GyrthMcMulinIs this usable? https://github.com/bizcuite/android_frameworks_base00:00
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wilee-nileeGyrthMcMulin, Si is thgis device just running a rom to old for some apps?00:22
wilee-nileesorry for the miss-spelling00:22
wilee-nileeI swaw 2. something00:23
GyrthMcMulinThe official rom is Froyo. But Gringerbread and ICS have been ported by the community.00:23
GyrthMcMulinCM7 and CM9 seems to be ported by community members. But I don't know how to use.00:25
slangasekthomi: question for you about autopilot00:26
wilee-nileeGyrthMcMulin, I guess if it were me I would check with the devices community on getting a more updated rom on there to start with, they have a forum I believe. That is if you get no definitive help here, or maybe try #android and #android-root00:26
slangasekthomi: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3758/ubuntu-rssreader-app-autopilot/304497/ suggests that autopilot is using python2.x?  If so.... why?00:26
GyrthMcMulinwilee-nilee, I tried Gingerbread. It works great, but I wanted to see if I could get Ubuntu touch to work.00:28
wilee-nileeGyrthMcMulin, Sure, touch is rather developmental right now is all, I have a nexus 7 so the ubuntu desktop is what I want, and its still rather rough.00:29
harrisis there a beta00:29
slangasekthomi: (just a slight bit of yak shaving in response to that test failure... the proximate cause is a failure to handle non-ascii characters in http://www.canonical.com/rss.xml, which seems to me like a strong argument for not using arbitrary external urls in the test data, but python2.x should be considered deprecated for anything being deployed on Touch... it's pure coincidence that the touch images currently have /usr/bin/python on th00:30
slangasek... and that's actually something that we'll be fixing, if not by 13.10, then at least by 14.04)00:30
harrisslangasek, when does it come out00:30
slangasekharris: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseSchedule00:31
harriswhats this step 1700:32
harrisAugust 22nd00:32
harrisUbuntu Ubuntu 12.04.300:32
harrisok slangasek  so i have a gtp5113 is it supported00:33
slangasekthe wiki page shows the Ubuntu release schedule across the 6 month period; 12.04.3 is not relevant to Ubuntu Touch.00:33
harrisoh ok00:33
harrisso are you helping make it00:34
slangasekharris: information about supported devices: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting00:34
harrisok so this is the one similar to mine Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wifi00:35
harrisbut mine is the galaxy tab 2 10.1 gtp511300:35
harrisonly difference is the ir blaster will it work though00:36
harriswill it00:39
nhainesharris: what is an ir blaster?00:39
slangasekharris: for information about specific devices, you really want to talk with the porters who are working on that device.  I have no idea if a P5110 image will even boot on a gtp5113, let alone support the ir blaster00:39
slangaseknhaines: an infrared transmitter (i.e., a built-in remote control)00:39
harrisslangasek, how do i get in contact with them00:40
nhainesslangasek: I wasn't sure if it described the associated software rather than the hardware.00:40
slangaseknhaines: yeah, "IR blaster" is the usual term for a transmitter :)00:40
slangasekharris: probably via the information on that wiki page00:41
nhainesslangasek: makes as much sense as "IR port", I suppose.  :)00:41
slangasekharris: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/P5110 gives info about the image maintainer, which links to his launchpad account, which will have contact info00:41
slangasek(or at least, a form you can use for contacting)00:41
GyrthMcMulinWhy is CM needed?00:53
zleslieHi Folks, I just found this project, and I am wondering about nexus Q support.  I'd love to be able ot run some xbmc or mpd or something on this device.  Even though its not got a touch screen, does anyone know if this would work to at least get a headless ubuntu going?00:55
iBotPeacheszleslie: You'd probably have to do it yourself, seeing how there is not many nexus q's out there at all00:58
zleslieSo it begs the question, how similar are the images? I would guess that the nexus line has similar methods of actually getting the image onto the device, but not sure what happens after that.00:58
iBotPeachesWell it is AOSP (i think), but seeing how the device fell off the face of the earth. I pushed it out of my memory00:59
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zleslieSure, I was just looking for a good place to start.01:01
iBotPeacheswhat was its board name again?01:01
mhall119GyrthMcMulin: CM is used to power the Android hardware01:02
iBotPeacheszleslie: sorry don't see it CM or aosp repos sorry01:02
GyrthMcMulinmhall119, I thought it was a bootloader.01:02
mhall119GyrthMcMulin: no, Ubuntu boots itself now, but there is a container running the Android parts01:03
zleslieiBotPeaches: yeah, basically its an entirely unsupported device by basically everyone. I'd just be interested to get linux running on it.01:03
zleslieiBotPeaches: though: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Steelhead_Info01:04
iBotPeachesah steelhead, it might be in repos as that. I looked for tungsten01:04
zleslieiBotPeaches: what repos where?01:04
iBotPeacheszleslie: https://github.com/CyanogenMod01:04
zleslieiBotPeaches: would that help me get just linux on it though?01:05
iBotPeacheszleslie: in a sense, it already is running linux01:05
iBotPeachesjust bootstrapped with android on top01:05
zleslieSure...  How to phrase...01:06
zleslieI'm after a proper distro I suppose, one that I can do useful things with.01:06
iBotPeachesbut no, sorry I have no idea. I'm only working on an oppo phone that is still having kernel problems, so not really my area of knowledge01:06
mhall119iBotPeaches: which phone?01:06
GyrthMcMulinWell this is too difficult for me.01:06
zleslieiBotPeaches: roger, Thanks anyway01:07
iBotPeachesmhall119: oppo find 5, I heard so many articles about a build for it, but the isn't any progress that I can see, so started about 2 hours ago and making progress01:07
mhall119iBotPeaches: nice!  I'd be happy to test any builds.  Also did you know we have a contest going right now for porting to the Find 5? http://mhall119.com/2013/08/win-an-oppo-find-5/01:08
thomislangasek: hey, sorry, I was AFK01:08
thomislangasek: it sounds like you're saying "Autopilot MUST be ported to python3 at some point in the medium-term future" ?01:08
thomislangasek: I'd like nothing better, and if there's a strong technical reason to make that happen, then maybe I can actually get some work hours assigned to that task :)01:09
iBotPeachesmhall119: yeah, I think you started that at xda dev-con. Yep, Once I have it booting on mine and working. I'll send it over :p01:09
mhall119iBotPeaches: awesome, looking forward to it01:09
koussahahey guys how can i add more apps to the build01:22
mhall119try another key01:33
BronzeG-sharp g#01:39
OrokuSakiCan anyone give me some advice? When running some apps that are supposed to be in the side stage.. They are black unless I use the Unity Launcher.. then I can see the app when its zoomed out02:17
OrokuSakiLike Settings... or Twitter, etc, etc02:17
OrokuSakiSometimes I can access them if I play with the launcher02:18
OrokuSakilike calcultor02:18
OrokuSakihave to run the browser to access the sidestage, etc02:20
OrokuSakianyone able to run suduko?02:32
RobbyFon the phone?02:32
OrokuSakiI just get a white sidestage02:32
RobbyFjust loading the phone now02:33
OrokuSakiI am on a tablet02:33
OrokuSakidoes that matter?02:33
RobbyFjust different orientation02:34
RobbyFworks for me02:35
OrokuSakistrange... I can run twitter but not suduko.. thanks!02:37
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crypticmofowow .. i been watching reviews on google for quite a while now / they praise android all the time .. yet ubuntu-touch come out and show how bad it is compared to android lol03:02
OrokuSakigoogle news? =)03:03
crypticmofois anyone using ubuntu-touch as a daily driver .. if so how is it ?03:08
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slangasekthomi: hey - so yeah, I'm saying the fact that autopilot wasn't implemented in python3 from the get-go implies we had a communication failure somewhere, because we've been on the path to getting rid of python2 already for more than a year. :/  and considering that broken test case probably has to be solved completely differently for python2 than python3...04:29
thomislangasek: autopilot has existed since before 12.0404:30
thomislangasek: at that point, a whole bunch of things we needed in autopilot were not yet in python 3.04:31
thomislangasek: the specific test failure is probably fixable - it just needs someone to take a look at it04:31
thomiit usually a reasonably simple fix04:32
thomibut yeah, I'd love to move autopilot to python304:32
slangasekthomi: ah, didn't realize autopilot has actually been around that long, the VCS doesn't go back before 12.0404:33
slangasekpython3-only was already a goal for 12.10, fwiw. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-q-python-versions04:33
slangasekbut that's water under the bridge04:33
slangasekgiven that nothing in the actual touch stack is supposed to be using python2 for 13.10, does that give you enough ammo to get the porting work approved? :)04:34
thomislangasek: no, it was originally in lp:unity :)04:35
slangasekah :)04:35
thomislangasek: we have an AP planning session at UDS, I'll make sure that issue is raised :)04:36
slangasekok, cool :)04:36
slangasekand yeah, that particular test isn't going to be terribly hard to fix in either language04:36
slangasekbut unicode + python2 makes me very angry ;)04:36
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OrokuSakiAnyone have some pulseaudio tricks? I can play sound if I kill pulse in the musicapp...06:22
OrokuSakicamera works. =)06:23
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oSoMoNgood morning06:51
diwicogra_, good morning07:13
ogra_hey hey07:13
diwicogra_, so to start somewhere, I've pushed the UCM file for Nexus 4 to the appropriate branch.07:13
diwicogra_, I should probably do the same for Galaxy Nexus, but question is if we should try to debug things first07:14
ogra_wrt first call silence ?07:14
diwicogra_, e g, awe said that headphones did not work, and we still have the first ringtone problem07:14
diwicogra_, or if we should just ignore it for now and push something that might be buggy07:14
ogra_well, how broken would it be without the UCM file ?07:14
ogra_vs what we have atm07:15
diwicogra_, well, if we're totally without an UCM file for maguro, then maguro is going to be very very broken.07:16
diwicogra_, in short, don't expect *anything* to work without a UCM file07:16
ogra_right, so i'd prefer to ship the UCM even if the headphones dont work07:16
diwicogra_, the question is more if we should spend time on trying to make the UCM file better before I push it07:17
ogra_well, what do you want to try ?07:17
* ogra_ reads tvoss' mail and LOLs ... 07:18
ogra_tvoss, yes, there is something needed from you ... the package name you want to have seeded would be a good idea i suppose :)07:18
diwicogra_, good question. What do you think?07:19
ogra_dunno i got a working SIM, a maguro  and a headset, tell me what to do and what to capture :)07:20
diwicogra_, that's the spirit! :-)07:20
diwicogra_, can you just plug the headphones in and try playing back, and see what happens?07:21
ogra_yup, one sec, need to relocate07:21
diwicplayback using a method you know works on speaker or earpiece07:21
ogra_hmm, just strikes me, i should probably flash the pulse image first :P07:27
diwicogra_, which means half an hour of download?07:29
ogra_did anything change yesterday ?07:29
ogra_then the image i have should be fine07:29
diwicnot that I'm aware of at least07:29
ogra_i'll dist-upgrade after flashing just to be sure07:30
ogra_(faslshing the maguro is darn slow :/  takes a bit)07:31
asacogra_: cant find apt-get source phone-app07:38
ogra_asac, phablet-team PPA :)07:38
asacoh ... omg07:38
ogra_the one remaining package (will be gone this week)07:39
ogra_(i was told)07:39
asacogra_: the line 151 is the wrong line07:39
ogra_where ?07:39
asacogra_: lp:phone-app and what is on image are out of sync07:39
ogra_oh, in your autopilot fix ?07:39
asac  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/phone_app/tests/test_communication_panel.py", line 151, in test_send_button_disable_on_clear07:40
asac    self.assertThat(send_button.enabled, Eventually(Equals(False)))07:40
asacthat line 151 is actually 15607:40
effbiaiis there a confirmed ubuntu phone yet?07:40
asacso not sure how old our phone-app is07:40
effbiaiexcept for the edge ofc, which people didn't want.. :(07:40
ogra_asac, well, as long as it works i wouldnt put any effort into fixing it, the new stuff is coming in any case07:41
ogra_(i mean "works in real life")07:41
asacogra_: its not ok that it continuously is busted07:41
ogra_we should probably just ignore the failures for this week, do manual function tests and be fine after the switch07:42
asacand for month we are told about the new apps07:42
asacogra_: there are always cases that are fine to wait for07:42
asacthats the whole point :)07:42
asaci am also not convinced that the issue will be gone next week07:43
asaceven with new package07:43
asacthe code is still there07:43
ogra_i think it will be gone and replaced by 10 new issues :)07:43
asacogra_: ok the fix is there07:44
asacogra_: can you upload that manually?07:44
asacogra_: its just that we stopped daily-releaseing this stuff07:44
asaclet me check with sil07:44
asacsil2100: hey ... are we not daily-releasing phone-app anymore?07:45
ogra_we should be releasing the replacement daily07:45
ogra_i can surely upload that fix but i dont think i have any commit rights to the upstream tree07:45
ogra_let me see07:45
asacogra_: the upstream tree has all that07:46
asacogra_: wait a sec07:46
asaci think the whole tree is just stale07:46
asacogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phone-app/trunk07:46
asaci guess we just want all that happend after 15th aug?07:46
asac734 736 737'07:47
asacogra_: and?07:50
asacwhat do you think?07:50
ogra_well, i'm not si sure i should just blindly upload, i'm sure there is a process i break07:50
ogra_i agree we should have all the approved merges in though07:51
asacogra_: yeah. sent mail to lukasz/ sil210007:53
asaci think he is not answering on IRC usually :) ... so better a amail07:53
ogra_it wont make the build in 10min anyway, so we have a bit of time to get it sorted07:53
asacnot good07:54
asacwe found the issue07:54
asacand now we cannot act on it07:54
ogra_well, even if we would act on it, it wouldnt make this build07:54
ogra_so we have 12h (even though everyone will be UDSing)07:55
asacMirv: any idea why phone-app is not getting daily-released?08:01
* ogra_ guesses it just requires someone to manually pull the trigger08:02
asacogra_: i sense it was delisted from daily-release because of the app split landing, but then that landing got delayed08:05
Mirvasac: it has been disabled, it seems thouht fginther enabled it yesterday but only for PPA builds08:05
asacMirv: do we keep comments for disabling stuff so we know why?08:05
Mirvwith commit message "Re-add phone-app because we need a few more MPs to land."08:06
ogra_Mirv, well, these PPA builds are what we are after08:06
ogra_they dont seem to happen08:06
asacMirv: right. it needs to go to phablet ppa08:06
asacogra_: could be its the "app staging ppa" that mirv is talkinga bout08:06
Mirvasac: in https://code.launchpad.net/~cupstream2distro-maintainers/cupstream2distro-config/trunk commit messages08:06
asacMirv: where is the apps stack ppa?08:07
Mirvasac: yes it should be landing to phablet PPA now landing_job: phablet-land, but maybe there hasn't been a commit after that08:07
asacmaybe its updated in there, but didnt make the publish to archive/image-ppa?08:07
Mirvasac: I don't know about any specific app stack ppa08:07
asacMirv: there area  bunch of commits that are not yet in ppa08:08
sil2100asac: oh! Sorry, I was in-code right now08:08
Mirvasac: unlike the archive daily release, I believe PPA runs are only done when a new commit after the enabling happens08:08
Mirvor more precisely, unlike the jenkins cu2d releases08:09
sil2100asac, ogra_: regarding phone-app - I was informed in the past that it will be replaced by smaller-component apps08:10
sil2100So we stopped daily-releasing once those matured and went for daily-release08:10
sil2100asac: if that is not correct, please give me a sign08:11
sil2100asac: since I am positive that I have been told that those are 'replacements', so a replacement actually means it needs to replace the old package08:12
Mirvsil2100: the problem here was not actual daily release but phablet PPA landing for a few more comments, and fginther enabled it last night. it's just not working yet, I guess because no new commit after the enablement?08:12
sil2100hm, I wonder08:13
sil2100Mirv: I guess we'll need Francis around for that08:13
ogra_sil2100, we'd like a one time release of whats in the current trunk branch08:15
sil2100ogra_: ok, we can try doing that then08:15
ogra_(under the assumption that the switch really happens this week, we shouldnt need more)08:15
asacsil2100: you need francis for what?08:16
seb128so asac went from "we need to stop using the ppa now" to "we need to land stuff in the ppa", interesting ;-)08:16
asacseb128: well, folks stopped uploading the app08:16
asaci want that in the archive08:16
asacbut if its not in the archive i prefer uploads of any kind08:16
seb128what is blocking having it in the archive?08:17
asacrather than sitting there with bugs fixed in trunk08:17
asacseb128: indicators08:17
asacso you :)08:17
sil2100So, you guys want phone-app in the archive?08:17
asacsil2100: not today08:17
asacwe agreed that the replacement apps land in the archive ... for now we just want it to publis to the phablet ppa again08:17
sil2100I thought the idea was not to have phone-app in the archive anymore, as we have the other replacement apps08:17
asacsil2100: the other replacement apps are not there, are they?08:17
asaci dont see them at least08:18
sil2100asac: they're in -proposed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dialer-app08:18
sil2100So technically, they are08:18
sil2100Mirv: did you release the service stack08:19
asacsil2100: so those are going in today? do they run autopilot tests?08:19
sil2100asac: I think the guys were still working on AP integration tests for their packages, but we agreed to get them in08:20
seb128asac, what indicator is missing?08:20
asacsil2100: where is the communication tab equiv?08:20
asacseb128: could be thats now resovled as we see stuff in proposed08:20
asacstay tuned08:20
asacsil2100: do you know if all replacement apps have made it?08:21
sil2100asac: I guess those are more questions to Bill Filler08:21
seb128asac, because the new indicator-messages landed on thursday08:21
seb128and that was the blocker for the phone stuff afaik08:21
asacseb128: but you must have a record of what apps were enabled for proposed upload?08:21
asacsil2100: ^^08:21
asacseb128: sorry08:21
sil2100asac: I'm checking if the services got released08:21
asaci just need a list of apps :)08:21
asacthat are landing that replace it08:21
sil2100asac: we enabled the following ones projects: dialer-app, messaging-app, telephony-service, history-service, mmsd08:23
asacsil2100: those are all in NEW/-proposed now? do we see if they will go into saucy proper soon?08:24
ogra_diwic, ok, sorry that it took so log, i use the image from the 23rd with dist uppgraded telepathy-ofono and pulseaudio ... paplay doesnt play back to the speaker after reboot ... plugging in the headset and playing back something works though08:25
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asacsil2100: anyway, i dont think it would hurt to upload the phone-app to the phablet-ppa once in case all that stuff doesnt make it08:25
sil2100asac: all of them got preNEWed and prepared for daily-release, I see the -apps are in, but the -services I need to check with Mirv08:25
sil2100asac: yea, we can do that probably08:26
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diwicogra_, no worries. so the headset is actually working. Does the speaker start to work after plug/unplug of headset?08:26
asacsil2100: lets check in 2-3 hourse to see where we stand08:26
asacogra_: 26.1 still hd the input problem08:27
ogra_asac, yes08:27
asacogra_: didnt you upload your sudo fix?08:27
ogra_already seen08:28
seb128sil2100, asac: I just NEWed history-service and telephony-service to saucy08:28
asacseb128: nice. rock08:28
sil2100Oh \o/08:28
sil2100seb128: thanks!08:28
seb128sil2100, asac: content-hub as well08:28
seb128but that probably interest you less08:28
asactvoss__: what of the above were you asking a seed change for?08:29
ogra_from http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/saucy/ubuntu-touch/20130826.1/livecd-armhf.out08:29
diwicogra_, so, alsa-lib (i e the ucm files) can be uploaded in advance, the rest needs to be done in somewhat lockstep:08:29
tvoss__asac, location-service08:30
diwicogra_, 1) upload PulseAudio (I can do that myself) 2) upload telepathy-ofono 3) change the seed 4) update lxc-android-config (I think) to remove audioflinger/mediaservice08:30
ogra_diwic, ok, thats one you need me to upload ? ... your telepathy-ofono stuff seems to be in the archive already btw08:30
diwicogra_, I need you to upload alsa-lib first. And then all of 2) 3) and 4) above.08:31
ogra_tvoss__, ahh, thanks ... it 8really helps to mention the package name in such requests :)08:31
Mirvasac: telephony-service, history-service just got to proposed from NEW queue08:32
diwicogra_, for telepahty-ofono, almost all is in, but a minimal MP is remaining to actually flip the switch08:32
