infinituxanybody know anything about midi pianos?02:40
infinituxi'm trying to set mine up in linux02:41
holsteinwith what interface?02:41
infinituxI have no idea what i'm doing.02:41
holsteininfinitux: let me tell you how i set up my maudio keyboard, and maybe that will help02:41
infinituxwell i've been trying to get it to work with whatever i need02:41
holsteini plug it in02:41
infinituxokay, i have an maudio oxygen 4902:42
infinituxi've gotten as far as seeing input from the keyboard02:42
holsteini have another USB midi controller that i use with other keyoards via midi, and this is how i set it up..02:42
holsteini plug it in02:42
holsteinif you need special firmware, i personally havent needed that, so i might not be much help02:42
infinituxif I do: amidi -p hw:2,0,0 -d my piano shows input02:42
holsteinyou might get more help in #opensourcemusicians02:42
infinituxcool holstein thanks02:43
holsteinwhat do i do?02:43
holsteini plug it in, and i run jack.. i open something like yoshimi, and make connections in jack and test it02:43
holsteinits very likely its all just working, and waiting to be properly connected02:43
holstein!info a2jmidid02:43
ubottua2jmidid (source: a2jmidid): Daemon for exposing legacy ALSA MIDI in JACK MIDI systems. In component universe, is extra. Version 8~dfsg0-1 (raring), package size 32 kB, installed size 118 kB02:43
infinituxokay, that's what i'm trying to do but i'm failing because i don't know how to make the connections right02:43
holstein^^ is handy, if needed02:43
holsteininfinitux: you literally click and drag connections in JACK02:44
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro02:44
infinituxit would be a nice starter to get lmms and rosegarden working02:45
infinituxand mess with some different synth instruments02:45
holsteindont do that02:46
holsteinjust keep it simple02:47
holsteinopen literally the application i suggested.. yoshimi02:47
holsteinuse the keyboard from the menu to make sure the synth (yoshimi) is making sound02:47
holsteinthen, connect your keyboard to it (in JACK) and troubleshoot til that makes sound02:48
holstein*then*, you'll know how to run the 3 other things you are talking about02:48
infinituxthat's a starter for me02:52
infinituxokay i got yoshimi running02:54
infinituxnot getting and sound from the virkbd02:55
holsteinthen, you start with that02:55
holsteinyou dont have audio connected properly02:55
infinituxcan you help me connect it?02:55
infinituxthat's my issue02:55
holsteininfinitux: you open jack, and draw a ling between the outputs of yoshimi and the inputs of your sound card02:56
infinituxin connections under audio?02:56
holsteininfinitux: "connect"02:56
infinituxreadable clients/output ports | writable clients / input ports02:56
infinituxyoshimi | system02:57
holsteinand different tabs02:57
holsteini usually suggest, hook everything to everything, til you sort out what is what02:57
infinituxokay, now i have sound in virKbd02:57
holsteinok.. so you do the same sort of connecting in the alsa and/or midi tab02:58
holsteinif find yoshimi in one place and the keybaord in another, try a2jmidid02:58
infinituxunder midi i have:02:59
infinituxreadable clients / output ports | writable clients / input ports02:59
holsteininfinitux: if you dont have both the keybaord and yoshimi, use a2jmidid02:59
infinitux"Blank" | yoshimi -> midi in02:59
holsteinthe issue with sharing those with me is, they can be diffent for you hardware than for mine02:59
infinituxand under ALSA:02:59
holsteinso, i cant say "click this exact thing"03:00
holsteinagain, connect them *all* and test what is what03:00
holsteinit literally wont hurt to run a2jmidid either.. you open a terminal and type that03:00
infinituxi did install that03:01
holsteinyou have to run it03:01
holsteinopen a terminal and type that in03:01
infinituxdid that03:08
infinituxseems like i'm so close03:17
holsteini think so03:17
