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RAOFWhat? xmir_submit_rendering_for_window is never called?00:32
RAOFI don't *call* xmir_submit_rendering_for_window.01:08
RAOFWell, that's really annoyingly stupid.01:24
robert_ancellRAOF, whoops?01:46
RAOFI've found out why radeon and nouveau don't work.01:47
RAOFIt's because I don't call xmir_submit_rendering_for_window.01:47
duflu_That sounds important. How did intel work?01:47
RAOFBecause I do call xmir_submit_rendering_for_window there.01:49
RAOFrobert_ancell: So, there'll be radeon -MM3 and nouveau -MM3 that are more likely to actually work in the PPA soon :)01:50
robert_ancellRAOF, cool, I'll give Jenkins a kick when they're ready01:50
robert_ancelldoes anyone know how we disable ppc builds of mir?01:59
robert_ancellBecause u-s-c is waiting for libmirserver-dev to appear for PPC, and that's never going to happen01:59
RAOFrobert_ancell: I think you need to modify the Architecture of u-s-c, right?02:00
robert_ancellRAOF, ah, true - thanks!02:01
smspillazaustralia tax02:03
* RAOF needs to get his tax in order; there should be a juicy refund out of it.02:03
smspillazRAOF: I need to buy new headlights for my car02:03
smspillazthere's like a 200% markup over shipping them from the UK02:03
robert_ancellRAOF, for your good deed, I present you with https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/unity-system-compositor/same-arch-as-mir/+merge/182240 in return02:03
smspillazRAOF: but the shipping cost kinda negates buying them from there02:04
RAOFOh, australia tax. Right.02:05
smspillazRAOF: its like 7 pounds vs $AUD3502:05
* RAOF now gets it.02:05
robert_ancellsmspillaz, yeah, we get that too02:05
robert_ancellthough, does Australia allow parallel imports?02:05
RAOFStarting to more, yh.02:06
smspillazRAOF: I think so. Its more just the RRP here is much higher02:06
smspillazerm, robert_ancell02:06
robert_ancellyeah, we're in the same boat there02:06
RAOFrobert_ancell: Do we build mir on arm64?02:09
robert_ancellRAOF, copy and paste says yes02:10
robert_ancellperhaps it's just ignored for now02:10
RAOFOk then.02:10
thomihey RAOF, when you get a moment, I wonder if I could ask for your help with an X11 issue I'm having?02:22
thomierrr, not work related :-/02:23
RAOFthomi: Sure.02:23
robert_ancellRAOF, qa-testing2 is good for ati/nouveau testing?02:51
RAOFrobert_ancell: qa-testing2 is good for ati/nouveau testing.03:17
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RAOFLunch time!03:33
robert_ancellRAOF, two of the radeon machines have completed on Jenkins, which is good03:57
robert_ancellRAOF, and confirmed that VT switching doesn't drop focus, :(03:57
rsalvetimir doesn't like my radeon :-(04:32
rsalveti[    34.161] (EE) Failed to map vb -204:34
rsalvetithat's the only error from xorg04:35
robert_ancellrsalveti, from ppa:mir-team/system-compositor-testing?04:35
rsalvetifrom dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6031250/04:35
rsalvetirobert_ancell: yes04:35
robert_ancellrsalveti, yeah, ati and nouveau don't work in there yet04:35
rsalveti01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RV620/M82 [Mobility Radeon HD 3450/3470]04:36
rsalvetianything I can do for better debugging or a confirmed issue already?04:36
robert_ancellrsalveti, you could try the MM3 xserver-xorg-video-ati package from https://launchpad.net/~mir-team/+archive/qa-testing204:37
robert_ancellthat's the PPA we copied to ppa:mir-team/system-compositor-testing. It has updated ati and nouveau drivers04:38
rsalveticool, let me give that a shot04:38
robert_ancellkgunn, RAOF, I think we should copy in the ati/nouveau drivers into the system-compositor-testing PPA given the existing ones don't work - any reason not to?04:39
rsalvetialright, let me try another reboot :-)04:42
tvoss__duflu_, ping04:47
tvoss__olli_, ping04:47
rsalvetiyeee, progress04:51
rsalvetirobert_ancell: with mm3 I works better04:51
rsalvetiI'm using xmir now, but while it works, had to use xfce04:51
rsalvetiunity fails to load it seems04:51
rsalvetiand it's quite a bit slower04:51
duflu_tvoss__: pong?04:52
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dufluto the luncheon04:54
robert_ancellRAOF, looks like the new nouveau driver didn't work on Jenkins04:57
rsalveticool, now with unity05:00
rsalvetijust took a bit more to load, not sure why it failed when I tried it the first time05:00
rsalvetiso it seems ati is working with mm305:01
rsalvetiat least single-monitor05:01
RAOFWhy does no store in Hobart stock mDP → DP cables?05:39
duflursalveti: If you get the failure again, please take a copy of ~/.xsession-errors before logging out/in again and log a bug05:39
dufluRAOF: apple.com.au ?05:39
dufluThat's what I use05:39
RAOFduflu: Apparently apple.com.au don't have mDP → DP cables?!05:49
dufluRAOF: Yeah just noticed. Only mDP to DVI05:49
dufluRAOF: Shipping from Perth :)  http://ple.com.au/ViewItem.aspx?InventoryItemID=609956&CategoryID=42705:50
RAOFI've ordered https://www.google.com.au/shopping/product/7302603727339146726?gs_rn=25&gs_ri=psy-ab&tok=z0nEokW4iYZnceCF5gU2YA&ds=sh&pq=google+shopping&cp=22&gs_id=2o&xhr=t&q=mini+displayport+to+displayport&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=mini+displyport+to+dis&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.51156542,d.aGc&biw=1920&bih=994&tch=1&ech=22&psi=VT4cUvL_M4TriAedt4DoCg.1377582678489.3&sa=X&ei=Xj4cUqikHIXriAe5sYCgCA&sqi=2&ved=0CG8Q8wIwAA05:51
dufluRAOF: Oh. Actually would have only been $30 delivered from PLE05:53
RAOFIt's $26 direct from lenovo.com05:53
dufluAh yes05:53
dufluSupports all your 4K monitors ;)05:54
rsalvetibug 121719505:56
ubot5bug 1217195 in XMir "xmir multimonitor crash when docking/undocking T400, external DVI monitor (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450/3470)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121719505:56
rsalvetibug 121719905:56
ubot5bug 1217199 in XMir "xmir multimonitor crash when booting with dual not mirrored with T400 (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450/3470)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121719905:56
rsalvetimultimonitor works here only in mirrored mode05:57
* duflu also notes he's slightly closer to Lenovo factories (Shenzhen)... Seems the East is more isolated ;)05:59
* duflu ignores the fact that his Lenovos are second-hand and came from the eastern states06:10
mlankhorstRAOF: did you figure out the issue yet?06:24
RAOFmlankhorst: Yup, failure to call xmir_submit_rendering_for_window.06:25
RAOFmlankhorst: Please feel free to try the new new nouveau; I've not seen testing of it.06:28
dufluHey, I think I can reproduce the glitches with egltriangle. I was just testing the wrong dual monitor combo06:28
RAOFI was about to try a build of your timerless MM to see if that fixed it; shall I not do that now?06:30
dufluRAOF: It's worthwhile for MM even if it doesn't fix that bug.06:35
* duflu builds on the *correct* machine this time06:35
dufluExcellent. I've lost the ability to VT switch. That's an annoying Mir/X bug that's happened before06:36