ogra_diwic, what of 2 is still missing, i see an upload from tonight that seems to have changes from you08:32
diwicogra_, essentially change build-dep from libwaudio (audioflinger) to libpulse-dev08:33
* ogra_ understands now 08:33
diwicogra_, so if the headphone is at least partially working, then I think we can upload it now and fix bugs later. If you have time today, we can continue the debugging, but we can do the flip first. Makes sense?08:34
ogra_yeah, makes sense08:35
ogra_i'm not sure how much UDS will occupy me08:35
tvoss__ogra_, sorry :)08:35
ogra_i dont really own any blueprints this time but i guess i have to attend some sessions08:35
ogra_tvoss__, no prob, adding it to the seed now08:35
asacogra_: !!!08:36
asacogra_: see https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-touch-maguro-smoke-unity8-autopilot/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/clientlogs/dmesg.log08:36
asacogra_:  [   18.687835] systemd-udevd[554]: NAME="autopilot-uinput" ignored, kernel device nodes can not be renamed; please fix it in /lib/udev/rules.d/61-autopilot-uinput.rules:208:36
asacogra_: can you fix it :)?08:36
ogra_i wonder what this is supposed to achieve08:37
asacthe rules?08:37
asacor the message :)?08:37
ogra_the NAME= bit of it08:37
asacogra_: maybe its racy ... e.g. container and our stuff doing similar things?08:37
asacno idea08:37
asacogra_: assume that folkd didnt know what they are doing when creating that rule08:38
asacafter all they are autopilot experts and not udev :)08:38
asacogra_: so whats the right approach?08:38
diwicogra_, so here's what I need you to do for alsa-lib: bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-audio-dev/alsa-lib/ubuntu - run debcommit -r, push the new revision to the branch, and upload to the archive08:39
ogra_diwic, yup working on it allready08:40
ogra_asac, dropping the NAME bit ... its easy08:40
asacogra_: nice... do it :)08:41
mardyseb128: hi! Can I approve your merge proposals, if I find them OK, or do you need to work more on them?08:41
* asac tries to find autopilot source08:41
Laneymardy: which ones are you reviewing?08:41
Laneydon't want to duplicate with you08:41
seb128mardy, I only propose things I consider ready for merging ... thanks for reviewing (and yeah, check with Laney, he started doing reviews as well)08:42
asacogra_: autopilot$ bzr diff | pastebinit08:42
mardyLaney: oh, I just opened all the links and was planning to try them all; but we could split, indeed08:42
Laneymardy: ok, doing battery-* for now08:43
ogra_asac, yeah08:43
mardyLaney: maybe I can review https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/battery-handle-empty-charge-info/+merge/182076 and https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/battery-lock-screen-update/+merge/181861 (just two random links)08:43
LaneyI already started on one of those08:43
mardyLaney: ah, OK, I'll leave them to you then08:43
ogra_asac, if the name is really needed we could use a symlink though08:43
asacso s/NAME/SYMLINK/?08:44
asacone sec let me grep the code08:44
ogra_so anything that actually relies on the name will still find something08:44
asacogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6031784/08:45
asacogra_: feels they kind of want the name08:45
asaceven though it might get away without08:45
asaclet me use SYMLINK08:46
asacbetter safe08:46
ogra_you can test it with udevadm btw08:46
ogra_just put the file in place and call udevadm test08:46
asacogra_: will only the SYMLINK have the fixed group then?08:46
asacbzr diff | pastebinit08:47
asaccheck that one08:47
asacogra_: ok let me try... my phone has just booted i think08:47
ogra_looks fine to me08:47
asacrebooting... lets see08:49
asaci got the same message and the permissions were not changed08:49
asacafter boot08:49
asac(before editing)08:50
asacthat worked :)08:50
ogra_diwic, alsa-lib uploaded08:50
asacnice ... no more message08:50
ogra_symlink and permissions right ?08:50
* ogra_ needs to go afk for a few mins ... brb08:51
jodhogra_: Can you tell me what event name you want the upstart-local-bridge to emit? (btw - /etc/init/lxc-android-config.conf should specify "emits android").08:52
asacogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/autopilot/fix-name-should-be-symlink-udev-rules/+merge/18229908:54
asacveebers: ^^08:54
asacthomi: ^^08:54
asacogra_: permissions were always correct: e.g. g+rw ... but group was root08:55
asacnow its properly set to autopilot08:55
diwicogra_, thanks, let me know when you're ready to do the rest08:56
thomiasac: approved, thanks08:58
asacthomi: rock!08:58
tvoss__mzanetti, ping08:58
thomiasac: there's a session tomorrow morning you may want to attend: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21866/autopilot-discuss-ideas-for-future-development/08:58
mzanettitvoss__: pong08:58
thomiI'm off to bed, since I have to getup at stupid o'clock08:58
asacthomi: not sure if i have ideas for future development :) ... let me think a bit08:59
asaci will surely watch :)08:59
thomiasac: you've got a few hours :)08:59
* asac thinks faster08:59
asacogra_: !!09:01
asacogra_: python-autopilot is installed at a time when phablet user doesnt exist yet09:01
Laneyanyone got a recipe for making a symlink in qmake?09:01
asacogra_: i need to reinstall the python-autopilot package in order to get the right permission09:01
asacogra_: how fix?09:01
asacLaney: i guess qmake/qt discourages symlinks as its not platform independent09:02
Laneyit doesn't seem built in09:02
LaneyI guess I have to run ln myself somehow09:02
asacright ... thats the reaason :)09:03
asacLaney: what are you trying to symlink?09:03
asaclibrary stuff should be dealt with by libtool09:03
Laneyit's an accountsservice interface09:03
Laneyneeds to be installed in the dbus service dir and then symlinked from an accountsserice private dir to there09:03
asacLaney: why not install it to the dbus dir directly?09:04
asacdo you need it in its original place?09:04
Laneyit is installed there, but you need the symlink too09:04
Laneyaccountsservice checks for this09:04
LaneyBlame Ryan Lortie™09:04
asaccheck with whoever did accountservice then09:04
LaneyI don't think they use qmake :P09:05
Laneynever mind, I'll figure it out09:06
ogra_asac, i'll take care that it gets reconfigured at the end of the build09:12
ogra_jodh, it emits android already ...09:12
jodhogra_: I know, but lxc-android-config.conf should avertise the fact to avoid breaking "initctl check-config"09:12
diwicogra_, I uploaded pulseaudio, there's no turning back now :-)09:12
jodhogra_: any thoughts on the upstart-local-bridge event or should I speak to rsalveti ?09:13
ogra_jodh, well, is it guaranteed that the event is only emitted after the script returned ? it is importannt that it blocks until the container is done09:13
ogra_jodh, how about "android-container" ?09:14
jodhogra_: fine with me.09:14
ogra_or -socket or some such09:14
=== arunprasadr_away is now known as arunprasadr
diwicogra_, https://code.launchpad.net/~diwic/telepathy-ofono/flip-the-switch/+merge/18230809:22
diwicogra_, not sure how things go into daily releases with debian/changelog etc, but that's the change that needs uploading09:23
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
Laneydo you still need the arch restriction there?09:24
mardympt: ping09:24
ogra_asac, fix in livecd-rootfs uploaded, it now calls dpkg-reconfigure python-autopilot before rolling the tarball09:27
ogra_diwic, i assume telepathy-ofono is in some daily release process ? i approved the merge proposal, lets see if a package comes out of this, else i'lll do an upload (next image build is at 10pm our time, so we have time to check this)09:34
asacogra_: oha... ok. sounds hackish'ish09:34
ogra_asac, well, thats how touch images are build ... the build process is full and fulller of hacks09:34
diwicogra_, thanks. Can you also go ahead and update the seeds and lxc-android-config (I think)?09:35
ogra_asac, i was hpoing to have the time to clean that up after FF09:35
asacMirv: can you confirm that in theory the autopilot commit will get picked up every 4 hours and sent to archive?09:35
ogra_or at leat the bits that are actually cleanable09:35
diwicogra_, I think you know how to do that easier than me, or do you want some MP for the seed too?09:35
ogra_diwic, what needs changing in the seeds ?09:35
ogra_no need for an MP09:36
ogra_but i need to know what to add/remove exactly09:36
diwicogra_, ok, let me look09:38
Mirvasac: yes, if there is no problem building it or running its own tests. autopilot is part of the 'qa' stack.09:39
diwicogra_, add: pulseaudio, pulseaudio-module-bluetooth, rtkit, gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio, qt5multimedia5-plugins09:39
* asac checks that09:39
diwicogra_, remove: libandroid-audiosystem-asound209:39
diwicogra_, that should be it09:41
asacMirv: what are the cut off times i have to be aware of?09:41
diwicogra_, to be exact, it's libqt5multimedia5-plugins, not qt5multimedia5-plugins09:42
popeyogra_: http://popey.com/~alan/device-2013-08-27-104501.png seeing no networks in network indicator on 20130827, but i am connected to both 3g and wired09:45
ogra_tvoss, hmm,  is location-service actually the name of the binary package ? looks like i trashed the seeds when adding it09:45
ogra_popey, did you restart NM ?09:46
popeyno, clean flash ogra_09:46
ogra_diwic, i got everything changed, but there is an issue with the location-service package i added before09:46
popeyphablet-flash cdimage-touch --pending09:46
ogra_so i cant upload -meta atm09:46
tvoss__ogra_, can I help?09:46
ogra_tvoss__, location-service isnt known by germinate (the tool turing the seed into a metapackage from binary package names)09:47
diwicogra_, okay. Then I think it's only lxc-android-config remaining that needs to disable audioflinger09:47
ogra_diwic, do you have a code snippet for that or did you just use a changed init.rc in /overrides ?09:48
ogra_tvoss__, what are the binary packages you want seeded from location-service ?09:48
diwicogra_, I don't know for sure. I think either you or rsalveti did it for me.09:48
ogra_diwic, hmm, ok, i'll come up with something then09:48
diwicogra_, I'm not even sure it's needed. I presumed you would know. :-)09:48
tvoss__ogra_, hang on09:49
ogra_diwic, btw, once we're done, how about you do a wordy announcement to the ubuntu-phone ML :)09:49
ogra_i think thats quite a milestone that should be announced publically09:50
seb128Laney, mardy: thanks for the system settings reviews ;-)09:50
ogra_(especially since porters will have to follw up on it)09:50
diwicogra_, yeah, I was thinking of making a blog post too - however #is has still left canonical voices half broken :-(09:50
Laneyseb128: np09:51
ogra_and you are not on planet.u.c ?09:51
Laneyback to figuring out why this accountsservice stuff doesn't work09:51
tvoss__ogra_, libubuntu-location-service0 and ubuntu-location-service-examples09:51
diwicogra_, canonical voices contains the source of what I publish on planet.u.c09:51
ogra_ah, i didnt know09:52
ogra_tvoss__, great, thanks !09:52
xnoxogra_: jodh is preparing 1.10 upstart upload for ubuntu and we don't think it's right to start upstart-local-bridge on all machines. Can the upstart job to start the local-bridge live in an android specific package which is installed on touch images? e.g. something like libhybris?09:52
ogra_xnox, jodh, put it in lxc-android-config, that ships all the container setup09:54
xnoxogra_: perfect!09:55
jodhogra_: thanks!09:56
ogra_(feel free to change the "emits android" along if you like)09:56
looldoes someone know where the source for the rssreader autopilot tests is?09:57
ogra_lool, balllons i'd guess09:57
ogra_or popey or mhall11909:57
loolah apparently in lp:ubuntu-rssreader-app09:58
=== rachelliu_ is now known as rachelliu
popeyogra_: lool sorry, on a hangout, yes they should build from trunk you found there10:03
ogra_diwic, tvoss__ , seed/meta changes uploaded ...10:04
diwicogra_, thanks10:04
tvoss__ogra_, thanks10:04
loolpopey: one failing test is http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3758/ubuntu-rssreader-app-autopilot/304497/ where it fails because of broken chars in the RSS10:04
loolpopey: there's the actual breakage, but what I think is quite bad is that it relies on a live changing site (http://www.canonical.com/rss.xml) to pass/fail the tests10:05
ogra_lool, well, i'd call that real life testing :)10:06
ogra_endusers will have changing sites too10:06
loolyes, but that's no good for CI10:06
loolit's a good stress test to try to load random sites10:06
loolbut it's not a good way to decide whether code is better or worse than before10:06
Laneydiwic: what's still using gstreamer0.10?10:10
diwicLaney, libqt5multimedia5-plugins. I was quite surprised to find that it wasn't using anything newer10:13
Laneywe did a push to move everything off it last cycle (didn't quite get there, but still)10:13
diwicLaney, but decided I wouldn't investigate that further. Feel free to forward-port it if you like10:13
Laneyis there a bug upstream?10:13
diwicLaney, no idea, I didn't bother10:14
Laneyi see...10:14
diwicLaney, maybe you should talk to jhodapp|afk about it too, I know he's doing the gstreamer transition for Ubuntu Touch10:15
diwicLaney, I think he's planning on moving us to 1.0 or even 1.110:15
LaneyI have been working with him a bit on his code10:16
Laneydon't know what it does with regards to qt itself though10:16
diwicLaney, the Qt mediaplayer has a gstreamer backend10:18
diwicLaney, if that's what you're asking?10:18
LaneyI know that his gstreamer work is based on 1.1, but I do not know if it is also paired with any work on porting Qt multimedia10:19
Laneyseems like it would be necessary but I haven't heard of it10:19
ogra_xnox, jodh, that merge wont work, "emits android" must happen from lxc-android-config.conf, you call it on startup that will make all services fire that we are blocking based on the lxc-android-config job10:19
xnoxogra_: "This stanza allows a job to document in its job configuration what events it emits itself, and may be useful for graphing possible transitions." it doesn't actually emit "android" nor "android-container" events when that job starts.10:21
ogra_xnox, OH !10:21
xnoxogra_: it may emit those events, whenever it feels like.10:21
ogra_seems i always misunderstood "emits"10:22
ogra_well, in any case it should nevver emit "android" as event else udev will start, if that is sure then i'm fine10:22
xnoxogra_: see for example /etc/init/upstart-udev-bridge it documents that that daemon emits *-device-[added|removed|changed|online|offline]10:23
xnoxsuch that when someone is looking for a non-core event, one knows where it originates from.10:24
ogra_right, as long as thats solely for documentation purposed i'm all fine10:24
xnoxbut yeah, anybody can emit any events, so it's only documentation really.10:24
popeylool: fair comment. we should test against a fixed xml page10:24
ogra_xnox, right, all i'm woriied about are all the override jobs we ship that use "start on android" ... which means "wait until the container is up to not trash the boot completely"10:25
xnoxogra_: well 1.10 should fix all of that =)10:26
ogra_"fix" ?10:26
xnoxogra_: well you will get real events from container now, when all the bits are ready. and gradually move things from "start on android" to starting on what it really depends on from android side of things.10:27
ogra_nothing of the ubuntu side should start before lxc-android-config is up ... which we curretly achieve through an "initctl emit android" in the post-start script10:27
ogra_all jobs that need to wait for the container have a "start on android"10:27
uhm1somebody speak spanish?10:27
ogra_xnox, no matter what events i get from the container, udev needs to wait until the container is completely and 100% done10:28
xnoxogra_: i see. i thought, with that bridge in place we can parallelise start up. but ok.10:28
ogra_not udev10:28
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|vt
uhm1mmmm phone function are full supported in nexus 4?10:29
ogra_other stuff perhaps ... but udev needs to wait until ueventd and ll the binaty blob daemons are done intializing the HW10:29
uhm1nexus 4 with ubuntu phone i mean10:29
ogra_uhm1, yes10:29
ogra_well, GSM, SMS and 3g are supported10:29
uhm1calls, sms, 3g, music?10:29
ogra_music ?10:29
uhm1mmm sound thru speakers i mean10:29
xnoxogra_: as in iPod, not on-hold music.10:29
uhm1to listen music10:30
ogra_uhm1, yes10:30
ogra_xnox, lol10:30
uhm1nice ! and work fast like android?10:30
uhm1sorry about my english ^^10:30
ogra_no worries, we understand you well10:30
uhm1I'm thinking in flash ubuntu in my nexus 4 because I usually work with ubuntu10:30
ogra_as fast as android, yes10:30
uhm1mmmm and market?10:30
ogra_well, try it out, you can always go back to android10:31
uhm1are there apps? like whatsapp, line or something like that?10:31
ogra_click packages (teh base for a market setup) are supported already ... there is no fully functional "market" implementation for them yet though10:32
uhm1in ubuntu market i mean10:32
=== alan_g|vt is now known as alan_g
ogra_xnox, jodh, lxc-android-config uploaded10:35
asacMirv: when is next daily-releae run?10:35
loolpopey: I managed to start the tests on my desktop, but they fail differently10:36
loolpopey: Would you have a recipe for that?10:36
asacMirv: (sorry if i lost your answer, was playing with MIR)10:36
loolpopey: I'm getting:10:36
loolunity::action::ActionManager::ActionManager(QObject*): Could not determine application identifier. HUD will not work properly. Provide your application identifier in $APP_ID environment variable.10:36
diwicogra_, was there any audioflinger change in that one, too? Or have I just dreamed that we had something audioflinger related in there?10:36
ogra_jodh, argh !10:36
* ogra_ fixes again 10:36
loolpopey: Which is probably because I dont start them properly; I run them with: "autopilot run ubuntu_rssreader_app.tests.test_rssreader.TestMainWindow.test_add_remove_feed_and_topic"10:36
jodhogra_: thanks :)10:37
ogra_xnox, seems i was right about the emits :P10:37
popeylool: yeah, i think we only run the full suite10:37
loolpopey: (from a checkout of lp:ubuntu-rssreader-app)10:37
diwicrsalveti, do you remember if you did anything in lxc-android-config (or similar) on the pulseaudio image to make sure audioflinger was never loaded?10:37
xnoxjodh: ogra_: yeah sorry, wrong place =)10:37
loolpopey: I tried "autopilot run ubuntu_rssreader_app.tests" and am getting a "IndexError: Tab index out of range." which sounds like the UI doesn't work, but it might be due to the setup10:39
loolpopey: what's the way you start the tests?10:40
ogra_diwic, i'm now doing the audioflinger stuff10:40
ogra_it wasnt i that upload yet10:40
diwicogra_, cool10:40
loolpopey: this is the output I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032065/10:40
lool1 test seems to pass fine10:40
popeylool: i usually start the tests via phablet-test-run10:40
diwicogra_, but I'm not just making that up, right? There needs to be something that blocks audioflinger from starting?10:40
popeylool: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~popey/+junk/phablet-flash-wrapper/view/head:/phablet-testing.sh10:41
ogra_diwic, i would assume so10:41
popeythats how I test, I run them all in sequence10:41
ogra_diwic, i'll just take a look at the pulse image ;)10:41
seb128ogra_, diwic, did you see Laney's comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~diwic/telepathy-ofono/flip-the-switch/+merge/182308 ?10:43
Mirvasac: currently running is 10:00 run, next one 14:00 UTC10:43
diwicseb128, no. Answering now10:44
seb128diwic, thanks10:44
ogra_seb128, Laney, diwic yeah, i think it can be dropped in a subsequent merge10:44
asacMirv: oh there is one running? nice10:44
ogra_unless diwic sees an issue with that10:44
asacMirv: publish was unstable for qa10:45
asacnot sure what that means though ... would prefer FAIL/SUCCESS :)10:45
ogra_diwic, so it doesnt seem to diisable audiflinger but the whole "media service" ... i'll ship that snippet in lxc-android-config10:45
diwicogra_, yeah, I think so too10:45
asacMirv: nevermind10:46
asacworking with sil2100 on that10:46
asacsil2100: ^^ had similar talk here10:46
seb128asac, UNSTABLE basically means "needs human review"10:47
seb128asac, usually that's a diff in the packaging that should be reviewed by somebody having upload rights10:47
asaci touched debian/ directory10:48
asacso that requires review. makes sense10:48
ogra_diwic, ok, alst bit uploaded, now we only wait for the daily release build of telepathy-ofono and all bits should be in place10:49
ogra_diwic, lets do the further debugging for maguro tomorrow with the actual image ;)10:50
loolpopey: thanks, I'll test on the device it's probably easier10:52
diwicogra_, ok, works for me11:01
discopigi'm so excited to get my nexus 411:05
discopigand try ubuntu touch11:06
GSilvato install ubuntu touch is required a root thingy on the phone, right?11:06
GSilvais it too heavy?11:06
=== discopig is now known as bromide
GSilvayeah... like in the requirements... Does it require a lot of the phone?11:07
ogra_not more than android on the same phone (rather less)11:07
GSilvais it hard to root?11:10
GSilvaMy phone is bad and old11:10
GSilvaAlso it's broken11:10
GSilvajust wanted to see how Ubuntu seems on a mobile phone :P11:11
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
ogra_GSilva, well, if your phone is supported, just go ahead11:20
asacsil2100: Mirv: in which stack is telepathy-ofono?11:21
sil2100I would guess phone, but let me check11:21
sil2100asac: no, it's in network11:22
sil2100Misread it11:22
asacsil2100: so we would like to run a new image with the autopilot fixes11:22
asacsil2100: however, we miss telepathy-ofono11:22
asacsil2100: is there anything we can do to run just that stack?11:23
ogra_for the completeness of the pulseaudio switch that is ...11:23
