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Delfino1983hello people13:53
Delfino1983it's start o'clock?14:13
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* skellat is ready and waiting for the first round of community roundtable this vUDS15:02
dholbachwho wants to join the hangout?15:04
dholbachanyone else interested in joining in on the hangout?15:08
dholbachany more topics for the community roundtable?15:10
rrnwexeci can join too15:11
rrnwexectopic: Planet Ubuntu staleness15:11
skellatAnd my local broadband is deciding to fail on me so I'm out15:12
* skellat trundles off to go deal with the networking and other plumbing & disengages from vUDS15:12
rrnwexecnot seeing a link in G+15:14
dholbachrrnwexec, sent you the link in pm15:14
dholbachor PM me your email address and I'll invite you15:15
ballockI am interested to hear why Mark referred to Fedora and Tizen as 'being competition' and 'spreading FUD'.15:15
dholbachlink to the bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-website15:16
AmpelbeinThat sounds like you are participating from on board the ISS ;-)15:24
* dholbach hugs Ampelbein15:24
* Ampelbein hugs dholbach15:25
linuxtechWhere are the slides, I wanted to see the detail on one of them?15:30
ballockok, thanks15:32
AmpelbeinWhen removing blogs I think the first question should be: Is the blog still relevant to Ubuntu? If yes, then keep it, despite the author is not a member.15:34
rrnwexecsorry guys, i'll try to type15:34
rrnwexecthere are bloggers that have openly expressed their resignation15:34
asomethingit would be pretty simple to parse http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~planet-ubuntu/config/main/view/head:/config.ini and check for ubuntu membership15:35
rrnwexeci would be happy to manually review the list, and/or ask people to re-opt-in to the Planet blogroll15:35
dholbachasomething, I can't remember what exactly the problem was, but I think there was something with Nick names or team blogs or some such15:38
hggdhbeware of censorship, or looking like it.15:38
dholbachhggdh, +115:38
rrnwexecthis isn't censorship15:41
rrnwexeci have some notes on the etherpad on how we might make the decision15:44
rickspencer3tbh, I only get bummed out when people post negative stuff15:48
hggdhrickspencer3: but being negative, I think, is also important. It gives us a chance to think and review15:50
hggdh(I do not like it either, but I respect their opinion)15:50
rickspencer3hggdh, oh, if it's from an active community member, then I care what they think, negative or not15:50
hggdhrickspencer3: ack, and agreed :-)15:51
rickspencer3but if it's someone who has left the community, I don't really want to be exposed to their negativity15:51
rickspencer3if they aren't active and also not negative, their presence doesn't much bother me15:51
cielakI remember one particular post I read some longer time ago - don't remember whose it was - which was a very clear offensive FUD from someone who switched projects a long time ago15:51
hggdhif someone has left the community, then s/he should not be in Planet. The question, then, goes back to what is "left the community"15:52
dholbachasomething, yes, the problem is that "nick" is not necessarily Launchpad ID15:52
hggdhI guess I am a member of Planet, but I have never blogged (there or elsewhere)15:52
linuxtechNot all of us blog on a regular basis.15:52
dholbachasomething, but yeah, we could probably get a bit closer by using "name" and checking in the list of people in ~ubuntumembers15:53
asomethingdholbach, i see but if nothing else it would give a shot list to look over15:53
dholbachyes, that's right15:53
dholbachasomething, let's have a chat about it later on15:54
beunohggdh, it is very clearly defined that people who are no longer in the ubuntu members LP team, should not be on planet15:54
beunothere's just now automated cleanup process15:55
beunoit's manual, someone just does it whenever it itches15:55
jonoballock, hey15:57
jonoballock, you are running the enterprise roundtable?15:57
ballockjono: I can't run it with Google+ if that's what you mean, can only join.15:58
ballockbut yeah, I'm there15:58
jonoballock, can you join the hangout session though?15:58
jonoI am asking who is going to be on the hangout?15:59
ballockHope so :)15:59