dufluRAOF: Nope. Still happens. But at least I seem to have a test case now06:39
RAOFduflu: Wow. Have you tried MM XMir on your timerless branch?06:47
dufluRAOF: No... ?06:47
RAOFIt generates the most awesome visual artefacts ever!06:48
dufluRAOF: It includes bypass. You're sure that's not it?06:48
RAOFI guess it might be bypass?06:48
dufluRAOF: You mean single (short) line artefacts?06:48
RAOFBut rendering comes in over a couple of frames in horizontal stripes.06:49
RAOFYeah, I might mean that.06:49
dufluRAOF: Yeah I noticed that with qa-testing. Something about bypass+XMir06:49
RAOFThat is really odd; I don't have any intuition for what the problem might be there.06:49
dufluRAOF: Same. Can you verify bypass does the same, and also with no buffer_age?06:50
dufluRAOF: Hmm, actually I am only seeing glitches which match up with the expected aliasing interval of the two different refresh rates. Still can't reproduce real lag using plain Mir06:59
RAOFTurns out I *have* been testing without buffer_Age07:02
dufluRAOF: Great. Still no leads on lag. Though the glitches seem to match up perfectly with (1.0 / (refresh_rate1 - refresh_rate2)) seconds07:06
RAOFBeat frequency!07:07
dufluAt least for egltriangle07:07
dufluIt's a beat alright07:07
dufluOnly happens on the slower monitor07:07
dufluBack in a tick07:10
dufluOr a few beats07:10
dufluRAOF: Suggestions for avoiding beats? Sync to the slowest output instead?07:23
dufluThough I'm not too sure how such an algorithm would go...07:25
mlankhorstRAOF: oh btw tiling fail on nouveau07:29
mlankhorstbigtime :P07:29
mlankhorstand the screen is now reduced to random noise07:30
mlankhorstlooks like freed b uff07:32
mlankhorstbuffers are being copied to the screen, or something07:32
mlankhorst.. which might not be different from the ati case I was hitting..07:33
duflumlankhorst: Running what?07:34
mlankhorstqa-testing2 on a single monitor setup07:35
RAOFmlankhorst: Hrm. Works fine for me on ati single07:38
mlankhorstRAOF: oops ati panicked on me, looks like I need to fix something first. I'm fairly sure nouveau was using freed memory at least :P07:40
dufluRAOF: Interestingly, each beat pops out to stdout from egltriangle as "61 FPS"07:40
mlankhorstI've poked upstream a bit about the vsync fixes I was working on07:43
mlankhorstthey make glxgears a nice 65.4 fps :-)07:43
duflumlankhorst: Sounds close to perfect. Seen any X/Compiz problem like I did?07:44
mlankhorstduflu: well considering my screen was overclocked to 65.4 it was perfect07:44
duflumlankhorst, Sweet07:44
mlankhorstRAOF: hm radeon is correct now, I'll poke nouveau a bit more07:49
RAOFActually, now that I think of it, radeon is probably broken for multi-monitor, care of references to the front buffer being invalid after xmir_resize :(07:50
mlankhorstsingle monitor resize worked, but I don't know if it resizes when lowering the resolution..07:53
RAOFMaybe only the dri2 code that we don't hit uses the front buffer reference...07:56
mlankhorstRAOF: did you push your nouveau changes?07:56
RAOFmlankhorst: I have now :)07:57
mlankhorstor the ati changes for that matter :P07:57
dufluThat's new. My VT font is now only 8px high08:00
alan_ghikiko: good morning. How are things?08:10
hikikohi alan_g08:12
mlankhorstRAOF: ..08:12
hikikohow are you?08:12
mlankhorst-+                                    damage_box->x1 - output_box->x1,08:12
mlankhorst-+                                    damage_box->y1 - output_box->y1,08:12
hikikoalan_g, did you see my MPs?08:12
mlankhorstwhy such a creative way of writing 0?08:12
alan_ghikiko: I see them. will review with all the others08:13
alan_ghikiko: we have an MP backlog - are you doing your reviews?08:13
hikikowhat do you mean alan_g ?08:13
alan_ghikiko: All team members, including you, have a responsibility to review MPs08:14
hikikoyou mean all the mps?08:14
alan_ghikiko: if no-one reviews them they don't land and we get a backlog08:15
hikikowhere can I find this backlog?08:16
hikikoI wasn't aware to be honest08:16
alan_ghikiko: https://code.launchpad.net/mir/+activereviews08:16
hikikook, so I guess I have to start reviewing?08:17
dufluFor reviews, just keep in mind this week the priorities are multi-monitor and bypass proposals08:18
alan_ghikiko: start with any easy ones (small & things you know) - it make the list smaller.08:19
alan_gduflu: what's the current rule about landing bypass?08:21
duflualan_g: Top approval is deferred till more PPA testing I think08:21
mlankhorstRAOF: oh btw I'm worried about your handling of multi monitor, it seems to add yet another copy pass in the single monitor case..08:23
alan_ghikiko: If you're looking at mine, don't overlook the pre-requisites - if you top-approve they land too.08:23
mlankhorstRAOF: heh all that silly stuff about bo creation in nouveau.. there are easier ways to do so :P08:41
RAOFmlankhorst: I don't think it adds an extra copy for the single-monitor case?08:50
RAOFmlankhorst: damage_box->x1 - output_box->x1 is zero iff the damage occurs on a display with top-left at (0,0)08:51
dufluRAOF: OK, I've written a key repeat simulator native client. And no bugs. Still only happens in XMir ?!08:51
RAOFmlankhorst: On a display at (x, y), output_box->x1 will be x, but damage_box->x1 will be >= x08:52
mlankhorstRAOF: I mean that the current path requires always making a copy..08:53
mlankhorstoh hm this could explain why xorg didn't work..08:54
mlankhorst[   50.333352] nouveau E[  PGRAPH][0000:01:00.0] DATA_ERROR XY_OUT_OF_BOUNDS08:54
mlankhorst[   50.334335] nouveau E[  PGRAPH][0000:01:00.0]  DATA_ERROR08:54
mlankhorst[   50.334335] nouveau E[  PGRAPH][0000:01:00.0] ch 3 [0x003f9a4000 unity-system-co[1087]] subc 0 class 0x5039 mthd 0x0328 data 0x0000000008:54
RAOFmlankhorst: The current path already requires always making a copy, though?08:54
mlankhorstRAOF: yeah but ideally it'd just be a flip08:55
RAOFYeah, but we can't do that.08:56
RAOFOr, we could, but would require significant mir-side work to enable.08:56
dufluI think it's generally understood XMir will have copies, for now...08:56
RAOFWell, that's rather odd.08:57
mlankhorstRAOF: any idea where the XY_OUT_OF_BOUNDS is coming from at least?08:57
RAOFpScreen->ModifyPixmapHeader(dst, dst_box->x2 - dst_box->x1,08:59
RAOFdst_box->y2 - dst_box->y1, pScrn->depth, pScrn->depth,08:59
RAOF    pScrn->virtualX, NULL);08:59
RAOFSpot the odd one out...08:59
mlankhorstRAOF: well I did get rid of it in my version08:59
RAOFAlthough for the single monitor case, pScrn->virtualX should be right.08:59
mlankhorstanbd it's unity-system-compositor failing, not xorg08:59
mlankhorstRAOF: http://paste.debian.net/30763/09:00
RAOFOh, it's just an implementation of copy_to_mir that doesn't go through EXA09:01
mlankhorstit's the default m2mf implementation for nouveau anyway, depends on hw which implementation it uses09:01
mlankhorstbut unity-system-compositor is still complaining about XY_OUT_OF_BOUNDS.. Hmmz09:02
RAOFYeah; that's odd.09:02
RAOFThat couldn't be because xmir is submitting something strange?09:02
mlankhorstit's unity-system-compositor, not xorg complaining..09:03
