bigjoolsMACscr: which version of maas are you using?  if it's the one in precise it doesn't support kernel options, it needs to be raring (IIRC) or newer00:02
MACscrI have it installed on a 13.04 system00:02
bigjoolsMACscr: ok then you should be able to do something like this:00:08
bigjoolsmaas-cli <profile> tags new name='test' kernel_opts='vga'00:08
bigjoolsthen add the tag to a node with:00:08
bigjoolsmaas-cli <profile> tag update-nodes test add="<system_id>"00:09
bigjoolsthe next time that node boots it'll get that kernel option00:09
MACscrbigjools: you mentioned next time. Can this be done when i system is initially added? btw, i have zero maas experience besides installing it.00:15
bigjoolsMACscr: you can add the tag at any time00:15
MACscrthanks for your help, i really appreciate it00:16
bigjoolsbut obviously the system needs to boot to receive the kernel opt :)00:16
bigjoolsI'm painfully aware the docs are out of date, and working on fixing them00:16
MACscrwell it can be booted through pxe, right?00:16
bigjoolsyes - that's the only way you should be booting when using maas00:17
bigjoolsif you are using WoL then functionality is reduced - you can't power off the node easily00:20
MACscrbtw, i was able to install maas on a LXC'ed ubuntu instance. seemed to work fine as soon as i disabled the avahi rlimit00:21
bigjoolshow did you get lxc to pxe boot?00:22
bigjoolsor are you talking about the maas server on the lxc instance?00:22
MACscrthe maas server00:23
MACscrmaas is way easier and more flexible than juju btw00:23
MACscrthat thing drives me nuts00:23
bigjoolsmaas is equivalent to any cloud provider that juju uses, it's just metal not virtual00:24
bigjoolswhat about juju drives you nuts?00:24
MACscrwell with juju, you have to have a System A that runs a juju command to install juju-gui, which has to be then deployed on a different system. So you pretty much have to have two systems before you can even start working on deploying something to a third system00:25
bigjoolsyou don't have to run juju-gui00:25
bigjoolsand I think they're working on co-location of charms00:26
bigjoolsI believe lxc co-location works on maas now00:26
MACscryeah, that might be great for the future, doesnt help with my frustration of today =P00:26
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roaksoaxjtv: howd!!03:46
roaksoaxjtv: so i uploafded the package03:47
roaksoaxand it is in the new queue03:47
roaksoaxim gonna get it processed tomorrow03:47
roaksoaxjtv: is the latst trunk dependent on it?03:47
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jtvroaksoax: great, thanks!  No, I held off on landing anything that would depend on this.05:21
melmothHi there ! i m still struggling with a maas installation (real hardware) where the node seems stuck at the enlisting stage.06:20
melmothwe pxe boot them, they get something to boot from maas, but they do not poweroff ..and nothing seems to happen06:21
melmothsome error appears in some logs at the same time http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6031457/06:21
bigjoolsmelmoth: is there anything on the node's console?06:23
melmothusual prompt. By usual i mean just login@ubuntu06:24
melmothi do not see anything like cretaeing ssh key or similar.06:24
kurt_bigjools: I believe I am running in to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/120450706:24
ubot5Launchpad bug 1204507 in maas (Ubuntu Quantal) "MAAS rejects empty files" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:24
kurt_my error is "error: cannot create bootstrap state file: gomaasapi: got error back from server: 400 BAD REQUEST"06:24
bigjoolskurt_: yes I just told dave how to help you06:24
kurt_you are watching juju too?06:24
bigjoolsI'm in juju-dev06:25
bigjoolsmelmoth: anything on the other alt-F consoles?06:25
melmothahhh, good point, let see if i can have access to those06:25
bigjoolsI suspect it didn't pxe boot and timed out to a local b oot06:25
kurt_bigjools: does this also mean starting from scratch with new maas build?06:26
bigjoolskurt_: no you just need to upgrade the package06:26
kurt_bigjools: thanks.  back to RTFMing to figure that part out now. :D06:27
melmothhm on f7, datasourcenotfindexception06:27
bigjoolskurt_: well it's not released yet IIRC06:27
kurt_ah, so I can't get it06:27
bigjoolscheck the proposed pocket in the archive06:27
bigjoolsnot sure if it made it to -updates yet06:27
bigjoolsif desperate you can use the daily ppa06:28
