sorry.14:27
ActionParsnipschrodingersscat: sweet. learned something today14:27
mikubuntusanka, only have one usb :(14:27
sankamikubuntu, I'm still not convinced you boot from cd/usb\14:27
ActionParsnipfunga: are you going to rip to audio out to ogg/mp3 after download?14:28
sankacan you press F12 or something to get a boot menu at startup?14:28
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mikubuntusanka -- i suppose the only way to be sure its not somehow defaulting to hdd is to physically remove hdd?14:30
fungaActionParsnip: i doubt it, it's a video tutorial for python, the code examples in the video are important14:30
ActionParsnipfunga: i see. cool :-D14:30
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: hi again. I have used Disk Manager to shrink the C: drive by 80GB. It has left me with 78.13 GB of Unallocated space: http://i.imgur.com/rzqggvT.png14:31
SwashBucklaam I safe to reboot and pick up from the LiveCD again?14:31
ActionParsnipveni: its a simple enough creature14:31
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: do I need to do anything else within Windows?14:32
perrshpi need help14:32
BrixSAtHello, i have installed a 13.04 64bit on a new computer (6 months) and the system says  missing operating system, reboot and select proper boot device, is it the efi or uefi?14:32
perrshpanyone know Desura?14:32
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: just leave unpartitioned space. you can then install ubuntu to it14:32
ActionParsnip!anyone | perrshp14:32
ubottuperrshp: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:32
SwashBucklaActionParsnip: cool! I'll fire up the LiveUSB with Ubuntu on it again :) Thanks a lot ActionParsnip14:32
ubottuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.14:33
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ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:33
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:33
perrshpokay, i'm sorry14:34
MonkeyDustperrshp  use /msg ubottu to test factoids14:34
ActionParsnip!botabuse | perrshp14:34
ubottuperrshp: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".14:34
perrshpyou are human?14:34
opalepatrickmysql data directory on a shared partition. It is owned by mysql and works fine. When I go into mint 15, the permissions are completely different for that directory. I would have thought they would be the same?14:36
opalepatrickHad this working before re-installing both without any issues. Strange. ANy ideas?14:36
alamihi all, i have a bug, and i don't know how to fix, i run ubuntu 13.03, and where i service restart networking X goes down and i have to restart the computer14:37
opalepatrickthe shared partition is ext4 as well14:38
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sarthorHow to extract file.tar.lzo file?14:42
Muellisarthor: tar xvf file.tar.lzo I would guess14:43
ActionParsnipsarthor: install unp then use:  unp filename14:43
ActionParsnipsarthor: works on any compressed file14:44
sakiah so apparently14:44
sakiall i had to do14:44
ActionParsnipopalpatrick: mint isnt supported here14:44
sakiwas run the command sudo chmod 777 <directory i needed to be write enabled>14:45
sakithanks guys!14:45
ActionParsnipsaki: 777 isnt a good fix but if you are happy then finr14:46
sakioh jeez14:49
sakiwhat's wrong with it?14:49
MonkeyDustsaki  with 777 anyone could do anything, also lock you out14:50
sakiokay. :/14:51
sakiall i want to do14:51
sakiis make a directory that people can SFTP to, with a user that only has privileges in said directory14:51
ActionParsnipsaki: sftp uses the linux permissions on the data. so set the folder as owned by username:username and chmod 700. ONLY that user (and root) will have any access at all14:52
sakiah so chmod 700 is what i use then?14:53
sakii've already set the user to that particular directory14:53
ActionParsnipsaki: yes but set the owner and group to the users name you want to give access14:53
mikubuntuso sanka, ActionParsnip is there not some clue in the screen output i put on imagebin? :: http://imagebin.org/26873114:53
sakiand made it the home directory14:53
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: did you try the guide i said?14:54
ActionParsnipsaki: 777 will give any user at all full access to the data. zero security14:54
sakiyeah i'm not arguing with you14:54
mikubuntuActionParsnip: where is it? omgubuntu?14:54
ActionParsnipsaki: just educating14:54
ActionParsnipmikubuntu: search the web you will find it.14:55
sakii'm just saying that i had set the home directory for the user as said directory that i applied that to14:55
sakii'll just run chmod 700 now14:55
ActionParsnipsaki: not really necessary but makes things quicker i guess14:55
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alamihi all, i have a bug, and i don't know how to fix, i run ubuntu 13.03, and where i service restart networking X goes down and i have to restart the computer14:57
MonkeyDustalami  you mean 13.0414:58
saiarcot895alami: Is there a particular reason you need to do "service restart networking"?15:00
cptcelhas anyone else's software updater been broken for months? (13.10)15:00
saiarcot895cptcel: I would ask in #ubuntu+115:01
cptcelwhat's that?15:01
sakiwait so do i have to remove the previous flag, or does setting a new flag replace it?15:03
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SublimeFreakGood Morning can anyone assist me?15:03
cptcelwhat's #ubuntu+115:03
SchrodingersScat!ask | SublimeFreak15:03
ubottuSublimeFreak: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:03
SchrodingersScatcptcel: iirc that's for talk about the next release15:04
wolffffalami, yep i got the same issue15:04
cptcelhow do i actually find out what version i'm on as i'm not totally sure?15:04
SublimeFreakI don't know what happened but everytime I open a terminal it says: Command 'lesspipe' is available in the following places15:05
SublimeFreak * /bin/lesspipe15:05
SublimeFreak * /usr/bin/lesspipe15:05
SublimeFreakThe command could not be located because '/usr/bin:/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.15:05
SublimeFreaklesspipe: command not found15:05
FloodBot1SublimeFreak: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:05
SublimeFreakCommand 'dircolors' is available in '/usr/bin/dircolors'15:05
Shadowandlight[question] - Trying to get vsftpd to work, I have installed it but everytime i try to start the service "sudo start vsftpd" it tells me its an unknown job15:05
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jribShadowandlight: output of « echo $PATH »?15:05
SchrodingersScatcptcel: what does cat /etc/issue #say?15:05
saiarcot895!version | cptcel15:05
ubottucptcel: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »15:05
cptcelah - 13.0415:06
saiarcot895cptcel: in that case, you're in the right channel15:06
SchrodingersScatcptcel: oh, saiarcot895's way was better15:06
cptcelXD great15:06
saiarcot895cptcel: my software updater's been working fine; is sudo apt-get update working?15:06
cptcelyeah manual works fine15:07
jribShadowandlight: « ls -l /usr/bin/{lesspipe,dircolors} »15:07
wolffffalami,  apparently service network-manager restart bypasses the problem15:07
cptcelwhenever i try and run the graphical it just stays in the sidebar, clicking it does nothing, window won't render15:07
cptcelbut it appears every so often wiggling at me telling me i need updates15:07
Shadowandlight-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 39568 Jan 17  2013 /usr/bin/dircolors15:07
Shadowandlightlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root    13 Jul 31 02:15 /usr/bin/lesspipe -> /bin/lesspipe15:07
alamiwolffff: i thing someone from the ubuntu team can help us to fix that for sure15:07
Shadowandlightbut im having an ftp problem?15:07
wolfffflol yeah alami  , it is quite upsetting15:08
jribShadowandlight: pastebin your ~/.bashrc.  Have you done anything involving bash configuration or path manipulation?15:08
SublimeFreakI don't know what happened but everytime I open a terminal I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6025327/15:08
jribShadowandlight: erm, I'm miking up you and SublimeFreak sorry.15:08
jribSublimeFreak: : output of « echo $PATH »?15:08
ikoniaSublimeFreak: you've got commands that don't exist in on your system in your profile15:09
jribShadowandlight: as for your vsftp, issue.  What package did you install?15:09
SublimeFreakjrib: $/home/darkstar/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools15:10
jribSublimeFreak: so have you manipulated your PATH recently?15:10
Shadowandlightyea the package is installed and i've try to setup vsftpd.conf right15:10
jribShadowandlight: *what* package?15:10
Shadowandlightapt-get install vsftpd15:11
cptcelI don't understand how this can be a problem that's only affecting me :/15:11
SublimeFreakjrib: Yeah I was trying to build Cyanogenmod and it got mucked up15:11
jribShadowandlight: what exactly did you mean when you said "I've setup vsftp.conf right"?  What did you change exactly and what is the full path to tho file you modified?15:11
MalgorathIs there some issue with 13.04 having a lot of crash reports going on? or is it something in general with some part of ubuntu/linux?15:11
jribSublimeFreak: so how did you change your PATH?15:11
jribMalgorath: that's too vague15:11
Malgorathjrib: not really, I'm asking if there have been a large number of crash reports. Everytime I have attempted to install 13.04 I start seeing 3 or 4 complete crashes of the desktop per day. The same system runs 12.04.2 without issue.15:12
SublimeFreakjrib: I believe I used 'export PATH=$PATH:/home/darkstar/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools'15:12
jribMalgorath: what exactly is crashing...15:13
jribSublimeFreak: if you didn't put that in any file, then you can just start up a new terminal15:13
cptcelcan anyone tell me how to run the software updater from cmd line?15:13
MalgorathSeems to be unity as I loose all desktop function and have to use CTRL+ALT+F2 to get a terminal up and sudo reboot15:13
jrib!apt | cptcel15:13
ubottucptcel: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)15:13
cptceldoesn't help :()15:13
jribcptcel: if you really just want to start the gui, then you can call update-manager15:13
Malgorathcptcel: sudo apt-get update15:13
jribcptcel: what doesn't that help?15:14
Malgorathcptcel: sudo apt-get upgrade (after the update)15:14
cptcelah ok update-manager thanks15:14
jribMalgorath: check http://bugs.ubuntu.com I guess15:14
cptcelugh. doesn't give me any errors in the console15:14
Shadowandlightjrib: full path is /etc/vsftpd.conf and here is the entire file - http://www.privatepaste.com/f8ffdb616d15:15
jribcptcel: you should say your real issue...15:15
cptceljust refuses to draw its window15:15
SublimeFreakjrib: I also change it using "gedit ~/.bashrc' but I can't get gedit to work from the command line anymore15:15
jribShadowandlight: dpkg -L vsftpd | grep init15:15
cptceljrib, i did earlier sorry - software updater runs but will never display its window15:15
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jribSublimeFreak: use /usr/bin/gedit15:15
FloodBot1Shadowandlight: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:15
jribcptcel: and the same thing happens when you execute it in a terminal?15:16
cptcelhave had the issue for months. yep same in terminal15:16
jribShadowandlight: try « sudo service vsftpd status »15:16
Malgorathcptcel: open a terminal and use the commands I typed and it will update for you15:16
weblifeWould anyone know why my grub2 theme.txt file won't work on Ubuntu 13.04 and up but work on 12.10 and below. Guess I should link the themes: https://github.com/webbrandon/Surface-Boot-Themes15:16
cptcelMalgorath, i know. but i want to use the graphical updater15:16
jribcptcel: see if it happens with a fresh new user account15:16
Malgorathcptcel: perhaps getting a clean update might fix the issue and allow it to work.15:17
Shadowandlightjrib: http://www.privatepaste.com/f6c7ec44bb15:17
cptceljrib, good call - it does work as a different user15:17
RoDiMuS-XIs there a way to get Google Chromes Appindicator back in Unity?15:18
weblifeAnyone familiar with Grub2 in here??? Having issues with theme.txt on 13.04 and up but not 12.10 and below.15:18
jribcptcel: yeah, start renaming related .directories I guess.  You can probably look at what exists on the new user for some good candidates15:18
SublimeFreakjrib: ok that opened gedit but now I don't know what to do.15:19
jribSublimeFreak: undo your PATH change.  Or if you still need to change your path, copy and paste the line you used here15:19
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jribShadowandlight: try « initctl reload15:20
cptcel:D Thanks jrib! totally worked - why didn't I think of that :)15:20
jribShadowandlight: try « initctl reload »15:20
Shadowandlight initctl reload vsftpd15:20
Shadowandlightinitctl: Unknown job: vsftpd15:20
cptcelsome files in .cache were breaking it - i would have thought .cache would occasionally get cleared.. weird15:20
opalepatrickok, mysql shared data directory permissions change when I boot into other distro (mint 15) so mysql wont work. I reset them to mysql:mysql and it works. Botto back into ubuntu 13.04 and permissions have  changed again. Reset and everything works fine. All partitions ext4. What am I missing?15:20
jribShadowandlight: no.  Just « sudo initctl reload »15:21
opalepatrickBotto = Back to15:21
Shadowandlightinitctl: missing job name15:21
opalepatrickBotto = Boot :-)15:21
SublimeFreakjrib: That worked! Thank you so much :)15:21
bekksopalepatrick: Different permissions between mint and ubuntu.15:21
jribSublimeFreak: no problem15:21
opalepatrickbekks, shouldnt assigned ownership stay the same on a separate partition15:22
jribShadowandlight: indeed.  Upstart docs seem to be outdated or incorrect.  Try « sudo initctl reload-configuration »15:22
bekksopalepatrick: No.15:23
RoDiMuS-XHow about bringing back the appindicator whitelist in 13.04 is that possible?15:23
bekksopalepatrick: Because group ID are different.15:23
Shadowandlightok that ran successfull15:23
jribShadowandlight: see if « sudo service vsftpd status » works now15:23
Shadowandlightstatus: Unknown job: vsftpd15:23
jribShadowandlight: pastebin /etc/init/vsftpd.conf15:24
Shadowandlighthmm its empy15:25
Shadowandlightcan i uninstall and reinstall vsftpd so it goes to the right directory?15:25
jribShadowandlight: this may be a problem :)15:25
jribShadowandlight: purge the package and reinstall it15:25
ikoniait's not installed15:26
zengerHi guys, I've tried a dist-upgrade on my ubuntu notebook, and now it won't boot stuck at "Setting up X socket directories", what's even worse I can't get into any of the terminals to boot and try to fix something15:26
zengercan someone suggest me how to fix this ?15:26
jribzenger: what does "tried a dist-upgrade" mean?15:26
zengerjrib: It means I haven't updated in quite a while15:27
jribzenger: what did you do exactly?15:27
zengersudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, then reboot and boom15:27
jribzenger: what ubuntu version?15:27
zengerI'm not sure15:27
zengerI think it was 12.1015:27
cptcelthanks again jrib - was great thinking. see you cats around15:28
jribcptcel: no problem15:28
zengerI tried googling around15:28
zengersome suggest it could have been the xorg driver15:28
jribzenger: can you boot into recovery mode?15:28
zengernope it freezes at the same point15:28
zengerI'm gonna try once again15:28
jribzenger: that suggests it's not X related15:29
jribzenger: you're trying to start a root prompt through recovery right?15:29
zengeryes, in grub under Ubuntu, there is Advanced Options, next Ubuntu (recovery mode) right ?15:29
zengerwell it's stuck at the same point15:29
zengerjust "Setting up X socket directories..."15:30
zengerCTRL + ALT + F1 has a few errors15:30
ikoniazenger: that can't be possible as recovery mode doesn't start X15:31
zengerRunning scripts/init-bottom/udev: line 26 nuke not found15:31
ikoniazenger: so either a.) you are not going into recovery mode b.) you are not reading the error correctly15:31
zengerI'm on the first terminal window15:31
zengerand there are other errors15:31
zengerfirst I mentioned earlier with the nuke not found15:31
zengerinput: failed to attach handler evbug to device input7, error: -115:32
zengerError; driver pcspkr is already registered15:32
ikoniazenger: it's impossible to help while you a.) cannot post a clear description of the problem b.) cannot follow instructions15:32
zengerikonia: I can not boot into recovery mode15:33
zengerikonia: The recovery mode freezes at the errors I mentioned earlier15:33
ikoniazenger: again, that cannot be correct as you are quoting Xorg errors, a recovery shell will not try to start X15:33
zengerikonia: I'm not quoting, I'm assuming15:33
Shadowandlightjrib: ok thanks... its working now... how can i verify that my new ftp user has limited rights on the server??15:34
ikoniazenger: so basically you are just making up errors now ?15:34
zengerikonia: I stated all the errors from the output I got15:34
zengerI assumed it was an x related issue15:34
ikoniazenger: when you try to boot into single user mode - do you get errors about X ?15:34
ikoniazenger: as in the erros you posted about not being able to open X11 sockets15:35
zengerI assume not15:35
