TheMusoxnox: According to loginctl show-seat output, yes, GUI session types are indicated/tracked.00:00
TheMusoAnd same with loginctl show-session.00:01
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mwhudsoni was sure that there was some way you could play linker tricks so that e.g. the cortex-a15-optimal version of memcpy is used on a15 but not a900:45
mwhudsondoes anyone know some names i can google for to learn more?00:45
darkxstxnox, indeed I can connect to wifi with hardcoded tty session00:46
slangasekmwhudson: do you mean IFUNC?00:49
mwhudsonslangasek: quite probably, thanks00:50
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mwhudsonslangasek: yes, turns out i do01:00
slangasekok :)01:00
darkxstxnox, well atleast the indicator can connect, ubi-wireless page is still broken01:00
ESphynxxnox: can we hit you soon with a release in preparation for Saucy? ;)01:02
mwhudsonslangasek: hey, do you know if saucy will have glibc 2.18?01:04
slangasekmwhudson: ICMP redirect infinity01:05
mwhudsonhee hee01:05
* mwhudson gets confuzzled01:06
mwhudsondoes eglibc even have releases?01:06
slangasekI'm not sure if 2.18 is released yet, and if it is, whether there's enough lead time to get it in before feature freeze, and if there is, whether that's a sane thing to do wrt risk01:06
mwhudson_glibc_ 2.18 is released01:06
slangasekwell, it has some kind of release01:06
ubottusourceware.org bug 2013 in libc "memccpy() gives inconsistent results on mmapped files" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]01:07
mwhudsonlike two weeks ago01:07
bradmanyone done any work with building jenkins?01:08
mwhudsoni've typed "mvn build" in ~/src/jenkins once or twice...01:08
bradmI'm trying to backport jenkins from raring to precise, and its getting all confused between org.jvnet.hudson and org.jenkins-ci01:09
bradmit looks like some of its dependencies are still using the old hudson path01:09
bradmwe don't really want to use war files for this if possible01:11
bradmI guess we really should be looking at juju in the longer run01:13
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pittisoren: TB meeting? we already had one last week, didn't we?03:40
pittiGood morning03:40
darkxstxnox, are you still around?03:43
pittidarkxst: will probably still take some 3 hours until he's back online (London time)03:58
darkxstpitti, ok03:59
darkxstubiquity is really broken on current Ubuntu GNOME daily04:00
darkxstbug 121717704:00
ubottubug 1217177 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity freezes when run from ubuntu GNOME live session" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121717704:00
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Laneyxnox: look at loginctl show-session c<whatever> for both types and compare08:07
darkxstLaney, hi08:25
darkxstSo I can use the tty logind  session and gnome-shell and its built in networkAgent work perfectly08:27
darkxstwhen trying the same with metacity/nm-applet, It connects the first time, but if wifi is already connected it crashes with a permission error08:27
darkxst^ in ubuiqty-dm08:27
Laneydoesn't do that with ck?08:28
darkxstwell that seems more like a polkit thing, than systemd?08:29
LaneyI haven't seen the error :-)08:29
darkxstLaney, bug 117863808:31
ubottubug 1178638 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Saucy) "Exception in GTK frontend when attempting to connect to wifi: no logind support" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117863808:31
darkxstby setting XDG_SESSION_ID I do get a wifi to connect08:32
darkxstbut if its a persistent USB, ubiquity will crash with the same error if wifi is already connected08:33
Laneydarkxst: that is controlled by org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.network-control08:37
Laneytry checking it with pkcheck08:38
darkxstLaney, pkcheck seg faults when I try it on nm-applet08:52
LaneyI usually just use --process $$ in a terminal08:53
Laneybut that sounds bad08:53
darkxstLaney this is in a terminal (on the live cd)08:54
darkxsterr terminal and or tty08:54
Laneywell, that's bad08:55
Laneyget it bugged08:55
Laney"pkcheck --action-id org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.network-control --process $$" is what I'd run08:55
Laneybut it shouldn't segfault in any case08:55
darkxstoh right that doesnt segfault, but it doesnt return anything either08:58
Laneythat probably means it's authorised08:59
Laneylook at the return code (echo $?)08:59
Laneyyep, authorised09:04
darkxstyet the network indicator has no control at all09:04
darkxst(over the connected wifi network)09:04