infinituxi managed to get the audio piping to work between yoshimi and the sound device03:17
holsteinyup.. thats a good step03:18
infinituxand i can see my keyboard under alsa, but whatever i pipe it to has no sound03:18
holsteinyour keyboard is not capable of making sounds03:18
infinituxyes i know03:18
holsteinyou pipe it to yoshimi03:18
infinituxthat's what i'm trying to do, but apparently i'm doing it wrong03:18
holsteinOK.. just making sure03:18
holsteininfinitux: take a screenie if you thing it'll help..03:18
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:18
infinituxthink i'll do that03:20
infinituxthink a2j isn't capturing the right device03:21
infinituxif it were i could connect it to yoshimi and it would work03:21
infinituxi just simply ran a2jmidid03:21
infinituxwith no parameters03:21
holsteinright... you dot have to03:22
holsteinit creates an entry you can pipe to the other tab03:22
infinituxhttp://www.pasteall.org/pic/58135 and http://www.pasteall.org/pic/58136 and http://www.pasteall.org/pic/5813703:27
infinituxthat shows the jack network03:27
infinituxwhat am i doing wrong?03:28
holsteininfinitux: the midi thru port.. pretty sure03:29
holsteinin the "alsa" tab03:30
holsteinconnect oxygen to midi through03:30
infinituxoxygen to midi through?03:30
holsteinthen, in midi, connect midi trhough to yoshimi (or whatever)03:30
holsteinthere *is* an easier way, and i'll have someone show you.. but i forget it03:31
holsteinbut, that will work03:31
infinituxi did all that, but it's still mute03:32
infinituxI suck!03:32
holsteinrelevant http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140100803:37
infinituxkinda complicated!03:41
infinituxyour average joe couldn't figure this out03:41
holsteininfinitux: its not necessarily "user friendly", but its worth it03:43
holsteinand, there is an easier way, i just never learned it03:43
infinituxstill no success03:47
holsteinyou'll get it.. just hang in #opensourcemusicians and ask03:47
infinituxjust a hunch, but maybe there is something wrong03:49
infinituxit seems i'm making the connections right03:49
holsteini dont know if that particular maudio hardware actually works03:49
infinituxit does03:50
holsteinthough, i thought it did03:50
infinituxif I execute: amidi -p hw:2,0,0 -d I do see output from my midi piano when pressing keys03:51
infinituxi know the piano works and the driver works03:51
holsteineh.. i believe it when i hear it03:51
holsteinthough, im sure you're right03:51
holsteinanyways.. you'll get it.. you can always try #ardour, but i think the opensourcemsusicians channel is best.. hang here as long as you like as well03:52
infinituxholstein: you still there?05:10
ng_Hi guys, Im having issues with jackd, the folks at #jack couldnt help me with this, they told me like im having more than one version installed21:37
ng_so the output of: sudo find / -name libjack\* is http://pastebin.com/3Q3GTbpH21:37
zequenceng_: Having two versions would have to mean you compiled jack aside from installing it21:40
zequenceor you used a non official package to install another version of jack21:40
zequenceor script, etc21:40
zequenceDid you do any of those things, or you just installed using apt?21:40
zequenceng_: And also, have you added any PPAs that have jackd in them?21:40
ng_well, it is possible I dont rememeber right now, because I have ubuntu desktop with jack working, then I upgraded to ubuntu-studio to hadd realtime support21:41
zequencehow did you upgrade?21:41
zequenceand what is it that you don't remember?21:42
ng_I dont rememeber how I did install jack21:42
zequencecould you do: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/21:42
zequenceng_: I don't understand. You don't remember if you compiled your own jack, or installed it?21:42
zequenceng_: You don't have Ubuntu Studio. And you have tons of PPAs21:43
zequenceng_: Including the KXStudio PPA21:43
zequenceng_: Which means, it's not Ubuntu Studio you have installed21:44
