NoskcajI've got eyes working now, but bzr won't let me use
NoskcajA better version of 4.4.1 is ready for merging at https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/saucy/xfce4-eyes-plugin/eyes/+merge/18198509:28
smartboyhwNoskcaj, why wouldn't it allow you to use 4.4.2 in the first place?09:29
Noskcajsmartboyhw, some part of pristine tar brakes every time. I don't have time to fix it today09:30
smartboyhwNoskcaj, use uuupdate -v 4.4.2 (upstream tar)09:30
smartboyhwAnd just put everything back into the bzr branch:)09:30
NoskcajThanks for the idea09:31
Noskcajdon't i have to change a bzr tag or something?09:32
smartboyhwNoskcaj, well, copy the original 4.4.1 bzr branch into another dir. In that dir use uupdate. Do all the changes for that, then dump all into the bzr branch:09:33
Noskcajok, ty09:33
NoskcajAnd uupdate just does weird stuff. 09:39
smartboyhwNoskcaj, i.e. ?09:39
NoskcajI have to go now. Is there any chance you could look at it (basing of my branch)09:40
* smartboyhw thinks Noskcaj have a strange computer09:40
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NoskcajYay, settings 4.11 is in experimental20:05

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