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cjwatsonslangasek: It's not immutable to me :-)  I argued against its existence to start with, but it's fairly entrenched now; I'm inclined to agree that autoupdating it is the right answer07:19
cjwatsonstgraber: The cases where it thinks it's still running need jibel to investigate, in general07:20
LaneyI'd be interested in knowing what went wrong08:04
Laneywe were kind of hamstrung and it would have been nice to know where to poke08:04
jibelcjwatson, stgraber I'm investigating that case, that's my priority for this week08:17
jibeland also why tests are not requested when new autopkgtest are introduced08:20
cjwatsonjibel: Thanks.  There was lots of interest at DebConf in what we're doing, and I directed a few people towards you for details08:23
psivaacjwatson: infinity: not sure if you've already been notified.. but http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu-server/saucy/daily-20130827.log does not look as usual09:39
psivaafor saucy server images09:39
ogra_psivaa, wow, that are fast builds at least ...  just 1min buildtime10:00
cjwatsonpsivaa: did somebody already respond while I was offline?10:16
psivaacjwatson: ogra_ did :) but i see you'd have been online by then10:18
cjwatsonI meant respond in a way that indicated investigation of the cause :)10:18
cjwatsonlooks like royal is having some trouble, although it's not entirely dead; I'll ask IS10:19
ogra_i did only respond with a pointlessly bad joke10:19
psivaacjwatson: ogra_: ok thanks10:21
cjwatsonRoll on livefs builds in LP10:21
AmpelbeinHi there. A question about the -proposed migration: The package emscripten, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/emscripten, is not considered for migration because on powerpc one of it's depends is uninstallable (nodejs). But since emscripten was never in Ubuntu before, shouldn't it be allowed to migrate despite this problem?11:54
cjwatsonNo.  If it weren't built on powerpc at all, that would be fine, but you aren't allowed to increase the number of uninstallables.11:55
AmpelbeinOk, I see.11:56
cjwatsonbdmurray: I fixed a phased-updater crash triggered by a recent change to the override file12:01
bdmurraycjwatson: I see, thanks14:37
xnoxskellat: release in may? =)))))17:20
skellatxnox: Nope, just careful timing is all17:21
skellatxnox: Yikes, vUDS-1311 will have me out for at least one day as I have an election on November 5th I'm probably going to be ordered to help conduct as a poll judge/returning officer.17:24
skellatThat'll be a 13 hour day for me ensuring Ohio's election laws are enforced.17:25
xnoxskellat: =/17:26
xnoxskellat: but but but T release schedule timings have been known for years! =)))))17:26
slangasekwhereas US election dates have been known for centuries17:27
xnoxslangasek: O RLY?! =) i didn't know that.17:27
skellatYeah, the first Tuesday in November is usually a General Election in most jurisdictions in the US17:28
skellatThis is an off-year but we've got local candidates (I didn't make the ballot as one) and a bunch of tax levy questions up17:28
slangasekxnox: yeah, none of that "let's dissolve the government, la-de-dah" here ;)17:28
skellatBallotpedia.org has a bunch of elections listed (Ohio's are strangely missing) for November 5th so having UDS in week 3 of the cycle may not be a good thing for US participation17:30
xnoxslangasek: did I tell you, I'm trying to naturalise as Scottish? =)17:34
slangasekxnox: so I assume you've already talked to Phil Hands about getting yourself a Debian kilt17:35
xnoxslangasek: not sure there is enough people to make a new order. the fabric is special.17:35
ogra_does it have swirls ?17:36
ogra_woevn in ?17:36
slangasekno, it's a proper tartan17:38
slangasekthat happens to spell Debian in morse code17:39
sil2100infinity: hello! Did you have time to browse through the patches for the XIM SRU thing?17:39
sil2100infinity: (bug #1043627)17:39
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1043627 in nux (Ubuntu Raring) "[SRU] Add XIM Support to Nux" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104362717:39
infinityslangasek: It's Debian in morse?  I never knew that.17:46
ogra_revealing easter eggs :)17:46
infinitysil2100: Not yet, no.  I'll try to get to it Soon(tm).17:46
knomeinfinity, slangasek: haven't talked with the team closely yet, but i suspect xubuntu would like one alpha and two betas for T18:29
slangasekknome: good to know, thanks18:29
knomei don't think exact dates matter too much to us, but obviously that might change, especially if there is any hope xfce 4.12 would be landing18:29
skellatOf which we still haven't been advised by upstream.18:30
infinityknome: Is 4.12 the mythical GTK3 release?18:30
knomebut for now, i wouldn't refrain from scheduling anything because that "might" land18:30
knomeinfinity, no.18:30