ogra_(building an image with it only half in will break audio)11:23
sil2100asac: I could do a re-run of the network stack, but first all the others need to finish, since it would get queued up anyway...11:23
asacsil2100: yeah. can you just queue it?11:24
asacsil2100: oh.,.. maybe it pikcked up our last change?11:24
asacyeah it did :)11:24
asacsil2100: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/cu2d-network-head-3.0publish/223/artifact/packaging_changes_telepathy-ofono_0.2+13.10.20130827-0ubuntu1.diff11:24
asacthats a manual publish :)11:24
asacogra_: can you +1 that?11:24
Mirvyep, needs a core-dev ack11:24
sil2100Awesome then!11:25
Mirvlike from ogra :)11:25
asacogra_: !!11:25
asacdont lag11:25
asac(just now)11:25
ogra_asac, i acked that hours ago :P11:25
* sil2100 readies his finger11:25
asacogra_: can you ack that directly in this context?11:25
sil2100Mirv: publishing!11:25
asacogra_: is11:25
seb128asac, ogra_: I'm not sure we need to restrict pulse at armhf...11:25
asacseb128: we can fix it after :)11:26
sil2100...or not?!11:26
asacogra_: ?11:26
ogra_seb128, no, we dont, but we need the fix in right now11:26
seb128sil2100, not a blocker, publish11:26
sil2100...or yes!11:26
asactoo core-devs fighting :)11:26
ogra_seb128, it wont do harm to fix that with the next build11:26
seb128well, not a blocker11:26
asacogra_: so +1 on https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/cu2d-network-head-3.0publish/223/artifact/packaging_changes_telepathy-ofono_0.2+13.10.20130827-0ubuntu1.diff ?11:26
seb128but I still want to point it out11:26
asacwas a clear ack11:26
ogra_asac, yes  indeed11:26
ogra_i gave my ack in the MP ... just take it from there :P11:26
asacwell. yhou never what might have changed/slipped in11:27
asacogra_: how long does it take to go thyrough proposed? also https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/autopilot11:27
ogra_depends on the depends :)11:27
ogra_or rather rdepends11:28
asacok guess autopilot takes a bit from that pov11:28
asacjust hope they dont have autopkg tests11:28
ogra_you can watch the rdep checking here http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html11:28
asacautopilot has no hit11:28
asacso guess either it didnt arrive or its good11:28
=== gusch_ is now known as gusch|brb
ogra_still building on PPC11:29
ogra_(and armhf)11:29
ogra_so yeah, it has no hit yet :)11:29
asacat least not in queue11:29
ogra_why did clicking on the link in the autopilot mail get me to systemd11:30
asacracy :)11:30
ogra_i guess thats pittis conspiracy to switch everything to systemd ... lennart has him !11:31
ogra_so seems its all in the archive11:31
asacogra_: telepathy-ofono as well?11:33
asacwould be pretty quick11:34
ogra_no, telepathy-ofono isnt there yet11:34
ogra_else you would see a mail on saucy-changes11:34
ogra_(which you are surely subscribed to, arent you ? :) )11:34
seb128ogra_, it's already on -changes11:35
seb128ogra_, it hit the list at 13:3011:35
ogra_pfft ... it only hit my inbox right now11:35
ogra_anyway, still needs to move from proposed11:36
seb128right, that's going to take a bit longer11:36
ogra_yeah, i guess pulse will also take a bit11:38
asacsil2100: did anything come out of the idea to get a fresh phone app published?11:38
asace.g. what fginther11:38
ogra_asac, not in the PPA yet11:39
asaci really would like to get that :)11:39
seb128mpt, hey, do you have any news of the system settings visual designs? would be nice if those would be shared before the vUDS session11:39
asacsil2100: i think would be nice to get the phone-app also pushed11:39
asacgiven that we get replacements it cant really hurt (i hope)11:40
asaci checked one replacement and it doesnt even use a conflicts. etc. so i believe risk is low11:40
sil2100asac: by push you mean push to the PPA?11:40
asacsil2100: right. to its "previous" release destination... which was phablet-team ppa11:41
diwichttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/1:4.0-0ubuntu2 is built, but still in proposed, if that matters11:41
ogra_diwic, yeah11:42
seb128diwic, asac, ogra_: seems another case of broken autopkgtest/britney11:44
seb128http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html has11:45
seb128autopkgtest for pulseaudio 1:4.0-0ubuntu2: RUNNING (Jenkins: public, private)11:45
seb128Not considered11:45
ogra_what exactly ?11:45
OrokuSakimorning felllas... what does it mean if I can play sound with pulse turned off ?11:45
seb128jibel, ^ can you help?11:45
ogra_oh, i assumed "RUNNING" means it is still processing somethinbg11:45
seb128ogra_, pulseaudio is stucked in proposed because britney thinks the tests are still running, when they are done for 2 hours11:45
seb128ogra_, if you click on the link, tests finished 2 hours ago11:45
seb128it's a bug in the britney integration, we keep hitting it11:45
* ogra_ loves unreliable overview pages :P11:45
asacthat page is awful for me as well :)11:46
asacogra_: so if pulse doesnt go in, we might be able to build an image without pulse :)?11:46
ogra_asac, pulse is in the image anyway, we would get the broken former version11:47
jibelseb128, looking11:47
ogra_so there would be no audio11:47
asaclets hope for jibel :)11:49
ogra_we picked today because we thought we have 12h between the two builds to land that stuff11:49
asacnever assume you have 12h :)11:49
ogra_since it is really hard to  roll it back11:49
seb128jibel, thanks11:49
asachowever, one could have staged everything in a ppa11:50
asacsimilar to where ofono went11:50
asacguess thats the right approach for such fundamental changes11:50
ogra_asac, thats what we did11:50
asacwell, then everything would have gone in at same time11:50
asacand not partly stuck in stacks :)11:50
ogra_today we landed all the bits that were tested in the PPA/pulse-image for weeks11:50
jibelseb128, yw but you'll say thanks once I'll figure out how to fix this bug :)11:50
ogra_it simply spreads across a lot of packages11:50
ogra_thats the issue11:50
seb128jibel, that's going to warrant more than a thanks, that's going to bring you free beers at next sprint ;-)11:51
ogra_all bits need to land at the same time11:51
asacogra_: right. we halready have a solution: stage everything in a single "stack" ppa and publish everything in one shot11:51
asacits just not available for cross-stack features11:51
ogra_asac, thats exactly waht we did11:51
mptseb128, while you were asking we were having a meeting about that. There are two main issues: (1) there are so many screens and (2) our rapid iterations make them out of date. So I'm going to prioritize the ones that contain custom elements (e.g. Bluetooth, Battery).11:51
ogra_asac, it still spreads across several packages11:51
asacogra_: no:)11:51
asacyou had teleapth-ofono in a different ppa11:51
ogra_which build at different speeds11:52
asacthan the rest at least11:52
OrokuSakiHow would you control the volume without pulse?11:52
OrokuSakialsamixer in console?11:52
ogra_asac, no, we had the ofono package in the PPA11:52
asacbut not everything11:52
asacogra_: right. as i said, you dont have a feature from CI11:52
ogra_we had everything in a PPA and even in a dedicated image11:52
asacthat allows you to publish this properly in one shot11:52
OrokuSakiSo I take it pulse is not working?11:52
asacbecause you had telepathy-ofono go through the network stack11:52
diwicogra_, asac I think you're talking about separate things11:53
asaci believe so too11:53
asacits about the last step ... how we get into the archive/image11:53
ogra_asac, no idea if anything had CI connnection, we definitely used a dedicated PPA to prepare the stack for the last weeks ... and  uploaded all bits from there11:53
seb128mpt, ok, thanks, I was just curious because I saw notes from your meeting with JohnLea the other day that add "visual ready, needs to be added to the wiki"11:53
asacyou uploaded, not binary copied11:53
asacthats the diff :)11:53
diwicasac is talking about some "copy packages directly from ppa to archive" feature I'm unaware of11:53
ogra_asac, they would have to be re-built against the archive versions anyway11:53
ogra_asac, so i dont see the advantage ...11:53
asacdiwic: thats how we do all this in all stacks in daily-release11:54
asaceverything that belongs together gest staged and then everything gets copied as an atomic unit to proposed/archive11:54
mptseb128, I'm updating those notes now.11:54
seb128mpt, ok11:54
ogra_asac, you cant do that ... there is no clear line you can draw between the stacks ... what we did was exactly the best way to do it11:56
ogra_(we could have added a CI setup additionally, but that wouldnt have solved that we would have to rebuild the world first)11:56
diwicand it would have built slower, because it was a ppa...11:57
ogra_4x slower11:57
ogra_asac, so i declline your critics, we couldnt have done better :P11:58
OrokuSakiI had to use files from /system/lib/hw/ to get my audioflinger working and camera... is that normal?11:59
OrokuSakifrom cm1011:59
ogra_probably, if there re binary daemond or tools it needs12:00
* ogra_ notices the time and starts looking for some breakfast12:00
=== b0bben_ is now known as b0bben
asacplars: any idea whts going on with update test http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3771/default/ ?12:06
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
asacballoons: congrats. seems the weather app succeeded today :)12:11
=== hikiko is now known as hikiko|lunch
asacballoons: terminal/rss/filemanager still have to go a bit12:11
asacballoons: any ideas?12:12
OrokuSakiso when audioflinger has not found my audio, then my mixer allows to to change volume in UT.. but if audioflinger is working, then volume is muted and you cannot change the slider for volume.. if you kill pulse, then aidio plays12:20
ogra_diwic, funny, your post shows fine on planet12:22
ogra_just not on voices.c.c12:22
ogra_OrokuSaki, just wait until tomorrows image, it all changed completely today12:23
cjohnstonasac: is this a little better:
OrokuSakisweet! I never have luck with pulse..12:23
OrokuSakithanks amigo12:23
ogra_OrokuSaki, well, read diwic's mail on the phone ML12:23
diwicogra_, when I discovered it I talked to the vanguard on #is, who could not fix it right away but asked me to file an RT ticket. Since, nothing has happened. :-(12:23
ogra_diwic, yeah, its a bit annoyin, i just G+ed the post from planet ... but the planet link goes to voices.c.c :/12:24
diwicogra_, you can link to the mailing list archive instead12:25
ogra_yeah, i'll add a comment to the post with a link12:25
asaccjohnston: so i thought about grouping the device names at the bottom12:26
asacaround checkboxes12:26
asacthat allow you to select each of them12:26
asacin any case, primary should be first :)12:26
asaccjohnston: or maybe adjust the list of devices shown according to your selection12:26
cjohnstonprimary is now first.. and I'll adjust the list12:27
OrokuSakiwhere did you guys find paplay?12:27
OrokuSakicompiled yourself?12:27
cjohnstonasac: it now only shows the device names that are available on the screen12:30
asaccjohnston: maybe we can kill the devices heading and just show them under the selceted item?12:34
asaclike nested based on what you selected?12:35
asacwith that its probably perfect :)12:35
sil2100asac: btw. since we'll be not daily-releasing phone-app to distro at all, maybe I could just do a single manual release to the phablet ppa? Would that be fine with you?12:35
asaccjohnston: oh the main page also should aggregate the primary targets only12:35
asace.g. http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/12:35
asacfor touch i see nexus 7 etc. even though i dont12:35
ogra_stop breaking all my screen scraping scripts !12:35
tvoss__ogra_, ping12:35
cjohnstonasac: that's a different beast...12:35
ogra_tvoss__, yep12:35
asacsil2100: yeah absolutely12:36
asacsil2100: lets gigve that a go so we can include it in the new image12:36
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=== jhodapp|afk is now known as jhodapp
=== oSoMoN_ is now known as oSoMoN
=== schwuk_away is now known as schwuk
plarsasac: yes, we expected the weather app to succeed, you were on the email about the network change late last night right?12:42
OrokuSaki@ogra_ when I compile my cm10.1 source I have to patch 3 files to tinyalsa... with Ubuntu Touch... do you think I should include the patches?12:43
plarsasac: as for the apt-get failure, that's one I've not seen before, and there's nothing I see from apt-get indicating why it failed. I'll look into it12:43
ogra_dunno, try with and without :)12:43
ogra_and compare12:43
OrokuSakiIt compiles when I do, or if I dont12:43
OrokuSakiToo device specific.. I will find out12:44
OrokuSaki1 photos taken today.. neat12:44
cjohnstonasac: is what you meant? (I'll have to fix the indicator if it is)12:47
ogra_cjohnston, asac, hiding both tablets completely ?12:48
OrokuSaki@ogra_ one more question.. regarding Suduko and AppArmor.. When runnning Suduko my sidestage is white.. but I can run other apps.. is there another app I can test??? twitter runs...12:49
* ogra_ sees "all targets"12:49
jdstrandOrokuSaki: do you have apparmor denials? grep DEN /var/log/kern.log12:49
ogra_OrokuSaki, that could be apparmor indeed, talk to jdstrand once he is around, he should be able to tell you if there is a way around apparmor for cllick12:49
OrokuSakiI switched the cmdline to say apparmor=012:50
ogra_jdstrand, he has a port, no apparmor in his kernel (like nearly all ports will have)12:50
=== gustavold1 is now known as gustavold
jdstrandif apparmor=0, then it won't be apparmor12:50
ogra_or at least an outdated apparmor12:50
jdstrandbut what you will have is a problem12:50
ogra_jdstrand, well, could it be that click appps dont start if apparmor is off ?12:50
jdstrandclick apps expect the apparmor profile to be loaded12:50
ogra_jdstrand, thats bad12:51
jdstrandogra_: yes, that is exactly it12:51
ogra_that means 90% of our ports wont work anymore12:51
jdstrandwhy are ports disabling apparmor?12:51
ogra_they dont12:51
ogra_but they run on 2.x or early 3.0 kernels usually12:51
ogra_which means old apparmor ... if at all12:51
jdstrandjjohansen backported apparmor to the touch kernels12:52
OrokuSaki*confused* my kernel does not have it... does this mean I am screwed?12:52
OrokuSakiI can run twitter... what is the difference between a clickapp and a standard app?12:52
ogra_jdstrand, we have 60 ports and 4 devices canonical supports12:52
OrokuSakinot signed by canonical?12:52
ogra_jdstrand, he only ported it to the 412:52
jdstrandso it seems that the proting efoort would require porting apparmor to the kernels that haven't been prted to yet12:52
mamenyakahow can I check if I have apparmor in kernel?12:52
jdstrandright, I understand that12:52
OrokuSakimame make menuconfig or look in your kernel config or grep your kernel source12:53
OrokuSakiI am on 2.6.3512:53
OrokuSakiI can use SELinux =)12:53
ogra_ubuntu doesnt :)12:53
jdstrandthe reason why click apps require apparmor is because there is no code review12:54
ogra_yeah, but we need a way for ports to actually make use of the,12:54
OrokuSakithere should be a way of disabling this... for security reasons. =)12:54
ogra_either by offering a patchset everyone can apply easily to any kernel or by having a click mode that works unsafe without apparmor12:55
jdstrandso, ports are supposed to be able to run untrusted arbitray code? why can't ports do the apparmor porting?12:55
mamenyakaokay, I have security/apparmor12:55
jdstrandthat seems like, well, porting work12:55
ogra_jdstrand, because 90% of our porters just manage to understand the basics of linux ...12:55
mamenyakafor both of my ports, so I guess I'm lucky12:55
popeybzoltan: Mirv is it "known" that qtcreator can't "Enable developer mode" on a read-only image? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032461/12:56
OrokuSakibackporting apparmor.. might as well backport fanotify.. hell might as well use 3.0.8 =)12:56
popeydo we have a plan for fixing this?12:56
asacogra_: not completely, just from the front page12:56
asac(hiding tablet targets)12:56
mamenyakabut even with this, side stage apps on tablets appear black12:56
ogra_asac, yep, i noticed after moaning :)12:57
OrokuSakiI have a friend who I asked to backport fanotify and apparmor.. he did it bu with a newer KGSL that doesn't work on android drivers, only X11 and FreeDreno12:57
bzoltanpopey:  of cours e it is known12:57
asacogra_: thats ok with you, right?12:57
asacsil2100: how is the phone-app build going?12:57
asacogra_: i think thats what we are waiting for (opportunistically)12:57
ogra_asac, yeah, i'll need to adjust my scripts a bit12:57
OrokuSakiI used his patches but it doesn't seem to work outside of systemd... or does it... hmmm12:58
bzoltanpopey: is the default image RO now?12:58
popeybzoltan: there is no default12:58
ogra_asac, phone app is still old, but we need pulse migrated from proposed first anyway12:58
popeybzoltan: you have to explicitly choose an image12:58
asacogra_: right. so some time left for sil2100 :)12:58
mamenyakaso we need to submit merges again with the UCM rules for each new card?12:58
ogra_diwic, ^^^12:59
jdstrandso, the backports for touch are to 3.0.0, 3.1.10, and 3.4.012:59
ogra_mamenyaka, i woudll guess so, yeah12:59
jdstrandthey were done in a way that shouldn't be horrible for people to backport12:59
mamenyakaogra_, and what is the launchpad link?12:59
ogra_jdstrand, well, we need a howto for porters at least12:59
ogra_dholbach, ^^^12:59
OrokuSakiwonder if 3.0.0 could be backported to 2.6.35....12:59
OrokuSakiwhere are the backport patches for apparmor?13:00
jdstrandnow, I can tell you how to disable the apparmor integration, but that will require updates to upstart-app-launch as well13:00
ogra_dholbach, porters will need to port the compllete latest apparmor stack to their kernel, else click apps wont run on ports13:00
OrokuSaki@jstrands so you know how to run clickapps without apparmor?13:00
ogra_dholbach, i suspect that will need quite some documentaion13:00
jdstrandsure. right now adjust the desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications for the click packages to not use aa-exec13:01
Mirvpopey: check with bzoltan. AFAIK Enable developer mode has worked fine when I've used it.13:01
bzoltanMirv:  not on RO image13:02
jdstrandwhen application lifecycle is all implemented, those won't be used and you'll instead have to adjust the application-click upstart job in upstart-app-launch to not use apparmor13:02
OrokuSaki@jstrands thanks!13:02
jdstrandbut that isn't porting. that is disabling security protections so you can run arbitrary code13:02
jdstrandso, at the moment I believe upstart will not enforce apparmor switch if apparmor is not available in the kernel13:04
jdstrandie, it will run the app. that may change in the future13:04
Mirvbzoltan: ok, right, now I remember some discussion about it..13:05
Mirvpopey: so, I think that was raised as an issue against RO images, and now we've that problem since RO images are in13:05
jdstrandogra_: where is porting documentation?13:05
ogra_jdstrand, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress has the WIP document13:07
sil2100asac: UDS is close so it's all so aaah!13:07
asacsil2100: can ogra just upload manually to the ppa from the branch?13:07
asacor will that break stuff?13:07
asacif so you are off the hook13:08
asacotherwise lets wait after your session for sure13:08
=== hikiko|lunch is now known as hikiko
plarsasac: taking a quick glance at apt, I don't even see where it might exit with rc=1513:09
asacyyeah me neither13:09
asacno error in log at least13:09
sil2100asac: which PPA should I use btw.?13:10
plarsasac: there was nothing in stdout or stderr to indicate a failure, and I'm running it the same way it gets run from the test here and can't reproduce... I'm going to try to rerun the test to see if it's somehow reproducible there, but this isn't something I've ever seen fail before. I would have at least expected to see some error in stderr, but it seems to have finished normally13:10
sil2100ppa:phablet-team/ppa or is there something else?13:10
ogra_sil2100, thats the one13:10
asacsil2100: yes, what ogra says. i think thats what you said13:11
ogra_that i'd like to see updated13:11
OrokuSakilooks good with XRA app running with Stock Ticker App.. THANKS!13:14
OrokuSakiXDA App13:14
OrokuSakiturned off pulse today to show off to the guys at work13:15
OrokuSakiand powerd.conf is now back to stock13:15
OrokuSakiso my screen turns off13:15
OrokuSakiI had to bring in some files from /system/lib/hw from cm10.1 for the sensors and accelerometer to work13:15
OrokuSakiin android13:16
OrokuSakiand camera13:16
jhodappLaney, yes I'm working with the 1.x version of QtMultimedia right now...it's a brand new port of it and will need packaging as well when I get a little further in modifying it.13:16
mamenyakawhat's with this? # apparmor_status: apparmor module is not loaded.13:20
ogra_jhodapp, the question was if it is gstreamer 0.10 or 1.013:21
jdstrandogra_: fyi, I just added a blurb here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress#AppArmor13:21
ogra_since the pulse implementation now uses 0.1013:21
jhodappogra_, right, the 1.x in my reply was meant to say gstreamer 1.x13:22
ogra_jhodapp, heh, sorry, blind me13:22
jhodapphehe, np13:22
* ogra_ could have guessed13:22
ogra_jdstrand, looks good, thanks a lot13:23
jdstrandjjohansen: if you have something reasonable to add to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress#AppArmor to help people do the backporting, that would be great13:23
mamenyakadiwic, my device has apq8064-tabla-snd-card, so it will have audio tomorrow (is that UCM included)?13:24
jdstrandjjohansen: ie, notes you have, links to the bzr branch, links to upstream docs, help in #apparmor, that sort of thing13:24
dholbachogra_, yes, sounds like it13:24
ogra_mamenyaka, alsa-lib should be done by now, you should get it with an upgrade13:24