ballockthere's Ove from my organization15:59
jonoballock, can you create a hangout on air session and I will add it to summit?15:59
ballockmy G+ account has no access to creating Google on air hangouts16:00
ballocksome privacy stuff16:00
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jonoballock, eh? all G+ accounts can create Google On Air hangouts16:00
jonogo to https://plus.google.com/u/0/hangouts16:00
jonoand click the Start a Hangout On Air button16:00
ballocknot the corporate ones16:00
jonook, but you can join a hangout?16:00
ballockthose can be decided by the corporation16:00
jonoI will set it up in a few mins16:01
jonoweird, we have a corporate G+ acct at Canonical and we can run hangouts on air16:01
jonoahhh so you mean corporate policy can turn them off16:01
workingwriterBTW, as a new person, I don't see how to become a member on the front page of community.ubuntu.com.16:01
ballocknow you got it16:01
jonoballock, ahhh gotcha :-)16:01
jonoballock, join https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/edfad062d74d819880c39bfb05cf2aa674ea3420?authuser=0&hl=en16:02
dholbachjono, ballock: JFYI you're in community 216:03
jonodholbach, yup16:03
jonomoving there16:03
CheeseBurgWhere is the etherpad?16:08
dholbachany more input from folks in here?16:21
CheeseBurgWhat if the user has multiple touch screens. Like a laptop where the keyboard is a touchscreen.16:25
dholbachfugue88, do you want to join in on the hangout - you seem to type a lot?16:25
fugue88dholbach: nah.16:26
dholbachfugue88, gotcha - I didn't even know you used this nick here :)16:26
CheeseBurgOk a more realistic question, what about walcom tablet. Some of them have more features than a mouse so is that a special case?16:28
fugue88CheeseBurg: What extra features does a wacom tablet have that a mouse or touchscreen doesn't?16:30
rickspencer3the goal is to filter the list of apps to those which the user has the capabilties to run, right?16:32
rickspencer3I think that wacom tablet gets a bit fine grained16:32
rickspencer3like, you would never see the app if you didn't have the tablet plugged in16:32
rickspencer3I think at the highest level is phone vs. tablet vs. desktop16:33
cjwatsonwacom is probably on the edge; I can imagine pro graphics tools that you really can't make use of without a proper tablet16:33
rickspencer3cjwatson, right, but you might not have it plugged in16:33
cjwatsonI don't think it's a huge deal to get it exactly right up front as long as the schema is extensible16:33
rickspencer3when you are browsing apps16:33
cjwatsonrickspencer3: Yep, dholbach raised the matter of removable devices earlier16:33
rickspencer3I think that you need know that the user is on a desktop, so *could* make use of a wacom tablet app16:33
dholbachwould anyone like to join the hangout? :)16:34
cjwatsonI said I'll need to look into the PackageKit API to see if there's a way that I can interpose a "you seem to be missing <hardware> - are you sure?" question, perhaps16:34
fugue88dholbach: What happens if we include an item in the schema, and later decide to remove it?16:34
dholbachmaybe it'd be good not to list "needs: <some device>" but more something like "needs: <functionality>" (like 'pointing device' or 'drawing pad' or some such)16:34
rickspencer3I'd be happy to join16:34
fugue88fugue88: Okay, I'll join for a minute.16:35
CheeseBurgfugue88: The pen can have 3 to 6 button that do special command on applications like Photoshop. And the base has 3 - 7 with some fancy thingys. I don't use one but my artist friends do.16:35
CheeseBurgAlso when I say walcom I mean any drawing tablets16:35
cjwatsonRight, I think we should avoid being brand-specific if we can16:35
CheeseBurgAlso what about TV apps?16:36
dholbachCheeseBurg, want to join in on the hangout too?16:37
CheeseBurgI wish lol. Unfortunately I am at work so I can't.16:37
dholbach(totally fine if you don't want to - just asking :-))16:37
dholbachok, no worries16:37
CheeseBurgMost laptops have both touchscreens and gps now16:39
CheeseBurgWindows 8 laptops16:39
ralsina_screen size is not all that good to tell form factors apart. I have a phone and a notebook with the exact same screen size in pixels. Are we talking about screen sizes in cm/inches?16:40
dholbachralsina_, want to join in on the call as well? :)16:42