darkxsti.e. cannot even disconnect09:05
darkxstnor can connect to a different network09:05
Laneystill with the permission error?09:06
darkxstnetwork indicator just grays out most of the options09:09
darkxstit doesnt crash like ubiquity does09:09
Laneydoes loginctl show-session c<your thing> show it as Active=yes?09:10
LaneyI guess look in the code and see how it decides to do that09:10
darkxstnope, none of the logind sessions are active09:16
Laneycould be your problem then09:18
Laneyit's pretty common for polkit to require active sessions09:18
darkxstok, guess I will try and a create a sesson for ubiquity-dm09:24
Laneydarkxst: I suggested that xnox look at what lightdm does there09:25
Laneywill require translation c -> python but you can get the spirit from that09:26
darkxstLaney, except normally its pam_systemd that creates the sessions (I believe)09:46
Laneydarkxst: yes you're opening a pam session09:47
asacseb128: what came out of the /etc/.../networking discussion09:48
* asac also gets asked09:49
seb128asac, I opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/1217263 for stgraber09:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1217263 in ifupdown (Ubuntu) "conffile change prompt on upgrade" [Undecided,New]09:49
asacseb128: i took the change now :)09:49
asac-> I09:49
seb128same here ;-)09:49
asacok so we are in same boat09:49
* asac feels better09:49
darkxstLaney, so I can I fire off a pam session on a non-login X instance?09:53
Laneydarkxst: what's one of those?09:54
darkxstwell when ubiquity-dm spawns an X server09:54
darkxstthere is no login09:54
darkxstoh, if I create a conf file for ubiquity-dm it should register a pam session09:57
Laneythere must be a user?09:58
* Laney hands you over to xnox now :-)09:58
xnoxLaney: yeah, i'm poking lightdm. And it's interesting, they create their own Session object which handles: normal, guess, autologin. + other stuff.09:58
LaneyI guess they do more than you need to in ubiquity-dm09:59
Ampelbeinxnox: Hey there! You did the multiarch changes to boost1.53? Could you have a look at bug 1217237 ?10:01
ubottubug 1217237 in boost1.53 (Ubuntu) "Can't link to python_boost library due to multiarch changes" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121723710:01
xnoxAmpelbein: seems reasonable. Note /usr/share/dpkg/architecture.mk already defines DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH, but I'm not sure why rtupdate is needed as it hasn't been called before.10:05
Ampelbeinxnox: It is called in libboost-python1.53-dev's postinst.10:05
Ampelbeinxnox: debian/rules installs it to usr/share/python/runtime.d/libboost-python$(PKGVERSION)-dev.rtupdate10:06
xnoxAmpelbein: ok. are there symlinks needed for python3 as well?10:07
Ampelbeinxnox: No, I don't think so.10:11
xnoxAmpelbein: ok. I'll add that to multiarch packages.10:11
Ampelbeinxnox: The script queries 'pyversions -d' to decide which is the default python version and where to link too.10:12
Ampelbeinxnox: There is another problem with the multiarch locations of boost: The autotools ax_boost_base.m4 macro is unable to find them , but I think that needs a change to those macros. Unfortunately my knowledge of autotools is limited.10:15
xnoxAmpelbein: I did patch one version of ax_boost_*.m4 already, but it's a pain that everyone copied them and tweaked them.10:16
xnoxAmpelbein: that new rtupdate will be different on each architecture, and thus not co-installable. Also if this is to change symlinks after default runtime change, I'm not sure that is needed anymore as there is only one 2.7 left.10:17
Ampelbeinxnox: Hmm, right. Maybe name it to libboost-python$(PKGVERSION)-$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)-dev.rtupdate?10:20
Ampelbeinxnox: Or, if 2.7 is definitely the only python2 runtime version left and there will be absolutely no change, just create the symlink with a *.links file?10:23
xnoxAmpelbein: yeah, i am thinking to just ship a link to 2.7 by default.10:25
xnoxAmpelbein: I do not like how upstream boost doesn't distinguish 3.x & 2.x libraries at all though (in a standard manner).10:25
Ampelbeinxnox: Can you point me to a patched ax_boost*.m4? There are a few other build failures with not finding boost libraries.10:29
xnoxAmpelbein: well, i was overriding BOOST_SUFFIX=py2.7 in some of them. but with symlink back in place they should all just work again for python2 case.10:32
darkxstxnox, the ubuntuone sso stuff breaks on ubuntu GNOME10:33
xnoxdarkxst: can you paste logs?10:33
xnoxdarkxst: and/or better file a bug report & fetch logs from the live cd after the error.10:33
