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dmbQsNeed some help reconfiguring Grub after restoring to a new VM. Can anyone help me with the instructions here: I restored a Tar backup to a new VM. Now I need to reconfigure Grub. Need some help with the commands found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR. Would anyone mind helping??01:21
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delinquentmesshfs is supposed to create the mount dir on execution right?02:47
delinquentmeim getting a complaint from bash: fuse: bad mount point `/home/thrive/www': No such file or directory02:47
sarnolddelinquentme: no, a directory needs to exist somewhere before you can mount a filesystem on it02:48
delinquentmesarnold, much apreesh02:51
babak_ question mod_security comes on 12.04 as 2.6.3 and the current version is 2.7.5 is it ok to stay with 2.6.3 ? I though we where supposed to use LTS for things like this.04:35
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rbasakDaviey: I'm looking at http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/merges.html. It looked truncated; then I realised that it's being updated as I read it. What do you think about changing the cronjob to write to a temporary file and then renaming in, so we get an atomic update? Not worth it for the one time I hit the problem? :)07:49
Davieyrbasak: Yeah, i can do that.08:30
Davieyrbasak: if you saw this crontab... you'd be wishing we had wrappers :)08:31
Davieyrbasak: should be good now08:36
rbasakDaviey: thanks!08:36
Davieyzul: hey, can you check if kombu can be sync'd? kombu 2.5.12-0ubuntu2 -> 2.5.12-109:01
Davieyjamespage: looks like gdisk can be sync'd?09:02
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jamespageDaviey, probably09:12
yolandazul, trying to build ceilometer for the tests, but having a lot of RuntimeError: No 'ceilometer.storage' driver found, looking for ''11:37
zulyolanda:  yeah ill have a look at it today11:43
yolandai was trying to build ceilometer to run the tests, do you prefer that i wait for it?11:43
zulyolanda:  yeah11:47
yolandazul, please let me know when it's fixed so i can add my tests11:47
zuljamespage/roaksoax: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-novaclient/babel/+merge/18236711:52
wsk233hello i need to setup a ftp server for some internal use the only thing i need to be able to configure is chroot which is the most easy ftp server to set this up12:04
greppywsk233: I've always liked proftpd if I *really* had to setup a plain ftp server, I much prefer using sftp.12:05
wsk233ofcrouse i understand12:05
zuljamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-neutronclient/deps-refresh/+merge/18237212:08
zulDaviey:  should be ok to sync12:16
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crassI'd like to run the server iso from an iso on a filesystem on a usb stick. Is this possible?12:40
crassthis can be done using the loopback.cfg with the desktop iso, but server's loopback.cfg just has an entry for testing the iso, not actually running it12:41
Monotokowhat should I be allowing through the firewall to stop a DNS lookup failure when doing a proxypass?12:57
Monotokooutgoing is allowed... I don't see the problem12:58
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hallyn_zul: if/when my laptop(s) overheat can you step in for a few mins in the virt stack talk (in 1.5 hrs)14:25
zulhallyn_:  sure14:26
zulhallyn_:  if my network connection doesnt crap out on me :)14:28
zulhallyn_:  rural internet14:28
disposablei have a vlan interface on top of bond(active-backup) interface on top of 2 physical interfaces. I recently upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04 and suddenly I see a lot of dropped packets on my bond0 and the inactive underlying eth interface. same problem on 3.2, 3.5, 3.8, 3.9 kernels. it seems about a 1/5 of received packets are dropped. my cards use igb module (intel 82576). has anybody come across this?14:46
disposablei've tried juniper and procurve switches14:47
zulroaksoax: mind +1ing https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-novaclient/babel/+merge/182367 and https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-neutronclient/deps-refresh/+merge/182372 please14:54
zulyolanda:  ceilometer should be fine now14:54
roaksoaxzul: done14:54
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yolandazul, thx14:55