ralsina_dholbach:my mic is in the fritz today :-(16:42
ralsina_dholbach:I am getting a new one later16:43
ralsina_Also, keyboards can be attached or detached at any point, they are not a device property16:43
ralsina_some developers may want to make the tablet version pay and the phone version free (I've seen it in android and iOS), so a maximum screen size may make sense16:47
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ralsina_Ironic? ME???17:01
istimsakWhy doesn't xubuntu have a Mac version17:18
istimsakAre there any online ubuntu locos? For those who don't have the luxury to travel.17:20
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jdstranddholbach: I think you have your youtube window up along with your google+-- massive looping18:08
jdstrandwell, I don't know who does18:08
jdstrandoh, haha18:09
jdstrandit was me. durr18:09
* dholbach hugs jdstrand18:09
jdstranddholbach: sorry! :)18:09
dholbachjdstrand, want to join in?18:09
=== Leon is now known as Guest60862
loolI think we at least need to be able to upload the app18:10
loollike, in case it's horribly broken or has security issues or something18:10
loolif it has any issue, it's part of an ubuntu image so we need to be able to fix it18:10
loolso we need some shared ownership for preinstalled apps18:11
dholbachcan you all please help taking notes? http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1308-community-1308-policy-of-default-click-packages18:11
asomethingif they'll be installed by default, it seems like there should be some kind of MIR-like check18:12
looldholbach: if there's space left, happy to join a bit18:12
ogra_click on desktop will fall under the same restrictions18:13
dholbachjdstrand, I think you mic was a bit low18:13
dholbachmic volume18:13
dholbachbut you only spoke very briefly, so I might be wrong :)18:13
jdstrandthanks. I don't know why it does that sometimes18:14
jdstrand(it was)18:14
rsalvetilet me jump to the accessibility session for a while18:14
rickspencer3dholbach, can I join briefly? I think I can represent slangasek's concerns a bit until he gets here18:14
rsalvetiwe got enough people in here :-)18:14
dholbachrickspencer3, sure18:14
ogra_pitti, sw center packages dont need to be free sw18:15
pittiogra_: right, but I thought this session is about the (small) subset which are installed by default?18:16
ogra_ah, right, indeed18:16
looljdstrand: toolbox banner for your name?18:16
pittibut even if they aren't free, they still need to have a proper license and QA18:16
ogra_for the default image definitely18:17
loolI dont hear cjwatson18:26
ogra_i do18:26
loolfor some strange reason I guess18:26
ogra_i dont see him18:26
loolout of all the streams, it's the onlyone I dont hear; weird18:26
ogra_well, i see him, but he is blue in the face and doesnt move at all18:26
dholbachogra_, maybe he unplugged the webcam?18:27
ogra_ah, that turms people blue, right :)18:27
pittiogra_: for the default image I'd require DFSGness really18:29
ogra_pitti, for the nexus image probably ...18:29
ogra_pitti, the majority of images we release will hopefully be for OEMs :)18:30
pittiogra_: sure, but these aren't "ubuntu" images and thus not under our jurisdiction anyway18:30
pittii. e. for those it's the OEM's job to ensure they have a license to ship their default apps18:30
ogra_i agree the freely installable nexus image needs to come in the same way a desktop iso comes18:31
ogra_but the policy we define here will affect OEM images as well18:31
ogra_and there might be something in the sw-center thats nonfree that they want to ship18:31
xnoxslangasek: e.g. facebook is in Apple Store, yet it is still pre-installed as well.18:32
aquariusPresumably if you decide to package my app in the default image (and I agree, and we have a good relationship) and then that relationship sours somehow, there is nothing stopping me publishing that app *again* in Ubuntu Software Centre under a different name?18:32
beunoaquarius, correct18:33
aquariusThe "go back to the pre-installed version if you remove the updates" thing is how Android works with pre-installed apps, too -- if Facebook was pre-shipped on your phone, you can remove the updates to it but you can't remove *it*.18:33
xnoxcjwatson: will that share data though, I'd be surprised to have to login again if this dual-app is facebook.18:33
