darkxstjbicha, hmm ubiquity is completely broken atm when run from within live session?03:38
jbichaI haven't tried ubiquity in a few weeks03:47
jbichabut I thought 2.5.13 worked03:48
jbichaas a random guess, maybe the Ubuntu One integration causes problems? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk03:49
jbichaanyway as long as Ubuntu GNOME doesn't include the Ubuntu One frontend, it shouldn't be part of the install process03:50
darkxstjbicha, yeh it works with --no-sso option04:11
ubuntuprestienthow can i install priestent ubuntu on usb?07:13
ubuntuprestienti tried method given on ubuntu website but it only creates live usb not prestent usb07:14
ubuntuprestientcan anyone help me?07:14
darkxstjbicha, did you see the mutter patch i pasted earlier?07:27
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