infinityknome: Kay.  Cause I was going to say, I wouldn't count on that landing. :P18:30
skellatLets hope Xfce 4.12 doesn't become Duke Nukem Forever18:31
knomeinfinity, some parts have optional gtk3 modes built-in18:31
knometbh, i wouldn't count on anything landing, xfce having only one active core developer at the moment18:31
knomewe've already been starting to prepare the possibility to cherry-pick some 4.11 (4.12 development) features18:32
knomeeven for the LTS.18:32
skellatNoskcaj has been hard at work on that in Ubuntu and upstream in Debian18:33
pkernIs the SRU queue patch piloted? :)18:47
xnoxinfinity: when you have time can you please move liblzo2-2-udeb  to main, to unbreak installing onto btrfs (for those who do it....)18:50
cjwatsonI'll do that now18:50
sarnoldRAOF: hello :) I'm trying to push along the apparmor package that has been in precise-proposed for a while. I finished validation on the 2.7.102-0ubuntu3.8 version for 1091642 987578 and 982619 last week. That version has spent over 100 days in -proposed. Kernel team and server team would quite like the 2.7.102-0ubuntu3.9 version for 1214979.19:41
infinitypkern: Anything with ubuntu-sponsors subscribed is patch piloted.  Target release isn't particularly relevant.19:42
sarnoldRAOF: which would be best? pushing the 3.8 version in, since it has passed verification on its three bugs and has waited for over 100 days? or dropping it, pushing 3.9 into precise-proposed, and then re-verifying 3.9 against all four bugs?19:43
* jdstrand votes for the former19:44
jdstrandbut I don't have a vote19:44
cjwatsonwell, I'd do the former but you marked it all v-needed again :P19:44
jdstrandif I did, it would be a shiny, very strong vote19:44
infinityI'll release it as-is, I've looked at the bugs.19:44
infinityI looked at this last week too, but we were mid-freeze, ish.19:44
sarnoldcjwatson: I'd be happy to reset them all back to verification-done :)19:45
infinitysarnold: Do so, please.  But that won't change when I run the scripts. ;)19:45
sarnoldinfinity: hehe, thanks :)19:45
infinityOh, bah, but I used my hacked-up sru-release that doesn't twiddle bugs.19:46
infinityOh well.  It's released regardless.19:46
infinityJust very stealhtily.19:46
infinity* Previous update closed (LP: #982619) (LP: #1091642) and (LP: #987578)19:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 982619 in apparmor (Ubuntu Precise) "aa-logprof wrongly transforms PUx to UPx" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98261919:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1091642 in apparmor (Ubuntu Quantal) "apparmor parser fails due to matchflags not being reset" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109164219:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 987578 in evince (Ubuntu) "Evince is not allowed to use exo-open" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98757819:47
infinitysarnold: ^-- The right way to do that is "dpkg-genchanges -S -v(last-version-in-updates)"19:48
infinitysarnold: Mentioning the bugs again in your new changelog entry is just confusing. :)19:48
infinitysarnold: (Not that it matters now, since we released the previous version instead)19:49
sarnoldinfinity: good point. I didn't realize there'd be a better way to do that. I'd be happy to fix te changelog and ask jdstrand to re-upload a fixed 3.9.19:49
infinitysarnold: Can you reupload that with that changelog line dropped, just to satisfy my anal-retention?19:49
infinityOr, I can for you.  *shrug*19:49
infinityI'll just do it, since I'm here.19:49
sarnoldinfinity: cool, thanks. :)19:50
infinityAnd now I get to see how sru-review behaves when there's two of something in the queue.  Kinda curious.19:52
infinityAhh, correctly.  Good.19:53
infinitysarnold: Oh, hah.  There's also one in the queue from Tim before yours.  You guys REALLY wanted to fix this, I see. :P19:56
sarnoldinfinity: oh there is? we also really failed to communicate, I see.19:56
sarnoldinfinity: yes, yes we did. :)19:56
infinitysarnold: Yeah, he beat you by 5 days.  They're identical except for the changelog, I'll take his. :P19:57
sarnoldinfinity: nice, that's encouraging. :)19:57
infinityActually, no.  I'll take yours.  Your changelog entry is less pants.19:58
pkerninfinity: Ok thanks. (I used another launchpad account that's not actually a MOTU, but it's for main so it probably doesn't matter much.)20:30
utlemmingwho owns the CSS sheet at http://releases.ubuntu.com/include/style.css?20:32
utlemmingcjwatson: the style sheet was updated recently with the png files being relative. That broke cloud-images.ubuntu.com20:34
cjwatsonEh, by "recently" I guess you mean "about a year ago"20:37
utlemmingcjwatson: while it worked until recently. Looking the wayback machine, link went from http://releases.ubuntu.com/include/bg_dots.png to bg_dot.png20:38
cjwatson-rw-r--r-- 2 cdimage cdimage 1647 Sep  4  2012 style.css20:38