zequenceng_: you could try #kxstudio21:44
zequenceThe KXStudio PPA overrides the packages normally installed with Ubuntu Studio21:44
zequenceThe only thing you have from Ubuntu Studio is the theme pretty much21:44
ng_really? I thought I have it because the splash screen says ubuntu-studio21:44
zequenceYes, that's the theming21:45
zequenceThe way jack is packaged in KXStudio is not the same as in Ubuntu Studio21:45
zequenceThe jack you have is not Ubuntu21:46
zequenceand what is in Ubuntu Studio is the same as in Ubuntu.21:46
zequenceapart from setting up realtime privilege, the only thing that differs between Ubuntu and UBuntu Studio is theming21:46
zequenceall the packages are the same, as they are in the same repo21:46
ng_yes now that you mention I rememeber installing jack from kxstudio21:46
zequencebut, KXStudio has its own packages21:46
zequenceWell, of course you did21:46
zequenceAdding PPAs means you change the system21:47
ng_what If I just remove the PPa, apt-get pruge and then install them again?21:47
zequenceNo garantees21:47
zequencebut you could ask someone at #kxstudio for help21:47
ng_and what shall I do to get ubuntu studio ?21:49
zequenceThe best would be to do a fresh install21:49
zequencecheck http://ubuntustudio.org/download21:49
ng_is there anyway to 'upgrade' ubuntu desktop to ubuntu-studio ?21:50
ng_like I did with the theme, but for audio or video ?21:52
zequenceng_: Sure. Install the meta packages22:09
zequenceng_: do: apt-cache search ubuntustudio22:09
zequenceinstall the ones that you are interested in. I suppose -audio22:10
zequenceAnd if you need low latency, install linux-lowlatency22:10
zequenceyou'll need to add yourself to audio groupt to get realtime privilege22:10
zequencesudo usermod -a -G audio $USER22:10
zequence$USER is an env variable. You can see what it stands for with: echo $USER22:10
ng_those are package names?22:10
ng_linux-lowlatency ?22:10
zequencelinux-lowlatency is a package name yes22:11
zequenceubuntustudio-audio is another package name22:11
ng_says ubuntustudio-audio already installed22:11
zequenceng_: Well, yes. But you don't have a clean install of Ubuntu22:12
zequenceng_: You have a lot of stuff in that system22:12
zequenceinstalling Ubuntu Studio metas is not going to remove KXStudio22:12
zequenceas I told you before, KX repos override the Ubuntu ones22:13
zequenceUbuntu Studio == Ubuntu22:13
ng_yep Im also removing kxstudio right now22:13
zequenceThere's no guarantee the system will be right once you have done that22:13
ng_ppa purge should work for that22:13
zequenceYeah, but it won't remove the packages22:13
zequenceand you can't uninstall them easily22:13
zequenceplus you will most probably have some settings left that mess things up22:14
zequenceAs I said before - do a fresh install22:14
zequencethat would be the easiest way22:14
ng_what if I ppa purge kxstudio, then apt-get purge ubuntustudio-audio, then apt-get intall ubuntustudio-audio22:14
zequenceWell, whatever. It's your system :)22:15
zequenceremoving ubuntustudio-audio will only remove the meta. Not any packages22:15
zequenceand you don't need to uninstall ubuntustudio packages22:16
zequenceyou need to get rid of KXStudio packages plus settings22:16
zequencenot sure you'll be able to do that so easily, is what I'm saying22:16
ng_thanks again22:16
zequenceubuntustudio-audio is a meta package, meaning it doesn't contain anything. Just dependencies to lots of other packages22:16
zequenceremoving it won't uninstall the dependencies22:17
zequenceand that doesn't matter, since none or very few of them are installed anyway, since KX packages have overridden them22:17
zequenceThat's usually the case with PPAs. You get newer versions, but they aren't apart of the supported Ubuntu release.22:18
ng_yes I know, just wanted it to let me install it again22:18

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