ikoniazenger: does that actually happen when you try to boot into a recovery shell ?15:35
ikoniazenger: no no no15:35
ikoniazenger: not "assume"15:35
zengerI don't know how an X error looks like15:35
ikoniazenger: you said - you got xorg errors when you botted into a recovery shell15:35
zengerno no no15:35
zengerI assume those were xorg errors15:36
ikoniazenger: do you get this line when you boot into a recovery shell15:36
ikoniazenger: "Setting up X socket directories..."15:36
zengeralthough I don't know what an xorg error looks like15:36
zengeris that a Xorg related issue?15:36
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ikoniazenger: then I don't believe you are booting into a recovery shell - as the recovery shell does not start X15:36
zengerikonia: hm15:36
zengerikonia: I'm 100% i'm trying to boot into recovery, the problem is why does recovery attempt loading xorg15:37
zengerI'm booting the pc, grub shows up15:37
zengerI select Advance Options next Ubuntu (recovery mode)15:37
zengerand I get the same error15:38
wardsegersI just entered. What's the problem?15:38
zengeram I not doing things correctly ?15:38
ikoniazenger: I would suggest trying to boot into "single user mode"15:38
Shadowandlighthow do i restrict an FTP user to only 1 directory?  sudo usermod -d /path/to/new/home -m didnt seem to do the trick15:38
ikoniaShadowandlight: you would need to chroot, or force the user to have the ftp shell that's locked to their home directory15:39
zengerikonia: I'm gonna try it now, just a sec15:39
Shadowandlightikonia: in vsftpd chroot_local_user=yes (its uncommended)15:40
ikoniaShadowandlight: and has vsftpd been restarted since you set that  ?15:40
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Shadowandlightnow i am confused... in vsftpd.conf there are 2 lines both having chroot_local_user=YES15:41
opalepatrickso bekks, thanks for your teaser of an answer. Enough to off searching again but not quite enough info to solve the issue.15:42
ikoniaShadowandlight: then your config is wrong and you didn't answer my question15:42
Shadowandlightits a brand new install and i did restart vsftpd15:42
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ikoniaopalepatrick: he's told you the problem in correct clear detail15:42
zengerikonia: I tried booting into single and it still stops at "Setting up X socket directories..."15:43
opalepatrickyou are making assumptions ikonia that everyone has the same level of knowledge as you. I was being genuine, not sarcastic btw15:43
ikoniaopalepatrick: I'm not making any assumption at all15:44
zengerI have no idea how and why, It had the "nomodeset" and "single" option on the linux line15:44
ikoniaopalepatrick: if you are unsure of what that means, just ask15:44
ikoniazenger: single is for single user mode.15:44
zengerI added that to grub15:44
ikoniazenger: get rid of nomodeset for a test15:45
zengergimme a sec15:45
ikoniazenger: it really shouldn't matter, but I'm curious15:45
opalepatrickOK ikonia, how does one solve the problem of different group ids relating to permissions on a shared directory? Any help appreciated.15:46
zengerwell this time it seems to be loading x, as the screen resolution has changed15:46
zengerand yup15:46
zengerit stops there again15:46
zengerI have an old cd ubuntu '10.10'15:46
zengermaybe I can use it to destroy the xorg somehow15:47
ikoniaopalepatrick: you need to either a.) stop using a shared directories between two OS's - mysql is not designed to work like that or b.) change tue users UID/GID's  on one of the distros to match the other15:47
zengeror restore the old ubuntu setup15:47
ikoniazenger: single user should not launch X unless you have modified your init system/scripts15:47
zengerI did not modify anything, I assure you15:47
zengerI suppose the update did that15:47
opalepatrickCheers ikonia, I will need to go back and see how I got it to work before I trashed the two previous installs15:47
BlueSquirrelHello guys, I'm trying to access data in a Mac Time Machine Backup hard drive and copy it to another hard drive. However, altho I can see the data, I can't copy any of it. Can someone help?15:48
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: what do you mean by can't copy it, explain the problem please.15:49
BlueSquirrelikonia:  I'm trying to grab the files and put them on a folder on a different ahrd drive, but tells me i have no permission15:49
BlueSquirrelikonia:  at first I couldnt even see them, but after a sudo nautilus it let me go through them15:49
GH0Hello, I was in here under the nick ubuntuissues with drive and file system problems. Well, I had to re-initialize a RAID 0 Array, and lost the data. However, no matter how many times I try to create a new partition using fdisk, partitionmanager, gparted, etc, it constantly fails.15:49
ikoniaBlueSquirrel: permissoin to write to the target drive perhaps as if you can read the source drive, you can copy off15:49
ikoniaGH0: how big is your raid 0 stripe ?15:50
GH0I believe it is 12815:51
ikoniaGH0: 128 what15:51
GH0128 kb15:51
ikoniaGH0: no, sorry, I mean how big is the stripe of the two disks,15:51
GH0Here is what fdisk /dev/sdb keeps reporting every time I attempt to create a new partition: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6025458/15:51
enkindleIs there a good channel for asking about hardware issues?15:51
GH0Oh, in total the storage iis 500 GB. Unless I don't understand what you are asking. :/15:52
zengerI tried everything :( it won't boot, I tried xforcevesa and still no change15:52
ikoniaGH0: ok, that's good15:52
zengerI found another issue "input: failed to attach handler evbug to device input7, error: -1"15:52
ikoniaGH0: how did you setup the raid stipe15:52
BlueSquirrelikonia: nice point, I did another sudo nautilus in a different terminal to open the target hard drive, and it's working now! thanks ikonia! this is the second time I come here and you save my ass :)15:52
GH0ikonia, not on or near the machine, it;s about two hours away. So. :/15:52
zengercould it somehow stop the boot ?15:52
Dr_WillisBlueSquirrel:  use 'gksudo nautilus' and really its not a great idea to run nautilus as root.15:52
ikoniazenger: more context would be needed15:52
GH0But, even if I try to w and then have it automatically quit, nothing seems to be resolving itself. It just doesn't seem to sync the disks.15:52
ikoniaGH0: that isn't what I asked15:53
zengerikonia: what more information do you require ?15:53
ikoniaGH0: how did you create the raid array was the question15:53
Dr_Williszenger:  thats just some sort of mouse, or device on a usb port. I doubt if its the cause of any issue15:53
zengerthen I'm out of ideas15:53
bwaynegreetings fellow earth_creatures15:53
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Dr_Williszenger:  perhaps restate the whole issue from the beginning to the channel.15:54
GH0ikonia, It is using a PERC 5i hardware raid, with two 250 GB disks. In Write Through Mode15:54
ikoniaGH0: ahh, so it's a hardware raid array15:54
GH0I had this same setup earlier, and something caused it to freak out, which Is why I thought the initialization would help fix it. I looked at the SMART status being reported on the RAID card, and it says it is fine.15:54
ikoniaGH0: ok, so you're in good shape as a hardware raid array should be easier to manage15:55
ikoniaGH0: you need a partition table on there obviously, so lets see if you can get one on there,15:55
zengerI have an old laptop, I had ubuntu running on him for about half a year. didn't update or anything. today I decided to update. I updated the way I usually do. "sudo apt-get update", then "sudo apt-get upgrade", then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade". Afterwards I rebooted, now the notebook won't start: It stops booting at this line "Setting up X socket directories..."15:55
ikoniaGH0: sudo fdisk /dev/sdb - then "n" then the setup, then "w", what happens15:55
zengerThis issue persist through everywhere, in recovery mode with single option or "xforcevesa" option.15:56
GH0ikonia, It will go through the setup process, tell me that I can create a primary partition in slot 1. Press w, says it finishes, then check with fdisk -l and nothing is listed15:56
GH0Unfortunately, that is what I have been trying.15:56
enkindleSome programs will send an email report on issues but it just winds up in /var/mail/root ... does anyone know of an article that would show me how to set up the system to use my SMTP to actually send these emails? Or at least what I should google for, I'm just getting generic mail crap.15:56
ikoniaGH0: so it doesn't error in any way at all15:56
GH0I can try one more time though.15:57
GH0Hold on15:57
OfficerFlyingGuri would like to ask. what is the most resource friendly flavor of ubuntu?15:57
zengerOfficerFlyingGur: I think lubuntu15:57
GH0ikonia, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6025475/15:58
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ikoniaGH0: ok, so two things spring to mind here15:59
ikoniaGH0: 1.) try using parted - lets see what happens there 2.) the last time I saw this was on a HP p210 array with a failing battery backup, and the battery backup couldn't commit changes16:00
karab44what does it mean by typing fdisk -l, that Disk /dev/mapper/aq-root doesn't contain partition table16:01
karab44is this serious error?16:01
karab44I got the same for swap partition aswell16:01
ikoniakarab44: is it a logical volume ?16:01
karab44ikonia: you mean Lvm ?16:02
waterlitehi ya'll16:02
ikoniakarab44: yes, that's one way to have one16:02
GH0ikonia, Unfortunately, the battery backup is not installed, so they are in the mode that doesn't matter.16:02
karab44ikonia: yes, it is logical volume16:02
GH0Unless I incorrectly configured it. I will have to call the people that are hosting it and ask them to change it.16:02
ikoniaGH0: ok, that's good, so that's one problem resolved16:02
ikoniakarab44: then no, it's not a problem, logical volumes shouldn't have partition tables16:03
rhumbothi all, i have a problem: when starting ubuntu 12.04 i get a black screen when i should enter the password. in fact it looks like an input line, where the system prints information when i plug in an usb stick for example. i also see the mouse curser16:03
GH0I can't remember if it is in Write Back or Wrtie Through mode, but it is supposed to automatically switch it over when the battery fails.16:03
GH0Either way, hold on, let me try parted16:03
zengerikonia: I've noticed something odd. when I'm trying to boot normally the resolution changes. when i'm trying to go into recovery the resolution doesn't change but the it freezes at the same point.16:03
rhumbotwhen starting from the usb stick and using "try ubuntu without installing" it works fine16:03
GH0Not really familiar with this one though.16:04
rhumbotis there anything i can do to fix this ?16:04
karab44ikonia: swap and this mapper-root has Disk-identifier: 0x000000016:04
karab44is this serious issue?16:04
ikoniakarab44: where are you getting that error16:04
karab44ikonia: Okay16:04
karab44after typing fdisk -l16:04
Shadowandlighti cannot get a new vsftpd user to make directories in their home folder... what am i doing wrong?  they are getting Command:MKD test16:05
ShadowandlightResponse:550 Permission denied.16:05
karab44ikonia: I read what you wrote above, if it's not serious issue, then that's ok :)16:05
ikoniakarab44: zero issue16:05
GH0ikonia, you don't happen to have a link to a guide for creating a partition through parted do you?16:06
ikoniaGH0: no to hand, I know it's a bit more complex, but the help comand normally works enough for me16:06
karab44ikonia: thank you very much16:06
karab44for helping me :)16:06
rebbecajohnson20Hy evrybody :-)16:07
Migthymindhi rebecajohnson2016:07
GH0Well, I think I am off to a great start:16:07
GH0(parted) mkpart16:07
GH0Error: /dev/sdb: unrecognised disk label16:07
ikoniaGH0: no no, that's good16:08
ikoniaGH0: label it16:08
ikoniaGH0: mklabel I think is the command16:08
ikoniaGH0: check though as I'm rusty16:08
GH0ikonia, You found a bug in GNU Parted! Here's what you have to do:16:09
GH0I don't think that is going to work either. :P16:09
ikoniaGH0: what happened ?16:10
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alxndrbooted up and then kernel panic on the ubuntu facility man that ain't right16:12
alxndrjust run phone16:12
pureHow does Ubuntu Mobile compare to Android?16:12
waterliteAnone from India?16:12
waterliteAnyone from India*16:13
waterliteIm Indian16:13
GH0ikonia, it looks like it creates a msdos label, but it doesn't actually do it. So I thought I would try creating a GPT tabel, and that failed too.16:13
B0r3dw15domwaterlite hi16:13
alxndrforget about it, i am just unlucky16:14
rhumbotcould some expert please help me: my booting into a blackscreen can be fixed by using restart lightdm. but i have to do this every time i boot....16:14
pureAlso, how does one get Ubuntu for Phones?16:14
wsegpure: Ubuntu for phones is still in development16:15
alxndrUbuntu howE 3.5 man16:15
mjaykHaya has anyone managed to sync music with a wp8 within Ubuntu ?16:16
ikoniaGH0: that's a similar behaviour you're seeing with fdisk16:16
ikoniaGH0: that suggest the array/controller is the problem to me16:16
GH0Yeah, I seem to have a bigger problem: aptitude: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libsigc-2.0.so.0: invalid ELF header16:17
GH0How can I reinstall that?16:17
GH0would it just be "apt-get --reinstall libsigc++-2.0"16:17
alxndri did some work on the vsftp how to get the debug menu?16:18
ikoniaGH0: whoaaaa that looks like 32bit packages on a 64bit host ?16:18
ikoniaGH0: (or viceaversa)16:19
pureHas anything been said about a projected price for the Edge?16:19
GH0ikonia, yeah... well... that application is needed for tons of CLI commands apparently.16:19
ikoniapure: the edge is dead ,16:19
GH0Causing me to run into some issues.16:19
GH0It is a manually installed package16:19
ikoniaGH0: yes, but what's happened to it ? run file against that library please.16:19
ikoniaGH0: manually installed.....from where/how16:19
SchrodingersScatpure: the low, low price of doesn't exist.16:19
pureWell, is there any form of Ubuntu available on phones?16:21
GH0From the install disc I think.16:21
GH0I have to go, wiill you be on later ikonia16:21
ikoniaGH0: let me know what you find.16:21
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
mjaykHaya has anyone managed to sync music with a wp8 within Ubuntu ?16:23
kostkonmjayk: just to clarify, you mean windows phone 8 right?16:24
AcidRain2012where can i install apc with ubuntu? its not in the repos16:24
kostkon!find apc16:25
ubottuFound: apcalc, apcalc-common, apcalc-dev, apcupsd, apcupsd-cgi, apcupsd-doc, festvox-itapc16k, gkrellmapcupsd, imapcopy, libblktapctl0 (and 4 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=apc&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all16:25
ikoniaAcidRain2012: apc ? as in the ups software ?16:25
AcidRain2012ikonia, no. as in an upload progress bar support for apache16:26
AcidRain2012ikonia, sry, its called APC16:26
ikoniaAcidRain2012: not a problem, was just clarifing which software you wanted16:26
AcidRain2012ikonia, i found it. thx. its under php-apc16:27
pureSo what happened to Ubuntu Mobile?16:27
kostkon!info php-apc16:27
ubottuphp-apc (source: php-apc): APC (Alternative PHP Cache) module for PHP 5. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1.13-1 (raring), package size 82 kB, installed size 248 kB16:27
ikoniaAcidRain2012: ah, so it's not actually an apache thing, it's php for apache16:28
deemeetarHey guys, what's the best way to make app indicator with more complicated buttons then just regular menu items in python?16:30
deemeetarI know there is a way since ubuntu has such indicators but i don't know how to go about them16:30
kostkondeemeetar: you could get and examine the code of one of those indicators16:31
cjpcjphey all, odd problem, my server has literally stopped functioning however I've noticed that on reboot, my prompt is no longer colored and bash aliases don't function, as if I'm in a different mode (it's not recovery, checked grub). Any ideas, I'm at a loss16:32
kostkondeemeetar: easy way to do it if they are in the repos,  apt-get source package_name16:32
deemeetarkostkon: I found just the netwrok and battery indicator which aren't that complicated... i think i want to see the me menu16:32
fooGah, this dropbox daemon is being a pain. It's throwing this error: Can't sync "burger_grill.jpg": permission denied - the problem: I have a dozen files with this name in different directories. The user who is running dropbox is part of www-apache group, and every file has at least 755 and is owned by my user or www-data. Any tips on how I can fix this? been having this issue for months but have never dealt with it16:33
kostkondeemeetar: just fetch the code with apt-get source. simples16:33
SmilexWhen running an executable, is /usr/local/lib always checked for libraries?16:33
deemeetarkostkon: ok ty16:34
zteamHi all!16:37
hiohi guys, who do I talk to, to get a ban reversed?16:37
zteamI'm having problems with compiz crashing  so my desktop gets restarted quite often16:37
zteamhow can I troubleshoot this?16:37
zteamI'm on Ubuntu 13.0416:38
=== moarrr is now known as Guest6780
aj_have u tried a good ol' google searcH?16:38