RAOFduflu: Did you find that the crazy horizontal artefacts only occurred when you had two displays enabled?09:03
RAOFYeah, but could unity-system-compositor be complaining because it's trying to access something that xorg screwed up?09:04
RAOFThe other option is that usc is, in fact, doing something wrong.09:04
dufluRAOF: I think so. Because we all tested bypass XMir single monitor a while back and no one had any issues09:04
RAOFBut I don't really know what that would be, particularly if other Mir clients work.09:04
mlankhorstRAOF: there is no command validation in the kernel, it's literally the hardware saying your parameters for M2MF transfer do not make sense :P09:05
dufluRAOF: I should have realized, but yes the crazy horizontal artefacts are multimonitor only AFAIK09:05
dufluMultimonitor+bypass I mean09:05
RAOFmlankhorst: Hrm. When you run regular Mir clients against usc things work?09:06
mlankhorsthm it does09:07
mlankhorst"Your x/y coords exceed the size of your surface."09:09
mlankhorstoh right, not on 9.2 yet..09:10
mlankhorstI'll try mesa 9.2 first before digging further09:10
alan_gtvoss: is anything happening with https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/mir/fix-fd-sharing/+merge/180801?09:16
sil2100kgunn: hi! Any news on https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-system-compositor/+bug/1216979 ?09:16
ubot5Launchpad bug 1216979 in Unity System Compositor "Failing unity.tests.test_dash.DashMultiKeyTests.test_multi_key_delete autopilot test" [Undecided,New]09:16
duflusil2100: Good luck. He's at 4am I think09:16
sil2100kgunn: since right now it's blocking unity-system-compositor from releasing09:17
sil2100duflu: lovely, thanks09:17
mlankhorstRAOF: lol, fail in nv50_m2mf_transfer_rect09:18
RAOFWhat's it doing?09:18
mlankhorstnot setting X/Y at all09:19
RAOFAhem. Yeah, that doesn't seem particularly likely to work :)09:20
RAOFThat's clearly not something that I did. Yay!09:20
dufluMight work at defaulting to 0,0 on some machines, if you're lucky09:24
dufluRAOF: Was there any technical reason (other than performance) why XMir couldn't be switched to being a dumb Mir software client?09:26
dufluRAOF: Because I'm starting to think that would be nice to test09:26
RAOFBut "other than performance" is a pretty big "other than"09:26
RAOFWe could whip up a sw-rendering DDX reasonably quickly.09:28
alan_ghikiko: https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/mir/mir.gbm-buffer-allocator-modifications/+merge/182049 is pretty trivial to fix. Want to do that quickly?09:28
dufluRAOF: Yeah, I mean just for debugging. Smells like some issues still lurk in XMir trying to be super fast09:28
dufluRAOF: Yes please. Otherwise I may well end up trying to learn it and do it myself09:29
hikikoI did it already alan_g I am building before I push09:31
dufluRAOF: BTW, my key repeat simulator runs glitch-free in USC over the top of XMir. XMir's the only client with the glitches still :(09:33
mlankhorstRAOF: it's probably not a usc bug anyway, even if feeding invalid date the state tracker is supposed to deal with it09:33
mlankhorstoops, nouveau has betrayed me :P10:03
mlankhorstit was xserver after all10:03
mlankhorstyeah there we go, all working now.. mostly10:04
asaci am testing MM10:04
asachere on my x220 in a dock and the external monitor being the primary10:05
asaci get wrong resolution (that of the front screen) stretched10:05
dufluasac: Yes we have a bug logged for that. I get it too10:10
asacduflu: cool. once fixed can you ping me? happy to give it a try :)10:14
dufluasac: Probably best if you just subscribe: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xmir/+bug/121622410:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1216224 in XMir "[multimonitor] XMir defaults to wrong resolution 1152x864 instead of 1920x1200." [Undecided,Confirmed]10:15
dufluasac: Though once logged in you can change the resolution10:15
mlankhorstRAOF: well that was easy to fix once I caught the kernel module lying about the source :P10:17
asacduflu: i can? how?10:17
asacwait ... cant copy/paste here anymore :((10:17
mlankhorstRAOF: http://paste.debian.net/30796/ --- enjoy!10:18
dufluasac: Log in and look on the right hand side of https://bugs.launchpad.net/xmir/+bug/1216224 where you will find subscription links10:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1216224 in XMir "[multimonitor] XMir defaults to wrong resolution 1152x864 instead of 1920x1200." [Undecided,Confirmed]10:18
asacduflu: was asking how to change resolution, but found that it can be done with just the normal preferences dialog10:23
asacsomething is really tslow though10:23
dufluasac: Slow? Yes there's at least one bug for that too10:24
asaci think its better now10:25
asacafter reboot10:25
asacstill, movig windows is a bit laggy10:25
asacbut so far i can survive... cool10:25
asacseems i also get some texture artifacts while moving windows10:28
asacas if the window is split up in multiple pieces and they move out of sync :)10:28
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dufluasac: You may wish to comment on the issues: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xmir/+bugs?field.tag=multimonitor10:30
=== alan_g|vt is now known as alan_g
* duflu goes to organise dinner10:35
RAOFmlankhorst: Heh. Stride Strikes Again!10:36
RAOFasac: That sounds pretty cool!10:36
asacyeah i am happy :)10:39
mlankhorstRAOF: yes :P10:39
asacbleeding edge :)10:39
RAOFmlankhorst: I don't suppose you tried copying just the region that's damaged?10:39
mlankhorstRAOF: hm is it clipped against the output? :P10:40
mlankhorstbut I guess I could..10:40
RAOFregion is always fully contained within dst_box (we do the intersection in the xmir module)10:41
RAOFSo it's not *wrong* to always copy dst_box, but it's a wasteful.10:42
mlankhorsthm sure10:42
mlankhorstRAOF: is it guaranteed to be non-zero?10:43
mlankhorsteg no 0x0,0x0 copy10:43
* RAOF has weeded out all of these cases by testing on Intel, which uses region :)10:44
RAOFMan, the NVAccelM2MF declaration is not exactly self-documenting code :)10:44
mlankhorstit is10:45
mlankhorstthe ofs refers to offset from start of bo, in case of scratch bo usage10:46
RAOFAnd the rest you can mostly guess.10:46
mlankhorstsource domain, source pitch, source height, x/y10:47
RAOFsource_depth, source_pitch, source_height, source_x, source_y10:47
mlankhorstdomain not depth :p10:47
RAOFHah, source *domain*.10:47
RAOFWhat does M2MF stand for? Something like Mem 2 Mem copy with Format?10:48
mlankhorstmemory to memory function was my guess, but yours is just as good I suppose10:49
mlankhorsthm format is probably the right one10:49
mlankhorstit can convert some formats to others and do some swizzling10:49
mlankhorstRAOF: oh btw what coordinates is damage_box in then?10:51
RAOFScreen coordinates.10:51
mlankhorstso same coordinate system as damage_box ?10:51
RAOFdst_box? Yes.10:52
RAOFHm. We may have been confusing there :)10:52
mlankhorstyou don't say!10:52
RAOF_region_ is in the same coordinate space as dst_box :)10:52
RAOFAnd region is the damage region.10:52
