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derEremitHi, what was changed in saucy yesterday.10:56
derEremitAfter login i just get a black screen and "permission denied" popup10:56
derEremitintel grafix10:57
BluesKaj'Morning all12:10
penguin42Hey BK12:12
BluesKajhey penguin4212:24
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rachocurrently running 3.11.0-3-generic #7-Ubuntu SMP but i can't seem to activate radeon.dpm=1 on my vga17:02
rachodo i need some extra lib/package? i was left with the impression 3.11 would provide better power management for radeon cards17:03
* penguin42 is getting a crash in the (python) printer-applet on KDE at login; the KDE guys say they've recently replaced their printer-applet by a C one; is this something that's just awaiting packaging?19:19
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yofelpenguin42: not really, the new one is called print-manager, printer-applet was just never removed20:17
penguin42yofel: OK, for me the old python one segs, I suggest the old one is removed or make the new one remove the old one?20:21
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vanishinganyone's gnome-flashback session working?23:28

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