patdk-wkdisposable, works great for me14:55
disposablepatdk-wk: if you type ifconfig bond0, do you not see any dropped packets?15:03
patdk-wkoh, that, your suppost to see that15:08
patdk-wkevery single multicast/broadcast packet it sends out one nic, will be dropped when it's received on the other nic15:08
disposablepatdk-wk: i'd understand seeing dropped packets on the ethX device that isn't the current slave, but not on bond015:10
disposablepatdk-wk: on your bond0 interface is the number of dropped packets also around 1/5 of all received?15:11
disposablepatdk-wk: thanks.15:20
patdk-wkit exactly matchs the received and dropped count of my backup nic15:20
disposablepatdk-wk: yes, same here.15:21
patdk-wkso that easily explains it15:21
patdk-wkit's a backup, anything received isn't suppost to be, and is a dup15:21
patdk-wkand is dropped15:21
patdk-wkas I said15:21
disposablepatdk-wk: weird thing is that every couple of reboots i get 0 dropped packets.15:21
disposableby couple i mean >2015:21
Shadowandlightanyone have ideas on how to deploy a cloned copy of Ubuntu faster?  I need to change passwords (mysql and linux) and settings faster then doing everything by hand... if possible http://askubuntu.com/questions/337503/easiest-solution-to-modifying-linux-mysql-passwords-and-other-settings-after-c15:28
disposableShadowandlight: i'd suggest chef/puppet/cfengine but that may be too much overhead if you're just changing a few things. in your case i'd simply start clusterssh, log into all machines at once and just click into individual windows to enter different passwords.15:30
Shadowandlightdo the config tools run locally or do they need to be web based like webmind / cloudmin?15:34
thebwtare there any reccomendations for a php ppa? I'm trying to get newer version stuff for a 12.04 server15:52
arosalesjamespage, smoser is there goingto be a Server IRC meeting today since there is 1308 vUDS?15:55
jamespagearosales, nope15:56
jamespagecan't do sessions and irc meeting at the same time15:56
arosalesjamespage, ok15:57
arosalesjamespage, I thought so just wanted to confirm15:57
smoserarosales, i say no16:00
arosalessmoser, ack thanks. I'll put a reminder in ubuntu-meeting since we didn't get a mail out to the list16:01
arosalesor I may have missed it if it did go out :-)16:01
disposableShadowandlight: unfortunately, chef/puppet require installation of ruby and lots of additional software. cfengine is smaller and faster but with the steepest learning curve. for clusterssh, you just need ssh.16:23
rbasakdisposable: is there a real world problem with pulling in all this "overhead"? apt-get does it automatically for you, and it doesn't use a significant amount of space on an installed server node. I also don't like the ruby dependency, but I don't think it'd affect my recommendiation to look into chef/puppet over anything else.16:33
wedgwoodIs there a good way to set environment variables when calling lxc-attach? I need something like --clear-env plus a few extra values.16:54
wedgwoodhallyn_: If I might trouble you, any ideas? ^16:58
rbasakwedgwood: I call env after lxc-attach. lxc-attach --clear-env ... -- env foo=bar my_command16:58
wedgwoodrbasak: ah, I'll give that a shot. there are ~a dozen things to set in some cases, but I still think that could be manageable16:59
smoserok. i have a stupid question.17:25
smoseri wnat to make 'cloud-utils' package basically only depend on another package now.17:26
smosertransitional if you will.17:26
hallyn_wedgwood: had to look back at the changelog;  right now rbasak's is the best option.  There is code for 'extra_keep_env', but it's not yet hooked up to the cli17:28
hallyn_smoser: what is your q?  (does it belong in -devel? :)17:29
smoseri think its never mind.17:29
hallyn_ok :)17:30
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah that would work17:30
roaksoaxsmoser: cloud-utils would become a transitional package indeed17:30
roaksoaxsmoser: or you could make it a meta-package17:31
smoserwhats a meta-package specifically ? a task?17:31
roaksoaxsmoser: no, a metapackage are packages that simply depend on others and do not install anything17:31
roaksoaxsmoser: for example, 'maas' is a metapackage that installs 'maas-region-controller', 'maas-cluster-controller'17:32
smoserperfect. thank you.17:32
roaksoaxsmoser: now, transitional packages are usually needed for upgrades17:33