RAOFBoth are in the window coordinate space of the window.10:53
mlankhorstjust guessing.. I'll give it a shot10:55
RAOFThat looks roughly right?10:56
mlankhorsteven seems to draw correctly10:57
RAOFHm. I think you might have some things the wrong way around, but that might be because I've been using Exa->Copy too much.10:57
RAOFAh, well. If it works, it's clearly not that wrong :)10:57
RAOFThe ideal test client is an xterm on a raw X session.10:57
mlankhorsthm let me find a mouse for that machine, it didn't put focus on the xterm :P10:59
RAOFFire up metacity?10:59
mlankhorsthm xterm -e 'find /' works11:02
mlankhorstRAOF: first client for x works, but if I kill it and screen returns to black the next client does not..11:04
RAOFmlankhorst: Yeah, loss of the sole client triggers a server regeneration, and XMir doesn't handle that well at all.11:04
RAOFFortunately that should only hit people like us, who test clients on raw X.11:05
RAOFAnd, obviously, KDE, should they feel like porting. :)11:05
mlankhorstRAOF: oh and a major derp was not using damage_box->x1 for src :P11:05
mlankhorsthm and then not removing dst_box from dst coordinates11:06
RAOFAh, right.11:06
RAOFYes, I did wonder a bit about that :)11:06
mlankhorsthttp://paste.debian.net/30811/ this version is more correct right?11:07
RAOFYeah, that looks like what I'd expect.11:08
RAOFParticularly: it looks like the radeon code :)11:08
tsdgeosricmm: tvoss: there?11:11
tsdgeosricmm: tvoss: unping11:12
tvoss__tsdgeos, ;)11:12
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mlankhorstRAOF: odd, does compiz always do full-screen repaints then?11:15
RAOFmlankhorst: I think compiz is mostly doing glXSwapBuffers now (although you can turn that off)11:15
RAOFAnd SwapBuffers implies full-screen repaints.11:16
* RAOF wonders whether it'd be worth teaching Compiz about swap_buffers_with_damage11:16
mlankhorstit's also very nice for bypass though :P11:16
RAOFmlankhorst: Indeed.11:16
RAOFIt means that, once we actually implement the sucker, our normal-case overhead is going to be just protocol overhead.11:17
mlankhorstRAOF: but I'm mostly worried about the vblanking timestamp stuff, I still want accurate vblank on video11:18
RAOFYeah, we need to hook that up.11:19
RAOFI was planning on doing it as a part of glx bypass, where it'd naturally fall out, but it's not necessary to do it there I guess.11:19
RAOFYou don't get scanline accuracy out of it, but you can approximate vblank with buffer-received.11:20
mlankhorstthat's not accurate vblank :p11:21
RAOFYeah, that requires more involved compositor support :)11:21
RAOFWhich I want to do, but is obviously a "not now" thing :/11:21
mlankhorstthe drivers can get that information directly without going through the compositor..11:22
RAOFOnly if the compositor isn't compositing, though?11:22
mlankhorstthey just need to have the correct drm fd for the crtc, and the crtc id..11:22
RAOFAnd where on the crtc the window is, yes?11:23
RAOFAnd that'll only give you an accurate vblank signal; it won't tell you when the window is actually displayed, which is more interesting, right?11:23
mlankhorstnot really, they just need to know for scheduling decisions11:23
RAOFAs in: what-client-should-get-GPU-time-next decisions?11:24
mlankhorstI mean something like a media player might want to see the time of the last vblank, know exactly when the next vblank is going to happen, and queue a frame 1 or 2 vblanks in advance to sync on the correct frame11:26
RAOFmlankhorst: Right, but that really wants compositor support.11:26
RAOFBecause the compositor might introduce a delay11:27
mlankhorstwhat about the case of fullscreen bypass?11:27
RAOFThen can do it, yes.11:28
RAOFWhich is, I agree, a common case.11:28
RAOFBut it's also the case that a client doesn't know if it's bypassed or not.11:31
mlankhorstRAOF: hm crash when I plugged in a second monitor to ati :P11:32
RAOFmlankhorst: Yeah. Need to implement a SetScreenPixmap hook for ATI to update info->front*11:32
RAOFAs far as I can tell nouveau doesn't do anything annoying like that.11:32
RAOFGood job!11:32
mlankhorstnvidia does everything in hardware where it can..11:33
alan_ghikiko: what are you working on?11:36
RAOFmlankhorst, tvoss: Nouveau uploaded to qa-testing2 PPA. Happy multi-monitor testing!11:51
hikikoalan_g, I am looking at your branch + I am trying to find out where we get the crash if we add gbm/drm in native platform11:55
alan_ghikiko: ack11:56
hikikoalan_g, is there any way to check the changes in the display?11:56
alan_ghikiko: I'm not sure what you're asking11:56
hikikoor we have to fully implement the native/nested platform first?11:56
alan_ghikiko: we should be writing tests for the functionality we are working on11:59
hikikoalan_g, ok but let's first add the functionality :)12:00
hikikoI have a question on your branch actually12:01
hikiko+ make_current(); // This duplicates what Eleni's original code did - but is it needed?12:01
hikikowhat do you mean?12:01
hikikodo we swap buffers elsewhere?12:01
alan_ghikiko: I'm not sure why we'd do this when constructing the object (as opposed to when we render to it)12:04
hikikoI guess that if we don't we ll see nothing12:04
hikikobecause we render to the back surface12:04
hikikoand we have to make it current12:04
hikikolet me see12:05
alan_ghikiko: rendering calls "make_current()"12:05
hikikolet me see what make_current does 1 sec12:06
hikikomake_current binds the context to the current rendering thread12:07
hikikoand to the draw and read surfaces12:07
mlankhorstRAOF: erm you failed somewhere12:09
mlankhorstthat src pixmap is definitely not covering the entire screen on my multimonitor setup12:10
mlankhorst#0  NVAccelM2MF (pNv=pNv@entry=0x7f160085fc60, w=w@entry=1280, h=h@entry=1024, cpp=4, srcoff=srcoff@entry=0, dstoff=dstoff@entry=0,12:10
mlankhorst    src=0x7f1600895280, sd=sd@entry=1, sp=5120, sh=sh@entry=1024, sx=sx@entry=1440, sy=sy@entry=0, dst=dst@entry=0x7f1600baf510, dd=dd@entry=1,12:10
mlankhorst    dp=dp@entry=5120, dh=dh@entry=1024, dx=dx@entry=0, dy=dy@entry=0) at ../../src/nouveau_exa.c:4912:10
mlankhorsteg pitch = 5120, 1280 * 412:10
alan_ghikiko: I have to go make lunch - back in an hour12:10
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
mlankhorstbut the rects are this:12:11
mlankhorst[   829.877] (II) NOUVEAU(0): copying pixmap: (1440,0),(2720,1024) with damage (1440,0),(2720,1024)12:11
hikikome too :) see you later alan_g|lunch12:11
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|lunch
mlankhorstand src is this:12:11
mlankhorst(gdb) print *src12:11
mlankhorst$1 = {drawable = {type = 1 '\001', class = 0 '\000', depth = 24 '\030', bitsPerPixel = 32 ' ', id = 0, x = 0, y = 0, width = 1280, height = 1024,12:11
mlankhorst    pScreen = 0x7f1600880700, serialNumber = 2234}, devPrivates = 0x7f16008efca8, refcnt = 1, devKind = 5120, devPrivate = {ptr = 0x0, val = 0,12:11
mlankhorst    uval = 0, fptr = 0x0}, screen_x = 0, screen_y = 0, usage_hint = 0, master_pixmap = 0x0}12:11
mlankhorstso I guess your assumption about 1 pixmap to cover everything is wrong ;P12:12