jdstrandjjohansen: maybe we could flesh that out more when there is more time (har har), but something to get people started would be nice13:24
dholbachjdstrand, thanks for adding it to the wiki13:24
ogra_mamenyaka, once upgraded you should have exactly what tomorrows image will13:25
mamenyakaogra_, thank you, I will check it out13:25
mamenyakaany way to check alsa version?13:25
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
OrokuSakiHmmm now that my accelerometer is working, my browser is always sideways13:28
OrokuSakiyou guys know a work around...13:28
ogra_turn your head sidewars ... work lying on the side ... use a mirror ?13:29
OrokuSakigreat! *thanks*13:30
OrokuSakirotational lock doesn't seem to be.. working13:30
ogra_has no backend yet13:30
OrokuSakiyou know a trick for this ogra? you holding out? =)13:31
ogra_no, i dont :)13:31
mhr3lool, do you know if there was any development on the dbus thing matt mentioned?13:31
mamenyakais the network indicator broken again?13:31
ogra_ricmm is our sensitive man here ... he knows all about the sensors :)13:31
ricmmogra_: what up?13:32
OrokuSaki@ricmm Could you give me a guess on why my browser and settings app are always sideways when I rotate my tablet? When you are around?13:33
ogra_ricmm, OrokuSaki enabled rotation ...13:33
ogra_and it rotates :)13:33
ogra_... a bit to much13:33
OrokuSakiits rotating, just always the wrong.... what is that word.. orientation13:33
ricmmmaybe your device values are odd13:34
ricmmand our calculation bails out13:34
ogra_most likely13:34
OrokuSakidisable accelerometer in the meantime?13:34
OrokuSakior.. gyroscope13:35
ricmmdisable rotation in the meanwhile13:36
ricmmand file a bug13:36
OrokuSakiokay... how do I disable rotation?13:36
OrokuSakiand thanks!13:36
loolmhr3: oh yes13:37
loolmhr3: he had some issues with upstart and I gave him and Scott a working recipe to get it working (worked for me at lesat)13:37
loolmhr3: let me fwd you13:37
OrokuSakiI have rotation lock checked but ogra said it doesn't do anything.. you guys know another way?13:37
loolmhr3: fwded13:38
mhr3lool, coolio, thx13:38
mamenyakahah, guess I am a bit lucky, sound works after upgrade13:38
ogra_diwic, ^^^13:39
mamenyakadiwic, ogra_ anything else to check with the new alsa?13:42
ogra_mamenyaka, if sound works and you can make and recieve calls all is fine13:43
mamenyakaogra_, it's a wifi only tablet13:43
mamenyakasound works, just played the sample video13:43
ogra_well, then all should be fine13:44
diwicmamenyaka, what device is it, more exactly?13:45
mamenyakaSony Tablet Z13:47
mamenyakadiwic, ^^13:47
asacogra_: phone-app built :)13:48
ogra_well, is still building13:48
* ogra_ sees a green gear ... 13:48
mamenyakaI have another port for a samsung tablet, that's the problematic one :)13:48
asacogra_: pending publication13:48
OrokuSakitry to reverse my orienation in kernel13:52
seb128sil2100, Mirv, asac, ogra_: the dialer-app and messaging-app just hit saucy proper (their depends got sorted out)13:55
sil2100seb128: \o/ awesome!13:56
ogra_seb128, yay, so i'm waiting for a go from dfil13:56
asacnice nice nice13:56
asacogra_: dfil?13:56
ogra_from bfiller13:56
asacon what?13:56
asacogra_: can we build one image with phone-app?13:56
asacjust to confirm the fix that omer landed?13:56
ogra_asac, that the new apps are safe to be seeded13:56
asacright. lets use phone-app for the image we do now13:57
ogra_asac, no, dialer-app is the new one13:57
asacogra_: are we ready to go?13:57
bfillerseb128: yeah!13:57
asacogra_: can you use phone-app still?13:57
ogra_asac, dunno ... there were many cahnges :)13:57
asacogra_: just for this run?13:57
ogra_asac, i can, but i wont be fixing build issues or watch the build, uds starts in 3min13:57
asacogra_: sure. kick it off13:58
asaclets see what happens :)13:58
asacogra_: i expect something to come out to /pending in like 50 minutes13:58
bfillerasac: dialer-app and messaging-app is a replacement for phone-app13:58
asacbfiller: i know13:58
bfillerasac: we'll make them the default in tomorrow's build13:58
ogra_asac, rather 3013:58
asacthats good. we want to make a rerun today at best without those13:59
asacogra_: nice.13:59
asacogra_: go ahead and see you in a bit :)13:59
asacat "lunch" :)13:59
ogra_unlike PPA builders we now have fast builders :)13:59
ogra_sadly PPAs now really suck speed wise13:59
ogra_but you cant have everything :)13:59
=== dednick is now known as dednick|lunch
ogra_/join #ubuntu-uds-plenary14:02
Mirvsil2100: great!14:05
sil2100asac, ogra_: ah, btw. I pushed phone-app to the phablet ppa, I think it should be built now14:08
sil2100(forgot about informing)14:08
sergiusensogra_: that suspiciously looks promotional inception like14:09
ogra_sergiusens, bah, you got me :P14:09
mhall119UDS has started, in case anybody here didn't already know: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21887/intro-and-keynote/14:09
=== om26er is now known as om26er|away
ogra_mhall119, if the video would only work14:11
cjohnstonogra_: can you watch other youtube videos?14:12
ogra_cjohnston, yes, usually i can14:12
wellsbogra_: Does the direct link work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMCxHYKjAx014:12
ogra_no HW acceleration though14:12
mhall119ogra_: reboot14:12
rsalvetiogra_: diwic: the script that disables audioflinger is part of the live-build config for the pulse image14:14
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
ogra_rsalveti, well, there was a snippet in pre-start.d14:15
rsalvetiyeah, that's the one14:15
morphisrsalveti: I remember you had problems with the jit in webkit some time ago, what kind of problem was that?14:15
rsalvetimorphis: it crashes when jit is enabled14:16
rsalvetibut using webkit from qtwebkit14:16
morphisrsalveti: cause of some illegal instructions?14:16
rsalvetidon't remember if it was a illegal instruction, need to find the bug14:16
rsalvetilet me dig that14:16
morphisrsalveti: I am currently having something similar: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032793/14:17
morphisand it seems to be a similar problem with the jit on arm14:17
Robert___Hy all! I have 2 questions about the Ubuntu for phones, is this OS compatible with Samsung Galasy S I-9000 ???? If is, how can I install it ??! Thank you. Robert Pal14:18
mamenyakaRobert___, hi, please have a look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:18
rsalvetimorphis: which release are you testing with?14:19
morphisrsalveti: not ubuntu :)14:19
rsalvetimorphis: sorry, I mean, which qtwebkit release14:20
morphisah, I had problems with 5.1 and currently seeing the same with latest upstream14:20
plarsasac: we've isolated the problem to the new WAP, which appears to be failing quite spectacularly. Going to see if we can get IS to take a look at the config to make sure it matches what they expect, and if all else fails, replace the hardware if it's just plain bad14:20
morphislatest upstream = latest webkit (not qtwebkit)14:20
asacplars: whats the timeline u think?14:21
plarsasac: today hopefully, but too early to tell. We *just* confirmed that it's the wap. I'll let you know as soon as I know more14:22
Robert___Köszönöm mamenyaka14:22
plarsasac: if nothing else, I can revert to the previous wifi rig, but then the weather app tests will fail again14:22
Robert___https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/galaxysmtd#Unlocking_instructions , i found this one, but how can i install from Windows 8 OS. ??14:22
plarsasac: so I'd like to avoid that if possible, but if it can't be trusted by tonight when we get the second build, I'll revert14:22
jhodapprsalveti: did you push up those hybris changes yesterday for the soft decode number of CPU detection?14:23
balloonsm-b-o, weather app runs perfect in the lab now :-)14:23
rsalvetijhodapp: yes, should be part of today's image14:23
balloonsiBelieve, ping14:23
iBelieveballoons, pong14:23
jhodapprsalveti: excellent...I'm hitting those errors no on the galaxy nexus in a way I hadn't run into while on the raring image14:24
mamenyakaRobert___, szivesen14:24
balloonsso I was away for a bit, but I see file manager is still suffering from the pop-ups tests failing in the lab14:24
balloonsiBelieve, ^^. Did your fixes not merge, or not work, or ?14:24
iBelieveballoons, they worked. The problem is a new and different one caused by changes in the SDK14:25
iBelieveballoons, I came across it also in my showdown app14:25
seb128mpt, could you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1211801 and comment/see if it's possible to update the design?14:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 1211801 in ubuntu-system-settings "Call roaming preference can't be changed" [Undecided,New]14:25
m-b-oballoons: \o/14:25
balloonsiBelieve, ahh, so it's something else causing the issue. Well, I just thought I would ping and make sure you've seen it and can work on it. If you need help, I can help :-)14:26
asacplars: whats the impact? just the ping test fialing?14:26
balloonsm-b-o, yes plars and the rest of the QA team folks did the behind the scenes heavy lifting to make that happen14:26
plarsasac: no, ping test will be fine either way14:26
plarsasac: weather app test needs the new network setup using the wap that is now failing14:26
rsalvetijhodapp: right, will flash latest with gnexus and will try, but it should be in14:27
iBelieveballoons, I've seen it and will fix it soon. It's pretty easy to fix14:27
m-b-oballoons: great! :)  what were the stepping stones?14:27
asacplars: what issues will we see if we continue to use the buggy WAP?14:27
balloonsm-b-o, see what plars is chatting with now.. it's network setup issues14:27
plarsasac: random failures related to the wap spontaneously rebooting throughout the test runs14:27
rsalvetimorphis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtwebkit-opensource-src/+bug/115379414:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 1153794 in qtwebkit-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "qtwebkit crashes at ARM when JIT is enabled (default)" [High,Fix released]14:27
rsalvetimorphis: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10839814:27
ubot5bugs.webkit.org bug 108398 in New Bugs "[Qt] webkit crashes with sigsegv at JSC::CopyWorkList at ARM with qt5-final" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]14:27
asacplars: so retryuing if we see network issues?14:28
rsalvetiit was fixed by upstream, and included in 5.1, but it seems the bug is still there14:28
asacplars: is that what it takes?14:28
jhodapprsalveti: excellent14:28
plarsasac: it's a bit more than that I'm afraid14:28
rsalvetididn't yet have time to investigate it further, but doing a quick test with 5.1 proved that it was still broken14:28
asachmm. can we go back to the old setup then?14:28
asaci would like weather to be fixed14:28
rsalvetimorphis: testing webkit upstream itself would indeed be a good idea14:28
asacbut sacrificing our other tests is a bit harsh14:28
plarsasac: the wap is constantly rebooting itself, either it's a config or hardware problem and we can fix or replace the wap, or we can't use it14:28
rsalvetiseems jit with arm is quite unstable in there14:28
plarsasac: we've rerun this one test 4 or 5 times already and failed to get it to pass a single time14:28
asacplars: can we just stop using it? Is that simple and will just make weather fail?14:28
plarsasac: yes, that's what I said14:29
asaclets do it14:29
asaclets not wait fo rhte case that we get a replace or fix14:29
asacrather bring it back14:29
asaci would prefer if the next image goes through a smooth environment (which starts in 1h or so)14:29
plarsasac: what? We are getting a new image in 1 hour?14:29
plarsasac: new images shouldn't come out until 5 or 6 hours from now right?14:30
asacplars: yes. new image coming in 10-20 minutes14:30
asacplars: we have an out of band spin14:30
asacso we get something out14:30
plarsasac: ok, good to know14:30
asacogra kicked it off 30 minutes ago14:30
plarsasac: I'll revert to the old wap for now then, and we can go back to debugging after14:31
mufasa27samsung galaxy nexus toro -> status?14:31
asacso should be there any minute14:31
asacplars: cool. that would be awesome14:31
plarsasac: is there some kind of notification list for when a new build gets kicked off? I'd love to be on that mailing list :)14:31
asacplars: good point. i doubt it :()14:31
asacbut check with ogra_ ... he would know14:32
ogra_plars, nope, we dont have such a list14:32
ogra_cdimage.ubuntu.com and F5 ...14:32
rsalvetimorphis: so the issue I had wasn't illegal instruction14:33
plarsogra_: I want to know when the build starts though, so I know it's coming later14:33
rsalvetibut I still didn't test 5.1 properly14:33
morphisrsalveti: ok14:33
ogra_plars, well, 8 AM and PM ... beyond that a build would be manual14:33
ogra_(UTC that is)14:33
plarsogra_: speaking of though... we are currently having a problem where we see a new build (via checking MD5SUMS file for changes in the pending directory on cdimage) and then when we run phablet-flash we get a 404 trying to download the image14:33
morphisI will try another round here with the JIT disabled14:33
ogra_plars, publishing takes between 5 and 10min14:34
ogra_plars, i thought you added some sleeps after we discussed that last time14:34
rsalvetimorphis: great, but should work, unfortunately it'll be a bit slower :-(14:34
morphisrsalveti: yes, it's not a real solution but a quick workaround to not slow down any ohter work14:35
plarsogra_: we did but they appear to have fallen out at some point. I can put them back but it feels like there should be a better way than waiting for 10 min. after we notice the change. I wanted to see if you had any further ideas on that14:35
rsalvetiogra_: stgraber: the ro image is consuming the android side from the android package already, right?14:35
rsalvetimorphis: right, that's why we got it disabled as well14:35
ogra_rsalveti, only bootimg14:36
morphisrsalveti: for us it's highly prolematic as we're doing mostly every application in js :)14:36
rsalvetiwhat about the system image?14:36
rsalvetimorphis: urgh, yeah14:36
ogra_comes from jenkins until the tree stuff is sorted14:36
ogra_is the package now built off the upstream tarball ?14:36
rsalvetigreat, just wanted to make sure the android side is the same for both images14:36
rsalvetinot yet14:36
ogra_right, i was waiting for that14:37
rsalvetiwill sort that out this week14:37
mamenyakaogra_, upgrading initramfs-tools error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032867/14:37
ogra_good, i'll try to get the cdimage stuff sorted then14:37
stgraberrsalveti: yeah, the system images are feeding from the flipped images, converting all the files to the right format, but the input is the same14:37
sergiusensplars: ogra_ this should be a non issue once we only test on image based upgrade images14:37
w-flois the 27.1 image 100% pulseaudio? or some part still missing?14:37
ogra_w-flo, should be all pulse already14:38
ogra_asac, there is your image14:38
w-floogra_, thanks. /me starts porting attempt14:38
sharifubuntu os install in samsung phone help14:38
mamenyakasharif, what's the problem?14:39
diwicogra_, if I want to flash the latest image - which is now the main image - should I add " --pending " or not?14:44
ogra_--ending and you want cdimage-touch14:45
ogra_*pending indeed14:45
rsalvetiogra_: did you spin a new image after pushing all the pulse changes?14:45
ogra_rsalveti, yes, 27.114:45
rsalvetiogra_: great14:46
ogra_rsalveti, not for the pulse changes actually, just to stop asac whining in my ear abot failed phone-app tests :)14:46
rsalvetiogra_: right, but do you know if it got everything?14:46
ogra_for pulse i would just have waited for the cronned build :)14:46
asacwe also landed autropilot fixes14:47
* ogra_ hugs asac 14:47
asacfor unity8 ... which was the real reason :)14:47
ogra_rsalveti, well, the audio stack had several hours to settle, should have everything (i didnt cross check every single package)14:47
rsalvetiogra_: right, no worries14:47
rsalvetijodh: seems everything is in, will do some testing with the bridge today still14:49
jodhrsalveti: well, we're still preparing the upstart 1.10 upload itself...14:50
rsalvetiactually, is upstart-local-bridge in already?14:50
rsalvetithat's why lxc-android-config is still in proposed14:50
rsalvetiogra_: ^^14:50
rsalvetiso that's still on hold14:51
rsalvetibecause of https://launchpadlibrarian.net/148526136/lxc-android-config_0.77_0.78.diff.gz14:51
ogra_on hold ?14:51
rsalvetixnox: pushed the dependency before we have a new upstart14:51
ogra_i thought upstart was in14:51
rsalveti1.10 is not in yet14:51
ogra_that indeed breaks the sound stuff14:51
ogra_xnox, jodh, next time please ping me *after* your feature landed14:52
xnoxogra_: the dependency is tight, thus lxc-andorid-config should not be migrating to release pocket. How does that break?14:52
mterrykatie, got a sec to talk about phone-in-greeter?14:52
rsalvetixnox: we need a newer lxc-android-config that ogra pushed14:53
ogra_xnox, it holds back the three other uploads for fixing sound issues i did afterwards14:53
rsalvetiwhich is blocked by your previous upload14:53
ogra_rsalveti, it was actually my upload of a MP from xnox14:53
xnoxogra_: drop the (>= 1.10), the daemon will fail to start, but nothing should be depending on it yet, so it's ok.14:53
xnoxogra_: and it will magically work, once upstart 1.10 is upgraded and reboot happens.14:54
rsalvetiogra_: then it's all on you :P14:54
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ogra_xnox, yes, i was expecting that to be the case after you and jodh asked me to include that stuff, please make sure in the future that this is the case before asking for a merge14:55
xnoxogra_: =) nobody asked you to upload, I only asked you to review, i have upload rights you know ;-)14:56
xnoxogra_: we are preparing 1.10 upload. just polishing up packaging at the moment.14:56
ogra_well, fix uploaded for now14:58
ogra_its just sad that people with the 27.1 image wont have any sound now14:58
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katiemterry, not right now14:59
katiemterry, in an hour or so14:59
katiemterry, i do14:59
mterrykatie, k, poke me when you have time14:59
katiemterry, ok15:00
sergiusensfginther: om26er|away doanac` plars fyi, doanac` s phablet-network MR just got merged15:00
fginthersergiusens, ack15:01
doanac`sergiusens: ack. cjohnston, plars - we need to be sure to update utah/phablet-tools in sync on phoenix and ashes.15:02
doanac`i'll put an MP together for UTAH today. and we can deploy both this evening or tomorrow morning15:02
cjohnstonsounds good15:02
plarsdoanac`: is this the one for rndis support?15:04
cjohnstonthe wait-for-network stuff15:04
doanac`plars: no, just an improvement to the phablet-network command (note its now phablet-network and not phablet-network-setup)15:05
plarsdoanac`: ah, ok cool15:05
doanac`this will also mean i'll need to update jenkins.sh's wait-for-network logic.15:05
doanac`it will be a 3 part merge from me :)15:05
doanac`i'll do this when not dialed into a session :)15:05
diwicum, I tried flashing 27.1 on the Nexus 7, and it constantly powers itself off :-(15:08
ogra_diwic, charged ?15:08
diwicogra_, no but I had it connected to the laptop. Apparently that wasn't enough for it, it seems to work considerably better when connected to a charger15:10
diwicogra_, so thanks for the tip15:10
ogra_yeah, a normal USB port will only provide 500mA15:11
ogra_thats about as much as you draw15:11
ogra_when running15:11
ogra_so it doesnt really charge15:11
mamenyakaany way to test sound quickly?15:13
diwicmamenyaka, I usually go into sound settings and click on the stuff trying to change ringtone15:13
mamenyakaso I will try to port sound to Midas_WM181115:14
mamenyakaI have sound15:14
diwicthat's a good start :-)15:15
mamenyaka27.1 image15:15
diwicmamenyaka, reading a bit above in this channel, it seems like 27.1 didn't contain the full new stuff after all15:16
w-flomamenyaka, oh noes, and I already cancelled my download thinking 27.1 was busted :) or maybe it's still using audioflinger?15:16
alecudholbach: so, I flashed the R/O image, installed xda from "more suggestions" in the apps scope, and it seems to have gotten installed, but then it won't start. Weird thing is that the directory for the app in /opt/click.ubuntu.com was never created.15:16
mamenyakathat's also interesting, I tried the 27.0 image, sound wasn't working15:16
ogra_mamenyaka, upgrade to lxc-androoid-config 0.8115:16
ogra_(once thats in the archive)15:16
ogra_there are pieces missing in the 27.1 image15:17
mamenyakado I need to restart?15:17
mamenyakaafter upgrade15:17
diwicogra_, hmm, the network indicator does not show any networks today15:17
dholbachdoes anyone know how to solve what alecu ^ said above?15:17
ogra_diwic, yeah, i heard that before15:18
seb128mardy, not sure if you wanted to join http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21932/client-1308-oxide/ ?15:18
alecudholbach: it seems to me that the app is not being installed right on the RO images, so I think we should ask cjwatson15:18
alecu(who's probably on some UDS session right now)15:18
diwicanyway, family calls15:18
diwicbye for now15:18
* diwic hopes that there will be more networks tomorrow15:19
mardyseb128: I'm a bit busy now, but I'm following the streaming15:19
seb128mardy, ok15:19
Yaserhello does anybody know how to get ubuntu-touch on sony tab s??15:20
mamenyakaYaser, you need to port it15:21
Yaserlike how??15:21
dholbachalecu, if you adb on the device, you could run "click install <something>" it should show if it'S installed or not15:21
mamenyakaYaser, like this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting15:21
mamenyakaogra_, when will lxc-android-config 0.81 land?15:22
ogra_dunno, its building15:23
ogra_should start the build soon15:24