melmoththere  s what seems ot be a python cloud iit related backtrace, but i cannot copy it entirly, it s ocmplaining about not being able to find a data source, whateber that is06:28
bigjoolsmelmoth: yeah that's cloud-init06:28
bigjoolsis there anything else around that 'HttpResponse' object has no attribute '_is_string' error?06:29
melmothbigjools, the error in the maas log, there are tons of the same.Someone here think it s related to a problem with our version of jango and piston06:30
kurt_member:bigjools its fixed in precise proposed it appears, but not in quantal? or how does that work?06:30
bigjoolsyeah that rings a bell06:30
bigjoolswhat version are you using?06:30
melmothmaas from ppa06:30
kurt_precise images, but quantal for my maas06:31
bigjoolsmelmoth: the main archive has the same as the PPA now (apart from the fix that kurt_ is waiting for)06:31
bigjoolsoh actually it's released06:32
* kurt_ looks06:32
bigjoolsso just apt-get dist-ugprade06:33
bigjoolsmelmoth: I'm not sure how you;d end up with the wrong versions of those06:33
kurt_I see it in precise and raring06:33
bigjoolsand quantal06:33
kurt_the release date is too early for the fix, isn't it?06:34
melmothi have no idea i dont even know what piston is... let me try to get the url he showed me06:34
kurt_fix went out 8/1506:34
* kurt_ thinks06:34
bigjoolskurt_: oh yes. the versioning is ummm weird06:34
kurt_you know way better than I do06:35
bigjoolsgo to raring, or down to precise06:35
bigjoolsnot sure quantal is much of a focus tbh06:35
kurt_lol, so I lose with quantal?06:35
bigjools'fraid so06:35
kurt_who can I bother to get it updated? :D06:35
melmothbigjools, that the url he mention https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-django-piston/0.2.3-1ubuntu2 it mention a fix for quantal and raring (i have no idea what this is about)06:36
melmothwe are just at a stage we have no idea what s going on, so we just google for any error message we see06:36
bigjoolsmelmoth: what does dpkg -l maas|cat show06:37
bigjoolsthere's a newer version  in the main archive06:38
melmothi m lost06:39
melmothi used the ppa , is it not suppose to be the latest ?06:39
melmothif not, how can i switch to the latest ?06:39
bigjoolsdepends on which ppa06:39
bigjoolsI think you;re ok for now, so don't worry06:39
bigjoolswhich version of piston have you got?06:39
melmothi used ppq:mqqs-mqintqiners/stqble06:40
melmothpython-djqngo-piston 0.2.3-1ubuntu106:40
bigjoolsmmmm I wonder why precise doesn't have that piston fix06:40
melmothohh, and i keep swiching from a qwerty keyoard to an azery one as well :)06:41
bigjoolsyeah I noticed :)06:41
bigjoolsmelmoth: so I have a feeling that your django is too new for the rest of the packages that use it06:42
bigjoolshow did you install everything?06:42
melmothwell, on a precise box, after adding the ppa and apt-get update, juts did a apt-get install maas maas-dhcp maas-dns maas-cli charm-tools bzr06:43
bigjoolsthat is_string fix was done over a year ago, but was not put into precise because it doesn't need it there06:43
bigjoolscan you remove the PPA and downgrade everything06:43
bigjoolsit should start working06:43
melmothi also have the the ppa:juju/devel installed btw06:43
bigjoolsremove the maas PPA I mean06:43
bigjoolsit's not needed for precise installations any more06:44
bigjoolsI really ought to purge it06:44
kurt_bigjools: do you think I am SOL w/r getting that fix in to Quantal in the short term?06:44
bigjoolskurt_: yes, sorry06:44
bigjoolskurt_: if you're brave you can look at the patch and hand hack your files06:44
bigjoolsit was a one-liner IIRC06:44
melmothbigjools, apprently th enew piston package comes from the grizzly cloud archive06:44
kurt_I would rather be on a supported line06:45
bigjoolsmelmoth: ahhhhhh this is interesting06:45
kurt_can't go to raring06:45
bigjoolskurt_: not sure quantal is supported is it?06:45
bigjoolsthought it was rol06:45
kurt_its say (supported) :)06:45
kurt_is raring LTS?06:45
bigjoolsmelmoth: so you are on 0.2.3-1ubuntu1 of piston?06:46
bigjoolskurt_: no06:46
kurt_k, thnx06:46
kurt_back to precise it is ...06:46
bigjoolsneither is quantal06:46
kurt_2 steps forward, 3 steps back LOL06:46
bigjoolskurt_: the hand-hack is easy but I really recommend going to raring06:46
melmothahhh, looks like someone installed some ppa for grizzly to play with ceph...I think i know what to do from now, try to get tje old version of piston . Thanks !06:47
bigjoolsit has more maas features06:47
bigjoolsmelmoth: that version of piston is ok though!06:47