mlankhorst2 screens, first one 1440x900 and the second one 1280x102412:14
tvoss__olli_, ping12:16
smspillazRAOF: It'd be quite trivial to get compiz working with swap_buffers_with_damage12:22
smspillazRAOF: s_b_w_d would need to be implemented in GLX though12:22
smspillazand I have no idea if it is12:22
derEremithi, can i assume that any support for optimus via bumblebee will be severely broken once the switch to mir is complete12:33
tvoss__derEremit, well, you can always fallback to vanilla X plus prop drivers in 13.1012:34
derEremitand probably will have to do that.12:36
tvoss__derEremit, if you rely on that functionality, yes. However, would be great if you could try the system-compositor, too :)12:41
derEremityeah had no positive results this far12:51
tvoss__derEremit, did you try it from the archive, yet?12:53
derEremitwell today had other problems12:54
derEremitstarted my laptop and couldn't login anymore12:54
derEremitpurged X and mir completely, now it works again ;)12:54
derEremiti think bumblebee is kind of in the way12:54
=== hikiko|lunch is now known as hikiko
tvoss__RAOF, mlankhorst ping13:12
mlankhorstand no, I don't think mir has any support for crtc's that do not belong to the rendering graphics card..13:13
frothnicatorI saw the recent request for testers for the multi-monitor support.  Would a live CD/USB/NetBoot be an appropriate route to test?13:21
balloonsfrothnicator, would you be running on real hardware?13:25
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
alan_gtvoss__: bypass is top-approved13:31
tvoss__alan_g, why?13:31
tvoss__alan_g, please revert that13:32
alan_gtvoss: ack13:32
alan_gtvoss: I thought we'd discussed13:32
alan_gtvoss: I thought we'd discussed doing that13:33
tvoss__alan_g, nope13:33
alan_gtvoss__: Misunderstanding then. Sorry13:34
tvoss__alan_g, ack, no worries13:34
frothnicatorballoons: sorry, stepped out for a minute: yes.13:41
frothnicatorone without discrete graphics card, even.13:41
frothnicatorballoons: So if I were to use a daily saucy (with real hardware), that would be a good for y'all?13:48
tvoss__frothnicator, that would already help us, yes :)13:49
frothnicatortvoss__: okay.  Smiley face implies "yes it would help", but I don't understand what you mean by "already"?13:50
kgunnalan_g: i need to review the numbers w olli first....sorry bout that13:50
tvoss__frothnicator, the call for testing was referring to ppa:mir-team/system-compositor-testing for multi-monitor13:50
mlankhorstI thought qa-testing2? :P13:52
frothnicatortvoss__: thank you.  That was a detail that I apparently missed in the email.13:53
frothnicatorI will work do so this evening.13:53
tvoss__mlankhorst, no, we copied over to system-compositor-testing iirc, kgunn, can you please cross-check?13:54
kgunntvoss: mlankhorst frothnicator ....system-compositor-testing13:55
kgunnqa-testing2 is still live action13:55
* mlankhorst is behind then!13:56
frothnicatorkgunn: apologies, I've been out development for a few years, while getting my degree.  I'm not up with what "still live action" means?13:57
kgunnfrothnicator: sorry...i just meant that qa-testing2 was still being used by dev team last night, packages being updated13:58
kgunnwhich can sometimes mean "trouble"....package mismatch or some such...13:58
kgunnwhereas system-compositor-testing is static....nothing going in13:59
frothnicatorkgunn: gotcha.  So bottom line is that I should use ppa:mir-team/system-compositor-testing when I get home to test.13:59
kgunnfrothnicator: yes sir13:59
frothnicatorkgunn: quick worflow: Saucy Daily + add-apt-repository ppa... + restart lightdm?14:00
frothnicatoror quantal livecd + add-apt-repository paa... + restart lightdm?14:00
kgunnfrothnicator: instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/MultiMonitorTesting14:01
kgunnfrothnicator: quantal ?....we're all saucy...so, as long as you get to saucy recent....14:01
frothnicatorkgunn: you know, I missed the first email in that thread, so I'll bet you spelled all this out. With that last link, I htink I'm good to go.  However, I note that one of the instructions is to reboot: that implies a hard install rather than a LiveCD, or is that step fungible?14:03
kgunnfrothnicator: you can also "restart lightdm" rather than reboot14:04
kgunnfrothnicator: someone else gave me a hard time about that too :)14:05
kgunnfrothnicator: i just reboot14:05
kgunnfrothnicator: so my instructions just ended up being what i do :)14:05
frothnicatorkgunn: Heh, roger.  From my perspective, I'm not heavy in to distro development, so all I have to test with are machines that I actually use.  Ergo, a temporary measure (i.e., LiveBoot) is what I need.14:06
frothnicatorkgunn: Okay.  I'll report to Launchpad anything I find tonight.  Thanks for the help.14:06
kgunnfrothnicator: thanks!14:07
frothnicatorkgunn: not knowing how many "people like me" who might drop in, you might consider updating that wiki page to say just "Restart LightDM".  I would think that most folks would know that rebooting restarts the display manager automatically, whereas the reverse is not true.  I tend to associate "necessary rebooting" with "new kernel only".  Just a thought.  Cheers.14:10
=== om26er is now known as om26er|away
kgunnfrothnicator: thanks...i'll have to poke someone...it was editable...then some jake-leg made it immutable...geeze14:11
kgunnballoons: ^14:11
kgunnballoons: can we update the instructions to include "restart lightdm" ?14:11
frothnicatorkgunn: hah.  I know the feeling.  The vicissitudes of working with other people.  :-)14:12
kgunnwell-intentioned i'm sure14:12
frothnicatoralright, I'm out.  Thanks again.14:14
balloonskgunn, sure thing.. you mean restarting lightdm after install?14:14
balloonsperhaps that didn't end up on the wiki14:14
kgunnballoons: right14:15
kgunni know someone spoke to me about it...i thot i added it....14:15
kgunnbut i think it got moved in some edits when olli was going for twd14:15
balloonsI do see it in there.. I remember adding the command to it14:16
balloonsand indeed, it's in there14:16
balloonslook in setup14:16
frothnicatorballoons: I was the one suggesting to be consistent if you didn't need to fully restart the machine.  The specific line in setup is "Reboot and re-verify you are running Xmir."  I think I described my thought process fairly well about 22 minutes ago.14:32
frothnicator(but if I didn't, or if doesn't matter, feel free to tell me to move along.)14:33
balloonsfrothnicator, no, I agree just lightdm should be noted.. but I don't see where the line of reboot and re-verify is at14:34
frothnicatorballoons: can you not find (via search, perhaps?) in the page what I just quoted (which I copy/pasted)?14:35
frothnicatorballoons: maybe we're talking about different pages?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/MultiMonitorTesting14:35
balloonsfrothnicator, k, I'll search again :-)14:36
balloonsahh, ok14:36
frothnicatorballoons: I know, I know.  Stupid lusers like "frothnicator".  :-)14:36
