sensaeI'm trying to install Xubuntu on an x120e. The installer performs a GPT/UEFI installation, and when I reboot I get an "Operating System Not Found" error.01:02
sensaeparted reports that the drive is gpt formatted, but 'does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, as it should'01:03
kgbsensae: this won? http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/thinkpad/x-series/x120e01:25
sensaekgb: yeah01:26
kgberr, do you RLY need it 2 be GPT? :-001:29
sensaekgb: no, I could care less. I'm rebooting now trying a manual msdos partition layout01:31
sensaeLooks like grub didn't install properly anyway01:31
kgbsensae: hang on01:31
kgb*if it helps01:34
sensaekgb: was able to manually install grub and get the thing to boot in legacy mode finally.01:46
kgbsensae: nice! :-D01:51
kgbso, hopefully, after the updates..01:51
kgbsensae: just btw., teh 2 programs eye rly like (for GRUB, mostly): 'Boot Repair' && 'Grub Customizer' (both have PPAs)01:54
sensaekgb: cool, thanks.02:07
olbihello guys, I want to help with writing posts on main Xubuntu sites, which sometimes isn't updated at time :)09:50
bekksAnd what help do you need with then?09:56
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didierI can't find how I can update the speed of the wheel of my mouse. I found no parameters in the configuration panel. Did I miss something ?10:00
crepitohello. I'm thinking of installing xubuntu as my main OS. The question is regarding versions. My main purpose is to do development (c++,java,etc), watch movies and ocasionally play some steam games. I heard the compilers in lts are way older than in the new version. Am i better of with the LTS 12.04.3 or with the 13.04 release?10:15
ui_crepito: you should check case by case10:17
ui_e.g. gcc is 4.6.3 in precise and 4.7.3 in raring http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gcc10:17
ui_openjdk-7-jdk is 7u25 in both http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openjdk-7-jdk10:18
crepitoi c. thanks10:18
ui_check in gcc 4.7's changelog whether there's something you need for your work http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.7/changes.html10:18
_potato_anyone had experience installing xubuntu 13.04 on a macbook pro retina 15" ?11:09
_potato_ubuntu 13.04 installs fine, but xubuntu just gives me a blank screen with blinking cursor on first post-install boot11:09
_potato_i'm not using and boot options, nor installing any updates or drivers after installing the base system11:11
_potato_I'm not sure what the differences are between xubuntu and ubuntu in this case, or how I can get around them. Otherwise I will try to install xfce4 on top of the ubuntu version and see how I go11:13
ui__potato_: you might want to install xubuntu-desktop, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/9138011:14
ui__potato_: about the problem: if you are using GRUB, you could find some system messages by booting without the "splash" option11:15
ui_or something might have been logged under /var/log11:16
_potato_ui_: thanks. yep I will try install xubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu.11:17
_potato_I'm not sure how to disable the "splash" option. I mostly just said "yes" to all the default installation options with xubuntu and ubuntu11:17
ui_to disable it, either press 'e' at the GRUB menu, then move to the 'linux' line, delete the splash word, and boot (if I recall correctly, with Ctrl+F10)11:19
_potato_oh I don't even get to see a grub menu11:20
ui_... or boot a Live CD, chroot into the installed sytstem by following the official instructions, then sudo nano /etc/default/grub, delete the splash word, press Ctrl+O to sav and Ctrl+X to quit, and finally sudo update-grub11:20
_potato_after holding the 'option' key at boot, then selecting the xubuntu option instead of os x, i just get the blinking cursor11:20
_potato_oh yeah, good idea. I'll do that, thanks :)11:21
_potato_(btw, after installing ubuntu instead, I choose the ubuntu partition instead of os x, and it then gives the grub menu)11:22
xubuntu677what is the recommended system ram12:54
bgardnerxubuntu677, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements12:55
xubuntu677thank you13:01
xubuntu677I Love Xubuntu13:02
vice_Hi! I need help with iPhone mount ;<13:04
ubottuvice_: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod13:05
vice_Wow, thx13:06
vice_folks, sry, one more time13:40
vice_someone using banshee player for sync with iphone?13:41
vice_i fixed my question except music coppy13:41
cfhowlettvice_, you are aware that the good folks at Apple DELIBERATELY design their stuff so every upgrade breaks whatever hacks have been done in linux?13:41
Wulfethis is why i am an android guy13:42
WulfeApple is so proprietary13:42
vice_so the question is: how can i download all songs by banshee?13:43
vice_yep, i know all troubles of apple, but i cant use other devices right now13:43
Wulfewish i knew buddy. wait long enough though someone will be able to tell you.13:43
cfhowlettvice_, well, if you were on android, airdroid would be the tool.  On apple ... good luck with that.  Might not be possible.13:43
