alexlistHi... I am re-familiarizing myself with packaging and could need some advice ... is anyone using the (experimental) 3.0 (bzr) source format here?09:18
mgzI don't think so09:19
Wiz_KeeDhey guys16:50
Wiz_KeeDHow can i set a bzr repo on a server from which i can push locally via ssh to make changes?16:50
mgzjust create a branch on a server you have ssh access to16:51
Wiz_KeeDwith bzr-init repo17:05
Wiz_KeeDand the bzr init17:05
mgzor any other means of getting a branch on there, scp from local, for instance17:06
achiang'allo, someone checked large binary files into our tree; i am bzr rm'ing them now, but is there a way to wipe them from history too, so that pulling the branch doesn't take forever?18:06
spivachiang: not easily18:07
spivachiang: probably the easiest path is to make a new repository from just before the point the large files were added, then rebase the later history on top.18:08
achiangspiv: ok, that seems doable18:08
achiangspiv: thanks18:08
spivYeah, it's doable.  Just not what I'd call easy :)18:08
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achiang"The downside to cherrypicking is that Bazaar does not track cherrypicked revisions, although this feature is firmly on the wish list."20:44
achiangdoes this mean when i cherry pick revisions, i don't get changelogs and individual commits?20:44
achiang(because that is what i experimentally observe)20:44
jelmerachiang: basically20:46
achiangjelmer: thanks20:47
jelmerachiang: it sounds like what you want isn't actually cherrypicking tracking though - since you don't care about the relation to the old history20:47
jelmeryou want to have a look at "bzr replay" from the bzr-rewrite plugin20:47
achiangjelmer: looking20:49
achiangjelmer: thanks, replay does what i want, except did i find a bug in how it handles revspecs?20:54
achiangjelmer: i did: bzr replay -r4..9 ../otherbranch20:55
achiangjelmer: and i would have expected it to commit r5, r6, r7, r8, and r9 into 'currentbranch'20:55
jelmerachiang: it's experimental, and has some known issues20:55
achiangjelmer: instead, it committed r4, r5, r6, r7, and r820:55
achiangjelmer: fair enough, just giving a heads up that i think the behavior is different from what standard 'bzr merge' does...20:57
achiangfrom the bzr merge man page:20:57
achiangIf you specify two values, "--revision BASE..OTHER", only revisions BASE20:57
achiang  through OTHER, excluding BASE but including OTHER, will be merged.20:57
achiangso it's like (a, b]20:57
achiangbut what i got from replay was [a, b)20:57
achiangor rather, how replay handled the -r arg was [a, b)20:58
rozzinWho should I be bothering about a Windows build of Bazaar 2.6.0?22:19
mgrandiHello, i'm curious about how bazaar 'handles' renaming of directories22:22
mgrandiRenaming a directory22:23
mgrandi    does not count as renaming all its contents.22:23
mgrandisorry, that is a comment in delta.py, and sure enough if i get the delta of a revision that renamed a directory, the stuff inside the directory is not in any of the DeltaTree lists22:23
mgrandierr TreeDelta*22:24
mgrandiso basically i have a post commit hook that is interfacing with another version control system, and when i rename a directory i dont see that any of the stuff inside gets renamed so...im confused on how bazaar handles this22:24
lifelessthe directory is a first class object itself22:25
lifelessobjects in a directory tree are (parent, name, kind, mode, content) tuples, basically.22:25
lifelessa rename occurs when either parent or name change.22:26
lifelessFor instance bzr mv foo bar22:26
lifelesschanges the name22:26
lifelessand bzr mv foo/file bar/file22:26
lifelesschanges the parent22:26
lifelesswhen you rename a directory: bzr mv dir1 dir222:26
mgrandiso, how do i detect or figure out when a directory has changed for instance? like in a post_commit hook22:26
mgrandior is there no nice way to do that22:26
lifelessthe children of dir1 keep the same parent, and the same name.22:26
lifelesslook at the kind22:27
mgrandiSo im guessing there is no nice way to do that22:27
mgrandiand i just have to see if its a directory22:27
mgrandiand then figure out all the 'children' of that directory then rename them in the hook? (for the other vcs)22:27
lifelessYour question has it's own answer: to see when a directory has changed, see if the thing that has changed is a directory.22:27
mgrandiI just have to figure out whats in that directory and rename those as well22:28
mgrandiI'm using bazaar to interface with "team foundation server'22:28
lifelessyes; you'll want to exclude from that any things that have been moved outside of the directory as part of the same commit22:28
lifelessmgrandi: someone wrote a tfs plugin22:28
lifelessmgrandi: you could just use that :)22:28
mgrandihaha that would be great22:28
lifelessI *think* they released it, not sure.22:28
mgrandimine is just a simple post commit hook that just runs add/edit/remove/rename on the tree delta stuff22:28
mgrandibut then silly things like...tfs doesn't rename stuff inside directories like bazaar does22:29
mgrandiif you could find that, that would be great.22:29
mgrandiis it this? https://launchpad.net/bzr-tfs22:30
lifelesssounds like it :)22:32
mgrandiseems like it doesn't work on 2.6, maybe have to edit it a little bit..22:53
mgrandiits trying to register a custom transport, but the method it wants isn't there anymore22:58
mgrandiany idea where that got moved to?22:58

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