Ampelbeinxnox: Oh, ok. The failures I had in mind was for not finding boost_program-options. #1215896 and 121590610:33
xnoxbug 121589610:34
ubottubug 1215896 in synfig (Ubuntu) "synfig FTBFS on amd64: configure:22100: error: Could not find a version of the library!" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121589610:34
darkxstxnox, its seems to just hang10:34
xnoxbug 12190610:34
ubottubug 121906 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Gutsy Tribe 1 installer does not configure X to use ATI driver for ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 DV (R200 chipset)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12190610:34
darkxstxnox, we don't ship ubuntuone10:35
darkxstalthough I didnt see anything in ubiquity that actually uses u110:35
xnoxdarkxst: so. that page doesn't depend on ubuntuone. it does rest api's to ubuntu and stores a token in gnome-keyring.10:35
darkxstxnox, right, that is what It looked like form the code10:36
darkxstbut when I start ubiquity it just hangs10:36
darkxstxnox also it only happens from the live session, seem to work from ubiquity-dm10:38
xnoxdarkxst: can you please file a bug with logs, cause e.g. syslog should tell you where it hung.10:39
darkxstxnox, there are no logs10:40
darkxstxnox, apart from what is in bug 1217177 I can't find anything more to give you10:48
ubottubug 1217177 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity freezes when run from ubuntu GNOME live session" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121717710:48
darkxstit runs fine under gnome-shell in my local session10:48
darkxstbut just sits there completely hung, when run from the liveCD session10:53
darkxstand I don't know how to debug hangs in python10:54
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rbasakcjwatson: could you consider adding upload rights for mysql-5.5 to ~ubuntu-server-dev, please? I also noticed awstats, though I don't have anything I need to do with that package right now.11:36
rbasakOr is cjwatson still away/on holiday?11:36
* rbasak isn't sure who to ask in his absence11:37
seb128rbasak, he's back since today I think11:37
seb128he was around earlier at least11:37
rbasakOOI, where do the exceptions actually go?11:37
debfxrbasak: afaik https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/+junk/packageset11:43
cjwatsonrbasak: awstats and mysql-5.5 done11:53
rbasakThank you!11:53
pittihey cjwatson, welcome back!11:55
pitticjwatson: I hope you had some nice holidays? it's been quite cold and rainy in my part of Europe last week11:55
cjwatsonWe were above the clouds for a good part of the week11:56
cjwatson(I exaggerate slightly but not by much)11:56
pittiheh, always sunny there :)11:58
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stgraberasac, seb128: right, the right answer to the prompt is Y (take the change), however I have no clue why it's even prompting since I highly doubt you've both had local changes to that file...12:44
stgraberI'll poke some more and possibly get slangasek to take a look too (we've both been adding migration code to that package to deal with migration of that conffile between two packages, looks like something's still missing)12:44
seb128stgraber, hey, I provided the info I though would be useful on the bug report (Laney hinted on what those would be), let me know if you need more details12:45
stgraberseb128: do you still have the pre-update /etc/init.d/networking around? if so, attaching that too would be good.12:47
xnoxAmpelbein: --with-boost-libdir=/usr/lib/$(DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)12:47
seb128stgraber, I add the diff to the bug, you can patch -R it to get the pre version12:48
seb128stgraber, but sure, can do that12:48
xnoxAmpelbein: and "include /usr/share/dpkg/default.mk" (or /usr/share/dpkg/architecture.mk if you want less pre-defines) to get DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH.12:48
stgraberseb128: sure, but if LP ate or changed a single char when I copy/paste that back to my system, the md5sum will be wrong which will make it a pain to debug12:49
seb128stgraber, done12:50
Ampelbeinxnox: Ok, that is the solution I have used for my package, pdfcube. I was just wondering if there was a better way. Thanks for looking into it!12:52
xnoxAmpelbein: uploaded fixed toonloop.12:53
xnoxAmpelbein: it's better than hacking m4 and is already supported.12:53
Ampelbeinxnox: I see, thanks again. I will upload some fixes later then.12:54
xnoxAmpelbein: excellent =)12:55