aquariusThis conversation seems to be about people who Ubuntu trust enough to have their stuff in the default image but have since decided that they're unhappy about that? (I mean, otherwise we'd just say "go ahead and publish updates to your pre-installed apps on your own schedule", which is (as far as I know) what other platforms do.)18:34
aquariusI love that Dropping Letters is the example of an uncooperative upstream. Thanks, dudes. ;-)18:35
cjwatsonxnox: Yes18:37
cjwatsonxnox: Data location is independent of app unpack location18:38
cjwatsonaquarius: android> indeed, that's why I more or less assumed it would be an acceptable approach :)18:38
cjwatsonaquarius: I don't think it's about having decided we or they are unhappy; but rather that we want to make sure that the testing (etc.) that goes into preinstalled apps pre-release also applies to updates18:40
aquariuscjwatson, but com.ubuntu.* is for stuff *written by* Ubuntu, not *blessed* by Ubuntu, right? I mean, will a default Facebook app (if one happens) be under com.ubuntu?18:41
asomethingas for the social piece, is there any plans for including core app devs into ubuntu governance? obviously they qualify for membership, but is there anything like DMB for commit access to the core apps?18:41
cjwatsonaquarius: Probably not.  I certainly don't think we should have a policy that goes "only stuff in com.ubuntu is eligible to be preinstalled"18:42
cjwatsonSo it's true that we don't have a namespacing in the app store that's exactly what pitti's getting at18:42
cjwatsonTo me that kind of thing seems more like a tag we might apply after the fact that would be searchable via solr18:42
pittiI'm less concerned about the mechanics of that, but I am concerned about having some way to mark apps as "meets ubuntu standards" (DFSG, QA) and only consider default apps from that pool18:43
asomethingmost of the current core apps also have "ubuntu" right in their names. so they certainly blessed by the project18:44
ogra_asomething, thats probably beyond the session topic, but surely a good question for #ubuntu-touch :)18:44
pittiI guess some kind of "ubuntu app archive" might be important for actually building the images (pulling from third-party servers might be tricky), but that's a technical implementation detail18:44
slangasekcjwatson: so in fact, I was seeing it the other way, that if com.ubuntu is the namespace for trusted apps, the way we get an app blessed for preinstallation is copying it into the com.ubuntu namespace18:44
cjwatsonlool: wow.  you may not be able to hear me, but HOLY SHIT I can hear you18:44
dholbachlool, your mic volume is quite high18:44
cjwatsonpitti: I think it needs to be a tag approach rather than a separate repository, really18:45
cjwatsonslangasek: I had certainly been envisaging the namespace as indicating origin rather than signed-off-by18:46
beunoyes, me too18:46
slangasekI don't feel strongly about this point18:46
pittiI'd just like to have a reasonable interpretation of "official ubuntu images can only include stuff from ubuntu" for click18:46
pittii. e. on the official ISOs we must not enable PPAs and similar18:46
slangasekI do think we need to preserve the upstream's capability of updating the app via a different "channel" than whatever is used for updates to the preinstalled app18:46
pittilikewise on touch images we mustn't include software which we haven't vetted18:47
cjwatsonpreinstallations currently happen via that hacky directory on people.c.c18:47
ogra_pitti, we try the same for touch ... but PPAs are so sticky nowadays18:47
cjwatsonso we could just carry on doing something like that rather than preinstalling from the app store18:47
cjwatsonand then it's basically a matter of copying known-good versions18:47
cjwatsonalthough we don't update from there, so maybe that's no good18:48
* slangasek nods18:48
ogra_well, as long as the updates then dont come with a different app with the same name ...18:48
pittiI do agree that they should be able to get updated just like any other click app18:48
pitti(cf. vetting the app and its upstream initially)18:49
loolcjwatson: +118:50
xnoxjono: we'll fork.18:52
xnoxbeuno: and more people upload updates.18:54
xnoxbeuno: we'd want to share the updates.18:56