mamenyakaogra_, but it will be available soon, I mean not hours?15:24
=== om26er|away is now known as om26er
ogra_after it built it is usually 30min to 1h15:24
mamenyakaso then on my other device (sony) it wasn't completely switched to the new alsa lib?15:25
ogra_it was but audioflinger was still running15:26
Yaserbut my device is not a CyanogenMod devices15:26
ogra_the missing fix disables it15:26
mamenyakaso chances are sound won't work after that15:27
mamenyakaYaser, what's your device's codename?15:27
ogra_might or might not :)15:27
mamenyakaoh the suspense is killing me :)15:28
Yasermy tab's code name is S1..!!15:28
Yasersony S115:28
mamenyakaYaser, that's just simply the device name15:29
mamenyakaYaser, I will check it out for you15:29
Yaseri could not find out the code name15:30
Yaseri just saw it from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Tablet15:30
mamenyakaYaser, well, look in build.prop15:39
Yasersorry where?15:39
mamenyakaYaser, on your device there is a file15:42
mamenyakain /system i guess15:43
w-floYaser, if you have adb enabled, you can also try this, maybe that's easier: adb shell getprop ro.product.device   (not sure if it works with stock android though?)15:44
Yaserok. thank you everybody.  let me check it out.15:47
mamenyakaogra_, on second boot, black screen, what now?16:03
mamenyakawaiting for sensorservice16:04
asacogra_: look at that dashboard :)16:04
ogra_asac, must be all broken16:05
asachope so not16:05
* ogra_ attends http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21859/foundations-1308-phablet-tools/16:07
jonolool, who is responsible for click packages working on the N4?16:45
jonothe scope lets me install an app, but it doesn't actually install16:45
jonoand the existing apps that run as click packages (e.g. dropping letters) don't work16:46
looljono: there is a bug with read-only images that it fails16:48
jonolool, right16:48
looljono: is that your  case?16:48
jonolool, any idea which bug it is?16:48
jonolool, I think so16:48
jonoI can't use apt either16:48
looljono: it's one I have had to file since friday, sorry about that, it's packagekit crashing16:48
jonowhich means I can't run an app from the SDK on my device16:48
loolI didn't manage to get a stacktrace to report a decent bug16:49
jonolool, ahhh np16:49
ogra_jono, i think it installs, but you can only start it through the search16:49
looljono: symptom is that download proceeds 100%, then it is stuck and app lense is broken16:49
popeyjono: have you enabled "developer mode" on your device?16:49
jonoogra_, I don't see it installed in /opt16:50
looljono: if you make your / read-write (mount -o remount,rw /) it works16:50
ogra_jono, oh, ok16:50
popeytouch /userdata/.developer_mode#16:50
asacpopey: davmor2: can you smoke test .1 ? testing looks pretty awesome so far16:50
jonopopey, enabling dev mode fails as it needs to use apt :-)16:50
ogra_popey, thats gone16:50
ogra_(renamed ... i forgot to what)16:50
popeywhere did we notify everyone of that?16:50
loolpopey: .writable_image IIRC16:50
loolpopey: I've asked stgraber to email -phone list16:50
popeyasac: sure16:51
loolI actually wished we had kept the old path working too, but that required a non-trivial set of uploads16:51
jonodholbach, I assume you are running the click session next?16:52
looljono: outside of this specific bug, things should work, apps should launch unless we have bug with new images; if you have other click specific issues, dholbach was up-to-date on almost all of them I think16:52
dholbachjono, yes, after the break16:52
jonolool, yeah, the current click installed apps (e.g. dropping letters and sudoku) don't install either16:52
jonodholbach, cool16:53
dholbachlool, I get "No manifest found for app_id: com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.xda-developers-app" when launching the installed xda app on the device16:53
mhall119dholbach: :(16:53
mhall119it was working16:54
dholbachyeah, I don't know what happened16:54
dholbachbut I don't think launching ever worked for me16:54
dholbachbut I'm a bit busy right now, I can't debug it now :/16:54
alecumhall119: it worked for me last week, but today it's no longer working16:54
loolthe weather app for instance is working16:55
loolor RSS reader16:55
alecumhall119: I suspect it has to do with the image change to R/O root16:55
mhall119alecu: dholbach: I didn't upload a new package, it should still be 0.1.5 that was working last week16:55
looldon't know what specifically happened to xda app16:55
mhall119alecu: ah, I only tested installing it on cdimage-touch16:55
mhall119lool: is weather a click package?16:55
mhall119previously only dropping letters, sudoku and stock ticker were being installed as click16:55
jonook, making the filesystem rw seems to allow the XDA app to install16:57
jonobut it won't launch16:57
loolmhall119: ah no, sorry16:57
loolmhall119: correct, this is also the list I have16:58
alecujono: does it show if you do "click list" as the phablet user?17:00
mamenyakaogra_, so after upgrading lxc-android, sound works17:01
asacogra_: guess once popey and davmor2 give green light we are ready to go for .1 going out17:01
jonoalecu, checking17:04
jonoalecu, :17:04
jonoroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# click list17:05
dholbachjono, click list --all17:05
jonoI see the XDA app code there17:05
alecujono: please try it as the phablet user17:05
jonoroot@ubuntu-phablet:/opt/click.ubuntu.com# click list --all17:05
alecuok, so it's there.17:05
jonoso I could install when I made the FS r/w17:06
jonobut now it is installed I can't launch any of the click apps17:06
sfeolesforshee: ping17:06
sforsheesfeole: pong17:06
jonoalso, I still see the XDA app listed in More Suggestions17:06
jononot listed as installed17:06
jonodholbach, should I file bugs for this?17:06
alecujono: ok, I'm installing the latest "ubuntu-system" image to test this17:06
jonothanks alecu17:06
ogra_asac, i doubt calls work17:07
alecuI suspect it might be a bug in my click scope code17:07
sfeolesforshee: hey, matt mentioned that the powerd test plan wiki page commands have been updated. I wanted to update the page to reflect that.17:07
ogra_asac, given that only parts of the puls fixes made it into 27.117:07
dholbachalecu, which package is that in now?17:07
sfeolesforshee: powerd-cli display on  ,  won't work anymore?17:07
dholbachjono, yes, that'd be great - also if you could tag them with 'appstore'17:07
alecudholbach: unity-scope-click17:07
dholbachjono, ^17:07
* dholbach runs out to get a quick bite for dinner17:08
* alecu gets some lunch before the next session17:08
jonodholbach, which project do I file the in?17:08
asacogra_: thoguth we waited for all to go in17:08
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asacor was pulseaudioo stuill bolocked17:08
sforsheesfeole: that command _does_ work now, whereas previously an additional argument was required17:08
dholbachjono, <alecu> dholbach: unity-scope-click17:08
sforsheesfeole: I updated the commands recently, so unless I missed something everything in the test plan should work17:09
jonodholbach, ok17:09
ogra_asac, until we found out that the package was stuck in proposed from a former upload that waits for upstart17:09
sforsheesfeole: I updated the commands in the test plan wiki page that is17:09
sfeolesforshee: oh ok great. I'll run through them myself17:09
asacogra_: sigh17:09
sfeolesforshee: thanks17:09
asacogra_: why did noone tell me?17:09
sforsheesfeole: np17:09
asacogra_: is that stuff now in?17:09
ogra_asac, so the code snippet that switches off audioflinger on the android side is missing in 27,117:09
asacor not so :)17:10
asacogra_: is that stuff in now?17:10
ogra_i uploaded a version with the upstart dep  dropped, yeah17:10
ogra_well, the version dropped, from it17:10
ogra_so yes, it is now in and you just need to upgrade lxc-android-config and reboot17:10
asacogra_: can we try if dist-upgrade produces a working phone?17:11
ogra_if you dont, it is hard to predict how the sound will behave17:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217457 in Unity Click Scope "Filesystem is read-only and doesn't allow click packages to install" [Undecided,New]17:11
asacand if so just respin? i want to leave the day at a non-evil time with a good image17:11
ogra_asac, it might even work now, wait for some tester feedback17:11
asacogra_: if you can give it a try17:11
mamenyakaogra_, it works17:11
asaci dont have sim17:11
ogra_i have a sim but need all my bandwith for UDS17:11
ogra_donwnloading the zip takes 30min for me ...17:12
asacogra_: we have lunxch now17:12
asacso ... L:)17:12
ogra_at which i couldnt use hangouts17:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217458 in Unity Click Scope "Click apps don't launch" [Undecided,New]17:12
asacright but there is nothing right now :)17:12
ogra_well, and i dont necessarily need to be in any hangouts the rest oif the day, IRC should be sufficient for the upcoming sessions17:13
* ogra_ starts a download17:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217461 in Unity Click Scope "Freshly installed click still appears in More Suggestions and not Installed" [Undecided,New]17:14
asacogra_: tomorrow the whole app refactor lands, so better get it done today :)17:14
jhodappLaney, btw, the eglCreateImageKHR issue is something upstream gstreamer will want to fix...I had filed a bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=70652317:14
ubot5Gnome bug 706523 in gst-plugins-bad "eglCreateImageKHR symbol is not always defined for eglglessink and is not portable" [Normal,Unconfirmed]17:14
asacand we have to ensure that daily-rellease really doesnt let stuff through that would fail from then onwards17:14
asacxnox: hey... how is the emulator going?17:15
Laneyjhodapp: seems fair, thanks17:15
looldholbach, jono: Finally took some time to report the packagekit issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/packagekit/+bug/121746217:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217462 in packagekit (Ubuntu) "packagekit crashes when installing clicks on read-only image" [Undecided,New]17:15
rsalvetiogra_: we need to drop qtubuntu-media from the seeds17:15
loolgot some better results with packagekit-dbg installed17:15
asacxnox: sorry, but whenver i thinkk about expanding daily-release test coverage to also test on phyones, i end up thinking emulator, emulator etc.17:15
ogra_rsalveti, feel free, or are you busy and i should ?17:16
loolin fact oddly it doesn't crash anymore under gdb17:16
jonolool, cool17:16
loolit just SIGTRAPs17:16
loolbut continues17:16
rsalvetiogra_: mind doing that? doing the camera clean up from the android side to remove the audioflinger dpeendency17:16
ogra_yep, will do, no prob17:16
rsalvetiawesome, thanks17:16
* lool retries with strace to find where it's writing17:16
sergiusensrsalveti: are you also taking care of media-server/camerservice for when gstreamer comes in?17:17
mamenyakaogra_, after upgradin android-lxc, one device has sound, other has: Waiting for service media.audio_flinger...17:17
rsalvetisergiusens: I'm just removing the audioflinger click sound dependency now, the camera service will still work17:17
rsalvetisergiusens: just recording that will fail17:18
sergiusensrsalveti: ack17:18
mhall119sergiusens: ogra_: what happened to my network manager indicator?  I can't get on wifi anymore :(17:19
ogra_mhall119, why would sergiusens  or me be able to help you ? :)17:19
mhall119I dunno, but you somehow always manage to :)17:20
loolstgraber: it seems we need to have /var/lib/PackageKit/transactions.db read-write, presumably all of /var/lib/PackageKit in fact17:20
mamenyakamhall119, you can have wifi with phablet-network-setup17:20
=== waa_ is now known as waa
ogra_mhall119, well, try to poke our NM specialist :)  (cyphermox)17:20
mhall119mamenyaka: tried it, didn't do anything17:20
mhall119cyphermox: halp!17:21
mamenyakafor me it works, indicator is broken bad thou17:21
mhall119all I get in the Network indicator now is "Empty!"17:21
loolstgraber: so I just upload lxc-android-config with this change?17:21
loolstgraber: what do I need to do to update the initramfs afterwards?17:21
mhall119mamenyaka: ah, second time it worked17:21
mamenyakaogra_, so what do you think?17:22
mhall119thanks mamenyaka17:22
mamenyakamhall119, no problem :)17:22
ogra_lool, what did you change ?17:23
jhodapptvoss, are there debug symbols for the library libubuntu_application_api.so?17:23
ogra_lool, lxc-android-config shouldnt have anything in the initrd17:24
tvossjhodapp, best to ask rsalveti17:24
jhodapprsalveti: are there debug symbols for the library libubuntu_application_api.so?17:24
loologra_: etc/system-image/writable-paths17:24
ogra_i think thats dynamically read on boot by the initrd script17:24
ogra_so you should be fine ... (stgraber may correct me)17:25
rsalvetijhodapp: we should have, let me check17:25
stgraberyeah, adding stuff to lxc-android-config is fine, nothing else to change17:25
jhodapprsalveti: I didn't see a dbg package17:25
ogra_mamenyaka, hmm, no idea, it should simply not wait for it to start17:25
rsalvetijhodapp: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/p/platform-api/17:27
ogra_not sure why it does, take a look at the init.rc if there is still any trace of media service or audioflinger17:27
rsalvetijhodapp: you can probably get it via ddebs17:27
rsalvetijhodapp: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Debug_Symbol_Packages17:27
rsalvetijust need to add that repo17:27
jhodapprsalveti: thanks!17:27
rsalvetieven when the dbg package is not created as part of the source package, you should still have it in ddeb17:28
jhodappgood to know17:28
rsalvetiunless the packaging is stripping out everything during build time17:28
looljono, dholbach: packagekit crash is gone with latest lxc-android-config change I've uploaded; I could install a click past hte 100% download, but then when pressing "Open" I get "Error: No manifest found for app_id: ar.com.beuno.hello-world"17:32
ogra_Removed qtubuntu-media from touch17:35
ogra_rsalveti, done ...17:35
markusN00bIs it possible to deploy the latest image without loosing the user data (WLAN-key, etc.)?17:42
jonolool, ahh17:44
ogra_markusN00b, sure, phablet-flash preserves /home/phablet/ and the network setup since ages17:45
popeyogra_: i see no networks on 20130827.1, same as 2617:46
popeyasac: ^^17:46
ogra_yes, not new17:46
ogra_popey, netwroking should work though ... just the indicator doesnt show them17:47
darpaxHi everyone, anyone have recent success installing to an original Nexus7 3G? Mine won't boot beyond google screen.17:50
mamenyakaogra_, I have service media /system/bin/mediaserver in init.rc17:51
ogra_mamenyaka, well, it shoudl say disabled17:52
mamenyakait says17:52
ogra_well, any other trace of audioflinger ?17:53
mamenyakano audioflinger17:53
ogra_then i dont really know17:53
ogra_does your init.$device.rc probably have something related ?17:54
mamenyakaI will check17:54
mamenyakamy init.qcom.rc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6033582/17:57
mamenyakaI see no service17:57
beunolool, I think ralsina and alecu know about that bug17:57
beunoError: No manifest found for app_id:17:57
beuno              ar.com.beuno.hello-world"17:57
beunoalecu, ralsina, ^17:57
rsalvetiogra_: great, thanks17:58
om26eris 20130827.1 pulseaudio enabled or that will happen tomorrow ?17:58
jonobzoltan, ping?17:58
ralsinabeuno: you are an optimist17:59
bzoltanhello Jono17:59
ralsinalool: can you pastebin logs17:59
jonobzoltan, hey, where do I file bugs in the SDK?17:59
jonofor issues with Qt Creator17:59
bzoltanjono: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team18:00
jonobzoltan, that is a team, not a project18:00
w-floom26er, there are some pulse parts missing in that image (you can apt-get upgrade to add them) according to o.gra_18:00
bzoltanjono: file them here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins18:01
om26erw-flo, good, thanks18:01
jonothanks bzoltan18:01
bzoltanjono: I will change the address if needed18:01
mamenyakawhat is this? D/QMI_FW  (  569): QCCI: Received REMOVE_SERVER cmd for 00000016:0000010118:01
mamenyakai have a lot of them18:02
loolralsina: not sure hwich log; this is the unity-scope-click.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6033605/18:02
looltail of it18:02
jonobzoltan, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/+bug/121748518:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217485 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "Install on Device does not install a click package, but a Debian package that fails" [Undecided,New]18:02
jonolool, dholbach https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/+bug/1217485 will need to be fixed to move forward with our click strategy too18:03
loolralsina: full log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6033610/18:03
ralsinalool thanks18:03
dholbachjono, thanks18:03
loolralsina: note: [unity-scope-click] - DEBUG: click-scope.vala:183: Error building preview: No manifest found for app_id: ar.com.beuno.hello-world18:03
loolalecu: ^18:03
bzoltanjono: would you please paste the output form the QtC?18:04
ralsinalool: yeah18:04
jonobzoltan, well, the output isn't useful as it tried to make a dpkg ;-)18:04
jonoas opposed to a click package :-)18:04
bzoltan jono: it is useful18:04
jonobzoltan, one sec18:04
bzoltan jono: the click installation feature is not yet implemented in the SDK18:05
bzoltan jono:  so strictly said :) it is a not a bug but a feature request ... a feature what is on the roadmap18:05
ralsinalool: alecu will check it but he's leaving for the doctor now18:06
ralsinalool: so, in  a couple of hours18:06
darpaxnobody here able to help with my issue?18:06
=== olli_ is now known as olli
mamenyakadarpax, hi, how did you install it?18:17
mamenyakavideo is not working, i have this coming up: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6033665/18:19
darpaxmamenyaka, i followed the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install and used phablet-flash cdimage-touch -d grouper -b18:21
darpaxi just found an entry in the mailing list which iv'e just joined and appears i'm not the only one with this problem.18:22
mamenyakayou could try installing it manually18:23
mamenyakarebooting into recovery, wiping, installing the two .zip18:24
darpaxmamenyaka, i'll try it and see how it goes.18:26
mamenyakadarpax, ok18:26
jonobzoltan, adding log to the bug18:31
mamenyakaogra_, even for the camera I have Waiting for service media.camera...18:31
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217485 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "Install on Device does not install a click package, but a Debian package that fails" [Undecided,New]18:31
ogra_mamenyaka, well, probably rsalveti has an idea, i guess there are other bits you need to disable or bluntly disabling the while media service is to much for your device18:32
rsalvetisorry, need context, why is the media service not up in there?18:33
bzoltanjono: Thanks18:35
ogra_rsalveti, because we disable it now18:35
ogra_rsalveti, from lxc-android-config18:35
rsalvetiogra_: oh, right, you mean with our latest image18:36
rsalvetifor the camera it's something I'm working on atm18:36
ogra_mamenyaka installed lxc-android-config manually18:36
ogra_on a port18:36
ogra_to actuaally dig into the new pulse stack18:36
rsalvetivideo will not work, as we need the gst stuff to land18:36
mamenyakavideo works for me18:37
mamenyaka*worked until now18:37
rsalvetiright, but without the media service running, it'll fail18:37
ogra_mamenyaka, hmm, you might also want to make sure that you have all android changes btw18:38
ogra_i.e. make sure to rebuild with the latest tree18:38
mamenyakadid just that earlier today18:38
ogra_just making sure :)18:38
mamenyakaogra_, of course :) saw there was a lot of movement in platform-api18:39
mamenyakaso I just rebuilt18:39
cyphermoxmhall119: halp?18:42
davmor2asac I'm away all week with only my android phone.  Needed satnav and video playback :-)18:42
cyphermoxmhall119: sorry, I haz had interwebz torubles.18:42
ogra_cyphermox,  the network indicator seems pretty broken on todays images18:43
ogra_while mhall119 has solved his particular issue with it it needs some love18:43
mhall119cyphermox: just complaining that my NM indicator wasn't letting me on my wifi18:43
cyphermoxtedg: ^^18:44
cyphermoxfix, plz? :)18:44
asacdavmor2: kk18:46
asacogra_: so we are waiting for next imgae run?18:47
plarsasac: rfowler got replacement hardware up and running, testing it now18:47
darpaxmamenyaka, i appreciated the help however still not working. I'll post to the list and add my name to the other two having problems and hopefully someone can produce a solution soon.18:47
asacplars: new WAP?18:47
ogra_asac, nope, download is done, but i'm in the click session atm18:47
ogra_asac, i'll test afterwards18:48
plarsasac: yes18:48
mamenyakadarpax, sorry to hear that18:48
plarsasac: he was finding what looked to be memory errors in the logs18:48
darpaxno probs, as I said, thanks for trying to help anyway. sincerely appreciated and looking forward to running ubuntu on it at some point.18:48
mamenyakahow is this even possible? http://kepfeltoltes.hu/130827/hah_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.png18:50
markusN00bmamenyaka: How did you take the screenshot?18:52
mamenyakamarkusN00b, Ubuntu SDK18:52
mamenyakabut it's a simple18:52
mamenyakamarkusN00b, /system/bin/screencap18:53
mamenyakaogra_, rsalveti so what do you suggest? tried fresh 27.1 install - everything working, after upgrade - nothing working18:54
ogra_nothing ?18:55
mamenyakacamera, audio, video18:55
mamenyakaeven when booting it behaves kinda funny18:55
rsalvetiyeah, that's expected actually18:55
rsalvetias we're moving to be pulseaudio based18:55
mamenyakabut with my samsung port, everything fine (at least for audio)18:55
rsalveticamera will work later today, audio will only work with the ucm files for your device18:55