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gartralhey all, I've been looking into Landscape to help manage a private server and I was wondering if I install the landscape-client package, and decide later that I don't want it, will it break the server if I remove it?18:11
sarnoldgartral: I had no trouble on my machine removing the landscape client after playing with it for a few weeks18:12
gartralsarnold: and exactly how much IS the Landscape service, I'm quite dismayed and put off by Cononical's secrecy on that subject18:13
sarnoldgartral: heh, I'm sorry I can't actually fix that :) I had a free account on account of being an employee...18:14
sarnoldgartral: hey! this looks like it. :) http://www.canonical.com/enterprise-services/ubuntu-advantage/server18:17
gartralsarnold: 320 USD *PER SERVER*?! holey crap! never mind that!18:18
sarnoldgartral: yes that seems a bit steep if landscape is the only part of the plan you want18:19
gartralsarnold: yea.. I was thinking it would be like $10-20 US/year for a single server.. $320 is far, far *far* too rich for my blood18:21
sarnoldgartral: yes, it looks like it was priced to be competitive against rhel and sles: https://www.redhat.com/apps/store/server/ https://www.suse.com/products/server/how-to-buy/18:23
gartralsarnold: yea.. I'd rather just run my single server through an SSH console..18:25
sarnoldgartral: and perhaps the "unattented-upgrades" package would provide a lot of what you'd want from landscape anyway18:25
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mgwIs btrfs recommended for general use on server machines? I'm interested to use in conjunction with lxc. As I understand it, this will help reduce disk usage from duplicated container file systems.18:38
RoyKmgw: btrfs is not recommended for production systems18:41
mgwRoyK, thanks18:41
xnoxmgw: you can equally use overlayfs or lvm snapshots for that.18:41
RoyKmgw: afaik btrfs doesn't have any dedup stuff yet18:41
xnoxmgw: which are more stable than btrfs.18:42
RoyKxnox: 'cept lvm snapshots are dead slow :P18:42
mgwxnox: thanks, looking at overlayfs18:42
xnoxRoyK: well dedup is being packaged by me, soon ;-)18:42
RoyKmgw: try zfs18:42
xnoxRoyK: not in my testing.18:42
sarnoldRoyK: is the zfs support entirely via fuse?18:42
RoyKmgw: zfs has a decent dedup implementation if you have *lots* of memory18:42
RoyKsarnold: there's zfsonlinux - separate ppa18:43
* xnox wouldn't recommend zfs on linux to anyone. Solaris or Freebsd maybe.18:43
RoyKsarnold: works well18:43
xnoxsarnold: zfsonlinux is not legally clean.18:43
sarnoldRoyK: hrm. how is that legal?18:43
sarnoldaha :) hehe18:43
RoyKxnox: heh - I've worked with zfs on rather large systems, as in quater of a petabyte, works well18:43
sarnoldRoyK: linux?18:43
RoyKsarnold: it's legal, it's legal to download and install non-gpl software on your own18:43
RoyKsarnold: zfsonlinux does just that18:44
mgwubuntu-zfs is zfsonlinux?18:44
RoyKsarnold: it's like graphics drives that compile on install18:44
RoyKmgw: no, ubuntu-zfs is fuse-based, dead slow18:44
mgwRoyK: ok… so I'll need to download the package from http://zfsonlinux.org/18:47
sarnoldRoyK: neat. thanks :D18:48
RoyKmgw: keep in mind that zfs doesn't support things like expanding a VDEV (that is, a RAIDz1 or RAIDz2 aka RAID-5 or RAID-6)18:48
mgwRoyK: I *think* that would be ok for us.18:49
keithzgxonx: It's only not legally clean to distribute the code compiled into the kernel; but for example a binary module for the kernel is just fine, same as the proprietary NVIDIA blobs are.18:49
RoyKmgw: takes a wee bit more of planning18:50
keithzg^xnox, I mean.18:50
uvirtbotkeithzg: Error: "xnox," is not a valid command.18:50
sarnoldI think the zfs modules work in part because the code clearly originated elsewhere, rather than works only on linux.18:51
sarnoldit's hard to claim it's a derived work when the primary platform was something else entirely :)18:51
mgwRoyK, xnox, sarnold: thanks for the assistance18:52
sarnoldmgw: thanks for asking the question at the right time :) I'd not seen zfsonlinux before. it looks cool. :)18:52
mgwRoyK: is it stable?18:54
RoyKmgw: works for me (tm)18:54
RoyKmgw: and it's used by some large storage providers18:54
mgwok, great18:54
RoyKmgw: what sort of storage are you planning?19:04
mgwRoyK: you mean the use case, or the type of hardware?19:07
