jonomhall119, around?00:18
mhall119jono: finishing dinner, what's up?00:19
jonomhall119, can you reddit http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/08/27/ubuntu-in-a-nutshell-unity-and-convergence/ :-)00:19
jonowhen you get a sec00:19
jonothanks, pal00:19
* mhall119 was just reading it :)00:19
* jose goes00:20
mhall119jose: I wasn't even done reading it yet :-P00:22
joseI read very quickly00:22
jonomhall119, :-)00:23
Tm_Tgood morning community05:35
jcastrohey balloons13:48
smartboyhwOh, we are starting vUDS soon right/13:49
jcastroany idea if power management for Mir is coming sooner rather than later?13:49
jcastroI want to test Mir but losing power management is kind of a deal breaker for me13:49
* smartboyhw recommends jcastro to ask in #ubuntu-mire13:49
jcastroI prefer my own personal valet13:49
smartboyhwjcastro, nice;P13:50
jussiis that where we go to get mired in long pointless discussions?13:50
smartboyhwjussi, good question...13:50
balloonshey jcastro13:58
smartboyhwHey balloons13:58
jcastrohey balloons13:59
* smartboyhw beats jcastro to it:)13:59
balloonstime to join all the rooms :-)14:00
smartboyhwballoons, holy, Community Roundtable crashes with Community testing14:00
smartboyhwballoons, do a test hangout with me14:28
balloonssmartboyhw, ohh14:28
smartboyhwballoons, can you hear me?14:29
smartboyhwballoons, Hangout sucks:(14:33
balloonssmartboyhw, there is a gear in the upper right that lets you select the input device14:33
smartboyhwballoons, I know14:33
smartboyhwIt doesn't work14:33
smartboyhwI did try to use earphones once14:34
smartboyhw(On Mumble)14:34
smartboyhwIt worked14:34
balloonsright.. it must be unamplified or something. a proper microphone would be helpful14:35
smartboyhwballoons, no microphone here:(14:39
balloonsI'm just surprised it doesn't work with your internal mic14:40
smartboyhwballoons, no it doesn't14:40
smartboyhwSigh, can't join:(14:44
balloonssmartboyhw, so your laptop has an internal mic, but it doesn't work.. or it doesn't have an internal mic?14:45
balloonsyou also might need to select an input device and make sure it's not muted, etc in the pulseaudio panel14:46
smartboyhwballoons, it should have a internal mic14:46
balloonssmartboyhw, check to make sure it's not muted as well with alsamixer14:46
smartboyhwballoons, it isn't14:46
balloonsall input is unmuted, etc? sometimes alsamixer will reveal things the gui panel doesn't14:47
smartboyhwballoons, no14:47
smartboyhwI mean, not muted14:48
smartboyhwWait, my MIc IS muted14:48
smartboyhwballoons, starting another one with you?14:48
* smartboyhw hugs balloons 14:49
balloonssmartboyhw, :-p14:49
* smartboyhw can finally participate in vUDS this year14:50
jonoroundtable session happening now: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21900/community-roundtable-tue/15:11
dholbachwe're hanging out in #ubuntu-uds-community-115:13
smartboyhwHave to write this15:29
popeysmartboyhw: lie about your age ☻15:40
IdleOneyeah, that is the solution15:40
smartboyhwpopey, uh hum15:40
smartboyhwI don't lie in my email account15:40
IdleOneOMG!Ubuntu: Canonical tells under age users to lie about their age!15:41
smartboyhwIdleOne, \o/15:41
popeymeh, i would15:43
elfyI'm 1515:47
elfyI always lie about my age15:47
smartboyhwelfy, bah15:48
smartboyhwThat's seriously lying for no good reason15:48
jonodholbach, who is responsible for click packages installing on the Nexus devices?16:44
jonoI noticed that the packages are not installing to /opt when I download them16:44
dholbachjono, alecu brought it up in #ubuntu-touch earlier16:44
dholbachit might have to do with the switch to read-only images16:44
dholbachlool, cjwatson, sergiusens should be able to help I guess16:45
dholbachI just got too busy to follow the discussion on the channel16:45
jonodholbach, np16:45
jonoballoons, you need to bang the drum more on Mir MM testing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/MultiMonitorTesting/results17:00
jonoone person has participated so far17:00
jonoballoons, ?17:42
jonodid you see my message?17:42
balloonsjono, ohh I see it now.. flakyness. There is also http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/298/builds/51476/testcases/1572/results17:55
balloonsso 5 altogether it looks like17:56
jonoballoons, so what is the difference between the wiki page and that?17:56
balloonsjono, nothing.. you can report either place17:56
jonoballoons, why don't we just ask people to use one place?17:57
balloonsjono, the wiki was used originally so they retained it.. typically everything would be recorded in the tracker18:00
jonoballoons, so there is no good reason18:00
jonoballoons, I see little point in having two places to file reports18:00
jonolets ask people to use the tracker18:01
balloonsjono, the reason is that they didn't ask people originally to use the tracker, but instead to use a wiki page18:01
balloonsthey don't want to alienate anyone now, so both still exist. They want as many reports as possible18:01
balloonsI agree about it's potential for confusion..18:02
jonoballoons, right, but my point is...why didn't they use the tracker at first?18:03
jonowe have a QA tracker for tracking manual testing, which this is18:03
jonodholbach, can you throw me the hangout URL for the click session?18:04
balloonsjono, you originally created the wiki page for tracking results from the Xmir testing :-) I didn't realize you had done that when we were using the tracker at the same time18:05
balloonsregardless, we can edit the links out. only 2 people used the wiki18:05
asomethingdholbach, planet checker script - https://gist.github.com/andrewsomething/635627818:06
balloonslet me know and I'll make the edits, which should just more or less freeze the wiki results page from getting further results18:06
jonoballoons, no, I created the GPU testing wiki page, which was not intended for deep testing18:06
jonoI didn't createhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/MultiMonitorTesting/results18:07
dholbachasomething, you are the hero of heroes18:09
* dholbach hugs asomething18:09
dholbachsee you guys tomorrow20:00
balloonsjono, I think doing it on the wiki was confusing.. it was not my intention to do it that way, but I'm making the best of it for testing as it's been done. There is an article on omg that landed this afternoon.. that should help reach more folks. I'm sending reminders that we only have one more day before the testing closes20:01
jonoballoons, ok, just in the future, lets focus on the tracker20:02
dpmsee you all tomorrow!20:13

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