balloonsfrothnicator, not at all. I just missed the line before.. i'm quite human and do such things I assure you14:38
balloonstake a look now14:38
frothnicatorballoons: heh, sometimes helps to clear ones cache: three reloads and on Ctrl+Shift+R later, I see the update!  Cheers.14:39
balloonsexcellent, thanks for pointing it out!14:40
hikikoalan_g, kgunn +anyone else available meeting?15:03
=== om26er|away is now known as om26er
kgunnbschaefer: hey...i really need your help15:58
bschaeferkgunn, what up? (I forgot about vUDS...)15:59
kgunnbschaefer: i have a blocker for unity (you prob heard?)16:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1216979 in Unity System Compositor "Failing unity.tests.test_dash.DashMultiKeyTests.test_multi_key_delete autopilot test" [Critical,Triaged]16:02
bschaeferkgunn, yup, thats what im working on right now!16:03
kgunnbschaefer: could you take a look ?16:03
kgunnoh great16:03
kgunnthank you16:03
bschaeferkgunn, yupp!16:03
bschaeferkgunn, np! Its a strange failure, as I can get manually use it...soo no regression from what i see...16:03
bschaeferas I can manually*16:03
tvossbschaefer, please check if keycodes are correct, according to pitti, something changed in that respect16:09
bschaefertvoss, yeah, I was just reading that email... that would explain the x error16:10
tvossbschaefer, yeah, please see if you can track it down16:12
bschaefertvoss, will do, good think is I can at lease manually use it, so no regression, just a very strange problem16:12
tvossbschaefer, ack16:13
tvossbschaefer, got a link to that mail?16:14
bschaefertvoss, hmm a recent one? no16:14
bschaefertvoss, also this happens outside of xmir as well16:15
tvossbschaefer, ?16:15
kgunnbschaefer: i was thinking just that...16:15
kgunninput not in xmir...input is left to the traditional x path16:16
bschaefertvoss, as I don't have xmir running right now, and I still have the failure16:16
bschaeferkgunn, ^16:16
tvossbschaefer, ack, thx16:16
bschaefersooo whats causing this is some sort of update somewhere...which could be the new ibus update, or the email pitti sent out16:16
bschaefertvoss, np!16:16
tvossbschaefer, can you please update the issue report/bug report accordingly?16:17
bschaefertvoss, yup!16:17
tvossbschaefer, thx16:17
bschaefertvoss, moved the bug blame to unity, as im still not sure where the problem came from and marked invalid for u-s-c16:22
kgunnbschaefer: : thank you for taking care....is there someone we should manually poke on ?16:25
kgunnas i understand its a stopper16:26
bschaeferkgunn, me :), i did most of that implementation in unity/nux plus most of the AP tests....16:26
tvossthomi, can you please help bschaefer tracking down the issue? we are blocking a lot of releases right now16:26
kgunnbschaefer: please allow yourself to ...poke....yourself16:26
bschaeferkgunn, will do!16:26
bschaeferbschaefer, get to work!16:26
thomitvoss: sure, I can lend my sleep-deprived brain to the cause.16:35
thomibschaefer: what do you need?16:35
bschaeferthomi, sooo Multi_Key doesn't match any keybod16:35
bschaeferkeycode in autopilot?16:35
bschaeferpossibly removed, or somehow worked before?16:36
thomierrr... we're using the X11 keyboard?16:36
bschaeferhmm now we are getting a 0 from the x11 keyboard?16:37
bschaeferthomi, this is where its failing:16:40
bschaeferthe keysym seems about right: 65312, ill double check16:41
bschaefersooo it can't find the key on the keyboard16:41
bschaeferwhich would explain  the error...16:41
thomibschaefer: indeed16:41
bschaeferthomi, at the end of this, ill push a branch to give some sort of error if that returns 016:41
thomithis is the issue with the X11 bindings16:41
bschaeferright, soo i wonder if its due to keyboard layouts? I swear this worked before though...16:42
bschaeferon a normal X keyboard16:42
bschaefernormal english US keyboard16:43
thomibschaefer: presumably that's the keymap you're using as well though, right?16:43
bschaeferthomi, and yup getting the right keysym:16:44
bschaefer#define XK_Multi_key                     0xff2016:44
bschaeferthomi, yes, but when I wrote the tests I do remember it working :)16:44
bschaeferthomi, i've also tried french layout though16:44
bschaeferwhich does have the multi key, and it does work manually16:44
thomiwhat happens if you manually set the keycode?16:45
bschaeferthomi, hmm isn't the keycode dependent on the hardware? ie. its not always the same for each key?16:45
bschaeferthomi, but ill try to get it from some x tool I forgot the name of16:46
thomiahh, sorry, I misunderstood.. keysym vs keycode :-/16:46
bschaeferxev, but hmm I think I might be missing up multi key vs composite key?16:47
* bschaefer now does not remember where the hell the multi key is...16:48
thomibschaefer: the composite key can be bound to some other key on your KB. perhaps the multi key can as well16:49
bschaeferthomi, right, I think I've confirmed the composite key is working, not the multi key though (testing through xev)16:49
bschaeferas if I can find the mutlikey on the keyboard through xev, we should have a keycode but now im wondering if its missing?16:50
thomiyeah, I dunno16:50
bschaefer:), yeah I just have to refresh my self on how to type it, sine I don't use it regularly16:51
bschaeferthomi, hmm I wonder if the OSK would have a nice button that we could press...16:52
bschaeferif it doesn't exist it *might* cause it to crash... or spit some error out16:52
thomibschaefer: I think it would be instructive to get someone with a french keyboard to try this16:54
bschaeferthomi, it would be helpful16:54
bschaeferseb128, ping16:54
seb128bschaefer, hey16:54
bschaeferseb128, can you confirm the multi is on your keyboard through xev?16:54
bschaefermulti key*16:54
* bschaefer is unable to find it on any keyboard layouts16:55
seb128what is "the multi key"?16:55
bschaeferseb128, thats what im trying to figure out :), I remember it being like the dead key...but its been a while now...16:55
seb128I've no clue about those things...16:55
bschaeferseb128, no worries! Thanks :)16:55
seb128bschaefer, sorry for not being able to help, but feel free to ping if you have more specifics16:57
bschaeferthomi, hmm it seems the composite key is the multi key?16:57
seb128bschaefer, http://www.linuxhowtos.org/Tips%20and%20Tricks/compose.htm16:57
seb128seems to indicator it's the composite key indeed16:57
bschaeferseb128, no worries, right, but I can't get the multi key sym to come up16:57
bschaefer#define XK_Multi_key                     0xff2016:57
bschaeferseb128, which is what we are asking python to enter16:57
bschaeferbut it doesn't seem to exist on the keyboard...16:58
bschaeferthomi, haha, im seeing the "compose key" as disabled... in the new text entry chart?17:01
thomiwhat's that?17:01
bschaeferthomi, go to your keyboard indicator, Text Entry Settings17:02
bschaeferthomi, then select your layout (french possibly), then press keyboard settings17:02
* bschaefer tests if this is the problem17:02
thomiI have "Compose Key" set to Caps lock17:03
bschaeferthomi, then the test should ... *should* pass for you17:03
thomiwhat's the test id?17:03