cjwatsonif it broke recently then it's not the fault of the CSS ...20:38
infinityMy new hobby: touching files with timestamps from the past to confuse people.20:39
cjwatsoncloud-images.ubuntu.com seems to have the background dots for me20:39
utlemmingcjwatson: what is your browser?20:39
utlemmingcjwatson: version? my firefox doesn't show it20:40
cjwatson23.0, default in saucy20:40
utlemmingcjwatson: okay, thanks, I'm running the same. I'll dig further20:40
cjwatsonand relative paths in CSS files are defined to be relative to the CSS file20:40
infinityYou could be set to some intensely paranoid cross-site sadness setting.20:40
cjwatsonso it should work fine20:40
infinityBut it works here in a not-really-tweaked Firefox and Chrome.20:41
Ampelbeinutlemming: Are you connecting via https maybe?20:44
utlemmingyeah, I am20:44
utlemmingand going http fixes it20:44
infinityRight, so your browser is blocking the https/http mix, most likely.20:44
AmpelbeinAnd rightfully so.20:45
infinityMight even be a subtle icon telling you about it.20:45
utlemminginfinity: you win the prize, "firefox has blocked content that is not secure"20:45
AmpelbeinSo the site needs to be fixed to not include style sheets, scripts or whatever over http when https is requested.20:47
infinityOr just host the content locally and use relative paths instead of abusing releases.ubuntu.com.20:49
cjwatsonI'd recommend the latter.20:53
cjwatsonAnd mixed content blocking by default is new in Firefox 23, which is why you've only just started noticing this.20:54
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elmothis is what assets.ubuntu.com is for22:27
elmoit has these kind of things on both http and https22:27
tkamppetersarnold, hi, did you already have a look into openjpeg?22:27
elmoutlemming: ^--22:27
utlemmingelmo: thanks for the tip, most appreciated22:28
sarnoldtkamppeter: yes, I'm working on it now. from what I've seen so far it's some -gross- code. :(22:29
tkamppetersarnold, what does -groos- code mean?22:41
sarnoldtkamppeter: a fair number of warnings from gcc, at least one for "uninitialized variable", where the code path choice is controlled by the value on the far end of a pointer. confusing signed char and unsigned char. casting the return value from malloc.22:44
tkamppetersarnold, there are two projects about JPEG2000, libopenjpeg and libjasper, what is the one to be preferred?22:48
sarnoldtkamppeter: I'm sorry, I haven't looked at libjasper.22:50
sarnoldtkamppeter: do you know why the poppler project picked openjpeg?22:51
tkamppetersarnold, I found out now why we switched to libopenjpeg in GS: Performance, see http://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=692002.22:52
ubot2`bugs.ghostscript.com bug 692002 in JPX/JBIG2 encode/decode "Jpeg 2000 decoding is EXTREMELY slow" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]22:52
sarnoldtkamppeter: aha. pity that none of them reported before and after timings on the same machine.22:53
sarnoldtkamppeter: thanks for satisfying my curiosity there :)22:55
tkamppetersarnold, so seems that openjpeg is the faster but less clean code.23:01
robert_ancellhow do I find what is keeping mir in -proposed?23:47
slangasekrobert_ancell: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html23:53
slangasekaccording to that, it's a "valid candidate"23:53
slangasekhowever, according to http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt, it makes a number of unity packages uninstallable?23:54
slangasekdoes unity-mir need an upload?23:54
robert_ancellslangasek, thanks!23:55
slangasekah - back on update_excuses, unity-mir has an unsatisfiable dep on libmirserver1, so I guess that's the root problem23:55
robert_ancellhuh, I wasn't aware unity-mir was in the archive...23:55
robert_ancellslangasek, could unity-mir be blocked because it attempts a ppc build and mir no longer builds against ppc?23:56
robert_ancellso it's sitting in depwait23:56
slangasekrobert_ancell: no, it's blocked because it has a dependency on all archs on a version of libmirserver1 that proposed-migration says isn't there23:56
slangasekunity-mir isn't even built on ppc23:57
robert_ancellslangasek, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-mir/0.1+13.10.20130827-0ubuntu1/+build/4910196 says it's in depwait23:57
slangasekyes, but the powerpc depwait is completely ignorable23:58
slangasekthe problem is the *currently up-to-date* binaries on unity-mir in saucy-proposed were built against a *previous* version of libmirserver123:58
slangasekand since the dep on libmirserver1 is a strict versioned dep, unity-mir needs a rebuild23:59
slangasekthis can be reproduced locally by enabling saucy-proposed (in a chroot) and trying to install unity-mir23:59
slangasekrather, trying to install libunity-mir123:59

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