cubOvenWerk1, are you around?10:49
smartboyhwSure, the one asking for help isn't around:P12:41
OvenWerk1smartboyhw: My BZR pushes link again....13:57
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, :O13:57
OvenWerk1Ya, it worked when I first started then stopped..13:57
OvenWerk1It seems I needed to put <> around my address13:58
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, it's like13:58
smartboyhwbzr whoami "Howard Chan <smartboyhw@gmail.com>"13:58
smartboyhwbzr launchpad-login smartboyhw13:58
OvenWerk1Why would I do that?13:59
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, I am not talking about you, but who knows13:59
OvenWerk1Anyway, All fixed.14:00
OvenWerk1I think I have done any of the mods I will do for 13.1014:02
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, that's good;)14:03
smartboyhwNow we can plan for 14.04 (LOL)14:03
OvenWerk1netjack2 with opus14:04
* OvenWerk1 thinks he might do some patches for grub2 upstream14:06
OvenWerk1So what is the package x264? And why is it failing to build? Why are we building a lucid package every night?14:09
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, you mean, in Ubuntu Studio?14:10
smartboyhwx264 would probably mean a codec name for me14:10
OvenWerk1Ya, I get email every day14:10
smartboyhwApple stuff I think14:10
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/x26414:10
OvenWerk1I don't see anywhere that it belongs to Studio though14:12
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, the main question is: Why are you getting these notifications?14:13
OvenWerk1“Ubuntu Studio Nightly” team gets them14:15
OvenWerk1It seems someone started this a long time ago and never turned it off14:16
smartboyhwBasically, I don't even understand the existence of Nightly team14:16
smartboyhwzequence, is it possible to remove it?14:16
OvenWerk1I think we have it for newer stuff too.14:17
OvenWerk1The idea is that we can have current packages in a US PPA we can try.14:17
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, but now that PPA is with lucid and maverick14:17
smartboyhwAnd in ~ubuntustudio-dev we got our own PPA.14:18
smartboyhwAnyways, it might be possible to stop the build charm14:18
OvenWerk1I am not directly in that team14:18
OvenWerk1It belongs to development14:18
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, me too14:19
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, would it be a better idea if I switch the x264 build recipe to "Build on request"?14:19
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, or maybe you should unsubscribe to the mailign list itself14:19
OvenWerk1I think we need to fix the problem. It is not a good idea to waste resources on this.14:20
OvenWerk1We are building 12 packages for nothing.14:21
smartboyhwzequence, what do you think? ^14:21
OvenWerk1Anyone who wants "bleeding edge" is not running mavrick or lucid14:21
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, and actually we have already stopped support for Lucid (let alone Maverick)14:22
OvenWerk1At the very least they should be set to trunk14:22
OvenWerk1I think that way they would build for whatever is current. maybe for the LTS too14:23
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, yeah14:23
smartboyhwNot such old rotten releases14:23
OvenWerk1Also we should look at the packages, The stable release might be mature enough not to need this.14:24
OvenWerk1I suspect that when these were started, the ubuntu version was not usable for some things.14:26
OvenWerk1Are all those packages a part of blender? (or depends?)14:27
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, at least x264 isn't included in saucy14:28
OvenWerk1But there is a build for it anyway14:29
OvenWerk1Ga! even worse, the versions that are being built are hard coded so they are older than what is in the main repo now.14:31
smartboyhwWe should create our own nightly PPA in ~ubuntustudio-dev and just abolish this team.14:31
smartboyhwi.e. ~ubuntustudio-nightly14:31
OvenWerk1I stopped blender from building14:33
OvenWerk1I don't know where the others are though14:34
OvenWerk1smartboyhw: ok is turned off14:41
OvenWerk1(the one that failed)14:41
OvenWerk1owner says Andrew Hunter, but I was able to stop the recipes, so maybe we have the access to drop this team.14:44
OvenWerk1Should pass it by zequence  though.14:44
OvenWerk1We do have a PPA already.14:45
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, OK14:46
OvenWerk1smartboyhw: I have put a list of new stuff for saucy in the ML15:12
OvenWerk1it can be used with whatever else happens for the saucy release notes15:12
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, I know, replying. Do you remember the first name of cub?15:14
smartboyhwAh, Jimmy15:14
zequencesmartboyhw: OvenWerk1: That team is not apart of Ubuntu Studio anymore. Andrew still uses it for something. I know Scott was in contact with him. I could send him an email about it as well15:18
zequenceIt's not a Ubuntu Studio team. But, it's not bothering us either, so there's no hurry to get that solved15:19
smartboyhwzequence, OK...15:20
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, zequence sent a reply to the list of saucy things:P15:20
smartboyhwIt looked like an appraisement mail-.-15:22
OvenWerk1smartboyhw: you forgot Mish who did most of the icon work :)16:17

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