asaci would prefer if upstream does the updates18:57
xnoxasac: but i still want to be able to unbreak my phone as a core-dev.18:57
asacor at least allow them to care ontheir own if they want to18:57
xnoxasac: yeah, not exclusive.18:57
ogra_xnox, pfft, who cares about you as a core-dev ... we are hopefully the smallest minority of ubuntu touch users soon :)18:59
cjwatsonputting testing requirements in place isn't mutually exclusive with giving upstream control18:59
xnoxogra_: =)18:59
cjwatsonwe can give them control within a framework that requires quality18:59
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ogra_we are currently already getting them to write tests ... we should just cultivate that habit more19:00
asacyeah true19:00
ogra_not necessarily through policy19:00
slangasekno, absolutely through policy :)19:00
ogra_but imho each app we have should at some point have its own tests19:00
slangasekmaybe in other ways too, but it should be required by policy19:00
ogra_including the store apps from third parties19:01
cjwatsonslangasek: agreed19:01
loolI kind of feel that if we say we'll review updates in a speedy manner, it's ok to gatekeep updates to preinstalled apps all the time and allow upstreams to19:01
* xnox <3 community writting autopilot tests for ubiquity =))))19:01
looleasily push updates19:01
loolnot as easily as to not preinstalled apps, but almost19:01
cjwatsonlool: like I said, I don't know that the update gatekeeping has to be manual19:01
cjwatsondepends on how much we decide we trust the testing rigour19:01
pittiI think it's ok to just reserve the possibility to stop/block/fix them; not necessarily having to gatekeep each single update19:02
jdstrandthere could be conditions that redflag for manual review but otherwise are automatic19:02
cjwatsonsomething like that, yeah19:02
ogra_btw, do we have a rollback story for slipped through bad updates ?19:02
jdstrandwell, we have a method to ship an empty package. we could just grab a known good package and rev the version19:03
sergiusenslool: ogra_ yes19:03
ogra_(beyond, grab the last click package from the author and upload it with a newer version)19:03
sergiusensogra_: oh, then no19:03
aquariuscjwatson, surely Ubuntu would already have a pretty high confidence in the testing rigour of an app otherwise it wouldn't have qualified for the default image in the first place? :)19:03
beunoright,  what cjwatson said19:03
beunowe have a story to remove malicous apps19:04
beunobut not dowgrade19:04
cjwatsonI don't think we have the same "versions must go forward" constraint for click packages19:04
sergiusensogra_: that was one of the topics discussed19:04
cjwatsonI can't remember where that argument wound up :)19:04
beunocjwatson, we've decided we do19:04
rickspencer3hi aquarius o/19:04
cjwatsonbeuno: ah, ok19:04
beunoto make it easier on the client19:04
aquariusheya rickspencer3 :)19:04
cjwatson(that was actually my preferred answer but I thought I'd been overruled)19:04
cjwatsonaquarius: quite :)19:04
jdstrandcjwatson: oh interesting-- that is an assumption I had, but yes, we haven't defined what updates look like yet :)19:04
rickspencer3beuno, omg, does that mean it will be hard to revert click packages?19:04
rickspencer3please please please tell me it will be easy to revert19:05
beunorickspencer3, you can uninstall an update easily19:05
* lool coughs19:05
beunothis is more about the appstore pushing an older version and the client downgradng19:05
ogra_beuno, without uninstalling the app ?19:05
beunoogra_, sure, the user can uninstall an upgrade easily19:05
beunowe keep arpound the folders for the previous versions19:05
beunoso it's just changing a symlink19:05
beunounless things have changed?19:06
* rickspencer3 braces19:06
cjwatsonthat's only because garbage-collection is unimplemented19:06
aquariusall previous versions are kept in perpetuity? I am surprised at that19:06
rickspencer3well, at least we could keep around the last version?19:06
aquariusaha, cjwatson is also surprised at it ;)19:06
beunoaquarius, not forever  :)19:06
ogra_aquarius, ++19:06
beunowe haven't done the work19:06
cjwatsonwe can't carry on keeping all old versions19:06
beunobut garbage collection doesn't mean everything19:06
rickspencer3cjwatson, tell that to the kernel team19:06