mamenyakayes, but I have the ucm files18:56
rsalvetiand video will be broken until we land the gstreamer based player18:56
mamenyaka# cat /proc/asound/cards18:56
mamenyaka 0 [apq8064tablasnd]: apq8064-tabla-s - apq8064-tabla-snd-card18:56
mamenyaka                      apq8064-tabla-snd-card18:56
rsalvetiwhich is a wip atm (video will be broken even in our images)18:56
ogra_rsalveti, ssshhhh, dont say that aloud18:56
mamenyakatoo late18:56
rsalvetithen you need to check why pulseaudio is not working for you18:57
mamenyakahow to check?18:57
ogra_you have *some* ucm files18:57
rsalvetimake sure the config is also not enabling the previous audioflinger based module18:57
ogra_i.e. UCM files for a different SoC with the same sound codec18:57
mamenyakawell, the ucm files are what the image provides18:59
w-flomamenyaka, AIUI, it's like the udev rules.. you should modify those files for your device19:00
markusN00bHow to kill apps? I have many of them open and it lags19:00
w-flobut haven't looked into that, so maybe I'm wrong19:00
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
mamenyakaw-flo, but it matches my device19:01
mamenyakawithout modification19:01
mamenyakaand for my other device which has other sound card with no ucm rules, sound works fine19:02
w-flointeresting :) /shrug19:02
w-flomaybe some devices have the same/similar sound hardware, but require different files? since it doesn't work, something must be wrong.. obviously :D19:03
mamenyakaI/ServiceManager( 1688): Waiting for service media.audio_flinger...19:04
mamenyakaW/AudioSystem( 1688): AudioFlinger not published, waiting...19:04
asacrsalveti: video will be broken i hear? L)19:05
rsalvetiasac: yes :-)19:05
mamenyakamarkusN00b, go to Applications page, there will be the opened apps, just hold down on one of them, and an X should appear19:05
rsalvetiasac: we need to land the gst stuff for that to work19:05
asacrsalveti: what broke it?19:06
rsalvetiasac: pulseaudio transition19:06
markusN00bmamenyaka: thx19:06
rsalvetiasac: that was expected, but we decided to push the transition anyway as we got a lot of moving parts at this point19:06
rsalvetiand we need those in before FF19:06
asacrsalveti: dont rush unfinished stuff in because of FF please19:06
rsalvetiso I expect the image to be somehow broken until friday19:07
asacthats the wrong effect of FF unfortunately :(19:07
rsalvetiwell, the pulse part is mostly in shape, we're just depending on the video side to use gst instead19:07
asacyeah most likely19:07
asacrsalveti: would be better to update leads on the plan to break video on the image for a few days19:08
asacso we all agree that we can promote such images during that time19:09
asacbut ok19:09
rsalvetiwell, that's what we decided together with ChickenCutlass yesterday19:09
beunorickspencer3, we can certainly change our minds on this19:09
asaclets hope the audio and stuf fwokrs at least19:09
beunoand allow the appstore to downgrade19:09
asacand calling19:09
rickspencer3hey beuno so it just occurred to me that "easy revertabilty" is something that we want19:09
asacif thats broken then we are lost :)19:10
rickspencer3but I don't really know what that means19:10
rsalvetiso we can sort the remaining of the pulseaudio transition, as we were way more worried about not having audio working than video playback19:10
beunorickspencer3, agreed. I'll add that to my list.19:10
rickspencer3rsalveti, when you say "audio working" I presume that is outside the telephony stack?19:10
cjwatsonwinding versions backwards isn't as bad for click because we aren't doing updates from arbitrary mirrors over HTTP19:10
rsalvetirickspencer3: part of it, as pulseaudio is now doing the mixing19:11
cjwatsonI would still like the security team to sign off against the possibility of replay attacks on the app store if we are going to allow versions to go backwards19:11
rickspencer3rsalveti, well, I don't have any phone except my Ubuntu phone, so let me know if I shouldn't upgrade for a while :)19:11
rsalvetirickspencer3: asac: we just landed pulseaudio as default, and also all the changes needed in the telephony stack to make usage of it19:11
beunocjwatson, I think that if we keep the previous version around for a little while, it may be enough for this use case19:11
asacrickspencer3: we keep you protected behind /current19:11
rsalvetirickspencer3: sure, just please don't use pending19:12
asacits just that we would like to get a new image soon too19:12
asacthat worries mee the most... :)19:12
ogra_or if you use pending, dont watch videos or take pictures :)19:12
cjwatsonbeuno: that's not really my point here ...19:12
asacbeing on the hook to continue blocking system update landing or brekaing ricks phone19:12
asacmaking that call isn't that easy :)19:12
asacwell it is easy, but not good for system updates :(19:12
rsalvetior we need to find a better way to handle FF19:13
beunocjwatson, oh, sorry, can you expand then?19:13
rsalvetiit's hard to do both in a good shape19:13
aquariusI'm not sure I have entirely followed the conversation, beuno, cjwatson, but the case being worried about here seems to be upstreams who Ubuntu (a) trust enough to put in the default image and (b) have a rigorous enough automatic testing regime to convince everyone that that trust is justified but who might then (c) push updates later on which aren't sufficiently well tested once they've got out from under the19:13
aquariusdreadful grindstone of manual review and (d) don't care all that much about any damage to their reputation that derives thereby? That seems like a pretty small potential group of people?19:13
ChickenCutlassasac, rickspencer3 that is also why we operate on parallel images before we make the switch.19:13
rsalvetiif we expect no bugs by FF, then we don't need FF :-)19:13
asacrsalveti: you shouldnt have worried too much about FF19:13
ChickenCutlassmeet a certain criteria before landing in main image19:13
jdstrandcjwatson: in case it wasn't clear-- your points on namespacing were quite convincing and agree we should not namespace specially19:13
asacdont compromise quality for FF19:13
rsalvetiI'm not worried about it, other people are :-)19:13
cjwatsonbeuno: one very important reason why versions have to always go forwards for .deb is that it's a protection against an attacker - or even just a stale cache, probably more likely - replaying an old mirror state at you and downgrading away your security updates19:13
ogra_rickspencer3, cjwatson, so being hit by that issue hard a few times now thanks to asac, rolling back anything in our stack isnt easy or straightforward throughout most of our infrastructure ... i think we should make that a 14.04 topic to improve19:13
rickspencer3ogra_, sure19:13
jdstrandcjwatson: convincing to me that is. I won't speak for the others :)19:13
rickspencer3that was kind of my point19:14
asacogra_: thanks :)19:14
ogra_rickspencer3, well, i'm not talking about click at all19:14
rickspencer3let's not dig deeper with click packages19:14
rickspencer3ogra_, I know19:14
ogra_more about the whole infrastructure19:14
rickspencer3I know and agree19:14
cjwatsonbeuno: using an app store entirely over HTTPS should help with that, but these considerations can be pretty subtle and if we're going to permit downgrades then I think somebody needs to analyse it19:14
asacbig challenge19:14
rickspencer3this has been a pain point for me for years19:14
asacthats why we have a team now :_)19:14
ogra_asac, nah, just work and some proper planning :)19:14
asacwell. not so sure about that19:15
rsalvetiasac: sure, but I'm just saying that expecting no bugs by FF is kind of against the FF itself19:15
ogra_stoppping smoking is a challenge ... improving rollback mechanisms is just work :)19:15
rsalvetiwe have FF so we can have fully working features19:15
rsalvetibetter tested and etc19:15
asacrsalveti: FF is something we should forget when we think about landing stuff19:15
plarsasac, balloons: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3785/ that looks a little nicer :)19:15
rsalvetiasac: I agree, but that seems not to be the case for people planning stuff19:16
rsalvetimanagers and such19:16
ogra_asac, nope, we should land our stuff before FF19:16
ogra_which would have worked fine was this a normal release19:16
asacrsalveti: i think its more within your team than managers :)19:16
ogra_but we are putting work we would before have done over three cycles into one atm19:16
asacif i read what ogra says :)19:16
rsalvetiwell, I don't know who ChickenCutlass is talking with, but it was clear on monday what should be in before FF and what we should drop19:17
ogra_which means features arent ready by FF19:17
ogra_asac, i actually expect us to respect FF next cycle19:17
ogra_and be ready before it19:17
asacogra_: yeah, after FF has been moved :)19:17
rsalvetiwell, we're kind of respecting FF this cycle it seems19:17
ChickenCutlassrsalveti, what are we arguing about19:17
rsalvetikind of19:17
beunocjwatson, understood. Downgrading isn't currently supported, mostly due to work remaining, so there's still time to figure out what the best way forward there is19:17
seb128asac, we should respect FF19:17
rsalvetias it seems quite a few features got dropped because of the FF19:18
ogra_asac, if we dont respect FF we can as well tell the community we dont care about community governance in ubuntu19:18
rsalvetiChickenCutlass: this need to land stuff before FF even if not fully completed, stable and product quality :P19:18
ChickenCutlassrsalveti, I am not going to touch that one19:18
asaci am not sayuing: we sholdnt respect feature freeze ... my point was that FF shouldn't influecne our decisionm19:18
ChickenCutlassrsalveti, not a fan of that19:18
rsalvetiright :-)19:18
ogra_i agree that in some cycles like this one it is needed that we handle FF more lax19:18
asacabout whether something is ready for landing or not19:18
seb128asac, well, if you want to respect it, it kind of has to influence you..19:19
asacthere is a difference19:19
cjwatsonFF is for our own benefit as well as for the community19:19
pmcgowanwe agreed to have a blanket freeze exception for packages affecting only touch images19:19
om26erevery app that uses sound fail to start on today's image (fully updated) is that expected ?19:19
cjwatson(even if it may not feel that way)19:19
ogra_pmcgowan, "we agreed" ?19:19
rsalvetipmcgowan: was that approved?19:19
seb128pmcgowan, those components don't affect only touch19:19
om26ercamera, mediaplayer, music-app19:19
asacom26er: yeah :(19:19
asacrsalveti: yes19:19
ogra_pmcgowan, the release and freeze exceptions are handled by a community team19:19
amosdomingoswhich means this error at the end of the installation of ubuntu in nexus phone 4?   ERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb shell mount /sdcard/' returned non-zero exit status 255 an someone help me?19:19
asacrsalveti: we have a blanket FFe for everything not on desktop etc.19:19
seb128asac, no we don't19:19
ogra_pmcgowan, we can just not not respect them19:19
asacseb128: i was told different19:20
rsalvetiwhere is the bug for that?19:20
asacseb128: everything touch as pmcgowan said19:20
rsalvetilast time I check it was still not approved19:20
ogra_we have an FFe bug19:20
asacrsalveti: slangasek handled that19:20
ogra_that was still not approved19:20
seb128asac, we are trying to get one, there is some pushback (understandably) on some of the components19:20
pmcgowanogra_, the request was made not sure on approval19:20
ogra_pmcgowan, right :)19:20
seb128there is pushback19:20
seb128on e.g qt519:20
ogra_pmcgowan, we dont have any19:20
rsalvetiright, but we can't assume stuff otherwise FF will bite us19:20
asacqt5 doesnt sound like touch only19:20
rsalvetiqt5 is not touch only19:21
seb128no, but it was part of the bucket19:21
seb128for the ffe19:21
asacshould be decoupled19:21
asacfrom the general touch FFed19:21
seb128so it's in the middle of the discussion19:21
seb128well, it was not19:21
slangasekseb128: so I think we should proceed with the FFe for everything except qt5, and ScottK and I can argue some more about qt5, yeah19:21
slangasekqt5 *is* touch-only at present19:21
cjwatsonbug 120898919:21
ubot5bug 1208989 in Ubuntu "[FFe] standing freeze exception for Ubuntu Touch-specific packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120898919:21
slangasekKubuntu isn't using it19:21
cjwatson(since people were asking)19:21
ogra_cjwatson, ah, thanks19:21
slangasekanyway, it's been on my list to follow up on, I'll get that done today19:21
* ogra_ was still digging19:21
asacslangasek: yeah, but if thats what it takes lets back off from qt5 request for now19:21
slangasekasac: yep, exactly19:22
seb128slangasek, well, that bug didn't get acked, which is all we were saying19:22
rsalvetiasac: but we can't assume stuff before getting the approval :-) so no, FF will indeed affect us19:22
seb128also some of the changes that are landing are pulseaudio related19:22
seb128and that's not touch specific either19:22
seb128so we need those before FF19:22
rsalvetiyeah, that's why we wanted this to land this week19:22
seb128or an exception19:22
asacrsalveti: i am trusting slangasek's gut feeling on thhis19:23
ogra_pulse, gstreamer etc19:23
asacand even if not we should take on the paperwork19:23
asacinstead of landing stuff that we know will break stuff :)19:23
rickspencer3friggin' feature freeze19:23
mamenyakaogra_, rsalveti any last thing I could check, try with pulseaudio?19:23
rsalvetiasac: right, but I'd prefer having the final words instead of depending on a gut feeling :-)19:23
asac</end of this discussion> :)19:23
slangasekI guess I'll go follow up on that right now, to avoid 20 minutes of metadiscussion :P19:23
cjwatsonPeople forget sometimes that Canonical established feature freeze in the first place, I think :-)19:24
seb128asac, if we wait for things to be 100% perfect we would never land anything :p19:24
asacrsalveti: rright... hence discussing the proposal to break video to make FF for a week would have revealed all this :)19:24
rsalvetiif we want stuff to be 100% perfect to land we don't need FF19:24
rsalvetias it'll always be perfect19:24
rsalvetiproduct quality19:24
asacseb128: thats a flawed way to look at it19:24
rsalvetiwe can ship today19:24
asacno ...19:24
seb128asac, your way is as flawed, just in the other direction19:24
asacmine isn't :) ... all i am saying is that FF shouldn't compromise our normal standards of daily quality19:25
ogra_his way is fine, it is just that we dont have the infrastructure to do his way19:25
asaci dont see how that can be flawed :)19:25
seb128asac, so you are saying that we can land those changes after 13.10, right? ;-)19:25
rsalvetiour policy is also not matching his way properly19:25
seb128asac, that's the conclusion of "don't land to early & respect ff"19:25
ogra_seb128, imagine your team works on its own image until all is perfect, my team does that too etc ... and at FF all our images magically merge to a release19:26
seb128asac, if it's not ready by ff, it's not landing this cycle but next19:26
asacseb128: no. i am saying: ensure we get the stuff ready and apply for FFe if needed19:26
asacaccept the additionaml paperwork in case our general FFe doesnt become true19:26
seb128works for me19:26
seb128but then you take the chance it's going to be for next cycle19:26
ogra_it is an infrastructure limitation that asac's model doesnt work atm19:26
rsalvetithen don't expect some stuff to land for 13.1019:26
rsalvetithis is not matching properly with the reality, as we're planning what stuff will be in 13.10, and we get managers pushing for that :P19:27
asacrsalveti: sure, and we arrange a FFe19:27
asacif all fails we will be screwed :)19:27
asacthats life19:27
rsalvetiso wait it to be perfect before landing would be fine, if we don't have the pressure to land it in a specific date19:27
asacbut ... i dont think we will be19:27
rsalvetias that's against quality anyway19:27
asacyou misread what i am saying19:27
asaci say nowhere that stuff has to be perfect or bug free19:28
* cjwatson checks the history ... yep, feature freeze was established in May 2004 before we were out from under the radar, so it was definitely of Canonical origin19:28
cjwatsonI doubted my memory for a moment :)19:28
rsalvetiasac: you just said unfinished19:29
rsalvetithat can be bug free :P19:29
rsalvetior at least stable with no critical bugs19:29
rsalvetiI'm not saying I'm against all that, I'd love if we had a proper CI with tests all around and just landing stuff when it's actually stable19:30
rsalvetijust saying that this is not the reality19:30
asacreality is that you knew that you would break mediaplayer :)19:30
ogra_as i said, infrastructural limitation19:30
asacso you did part one: asess the impact of the landing19:30
rsalvetiwe all knew, but we can't release with audioflinger19:31
asacpart two: decide whether thats acceptable should happen more broadly19:31
seb128asac, well, that's called a transition and we don't flag the image current while it's happening19:31
asactahts all i am saying :)19:31
seb128asac, same as saucy-proposed19:31
seb128we have transitions in there every day19:31
asacseb128: thats all fine. i am just critizing that in this  case the deicsion to make /our images not publishable to /current19:31
asacwas taken a bit too unilatery19:31
seb128asac, that's the price to pay to be able to move forward19:32
ogra_asac, i told you ion friday that we held back the pulse transition to not have broken images over the weekend19:32
seb128asac, it was taken by team members and their managers... that's not so unilateral19:32
rsalvetiI said quite a few weeks ago that video playback would break, also video recording19:32
rsalvetiasac: next time I ping you specifically19:32
asacrsalveti: yeah its all good :). i thnk its really about properly announcing such "high impact" transitions19:33
asacso everyone agrees on timing and can prepare for the outage19:33
asacand might veto19:33
seb128asac, they don't "impact" anyone since no current image is broken19:33
rsalvetiright, ubuntu-dev would be the place for that?19:33
asacseb128: /proposed is broken and we have engineering projects blocked on that not mobving to /current19:33
asacseb128: it actually means 150 engineers dont get a good basline update19:34
seb128ogra_, we need ubuntu-phone and ubuntu-phone-users ;-)19:34
rsalvetinext time we email ubuntu-phone, ping asac directly19:34
rsalvetiand we should be good :-)19:34
ogra_seb128, and ubuntu-phone-users-discuss and ubuntu-phone-discuss :)19:34
asacgood. much bettrer19:34
* sergiusens wants to get rid of ubuntu-phone@19:34
asacwhenever your team comes to the conclusion that they have to break the image for 1-mayn days, ensure that all stakeholders get briefed and consulted19:35
asacthen you are on safe side :)19:35
asacsergiusens: what do you want?19:35
seb128that makes sense I guess19:35
* seb128 is glad some stuff land19:35
seb128it's getting end of august and still no system-image by default19:35
seb128no pulseaudio19:35
seb128no mir19:35
seb128no lightdm19:36
asaci am also super glad that pulse lands.19:36
ogra_seb128, ++19:36
asaconce its working19:36
ogra_we are so badly behind :/19:36
slangasekrsalveti: there, FF approved ;)19:36
rsalvetislangasek: great, thanks! :D19:36
sergiusensogra_: now that the chatter is down, where was the edify script hosted again?19:36
seb128slangasek, thanks19:37
ogra_sergiusens, somewhere in cdimage on nusakan19:37
rsalvetiasac: now you can say that the FF is approved :P19:37
asacrsalveti: see... now we busted the image cowboy style because of lack-of-trust in one of your team maters... dont do that :)19:37
asacjust because you thought you need to hurry19:37
asacsorry... just kdding19:37
seb128asac, pulseaudio is not concerned by that FFe :p19:37
asaclets move on to other topic19:37
seb128just saying... ;-)19:37
sergiusensogra_: in your home or integrated?19:38
* sergiusens branches19:38
asacseb128: trye ... but worth a paperwork stack19:38
rsalvetiI love this19:38
asacyeah lets stop19:38
ChickenCutlassno keep it going19:38
* sergiusens purchases a gaucho hat to take to rsalveti19:38
ogra_sergiusens, cjwatson integrated it ... and i know he told me where in the cdimage tree it is19:38
seb128it's not friday yet!19:38
ogra_but i cant find it19:38
sergiusensogra_: I can get to it19:38
bfillerI was going to propose landing the new phone apps in tomorrow's image, but think it's best to wait for the dust to settle :)19:38
cjwatson/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/utouch-android/phablet-build-scripts/ I believe19:39
* rsalveti gets back to fix more stuff19:39
cjwatsonor maybe a level up19:39
asacbfiller: what dust? :) ... there is no dust, just rubble and bricks flying around :)19:39
bfillerasac: shrapnel19:39
cjwatsonsergiusens: ^19:39
ogra_cjwatson, ah, heh, i was staring at it the whole time19:39
sergiusenscjwatson: thanks19:40
ogra_but utouch didnt really strike me as ubuntu touch related ...19:40
ChickenCutlassbfiller, land them now19:40
asacbfiller: do your new apps come with tests?19:40
ChickenCutlassbfiller, why not19:40
ogra_it is bad if names you made up yourself arent recognized by yourself19:40
sergiusensbfiller: just land it19:40
cjwatsonogra_: I was going to say, you named it :)19:40
bfillerasac: of course! minimal right now but some19:40
loologra_: lol19:41
loolbfiller: SHIP IT19:41
bfillerChickenCutlass, sergiusens : once phone calls work again with the old apps then we can switch so I don't get blamed19:41
ChickenCutlassbfiller, we will blame you anyway19:41
asacyeah. lets get phone calls working first19:41
asacthat feels reasonable19:41
loolwith the _old_ apps?19:42
asacwe can also keep the old phone-app installed?19:42
asaclool: yeah... first land pulse so old apps work again19:42
pmcgowanasac, no it conflicts19:42
asacthen move over so we can blame bfiller19:42
bfillerasac: can't have both19:42