bschaeferthomi, autopilot run unity.tests.test_dash.DashMultiKeyTests.test_multi_key_copyright17:03
seb128bschaefer, thomi: that test works for me on saucy17:04
seb128(session is running since yesterday)17:04
bschaeferthomi, worked :)17:05
bschaeferseb128, soo it seems the composite key is disabled by default now in the keyboard layout?17:05
thomibschaefer: so I'm doing the autopilot 1.4 development, which means my system is full of 1.4 packages, so I can't run those tests, but I think we found the issue anyway17:05
bschaeferseb128, but im not sure if it was ever enabled though...for US en keyboard I don't think it even exists...17:05
thomibschaefer: I suggest making the unity AP test set the compose key at the start of the test17:05
bschaeferthomi, right, that'll be fun to figure out17:06
thomibschaefer: shouldn't be too hard :)17:06
seb128bschaefer, yeah, I'm not sure, I can't see why that would have changed recently17:06
bschaeferthomi, hopefully :)17:06
bschaeferseb128, yeah...this is why im wondering why all of sudden things have changed...as I don't remember having to set this before...17:07
seb128bschaefer, or it might be a fallout of the new g-s-d/ibus/indicator-keyboard ... though that happened a week ago and test starting failing more recently17:07
bschaeferseb128, hmm possibly, but now to figure out to set that in python...17:08
bschaefertvoss, kgunn found problem, now to just find the fix17:08
bschaefertvoss, kgunn composite key is disabled, causing it to not exist on the keyboard, ie. x key code error17:08
seb128bschaefer, system("setxkbmap -option compose:rwin")? ;-)17:09
thomibschaefer: there's support for gsettings in unity module I believe17:09
thomiseb128: s/system/subprocess/ at least :)17:09
bschaeferseb128, that would work, but Ill look for a gsettings fix first17:09
bschaeferseb128, unless we want to get a fix out17:09
seb128thomi, right, I was not suggesting code, just giving the idea17:09
thomiseb128: yep :)17:09
bschaeferthen get a better fix in..17:09
seb128bschaefer, well, mir stack and unity-system-compositor are being stucked until we resolve that17:10
seb128bschaefer, I'm sure the mir team is going to get angry soon17:10
bschaeferright which makes me want to get this out ASAP17:10
thomiso maybe seb128's idea is the fastest17:11
bschaeferthomi, yeah, hmm umm17:11
bschaeferthomi, let me just add that to the ctor for multi key tests...17:11
bschaeferthen get a real fix in later today17:11
thomibschaefer: you mean in setUp?17:11
bschaeferthomi, well thats the ctor right?17:11
* bschaefer does to much c++17:12
thomiheh. I thought you meant __init__17:13
bschaeferthomi, nope, the constructor for the multi key class :)17:13
seb128bschaefer, I can confirm the test failing in a guest session, I'm going to try to figure out what changed17:13
thomiseb128: I'm reasonably sure that the compose key used to be set to something by default17:13
seb128right, but where/by what17:14
* bschaefer is unsure but shouldn't have relied on that...17:14
thomithat I don't17:14
bschaeferwe should have set our own, then reset the default...but yes17:14
bschaeferthomi, soo subprocess for python, using popen?17:15
bschaeferas i can confirm this is fixing it when its turned off: setxkbmap -option compose:rwi17:16
bschaefersetxkbmap -option compose:rwin*17:16
thomibschaefer: so you can run something like:17:16
bschaeferthomi, I just want to make sure I at lease get this quick fix working :)17:16
thomisubprocess.call(["setxkbmap", "-option", "compose:rwin*"])17:16
bschaeferthomi, thanks let me test that out!17:17
bschaeferthomi, also the * was for my spelling mistake :)17:17
bschaefermissing the n in win17:17
bschaeferthomi, confirmed working...17:26
bschaeferjust pushed a branch17:26
bschaeferthomi, seb128 https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/unity/enable-compose-key/+merge/18245417:28
seb128bschaefer, I'm not going to nitpick on the empty lines changes :p17:28
bschaeferseb128, yeeah I know thomi loves them being removed17:28
bschaefersoo I have it set up to remove python empty lines :)17:28
seb128bschaefer, approved17:29
bschaeferseb128, thanks, and sorry about not getting this fixed yesterday!17:29
thomibschaefer: LGTM17:29
* bschaefer wasn't aware it was blocking yesterday...17:29
bschaeferthomi, thanks17:29
seb128bschaefer, no worry, thanks for fixing it today ;-)17:29
bschaeferseb128, you welcome, now to find a correct fix :)17:29
bschaefermy keyboard likes leaving off keys...17:30
bschaeferkgunn, tvoss MP to quickly fix here:17:30
seb128bschaefer, "you're*" you mean :p17:30
seb128bschaefer, I'm trying to diff build logs between the working and non working version, I would like to figure out what update created the issue17:30
bschaeferseb128, yup haha...17:30
* bschaefer has to many things going on...17:31
bschaeferseb128, though you seem to have a much better handle on multiple conversations :)17:32
seb128lol, you get used to it (or not) ;-)17:32
bschaeferhopefully soon!17:32
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om26eris there a way to turn off the screen on mako while using Mir ?19:43
cubHow long during tomorrow will the multi-monitor test run?19:43
cubas per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/MultiMonitorTesting .19:48
kgunn_robert_ancell mornin21:10
robert_ancellkgunn_, hey21:10
robert_ancellkgunn_, robotfuel do you want just bypass or bypass + MM?21:10
kgunn_robert_ancell bypass21:11
robotfuelrobert_ancell: let me know when it's ready so I can start tests21:11
robert_ancellkgunn_, ok, we've never had just bypass before, but can spin that up - is there any need for bypass+MM anymore? I'll reuse qa-testing if that's OK21:11
kgunn_robert_ancell at least mm+bypass didn't seem to work on Ati21:11
kgunn_robert_ancell to be clear qa-testing not qa-testing221:12
robert_ancellkgunn_, so qa-testing has always been bypass+mm, I'll convert it to just bypass21:12
robert_ancelland qa-testing2 stays unchanged at mm21:13
kgunn_robert_ancell ah might be true for mir part21:13
kgunn_robert_ancell just need a working bypass21:13
robert_ancellok, will do21:13
kgunn_robert_ancell I didn't try qa-testing on intel - maybe it works21:14
kgunn_robert_ancell thanks21:15
kgunn_robotfuel so is archive xmir working on that machine ?21:16
kgunn_might be good to verify that21:16
robotfuelkgunn_: on which machine?21:16
robotfuelkgunn_: the radeon webcam machine?21:16
robotfuelit worked this morning
robotfuelrobert_ancell: intel worked with the qa-testing ppa21:22
robotfuelkgunn: ^21:22
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robert_ancellrobotfuel, kgunn, ppa:mir-team/qa-testing is being converted to bypass only. Will take ~40 mins21:26
=== bschaefer_ is now known as bschaefer
kgunnrobert_ancell: thanks....hmmm, just wondering....earlier there were xorg packages there with latest ati drivers...wonder if those were the issue ??21:33
kgunnrobert_ancell: since no one has seen mm on ati yet...just thinking aloud21:34
robert_ancellkgunn, right, they were needed for mm support and they didn't work. There are updated drivers in qa-testing2 that do work21:38
