clepto1995randomcpp, I'm going to bed, if you find anything send me an email (you can find it on github) or wait until tomorrow00:08
randomcppok sure :)00:08
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hakermaniaGood night from me, too!00:20
GuidoPallemansjust pushed my latest sources to github on my github app: https://github.com/brambram/GithubClient00:43
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rschrollIs it possible to individually style the values in a ValueSelector?03:12
rschrollI'm trying to make a font selector, and it'd be nice for each option to be in that font03:12
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oSoMoNgood morning06:52
guschoSoMoN: hi can you have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-unified-multi-pick/+merge/18227807:54
oSoMoNgusch: sure, will do07:55
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clepto1995randomcpp, I find a workaround.. I changed the UI a bit :)10:26
randomcpperror on first launch file:///home/random/Projects/cnotes-ubuntu-touch/Storage.js:23: Error: no such table: notes Unable to execute statement10:26
randomcpptip: in the creation page, the action "create"  should be something like "save"10:28
clepto1995randomcpp, did you get pasted the error?10:28
randomcpptip: the add tags should a dialog no a pointless popup10:30
clepto1995randomcpp, why pointless? I prefer popup10:30
randomcppclepto1995, I think a dialog is preferred by the HIGs10:31
randomcppclepto1995, I can't save a new note10:31
clepto1995randomcpp, yes, for the user need to make a choice10:31
randomcppfile:///home/random/Projects/cnotes-ubuntu-touch/pages/CreateNotePage.qml:37: TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined10:31
randomcppI think that's caused by the first error10:32
randomcppfile:///home/random/Projects/cnotes-ubuntu-touch/Storage.js:23: Error: no such table: notes Unable to execute statement10:32
randomcppno category has been loaded10:32
randomcppand I can't add a new one either10:32
clepto1995randomcpp, wait a sec10:32
clepto1995randomcpp, comment line 156 in CNotes.qml10:33
clepto1995and run10:33
randomcppoh now it works :)10:34
randomcppcategory page is there yet, right?10:35
clepto1995randomcpp, for testing purposes close the app, uncomment the line and re-run10:35
clepto1995randomcpp, its there but I don't if its works due to changes to the files structure and UI10:35
randomcppclepto1995, it runs without errors, but I don't have the entry I've created10:35
clepto1995randomcpp, if you want to test the app properly please wait until the next upadte10:36
clepto1995randomcpp, its all gone to work then except u1db and maybe links10:36
dpmhi m-b-o, good afternoon! We've got but we've got a session for Calculator & Weather at UDS today: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/2013-08-27/display? I'm telling you the same as I said to WebbyIT: if you are around and you'd like to participate, your input will be very useful! :)10:37
m-b-ohi dpm :)10:39
dpmhey :)10:39
randomcppclepto1995, if you want you can test my app https://github.com/random-cpp/saucybacon10:40
m-b-oI'm at the office.. I'll try to follow on irc10:40
randomcppI've got a really nice feature yesterday :)10:40
clepto1995randomcpp, I will as soon as I finished the convergence thing...10:41
dpmthanks m-b-o!10:46
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seb128nic-doffay, hey11:41
nic-doffayseb128, hey11:41
seb128nic-doffay, do you have any news about the optionselector landing?11:41
seb128nic-doffay, we need it in other projects :/11:41
nic-doffayseb128, made another addition on friday11:41
seb128can't you just land it as it is and make addition in further iterations later?11:42
nic-doffayseb128, the subtext was one of the additions.11:42
nic-doffayAswell as an icon for the wifi too.11:42
nic-doffayWhich I assumed might be needed.11:42
seb128there is always stuff to improve/fix, that shouldn't block landing though11:42
seb128right, they are11:42
seb128but if they come later that's fine11:42
nic-doffayEither way kalikiana should be able to review it later today and it will land.11:42
seb128we better be blocked on some missing features than being blocked on starting using it at all11:43
nic-doffayAs soon as he has a a moment.11:43
seb128ok, great11:43
nic-doffayseb128, I'll do my best to land it today.11:43
nic-doffaythe code is done at least.11:43
GuidoPallemansanyone here has any experience on changing the elements inside a repeater drastically?11:53
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clepto1995is someone from the gallery app here?12:55
GuidoPallemansis it possible to set the background color of a page's title?13:45
clepto1995GuidoPallemans, try headerColor13:55
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GuidoPallemansclepto1995: thanks!14:23