Wulfenot to name drop but maybe the good folks in ##linux know it has some activity atm you could take advantage of.13:44
vice_I read much manuals, its possible, but i just cant understand how sync works13:44
vice_I just want to add a couple of songs13:45
vice_Without deleting current collection13:45
vice_Noone has an iPhone? I though its popular13:49
vice_Inlcuding unix community :)13:49
cfhowlettvice_, trying not to LOL, but if you had android, you'd be DONE.13:50
vice_i cant upload music while charging :<13:56
olbi_bekks: I need only account there :D14:08
xubuntu111hi, how can I use my side button for minimize a windoww in xubuntu ? It is Microsoft Intellimouse 4000 .. thx14:36
luke___Is this channel strictly support or is discussion encouraged when things are quiet?15:10
Sysithere's #xubuntu-offtopic for general chatter15:17
vice_hey guys, me again18:02
vice_All soft for iphone managment errors unsupported checksum type18:02
vice_How the hell can i upload files on my iphone?:<18:03
pmjdebruijnyou're on 13.04?18:04
pmjdebruijndefine "all soft"?18:04
pmjdebruijndid you google for the error you got?18:04
pmjdebruijnsince it's rather device specific18:04
vice_i tried: amarok, banshee, gtkpod, clementine, rhytmbox18:04
pmjdebruijnI guess they all depend on the same library for iDevice related stuff18:05
vice_i found 2 decisions but they didnt help me18:05
vice_ehm solution, sorry18:06
* pmjdebruijn would guess it might have to do with libgpod18:06
vice_so please tell me what i have to do with libgpod18:06
pmjdebruijnwhich seems to have stagnated in development18:07
Viva_Neroi think all the devs went to andriod18:07
pmjdebruijnyou should probably get in touch with the gtkpod people18:07
* pmjdebruijn doesn't own any iDevices, so I have little experience there18:08
vice_it must be at /usr/lib/ ?18:08
pmjdebruijnof course18:09
pmjdebruijndpkg -L libgpod418:09
pmjdebruijnbut that will be fine18:09
pmjdebruijnit's probably a problem in the library itself, not how it is installed18:09
pmjdebruijnApple's devices aren't particularly easy to support I guess18:09
vice_dpkg -L libgpod418:10
pmjdebruijnyes that's fine, and not really relevant18:10
vice_so it says that i dont have right file?18:11
pmjdebruijnhow do you figure that18:11
vice_I just assumed18:11
pmjdebruijndon't assume18:12
pmjdebruijnyour library is just fine18:12
pmjdebruijnit's probably just a bug in the library18:12
pmjdebruijnnothing easy to do about that18:12
vice_is it possible to fix?18:12
pmjdebruijneasily, probably not18:13
pmjdebruijnbut this is the wrong place to ask18:13
vice_which plays is correct?18:13
pmjdebruijnyou should try to get in contact with the gtkpod people, as they wrote the thing18:13
vice_./join gtkpod doesnt work :<18:13
pmjdebruijn#gtkpod I'd guess of course18:14
pmjdebruijnvice_: anyhow checkt he gtkpod website for more information18:14
vice_they have inactive irc channel :(18:18
pmjdebruijnthat happens18:19
pmjdebruijnpeople have to sleep you know18:19
pmjdebruijnpatience is key18:19
vice_patience doesnt work when u have to fly away in 2 hours ;(18:21
vice_and only god knows how i hate flights18:22
vice_without music its like passive suicide18:22
* peyam Offtopic in #xubuntu-offtopic18:22
vice_so it says 'fly without mucis'? did u correctly understand?18:27
bekksNo. It says: "Use iTunes only."18:27
vice_its impossible to run itunes on xubuntu, isnt it?18:28
vice_i cant believe that ubuntu cant work with IOS 618:28
vice_it sounds dumb18:28
pmjdebruijnvice_: it's not like Apple makes it easy18:29
pmjdebruijnso they're to blame, if anybody18:29
bekksvice_: Blame it on Apple.18:29
vice_in my country iMac costs about 3000$18:30
vice_but iMac - thats realy difficult18:30
vice_difficult like manage iphone on ubuntu ;M18:30
pmjdebruijnnot really relevant is it18:30
vice_okaay its banshee time18:30
bekksvice_: You dont need an Apple computer for iTunes. You need either Windows or MacOSX. And it is offtopic in here :)18:30
pmjdebruijnthere are lot of music players on the market which should work just fine18:30
vice_which works fine with iPhone?18:32
bekksvice_: iTunes, basically.18:32
vice_bekks, i know, but i need other software, im pretty sure its possible18:33
bekksvice_: If you want a "possible" and "working" software, use iTunes. If you want a "man, I have to test this out and see if I can get it working" software - use whatever :)18:34
vice_bekks, i cant use iTunes, thats main problemm18:34
vice_iTunes that installed by POL cant see device18:35
bekksWhats "POL"?18:35
vice_(yes i checked that problemm at google)18:35
bekksForget PlayOnLinux. Install iTunes on a native Windows installation.18:36
vice_native Windows installation is a software or?18:36
bekksThat means: Install Windows on your computer. Install iTunes on Windows.18:37
vice_Ehm i can emulate it18:37
vice_its impossible to install windows, i have something like allergic reaction on it18:37
bekksYou have to install natively.18:37
bekksAnd its all offtopic in here.18:38
pleia2vice_: you may want to try askubuntu.com or ubuntuforums.org, it seems pretty clear no one here knows how to do this on Linux if it's possible18:38