robert_ancellkgunn, right, rsalveti was using the MM3 ati driver from qa-testing2 and it worked for single monitor, but I don't think he had any success with multi-monitor21:39
rsalvetijust in mirrored mode, booting with both monitors connected21:42
rsalvetikgunn: I updated the qa tracker with the results21:42
kgunnrsalveti: thank you21:44
rsalvetino worries21:49
kgunnrobotfuel: qa-testing any moment now22:11
robert_ancellLP, faster with the publishing already :)22:12
robert_ancellNote, there's a u-s-c upload after Mir is done, but that doesn't take too long22:12
kgunnrobert_ancell: right!22:14
robotfuelrobert_ancell: is it ready?22:32
robert_ancellrobotfuel, almost...22:32
robert_ancellkgunn, robotfuel, published! Note, I haven't run these packages yet, this is just lp:mir+lp:~vanvugt/mir/bypass and lp:unity-system-compositor22:39
robotfuelok I'll run the tests22:41
robert_ancellHmm, 1:20 to update - I'll revise my estimate for next time22:41
robotfuelrobert_ancell: kgunn do you care which test runs first?22:41
robert_ancellI don't22:45
kgunnrobert_ancell: i'm going to step out...but the main thing is to see radeon X vs Xmir vs Xmir+bypass....if xmir/xmir-bypass is better than X...why?22:53
kgunnplease email share with tvoss any findings22:53
robert_ancellkgunn, what is this for?22:54
robert_ancellrobotfuel, do we have the radeon X / XMir numbers at the moment?22:54
robotfuelrobert_ancell: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/graphics/openarena/22:55
robert_ancellrobotfuel, ta22:56
robotfuelrobert_ancell: you can doubleclick on a bar to go to the jenkins build results for that benchmark.22:57
robotfuelrobert_ancell: the screen looks messed up on the radeon machine22:57
robotfuelkgunn: ^22:57
robert_ancellyeah, I can see it on the video22:58
robert_ancellrobotfuel, can you confirm the versions of packages on that machine?22:59
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I'll pastebin, one second22:59
robotfuelhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6034625/ <- robert_ancell23:03
robert_ancellrobotfuel, they look correct23:03
robert_ancellrobotfuel, was the video corrupt at all times or just during parts of the test?23:04
robotfuelrobert_ancell: after rebooting in to xmir23:04
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I'll reboot again to double check23:04
robert_ancellrobotfuel, right23:04
robotfuelrobert_ancell: it's bad after reboot23:06
robert_ancellrobotfuel, the previous XMir run is using reasonably old Mir packages - we should run that again and confirm if it's the main archive that's broken and not bypass that's making the difference23:07
robotfuelrobert_ancell: xmir tests ran okay earlier today.23:07
robert_ancellthe last run was mir 0.0.9+13.10.20130821.1-0ubuntu1, archive is 0.0.9+13.10.20130822-0ubuntu1 and  0.0.10+13.10.20130827.1-0ubuntu1 is in proposed23:07
robotfuel*xmir from archive23:08
robert_ancellactually, everything seems held up in proposed - anyone know why that is?23:08
robert_ancellolli, ^?23:08
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I think it was because of xmir crashing on didrocks ati machine23:09
robert_ancellrobotfuel, I thought we'd resolved that / weren't going to block on it23:10
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I need to commute home, I have to restart the camera in a screen session, you'll have to refresh23:11
robert_ancellrobotfuel, this is just qa-ppa right?23:11
robotfuelrobert_ancell: yes23:12
robert_ancellrobotfuel, and just cancel jobs by right clicking on the X beside them? i.e. the machine will restart automatically?23:12
robotfuelrobert_ancell: yes23:12
robert_ancellok, thanks!23:13
robotfuelrobert_ancell: the machine will restart automatically on the next test run23:13
robert_ancellrobotfuel, what are all the new jobs? Still doing a run all?23:13
robert_ancelland which machine is the camera pointed at?23:14
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I didn't add all the new jobs to run all.23:14
robotfuelrobert_ancell: the machine is pointed at ps-radeon-5750-le23:14
RAOFOk, so XMir really does not like the bypass branch.23:15
robert_ancellRAOF, you're seeing it too?23:17
RAOFrobert_ancell: Oh, what in particular? Crazy horizontal missing rendering?23:18
robert_ancellRAOF, yep horizontal corrupt lines23:19
RAOFI wonder if that's not missing flushing.23:20
RAOFBut it doesn't look like any corruption that I'm familiar with.23:21
robert_ancellRAOF, you have some ati hardware right?23:21
RAOFrobert_ancell: I do, yes.23:21
robert_ancellRAOF, can you confirm the mir from -proposed works?23:21
robert_ancellwe're somewhat behind because I think there's a block on mir23:22
robert_ancellrobotfuel, still there?23:23
robotfuelrobert_ancell: the run all test for qa-ppa will now run all openarena, guitoolkits and nexuiz tests for the qa-testing ppa23:23
robert_ancellrobotfuel, the camera link doesn't seem to be working23:24
robotfuelrobert_ancell: I just restarted it in screen23:24
robert_ancellah, ok now23:24
robert_ancellinterestingly the video only seems to work in chromium, not firefox23:25
robotfuelI am using simplecv to stream video23:25
robert_ancellRAOF, is that the type of corruption you were thinking of?23:26
* robotfuel commutes home23:27
robert_ancellrobotfuel, bye, thanks for your help!23:27
RAOFrobert_ancell: No; the corruption I was thinking of is more transient.23:28
RAOFAnd is on intel.23:28
robert_ancellthomi, would it be possible to make jenkins have a job that uses -proposed?23:35
robert_ancellI'd like to test the Mir -proposed packages23:36
thomirobert_ancell: sure, robotfuel has a fancy script.23:36
RAOFrobert_ancell: Just to check, you want me to test just stuff in saucy-proposed on ati?23:36
thomiwhat kind of timeline would you like that by? is it OK if I ask Chris to do it tomorrow, or do you need it today?23:36
robert_ancellthomi, ideally now...23:38
robert_ancellRAOF, yes23:38
robert_ancellI'm a bit worried that RAOF wont reproduce the problem and we'll be unsure if it's a bypass issue on that QA machine or a Mir issue23:39
ricmmhey guys, where do we stand with stuff not going from proposed to main?23:41
robert_ancellricmm, I don't know what it's blocked on now, I'm trying to find out23:41
RAOFrobert_ancell: usc in -proposed seems to be built against the wrong version?23:42
robert_ancellRAOF, is it built against the main version of mir?23:42
robert_ancellricmm, is there a particular feature you need to depend on?23:43
RAOFrobert_ancell: Oh. There *is* no usc in proposed!23:45
robert_ancellRAOF, ah, that's going to mess shit up23:45
RAOFYes indeed :)23:45
robert_ancellthomi, ok, -proposed wont work on Jenkins anyway, so no need to do that23:45
ricmmrobert_ancell: yea, the lifecycle stuff that landed a couple of days ago23:46
robert_ancellRAOF, who do we ask / what channel to find out why a package has a block on it?23:46
RAOF#ubuntu-devel or #-release would work.23:47
robert_ancellRAOF, ah, -release was the name I couldn't remember23:48

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