aj_at the compiz homepage, i remember a section in their troubleshooting with something about frequent reboots.16:38
zteamaj_, do you mean me?16:38
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aj_might wanna check those two spots16:39
zteamaj_, yes i have searched aslot about it16:39
hiowhere can I order the ubuntu edge?16:39
DJoneshio: You can't can't16:39
zteamaj_, but I'm gonna check their webpage too oft course16:39
Luyinhio you can't16:39
DJones!touch | hio You can discuss the Ubuntu mobile platform in the channels the bot suggest though,16:40
ubottuhio You can discuss the Ubuntu mobile platform in the channels the bot suggest though,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:40
aj_zteam, does it make your computer freeze up and you have to manually reboot?16:41
zteamaj_, nope it doesn't16:41
SwashBuckla!sparse file not allowed16:42
ubottuSwashBuckla: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:42
zteamaj_, it only reboots itself16:42
SwashBuckla!"sparse file not allowed"16:42
ubottuSwashBuckla: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:42
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:42
aj_the computer reboots or the software compiz reboots?16:42
zteamaj_, compiz (not the computer)16:42
aj_got it.16:42
SwashBucklaHi there, I am getting the error "Sparse File Not Allowed, Press Any Key To Continue...." When I boot my computer. I am using 13.04 on a Windows 8 laptop with UEFI disabled (Legacy mode is enabled instead)16:43
aj_do you get a blank desktop when compiz fails?16:43
SwashBucklabtrfs is my partition format for Ubuntu16:43
zteamaj_, so I tried reseting compiz but it had no effect16:43
mjaykSwashBuckla: is that before or after grub/16:43
zteamaj_, yes exactly16:44
SwashBucklamjayk: after grub16:44
SwashBucklamjayk: Immediately after grub.16:44
mjaykonly occurs when you select ubuntu, SwashBuckla16:44
AnhoI am following a guide on how to browse completely anonymously.  Basically, I am running VirtualBox in Win7 with TOR running already on host.  I am using Damn Small Linux just as a firewall. I enable Network Adapter 2 and set "Attached to" to "Internal Network". I start it then right click on the desktop, go to System, go to Daemons, ssh, and start.  Then, I right click again on the desktop, go to XShells -> Root Access -> Transparent 16:44
SwashBucklamjayk: correct16:44
Anhoifconfig eth1     then Snapshot the state so I can just restore every time.  For Ubuntu, I change Network Adapter 1  "Attached to" to "Internal Network" then start it (Ubuntu is already set up).  In Firefox on Ubuntu I change "HTTP Proxy" and "SSL Proxy" to with both ports being 8118.  Then "SOCKS Host" to port 9150.  Then in Terminal I type "sudo bash" and enter Ubuntu password then "ifconfig eth0
Anhoenter "ssh -N -L 9150: root@" it says, "ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable".  Any ideas why? Also, I keep getting a pop-up saying, "Wired Network Disconnected - you are now offline".  I can link the guide if need be.16:45
zteamaj_, I also tried to wipe my home folder from every trace of compiz that I could find16:45
ShapeShifter499can someone confirm for me that zram is broken in the latest kernels?16:45
ShapeShifter499seems broken in any kernel between 3.8 and 3.1016:46
aj_i'm browsing some support pages. i hope to find something useful16:46
mjaykSwashBuckla: can you run sudo gedit /etc/grub.d/00_header16:46
SwashBucklamjayk: here is my Boot-Repair summary http://paste.ubuntu.com/6025637/16:46
SwashBucklamjayk: ok I will run that too16:46
mjaykSwashBuckla: do you have "if [ -n ${have_grubenv} ]; then save_env recordfail; fi"  in that file16:47
SwashBucklamjayk: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6025643/16:47
ShapeShifter499just run "sudo apt-get install zram-config" then make the computer use swap, if the system hangs then run "sudo apt-get purge zram-config" on the next boot and tell me about it16:47
SwashBucklamjayk: I will search for that string16:47
mjaykSwashBuckla: kk gimme a sec16:47
zteamaj_, any ideas :-) ?16:48
AnhoI am following a guide on how to browse completely anonymously.  Basically, I am running VirtualBox in Win7 with TOR running already on host.  I am using Damn Small Linux just as a firewall. I enable Network Adapter 2 and set "Attached to" to "Internal Network". I start it then right click on the desktop, go to System, go to Daemons, ssh, and start.  Then, I right click again on the desktop, go to XShells -> Root Access -> Transparent 16:48
mjaykSwashBuckla: ok line 93 in the paste bin16:48
Anhoifconfig eth1     then Snapshot the state so I can just restore every time.  For Ubuntu, I change Network Adapter 1  "Attached to" to "Internal Network" then start it (Ubuntu is already set up).  In Firefox on Ubuntu I change "HTTP Proxy" and "SSL Proxy" to with both ports being 8118.  Then "SOCKS Host" to port 9150.  Then in Terminal I type "sudo bash" and enter Ubuntu password then "ifconfig eth0
mjaykSwashBuckla:   if [ -n "\${have_grubenv}" ]; then if [ -z "\${boot_once}" ]; then save_env recordfail; fi; fi16:48
Anhoenter "ssh -N -L 9150: root@" it says, "ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable".  Any ideas why? Also, I keep getting a pop-up saying, "Wired Network Disconnected - you are now offline".  I can link the guide if need be.16:48
SwashBucklamjayk: no I do not have that line exactly as you first posted it16:49
SwashBucklabut line 93 is the most similar16:49
mjaykyea thats right16:49
mjayktwo things to try16:49
SwashBucklamjayk: so it is correct in the file already?16:50
caf4926Looking for advice on Samba > totally new to it, well not even installed but want to know..16:50
mjaykSwashBuckla: first comment out that line, then run "update-grub" and or "update-grub2" I cant remeber which 1 but doing both wont hurt16:50
caf4926Can you access shares remotely over the net?16:51
SwashBucklamjayk: remember, I am within the livecd. Would running update-grub do anything to the installed Ubuntu on the HDD?16:51
SwashBucklamjayk: unless you mean: Comment out the line on the HDD from the LiveCD, reboot, and then run update-grub (assuming commenting out that line allows me to boot)16:52
caf4926SwashBuckla: update-grub in live session? are you chroot16:52
SwashBucklacaf4926: no16:52
mjaykSwashBuckla: It will update the grub configuration menu, i think doing it from the HDD would be best16:52
SwashBucklacaf4926: is suggesting to run update-grub from the LiveCD16:52
SwashBucklacaf4926: mjayk is16:53
mjaykSwashBuckla: no :) i think best from within the HDD install not live cd16:53
SwashBucklamjayk: is it "best" or the only option16:53
SwashBucklamjayk: because I can't boot the HDD install16:53
caf4926SwashBuckla: what you trying to fix16:53
mjaykcaf4926: its the old "sparse file" warning on a btrfs install16:54
AnhoI am following a guide on how to browse completely anonymously.  Basically, I am running VirtualBox in Win7 with TOR running already on host.  I am using Damn Small Linux just as a firewall. I enable Network Adapter 2 and set "Attached to" to "Internal Network". I start it then right click on the desktop, go to System, go to Daemons, ssh, and start.  Then, I right click again on the desktop, go to XShells -> Root Access -> Transparent 16:54
Anhoifconfig eth1     then Snapshot the state so I can just restore every time.  For Ubuntu, I change Network Adapter 1  "Attached to" to "Internal Network" then start it (Ubuntu is already set up).  In Firefox on Ubuntu I change "HTTP Proxy" and "SSL Proxy" to with both ports being 8118.  Then "SOCKS Host" to port 9150.  Then in Terminal I type "sudo bash" and enter Ubuntu password then "ifconfig eth0
Anhoenter "ssh -N -L 9150: root@" it says, "ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable".  Any ideas why? Also, I keep getting a pop-up saying, "Wired Network Disconnected - you are now offline".  I can link the guide if need be.16:54
SwashBucklacaf4926: immediately after grub, I get the error: "error: sparse file not allowed. Press any key to continue..."16:54
FloodBot1Anho: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:54
caf4926*not btrfs...sigh16:54
SwashBucklacaf4926: yes it is btrfs16:55
SwashBucklacaf4926: here is my Boot-Repair summary  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6025637/16:56
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caf4926SwashBuckla: I don't know the answer but I see you also have efi with win816:59
SwashBucklacaf4926: yes16:59
root____1I am just testing irssi16:59
SwashBucklacaf4926: mjayk mentioned update-grub from the HDD, but I can't boot into the HDD17:00
SwashBucklaso mjayk's advice falls over17:00
caf4926SwashBuckla: do you know what partition format ubuntu would choose if you let it default install?17:00
ZildjiandrummerxAny ideas why Empathy does work with FB chat? Or does it take some time to propagate after you gramted access to the application?17:00
ShapeShifter499Everyone please ignore my request to test zram17:01
SwashBucklacaf4926: none. There was none available. I had to explicitly shrink a Windows 8 partition17:01
ShapeShifter499zram is the issue and will cause system hangs and crashes when swapping17:01
caf4926SwashBuckla: well I think you miss my point... it would default to ext417:02
ZildjiandrummerxNever mind, that was the case..its working now17:02
SwashBucklacaf4926: oh which FORMAT17:02
SwashBucklacaf4926: yes I did miss your point :P17:02
SwashBucklacit defaulted to Ext4, yes17:02
SwashBucklacaf4926: ^17:02
SwashBucklaI could completely reinstall.. won't take too long17:03
SwashBucklacaf4926: is this a BTRFS-specific bug?17:03
SwashBucklaperhaps choosing Ext4 will allow me to get further17:03
caf4926SwashBuckla: just wondered how and why btrfs got in there17:03
SwashBucklacaf4926: I chose btrfs17:04
caf4926SwashBuckla: I recommed ext417:04
caf4926SwashBuckla: you should also check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:04
caf4926SwashBuckla: I see you have a GPT table17:05
caf4926SwashBuckla: don't you just hate what freekin' mess winders makes of things17:06
SwashBucklaeh, I'll give it a shot17:07
caf4926SwashBuckla: if you do a clean install, don't let the installer manage the setup, you need to go advanced (something else)17:07
caf4926SwashBuckla: and point to the existing partitions, and format where necessary17:08
SwashBucklacaf4926: winders! Are you from yorkshire?17:08
caf4926SwashBuckla: lake district17:08
caf4926winders is slang for windows17:08
SkeeterBcan someone help me with a Wine question?17:11
SkeeterBI installed Q4wine and i need to locate the WINE libraries to continue the Q4Wine setup17:12
ikoniaSkeeterB: I'd suggest working with the wine providers, the wine support channel is #winehq17:12
SwashBucklacaf4926: oops, shell died17:12
SwashBucklaI'm from Bristol17:12
SwashBucklasome people here say winders too :P17:13
caf4926SwashBuckla: there is an interesting BSL sign for Bristol17:14
DaphneGreengrasshi beboj17:17
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ggherdovhello. when you boot w/ the ubuntu live CD, at what path is th hard disk mounted? I am recovering data in a ill system, did CTRL+ALT+F2 to get into a tty since w/ 512 MB of ram the GUI was too slow, now need to know at what place I can find my hd.17:19
ggherdovany thought?17:19
ikoniaggherdov: if you're not using the gui - you need to mount your hard disk17:20
ggherdovikonia: well, the guy did kick in, and I opened nautilus and sow the HD.17:20
ikoniaggherdov: mount will show you then17:20
ikoniaggherdov: top tip, use the lubuntu livecd and you can use a gui that's reasonably responsive on your lower spec machine17:21
ggherdovikonia: that's what I did but the output is confusing. cannot clearly see a thing that recalls me of my hd17:21
katkissonDoes anyone know what is a VGA monitor and what is a DVI monitor? I have a broken computer screen and I have hooked it up to a seprate monitor to work with it. Which is which?17:21
ggherdovikonia: ah, nice... lubuntu17:22
ikoniakatkisson: talk to the ##hardware channel17:22
ggherdovlike light-ubuntu ?17:22
mjaykkaktuskuchen: VGA and DVI refer to the type of plugs that go into the graphics card17:22
katkissono.k. thanks17:22
SkeeterBDVI is Digital Video Input17:22
ikoniaggherdov: pretty much17:22
mjaykSkeeterB: what does VGA stand for ? out of curiosity17:23
SkeeterBVideo Graphics Adaptor... DUH17:23
RenAstimpYhey, if i connect my TV with my laptop with hdmi but no sound17:36
RenAstimpYwhy is that so :S17:36
Jacta___Does anyone have expierence with wmvare player5 and shared folders?17:39
bekksJacta___: How is that related to Ubuntu? :)17:39
seronisevery time i click an http link in a non web browser the Muon Software Center pops open asking me to install firefox, instead of the webpage just opening in chrome which is already installed.17:42
seronisanyone able to help resolve this ?17:42
OerHeksseronis, set chrome as default.17:43
katkissonwhat am i doing wrong. hardware ware says, "hardware : cannot send to channel".17:44
bekkskatkisson: You need to have a registered nickname.17:44
katkissonwell this is my computer's name. What do you mean registered nickname?17:44
OerHeksseronis, open 'system settings' > sytem > details - 2nd tab 'default applications'17:45
katkissonI mean this is my user name17:45
bekkskatkisson: The name of your computer is totally irrelevant in IRC.17:46
bekks!freenode | katkisson17:46
ubottukatkisson: freenode is the IRC network that you're on! - See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml - freenode has policies that govern how people should use the network which can be read at http://freenode.net/policy.shtml - The Ubuntu channels on freenode also have their own !Guidelines17:46
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:46
OerHekskatkisson, some channels require registration17:46
katkissonoh, so is this the regular chat most everybody gets on?17:46
OerHekskatkisson, this channel is low level entry, others are more strict17:47
katkissono.k.  how do I register?17:47
OerHekssee ubottu's message17:48
bekkskatkisson: Please read the text ubottu wrote to you.17:48
katkissonyou mean on the hardware channel?17:49
bekkskatkisson: No, it was posted to you in this channel.17:49
RoyKhi all. trying to make a bootable usb thing from a mac, and the docs say use "hdiutil convert -format UDRW ...", but the output file is identical to the input file, and things doesn't work17:49
andybrineEvening Everyone17:49
katkissonhummm o.k. I'll quit and turn it on again to see. thanks17:50
andybrineDoes anyone know a good program to record a video dvd?17:50
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:50
qwjdoiI tried to share HP laserjet P1102. There is some prompt and confirmination before the drivers install... anyone know how this could happen in my ubuntu server?17:50
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andybrinethanks Luyin, the question is there lol17:51
katkissono.k.  I chose the Ubuntu channel and now I would like to go to the "hardware channel".  How do I do that?17:51
bekkskatkisson: The same way you did a few minutes ago.17:52
bekkskatkisson: Register your nickname first.17:52
andybrineim trying to create a video dvd and im looking for a good application to do that17:52
katkissonoh   o.k.17:52
reallywhat do i type to know what python version i have? thanks17:54
RoyKpython -V # ?17:55
NewWorldreally:  man python17:55
WinstonSmithor --version?17:55
qwjdoifollowup. I have successfully installed the propr~ driver on Ubuntu desktop. Where are the settings/etc.. can I copy them to the Ubuntu Server17:55
RoyKNewWorld: the manpage doesn't always reflect the installed version17:55
mykinzHello, I just installed Ubuntu and am having problems with battery life.  Can anyone here help me?17:56
NewWorldRoyK:  I was implying he can find the argument to show version in the man17:56
Max-Powerzjust type python17:56
Max-Powerzand then exit it17:56
RoyKNewWorld: easier to just do python -V17:56
WinstonSmithRoyK: but --help should ;-)17:56
Max-Powerzlolcatz@ubuntu:~$ python17:57
Max-PowerzPython 2.7.2+ (default, Oct  4 2011, 20:03:08)17:57
Max-Powerz[GCC 4.6.1] on linux217:57
Max-PowerzType "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.17:57
FloodBot1Max-Powerz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:57
plumblumhello peeps17:57
NewWorldteach a man to fish... it's important to know how to use man instead of asking easy questions17:58
plumblumfor file permissions, which groups non groups are included in others ?17:58
plumblumor is others anyone else17:58
plumblumis others for example everyone except local/system users17:59
ZengerHi guys, well I've decided to reinstall ubuntu. And now I'm stuck with a wi-fi problem. It won't install. I'm trying to install wi-fi through Additional drivers but at a certain point it gives an error,although it seems to work I'm not sure it does. this is my third attempt at installing the driver. Now the dmesg has a very odd error which I can not understand.17:59
LeidenfrostHello. I have a repeated issue with ubuntu (and all its derivatives). The boot process just hangs itself, leaving no exception nor exception. I tried to boot without the ¨ro quiet¨ option and it just mounts the ext4 / partition and hangs17:59
Zengerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6025856/ here about 400 sec you can see some big difference17:59
