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smartboyhwballoons, \o/14:58
balloonsanyone who wishes to join, speak up :-)15:01
DanChapmanballoons: i'll jump in :-)15:02
cjohnstonIt's all you balloons15:02
* smartboyhw wants to jump in balloons 15:03
balloonssorry a little dc, heh.. I'm going to wait for mark's keynote to finish15:05
balloons_udshttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/b06e7b5e91bcad6376a6df298f1bf3eded9306d5?authuser=1&hl=en for those wanting to join15:06
balloonsohh.. I wasn't live!15:06
balloonssorry, I didn't realize it was over15:07
balloons_udsshould be live15:08
smartboyhwballoons_uds, it says my account is not supported-.-15:08
smartboyhwHUH, it says that Google+ Hangouts require people to be over 18+15:09
smartboyhwDAMN IT15:09
smartboyhwballoons_uds, sorry, I can't come in then:(15:10
* smartboyhw writes an official complaint letter to Google for this15:10
cjohnstonsmartboyhw: being under 18 you can't concent to being on video15:12
smartboyhwcjohnston, that doesn't make sense...15:12
cjohnstonNot an adult == can't concent15:12
smartboyhwI mean, if vUDS is restricted for participation under 18, that' sunfair15:12
cjohnstonparticipation isn't.. But we can only work within the rules of services that we use15:13
cjohnstonballoons_uds: ? ^15:22
cjohnstonballoons_uds: 27.1 is still running, so results aren't complete yet15:23
cjohnstonThat's it that I'm aware of15:29
elopioI've just noticed that I had a bad delay during the session. It has just ended here :)15:58
elopiothanks balloons_uds.15:59
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balloonssorry for any delays.. :-(16:02
balloonsty everyone!16:02
smartboyhwballoons, you are happy, I aren't:(16:02
ballockok, anyone wants to join?16:04
OveRisbergI do16:04
ballockhere's the link16:04
jonoif anyone wants to join the hangout, join https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/edfad062d74d819880c39bfb05cf2aa674ea3420?authuser=0&hl=en16:04
ballockanyone interested in joining?16:08
blahblahkblahSorry if this question is basic: As someone who works in enterprise IT, I've found it hard to find documentation on supported centralized authentication systems.  Is there an enterprise-focused overview somewhere?  I think that something like that would help me build traction for Ubuntu in my enterprise.16:12
blahblahkblahSo to clarify my question: Is there an overview of supported technologies for Ubuntu in the enterprise?16:13
Mirvballock: ^16:14
u-k-i-tOne thing I would like to ask. Is the default install of the ubuntu desktop too bloated with defaults an enterprise/business desktop installer may not want i.e. browser, email, empathy, twitter client etc.? Is there a leaner option or one to be created?16:15
blahblahkblahOh wow, thank you!16:16
blahblahkblahThanks, that's a great answer!16:17
u-k-i-tBring in the ubuntu one is a good thing to mention. Thanks.16:21
u-k-i-tThanks for the answers.16:21
chilukcitrix recently released a new beta version of receiver for ubuntu16:22
u-k-i-tYes it was.16:25
chilukwhat are people using for their centralized authentication systems/16:26
chilukms active directory?16:27
blahblahkblahPersonally, I wasn't aware that it existed.  I get most of my Ubuntu news from planet.ubuntu.com and mailing lists, and a little from G+.  I just wasn't aware of the enterprise community.16:28
chilukare you guys running an antivirus on your ubuntu installs?16:31
blahblahkblah"if you answer no, then you have a problem" is exactly right ;)16:33
chilukyep, I'm not surprised by the answer... the idea of running it only nightly is an interesting concept...16:34
chilukit's flash/java based if I understand correctly16:35
chilukbut you can run your own server, and it works fairly flawlessly.16:36
chilukman you guys need to realize we are typing comments 2 minutes after you say things16:37
chilukthere's quite a lag.16:37
ballockyeah, I noticed16:37
ballockbut feel free to join, the G+ join goes really live16:38
blahblahkblahFor staged updates, it would be nice to be able to modify the randomly generated numbers to make sure c-levels aren't the "canaries"16:40
u-k-i-tHow much involvement does the enterprise project have with ubuntu hardware certification (maybe more enterprise hardware related) if any?16:41
u-k-i-tJust a comment on LTS enablement kernels question. I do use the quantal one, but have had a host of issues with the new raring one.16:49
u-k-i-tIs there an IRC channel or could the group have one over and above the mailing list so those on IRC can drop in for advice or help?16:54
linuxtechThe list requires joing the launchpad team, I don't think it should be that way.16:56
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