mojo706hello grantbow how do you reckon we have an Ubuntu Hour17:16
grantbowhello mojo70617:28
grantbowall it takes is showing up for an hour somewhere, advertising the fact and talking about Ubuntu17:28
grantbowyou don't have to be an expert either, just willing to talk and look stuff up17:29
mojo706an expert I am not :( but I can talk :)17:34
grantbowdid you see my meeting announcements from Sep, Oct and Nov 2011 in the email archives? Please make use of them.18:45
grantbowsay that we talked too - they may or may not remember me there18:46
grantbowI worked on a project called Dreamfish with Tiffany von Emmel, also a green member in 201118:46
mojo706ok. I was just on a UDS session not bad18:58

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