xnoxAmpelbein: i'm waiting for doko to do archive rebuild, then we'll be able to stop all of them easily.12:55
Ampelbeinxnox: Yeah, those were just the few I have found while trying to figure out the buildfailure in my own package.12:57
asacstgraber: its the old issue of getting asked about conffile changes that never happene12:59
menaceis anyone aware if pxeboot via ipv6 works?12:59
asaci always get those at least once when upgrading from release to new release12:59
stgraberasac: yeah, but we already have a ton of code in ifupdown to avoid that, so I'm really surprised this showed up again... I'll have to re-read all the maintainer scripts and figure out what corner case we missed (since it clearly didn't happen in a raring -> saucy system and a clean saucy system when I tested here)13:03
seb128stgraber, that box is 3 years old, and got regularly upgraded through every cycle, mostly following unstable13:06
seb128stgraber, if that helps13:06
asacseb128: i doubt it helps. as i said, i have weird debconf dialogs during upgrades13:30
asacevery release13:30
seb128asac, stop editing your conffiles :p13:31
asacand always i am pretty sure i never touched the file13:31
seb128asac, stop installing weird/broken packages then ;-)13:31
asacso 4 years ago i flied these as "packaging bugs, that touch /etc in maintainer scripts"13:31
asacbut i somewhat dont believe in that story anymore13:31
seb128asac, but yeah, those stuff are easy to get wrong and bugs are not uncommon13:31
asacseb128: like ifupdown :)13:31
cjwatsonIf it's debconf, it's not conffiles13:32
cjwatsonSince conffiles aren't processed via debconf13:32
seb128cjwatson, we are speaking about conffile diffs I think13:32
asacyeah i might mix things up. sorry13:32
cjwatsonI know13:32
seb128https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/1217263 in that specific case13:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1217263 in ifupdown (Ubuntu) "conffile change prompt on upgrade" [Undecided,New]13:32
seb128cjwatson, welcome back btw, I hope you had good debconf and holidays ;-)13:33
cjwatsonI did, thanks13:33
asacwelcome back :)13:33
cjwatsonGood mountain air13:33
cjwatsonWe got up as far as the snow line, albeit briefly13:33
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* cjwatson is appreciating the lots of time he got to prepare for vUDS ... no, wait, the other one13:35
stgraberseb128: it actually helps. I'll try a precise -> quantal -> raring -> saucy upgrade, see if that triggers it13:35
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stgraberseb128: if that doesn't, then it's most likely something that went wrong at some point in a dev release which will be close to impossible to track down13:35
seb128stgraber, right :/13:36
stgraberseb128: the diff you posted in the bug is exactly what changed between the last and current version, so there's clearly no local change but for some reason dpkg thought there was at some point and marked the conffile as modified13:36
seb128stgraber, right, md5sum is the same between my .dpkg-old and the file from ifupdown-0.7.5ubuntu413:38
smartboyhwI heard that ubiquity is breaking installs everywhere:(13:51
slangasekstgraber: 20-05-2013 12:08:20 > slangasek: the only case this doesn't test for is the possibility that in the *next* version of ifupdown the user installs, the md5sum of the conffile changes again13:51
jibelpitti, I pushed the fix to adt-export-results to all the testing nodes13:52
pittijibel: merci13:58
chrisccoulsonhey, i'm leading a session in a few minutes. are there any pointers for how to set up the hangout etc? (dholbach / jono)14:02
chrisccoulsoni haven't done this with the new format yet14:02
dholbachchrisccoulson, the track lead will start the session14:02
chrisccoulsondholbach, thanks :)14:02
chrisccoulsonjdstrand ^^]14:02
jdstrandok, cool, so we are client, so that should be jasoncwarner14:03
dholbachor seb128 I think14:03
chrisccoulsonoh, it's not actually in a few minutes. sorry, tz confusion ;)14:04
jasoncwarnerjdstrand sil2100 or seb12814:04
jdstrandchrisccoulson: ^14:04
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson ^^14:04
dholbachchrisccoulson, you can then find the link to the hangout on the page of the session linked from http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/2013-08-27/14:04
sil2100chrisccoulson: I guess seb128 will be your lead14:05
sil2100chrisccoulson: so he'll create the hangout for you14:05
sil2100seb128: client2 ^14:05
frafuHi, Could anybody please tell me whether there is a place, where developers of software shipping with Ubuntu can get some free legal advice sponsored by Ubuntu/Canonical?14:07