bigjoolsmelmoth: but ok let me know how you get on06:47
kurt_bigjools: but its not up to date with all of the grizzly stuff and charms for openstack06:47
bigjoolskurt_: raring isn't?  it's newer than quantal so... wtf!06:48
kurt_I know06:48
kurt_I will run it past jcastro tomorrow06:48
kurt_its too late here to start anything tonight06:48
kurt_anyways, thanks06:49
bigjoolskurt_: np06:50
melmoththe problem was not piston, it was the new django coming from the cloud archive (well, we think it is, we redeploy a fresh precise and startagain)07:00
bigjoolsyeah that's what I thought07:07
bigjoolsmelmoth: I'm not sure how to file a bug on the cloud archive, but perhaps roaksoax might know07:07
AskUbuntuCan I install ubuntu desktop GUI on my cloud node | http://askubuntu.com/q/33788313:09
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kurt_I am trying to figure out how to get this build on to my host:18:20
kurt_it has fixes I need for juju 1.1218:20
kurt_its not under maintainers ppa18:21
kurt_any suggestions?18:21
roaksoaxkurt_: that's the candidate to become an update in the release18:25
roaksoaxso if you want to install from ubuntu's -proposed repository, you could do that18:25
kurt_roaksoax: that's the part I'm trying to figure out, not being fully familiar with ppa and such18:25
kurt_what is the ppa I want to add?18:26
kurt_for precise18:26
roaksoaxkurt_: the version you are referring to above is not on a PPA< but it is on the Ubuntu archives, the -proposed pocket. This is where the packages live for testing before they are send to updates18:26
roaksoaxkurt_: so you could enable it, and update maas from there18:27
kurt_thanks, do I just download the tar ball directly then?18:27
roaksoaxkurt_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed18:27
kurt_roaksoax: does that then enable the proposed branch for all software on my node?18:28
kurt_ah I see I can select particular packages18:29
roaksoaxkurt_: yep18:32
kurt_roaksoax: got it and running, thnx18:39
roaksoaxkurt_: np ;_18:40
kurt_are there any current bugs around maas-dns not returning name lookups?19:31
roaksoaxkurt_: not that I know off20:28
roaksoaxkurt_: is the DNS/DHCP correctly configured for the cluster?20:28
roaksoaxkurt_: did you make sure the zone names are correct?20:28
kurt_roaksoax: is there manual configuration that needs to happen?  the only thing I had to do last time was ensure host lookup was pointed to localhost ( Maas took care of the rest of it before.20:39
kurt_now when I try lookup to localhost, its not working20:39
roaksoaxkurt_: yes, you need to enable DNS/DHCP on the WebUI20:51
roaksoax(you can do it through the command line too though)20:51
kurt_hmm…was already set up20:52
kurt_something odd going on with my interfaces though http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6034246/20:54
kurt_something is really weird - because it throws an error, but it works for external addresses, but doesn't work for maas resolver20:57
roaksoaxkurt_: yeah, so make sure your resolv.conf has both, the maas server and another external DNS as dns servers21:01
roaksoaxand see what happens21:01
kurt_ok, that gets rid of "error (network unreachable) resolving", but still no joy for maas only addresses21:04
roaksoaxkurt_: are nodes deployed?21:06
kurt_roaksoax: yes…ah..maybe I need to start over21:06
kurt_I was told I could just upgrade without having to recommission everything21:07
roaksoaxkurt_: yeah you should haven been able to do that without issues21:07
roaksoaxkurt_: what about reboot your maas server?21:07
kurt_did that several times :)21:07
roaksoaxbigjools: ^^21:07
kurt_too early for him, isn't it?21:08
roaksoaxyeah :) but in case I die soon21:08
* kurt_ scratches his head21:09
roaksoaxim gonna make a setup to try to reproduce21:10
kurt_oh weird21:10
kurt_kurt@maas-cntrl:~$ sudo maas --version21:10
roaksoaxthat;'s django version i think21:11
roaksoaxnot really maas'21:11
kurt_how do I get maas version?>21:11
kurt_dpkg -l | grep maas?21:11
roaksoaxapt-cache policy maas21:11
kurt_yeah dpkg -l worked too21:12
kurt_1.2+bzr1373+dfsg-0ubuntu1~12.04.2   Ubuntu MAAS Server21:12
kurt_that one has bug fix I need21:12
kurt_for juju 1.1221:12
roaksoaxyeah maybe there's an upgrade issue21:12
roaksoaxkurt_: does your celery.log and region-celery.log report any weird things?21:12
kurt_I was looking at that...21:13
kurt_celery-region has some weirdness21:14
kurt_the node is not yet booted21:15
kurt_taking care of that now21:17
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