cjwatsonlast version - maybe.  might depend on size since some apps are huge19:06
beunowe can keep the last one, we get to decide19:06
* rickspencer3 ducks19:06
ogra_but will we keep the "last good" version around ?19:07
ogra_bah, beuno is to fast for me19:07
aquariuscjwatson, gotta sort of be prepared for that anyway with the multiuser case, though, no?19:07
cjwatsonclick has no idea what is good19:07
jdstrandwell, last one is different then last known good19:07
cjwatsonaquarius: multiuser's different19:07
rickspencer3my concern is that our inability to revert causes a lot of pain and slowness when things go badly19:07
cjwatsonaquarius: in that case there are references for each user who has it installed19:07
YokoZarI believe you are in fact live jono19:07
cjwatsonand we absolutely keep referenced versions19:07
sethjYou're live19:07
philipballewLoud and clear Jono19:07
cjwatsonanyway, yeah, we're being kicked out19:08
beunorickspencer3, you mean like you get an update and it sucks, and you as a user want to go back to the previous version?19:08
* ogra_ guesses we should move to #ubuntu-touch 19:08
jonocommunity team feedback hangout: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cce17ac5775c2cc2a27eb5dfb3e9f490155cf739?authuser=0&hl=en19:08
rickspencer3beuno, like we have a buggy update in the development release19:08
jdstrandrickspencer3: well, even if it is as bad as picking an old one and revving the version, it is still loads better than anything we have with deb because there aren't inter-app dependencies19:08
rickspencer3the dashboard turns red19:08
rickspencer3we can't just revert the package19:08
jdstrandbut it would be nice to not have to do that19:08
beunorickspencer3, you version forward19:08
rickspencer3I'm not sure what we care about in terms of applications already  on the device19:09
cjwatsonwhat jdstrand said.  the reason you can't necessarily do that with .deb is that there might be things like automatic shlibdeps around19:09
* beuno moves to #ubuntu-touch19:09
dholbachany feedback on how the Canonical Community Team works?19:10
rickspencer3g+ and reddit both have tons of "community" content, but it tends to be outside the realm of the CoC19:13
rrnwexecperhaps the task of communicating with Ubuntu "consumers" ought to be delegated more to local groups19:17
rrnwexec(sorry i'm late)19:17
asomethingnot sure if I have any bright ideas for it, but one thing that might be worth thinking about is how to bring together people working on disparate aspects of ubuntu19:17
asomethingmost contributing packaging work for instance probably don't interact with touch core app devs19:18
asomethingand touch core app devs might not know anyone working on say mir19:18
rickspencer3YokoZar o/19:24
YokoZarHigh five?19:24
rickspencer3do you think it makes a difference that Canonical has so many developers working on Ubuntu now?19:24
jcastrocan I join the hangout?19:25
YokoZarrickspencer3: I do think there's some selection effect where a good chunk of the people who were super into ubuntu core bits in the beginning are now Canonical employees ;)19:25
rickspencer3fair enough19:26
rickspencer3but I remember when I started at Canonical, the team of paid developers was much much smaller19:26
rickspencer3I can't help wonder how that impacts the community interactions19:26
YokoZarFor sure.  My feeling is that Canonical has spread a bit more widely, doing lots of things with the extra staff rather than putting more staff on the same things19:26
jcastrodholbach: can I join the discussion in the G+?19:27
YokoZarSo the perception is more "Canonical is doing more things" than "there's all these more canonical people on this one thing"19:27
dholbachjcastro, sure19:27
hggdhcommunications, communications, communications (following rrnwexec's comment)19:31
linuxtechI would like to see someone take the lead on making sure we have latest stable releases of some server software.  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2013-August/006703.html19:33
linuxtechRobie Basak agreed with me!19:33
asomethingi though that was gotten rid of last uds?19:53
dholbachphilipballew, and call it community-1308-<something>19:58
philipballewwill do dholbach19:58
dholbachrock on19:58
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