GuidoPallemansclepto1995: doesn't work14:26
GuidoPallemansI want my header bar to not be transparent, how can I do that?14:30
clepto1995GuidoPallemans, what you mean not to be transparent? It isn't14:32
GuidoPallemansit is :D14:33
GuidoPallemansI have a flickable that slides under the title14:33
clepto1995GuidoPallemans, thats another thing14:33
GuidoPallemansbut it shouldn't, it should stop at the bottom of the title14:33
clepto1995GuidoPallemans, https://plus.google.com/101694416703170881163/posts/AGKekSoLTHw14:34
GuidoPallemansah yes, thanks14:35
WebbyITdpm, thanks to help by boiko we have the fix for critical bug merged \o/14:37
dpm\o/ WebbyIT, boiko, nice work!14:38
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GuidoPallemanshey guys, join #ubuntu-uds-appdev-115:16
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om26ermhall119, hey, where can I see today's keynote ?15:46
WebbyIThi christina :) Do you have a plot for the uds session or we will improvise?15:46
mhall119om26er: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21887/intro-and-keynote/15:46
mhall119om26er: if/when youtube is done processing it15:47
om26ermhall119, can you point me to a direct youtube link (if you can) youtube is blocked here so i'd use that link with a proxy15:48
mhall119om26er: http://www.youtube.com/embed/zMCxHYKjAx015:49
om26ermhall119, thanks15:49
christinaWebbyIT, hello!!!15:49
christinaWebbyIT, i have something prepared but we shall improvise :)15:49
christinaWebbyIT, just something to go through how we came up with the concepts :) see you in a bit!15:50
om26erdoes anyone know how can I see which version of the touch image I have on my phone ?15:50
WebbyITchristina, sounds good :) See you soon!15:51
dholbachhello everybody - if you are interested in apps and hardware requirements, we're currently talking about it in http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21933/community-1308-app-story-hardware-requirements/16:08
dholbachand we're in #ubuntu-uds-community-1 as well16:08
WebbyITchristina_ dpm, can you send me a link for the hangout?16:10
dpmWebbyIT, done :)16:11
WebbyITthanks dpm :)16:11
hakermaniaWhat signal should I catch in order to shutdown gracefully my application during shutdown? I can catch SIGHUP, SIGINT and SIGTERM, and I thought that these would be enough. When I use kill -15 PID my process exits gracefully, but not when I shutdown my pc normally16:19
hakermaniaI thought that SIGTERM (15) would be enough.16:20
boikoom26er: hi17:13
om26erboiko, hey17:13
boikoom26er: could you please give me some help understanding why this MR is failing: https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/address-book-app/launch_dialer_and_messaging_reapply/+merge/18220217:13
om26erboiko, address-book-app : Depends: qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-telephony-plugin but it is not installable17:14
om26erthat's cause of the failure on a maguro17:14
boikoom26er: ouch! the package changed name, sorry, I didn't notice that :/17:15
om26erboiko, what's the name of the new package ?17:19
boikoom26er: qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-telephony0.117:19
om26erboiko, its fine till 0.1 (why the number in the package name btw?)17:20
om26erits like unity8  :p unity8 7.81 :D17:20
boikoom26er: well, that seems to be the naming scheme used by all qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-* packages17:21
seb128boiko, om26er: that's the abi version (the import number)17:25
seb128that's so we can do smooth transitions when the abi change17:25
boikoseb128: makes sense17:25
seb128by having different versions installed at the same time17:25
seb128what source has the issue?17:25
seb128boiko, I fixed dialer-app and messaging-app today17:25
boikoseb128: it is an MR on lp:address-book-app17:26
boikoseb128: already fixed it17:26
seb128or, address-book-app ... sorry, that one is not in the archive so we didn't catch it17:26
seb128boiko, great17:26
boikoom26er: hi, is this the test you fixed yesterday: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/121730719:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1217307 in touch-preview-images "TestCommunicationPanel.test_send_button_disable_on_clear test failure on mako devices" [Undecided,New]19:32
om26erboiko, yes it is. Is that not fixed ?19:32
boikoom26er: I think it is, it is just missing a release19:33
boikoom26er: even if we are switching to the new apps for tomorrow image,we better get this fix released19:33
om26erboiko, how do we release a new package ?19:33
om26erthere was auto release enabled for that project, not sure if it was re-enabled by francis as well19:34
boikoom26er: we have do debcommit a saucy series changelog entry, I'll do that and ask you to review/approve19:34
