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cjwatsonwgrant: Did you have a chance to look at my series-alias branch while I was on holiday?13:01
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cjwatsonwgrant: I'm trying to sort out the Deferred handling in https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/buildmaster-cancel-properly/+merge/177580.  Why would requestAbort fail if the slave is already ABORTING?  My reading of the slave code is that it should just return immediately.21:36
cjwatsonwgrant: My inclination is that if requestAbort fails then I should immediately enter the resume-slave-host-or-fail-builder path.  But I think I can only take that approach if such a failure isn't going to happen any time somebody restarts buildd-manager in the middle of a cancellation.21:37
cjwatsonI believe that http://paste.ubuntu.com/6034419/ implements this if it's a tenable approach.21:49
wgrantcjwatson: Ah, you're right, abort() shouldn't normally fail.23:28
wgrantresetting is indeed probably sensible, but the CancellationError due to a manager restart is indeed an issue.23:29

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