chrisccoulsonsil2100, thanks14:07
* chrisccoulson pokes seb12814:07
chrisccoulsonis it fixed yet?14:07
seb128sil2100, chrisccoulson, jasoncwarner: isn't that session in 50min?14:09
seb128did I screw up my tz?14:09
sil2100No, it's ok14:09
sil2100It's in 50 min14:09
seb128oh, pfiou, good14:09
chrisccoulsonseb128, no, i screwed up my tz ;)14:09
sil2100Just poking ;)14:09
seb128you scared me :p14:09
jasoncwarnerwell chrisccoulson  and seb128 , I *did* screw up my tz and got up 2 hours early :/14:12
chrisccoulsonlol :)14:12
seb128jasoncwarner, look at the good side, it gives you time for coffee ;-)14:12
TheMusoI wish I was a coffee drinker, it could probably help me about now. :)14:16
seb128qengho, hey, any news about the chromium build issue in saucy?14:19
qenghoseb128: I rolled the fix into the upcoming release.  I should receive webapps patches today, and then give it to builders.14:21
seb128qengho, ok, thanks14:22
slangasekapw jdstrand ogra_ infinity rsalveti sergiusens stgraber xnox: if I moved http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21961/foundations-1308-touch-support-model/ up to start in a half hour, would that work for you?  I don't want to leave our one free slot on Foundations for the first hour on day 1, leaving us no slack if we need last-minute sessions scheduled14:28
jdstrandslangasek: not for me. I need to be in the oxide session14:28
* ogra_ has to check 14:28
slangasek(in fact, I thought Phonedations had another session Coming Soon)14:28
pittijibel: want me to update the other occurrences of VersionCompare in a-p-t?14:28
slangasekjdstrand: ah, ok14:28
slangasekI'll find something else to move14:29
rsalvetislangasek: I got a conflict with the daily-release session14:30
slangasekara apw xnox ogasawara: could *this* session be moved up to the next hour (i.e., starting in 30m)?: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21883/foundations-irst-support/14:30
araslangasek, fine for me14:31
xnoxslangasek: yes, but is superm1 there?14:31
slangasekxnox: he's not on the attendee list14:31
jibelpitti, done in r22414:31
xnoxslangasek: and/or danjared14:31
pittijibel: ack, merci14:32
slangasekah, danjared: ^^ would you be happy to have the Intel Rapid Start session in 30m?14:32
slangasekdanjared: ^^14:32
ogasawaraslangasek: ok by me, but I don't think I'm required (but I am planning on listening in)14:37
slangasekogasawara: right... I was asking you as a proxy for the many kernel devs on your team who seem to not be on this channel :-)14:37
slangasekanyway, I won't move it without danjared's ack14:39
danjaredslangasek: won't work for me :-\14:46
slangasekdanjared: ok, no worries14:46
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slangasekxnox: do you have access to kick http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/ifupdown.html ?15:04
xnoxslangasek: yes, but it will have permissions errors pushing back.15:05
xnoxlet me try though.15:05
slangasekxnox: mm? why permissions errors?15:05
xnoxslangasek: see example http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/cloud-init.html15:06
xnoxslangasek: who should I poke about that?15:06
ogra_slangasek, what did you end up shuffling ? my personal calendar doesnt show changes15:06
slangasekogra_: in the end, nothing has moved15:06
slangasekxnox: so how do we fix that?15:07
cjwatson<small>switch to dgit</small>15:07
slangasekxnox: wait, you're asking *me* who to poke?15:07
slangasekcjwatson: would like a more short term fix :)15:07
xnoxwgrant: any idea why this is happening to UDD importer or force requeue-all of any package which had tag mismatches? example post requeue http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/cloud-init.html15:08
xnoxwgrant: looks approx. like this before requeuing http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/ifupdown.html15:09
stgraberxnox: do you know who that script is running as?15:09
xnoxstgraber: i can double check.15:10
stgraberxnox: it should be running as ~package-import15:10
stgraberxnox: we removed a bunch of ~ubuntu-branches members a month ago but none of those should be used by scripts (though that'd explain the 401(15:11
xnoxstgraber: it does ssh into bazaar.launchpad.net as user package-import.15:15
xnoxstgraber: i wonder if the lp-api token expired.15:16
hholtmannWhat would be a good channel to ask question about specific "dev box environment question" on issue dealing with developing linux programs.. in this case how to develop packages, install and test on my workstations.. without installing my stuff to the "system"...15:52