RoyKmgw: both19:22
RoyKmgw: ping?19:34
mgwRoyK: most of my machines have 2x1TB with HW RAID19:34
RoyKfor that, zfs should work well, that is, for even larger stuff like multihundred terabytes, zfs should work well, if properly planned19:35
mgwI'm wanting to back lxc containers in such a way as to not have to replicate the 500MB ubuntu files for every container…. does zfs have a versioning system that would allow that?19:36
lifelessmgw: have a look at lxc-start-ephemeral19:36
lifelessmgw: which does exactly that19:36
RoyKmgw: somehow, yes, you can clone a filesystem which will make it dedup what's there, but not the new stuff19:36
RoyKmgw: you can turn on dedup on the dataset, but it'll require large amounts of RAM to run efficiently19:37
mgwlifeless: lxc-start-ephemeral… so the / filesystem would be read only/shared?19:37
lifelessmgw: have a look at the script; it should answer your questions :)19:38
mgw(looking at man now)19:38
stuxlofI'm running ubuntu 11.10 x86_64 with a dell h700 raid controller containing megaraid sas firmware. I'm not sure if I either need to install megasasctl or megacli. I've got megacli64 running but it only gives me an 'Exit Code: 0x00'. Now megasasctl needs some 32 bit libraries (https://github.com/gnif/ARMT/tree/master/utils/megactl) to function, and this is where I'm stuck at atm20:23
stuxlofthe megaraid_sas driver is loaded in the kernel20:26
mgwlifeless: do I understand that lxc-start-ephemeral still needs overlayfs?20:27
lifelessor aufs yeah20:28
lifelessyou could do a similar script though20:28
lifelessor manually setup your lxc mount tables20:29
lifelessso that you have a readonly fs and a /var/state/myproject that is readwrite20:29
mgwyeah, i'm thinking i'd need to use that script as a ref20:29
mgwbut create my own20:29
delinquentmeI've got a file I've used for sshfs mounting remote files20:45
delinquentmeI want to delete the local version of this file20:45
delinquentmesudo rm -rf localFile/20:45
delinquentmewill do that without removing the content of the remote dir20:46
sarnolddelinquentme: does the output of mount show the mount currently active?20:48
delinquentmemount: can't find dopamine_live/ in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab  << looks like im good20:51
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Darkstar1I can't seem login via ssh. I'm on 12.0422:17
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RoyKDarkstar1: what error message?22:22
Darkstar1None. I think the server was hacked22:23
Darkstar1just looking through the  bash history22:23
RoyKlots of nice stuff? ;)22:23
Darkstar1it seems someone got in yesterday and unpacked something called portuser.22:24
Darkstar1Just trying to get ssh back22:24
Darkstar1ssh logs to system normally right?22:25
RoyKDarkstar1: try rkhunter and chkrootkit22:25
Darkstar1RoyK: It's a remote vm22:26
Darkstar1but I'll look at those toools22:26
RoyKthey attempt to do the same job, but may overlap a bit22:26
RoyKDarkstar1: yiu can run those on a remote machine22:26
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Darkstar1Think I need to boot into single user mode22:30
sarnoldDarkstar1: best would be taking the machine entirely offline and inspecting the filesystem from a known-good system. preferably a known-good system you can throw away when you're done.22:32
Darkstar1sarnold: thing is I don't know what to look for tbh. I looked at the history of bash and managed to find the one thing that was installed. What that thing did I do not know, but I removed the compromised user and inspecting the bash history has allowed me to remove the unpacked stuff22:35
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sarnoldDarkstar1: check especially for unexpected dot files in all directories, debsums mismatches, unexpected kernel modules, etc.22:36
sarnoldDarkstar1: debsums checks the sizes / hashes of dpkg-managed files, it's a useful way to get a quick overview of what might have changed if an installed rootkit is pretty amateurish22:37
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crasssomething has changed wrt to how ubuntu handles inactive lvm vgs within the last few releases23:52
crassany one have ideas on how to really release all resources using a vg so that I can luksClose the underlying device?23:52

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