asacyeah. then serializing like abvove sounds reasonbale19:42
asacbfiller: lets check tomorrow where we stand ... in case todays image turn green and phone calls works19:43
asacbfiller: i assume we can just start landing them tomorrow morning europe in best case?19:43
asac(i gues s its unlikely)19:43
bfillerasac: I have the 2 MR's prepared that will need to get approved, the seed and the shell. apps already in the archive so that is all set19:44
pmcgowanbfiller, w00t19:44
asacbfiller: awesome19:45
bfillerpmcgowan: big milestone19:45
asacbfiller: so guess we can just guide this in once we have the other stuff sorted19:45
* w00t eyes pmcgowan19:45
asactomorrow when you get up best case19:45
pmcgowanoops ;)19:45
ogra_w00t, thats as clever as a nick choice as picking lool as your nick :019:46
loolit's kind of sad people moved from lol to lool without any kind of warning19:46
loolI'll just switch to r0tfl or something19:46
w00tlool: you need to add another o ;)19:47
loolit would only buy me a year at best19:47
sergiusenscjwatson: seems I can update lp:~phablet-team/touch-preview-images/phablet-build-scripts and we can later just pull in the new bits, thanks19:48
ogra_asac, hmm, no phone calls ... on maguro ... (though some breakage was expected there, it is worse than we thought)19:51
=== arunprasadr is now known as arunprasadr_away
=== arunprasadr_away is now known as arunprasadr
asacogra_: so the update won't fix it?19:52
ogra_asac, nope, volume control doesnt seem to do anything in the indicator (that worked on the pulse image), and i have no ringtone nor any mic or earpiece function19:53
ogra_asac, did popey test on mako ?19:53
asacogra_: did you upgrade?19:54
asacogra_: i assume he stopped after it became evident that this image isnt going to be good19:54
ogra_i upgraded lxc-android-config, yes19:54
ogra_it should be good on mako19:54
asacogra_: that was the only piece missing according to our transition plan?19:54
ogra_onlu maguro had issues19:54
rsalvetiogra_: did you spin a new image?19:54
rsalvetiwant to test with a clean image19:54
ogra_rsalveti, yes, but lxc-android-config is still missing19:55
asacrsalveti: how would a clean image help?19:55
rsalvetitry playing audio19:55
ogra_next build should start in 6 min19:55
rsalvetigreat, will wait that one for further testing19:55
rsalvetiasac: well, I just prefer to test stuff like that in a clean env19:55
asaci agree19:55
asacno confusion at best :)19:55
rsalvetiI'll test both maguro and mako once out19:55
ogra_rsalveti, well, selecting the ringtone function from system-settings hangs19:56
* ogra_ blames seb19:56
rsalvetiright, try with aplay, mplayer or similar19:56
rsalvetiso you can at least check if pulseaudio is behaving properly19:56
ogra_well, let me check if pulse runs at all19:56
bfillersergiusens: can we prevent address-book-app from being daily released until this stuff is sorted? the latest version depends on telephony-service which will uninstall phone-app19:56
=== arunprasadr is now known as arunprasadr_away
asachmm. i dont have a settings launcher anymore at all19:57
ogra_seems to run19:57
ogra_asac, expand "installed"19:57
ogra_(the caption)19:58
sergiusensbfiller: that's something for the daily release team19:58
asacogra_: interesting ... i am sure i had it on top level before19:58
sergiusensbfiller: luckily they now do vanguard style https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuDk72Lpx8U5dHFtUmlPOUtCRk8zR2dtaEpIbUVhMmc#gid=419:58
asacoh ... i hear something :)19:58
ogra_asac, mako should be fine, as i said19:58
asacogra_: on maguro i can play ringtone19:58
asacodd ... let me see if i really have the right image19:58
sergiusensbfiller: seems to be cyphermox turn19:59
ogra_asac, with the updated lxc-andrioid-config ? 0.8219:59
bfillersergiusens: ken if I'm ready correctly19:59
asacogra_: hmm. ... no19:59
asaci might run something very old20:00
mefriois there any gallery app?20:00
bfillerkenvandine: can you temp disable address-book-app from daily release20:00
mefrio*gallery app developer?20:00
asacogra_: where do i check on thedevice?20:00
sergiusensbfiller: oh yeah, overlap and just reaching the cutover time20:00
asacogra_: i am sure i upgraded during the UDS session... maybe forgot --pending20:00
sergiusensand robru20:00
ogra_asac, /var/log/installer/media-info20:00
bfillerkenvandine: it will pull in telephony-service which conflicts with phone-app and we're not ready for phone-app to be removed yet20:00
asacUbuntu Saucy Salamander (development branch) - armhf (20130827.1)20:01
asacogra_: ^^20:01
bfillercyphermox: ^^^^ see request above20:01
ogra_asac, and you upgraded lxc-android-config to 0.82 ?20:01
asaclxc-* is 0.7720:01
asacogra_: no ... seems not20:01
ogra_then you use audioflinger20:01
asacso that works still?20:02
asacthen this image is good :)20:02
ogra_I/ServiceManager( 1549): Waiting for service media.audio_flinger...20:02
ogra_W/AudioSystem( 1549): AudioFlinger not published, waiting...20:02
ogra_rsalveti, ^^20:02
ogra_i didnt have that on the pulse image20:02
asacpopey: did you try .1 ?20:02
asacsound in particular on mako20:03
ogra_rsalveti, was there more needed than the pre-start.d snippet  ?20:03
asacogra_: can you try just the .1 image ... does that work?20:03
asaccall etc.?20:03
asacor no chance at all?20:03
asacsound works at least for me20:03
rsalvetiogra_: that's fine, the waiting is because audioflinger is not up20:03
ogra_asac, yes, it works as long as i dont disable audioflinger (which lxc-android-config 0.82 does)20:03
rsalvetiogra_: guess that's because of the camera service and such20:03
ogra_rsalveti, well, i dont have any sound20:04
asacogra_: so then .1 image is good to go, now?20:04
ogra_and apps that try to access sound hang hard20:04
rsalvetido you have the older alsa/audioflinger package installed?20:04
ogra_i unseeded that iirc20:04
rsalvetialso check that the default config file from pulse is not using that20:04
rsalvetioh, is this a clean flash with latest?20:04
rsalvetithought you did apt-get update & dist-upgrade20:05
cyphermoxbfiller: disabling address-book-app?20:05
ogra_well, i only flashed the armhf.zip20:05
bfillercyphermox: yes20:05
rsalvetishould be fine20:05
ogra_but yeah, it is 27.120:05
* asac has to restart system to get rid of glitches20:05
cyphermoxcan I ask why?20:06
rsalvetiogra_: let me just finish the camera patch and will get to it, hopefully with 27.220:06
ogra_rsalveti, great20:06
bfillercyphermox: we just landed something in that branch that deps on new telephony-service which conflicts/replaces phone-app and haven't added new dialer-app to seed yet as waiting for pulse related problems to be fixed first20:07
bfillercyphermox: so if address-book-app lands the image will have no dialer basically until we seed dialer-app20:08
cyphermoxI see dialer-app in the builds too?20:09
bfillercyphermox: it's in the archive but not in the image by default yet20:09
cyphermoxwell, seeding is completely separate from the daily-release stuff20:10
bfillerI know20:10
bfillercyphermox: nevermind, I'll just remove address-book-app from the seed till everything is ready20:11
cyphermoxeither way works20:11
cyphermoxI can disable it, I'm just trying to understand and write down why it's needed :)20:11
cyphermoxkenvandine:  available for a config review? https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/cupstream2distro-config/2013-08-27_16-12/+merge/18248620:14
bfillercyphermox: ok, go ahead and disable then if that's fine. will probably be pinging you tomorrow to turn it back on after things are sorted20:14
cyphermoxrobru: around?  ^^^20:15
robrucyphermox, just got back. will look20:23
aleculool: hi, I'm trying to debug the issue launching apps. How do I upgrade lxc-android-config in the RO image?20:28
aleculool: I'm guessing "mounting rw, apt-get upgrade then mounting ro"20:28
asachmm. wonder if my maguro battery is dying20:30
asacit doesnt go beyond red anymore ... maybe the indicator is lying?20:30
ogra_asac, open it20:33
ogra_the icon is lying20:33
ogra_the ndicator should show something proper20:33
ogra_hmm, so i can: paplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav20:34
ogra_as phablet user ... that works just fine20:35
ogra_but nothing of the UI apps seems to be able to talk to pulse20:35
w-flostill using qtubuntu-media instead of the pulseaudio qt thing?20:38
asacpopey: ?20:38
asacpopey: did it go well?20:38
asacpopey: turns out the sound would work in theory20:38
ogra_w-flo, no, i removed that today20:39
asacplars: do you have a mako?20:39
asacwith a SIM?20:39
rsalvetiogra_: do you have qtubuntu-media installed still?20:39
plarsasac: I do20:39
ogra_rsalveti, !20:39
asacplars: can you try the .1 build and check if incoming call works?20:39
* ogra_ slaps forehead20:39
w-floogra_, you only removed it 3 gizrs agi20:39
w-flo*hours ago :)20:39
asacplars: we want to push that, but didnt get confirm on that one (and the audio stack is a bit in flux right now)20:39
rsalvetiogra_: that's why I'm waiting the latest image, for a complete clean env :-)20:39
* ogra_ likes gizrs20:39
plarsasac: I have the system-image of .1 right now, I can reflash though20:40
* ogra_ uninstalls ... lets see20:40
rsalvetithat is probably what is requiring audioflinger20:40
asacplars: yeah that would be nice20:40
asacbetter do it right :)20:40
asacplars: though if you say it works now20:40
asacit might give me some confidence :)20:41
* ogra_ reboots phone and crosses fingers20:41
plarsasac: works on the system-image one20:42
plarsasac: .2 is out now though it seems :)20:42
plarsasac: specificly you want .1 though?20:42
asacplars: yeah but that is busted :)20:42
asacplars: hence i am very keen on getting .1 blessed :)20:42
ogra_well, seems to behave a bit better, but still doesnt work20:43
asacogra_: so i assume having the ringtone settings testsed20:43
asacmight reveal such things in auto testing?20:43
asacmight be interesting to use this opportunity to land a test showing that audio is busted :)20:43
ogra_asac, well, currently for me the settings app hangs hard if i try to select a ringtone20:43
ogra_do we have anything in utah that makes sure the app gets killed in such a state ?20:44
ogra_then this would definitely make sense as a default audio test20:44
rsalvetiogra_: what is the behavior now?20:45
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
ogra_rsalveti, well, the popup on incoming calls works all the time20:45
ogra_but when the phone app opens it doesnt pick up the call20:45
ogra_when i make a call it is completely silent20:46
ogra_paplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav just works fine20:46
rsalveticompare the version of telepathy-ofono20:46
ogra_even when i plug in the headset it comes out there and switches the output properly20:46
rsalvetilet me check the build log of that one as well20:46
ogra_i compared all package versions twice now20:47
ogra_its all up to date20:47
ogra_qtubuntu-media definitely was a bloking factor, but thats not all20:47
rsalvetiseems to be right20:47
ogra_yeah, he dropped the dep20:48
ogra_and added pulse20:48
rsalvetiso it seems pulse is working as expected20:48
ogra_else paplay wouldnt work20:48
rsalvetiwonder if we're not missing anything in telepathy-ofono20:48
ogra_it seems to be the layer between UI and pulse20:48
rsalvetiso you have anyone requesting for audioflinger in logcat?20:48
* ogra_ checks20:48
rsalvetican you dump logcat when doing the call?20:48
ogra_logcat is quiet20:49
rsalvetiso yeah, then it's not even requesting the call to be up20:50
rsalvetiotherwise it'd be clear in logcat20:50
rsalvetiguess add some debugging in telepathy-ofono20:50
ogra_E/audio_hw_primary(  695): Entering IN_CALL state, in_call=020:50
ogra_E/audio_hw_primary(  695): Opening modem PCMs20:50
ogra_thats all i get20:50
rsalvetiright, that's the one20:50
ogra_my other phone rings, but there is nothing on the earpiece on the maguro20:51
rsalvetiis that when making or receiving a call?20:51
ogra_BAH !20:52
ogra_now incoming has a ringtone20:52
ogra_it didnt 5min before with the last test20:52
rsalvetisomething is still not right for maguro then20:52
ogra_ok, ringtone now always works20:53
ogra_earpiece still doesnt20:53
ogra_i wonder if it is caused by one of the phone app commits that asac pulled in today20:53
rsalvetiis asac coding now?20:53
ogra_no, but phone-app was not up to date wrt trunk in the PPA20:54
rsalvetiaa, too bad20:54
asacogra_: that one touches tests only?20:54
rsalvetiwe need more developers :-)20:54
rsalvetiogra_: what happened with the phone-app archive transition?20:55
rsalvetiis that something bfiller_afk will take care tomorrow?20:55
rsalvetiso many moving parts20:55
ogra_rsalveti, one would hope so20:55
asacrsalveti: we want to hit green once20:55
ChickenCutlassogra_, removing that package makes it much better :)20:55
asacthen its coming next20:55
ogra_rsalveti,  it was just added to daily release20:55
asac(e.g. all the apps replacing phone-app)20:55
ogra_ChickenCutlass, yeah, except no audio on calls :)20:56
ChickenCutlassogra_, on mako its fine20:56
ogra_something at least20:56
rsalvetiogra_: right, let's hope tomorrow the phone app will at least start :-)20:56
ogra_hey ! sintel plays fine too20:56
rsalvetiusing software decode20:56
ogra_well, it has audio20:57
asacogra_: phone-app is only touching tests/ stuff from waht i see really20:57
ogra_it didnt even start before20:57
rsalvetiwonder how we got the sw plugins in by default20:57
rsalvetiogra_: because of qtubuntu-media20:57
ogra_asac, yeah, if mako works fine then it is actually a device issue20:57
rsalvetiogra_: is 27.2 done already?20:57
asacogra_: maybe its you? did you do a fresh install?20:57
rsalvetiwill test with both20:57
ogra_rsalveti, yup20:57
plarsasac: I called from my mako to my personal phone, and it worked...20:57
asacrsalveti: we are interested in .1 build20:57
ogra_asac, indeed20:57
plarsasac: but now my screen won't come on on the mako20:58
asacunless you come back and say that .2 is working on both20:58
ogra_asac, 27.1 is borked20:58
plarsasac: I can hear it ring, but I can't see anything on screen20:58
ogra_asac, 27.1 isnt fixable, move to .220:58
asacplars: thats different to what?20:58
asacogra_: why is it borked? i only see green and didnt get a clear answer20:58
plarsasac: I didn't experience this earlier20:58
asacwhether its working :)20:58
plarsasac: even on the system image .120:58
plarsmaybe I just got lucky though20:58
ogra_asac, qtubuntu-mediawas only removed after it built20:59
asacplars: i would dismiss this for now20:59
plarsasac: ok, well I can't confirm much with no display20:59
ogra_asac, that re-routes all audio to a non existing android service20:59
ogra_asac, 27.2 should be fine20:59
asacogra_: but we upgraded lxc-android20:59
asacand that one was bad?20:59
ogra_(apart from device specific issues)20:59
asacwell, let me try it20:59
asacat least what i can without a SIM'21:00
* asac installs pending21:00
asacogra_: can you explain why plars's issue will be fixed in .2 ?21:01
asacor even identify what issue that is:) ?21:01
asacseeing nothing during call?21:01
ogra_no idea, sounds like powerd21:01
plarsasac: seeing nothing after a call actually21:02
ogra_or the sensor service21:02
asacplars: after ? so you can call, have audio and everything?21:02
plarsogra_: yeah, it sorta seems like the sensor shut off the screen, but it never came back21:02
asacogra_: did we fix/change something in powerd ?21:02
asacplars: maybe downgrade?21:02
plarsasac: I can call the phone, and I hear it ring as I said, but I don't think I can answer... I can't see anything on the screen21:02
ogra_plars, right, smells like powerd21:02
asacogra_: is that just pwoerd or also libpowerd?21:02
ogra_there is a lib ?21:02
asacnot sure :)21:03
asaci ask21:03
* ogra_ wasnt even aware 21:03
asacso guess just downgrading powerd :)21:03
asacplars: ^^21:03
ogra_heh, i dont think there is one21:03
asactry that21:03
ogra_well, it could as well be some bit powerd interacts with21:03
asaccould be... we could look what changed as well :)21:03
plarslet me see if it's reproducible21:03
ogra_plars, is that 27.2 ?21:03
plarsogra_: no, 27.121:04
asacif we knew what the last build was that worked at least :)21:04
asaci assume 22 is safe fallback21:04
ogra_maguro doesnt have such issues21:04
ogra_but no sound :)21:04
asacogra_: on .2?21:04
asacwhy am i even testing that then21:04
asacogra_: i have sound on .121:05
ogra_on .1 .... i have my screen working fine21:05
plarsone thing I notice... and I don't imagine this is new, is that it takes a bit after the phone powers on before I can make a call21:05
plarsif I just go start phone-app and punch in a number and hit the call button, nothing happens21:05
ogra_asac, yeah you have most of the old stack there21:05
asacplars: define that "bit" a bit better?21:05
plarsI have to wait a bit first21:05
asac1, 2, 5, 10 minutes?21:05
plarsasac: about 1 min21:06
plarsasac: I'm having trouble reproducing the problem I mentioned earlier though21:06
plarsasac: seems to be a corner case21:06
asacplars: so all fine for you?21:06
plarsasac: now the screen is working for me21:06
asacplars: do you have a maguro as well? :)21:06
asacplars: and calls work too?21:06
plarsasac: yes, calls to/from are working21:07
asacsounds like a golden image21:07
asacon mako21:07
* ogra_ goes afk ... 21:07
asacogra_: now can you explain to me before you go, why exactly maguro is broken on .1 :)?21:07
plarsasac: so what's broken on .2?21:07
asacplars: not sure... you could try that next :) ...21:08
asacbut if i dist-upgraded21:08
plarsasac: well you just said it was known to be broken21:08
asacit playing sound in "settings -> ringtone" didnt work21:08
asacplars: we dont know... rsalveti thinks that the image itself might behave better21:08
asacso i think we should try that as well... was just hoping to get a postitive on 22.1 as well :)21:08
asacjust clarity21:09
rsalvetiqtubuntu-media was still part of 22.121:09
asacrsalveti: and that is known to break maguro but not mako?21:09
asacfwiw, mako seems to be fine21:09
rsalvetiwell, audio/video playback would be broken for both21:09
asacrsalveti: plars can do calls and has sound21:09
asacon mako21:09
plarsasac: on .1, if I go to settings->sound, I can play the sounds there, but if I switch enough times (all the same sounds) it quits playing any of them21:10
asaci have sound as well on maguro21:10
asaci just cant test calls21:10
asacwhich is what ogra says is broken21:10
rsalvetiplars: can you check if you have qtubuntu-media installed?21:10
w-floI think audioflinger was accidentally left enabled on 22.1, so audio works (since qtubuntu-media was also accidentally kept)21:10
plarsrsalveti: on .1, yes it is installed21:10
rsalvetiyeah, anyway, testing 27.2 now21:10
plarsI can switch over to .2 now21:10
w-floerr. 27.1.21:10
asacw-flo: do you have a maguro?21:11
asacwe need someone to make a tie-break test :)21:11
w-floasac, no, I've never used any of todays images, too21:11
asactoo bad21:11
w-flothis is just what I assume from following the discusion :)21:11
asacthats also what i undersatnd. doesnt explain though why maguro should fail where mako succeeds21:12
asacrsalveti: sounds not working in settings -> ringtone -> start playing21:13
asacon maguro here21:13
asacit worked on .121:13
rsalvetiI believe then .1 was actually using audioflinger then21:13
rsalvetias iirc it also had the older lxc-android-config21:14
asacrsalveti: can you check .1 to give us a tie break?21:14
rsalvetiwhy is .1 important?21:14
asacon maguro21:14
rsalvetiit's broken21:14
asacrsalveti: we want to release an image... it seems to work well21:14
rsalvetiand we got .2 already21:14
asacfor users21:14
rsalvetiright, .1 is broken21:15
asacrsalveti: .2 is broken on audio ... i just tried it21:15
asac.1 is working for me21:15
asacand for plars :)21:15
plarsasac: I was able to break audio on .121:15
rsalveti.1 = audioflinger21:15
rsalveti.2 = pulse21:15
asacso while i know that it is broken in terms of not using pulse, it seems to be working21:15
plarsasac: didn't take long21:15
rsalvetiactually .1 is some sort of audioflinger and pulse21:15
rsalvetithat's why we shouldn't use it21:15
asacallright :)21:15
asacso check out .221:15
asacand fix it21:15
asaci was just trying to get off some pressure here :)21:16
rsalvetiyeah, I'd prefer that one :-)21:16
* plars is pulling 27.2 now21:16
asacby getting an image out so we unblock system images testing21:16
asacrsalveti: ^^21:16
asacplars: thx21:16
asacmaguro fails here :(21:16
rsalvetiwhy is that blocking system image testing?21:16
asacrsalveti: because they need a newer image and we couldnt release one since last thu21:16
asacso friday we went dark21:16
asacand they need a base for testing21:16
rsalvetiright, so they need a more recent one from current21:17
rsalvetinot pending21:17
asaca more modern base (guess they landed something in our imgaes that are needed for the initial transition)21:17
asacrsalveti: exactly21:17
asacso i am trying to get something that i can ship to rick :)21:17
rsalvetidon't we have a pending -> current for that as well?21:17
asacrsalveti: no. we dont21:17
asacalso we have a few big landings21:17
asacso if we dont get green today or early tomoror21:17
asacwe will continue to be blcoked for ages in worst case21:17
rsalvetiI'd probably guess you'll only get a stable image by friday21:18
rsalvetibecause it's FF week21:18
rsalvetiand the new phone-app stack will land tomorrow as well21:18
asacwhy does it need to be like that?21:18
asacwe have all that covered by the FFe21:18
asacwe will wait with phone-app21:18
asacuntil this is sorted21:18
asacwe will not land stuff until we have an image :)21:18
rsalvetiright, might not necessarily be related, but we have big things landing this week21:18
rsalvetithe phone-app is one21:18
rsalvetithat we're waiting for weeks21:18
asacsure, lets coordinate21:18
asacfirst get back to green21:18
