prpplagueinfinity: you have any success contacting someone?01:11
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infinityprpplague: Sort of.  I'll try harder tomorrow, though tomorrow's a busy day with UDS and other things.03:16
prpplagueUDS is going on?03:16
infinityprpplague: 27-29, yeah.03:17
prpplagueahh wasn't aware03:17
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prpplagueinfinity: ahh ok03:30
prpplagueinfinity: i'd like to get this going pretty quick if possible03:30
infinityprpplague: I'm working on it.  Just not at 9:30pm. ;)03:33
infinityprpplague: I've bugged a person or two, just need to find the time to sit down and talk.03:33
prpplagueinfinity: understood, just had a chance to ping you and thought i'd check03:33
prpplagueinfinity: no worries03:33
prpplagueinfinity: sounds like you've made more progress than i did for two weeks, so that is something03:33
infinityprpplague: It's because I'm such a warm and personable fellow.03:34
prpplague*cough* must be03:34
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mijkanyone here runnig Ubuntu on their Chromebook?17:01
mijkI'm looking for a copy of libmali.so.0.0.3517:13
ogra_mijk, the blob of the nexus10 that you can download from google has this ... the board in the chromebook is close to identical to the N1017:29
mijkis it 35 or the newer 45?17:30
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install has a link to the google download pages17:31
ogra_no idea which version ... or if there are even both available17:31
ogra_i know they work on the chromebook though17:31
mijkright on17:32
mijkthanks, I'll take a look17:32

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