mykinzIf anyone is interested in helping me with my battery issue, I explained the whole thing here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/337130/poor-battery-life-on-samsung-series-5-np550p5c17:59
vice_Folks, me again18:00
vice_All soft for iphone managment errors18:00
vice_Unsupported checksum type18:00
vice_How the hell can i upload files on my iphone?:<18:01
mahi_need some help..... how can I delete (I use this on run in windows) temp; %temp%; prefetch18:07
MonkeyDustvice_  sure you're in the right channel?18:07
mahi_How ca I delete Temp, Cookies and Prefetch?18:13
mahi_How can I delete Temp, Cookies and Prefetch? Sorry, miss-spelled 1st time....18:14
alxndrhistory -c18:15
Jaap_JansenI am in the proces of building a firewall with Ubuntu 13.04 server. I wanna configure the iptables in order to get it work right. I saw the application FirewallBuilder.  Does anybody used this program? Is it a good help in configurating the firewall? Or are there better methods?18:15
elricsfate__wrkGreetings all. Is there a way to use fdisk during the Ubuntu alternate server install18:17
elricsfate__wrkIn short I'm trying to be sure RAID is configured properly. The curses setup screen is slightly difficult understand in the that regard18:18
vice_Folks, someone faced with unsupported checksum type?18:21
alxndrconstructor method iw dev loop4 cycle || pingback()18:22
vice_are u talking for me alxndr?18:23
vice_to me*18:23
alxndri was thanking Jaap18:23
vice_okay, fast question, do u have apple devices? :>18:23
alxndromitted the loop6 on a NOK device18:25
alxndrnone vice_18:25
alxndri saw a nice mac video today though18:26
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SwashBucklawhoops :)18:34
dark_lordhello guys, I am having a doubt. What happened when we do sudo ? I mean is the effective id changed to 0 or something else ? Is sudo a setuid program like s18:35
ActionParsnipdark_lord: if you are in the sudo group then the commands will have root access but use your profile and settings18:36
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MigthymindHi girl! how are u?18:36
Migthymindoh sorry i wrong window ;p18:37
Jaap_JansenI am in the proces of building a firewall with Ubuntu 13.04 server. I wanna configure the iptables in order to get it work right. I saw the application FirewallBuilder.  Does anybody used this program? Is it a good help in configurating the firewall? Or are there better methods?18:37
ActionParsnipdark_lord: you can setup groups of users and command aliases to restrict commands users can use sudo with if you wish too18:37
Guest87745hi girl18:37
bazhang!ufw | Jaap_Jansen18:37
ubottuJaap_Jansen: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo18:37
SwashBucklapeople -- pray for my Ubuntu 13.04 to work18:38
SwashBucklait's in the process of installing now18:38
ActionParsnipdark_lord: you can also make groups of commands not need password entry but this reduces security18:38
dark_lordActionParsnip, yeah. I am talking about when I am in sudo group. But I am not getting how sudo gives root access. I am talking about the implementation of sudo command. Is it changes the effective user id to 0 like su.18:38
Jaap_Jansenubottu, i deinstalled the network manager, will that be a problem using the ufw18:38
ubottuJaap_Jansen: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:38
ActionParsnipswashbuckla: glad you are reaching the goal :-)18:38
SwashBucklaDear Linus, please help me18:38
SwashBucklaguide me safe and true through this mire of Windows mess18:39
ActionParsnipdark_lord: su just means switch user. So 'like su' doesnt mean much18:39
ActionParsnipdark_lord: when you use su to root, your uid becomes 0 but the profile also changes to roots18:40
ActionParsnipdark_lord: wirh sudo the profile is your own18:40
dark_lordActionParsnip, yeah. thats what I am asking, what happens then in case of sudo then ? Is my uid changes ?18:40
ActionParsnipdark_lord: for that one shot command, yes18:41
dark_lordActionParsnip, Can you suggest me some source to read so that I can get more knowledge on that .18:42
ActionParsnipdark_lord: and as only root and other sudoers can set up users to be in the sudo group, it prevents users promoting themselves18:42
mahi_Can any one tell me which is help channel for Ubuntu?18:42
bekksmahi_: This one.18:42
[Gentoo]mahi_: this18:42
ActionParsnipmahi_: you are in it18:42
mahi_Thanks guys.... Please tell me which tool can I use as privacy cleaner? I use ccleaner on windows..18:43
FlowManmahi_, BleachBit18:43
MonkeyDustmahi_  http://ubuntu-tweak.com/    <-- janitor18:44
jonascjHi all. I'm stock in the grub rescue promt but I am unable to input "=" which is required for commands like "set root=/dev/...". Any suggestions? I'm using a danish keyboard. [shift]+[0] gives a "+" not a "=" as it it does in a texteditor / is suppsoed to.18:44
xanguamahi_: deleating cache and cookies is not gonna keep your privacy online if that is what you expect18:45
FlowManmahi_, BleachBit is in Software centre18:45
Antarwhen i try to install squid i get E : Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)18:45
Antarwhat is the solution ?18:45
bekksAntar: Whats the entire output of which command you are running?18:45
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mahi_I found some error while cleanning... like these18:46
mahi_[Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/share/i18n/locales/pa_PK'18:46
FlowManmahi_, with what?18:46
jribjonascj: echo '\075'18:46
mahi_in BleachBit18:46
Antar1 m to pastbin18:46
FlowManmahi_, it depends on what you are cleaning18:47
mahi_Cann't I Clean System?@ flowman18:47
[Gentoo]mahi_: what are you trying to clean18:48
Antarbekks http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026061/18:48
tripelb12.04 i want to pit something into ~/.xchat but i am PROTECTED from seeing it by the overarching wisdom of my.masters. Can you help me? Will you?  PS gnome-classic18:48
bekksAntar: And please provide "lsb_release -a" in a pastebin.18:49
bazhangtripelb, a script? you can do this via the xchat preferences itself18:49
MonkeyDusttripelb  ask your masters to help you, i'm sure they have a reason to hide it for you18:49
FlowManmahi_, open the root bleachbit18:49
jribjonascj: you might also take a look at the output of « dumpkeys » and search for '='18:49
mahi_Gentoo......System cache, localization, recent doc, temp files18:49
jonascjjrib: I think your suggestion is very good. It however took me to a ">" promt instead of "grub rescue>" ... maybe I used the wrong quotes18:50
mahi_how to open root bleachbit?18:50
Antarbekks http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026069/18:50
jribjonascj: hmm.  in grub rescue, I am not sure you have echo.  I'm not sure of the environment there18:50
[Gentoo]mahi_: gksudo bleachbit18:50
[Gentoo]mahi_: why do you need root for that18:50
FlowManmahi_, search for bleachbit in dash18:50
[Gentoo]wouldnt trust that18:50
FlowMan[Gentoo], gksu is no longer installed18:51
jribjonascj: are you able to change your keymap?18:51
jonascjjrib: I'm using VNC to access this computer. On the computer running the VNC viewer I am able to change the keymap. I do not think I can change keymap in the rescue promt it self.18:52
Antarbekks ?18:52
mahi_thanks guys18:53
tripelbfor the isnorant who replied CONTROL-H REVEALS HIDDEN FILES.18:53
bazhangtripelb, yes, thats correct18:54
bazhangtripelb, you can also choose "load script" or inside of xchat prefs, open the folder18:54
Jaap_JansenSuggestion on setting up the firewall?18:55
bazhangJaap_Jansen, not seen the ufw that I linked earlier?18:55
Jaap_Jansenbazhang, sorry18:55
bazhang!ufw | Jaap_Jansen18:56
ubottuJaap_Jansen: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo18:56
Antarbekks if you arent ready to answer me i will reboot my computer and back ?18:56
Jaap_Jansenbazhang, i know ufw.  But I uninstalled the networkmanager. Wil it also work without the networkmanager?18:57
Jaap_Jansenbazhang, and why ufw and not the iptables?18:57
OerHeksJaap_Jansen, ufw is just a ip table builder, and gufw the frontend19:00
OerHeksenable ufw, and you will notice all running services are written in the rules19:00
Jaap_JansenOerHeks, OK, I saw the app. firebuilder what you can use to set up the iptables. UFW does the same as firebuilder then? It configure iptables?19:01
CurseNobodythis is showing in terminal, The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required:  linux-image-generic Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove it. what to do?19:02
OerHeksJaap_Jansen, Yes. UFW is disabled by default, so it won't bite firewallbuilder19:02
=== CurseNobody is now known as Newbie1
OerHeksCurseNobody, leave it, or remove it.19:03
=== Newbie1 is now known as Newbie10
Jaap_JansenOerHeks, so I can try UFW first. I think UFW is easier to configure. But i don't know if i can use it for a configuration with a WAN, LAN en DMZ as interface cards19:03
katkissonMan, I can't get on hardware for anything, even if I try to change my nickname. Does anyone know if  a refresh of 60 is cooler or hotter than 75 for a monitor?19:03
OerHeksJaap_Jansen, that could be tricky, multiple lancards.19:04
Newbie10OerHeks, thats my question, should i leave it or remove it? is it gonna cause anything?19:04
Antarbekks --19:04
OerHeksNewbie10, it just takes diskspace.19:05
Newbie10OerHeks, nothing else? gonna leave it then anyway19:05
Antarmy ubuntu is slow , is there anyway to increase my speed a little guys ?19:05
Jaap_JansenOerHeks, i thought so, that is why i looked a bit further and saw firewalbuilder to configure the iptables. But it is far more complicated then the use of ufw19:05
Newbie10Antar, slow?19:05
OerHeksNewbie10, and your grub menu will be 1 instance longer.19:05
AntarYeah Newbie1019:06
AntarYeah Newbie10 after click something on the behavior19:06
Newbie10OerHeks, ohh, so just "sudo apt-get autoremove" will remove it?19:06
Antarnewbie10 my computer is 1GB of ram19:07
DragYourHalohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6023929/ - Had a couple of people help a few things last night to no avail. Anyone have any ideas?19:07
Newbie10Antar, please use Lubuntu or Xubuntu19:07
SkeeterBUGH Adobe pisses me off by stopping support flash player for linux19:07
Newbie10ubottu, !lubuntu | Antar19:07
ubottuAntar: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.19:07
Newbie10Antar, what?19:08
Antari want to use the default ubuntu it a good theme and envirenoment19:08
ActionParsnipdragyourhalo: is there not a PPA for what you need?19:08
Newbie10Antar, well, looks like your hardware cant run unity19:09
SkeeterBAntar: just download ubunt from ubuntu.com19:09
AntarNewbie10 anyway to increase the speed without using the lxde or xsfce19:09
cheesecakesActionParsnip: google-chrome solved the flash slowness thing19:09
ActionParsnipanyar: you can makebother sesions look like Ubuntu with Ambiance-like themes19:09
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: awesome19:09
blaircsehey ppl, I've been getting the error    "ata_id[293]: HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed for '/dev/sdb': Invalid argument "   on boot, and one of my external usb drives isn't working properly. The drive takes about 5 - 10 extra min from boot up to mount, any suggestions would be awesome19:10
pure /wc19:11
SkeeterBmy hardware is pretty old, but it runs Unity fine. Its a Via VA10 mobo using an AMD 1800+ CPU ,1 GB RAM and a NVIDIA vid card w/ 512MB onboard19:11
ActionParsnipblaircse: set the sata to ide compatibility mode19:11
AntarSketterB which command i use to get the info ?19:12
Antari will pastebin19:12
DragYourHaloActionParsnip: PPA?19:12
ActionParsnipskeeterb: the nvidia will help things. i suggest a ram upgrade. ram is stupidly cheap19:12
ActionParsnipdragyourhalo: yes19:12
v33did nvidia release a driver which natively supports optimus, or, are we stuck with bumblebee still?19:12
DragYourHaloActionParsnip: Brain fart... elaborate lol19:12
ActionParsnipv33: bumblebee is native19:12
B0Rg666 zorin os 7 is based off part of ubuntu for new users19:12
B0Rg666isnt it19:13
v33ActionParsnip: i thought they had a driver which took care of all that so there was no longer a need for it...i may be mistaken19:13
ActionParsnipdragyourhalo: its a 3rd party package source of someone that has already compiled and package at that version19:13
B0Rg666to give new users a windows like interface to learn from19:13
OerHeksB0Rg666, zorin has a wiki, we do not know really19:13
ActionParsnipb0rg666: maybe but its not supported here19:13
cheesecakesgetting 30fps like a boss19:14
B0Rg666ok i was reading about distros19:14
blaircse<ActionParsnip> :   thanks, do you know a command for this?19:14
ActionParsnipv33: it still uses the nvidia driver. its just a switch. optimus (imho) is best avoided19:14
B0Rg666im looking to walk away from windos19:15
schoppenhauerhello. I have a kyocera fs 1030d. i can install it, and it appears to be recognized. but even when trying to print a test page, i get an error "client-error-document-format-not-supported"19:15
DragYourHaloActionParsnip: I've lookd all over google for help with this, an rpm or something and I haven't found anything at all. I just don't understand how apt-get says that libmysqlclient installs but there is nothing there at all.19:15
SkeeterBi have 2 gigs not 1gig i forgot that19:15
ActionParsnipblaircse: its a setting in bios. not in ubuntu so no there is no command19:15
andyccDragYourHalo: I'm no expert, but why not try finding libmysqlclient.so and pass it to ./configure using --with-mysql-lib= ?19:15
v33ActionParsnip: agreed on the avoiding part, however i already have a laptop that has it. lol so essentially i still have to use bumblebee19:15
ActionParsnipskeeterb: 2Gb ram is fine19:15
ActionParsnipdragyourhalo: google isnt very good here.19:16
blaircseActionParsnip:   awesome! thanks :D19:16
SkeeterBthe only thing that bothers me about linux is how some media producters (Adobe) has stopped support for Linux users19:17
ActionParsnipdragyourhalo: go to http://www.duckduckgo.com and search for: !ppa mysqltcl19:17
ChogyDanSkeeterB: you can still get flash on chrome19:17
ActionParsnipdragyourhalo: it will send the search to launchpad and search for the package. You will need to trawl the results to see if they support your release etc.19:18
ActionParsnipschppenhauer: how did you install the printer?19:21
ActionParsnipschppenhauer: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue19:21
schoppenhauerActionParsnip: Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l19:22
schoppenhauerActionParsnip: I used the usual UI-Method from XFCE4 (xubuntu)19:22
SkeeterBi don't trust google19:24
bazhang!ot | SkeeterB19:25
ubottuSkeeterB: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:25
ActionParsnipschoppenhauer: try removing the printer from Ubuntu and powering it off and reboot. Try adding it from http://localhost:63119:26
schoppenhauerActionParsnip: how can I activate localhost:631. it is disabled under ubuntu per default.19:27
ActionParsnipschoppenhauer: its active and available. Not disabled at all.19:28
LopeHi I'm having problems hibernating. when I click Quit>Hibernate, the next time I boot my PC it is as if I just pressed "Shut Down" because it just does a fresh boot.19:28
ActionParsniplope: does the system have a make and model19:28
schoppenhauerActionParsnip: well, when trying to access it with firefox, I get an empty page19:28
schoppenhauerActionParsnip: that was why I used the GUI-thingy in the first place.19:29
LopeAction: I've got a Laptop, Asus N53SV i7 16GB RAM my linux partition is 32GB (EXT4), my swap partition is 32GB (Linux Swap).19:29
cjpcjp_Would there be a reason why bash wouldn't startup on.. well, startup?19:29
cjpcjp_When I reboot, I'm not in bash anymore. Not sure why?19:30
auronandaceLope: 32gb swap seems rather excessive19:30
Lopeauronandace: well I have 16GB RAM and I might upgrade to 32GB so I disagree.19:30
bekksFor hibernation, thats needed.19:31
schoppenhauerActionParsnip: the error_log sais "Error in the push function." and "A TLS fatal alert has been received." when trying to access it.19:31
auronandaceLope: wow, 32gb of ram seems huge to me, just out of curiosity what do you use it for?19:32
LopeI run VM's and also use ramdisks sometimes19:32
LopeI run servers and use my development PC for testing and developing stuff involving VM's19:32
LopeSo far 16GB is working well, but I haven't been running more than 1 VM at a time usually. that can change.19:34
ActionParsnipaurondance: really? I work on multi VM servers with terabytes of RAM...19:34
Lopeon average I have 12GB used.19:34
Lopeat the moment its quite time consuming opening and closing all my programs each time I want to switch off my PC. so I'd like to get hibernation working.19:35
ActionParsniplope: whybdid you not add the model to the inotial question?19:35
ActionParsniplope: do you have the latest bios?19:36
ActionParsniplope: are there any bugs reported?19:37
LopeI do have the latest BIOS yes.19:37
andycclope: is GRUB2 configured correctly? https://wiki.debian.org/Grub#line-9519:37
Lopedoes GRUB affect the ability to hibernate?19:37
X-Useris Brightside a good app?19:38
jpdsLope: I can run 4 KVM VMs on my i5/8GB Dell at a time.19:38
* bekks can run even more than 4 vms on am i5/8GB at a time.19:39