pleia2(and as bekks says, getting quite off-topic as apple doesn't support this)18:39
pmjdebruijnthis does make we wonder why many apps are still using gpod, instead of libimobiledevice18:47
pmjdebruijnoh wait18:48
pmjdebruijnthey complement eachother18:48
pmjdebruijnso nevermind on that18:48
xubuntu259My wireless don't working anymore. The wi-fi is not enabled anymore. How can i fix it ? I dont know how this happens.18:56
TheSheepwhat did you do just before it stopped working?18:58
xubuntu259I used a unknow network. Later i turn of the computer and when i wake up next morning it is not working anymore.18:59
xubuntu259Now i use wired only.19:00
TheSheepI don't think using an unknown network would cause that19:01
xubuntu259I think the same. but i can not longer see networks. Only if i goto connect to hidden networks. but it will not connect.19:02
xubuntu259maybe the user of the other network go into my computer and make this change. i dont know.19:03
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:07
xubuntu259Why is the wi-fi network meny gray ?19:13
skorpiohello, how can I reset xubuntu 12.04 to its original settings?20:33
skorpioi was using compiz with xfce and i think this might have caused some problems with suspend etc20:35
ochosiskorpio: depends on how far you want that to go, but creating a new user does that to some extent20:35
skorpiois it enough to uninstall compiz?20:36
ochosiit could be, it depends on what exactly causes the issue20:37
ochosicould also be the graphics driver20:37
ochosior anything else20:37
bekksskorpio: It doesnt help at all, when you uninstall something.20:37
bekksThat will not affect a single setting.20:37
skorpiothan what do i have to do to make xfce fprget about compiz?20:37
ochosito the worst you can do a clean install20:38
skorpioi think its because of compiz because on my other very same laptop xfce is suspending fine without compiz20:38
skorpioi have changed xfce4.session.xml20:43
skorpiodoes this affect suspend20:43
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arstReading around, it seems that vanilla ubuntu suports things like the ipod touch out of the box. Is it different for Xubuntu? Plugging in a gen 4 touch with iOS 4, nothing happens, and I see this in dmesg: http://sprunge.us/gDdU23:03
ochosiarst: depends on what kind of support you're looking for23:13
ochosithere are some music apps that support syncing, then there's gtkpod for syncing music and probably other stuff23:13
ochosiand then there's the basic filesystem access you get when you use thunar 1.6.x (from the xfce4.12 xubuntu-dev ppa)23:13
arstWell, the only thing I really need to happen is for my windows xp virtual machine under virtualbox to recognize it like it does other usb devices, and hopefully to have a way of backing up apps and music on the device or at least adding them to the windows itunes library before first syncing23:18
ochosiarst: i assume you've installed the vbox extensions from the vbox website?23:21
ochosithen you have to add your ipod to the known devices23:21
ochosiin the vbox settings23:21
arstyou mean in Settings > USB?23:22
ochosithen you start up your vbox, connect the ipod (prevent it from being mounted in linux)23:22
ochosiyes, there23:22
ochosiand then you might have to mount it manually from the devices-menu23:23
arstYeah, well the problem there is that the system doesn't recognize the ipod :(23:23
arstthere was no option in the USB place for the ipod23:23
ochosithe pastebin looks ok23:23
arstochosi: I'm gonna start up virtualbox and look again; if I leave suddenly, it's because virtualbox brought down my system again, like it keeps doing.23:25
ochosithat doesn't sound like fun23:25
arstDid't happen the last couple of times though23:25
ochosiif i'm not here anymore, it means i went to sleep ;)23:25
arstochosi: aaaand it happened again. However, it seems that windows is still unable to see the ipod23:31
arstochosi: and again :/23:35
arstwish I knew why that was happening too23:35
Viva_NeroIs there a way to make a program lose mouse focus?23:43
David-AViva_Nero: most simply, you can click another window with the mouse, but guessing you dont mean that. with xdotool you can specify than another window should have focus, but not sure this solves your problem. what is your problem?23:46
Psil0Cybinhey guys i have a question when i randomly start up my laptop sometimes itXubuntu boots into terminal instead of the GUI. How can i attempt to diagnose the problem23:48
Psil0Cybinit only happens randomly23:48
Psil0Cybinlike after 5 restarts it will happen once23:48
Psil0Cybinand i have to do startxfce4 or restart to get it to boot the GUI again23:49
Viva_Nerothe cursor gets stuck inside the window, even when it's visible instead of hidden23:49
Viva_Nerobut it needs to hold the cursor sometimes, cause when it's hidden the mouse is used to control steering23:49
Viva_Nerostuck inside as I can't get to the frame or title bar of it even23:51
David-AViva_Nero: is this when running a game?23:51

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