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ryanpriorsession starting?15:06
seb128in a bit, plenary overrun15:07
rickspencer3hi ryanprior15:07
rickspencer3probably will take a minute or two for the organizers to set it up15:07
rickspencer3and then there is the slight lag15:07
qenghoHow long is the lag these days? 45 seconds?15:08
seb128qengho, chrisccoulson, chrisccoulson2: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/78ddd832135a6ec210e7fa014ac7d2b560b35935?authuser=015:09
seb128if you want to join the hangout15:09
* jdstrand joins15:09
seb128qengho, coming?15:10
qenghoseb128: I am.15:10
jdstrandanyone else want to join? maybe from webapps?15:11
qenghoI'm trying.  The trouble with running a browser that you just built for testing. ...15:13
ryanpriorI would join the hangout but I'm audio-only, no video15:13
ryanprioris that acceptable?15:13
jdstrandpmcgowan: can someone from webapps join the hangout?15:15
seb128jdstrand, pmcgowan: alex-abreu says he's joining15:15
seb128he had tz confusion15:15
pmcgowanseb128, let me know if he doesnt join15:16
seb128pmcgowan, he's on the hangout, all good15:17
qenghoFor history, is zeitgeist a good place to store it?15:32
bfillerwe've been talking about transitioning to u1db to store history in browser15:34
bfillercurrently using sqllite15:34
bfilleris there a good reason to divert from that plan?15:34
qenghobfiller: I think Olivier / oSoMoN was planning something like that.15:36
qenghobfiller: Oh, I misunderstood.15:37
qenghobfiller: Hrm.  Another DB to consider.15:37
achiangi may have missed the beginning of the session -- when is most of this work targeted to land?15:40
achiangjdstrand: ^^15:40
qenghoachiang: before 14.04.  No prograstinating because of 13.10 though.15:41
achiangqengho: ok, so for 13.10, continue with existing qtwebkit stuff; then as soon as 14.04 dev opens up, switch over to oxide development?15:42
achiangchrisccoulson: oSoMoN: ^^ did i get that right?15:42
qenghoachiang: We *hope* it's just an import change, so yes.15:43
achiangqengho: hm... not sure how to reconcile your statement with this blueprint i'm staring at that has lots of WIs :)15:43
achiangchrisccoulson: thanks. guess i'm wondering what happens with the existing web app stuff that's in-flight that folks are hacking on for 13.10...15:45
achiangi'm concerned because we're trying to "stabilize" to the extent we can for OEMs :-/15:46
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robruno video?16:09
seb128robru, starting it, I was waiting for the session lead to join16:10
seb128but seems he's on holidays16:10
* kenvandine nominates dobey, because dobey rocks!16:11
* dobey is just lurking16:12
kenvandinelucio is coming16:13
seb128^ video link16:17
SimonK1it's streeming.16:18
alecuQ: are we planning only one connection from the phone to our server to be multiplexed for all apps?16:23
alecu__lucio__: sounds like dropped packets16:27
__lucio__alecu, yes. one connection by the client daemon, used by all apps16:31
__lucio__bye bye netwrok?16:33
SimonK1QUESTION: how will the server filter which messages my phone gets?16:36
alecuthings to consider: reconnections on clients: exponential backoff + random time (to avoid ddos after server outages)16:40
__lucio__SimonK1, we plan to have the user select the filters they want, but not for v0.16:42
SimonK1How is the "push"-indicator different from the "messages"-indicator?16:43
dobeySimonK1: all notifications aren't messages16:44
SimonK1lucio, I meant a different filter (with "broadcasting" in mind) but broadcasting dosn't seem to be planned for v016:44
dobeyv0 is a way to get a working API for validating it's the right API to move forward with, not so much an actual server16:45
dobey(hence the v0 not being v1)16:46
alecuQ: do we have a list of use cases for this?16:46
SimonK1dobey, I think about push-notification like "new information arrived on your device". This would perfectly fit into the messages-indicator. If we don't merge those two we would end up with two indicators for "new informations".16:48
dobeySimonK1: no. messages indicator is for messages from other people, such as IM/twitter/e-mail/etc16:48
dobeypush notifications don't necessarily need to have any UI displayed to the user at all16:49
dobeyit depends on what the notification is16:49
SimonK1i see, makes sense.16:50
SimonK1so in case of other question I'll ask at the ubuntu-push-devs mailing list. Thanks for the provided infos :)16:52
istimsakhello guys16:54
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seb128TheMuso, the hangout is open on https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ff15e632070786351f22a797e5fcf553212c43a8?authuser=018:04
seb128TheMuso, share the url with the people you want in the session please18:04
TheMusoOk, just trying to work out if anybody is going to attend...18:05
AlanBellI was going to watch or review the video later18:06
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zygahi, question, is this in scope: providing keyboard navigation to apps developed with Ubuntu SDK, that are running on a desktop18:10
pmcgowangreyback_, you're a unity dev!18:12
greyback_pmcgowan: I dropped out there18:12
zygathanks, I see what you mean18:13
zyganot navigation, just basic tab-tab-tab support18:13
greyback_Out of curiosity, what do the KDE/Kubuntu people use?18:29
CheeseBurgI'm late!18:33
CheeseBurgNot sure what was discussed but have you consider blind and deaf users. I have friends who work in that field and it is an extremely important18:37
CheeseBurgnot just brail but audio for every action18:39
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