jpdsbekks: ...before things start feeling slow.19:39
Lopejpds: Yes it depends how much ram you give them and how much ram your host is using etc of course you can squeeze loads of VMs out of most PCs, but getting them running smoothly is another story.19:39
bekksjpds: Yes.19:39
=== clepto1995|away is now known as clepto1995
andyccLope: GRUB needs to pass your swap partition to the kernel at boot. On Ubuntu, it _should_ do that automatically.19:40
jpdsLope: Usually I give them 512/1G each, and things do feel smooth.19:40
LopeI've run loads of VMs as well. i wasn't implying I'm limited to 1. I only need one lately thats all I was saying. and my PC normally has 12GB ram used.19:40
caraelhow can I install ubuntu on my pc ??19:40
jpds!install | carael19:40
ubottucarael: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate19:40
schoppenhauerdoes anybody have an idea?19:41
Lopeandycc: well my system boots without any problems so I imagine my GRUB is fine then?19:41
andyccLope: well, that's the problem, it _just boots_. It should resume.19:41
Lopeandycc: so does resuming have different requirements regarding GRUB19:42
andyccLope: take a look at the Archwiki section on GRUB configuration - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Hibernate#Required_kernel_parameters19:42
jpdsLope: No.19:43
jpdsLope: Check /var/log/pm-suspend.log19:44
fungaare there a lot of freelance elisp jobs out there - say - compared to php/msql/apache or python... what kind of work would you usually be doing in elisp? or would you mostly be configuring your editor so you can code in another language?19:45
fungaor compared to c#, .NET ... etc19:45
Lopeandycc: I've just checked out /etc/default/grub and I see that my GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""19:46
andyccfunga: wrong channel, try #programming.19:46
Lopeso I will change it to add the resume option for my swap partition.19:46
Sadodahi have question19:46
Lopehopefully I won't break my ability to boot :)19:46
fungaandycc: alrighty then thanks19:46
jpdsLope: I have the same and my laptop works fine with suspend/hibernate.19:46
abaddon_Hey, does anyone know the key combination to grab windows and move them about?19:46
jpdsabaddon_: Alt, left click on window?19:47
andyccLope: yeah, just booted up my Ubuntu system and it's the same... looks like it's not GRUB19:47
Lopejpds: you mean you don't have the resume option set in your GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX ?19:47
jpdsLope: I don't.19:47
Lopeah, I wonder why I can't hibernate then :/19:47
jpdsLope: That's why I told you to check the log to found out what the systme is actually complaining about rather than guessing.19:47
Lopeoh sorry I missed that.19:48
abaddon_jpds, nope, not working?19:48
jpdsLope: /var/log/pm-suspend.log19:48
wilee-nileeabaddon_, alt to move with cursor19:48
Lope/usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/75modules hibernate hibernate: not applicable.19:49
Lope/usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/94cpufreq hibernate hibernate: success.19:49
abaddon_wilee-nilee,  not doing it ether?19:49
Lopeoh actually there are a lot of diff lines19:50
jpdsLope: Find an error message or so.19:50
wilee-nileeabaddon_, What release and desktop?19:50
andyccabaddon_: what desktop environment are you using?19:50
abaddon_wilee-nilee,  Wait, sorry, I didn't hold left mouse19:50
Lopethere are a few errors, none look too critical so far... /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/99video: 22: /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/99video: shopt: not found19:50
jpdsLope: That's fine.19:50
abaddon_wilee-nilee,  I assumed itd grab by default and id just drag19:50
abaddon_Thanks guys19:51
Lopeis it safe to delete this log so I can try hibernate and resume again to reduce the clutter?19:51
wilee-nileeabaddon_ the header will left click and grab.19:51
Lopejpds: suspend works fine by the way. its just hibernate that has problems,.19:51
abaddon_wilee-nilee, Ahhh, it worked thx19:52
jpdsLope: How much RAM/swap do you have?19:52
Lope16GB RAM 32GB swap19:52
jpdsLope: Interesting, using any special modules?19:52
wilee-nileeLope, this a desktop? does the sleeo work?19:53
Lopehmm, not that I can think of I mean I have LVM running for a data partition, but my linux and swap partitions are separate to that.19:53
=== platius is now known as gnubie
LopeLaptop suspend works.19:53
jpdsLope: That's irrelevant, my swap sits in LVM.19:53
=== gnubie is now known as Guest53729
wilee-nileeLope, I would use the suspend myself, hibernate takes a s long to work as a boot but thats just me.19:54
LopeI can try delete the log /var/log/pm-suspend.log and try again to see exactly whats up19:54
jpdsLope: Start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspendHibernateResume19:54
Lopewilee-nilee: its more so that I don't have to open and close all my programs19:54
dosasI have a strange problem with my sound settings in ubuntu 12.0419:54
usr13Lope: What size is your swap partition?19:54
jpdsusr13: 32GB.19:55
Lope16GB RAM 32GB swap19:55
wilee-nileeLope, suspend you would not it just eats battery time in small increments is all.19:55
dosasi can choose analog surround 5.1 for analog output19:55
dosasbut i cannot choose it over spdif in the digital output tab19:55
Lopewilee-nilee: trying to save electricity though19:55
Lopemaybe its silly hehe19:55
LopeLaptop is plugged in so battery is not an issue.19:56
dosasand another strange thing is that the subwoofer for the analog sourround soudn is only active for one song19:56
BluesKajdosas, install pavucontrol , also in alsamixer choose spdif if possible19:56
wilee-nileeLope, Hehe, you can only go so OCD on that sort of thang. ;)19:56
dosasi have already isntalled pavucontrol and in alsamixer spdif is enabled 0019:57
dosasthere is no level adjustement though19:57
dosasi cannot choose digital surround in pavucontrol19:58
jpdsLope: I would go through the debug page19:59
Lopecat /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume gives me the UUID of my swap partition.19:59
Lopejpds: doing it now, thanks19:59
BluesKajdosas, there is no level ctrl , but there is an option if you use up/down arrow key to find the pcm out option19:59
Lopeoh I found the cause!!!19:59
BluesKajdosas, in the spdif ctrl20:00
=== alin is now known as Guest90071
schoppenhauerwell, when I increase the loglevel to "debug", i get Unsupported format "application/octet-stream". but in /usr/share/cups/mime/mime.types, there is an entry application/octet-stream20:00
Lopehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspendHibernateResume my home partition is encrypted and therefore so is my swap. Hibernation works with an encrypted swap, but resume fails.... lol.20:00
jpdsLope: Just reformat your swap, uncrypted.20:00
Lopejpds: I'd rather not.20:01
LopeThey have a workaround where you choose a password for your swap, and enter it at bootup.20:01
usr13Lope: swap encrypted?  Never heard of that?  Didn't know you could.20:01
Lopeusr13: See the link I pasted.20:01
jpdsLope: No, I don't see that working.20:03
Lopeto encrypt your swap: sudo ecryptfs-setup-swap20:03
wilee-nileeLope, If you are registered with freenode you might try ##linux as well.20:03
Lopeanother page about it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome20:04
Lopeokay thanks20:04
usr13Lope: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #Send us resulting URL.20:05
dosassolved it thanks20:06
X-Useranybody know how to control volume in Radio Tray?20:06
dosasi think spdif only works in 12.1020:06
BluesKajdosas, nope I've used since 8.1020:07
dosasokay but what's the trick20:07
dosasanalog surround works fine20:08
SwashBucklaIt seems that my new install of Ubuntu 13.04 loads _no_ modules _whatsoever_20:08
=== Guest5830 is now known as McPeter
dosasis what i foudn but i cannot install it20:08
SwashBucklaA quick inspection of lsmod shoes that no modules were loaded. This is a stark contrast to the state of my machine in livecd, which loads _all_ of the appropriate modules20:09
BluesKajtrick , make sure your pcm level is above 80%20:09
dosasi cannot choose surround for the digital output only stereo20:10
mattwj2002hi people20:10
* mattwj2002 is currently installing ubuntu20:10
BluesKajdosas, which player are you using20:10
dosasit's not the player20:11
LopeI found a guide to getting hibernation working with encrypted swap: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnableHibernateWithEncryptedSwap20:11
mattwj2002I love vlc20:11
dosasme too20:11
dosasbut not for music20:11
mahi_Hello, Can anyone tell me which application is alternative for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in Ubuntu?20:11
dosasor gimp20:11
AnhoCould someone please help me with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026348/ may be kind of complicated20:12
mattwj2002I like gimp but it sounds bad20:12
compexgimp is nice. Very powerful once you learn to use it20:12
compexYou can always just run photoshop in wine20:12
compexit runs pretty well20:12
X-Userwhere to get equalizer presets for Audacious?20:12
mattwj2002gimp in American English is a negative term for someone that is handicapped :)20:12
BluesKajdosas, in pavucontrol , no spdif out ?20:13
Anhoalso dont know how get http://paste.ubuntu.com/ to NOT be only on one line20:13
mattwj2002a derrogatory term for someone that is disabled or has a medicial problem that results in physical impairment.20:13
wilee-nileeAnho, This is ubuntu support only.20:13
mattwj2002I am recreating my mythtv box :)20:14
dosasBluesKaj: no in pavu control i have analog output of every kind and stereo iec95820:14
dosasi tried already loading kernel moules snd-hda-intel  and all that stuff20:14
BluesKajdosas , does the pcm option show up in alsamixer/20:14
dosasit shows20:15
Anhoyes I know problem is ubuntu in VirtualBox just u need to know about the firewall20:15
dosasit is cranked up to amx20:15
BluesKajthen it should show in pavuci=ontri=olk as well20:15
BluesKajpavucontrol rather20:15
SwashBucklaHi there -- It seems that my new install of Ubuntu 13.04 loads _no_ modules _whatsoever_. Can anyone diagnose this problem? `lsmod` shows nothing but the column headers. `lspci -nnn -k` shows that no modules loaded for the pci cards it sees.20:15
maxflaxHow do I fix so I don't need to be root for reading USB devices on my computer20:16
=== colin_ws is now known as __colin__
mattwj2002if I see the facetime app commercial again.... I am going to vomit20:16
wilee-nileemaxflax, usb devices? be specific, and if partitioned what type.20:17
mattwj2002does anyone else have a mythtv box?20:17
maxflaxwilee-nilee,  Any Usb flash stick20:17
reisiomattwj2002: probably someone else20:18
wilee-nilee!ot | mattwj2002 keep the opinions to yourself20:18
ubottumattwj2002 keep the opinions to yourself: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:18
BluesKajSwashBuckla, install dkms then update, upgrade and dist-upgrade20:18
wilee-nileemaxflax, With what type of partitions?20:18
jwtiyarwhen i want to update system shows this http://tinyurl.com/mo4cwxa ,i dont know how to fix20:18
maxflaxwilee-nilee,  Doesn't matter all usb sticks regardless partition type20:19
SwashBucklaBluesKaj: I can't do anything of the sort. I don't have any modules for my network interface devices20:19
dosasBluesKaj: should yes20:19
Alaevhi guys, how to I remove the quit and join message in xchat? [first time using it on ubuntu].20:19
SwashBucklaBluesKaj: right now I am in a livecd environment20:20
bazhangAlaev, right channel name20:20
wilee-nileemaxflax, That makes no sense a fat 32 would not need root how are you mounting them, in fstab or plugging? What is the OS?20:20
maxflaxwilee-nilee, The one im trying to access now is fat32 thou20:20
bazhangAlaev, right click20:20
BluesKajSwashBuckla, sounds like you have an incomplete install20:20
maxflaxwilee-nilee,  plugging and running ubuntu 13.0420:20
Alaevbazhang,  and?20:20
BluesKajdosas try a reboot20:20
wilee-nileemaxflax, Have you reformatted any in 13.04?20:21
bazhangAlaev, see the menu?20:21
dosasi already did several times20:21
nutzzhey guys, i'm a beginner in linux, i'm trying to change the value of $PS1 env. variable with this value "[\t \j] ", but it returns me  this error http://pastium.org/view/ae41a90581c4acb9f8293e88b08072d920:21
Alaevbazhang, yep.20:21
dosasalready tried this20:21
SwashBucklaBluesKaj: this has happened 4 times now. I'll admit I'm using the same install media each time I retry though20:21
maxflaxwilee-nilee, So I figured that I must have messed up the groups on my user or something.20:21
dosasbut then then nothing worked anymore20:21
=== NimeshNeema is now known as AgentSmith
SwashBucklaBluesKaj: perhaps I can try again with a new install medium20:21
bazhangAlaev, settings> hide joins/parts?20:21
Alaevbazhang, i tryed via the advanced "QUIT" [removing the snippets]. didnt save my changes.20:22
AnhoI know that it is a bit detailed but could someone please look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026348/ for me? The problem is with Ubuntu20:22
wilee-nileemaxflax, Do run in terminal in general with sudo -l to get no sudo access?20:22
maxflaxwilee-nilee, Yes I have formatted stuff in 13.0420:22
Alaevbazhang, Done! thank you!20:22
BluesKajSwashBuckla,well you know waht they say about trying something the same several times expecting a different result20:22
SwashBucklaBluesKaj: I tried different things within the install process20:22
wilee-nileemaxflax, What I wonder is if like some users you have been using su, or using a rooted terminal....etc or have run in rot?20:23
SwashBucklaBluesKaj: now it's time to try a different install image altogether20:23
SwashBucklaBluesKaj: and if that doesn't work a different distribution20:23
Alaevbazhang, is there any way to push the join/quit log into new tab?20:23
BluesKajSwashBuckla, ok good luck , perhaps a different image will be successful20:24
bazhangAlaev, not sure , perhaps try #xchat20:24
=== pedro_ is now known as Guest26774
mahi_As I can see from the review of Gimp, It is similar to Photoshop......Is there any other App as alternative for Illustrator?20:24
AnhoI know that it is a bit detailed but could someone please look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026348/ for me? The problem is with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS20:24
maxflaxwilee-nilee, I use sudo all the time ofc, but for me to be able to read a inserted usb memory I need to gksudo thunar or nautlius20:24
wilee-nileejwtiyar, pastebin sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade20:24
Alaevbazhang, Tnx. will give it a try now.20:25
bazhang!equivalents | mahi_20:25
ubottumahi_: A comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot20:25
bazhangmahi_, check that link20:25
mahi_Thanks guys20:25
wilee-nileemaxflax, I'm not sure I have never had that happen. You mention permissions is all, can you elaborate on that in what you have done there.20:25
JacobGuy7800I wanted to ask you guys20:26
wilee-nileeJacobGuy7800, ask away the channel is busy20:26
JacobGuy7800the channel is busy so I should Not ask?20:27
usr13maxflax: pastebinit /etc/group  #Lets have a look.20:27
wilee-nileeJacobGuy7800, No just stae the issues. ;)20:27
BluesKajdosas, this might work , open /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf with root permissions , thenadd this line at the bottom , options snd-hda-intel index=0 , save the file and reboot20:27
maxflaxwilee-nilee, I do alot of stuff, tinkering and such and wouldn't surprise me if I did something with a group. Is there a certain group I need to be in in order to read and write to a usb stick?20:27
=== Guest26774 is now known as Nando
wilee-nileemaxflax, Not sure, my assumption is just the regular user, not an area I fully up on, if you tinker be sure to document. ;)20:28
JacobGuy7800well I'm thinking a bout buying a chromebook and putting Ubuntu on it is it worth it or should I spend more on a win 8 licence20:28
maxflaxwilee-nilee, http://pastebin.com/3xxaaUg020:29
bazhangJacobGuy7800, try #ubuntu-offtopic20:29
wilee-nileeJacobGuy7800, That has a specialized kernel that would not be supported.20:29
usr13maxflax: netdev20:29
JacobGuy7800Then I have a mother question20:29
AnhoI know that it is a bit detailed but could someone please look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026348/ for me? The problem is with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS20:29
=== AgentSmith is now known as NimeshNeema
maxflaxusr13,  then it might be it.. im not in that group20:30
wilee-nileemaxflax, I'm  not up on al of that basically, not sure I can help beyond getting this far. ;)20:30
JacobGuy7800if i share a drive via the properties panel in win 7 over a network, will it show up in Ubuntu?20:30
dosasBluesKaj: no that didn't do it20:30
dosasin the forums is always talk about the a5220:31
dosaswhich should be enabled in asound.conf20:31
BluesKajdosas, did you create that /etc/asound.conf file as suggested in the tutorial you posted ?20:31
wilee-nileeJacobGuy7800, I would not bother with that chrombook just to save money, get a computer that will run what you want that has good support.20:31
dosasyes i did but then i started having problems getting sound20:32
=== NimeshNeema is now known as AgentBrown