hholtmannin other words.. how can I install my packages and test on my dev box WITHOUT altering my "system"…. is what a 'chroot" environment is for?15:53
cjwatsonchroots or lxc containers are good for that, yes15:53
hholtmannnot the HOW's. but the strategies.15:54
cjwatsonalso for building packages, something like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild is excellent15:54
hholtmanncjwatson:  thanks15:54
seb128jdstrand, kenvandine, lool, tedg, "push notifications (v0)" session's hangout url: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/50858536cc9dc46dce60681e9cd64ed7c3458455?authuser=016:02
seb128the hangout is open but not broadcasting yet16:02
seb128going to start that in 3 minutes, you can already join if you want16:03
* tedg should have shaved16:04
kenvandineseb128, thanks16:04
slangasekfginther, cjohnston, doanac`: you're wanted in the phablet tools roadmap session, are you able to join? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/28b3927907ca51848ffbadc659fa11ee50731df0 / #ubuntu-uds-foundations-116:05
loolxnox: BTW have switched to different computer, laptop was maxing its CPU16:07
loolhence the lags I guess16:07
Laneygotta love hangouts16:07
seb128lool, do you know who is hosting that one?16:07
seb128kenvandine, ^16:08
kenvandineseb128, not really... chipaca is on holiday16:08
loolseb128: I'd think John Lenton or Lucio16:08
loolkenvandine: is lucio around?16:08
kenvandinehe registered it right before leaving16:08
kenvandinenot sure16:08
seb128lool, John is on holidays from what kenvandine said16:08
loolbeuno: !16:09
kenvandineseb128, i'm pinging people16:09
seb128kenvandine, thanks16:10
beunolool, should be lucio16:10
loolbeuno: can't find him on IRC16:11
loolbeuno: could you call him?16:11
beunolool, I'm on a session16:12
loolseb128: are we broadcasting already?16:12
seb128lool, yes, but I can stop it if you want16:12
loolseb128: not worth broadcasting this16:12
loolcalling lucio16:12
seb128lool, stopped16:12
seb128lool, of course I can't broadcast again after stopping...16:13
seb128lool, ted, kenvandine: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/be9944c51c1acb76b3ae351abb663eff69f38489?authuser=016:14
seb128now hangout url (in case we manage to get a session going)16:14
loolseb128: lucio joined16:14
seb128lool, you need to join that new url if we want to broadcast, I can't re-broadcast the old one after stopping16:15
seb128(stupid g+)16:15
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slangasekxnox: when are you changing your /nick to mirnomir?16:58
xnoxslangasek: I am actually running dual-screen on Mir at the moment =)))))16:59
xnoxslangasek: mirnetmir16:59
ESphynxxnox: What's your take on Mir?17:00
xnoxESphynx: works great for me! I finally have mirrored lightdm once again!17:00
ESphynxcool. Does it come with Saucy?17:00
ESphynxIs it X11 compatible?17:00
xnoxESphynx: it's in Saucy, but as an optional package, so one has to manually opt-into it. At the moment. Yes, it's X11 compatible.17:04
ESphynxxnox: cool. Did you get my hint for an upcoming Ecere package I hope will make it in Saucy? ;) It fixes a bunch of things.17:05
xnoxESphynx: no, I didn't get your hint =)17:06
xnoxESphynx: feature freeze is on Thursday, what were you hoping to get in?17:06
ESphynxoh. I'm hoping you'll be able to help us get it in, yes17:06
ESphynxI know the feature freeze is on Thursday, which is why I've been trying to push this release, I was hoping to get it ready on Sunday :(17:07
xnoxESphynx: do you have a .dsc or branch already, i haven't seen anything.17:07
ESphynxI have nothing yet.17:07
ESphynxapart from lots of commits, obviously :P17:08
ESphynxI don't think the packaging will require any change apart from a changes entry17:09
ESphynxI don't expect to have a .dsc until Thursday evening, there are still some fixes required :S  But I'd argue it's all bug fixes, and some quite needed ones, so hopefully we can still get in...17:13
ESphynxgotta go for now, thanks xnox!17:14
ESphynx(current commits are on https://code.launchpad.net/~jerstlouis/ecere/master )17:14
loolcjwatson: hey, I need to make /var/lib/PackageKit rw in touch images, but can you confirm it's ok to make it temporary data? (seems it's just to prepare transactions, but the contents can be destroyed on reboot)17:23
cjwatsonlool: I don't really know much about that17:25
cjwatsonI'm not certain that the scan-desktop-files plugin runs before anything that might use desktop-files.db17:27
loolcjwatson: ah does desktop-files.db need to be preserved across reboots?17:28