boikoom26er: it was in daily release, but we had to switch that off while libmessaging-menu from phablet was not yet in saucy19:35
om26erboiko, ah - ok19:35
boikoom26er: it could be re-enabled, but I don't think it is worth at this point19:35
om26erboiko, yeah, just do a manual release. I don't think there is going to be another release after this one19:35
boikoom26er: https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/phone-app/release_0.59.24/+merge/18247819:40
om26erboiko, approved19:41
boikoom26er: thanks!19:41
zygamhall119: so let's talk here19:49
mhall119hi zyga!19:49
mhall119so I think we can safely assume python 2.7 for deployments of the api website19:50
mhall119I don't know about development environments though, I'd have to check what the 12.04 had19:50
zygamhall119: you should fix your bzr author name19:50
zygamhall119: you got one commit without your name I think19:51
zygamhall119: it has 2.719:51
zygamhall119: so it's okay19:51
mhall119yeah, the one without my full name was probably done on a server19:51
mhall119my laptop is properly setup19:51
zygamhall119: what's the license?19:55
mhall119zyga: AGPLv319:55
zygaI'll add that too19:56
zygamhall119: 3 or 3+?19:56
mhall119it's not specified yet, but 3+ would be best I think19:57
mefriois there any gallery app developer?19:58
mhall119mefrio: try in #ubuntu-touch if they aren't in here19:59
wellsbi can't seem to change a gradient's colors dynamically by modifying a variable like I can a color.  Oh well.  There are other ways..19:59
mefriomhall119, ok thanks19:59
zygamhall119: first branch up20:00
zygamhall119: let me do a merge request20:00
mhall119it never fails, every time I start a new project the first contributions from other people are either a COPYING file or a setup.py file :)20:01
zygamhall119: I'll add COPYING now20:02
zygamhall119: another branch up20:03
* zyga loves using git-lp20:03
zygamhall119: I'll do some basic code copyright cleanup and south work next20:04
zygabut now I need some food20:04
mhall119zyga: nice, thanks!20:06
mhall119zyga: both approved and merged20:08
zygamhall119: cool20:13
GuidoPallemansmhall119: when will the new api website arrive?20:15
mhall119GuidoPallemans: when it's capable of replacing the static API docs we currently have20:17
mhall119before 13.10 I hope20:18
GuidoPallemansoh ok20:18
GuidoPallemansanyone ever had an error TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON20:32
GuidoPallemansnik90_: do you work for ubuntu/canonical?20:35
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boikoom26er_: is this a jenkins error or is it something else: https://code.launchpad.net/~boiko/address-book-app/launch_dialer_and_messaging_reapply/+merge/18220220:59
om26er_boiko, its different, internet stopped working on a device due to some reason21:00
om26er_i'll kick it21:00
boikoom26er_: thanks!21:00
wellsbCan somebody verify this bug report: Bug #1217578  I guess the temporary workaround is to create my own button w/ mousearea and rectangle21:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1217578 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Button does not reflect changes to GradientStop.color" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121757821:03
boikowellsb: if you are to create your own button, use an AbstractButton as a base, then you just need to implement the visual21:06
boikowellsb: that until this gradient bug gets fixed21:06
wellsbGood idea21:07
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randomcppmhall119, ping21:34
randomcppmefrio, ping you too21:34
mefriorandomcpp, pong21:34
mhall119randomcpp: pong21:35
randomcppmhall119, do you have any documentation on how conditional layouts should be used?21:36
mhall119randomcpp: you mean from a design perspective or an implementation perspective?21:37
randomcppimplementation perspective, if there's a way it's mean to be coded21:37
mhall119http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/ubuntu-layouts.html has a 7-page walkthrough of how to do it21:38
randomcppbecause at the moment I change some configuration simply based on a variable21:38
mhall119definitely read through all those pages I linkted to21:38
mhall119it's very comprehensive21:38
mhall119http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/get-started/responding-to-orientation has some design ideas21:39
randomcppbecause at the moment, in the recipe page view for example, I'm using a grid that changes the number of columns as the app width increment21:42
mhall119randomcpp: there's an example of doing exactly that I believe21:44
randomcppyeah but I'm calculating the width of the children "manually", I shouldn't do this..21:46
GuidoPallemansdoes the scrollbar component work? I don't see it22:11
GuidoPallemansbut it isnt giving any errors22:12

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