dosasbut do i have to add this to existing asound.conf or completely new20:32
usr13maxflax: sudo usemod -a -G netdev max20:32
wilee-nileeJacobGuy7800, YOu get what you pay for, don;t forget.20:32
BluesKajdump it , it's not meant for ubuntu anyway, dosas20:32
JacobGuy7800I had the question specific to Ubuntu though20:32
ahmed_Hello friends ..how can i to open facebook on ubuntu?  it's censorship in my country20:32
maxflaxusr13,  Jupp I known ;)20:32
wilee-nileeahmed_, we can't help you there.20:33
usr13maxflax: reboot20:33
JacobGuy7800I wanted to network my desktop Pc with Ubuntu and I share my drive via the properties panel in win. will it show up in raring?20:33
BluesKajahmed_, you'll have to use a vpn like any other OS20:33
usr13maxflax: Or log out and back in again and restart udev20:35
maxflaxusr13, googling a way to avoid logging out :)20:36
odyssey4meI need to set my dns server temporarily while I resetup a server's networking. For some reason it's not working. Any thoughts on how I can do this.20:36
wilee-nileeJacobGuy7800, You are asking a cross OS question.20:36
wilee-nileeno supported20:36
reallyhey wilee-nilee :)20:36
JacobGuy7800I'm asking if it is compatible with UBUNTU RARING20:36
usr13maxflax: Wait, I'm wrong, netdev is for network manager.20:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:36
DoctorD90!patience DoctorD9020:37
wilee-nileeJacobGuy7800, Don't shout and have some patience, use samba.20:37
JacobGuy7800sorry than20:37
DoctorD90!help DoctorD9020:37
usr13maxflax: It's plugdev and you are already member of that one.  (wont hurt to be a member of netdev as well though....)20:37
JacobGuy7800I gues the reason #ubuntu is so awesome is case everyone's nice20:37
bazhangJacobGuy7800, using samba?20:38
BluesKajDoctorD90, just ask your question20:38
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/20:38
JacobGuy7800I dunno20:38
reallyis it true that Ubuntu released are not even tested before it is released to the public? security concerns?20:38
bazhangJacobGuy7800, network file sharing/ samba, or what20:38
usr13maxflax: So how are you mounting the usb devices?  Automount?20:38
AntarHi evrbdy20:38
AnhoI know that it is probably quite inconvenient to read all this but could someone please look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026348/ for me? The problem is with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS20:38
OerHeksreally, no.20:38
Anhoplease :)20:39
maxflaxusr13, Jepp.. automount ubuntu style20:39
JacobGuy7800no, just using the properties panel in windows 720:39
bazhangJacobGuy7800, doubtful20:39
Antarcan i export an application from a ubuntu iso file ?20:39
dosasAnho: you sure TOR is anonymous20:39
usr13maxflax: mount | pastebinit20:39
usr13maxflax: Show us....20:39
JacobGuy7800rite click on a drive select properties and share it20:39
JacobGuy7800that's what i do20:39
BluesKajreally, nor=t true there are several stages/phases of testing by brave volunteers who sacrifice their time for free to test alpha abd beta releases20:39
dosasAnho: why don't you use the livecd of TOR20:39
bazhangJacobGuy7800, on the windows end? or the ubuntu side20:40
Anhoyes TOR is running and says connected20:40
Anhoon win720:40
JacobGuy7800on the windows end20:40
Antarany one with me ?20:40
JacobGuy7800I share a disk on my windows Pc20:40
OerHeksAnho sounds like a Damm small linux issue20:40
bazhangJacobGuy7800, no, you'd need to configure it on ubuntu as well20:41
reallyAnho, you can use TAILS20:41
JacobGuy7800there's two computers...20:41
JacobGuy7800the drive is in one20:41
bazhangJacobGuy7800, yes. so configure both20:41
reallyAnho, or you can use the Tor browser or the new PirateBay Tor browser20:41
xatr0zwell he wants a secure vm, so in that case i would suggest tails as well instead of tor client20:42
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JacobGuy7800okay. I'll test it when I get home20:42
xatr0zjust make sure the host is is secure and minimal setup20:42
Alaevquick one, did any one use digital ocean as cloud server? are they good?20:42
bazhangAlaev, thats not on topic here20:42
bazhangAlaev, try #ubuntu-offtopic20:42
Antarany bdy here ?20:42
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=== VD is now known as Guest39087
reallyi think the i2p network is more secure, anonymous and more decentralized than Tor, but Tor is easier to use with regular webpages20:43
mnewtonI have a a script when i need to do sudo make install, after that all the stuff in my script gets put in the password - how do i prevent that?20:43
Alaevbazhang, tnx20:43
xatr0zAntar: probably, would know how. But cant you just download the specific application?20:43
wilee-nileeAntar, get more ram what is the chip>?20:43
maxflaxusr13,  http://pastebin.com/M0EStkKS20:43
Antari havent a good internet connection20:43
OerHeksmnewton, why sudo + make install ?20:43
=== Guest42497 is now known as DaphneGreengrass
Antarwilee-nilee Intel20:44
mnewtonOerHeks: Install vim from source want to install on whole system20:44
AntarDell Latitude D610 famous20:44
reisiohi guest79220:44
wilee-nileeAntar, you will get no real help here without specific details to be honest.20:45
usr13maxflax: ls -l /media/max/PENDRIVE |pastebinit20:45
Antarwilee-nilee ok20:45
MonkeyDustAntar  repeat your question every 10-15 minutes, until someone enters who can help20:45
dosasAntar: what is your question20:45
OerHeksmnewton, i would use checkinstall > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall20:46
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, sorryy , http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026440/20:46
wilee-nileedosas, YOU have been on long enough to look for that info.20:46
Antari wounder if can i export an application from a ubuntu iso file ?20:46
dosaswilee-nilee: to lazy to scroll back20:46
MonkeyDustAntar  you mean extract?20:47
=== Companion is now known as companion
Antarexport it then import to my ubuntu20:47
maxflaxusr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026443/20:47
mnewtonOerHeks: wont the sudo aptitude install checksinstall break the script20:47
mnewtonwhen the user enters the password for sudo?20:47
wilee-nileedosas, Then expect to be reminded of this it is busy here, to busy to be stupid.20:48
maxflaxusr13,  Had to sudo to be able to list it thou :)20:48
Anhoplease allow me to link the guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c6FqP33qjp67-INWv1cjMd_eXrnS25DS-mcaVh2a8JY/edit?usp=sharing         step 9-10 & 16 is where something could have gone wrong b/c I am just following directions and dont know linux well enough to get what it is doing.  also guide was written almost 9 months ago20:48
=== bellasbells is now known as Guest79515
OerHeksmnewton, nope, not to my knowledge20:48
reisioAnho: that your document?20:49
xatr0zAntar: you probably could just mount it by rightclicking the iso and open with -> disk image mounter20:49
AntarMonkeyDust understand me ?20:49
=== Guest79515 is now known as DaphneGreengrass
usr13maxflax: ls -ld /media/max/pendrive20:49
xatr0zAntar: then you should be able to access the contents, maybe you can find a ubuntu or dists directory somewhere20:49
Anhofrom a poster on onion site20:50
Antarxatr0z i know but where can i found my application on milions of files :) ?20:50
xatr0zim not sure if that really is the case but i suspect it just looks like a normal mirror, which means you can browse it and install teh program you want20:50
xatr0zwhich application?20:50
Anhobut that is my google account yes20:50
wilee-nileejwtiyar, Your first mini url had no real info, you have a gpg error in this update, what is the actual problem will it not install the updates, you would need a dist-upgrade for the kernels run.20:50
maxflaxusr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026450/20:51
Antarxatr0z lets say Gimp =20:51
reisioAnho: you might mention to him that the internet supports this format called HTML :p20:51
Antarxatr0z ....20:52
AntarMonkeyDust ....20:52
wilee-nileejwtiyar, Can you pastebin what you get with his command. grep -vr "^#" /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/}20:53
=== aaass is now known as aaas
xatr0zAntar: /ubuntu/pool/main/g/gimp/20:54
Antarxatr0z .... Greate20:54
Antarxatr0z .... Lets Search20:54
Anhoreisio: so yes I have done EVERYTHING it said and am at the end20:54
usr13maxflax:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026443/ is not what I wanted to see, (I wanted to see the error).  But I see that /media/max/pedrive is drwx------ when it should be drwxr-xr-x and am not sure why.20:54
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6026464/20:54
Antarxatr0z what is the Extention ?20:54
reisioAnho: neat20:55
usr13maxflax: pastebinit /etc/fstab20:55
xatr0zAntar: you need to have a .deb file for your setup20:55
Antarxatr0z soooo20:55
Anhowhen I enter "ssh -N -L 9150: root@" it says, "ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable".  Any ideas why? Also, I keep getting a pop-up saying, "Wired Network Disconnected - you are now offline".20:55
xatr0zamd64 is for 64bit, i386 for 32bit20:55
usr13maxflax: chmod 755 /media/max/pendrive  #Should fix it, but am wondering why it is the way it is now.20:56
maxflaxusr13, the error message is just saying access denied20:56
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, i did update from terminal with no problem just mentioned that some packages can not be install with out authentication so i said install it without auth.20:56
xatr0zAntar: you can find out which one you have by opening an terminal and typing uname -a20:56
xatr0zand probably as well in the about this computer screen20:56
Antarxatr0z Yeah exactly thx20:57
Antarxatr0z there is main20:57
wilee-nileejwtiyar, I would be running sudo apt-get dist-upgrade everytime thats what I do, and make sure you are not doing partital upgrades is al. And check if you really need all those PPA's they are not technically supported here is all.20:57
maxflaxusr13,  chmod 755 will work even after removing and insering again?20:57
Antarxatr0z on the pool dir20:57
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, i just like some ppa's so i will install it thats problem made problem .20:58
usr13maxflax: pastebinit /etc/fstab   #Send URL20:58
Anhofor anyone who missed the link to the guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c6FqP33qjp67-INWv1cjMd_eXrnS25DS-mcaVh2a8JY/edit?usp=sharing         step 9-10 & 16 is where something could have gone wrong b/c I am just following directions and dont know linux well enough to get what it is doing.  also guide was written almost 9 months ago20:58
wilee-nileejwtiyar, You do have a gpg error I would fix, U can't tell what it is though.20:58
reisioAnho: you experiencing some problem?20:59
Anho2nd to last step20:59
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, if u need any more info i will20:59
Anhowhen I enter "ssh -N -L 9150: root@" it says, "ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable".  Any ideas why? Also, I keep getting a pop-up saying, "Wired Network Disconnected - you are now offline".20:59
maxflaxusr13, solved it.. did chmod 755 on my /media/max and now it works20:59
reisioAnho: what is that step meant to accomplish?21:00
usr13maxflax: Okey dokey21:00
maxflaxusr13,  thanks for all the help :)21:00
usr13maxflax: Not sure how it got that way tho ...21:00
wilee-nileejwtiyar, Try this tehn run a update agian to see if the error shows.  sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8D8847D52F4AAA6621:00
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, ok will see21:01
Anhoreisio: "Now you have told your Ubuntu machine to join the same network that your Firewall is on. Now we can establish a tunnel for TOR data to flow from our Ubuntu machine, through the Firewall, into your Windows guest machine. We need to establish two such tunnels."21:01
Anho"The first tunnel for port 9050 data, and the second tunnel for port 8118 data. When these two tunnels are set up, it will be possible for you to use your Ubuntu machine to access any website using TOR."21:02
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, problem gone21:02
maxflaxusr13,  I think that I might have created that folder with root or something - Could have been that it mounted to a folder in my homefolder and I didn't like that..21:02
reisioAnho: windows guest machine?...21:02
maxflaxusr13,  So I created that path instead-21:02
wilee-nileejwtiyar, Cool, enjoy, I would just use dist-upgrade in general, and make sure you don't do any partial upgrades.21:03
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, what will happen if i did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:03
jwtiyar ?21:03
Anhoguide says 9050 but TOR recently changed to 9150 so I use that21:03
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.21:03
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, what u mean by partial updates?21:03
Anhoyes Win721:03
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:03
wilee-nileejwtiyar, Partial updates is what you see when not all dependencies are available yet, it can brick you easily.21:04
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, i did fresh install of 13.04 before 4 months the partial updates windows every time shows when i want to update21:05
wilee-nileejwtiyar, Well, you did not know what that means and have a ton of PPA's, I'm not surprised, I suspect you have run those partials right?21:06
Anhoreisio: using Windows 721:06
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, LOL yes all ppa's worked when i install them21:07
reisioAnho: can you ping -c 3 www.yahoo.com ? are the IP's used correct?21:07
wilee-nileejwtiyar, I think you may not understand the definition of partial, a kernel being held is not a partial in the context I'm using, but a partial when you run a dist-upgrade, asically missing packages in a app.21:07
jwtiyarwilee-nilee, so its not good idea to install ppa's ?21:08
wilee-nileejwtiyar, Takes a little while to fully understand what and what not to do.....etc, I would just be sure to be backed up and even clonede on know2n working setups for easy of travel basically.21:09
jwtiyarwilee-nilee,  ok thank you very much21:09
agorado you guys provide help with ubuntu based distros like mint?21:09
wilee-nileejwtiyar, I would only use a PPA as a last resort, they are not supported here technically, and can cause problems at times.21:10
Anhoreisio: "ping -c 3 www.yahoo.com" yields "ping: unknown host www.yahoo.com"21:10
wilee-nileeagora, Sorry no, they have a channel.21:10
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:10
agorawilee-nilee dang, ok thanks21:11
wilee-nileeagora, Sorry, you might consider ubuntu mint is just ubuntu with a few easy plug and play options and I believe way less solid support.21:11
Elicoanyone have experience with KVM on ubuntu21:13
reisioElico: probably some ones have21:13
reisioprobably some ones here21:13
xatr0zjust ask your question, maybe someones knows the answer21:13
Elicothank xatr0z21:14
ElicoI want to install the basic OS on one SSD drive and the VMs on another storage..21:14
Elicolike a raid5..21:14
ElicoI dont want just the answer but more I want to hear about it from someone that have done this before...21:15
cstewartI have used Hardware KVM and synergy...what kind of KVM are you planning on using21:17
ihrekernel virtualisation method I presume?21:17
=== AgentBrown is now known as NimeshNeema
Elicocstewart: Windows, linux and BSD..21:18
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
wilee-nileeElico, cstewart for this discussion you might take it to #ubuntu-offtopic21:18
Elicowilee-nilee: in couple secs..21:18
wilee-nileeor as pm21:18
usr13Anho: What is in your /etc/resolv.conf  file? (nameserver)21:18
Elicoburn the ISO on the DOK is by dd if=.. etc anyone remember it?21:20
=== Zeroedout_ is now known as Zeroedout
violinapprenElico: is that a usb stick or a blank cd/dvd?21:22
Elicousb stick..21:22
Elicofrom ISO to usb DOK..21:22
violinapprenElico: then better use unetbootin instead of dd to lessen the risk of accidentally damaging another disk21:23
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent21:23
Elicowho is afraid of damagin the disk??21:23
Anhousr13: # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)       # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND - - YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN21:24
violinapprenElico: im talking in general21:24
reisioElico: dd can overwrite partitions and filesystems, is all21:24
reisioif you give it the "wrong" command21:24
chiquesWill Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS still have security updates available?21:25
ElicoOK so just know what drive you are working with...21:25
wilee-nileechiques, server is all that is supprted21:25
wilee-nileeno on the desktop21:25
Elico"sudo dd if=xyz.iso bs=4096 of=/dev/sdb"21:25
Elicothis is why sudo is there..21:25
reisioElico: right, don't mess up the of= bit21:26
chiqueswilee-nilee, ok, thanks21:26
wilee-nileechiques, NO problem, that is good info to know. ;)21:26
Elicothis is what gedit and geany is there for.. to pre write the command..21:27
reisioElico: eh...21:27
reisioElico: if you do it in a terminal, tab completion will keep you safer21:27
reisiowhat I do, when being ultra paranoid, is to run cfdisk /dev/foo21:27
reisioand observe the attributes of the device21:27