cjwatsonThe transaction database can be temporary, but for the other, I would err on the side of caution and say it needs to persist17:28
cjwatsonJust from a quick skim-read of the code17:28
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cjwatsonlool: heh, I just ran across the exact same problem with packagekit and system images that I guess you were just fixing ...18:49
loolcjwatson: it's uploaded I think18:50
loolcjwatson: lxc-android-config 0.82 (saucy-proposed)18:51
loolcjwatson: you can change /etc/system-image/writable-paths by hand and reboot to get the fix18:51
lool(just add PackageKit liek Network-Manager18:51
cjwatsonI'll just reflash next time there's an update, no rush18:52
cjwatson/etc/system-image/writable-paths is sensibly on the RO partition anyway18:52
sarnoldseb128: how's the health of the retracers? another one with 4+ hours: 121740619:04
seb128sarnold, they are being slow so you have time to review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjpeg/+bug/711061 ;-)19:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 711061 in openjpeg (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libopenjpeg2" [High,Confirmed]19:07
sarnoldseb128 :D19:07
seb128sarnold, the amd64 retracer was down, I restarted it19:10
sarnoldseb128: thanks19:10
roaksoaxxnox: howdy!!19:31
roaksoaxxnox: were you able to look into DLM?19:31
roaksoaxxnox: lvm2?19:31
dobeyanyone around that can accept something in the saucy NEW queue?19:46
dobeyi've had a package sitting in NEW for over a month now :(19:56
infinitydobey: Which package?20:00
dobeyinfinity: ubuntuone-credentials20:01
infinitydobey: Is that destined for main with an MIR and such, or just universe?20:01
dobeyinfinity: just universe in saucy20:02
dobeyinfinity: it will be in the touch image though. not clear if there's a special MIR-like thing that needs to be done for that, but i was told at least that it doesn't have to be in main in the archive20:03
jdstrandcjwatson: thoughts on click Recommending click-apparmor? for now I seeded it in supported, but though a recommend might make sense20:04
infinitydobey: The eventual plan/hope was for touch stuff to all make it to main, the fact that we're building out of universe right now isn't a feature but a necessary velocity thing while doing tech previews.20:06
infinitydobey: If this is detined for default images, I'd like a security review, given the sort of package it is.20:06
infinityjdstrand: ^-- Can you get someone to do an in-queue review of ubuntuone-credentials?20:06
infinityjdstrand: And have them follow up to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1199017 so we can refer back to it when an MIR rolls around?20:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1199017 in ubuntuone-credentials "[needs-packaging] ubuntuone-credentials" [Undecided,New]20:07
cjwatsonjdstrand: makes sense, done for next upload20:07
jdstrandcjwatson: thanks! :)20:07
jdstrandcjwatson: oh, while I have you. can you comment on https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-appstore-developers/msg00451.html (or parts of the thread that interest you)20:08
jdstrandcjwatson: doesn't have to be now or anything. I'd like to use aa-exec-click instead of aa-exec to setup some env vars, and that thread suggested to me you might have some input20:08
cjwatsonjdstrand: right, uh, that's in my two-week mail backlog20:09
jdstrandcjwatson: yeah, I figured. coming back from vacatio is always nice :)20:09
jdstrandcjwatson: welcome back btw :)20:09
cjwatsonjdstrand: I exhausted my thinking power for today on the multiple-unpack-directory thing :)20:09
cjwatsonwill need to implement all that soon, but not right now ...20:10
jdstrandyeah, no huge rush, just thought I get an extra blip on your radar20:11
jdstrandinfinity: what kind of timeframe are you looking for?20:11
infinityjdstrand: Well, I'll do the NEW review over the next couple of days, so dobey doesn't strangle me.  But given it's destined for images, I'd like to treat it almost like an MIR, even if it's not being seeded right away.20:12
infinityjdstrand: So, uhm.  EOW, maybe?20:12
jdstrandsarnold: is that something you could squeeze into that timeframe? ^20:12
dobeyunfortunately i only just now realized it wasn't in universe yet :(20:13
sarnoldjdstrand: yes, I can do that, though I'm unlikely to get all the MIRs done this week. :(20:13
sarnoldjdstrand: but it can be #2 after openjpeg and be done by eow.20:14
jdstrandsarnold: sure, that's fine. it is also how it goes at this time in the cycle.20:14
infinitysarnold: Early next week is also doable.  I'm happy to grant dobey an FFe based on the archive admins being slack. :P20:14
