dtraskI have a question about a "phantom" lxc container showing up on my Edubuntu 12.04 server....it's introducing wonkiness into my network....and I have no real idea where it came from19:24
dtraskhow do I keep it from starting?  Any ideas?  I have a container called lxcbr   It has an IP address....and it's making it so any machine in the 10.0.3.x range cannot ssh or even ping the server...the lxcbr interface has an IP of   I never set anything like that up....I can't see how it got there...however...there is evidence of lxc doing something when I ran the last update on 8/12  according to dpkg.log19:24
dtraskif I force lxcbr down (ifdown) I can then connect...however it restarts on reboot....I need to disable it...I can't see that it actually is doing anything19:25
stgraberdtrask: lxcbr0 isn't a container, it's just a bridge created for containers19:25
stgraberdtrask: it's configurable in /etc/default/lxc19:25
dtraskdo I need it?19:25
stgraberdtrask: not unless you use arkose (which we ship by default and is the reason why lxcbr0 is there)19:26
stgraberdtrask: so you can either disable it in /etc/default/lxc or remove lxc and all the packages it takes along with it19:26
dtrasksomehow it got the IP address's preventing my machines that are 10.0.3.x from being able to ping or ssh into the server...it's f**king pissing me off!19:26
stgraberyeah, it uses as it's default subnet19:27
dtraskBTW how are you?  and where are you now?19:27
stgraberand can indeed be a bit of a problem when you happen to use the same network for internet access :)19:27
stgraber(the subnet is also configurable in /etc/default/lxc)19:27
stgraberI'm good, thanks. Currently at home in Montreal, though only came back there last week. I was in Europe for a month before that.19:27
dtraskwill I break anything by doing so?  What exactly is it needed for?19:27
dtraskI was unsure what happened to you...I heard Revolution went "belly up"?19:28
stgraberoh yeah, but I left for Canonical way before that happened, I've been working there since April 201119:29
stgraberdtrask: if you don't use lxc or arkose, you don't need lxc and if you don't know if you're using either of those, then you're not.19:29
dtraskso...will I break anything by changing the subnet?  OR...is it possible or wise to turn it off?  If so what is the best method?19:29
dtraskcan I set LXC_AUTO=FALSE or does that break stuff?19:31
stgraberchanging the subnet is fine and will work even if you use those tools one day (I believe we've got code to figure out conflicts and do that automatically in later versions), turning it off will be fine too so long as you don't use lxc (which you're unlikely to do)19:31
dtraskI'm running Edubuntu 12.04 btw19:31
stgraberI think it's USE_LXC_BRIDGE you want to change19:31
stgraberset that to false and reboot, lxcbr0 should be gone then19:31
dtrasklocal apps doesn't use this at all does it?19:32
dtraskso setting USE_LXC_BRIDGE="false" should do it?  Do I need to set LXC_AUTO="false" as well?  Or leave that one alone?19:33
stgrabernope, just set USE_LXC_BRIDGE to false, no need to touch LXC_AUTO19:34
dtraskthx....you da man!19:35
dtraskyou going to BTS this year?19:36
dtraskhope to see you there19:36
dtraskI was googling lxc stuff and your name came up a lot...so I figured I'd jump on here and go to the source.19:36
stgraberI sure hope to make it to BTS. It's not confirmed yet though because of other company travel...19:37
dtraskBTS is FAR more important19:37
stgraberhighvoltage: finally got around to uploading edubuntu-server to the archive20:22
highvoltagestgraber: oh cool20:23
highvoltagestgraber: what does it contain?20:23
highvoltageI'm flipping between going to BTS and not. it's right when I'm moving into my place and I'll have a lot to do around that time.20:24
stgraberhighvoltage: it's basically what we had in the branch with all pyflakes/pyflakes3/pep8 and lintian warnings fixed. I also clarified the licensing a bit and added some headers here and there.20:27
stgraberhighvoltage: I very much doubt it'll work at all, but the easiest way to test it is to have it in the archive20:27
highvoltagestgraber: ah, awesome.20:27
stgraberI fixed an obvious problem in the directory setup script but I doubt that'll be enough to get it working perfectly20:28
highvoltagestgraber: yep, nice that it's in there. I took thursday/friday off and towards friday I'll probably fire up some 13.10 isos and start poking around20:28
stgraberbut the source package itself has been in uploadable state for a while, so there was no good reason not to get that in before FF20:28

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