reisiothen I know it's the right device21:27
reisiopress up, leave the /dev/foo and replace the 'cfdisk'21:27
violinapprenand then write the command on a paper clip...21:28
Elicoreisio: thanks.21:29
visualisewrong, wrong chan! visualise!21:30
* visualise spanks visualise21:30
chiqueswilee-nilee, I believe the server version would be ubuntu-10.04.4-server-i386.iso for my 32 bit system21:30
bekkschiques: You should use 12.04 nowadays21:31
usr13Anho: If that is all that is in your /etc/resolv.conf file, that would explain why you can not resolve domain names.21:31
wilee-nileechiques, okay, you have checked the support time ending? NOt sure your point is all. ;)21:31
usr13Anho: host av.com21:32
chiquesbekks, my system sucks in performance with anything newer than 10.0421:32
chiquesbekks, it's an old faithful box21:32
usr13Anho: edit /etc/resolv.conf and add line:  nameserver    And try again.21:33
Anhoafter both comments?21:33
Anhousr13: it is read-only21:35
bekksAnho: gksu gedit ...21:36
usr13Anho: gksudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf21:36
usr13Anho: Yea, on a line by itself,  nameserver
Anhousr13 ok we r closer lol, umm21:42
Obi1Kenobei have ubuntu11.04  and downloaded ubuntu12.04 haow can i upgraded and keep my files ?21:43
bekksObi1Kenobe: Create a full backup of all your files, and reinstall.21:43
Obi1Kenobebeks any other way?21:43
k1l_!upgrade | Obi1Kenobe21:43
ubottuObi1Kenobe: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:43
fommilhi all… I tried using the ubuntu cross compiler for gnueabihf but the binaries didn't work on my RPi  any ideas what could have been wrong? Am I using the right cross compiler?21:43
bekksObi1Kenobe: No other way tjan backing up your data. Otherwise, it is not worth to be kept.21:44
=== Guest67468 is now known as NeoNiet
Anho"ssh -N -L 9150: root@"  works fine now but on the next terminal  "ssh -N -L 8118: root@" it says, "ssh: connect to host port 22: Network is unreachable"21:45
Obi1KenobeI have dual booth windows 7  and ubuntu Naty i don`t want delete anyting i have 85 Gig of documents21:45
=== CamC_ is now known as CamC
bekksObi1Kenobe: Then backup your entire system before reinstalling Ubuntu.21:46
k1l_Obi1Kenobe: did you acutally read what the bot said?21:46
violinappren  Anho: ping the host? (if its pingable, anyway)21:46
usr13Anho: ifconfig  |pastebinit21:46
k1l_Obi1Kenobe: and for 11.04 (its out of support for some time now) you need that too:21:46
k1l_!eol | Obi1Kenobe21:47
ubottuObi1Kenobe: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:47
Obi1Kenobei did but my upgrade manage don`t have the optin to upgrade  don`t know why i try using it21:47
bekksAnho: Are you using vbox vms? The IP addresses look pretty familiar :)21:47
usr13Anho: What is your IP address?21:47
AnhoOracle VM VirtualBox21:48
k1l_Obi1Kenobe: please read the latest message from the bot addressed to you21:48
bekksAnho: So you are ssh'ing from your host into one vm (which uses NAT) and then, from that vm trying to ssh into a second vm (which uses NAT,too)?21:48
bekksAnho: If so, thats not possible using your setup.21:48
Anhopastebin not installed21:49
Anhono umm21:49
Anhofirewall (Damn Small Linux) Adapter 1 NAT, Adapter 2 Internal Network21:50
k1l_orianny_machado: stop that nonsense21:51
AnhoUbuntu Adapter 1 Internal Network21:51
chiquesk1l_, ban him!!!!21:51
Anhobekks usr1321:51
usr13Anho: I think bekks has explained your issue.21:51
bekksAnho: As I said, thats not possible in your setup.21:52
arooni-mobile__how do i share my mobile broadband connection (connected via usb stick) over wifi?  ubuntu 13.0421:52
bekksAnho: VM2 does not have access to VM1 using NAT, because it isnt able to connect to the NAT address of VM1.21:53
=== nox93 is now known as nox404
arooni-mobile__how do i share my mobile broadband connection (connected via usb stick) over wifi?  ubuntu 13.0421:53
OerHeks!ics | arooni-mobile__21:54
ubottuarooni-mobile__: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing21:54
violinapprenarooni-mobile__: i dont recall any maintained GUI apps for doing that, but you can do it using dnsmasq + hostapd21:54
Anhohow would I fix it? the guide used to work flawlessly the ppl on HackBB claim21:54
arooni-mobile__violinappren, have a guide or something for thaqt21:55
reisioAnho: most things work flawlessly at a single point in time :)21:56
bekksAnho: Then ask those people to help you - I just can tell you that it isnt technically possible using your setup-21:57
Anhohow would you fix it?21:57
bekksAnho: I'd use a complete different setup and throw away that guide :)21:58
AnhoYou would still use a vm right?21:59
trixiepati want to stick my tongue into gamerkitten''s asshole22:00
trixiepatand run my tongue around in circles22:00
trixiepatputting it in very deep22:00
violinapprenarooni-mobile__: it's not that hard if you understand some networking basics, configure hostapd (see the man page) to act as a wireless access point on your wireless interface (with a fixed IP address), configure dnsmasq to listen on that interface for DHCP and DNS requests, configure your usb modem to automatically connect (you can use the network manager nm-tool and nm-cli for that) .. and configure IP masquerading/forwarding with ufw22:00
iampozI am having some problems with updates22:01
=== richard is now known as Guest60890
wilee-nilee!details > iampoz22:01
ubottuiampoz, please see my private message22:01
bekksAnho: Actually no. I'd use a dedicated computer running the firewall.22:01
violinapprenarooni-mobile__: you can find plenty of guides for each one of those steps, the trick is getting them all to work together..22:01
iampozI am getting there.22:01
AnhoYeah I dont have the resources to do that :/22:02
violinapprenarooni-mobile__: i have done that but on a fedora box, the networking stuff is somewhat different22:02
wilee-nileeiampoz, Announcing to the channel helps no one, just state the problems. ;)22:02
bekksAnho: Then I'd use a single vm having one host-only adapter, and one NAT. Host-only for "internal LAN <-> firewall" and NAT for "firewall <-> internet"22:03
bekksAnho: You dont even need more. :)22:03
iampozWhen I update my computer with all or individually with linux-image-3.5.0-40 and/or nividia-319 and/or nvidia-304. My computer will not boot22:04
iampozit fails to load lightdm22:04
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
violinapprenarooni-mobile__: if you are not feeling so hack-happy, tplink makes tiny routers/access points that does exactly that, it can share 3g or a LAN connection through wifi22:05
Anhobekks would that be as secure as having a 2nd vm being the firewall? just from a people-are-trying-to-infiltrate-your-system-perspective22:06
wilee-nileeiampoz, Can you get to the dektop at all on any of the kernels, if so rerun the lightdm with. sudo service lightdm restart22:07
wilee-nileeiampoz, Are you sure you should be using lightdm?22:07
Anonynimityhello. I'm wondering if someone might have an easy way to port ubuntu phone to the huawei fusion 2. any help would be greatly appreciated.22:07
wilee-nilee!touch | Anonynimity22:07
popeyAnonynimity: you probably want #ubuntu-touch22:07
ubottuAnonynimity: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:07
sabbooif I install like "fvwm" right out of software center, how do I switch between desktops?22:07
Anonynimitymy fusion 2 is running android 4.0.3 (ice cream sandwich)22:08
reisiosabboo: #fvwm22:08
Anonynimitythx willee-nilee22:09
violinapprensabboo: you should find an option in the display manager (lightdm in ubuntu default packages)22:09
iampozwilee-nilee, not sure... right now I have unity loaded (i restored to a previous image that I had) and did all of the updates aside from the ones that mess up my computer22:10
iampozwhy wouldnt I use lightdm?22:10
wilee-nileeiampoz, here is a link that includes amd/intel hybrid graphics info if needed. http://askubuntu.com/questions/139486/lightdm-wont-start-unity-automatically22:11
reisioiampoz: if you were using another DE, for example22:11
Anhobekks would that be as secure as having a 2nd vm being the firewall? just from a people-are-trying-to-infiltrate-your-system-perspective22:12
=== cjopcjop is now known as cjpcjp_
wilee-nileeiampoz, I really like that your imaging, that gets a big gold star. ;)22:13
iampozI dont think that link is going to help me22:14
GH0I seem to be having an issue with apt-get and some file, that causes apt-get to not want to download any new packages. I also have another issue, but I think I can fix that after I fix this apt-get issue. Issue: http://pastebin.com/0RMS0FEr22:14
iampozI am starting to think that I just wont be able to update my computer anymore22:15
wilee-nileeiampoz, I think you need to share more info like the graphic card/card's etc, it's hard to help without details is all.22:16
iampozyeah that makes sense...22:17
wilee-nileeGH0, Packages have to be in the repo called to be downloaded.22:17
wilee-nileeor the release supported22:18
GH0wilee-nilee, I believe debsums is supported.22:18
iampozbut I think I need to submit a bug some place22:18
iampoznot sure where22:18
GH0The issue is the last two lines of the pastebin file.22:18
GH0pkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:22:18
GH0 files list file for package 'linux-headers-generic' is missing final newline22:18
xatr0zthe file is corrupted22:18
wilee-nilee!bugs | iampoz22:18
ubottuiampoz: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:18
GH0I am not sure where that is ocated.22:18
GH0Rather, where the newline is missing.22:19
xatr0zis the drive full? this happened after an upgrade?22:19
wilee-nilee!enter | gholder22:19
xatr0zit just means the file is broken, could be due to a lot of things22:19
ubottugholder: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!22:19
wilee-nileeGH0, bots message for you22:19
GH0xatr0z, me? If it is, I am going to be pissed. This is a brand new SSD and a new install.22:19
wilee-nileegholder, Sorry bro.22:19
User_SherlocHello everyone.22:19
GH0Well, is there any way to replace or correct the file? Because I can't do anything at this point.22:19
xatr0zthe file needs to be reinstalled, so remove and then reinstall again with apt-get purge and apt-get install22:20
OerHeksGH0, hardware breaks within 2 weeks, or after 5 years these days22:20
GH0OerHeks, Yeah, well, I am two hours away from the hardware, that is the problem.22:20
xatr0zbut this corrupted file are the kernel header files, and i dont know if its possible to just remove that22:20
GH0That is why I would be pissed.22:20
wilee-nileeGH0, No one cares for your emotions, keep them to yourself, and be professional here if you can. ;)22:21
reisiohi TheUser22:21
User_SherlocHello TheUser22:21
GH0Well, if I attempt to purge the linux-headers-generic I get the following: http://pastebin.com/zqZ1mxYL22:21
michael1I am trying to set per user mime types22:22
TheUserIs there a easy and quick way to make LXDE look Lubuntu "pretty" on Ubuntu22:22
xatr0zahh same issue22:22
wilee-nileeTheUser, define pretty.22:22
xatr0zmaybe apt-get autoremove or apt-get autoclean will do any good22:22
reisioTheUser: install lubuntu-desktop?22:22
reisioTheUser: or even just some of the packages it installs22:22
michael1when I edit ~/.local/share/applications and then run update-mime-database i get Directory '/home/user/.local/share/applications/packages' does not exist!22:23
xatr0zGH0: otherwise you would need to remove the header files or package (wouldnt know which) manually and apt-get install -f22:23
xatr0zGH0: but again not sure if its any different with kernel headers, with normal packages it should work however22:24
GH0http://pastebin.com/fcjSpdS9 Yeah, was going to say autoremove and autoclean didn't do it.22:24
xatr0zGH0: hmm, it says 'file list file', maybe its just /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-headers-generic.list22:25
TheUserOk so this would be different than just installing LXDE ?22:25
=== james is now known as Guest32957
arooni-mobilehow do i share mobile broadband connection (usb stick) over wifi?  please help.  ubuntu 13.0422:26
GH0http://pastebin.com/SNfcTkg3 So just remove the generic .list and the .md5 and it should be alright?22:26
wilee-nileearooni-mobile, You looked in the network manager network settings?22:28
wilee-nileenot sure using a double wifi is possible easily22:28
reisiodouble double wifi22:28
xatr0zGH0: im thinking that would work yes. maybe make a backup instead of remove to be sure :)22:29
rbtncHello all quick question if i execute "$ sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/archive/sara/sdb.img" will that clone the whole hard drive, and make it possible for me to restore it exactly? Because Its a windows drive i am cloning, then wiping to install ubuntu,  with 5 or so partions GPT/EFI.22:29
wilee-nileearooni-mobile, If you can get the wifi why keeps the others from it/22:29
wilee-nileerbtnc, I would clone it with clonezilla22:30
wilee-nileeI assume it does gpt22:31
rbtncwilee-nilee: all my storage drives are on a RAID card and im having issues getting the driver into clonezilla22:31
rbtncI would much rather be using clonezilla ;)22:32
wilee-nileerbtnc, Ah, that sounds like a mess with failure waiting to happen, not sure why you would have to remove it to install ubuntu, and even if you do it will work, a vm might be better.22:32
wilee-nileeI believe the windows vm runs linux22:33
rbtncit will windows is terrible and windows 8 without a touch screen is even worse than terrible22:33
GH0xatr0z, http://pastebin.com/cX1Rfj4W moving the file to *.bak didn't seem to solve it either. Now it just complains that the file isn't there.22:33
rbtncits not this machine, its a laptop im working on22:34
wilee-nileerbtnc, I use W8 without a touch screen easily I just have a 3rd party menu.22:34
wilee-nileeruns like w7 basically in context22:34
rbtnci refuse to its dumb22:34
wilee-nileerbtnc, and that is your error, oh well good luck.22:34
rbtncnot really22:35
wilee-nileecore values can be problematic if faulty22:35
Johnny_Linuxwin 8 has no core values22:35
wilee-nileepeople do22:36
rbtncMy core values are fine, I refuse to support a product I do not like, so I'm not going to find a way to deal with something I don't want.22:38
SachSo ubuntu 13.04 is supported for 9 months. What happens after that?22:38
rbtncand so on...22:39
k1l_Sach: after that there are no updates. so you need to upgrade to the next version22:39
=== add1ct3dd is now known as add1ct3dd|away
Sachk1l: Okay, so how do I decide if I stick with 12.04 LTS or upgrade to 13.04?22:40
rbtncI'm sure they will do another LTS 12.04 is the current LTS I believe22:40
wilee-nileeSach, you ponder it.22:40
rbtncSach: new pc?22:40
Sachrbtnc: yes.22:41
rbtncthen u dont need to worry really22:41
wilee-nileeSach, Only you know what you want in the end.22:41
rbtncu will be able to upgrade for a while before you run into issues22:41
k1l_Sach: 12.04 gets updated kernels, too. with the 12.04.2 and 12.04.3 releases. that are like servicepacks from windows22:41
Sachwilee-nilee: are there disadvantages to going with a version that is not LTS?22:41
GH0xatr0z, yeah, copying all those lines didn't work for this. It is still complaining about a newline missing. Even though the file has been changed.22:42
k1l_Sach: shorter support frames22:42
Sachk1l_: do you know is 13.04 is stable?22:42
rbtncSach: hope so since stable release has been out for 3/4 months22:43
k1l_Sach: it is a stable relase22:43
reddeath68I am having trouble with my ubuntu crashing when the crash happens it has the numbers lock turn off and the caps and scroll lock flash repeatedly until I hard reboot the system, also after such a crash it takes multiple attempts to get the system to load under any version of the 3.8 kernel this was working fine until the upgrade to
rbtncreddeath68: 3.8.0-30-generic22:44
wilee-nileeSach, The support time is the main one, some want the newest iterations of apps, it is what fits your needs in the end. ;)22:44
reddeath68rbtnc, you mean upgrade to that kernel?22:45
wilee-nilee!reisub | reddeath6822:45
ubottureddeath68: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key22:45
Sachok, thanks everyone.  I'll think I'll test drive 13.04 and see how it goes...22:45
rbtncreddeath68: can u get into recovery drop to shell and update, yes thats the current 3022:45
wilee-nileereddeath68, hard shutdowns are a bad idea.22:45
reddeath68wilee-nilee, i should be able to get into recovery but my computer relies on wifi not hardwire22:46
reddeath68ubottu, i had seen something about that when i was on here yesterday but didnt think about it22:46
ubottureddeath68: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:46
rbtncreddeath68: >recovery> enable netwroking> drop shell> update22:46
wiakhow do i continue in a bash script?22:47
rbtncshould load your drivers22:47
reddeath68rbtnc, ok I will try that also sometimes the crash happens in a different way it kicks me to a console screen with lots of everrors if i read the screen right22:47
rbtncreddeath68: console is fine u can update from there22:48
Johnny_Linuxreddeath68, try what rbtnc  said22:48
rbtncreddeath68: sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade22:48
wilee-nileereddeath68, ubottu is the bot, I triggered it, I'm not sure of the context of the recovery and wifi inthe info shared so far.22:48