dobeyi'll have a new version to upload, tomorrow. it adds a couple more packages, and switches from storing stuff in gnome-keyring over to using online-accounts. but the code that talks to the network is i think unchanged from what's in there now20:14
jdstrandsarnold: I appreciate it20:14
infinityBut I suspect he also wants to link stuff with the library.20:14
infinitydobey: If you upload that before sarnold gets to look at it, all the better.20:15
infinitydobey: (And I'd prefer to be doing the NEW review on that version too)20:15
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dobeyinfinity: i'm guessing pull-lp-source won't grab the existing version eh? and there's no bzr branch of it. and i don't think i can actually upload a new one since it hasn't been accepted yet?20:16
infinitydobey: queue fetch <package>20:16
infinitydobey: And you can upload as many as you want, I'll just reject all but the newest.20:17
dobeyinfinity: i meant as a matter of permissions20:17
infinityOh, this was sponsored, I guess.  Yeah.  True.  But you can throw source to me and I'll sponsor blind, so I can review without prejudice. :P20:18
infinity(Cause that's a sane workflow, right?20:18
dobeyit's supposedly added to the ubuntuone package set, but i don't know what that means for things that haven't been accepted into the archive yet20:18
infinityMore likely, I'll review, then sponsor, but whatever.20:18
dobeywhere does "queue" come from?20:18
infinitydobey: Oh, if it's in the packageset, it might let you upload.  Always worth a shot.20:18
cjwatsondobey: lp:ubuntu-archive-tools20:19
infinitydobey: ubuntu-archive-tools.20:19
infinitydobey: You can also just snag from the web UI: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/saucy/+queue20:19
dobeyyeah. and -archive-tools is i guess unpackaged according to apt-get20:20
infinityIntentionally so.20:20
Noskcajkirkland, FYI, i found a guy who is willing to port testdrive to GTK320:35
roaksoaxNoskcaj: there's already a port to GTK3, it just needs fixing20:37
Noskcajroaksoax, i forgot about that, i'll link it to him when he's next online20:37
roaksoaxNoskcaj: cool! thanks!20:37
NoskcajAlso, do you think testdrive is ready for debian? i can upload it if you want20:38
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roaksoaxNoskcaj: yes and no... it would first need native support for debian iso's20:50
Noskcajroaksoax, ok. I'll look into that20:54
roaksoaxNoskcaj: cool, thanks!20:57
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wgrantxnox: I think that's because it no longer has privileges to set the branch for obsolete series, maybe. But I'm not sure why it's trying to set the branch for an obsolete series...23:30
wgrantUnless it just tries every time it tries to import that series, even if it's already set to the desired value.23:30
slangasekwgrant: well, what if the import has been failing for > 6 months?23:33
wgrantslangasek: Sure, but I don't think this one has.23:34
wgrantIt clearly needs to be able to set old series branches for that sort of case, but I don't think this is one of them.23:34
slangasekwgrant: well, that particular one maybe is related to an SRU to maverick?  Just speculation on my part, however23:39
wgrantIt could be, yeah.23:40
jkitchenis there a setting for dpkg by chance to prevent package installation from creating a user? I'd rather the installation fail (and not happen) if a user is required but doesn't already exist23:47
slangasekjkitchen: no, that's not something we would consider a reasonable configuration setting23:48
jkitchenreason I ask is because, for instance, mongodb, it will set up a user23:48
jkitchenbut depending on a few other factors, that might not be the same uid/gid as a different system23:49
slangasekall kinds of packages set up users.  There's a reserved uid range exactly for this purpose.23:49
jkitchenso I'm pre-creating a bunch of users, but it's like playing whack-a-mole23:49
slangasekif you need to block this for some reason, you could divert and wrap adduser, which would cause it to bail out23:49
slangasekhowever, most of us have long since given up on the idea of having UIDs match across systems23:50
jkitchenI don't need them so much to match across systems23:50
jkitchenacross reinstalls of the same system, however23:50
jkitchenbecause my root filesystem and my data are different23:50
jkitchenmy data persists, root does not23:50
jkitchenso doing that means I get it across systems for free23:51

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