asacand then push them in bit by bit instead of accepting chaos21:18
rsalvetialso, is indicator working again?21:19
rsalvetinetwork indicator was giving empty here21:19
uhm1mmm hi :)21:19
rsalvetirebooting 27.221:19
asacrsalveti: well, first basic features. :)21:19
plarsrsalveti: which device are you looking at with 27.221:19
asacif it auto connects folks can still use it in home enviornments :)21:19
plarsrsalveti: same here21:19
rsalvetiwell, I need to connect to a network21:19
rsalvetibut will also test maguro in a few21:19
asacrsalveti: phablet-network-setup :)21:19
uhm1I have ubuntu phone installed in my N4, but i don't know how it works! Somebody can link me a guide to configure it? For example, I can't call !!!21:19
rsalvetiyeah, still empty21:19
rsalvetiwho is taking care of that?21:20
rsalvetiwe can't go green with that bug in as well21:20
rsalvetiit's there since friday21:20
rsalveticyphermox: is this something you can take a look?21:20
asacin my terms thats not a real regression ... in my experience we only had a working network indicator for a few days21:20
rsalvetiindicator always worked fine21:20
rsalvetiwith a few issues, but I could always connect to a network21:20
rsalvetiI always flash with -b21:21
asaci couldnt until recently21:21
cyphermoxrsalveti: sorry, I'm not really reading backlog, I'm busy with something else -- could you explain what I need to look at?21:21
rsalvetimaybe when I was in vac haha :-)21:21
rsalveticyphermox: empty network indicator21:21
rsalveticyphermox: just flash latest image21:21
uhm1I have ubuntu phone installed in my N4, but i don't know how it works! Somebody can link me a guide to configure it? For example, I can't call !!!21:21
cyphermoxnot until in an hour or so, I got tons of stuff installed for mtp and NM21:22
rsalvetinp, who is the owner of that indicator?21:22
asacplars: so for you its also broken, right?21:22
asacrsalveti: so if we hold the presses and focus on fixing what needs to be fixed, what would that list be?21:23
asac + pulseaudio21:23
asac + network indicator21:23
asac + ????21:23
rsalvetiguess that should be all21:23
asacphone-app? is that connected to pulse?21:23
asacguess that can wait21:24
rsalvetiunless the new phone-app is also broken21:24
rsalvetibut we had a few issues with the previous version as well21:24
rsalvetiand ogra_ said we're now using a more recent one21:24
rsalvetianyway, let me first test this21:24
uhm1mmm how can i activate phone to recieve or do calls?21:24
rsalvetiand open a bug for the indicator21:24
plarsyeah, I have no indicator icon21:24
seb128_rsalveti, tedg owns the network indicator21:24
rsalvetitedg: hey, still around?21:24
asacrsalveti: so you think the audio stuff in .2 is just a minor detail?21:24
rsalvetitedg: network indicator is empty since last friday21:24
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
asacif we can get it into tomorrows first image that would make it21:25
asacotherwise we will hold the presses i guess21:25
tedgrsalveti, Yup, what's up?21:25
uhm1MMmmm algun español?21:25
rsalvetiasac: I'd expect a working 28.1, as we need diwic to help fixing the remaining possible issues with pulse21:25
rsalvetibut anyway, let me run a complete tests and get the bugs in place21:25
rsalvetitedg: network indicator is empty since friday21:25
rsalvetitedg: just flash latest image21:26
tedgrsalveti, Hmm, what version of indicator-network is that?21:26
josephtnetworks show up in the indicator for me on 27.2 mako21:26
rsalvetitedg: ^21:26
uhm1how can i see the version instaled?21:27
rsalvetiI flashed with a clean flash, using -b --pending21:27
ringtailllo All21:27
=== bschaefer_ is now known as bschaefer
tedgrsalveti, Huh, that's the same version I'm running, and I have tons of networking.21:28
ringtailJust now installed Ubuntu touch on Nexus 1021:28
tedgrsalveti, Anything in the upstart log?  ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-network.log21:28
rsalvetilet me check21:28
ringtailNot sure how mature it is yet21:28
ringtailHow do install more apps , or better browser atleast ?21:29
rsalvetitedg: just http://paste.ubuntu.com/6034377/21:29
rsalvetitedg: can you do a clean flash with 27.2?21:29
tedgrsalveti, Is network manager running?21:29
rsalvetiwas able to connect after using phablet-network-setup21:30
tedgTry restarting indicator-network?21:30
tedgrestart indicator-network21:30
plarscalling works for me on 27.2 both ways, I can still make audio fail from settings->sound by just selecting different things quickly21:31
rsalvetitedg: still epty21:32
tedgrsalveti, Not even the NM client error?21:33
mhall119uhm1: get a SIM, plug it in, that's all it took for me21:33
uhm1It's plugged  and dont ask me for PIN number21:34
asacuhm1: i think you need to use command line tool for PIN for now21:34
asacUI is landing soonish21:34
uhm1and how can i use command line tool?21:34
asacrsalveti: so what do you think about the sound?21:36
rsalvetitedg: which client error?21:36
asacanything obviously missing?21:36
rsalvetiasac: checking still21:36
asaci know this was tested from a appa21:36
tedgrsalveti, The one you pastebin'd earlier.  Did it happen on restart again?21:36
rsalvetiworking fine for nexus 421:36
asacso must be something eaasy hidden in obviousness21:36
rsalvetitedg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6034391/21:37
rsalvetiplars: so yeah, audio playback and phone, making and receiving seems to be working fine with nexus 421:37
asacdid plars confirm that?21:37
rsalvetilet me test with the music app21:38
plarsasac: yes, but as with .1 I'm able to make sound stop playing in settings, but that could be just an issue with the app... it doesn't stop it for the whole device, just in settings and just until I kill it and restart the app21:38
tedgcyphermox, Did you change anything in the DBus config?  We're getting a rejection? ^21:38
cyphermoxI don't touch that code21:38
plarswe need some sample media for music player :)21:39
asacwonder if thats just a volume thing21:39
asacon maguro21:40
tyhickstedg: what is the dbus package version?21:40
seb128tedg, tyhicks just uploaded dbus with confinement support to saucy21:40
josephtasac: incoming and outgoing call audio works for me on .221:41
seb128but that's not likely it, rsalveti says he's having the indicator not working since friday21:41
rsalvetivideo playback also working fine21:41
tyhicksit is still in proposed, so I doubt that is the issue21:41
rsalvetibut with software decoding21:41
asacjosepht: maguro?21:41
seb128tyhicks, btw, did you guys make a performance impact on dbus of those changes?21:41
rsalvetimusic app failed, not sure why21:41
josephtasac: mako21:41
asacack. thx for the confirm21:41
asacjosepht: also from settings -> play ringtone?21:41
asacdoes that work?21:41
tyhicksseb128: there is an impact when the sending and/or receiving processes are confined by apparmor21:42
tyhicksseb128: no impact when both ends are unconfined21:42
tedgIt looks like my phone has a different dbus config that my desktop for Network Manager.21:42
seb128tyhicks, that's great ;-)21:42
josephtasac: I hear some and not others.  They are all the same sound though.21:43
asaci hear nothing21:43
asacso confirmed that its maguro specific21:43
rsalvetiplars: camera will fail to load, but for that I got a wip patch here, should be pushing later today21:43
asacrsalveti: ^^ so yeah. odd thingy21:43
rsalvetiasac: will test with gnexus after nexus 421:43
asacso you are a "good news first" type of person :)21:44
plarsrsalveti: camera came up for me, but has some funny gray bars on the top/bottom21:44
asacgood to know21:44
rsalvetiplars: hm, it shouldn't even be up21:45
plarsrsalveti: it came up here21:45
rsalvetiplars: can you check if you have the media service running?21:45
rsalvetican you paste me your logcat?21:45
rsalvetiand couldn't get a crash in system-settings21:45
rsalvetiall ringtones working as expected21:46
rsalvetiselected quite a few, fast, and all working21:46
plarsrsalveti: they even play different sounds?21:46
rsalvetiplars: yes21:46
plarsrsalveti: for me, under settings, it all plays the same sound21:46
plarsif i quit and come back, I get a different sound, but they all play the same21:46
rsalvetiplars: is that a clean 27.2?21:46
rsalvetiwith -b21:46
plarsrsalveti: no -b, but I can try that21:46
rsalvetiright, I'm testing with -b21:46
rsalvetiand camera app is not running in here21:47
rsalvetiplars: and this is the cdimage image, right? not the system one21:47
plarsrsalveti: correct21:47
plarsrsalveti: I'll reflash and see if I get any difference21:47
rsalvetieven using the 'Desktop Login' as ringtone now21:47
asacrsalveti: sounds good for mako21:48
rsalvetitoo bad it's not really making any difference21:48
rsalvetiringtone for real is still using the old sound21:48
rsalvetibut just noticed something we need to fix somewhere21:49
rsalvetilet me take notes of my results21:49
alecubeuno: I think I found why your app won't start: the app name has a "_"21:50
alecubeuno: that would be line 5 here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6034427/21:51
alecuthe app name is "hello_world" there21:52
alecu(the package name seems fine: "ar.com.beuno.hello-world")21:52
rsalvetijack detection working as well, awesome21:53
aleculool: ^ I think the above error in beuno's app is what's preventing you from starting it.21:54
uhm1phone don0t work on my n421:54
uhm1i cant do any call21:54
tedgcyphermox, I'm pretty sure the dbus config is broken on the phone.21:54
uhm1don't ask me about pin code21:54
tedgcyphermox, For network manager21:54
cyphermoxtedg: impossible, this hasn't changed21:55
=== freeflying_away is now known as freeflying
cyphermoxit's the same code as on desktop21:55
tedgcyphermox, It is different than the one on my desktop21:55
tedgcyphermox, It looks like someone's patched in another stanza21:55
spanner3003 i have a nexus 7  wifi can we try to get sound/video working on it?  i can give logcat test est..21:56
cyphermoxtedg: they definitely shouldn't do that21:56
cyphermoxhow different?21:56
josephtrsalveti: my test was with cdimage and -b and all the same sound for ringtones21:56
tedgcyphermox, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6034442/21:57
asacstgraber: there?21:57
iBotPeacheswas wondering if anyone could take a look at my kmsg log, its an oppo find 5 trying to boot ubuntu that sat for about 30 minutes without booting, so I figured something was wrong http://ibotpeaches.com/last_kmsg21:57
tedgcyphermox, Seems like that should be more permissive though...21:58
cyphermoxtedg: yeah, I don't think that's likely to break anything21:58
cyphermoxphablet is in the admin group anyway21:58
rsalvetimusic player working with wavs21:59
rsalvetijosepht: weird, let me reboot to see21:59
tedgcyphermox, The interesting thing is that rsalveti is seeing a dbus message for getting properties denied.21:59
tedgcyphermox, So something had to be blocking indicator-network from connecting.21:59
cyphermoxI don't have any such message22:00
tedgMe neither22:00
tedgcyphermox, Do you have network items in the menu?22:00
rsalvetiright, but which images are you both using?22:00
rsalvetistarted having that error with the second friday's image22:00
cyphermoxtedg: no, just the connection I had previously on disk22:00
cyphermoxthere should be two or three other wifi networks in range22:01
tedgNo clue about the image.  But I've dist-upgraded it.22:01
cyphermoxtedg: it matches the list of networks from NM22:01
cyphermoxtedg:  try nmcli dev wifi list22:01
tedgrsalveti, ^22:01
tedgWoot!  I'm certain the bug falls on cyphermox's side of the fence then!22:02
cyphermoxrsalveti: NM isn't running on your phone22:03
rsalvetiit is22:03
rsalvetiroot      1219  0.0  0.3  40820  6056 ?        Ssl  21:12   0:02 NetworkManager22:03
cyphermoxthen something is royal broke in dbus22:03
tedgYou guys should meet halfway.  Florida at midnight!22:03
rsalvetieven worked after I copied my connection with phablet-network-setup22:03
tedgPerhaps something in /var/log/upstart/networking.log?22:04
rsalvetirebooting, will check22:05
tyhicksrsalveti: is that dbus version 1.6.12-0ubuntu2 ?22:05
rsalvetistill empty22:06
cyphermoxtyhicks: yes, it is22:06
rsalvetinmcli failed as well22:06
rsalvetiii  dbus                                                  1.6.12-0ubuntu2                             armhf        simple interprocess messaging system (daemon and utilities)22:06
rsalvetitedg: ^22:06
tyhicksthanks, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't ubuntu4, to rule out a potential bug in the dbus package that I just uploaded22:07
cyphermoxI don't know what it is22:07
cyphermoxtbh, I'm busy with mtp22:07
rsalvetinm is up, even connected with my 3g22:08
rsalveticyphermox: anything I can do to help debugging?22:08
cyphermoxrsalveti: debugging logs22:08
cyphermoxbut it doesn't seem to me like it's NM22:08
cyphermoxwpa perhaps, or dbus22:08
rsalvetidbus monitor?22:08
rsalvetijust finish your mtp stuff then give this a try22:09
rsalvetijust flash latest with -b22:09
cyphermoxnot wpa, wpa hasn't changed in too long22:09
cyphermoxI did reflash already22:09
rsalvetiplars: you were also getting this with 27.2, right?22:09
plarsrsalveti: I just reflashed with -b, getting what?22:10
rsalvetiplars: empty network indicator22:10
plarsrsalveti: yes22:10
rsalvetiright, then it's reproducible22:10
rsalvetilet me file a bug for that22:10
plarsrsalveti: 'nmcli dev wifi list' shows me a list of APs though22:11
tedgplars, As root or phablet?22:12
plarstedg: as root22:12
rsalvetirun as phablet22:12
plarsyeah, I see :)22:12
rsalvetiplars: cyphermox: bug 121759622:13
ubot5bug 1217596 in touch-preview-images "[regression] empty network-indicator since 23.1 with clean flash" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121759622:13
rsalvetiplars: please confirm22:13
tedgOkay, I need to run, ping me if there's anything else on my side.22:13
tedg'night folks22:13
rsalvetiasac: bug 121759622:14
spanner3003 i have a nexus 7  wifi can we try to get sound/video working on it?  i can give logcat test est..22:14
rsalvetiplars: can you test jack detection with mako?22:14
rsalvetiplars: not sure if my cable, but I'm only getting the left speaker22:14
plarsrsalveti: sure, what are you trying? ringtone? or call? or video?22:15
asacrsalveti: ok... how about sound?22:15
asacthe networking one doesnt sound "too bad" :)22:15
rsalvetican play mp3 just fine after installing gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly22:16
plarsrsalveti: playing a video, I get sound from both sides22:16
rsalvetiplars: just audio, can be video as well22:16
rsalvetilol, device is suspended when playing audio, nice22:16
rsalvetithings working as expected22:16
rsalvetiasac: I wouldn't make it green with that bug in place22:17
rsalvetibut not my call22:17
rsalvetisound is fine with mako22:17
rsalvetino regression it seems22:17
rsalvetinow moving to maguro22:17
plarsvideo is *super* laggy though22:17
rsalvetiyeah, software decode22:17
rsalvetionce we removed qtubuntu-media, we also lost hardware decoding22:17
asacrsalveti: ah ... still mako22:18
asacyeah makois already blessed/rubberstamped :)22:18
asaceven though network indicator is still a big thing22:18
asacputs me on the edge :)22:18
rsalvetispeaker phone also working22:19
asacrsalveti: maguro?22:20
asacguess not :)22:20
rsalvetimako, maguro is flashing still22:20
rsalvetifor mako http://paste.ubuntu.com/6034497/22:21
rsalvetiplars: see if it's the same for you22:21
plarsrsalveti: interesting, jack doesn't seem to work with music player22:24
plarsrsalveti: or to be specific, it plays over the headphone and the speaker22:24
rsalvetithat's the behavior I got as well22:24
rsalvetibut that's fine, I guess we still didn't yet define the audio policies22:24
plarsrsalveti: I had both headphones on at the beginning so I just retried with video and it does the same there22:25
harriswhats the difference between ubuntu for android and ubuntu touch22:26
plarsoh I see you noted it there already :)22:26
plarsrsalveti: worth mentioning the camera as well (confirmed after -b it doesn't work for me either)22:26
rsalvetiplars: yeah, that one I'm fixing as we speak22:27
rsalvetibut let me first test maguro22:27
rsalvetiseems that's the one that needs a bit of more love22:27
barrystgraber: yay.  any ideas on how to unbrick my n7?22:28
harriswhats the difference between ubuntu for android and ubuntu touch22:29
harriswhats the difference between ubuntu for android and ubuntu touch22:32
stgraberbarry: the insufficient privilege stuff sounds like your user not having enough rights to access the USB port, not a device issue22:32
stgraberbarry: does flashing the latest one work at least?22:33
barrystgraber: i did another factory reset, and again at reboot, it's hanging on the google screen.  but now i can adb shell to it and i get busybox22:33
barrystgraber: flashing doesn't work "/system/bin/sh: getprop: not found"22:34
stgraberbarry: did you try flashing when the device is in recovery mode?22:34
barrystgraber: not yet!22:34
stgraberbarry: getprop isn't available from the initrd but it should be available in the recovery environment22:34
stgraberbarry: when in busybox, the dmesg output may tell you what's going on (look for "initrd: *" lines)22:35
barrystgraber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6034566/22:36
stgraberbarry: that tells me blank userdata partition, so something must have gone pretty wrong when doing the initial flash :)22:37
barrystgraber: yeah ;)22:37
stgraberbarry: if that happens again, look at /cache/recovery/log from the recovery environment22:38
barrystgraber: phablet-flash seemed all happy though.22:38
barryi'm in recovery mode now. wonder if i can reflash it22:38
barrystill no getprop22:39
barrywell, anyway -> dinner22:42
UmeaboyIs the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 out of the question to use ubuntu-touch?22:47
plarsrsalveti: was there a bug for the camera thing already? It shows up failed (as I would expect) in the automated tests so I'd like to tag it if there is22:52
rsalvetiplars: not yet, working on a fix directly, but feel free to open one22:52
plarsrsalveti: ok, I'll probably skip lots of logs and details since you are already working on it and well aware22:53
rsalvetiyeah, just a simple bug is fine22:54
rsalvetiI can confirm22:54
plarsrsalveti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/121761322:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217613 in touch-preview-images "camera app does not start" [Undecided,New]22:57
mijkhi, anyone running Ubuntu on their Nexus 10?22:58
rsalvetiplars: thanks22:59
rsalvetiAug 27 23:02:38 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [  182.571105] type=1400 audit(1377644558.856:74): apparmor="DENIED" operation="capable" parent=1 profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-ofono" pid=1657 comm="threaded-ml" capability=19  capname="sys_ptrace"23:03
rsalvetiAug 27 23:02:38 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [  182.571136] type=1400 audit(1377644558.856:75): apparmor="DENIED" operation="ptrace" parent=1 profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-ofono" pid=1657 comm="threaded-ml" target=044590C4044590C4081C23C508F459C410C459C410C459C40723:03
rsalvetihm, with maguro23:03
rsalvetisound is working, but can't hear it properly as the volume seems to be low23:04
asacrsalveti: how can i check what the volume is? the indicator seems to believe its 100%23:04
mijkhow does one get 3D acceleration on a Nexus 10?23:04
jjohansenrsalveti: add23:06
jjohansen  capability ptrace,23:06
jjohansento the ofono profile, for the other message run23:06
jjohansen  aa-decode on the value of target=23:06
asacrsalveti: so yeah connecting a headset to jack makes it work23:06
asacbut not without :)23:06
asaccant hear a thing23:06
rsalvetiit got back to the normal volume after opening up alsamixer23:07
rsalvetiseems the ucm files are not doing the right thing23:07
rsalvetiit's also getting errors when using the hall23:07
jjohansenrsalveti: oh hrmmm don't bother with aa-decode, you have just hit a bug23:07
rsalvetibesides a kernel crash23:07
iBotPeachesokay more progress, got my oppo booting (just with no display) :p kmsg screams about ACL stuff http://ibotpeaches.com/last_kmsg (is that related to selinux?)23:08
jjohansenrsalveti: can you open a bug with logs etc23:08
rsalvetijjohansen: sure, against which package?23:08
jjohansenrsalveti: linux23:09
asacrsalveti: ok. thanks for checking. let me know what happened when you call it a day... i am off now23:09
rsalvetijjohansen: thanks23:10
jjohanseniBotPeaches: what kernel are you using?23:10
jjohanseniBotPeaches: its not apparmor nor selinux23:11
iBotPeachesjjohansen: Linux version 3.4.0-perf-svn1451 (oppo@oppo-OptiPlex-990) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Feb 6 11:40:03 CST 201323:12
rsalvetijjohansen: bug 1217618, opened it against linux-maguro23:21
ubot5bug 1217618 in linux-maguro (Ubuntu) "apparmor DENIED in telepathy-ofono when receiving call" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121761823:22
jjohansenrsalveti: okay thanks23:22
penguincoderhi guys, i am having trouble booting into a home-built version of ubuntu touch for the toro device. i either get stuck at the google logo or a black screen23:22
rsalvetijjohansen: any other log besides syslog?23:22
penguincoderi have successfully built cm-10.1 for the device, too.23:22
sbeattiejjohansen: is there a bug with aa-decode not handling 'target=' ?23:23
jjohansensbeattie: not that I know of, the output is complete garbage23:23
jjohansenrsalveti: I thought there was a kernel crash too?23:24
jjohansensbeattie: we need to figure out if its just aa-decode or the kernel side23:25
rsalvetijjohansen: sorry, the crash seems to be part of the sound subsystem actually23:27
jjohansensbeattie: my bet is the kernel23:27
jjohansenrsalveti: hrmm, okay23:28

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