wiaksudo apt-get install && sudo apt-get upgrade22:49
wiakwill do the same :P22:49
rbtncreddeath68: should roll u up to 30 and hopefully get rid of your issues22:49
wiaksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade22:49
rbtncif u want to get technical22:49
reddeath68I will trym I know one of the crashes mentioned a kernel panic if that matters before i go do the upgrade22:49
rbtncsame happened to me u should be fine22:50
Johnny_Linuxgetting to .30 kernel should fix thigs22:50
reddeath68ok ill report back if things persist after this22:50
reddeath68thank you very much22:50
rbtnc29 was out for less than a day, so that should tell u something ;) go upgrade22:50
wilee-nileereddeath68, If you have done enough hard shutdowns you may want to fsck the setup, those can be damaging on top of whateverv problems are causing the lockups.22:50
brendenHi, i have a acer s3-391 running ubuntu 13.04. my problem is that the fan constantly keep runing. Is this normal behavior or is there something i can do to fix it?22:56
wilee-nilee!lm-sensors | brenden maybe this22:56
ubottubrenden maybe this: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.22:56
wilee-nileebrenden, YOu can see the temps than and go from there.22:57
brendenwilee-nilee: thanks, i'll check it out22:57
reddeath68rbtnc, ok i got to all but the last step you gave me and when i typed update it told me command not found am i missing something (very possible im still learning to use linux)22:57
wilee-nileebrenden, You can use a conky, or a panel applet to see the temps, I use a exstension in the gnome-shell.22:58
brendenwilee-nilee: the current temps are 45 and 46 degrees celcius22:59
wilee-nileereddeath68, can you pastebin sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  hit n for no to run it22:59
reddeath68wilee-nilee, sure give me one second my computer is a touch slow22:59
wilee-nileebrenden, That's not bad, the fans can be hard to control on some computers, so I believe the lm-sensors wiki has some info there, not sure.23:00
alvarushello , somebody from israel?23:01
brendenwilee-nilee: i just ran the sensor-detect command. gonna reboot and see if it helps23:01
rbtncreddeath68: do what wilee-nilee said cause somethings not right23:01
wilee-nileealvarus, Not a ubuntu support issue, would you like the channel?23:01
reddeath68working on it23:02
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
alvarusyes wilee-nilee23:02
rbtnccause im missing something dont really work for troubleshooting lol23:02
wilee-nileealvarus, cool, #ubuntu-il23:02
alvarusok , thank23:03
wilee-nileeno problem23:03
rbtncreddeath68: did u sudo the commands?23:03
rbtncreddeath68: had to ask ;/23:03
reddeath68rbtnc, why sudo when i was in root?23:04
rbtncok thats fine23:04
rbtncsure you were root?23:04
alvarusbut all of them are sleeping now , jaja23:04
brendenwilee-nilee: the fan noise wen down considerably. thanks for the help23:04
Johnny_Linuxi dont think it goes into root automatically23:05
reddeath68http://pastebin.com/zWzDnptT for apt-get update  http://pastebin.com/TVjuDYQK for apt-get dist-upgrade23:05
wilee-nileebrenden, cool, enjoy23:05
brendensensor-detect worked23:05
rbtncreddeath68: $ or #23:05
wilee-nileereddeath68, What OS os this, and why would you be in  root?23:05
quidnuncIs gparted included in the alternate install cd?23:05
reddeath68wilee-nilee, it is ubuntu 13.04 and i was in root because i dropped down shell in recovery23:06
wilee-nileequidnunc, no it is all text23:06
quidnuncwilee-nilee: There must be some partition manager, right?23:06
reddeath68rbtnc, what do you mean $ or # iv seen different people with either but i never knew why they were different23:06
wilee-nileequidnunc, yes, there is you will see it.23:06
rbtncreddeath68: # = root $ not root23:06
quidnuncwilee-nilee: What is it? I need to know if it supports resizing btrfs partitions23:07
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
wilee-nileequidnunc, Which release alternative are you wanting, above 12.04 it is a net install the mini.23:07
rbtncreddeath68:  when your in terminal # means your logged in as root23:07
quidnuncwilee-nilee: Yeah net install23:07
reddeath68rbtnc, o i c well i used drop down to root option in recovery so I assume i was running as root when it told me upgrade command didnt exist23:07
rbtncreddeath68: do "uname -a"23:07
wilee-nileequidnunc, I'm not sure on btrfs23:07
reddeath68rbtnc, http://pastebin.com/TVjuDYQK23:08
quidnuncwilee-nilee: what is the partition utility included on the net install iso?23:08
reddeath68rbtnc, woops wrong p[aste23:08
wilee-nileereddeath68, YOU may not be mounted in  recovery23:08
zykotick9reddeath68: it's "apt-get upgrade", BUT i'd suggest you want "apt-get dist-upgrade" for a kernel update (perhaps)23:08
reddeath68rbtnc, Linux reddeath68-desktop 3.8.0-29-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 13 23:12:18 UTC 2013 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux23:08
rbtncreddeath68: ^^^23:09
wilee-nileequidnunc, I though btrfs could be resized live23:09
reddeath68so jump back to recovery and try apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade ?23:09
quidnuncwilee-nilee: It can but gparted doesn't seem to want to do it (the option is greyed out)23:09
reddeath68ok will do also when we get this all fixed i got a few questions but lets fix this first23:09
wilee-nileequidnunc, This might be helpful. http://askubuntu.com/questions/75120/how-can-i-safely-resize-shrink-a-btrfs-partition23:11
wilee-nileequidnunc, just more info here. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=resize+btrfs23:12
cjpcjp_forgive me if this sounds naive, but should the root directory /var/www owner be root or the user?23:13
rbtncwell maybe not depends23:14
xatr0zroot by default, but most people change the group to www-data23:14
wilee-nileecjpcjp_, this might help. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192276823:14
xatr0zand then add your user to www-data so both apache and you can write to it23:15
rbtnchere he is...23:15
rbtncshhhh hes back23:15
rbtnchi reddeath6823:15
tgm4883where does apt download packages to before installing?23:15
xatr0ztgm4883: /var/cache/apt/archives/23:16
tgm4883xatr0z, bummer. Is that cleaned out often?23:16
reddeath68ok i ran both commands and both times received this output: the following packages have been left back   libpam-modules   libpam-modules-bin  libpam0g23:16
rbtnctgm4883: no23:16
xatr0ztgm4883: only if you do it i23:16
rbtnctgm4883: open synaptic open settings you can change the setting and clear the packs from there23:17
xatr0zi installed ubuntu tweak for things like that and more (like removing old kernels)23:17
xatr0zbut its not really stable or officially supported23:17
kevinhey guys. so i have a folder in my home directory named 'x' as well as an application named 'x'. if i use alt+f2 and want to run 'x', it instead opens the folder. is there a way i can change this? or do i just have to put full path for executable 'x'23:17
rbtncu can do alot of damage with that lol23:18
tgm4883rbtnc, nah, I'm looking for an older package kernel package, but it's not on this machine I'm on23:18
tgm4883someone else must have cleaned this :(23:18
rbtnco ok23:18
reddeath68so any ideas on that weird output when running the commands23:18
rbtncreddeath68: are you on the system now?23:18
tgm4883Is there someplace to download older kernels? It doesn't appear to be available in apt anymore23:18
reddeath68yes i am23:18
reddeath68rbtnc, my other system is in for warrenty =(23:19
rbtncso everything is fine now? what if you run the gui updater23:19
reddeath68rbtnc, gui updater? you mean system updater?23:19
rbtncdo you get an error?23:20
reddeath68rbtnc, idk ill run it right now23:20
xatr0ztgm4883: you could run into troubles, but you could download the .deb's23:21
xatr0zprobably need to install them with dpkg -i23:21
tgm4883xatr0z, I don't see anywhere to download the debs. They aren't on the repos23:21
reddeath68rbtnc, the problem is it crashes randomly gives me trouble booting a few times then works for a bit and repeats23:21
reddeath68well i wait for the updater i did have a few quick questions23:21
zykotick9reddeath68: IF (big If there) you are running the default ubuntu repos, i wouldn't expect anything to be left/held back, if you run "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".  IF on the other hand, you are mixing repos (or using any PPAs) then all-bets-are-off.23:22
tgm4883xatr0z, looking at http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/23:22
reddeath68first i want my pidgin to start on system load how would i do that?23:22
rbtncreddeath68: LOL if we knew you where logged into the system we wouldnt have told you to do that other stuff23:22
rbtncreddeath68: dont matter it shouldnt be holding updates back unless u did something, so updater crashed?23:23
reddeath68rbtnc, lol o well at least it shows it lets me lof in when it wants too....23:23
reddeath68rbtnc, i ran updater once it said it couldnt load a repository told me to check connection hit try again and it worked23:23
rbtncyou prob have non official PPAs23:24
rbtncso it gave you stuff to update including Kernel?23:24
Johnny_Linuxuncheck them in sources and ty again23:24
reddeath68rbtnc, showed no new updates23:24
rbtncgo to you Software Sources23:24
reddeath68rbtnc, also i did install a ppa last night manually via a deb i could remove the repo and try again?23:25
rbtncsetting > Software Sources23:25
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wilee-nilee!who | Johnny_Linux23:26
ubottuJohnny_Linux: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)23:26
reddeath68rbtnc, ok the ppa i installed didnt show under sources I may have missed it in the list23:26
wilee-nileeJohnny_Linux, You are not actually helping anyone but piggy backing and making comments at least use nicks.23:27
k1l_reddeath68: show a "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d/" in a pastebin please23:27
xatr0ztgm4883: i dont know what linux-meta means, but sounds okay. maybe youd better use http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/23:28
xatr0zbut either way changing kernels is not something to do for fun, could introduce alot of problems23:28
reisioor even a lot23:28
xatr0zand sorry it took so long to respond :)23:28
tgm4883xatr0z, I know. I'm actually trying to fix an issue though. That site doesn't list the version I'm looking for either23:29
reddeath68kil_    http://pastebin.com/wYmBJzRu23:29
ChogyDanxatr0z: linux-meta is the source package for all the linux meta packages, ie, the packages which aren't headers and images23:29
tgm4883I'll have to try the later version and hope it works23:29
ChogyDanxatr0z: linux-generic linux-headers, etc etc23:29
rbtncwtf dude23:30
xatr0zah makes sense :)23:30
tgm4883rbtnc, at me?23:30
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wilee-nileerbtnc, acronyms are not acceptable23:30
reddeath68if it matters this is what i did to install the ppa last night gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv 0xb6f77e28fe4f4eac && gpg --export --armor 0xb6f77e28fe4f4eac | sudo apt-key add -23:31
wilee-nileeno biggie. ;)23:31
rbtncreddeath68:  you have to remember PPAs are basically a free unabated line into your PC23:32
rbtncso u should really only add them if you 100% trust them23:32
zykotick9reddeath68: that's just adding a gpg key, only part 1 of adding a repo.  while adding PPAs isn't the greatest idea IMO, use "add-apt-repo"-OR_SIMILAR_NAME to do it, it takes care of both the key and the repo in 1 easy step.23:33
reddeath68rbtnc, understood here is the official page for what I installed last night https://mapcrafter.readthedocs.org/en/latest/installation.html    but these problems have been ongoing since the kernel upgrade to
reddeath68zykotick9, please see the link i just posted for a full list of what i did under dection debian23:34
rbtncwhat ver are you runnin23:34
rbtncof ubu23:34
zykotick9reddeath68: sorry, i don't go to pastebin.com23:35
rbtnccause u have a raring ppa and a quantal23:35
reddeath68zykotick9, no the mapcrafter link shows what i did last night23:35
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reddeath68rbtnc, i upgraded from 12.10 when 13.04 came out so it probably left the old ppas there23:36
reddeath68rbtnc, i do see the ppa i installed last night should i disable it and try to upgrade again?23:36
qinWonder why not pastebin.com...23:38
zykotick9qin: <OT this is from #debian's dpkg bot> <dpkg> pastebin.com mangles input, takes forever to load, often makes us enter a CAPTCHA to see your paste and fills the screen with ads.  Please use a different site, like http://paste.debian.net/ </OT> use paste.ubuntu.com here...  ;)23:40
wilee-nileenever seen any of that but I have flash and adblock23:41
mjw99I've just downloaded the 12.04.3 X86_64 desktop iso and attempted to burn it to a CD, but my burner tool states it's too large to burn to a CD. The md5sums indicate that the iso image is good, have I missed something here?23:42
wilee-nileemjw99, Check the properties size23:42
zykotick9mjw99: isn't it a dvd?  how big is it?23:42
mjw99724,992 KB.... hmmm ok23:43
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wilee-nileemjw99, cd's genrally will go to 72023:44
zykotick9mjw99: ahhh that looks more like a cd to me?  are you using a 650 or 700 cd?23:44
mjw99700MB cd23:45
wilee-nileemjw99, Ubuntu has been above a cd load size for awhile, not sure when it started.23:45
jukialternate cd?23:46
mjw99So, going from 12.04.2 --> 12.04.3 I can no longer burn to a CD? Is this mentioned in the release notes? I could understand going from a major release, e.g. 12.04 to 13.04 that such a behaviour change could be expected, but not for a point release.23:47
mjw99hmmm as much as I dislike the idiots over at reddit; there seems to be chatter about this:23:47
wilee-nileemjw99, Why are you just not upgrading in the terminal23:48
jcorganIs there a way to install gcc 4.7 without compiling from source?23:49
reisiojcorgan: with a binary :)23:49
jcorgansorry, on 12.0423:49
mjw99wilnee-nilee, because I like to test to see if it actually works. 12.04.1 was the only version that worked on my latop; 12.04.2 crashed on boot.23:49
wilee-nileemjw99, The oversizing of the iso is common knowledge.23:50
wilee-nileenot put in sky writing locally is all23:50
mjw99wilnee-nilee; ok, but something in the release notes?23:50
mjw99and making such a change on a point release?23:51
wilee-nileemjw99, Not sure, it is of your interest and in your craw look it up, I surprised to be honest this is a big deal, there are many other issues in the world to focus on, ;)23:51
mjw99I'm sorry I don't follow the term "in your craw look it up"?23:52
ChogyDanmjw99: it might be that for a point release, they didn't take the time to make sure that it was small enough for a cd23:53
Psil0Cybinhey guys i have a question when i randomly start up my laptop sometimes itXubuntu boots into terminal instead of the GUI. How can i attempt to diagnose the problem23:53
Psil0Cybinit only happens randomly23:53
Psil0Cybinonly once every couple of restarts23:53
Psil0Cybinand when i restart sometimes it just works and goes into the GUI23:53
mnathaniHow can I fix this error: [3732448.908209] non-accessible hardlink creation was attempted by: named (fsuid 105)23:53
wilee-nileeChogyDan, The info was announced and why23:53
mjw99wilee-nilee; I assume that was a reference to the link I pasted? That was just a quick search to see if anyone else was having such an issue.23:54
ChogyDanPsil0Cybin: try /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:54
wilee-nileea long time ago23:54
zykotick9jcorgan: changing gcc on precise MAY not be trivial to do.  gcc is a pretty "core" component.  best of luck (maybe it's simple, i've certainly never done it)23:55
Psil0CybinThank you ChogyDan23:55
wilee-nileewhen each iteration of ubuntu is released on the ubuntu website that info is there they disappear on the next release basically23:55
jcorganzykotick9: not trying to change it out, just need to compile something that uses c++11 features supported in 4.723:55
jcorganso i want to install 4.7 along side the system gcc23:56
jcorganwas hoping there were packages but i guess 4.7 didn't get packaged back that far23:56
zykotick9jcorgan: i doubt the "package" system would allow you to have two concurrent versions like that...23:57
jcorgani did find a page on compiling 4.7 from source but that's a lot of work and i'm lazy23:57
ChogyDanjcorgan: I think there are ways of setting up build environments inside a chroot.  Maybe sbuilder or pbuilder is what you are looking for?23:57
zykotick9ChogyDan: +1 for chroot23:57
ChogyDanjcorgan: that way, it doesn't matter what your base system has...23:57
jcorganChogyDan: chroot 13.04 is exactly what i was thinking of23:57
mjw99wilee-nilee; to address your second comment, doing something out of character (and I perceive this to be) on a point release does not instill confidence in the LTS governance of that distrobution.23:58
jcorganzykotick9: it is possible to have deb installs of multiple compilers; one gets to be 'gcc'; the rest are gcc-x.x and all the support stuff has prefixed directory names23:59
jcorganbut it has to be packaged that way23:59

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