DarkPlayerhi, do you have any problems with the build system? Somehow some builds are finished but the build system still states that they are in progress ?05:09
DarkPlayerexample: https://launchpad.net/~ehoover/+archive/compholio/+build/490891005:09
wgrantDarkPlayer: I've been watching those, and they indeed seem to not be dying.05:26
wgrantThat usually means you've left some processes running.05:26
wgrantLet me see.05:26
wgrantDarkPlayer: Actually, I missed something rather critical in the lolgg:05:30
wgrant"Can't find wine-compholio_1.7.0-3~precise_i386.changes -- can't dump infos"05:30
wgrantYour package didn't produce a .changes file with the right name.05:30
wgrantIt looks like you're doing something very manually, and probably incorrectly.05:31
DarkPlayerwell it's not directly my package but it's one of my dependencies and i was working with erich e. hoover on the wine package05:31
DarkPlayerokay well than i need to tell him that there is something wrong with his build script05:32
DarkPlayerwgrant: you do not directly see the error in his build script, do you ?05:33
wgrantDarkPlayer: I don't have time to investigate further at the moment.05:33
wgrantBut I've cancelled the hung builds.05:33
DarkPlayerk thanks05:34
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dukhlovHi all17:22
dukhlovI have a problem with launchpad17:22
dukhlovCould anybody help me?17:22
dobeydukhlov: just ask the question. don't ask to ask17:43
dukhlovI regittered in launchpad 3 weeks ago, made one code review and created 2 new blueprints which was approved17:47
dukhlovbut now I see that my karma is 0 and it seems that launchpad doesnt't see my activity17:47
dobeywhat is your lp user id?17:49
dukhlovin my profile I cann't see "Most active on" vidget17:49
dobeywhat do you mean by "made one code review" exactly? you reviewed a proposal from someone else, or you created a proposal to merge into someone else's branch?17:51
dukhlovno, I reviewed  a proposal from someone else, but it makes me wounder when launchpad doesnt see my work on blueprints, becouse my colleges performs the same actions and they don't have this problems17:56
dobeyyour blueprints are there17:58
dobeyignore the karma, it's a relatively pointless number17:58
dobeydo you have a URL to the merge proposal?17:58
dukhlovyes, but "Most active on" viget also gone for me18:10
dobeythat code review has nothing to do with launchpad18:11
dobeyyes, because you haven't been active on anything i presume18:11
dukhlovfor example lok at the my colege profile18:11
dobeyanyway, do more stuff and it will appear18:12
dobeybut the karma number is totally useless18:13
dukhlovhm, strange... ok,  Thank you for help:)18:16

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