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GuidoPallemansdoes this start in 3 hours?13:02
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netcurli14 utc is in 50 minutes13:08
iktmorning all13:08
ayr_tonnetcurli, the bots are British. They enjoy to come soon at sessions.13:10
CheeseBurgOn time, sweet13:43
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krish2014hi !!13:46
krish2014are we going to start13:47
incepted13 minutes13:47
jonohey all13:48
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CheeseBurgI'm really excited, I missed the intro last time13:50
iktis this being recorded?13:51
CheeseBurgYea it is13:51
jonoikt, yep13:51
jonoall sessions are recorded :-)13:51
* adarsh slaps cjohnston around a bit with a large trout13:54
* smartboyhw waves to watch jono's face13:54
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cjohnstonwhatever it is13:55
CheeseBurg4 more minutes?13:56
adarshhow much more time?13:56
smartboyhw4 minutes yep13:57
smartboyhwPlease, be patient:)13:57
smartboyhwHmm, can anyone launch Chromium and go the session page?13:57
smartboyhwI can't see 1. notes 2. webchat13:57
smartboyhwOnly the video13:57
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smartboyhwTimsgo, STOP SPAMMINGT13:58
sethjI'm in Chromium13:58
sethjOn the summit page.13:58
nik_d13hey guys13:58
* DS_McGuire slaps Timsgo around a bit with a large trout13:58
* Timsgo slaps DS_McGuire around a bit with a large trout13:58
smartboyhwHuh, after logging in to the pad using another window now the pad shows up13:59
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sirradixit singla13:59
* sirra slaps Abhilashorg around a bit with a large trout14:00
sethjphew, got join/parts off.14:00
DS_McGuireSo guys... GS or Unity?14:00
DS_McGuire7 - Unity 1 KDE14:01
smartboyhwOK, we aren't arguing about DEs here:)14:01
krish2014@sirra bbbuuurrrraaaaa.......14:01
Joel38603when does it begins14:01
cjwatsonI use a combination of punch cards and a brainwave inducer14:01
* Timsgo slaps Joel38603 around a bit with a large trout14:02
* ogra_ waves14:02
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cjohnstonhey jono14:02
smartboyhwWe;re STARTING14:02
fader_Joel38603: Howdy!14:02
smartboyhwHey jono14:02
* xnox \o/ yeah =)))))14:02
ogra_so why doesnt the video work on my android phone :(14:02
josepht_udsjono: see you here14:02
cjohnstonhey rickspencer314:02
rickspencer3we can see you jono14:02
CheeseBurghey sexy ;)14:02
AhnbergI see you!14:02
netcurliwe see you14:02
nerochiarojono: see you too14:02
fader_jono: Looking good14:02
DS_McGuireI can't see you14:02
zygait works14:02
Brudasup, yep live and loud Jono14:02
katobe62up loud and clear14:02
robbiewjono: looking good14:02
CoolGooseplay a gig14:02
swordfishwe can hear you!!14:02
deraworks superb14:02
PHPprogramerrefreshing did it for me14:02
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jcastroworks awesome!14:03
DS_McGuireOh, I have you now :D14:03
smartboyhwjono, get yourself a better house (at least match sabdfl's) :P14:03
montie2014here we go14:03
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Cantideyay :)14:03
bjfjono, lound, clear, visual14:03
ogra_doesnt work on my desktop either14:03
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DS_McGuireHow many viewers are there?14:04
BrudaLooks like glimpses of mark there :)14:04
* ogra_ would love to be a viewer if the video would work at all14:04
smartboyhwogra_, huh14:04
=== AndreW is now known as Guest28955
fanysHi everybody14:04
ogra_"your browser doe not support the required video formats"14:04
fanysuse chrome14:04
ogra_i get that in all browsers here14:05
Joel38603do u use ie 5 XD14:05
=== Guest71873 is now known as elctrotron
khajvahis it html5 or flash?14:05
=== Mauricio is now known as Mauricio_Ocampo
mhall119flash probably14:05
ogra_fanys, chrome or FF doesnt seem to matter, i tried on 4 different installs (and releases) and on android14:05
sethjorga_ do you have flash?14:05
Brudalooks pretty slick yea14:05
khajvahif it is flash14:05
fanysoh, android14:05
mhall119ogra_: are you missing codecs?14:05
khajvahbrowser is not the prblem14:05
fanysuse computer :P14:05
khajvahoh ok14:05
Enubest phone ever =(14:05
smartboyhwI like 720p14:05
ChaoticI can see you.14:05
ogra_mhshow would i on a machine wheer i usually do hangouts ?14:06
inceptedtry watching from youtube app14:06
ogra_mhall119, ^^^14:06
* Timsgo slaps Guest36646 around a bit with a large trout14:06
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DS_McGuire13.10 worries me.14:06
cjohnstonTimsgo: please stop14:06
Cantidehi Squirm :p14:06
ajmali thought its closed :)14:06
khajvahwill be better14:06
Squirmhi Cantide14:06
khajvahi think14:06
Joel38603i still use 12.0414:06
khajvahI am soon switching to arch linux14:06
koukos12.04 too14:06
khajvahI am too lazy now14:06
khajvahbut ubuntu is good14:07
DS_McGuireUnity is going to be so kickass!14:07
khajvahit is great14:07
DS_McGuireUnity 8*14:07
PHPprogramerpush WEB programming to DESKTOP programining without using JS14:07
BrudaUnity is till a bit resource heavy.14:07
Joel38603i use grome classic desktop XD14:07
SquirmI prefer gnome 214:07
fanysand a bit wine unfriendly :/14:07
khajvahit is getting better by  every release so14:07
PHPprogrameri use gnome shell14:07
petros_mate is better14:07
PseudoNinjagnome classic here14:07
Squirmso Mint MATE works for me14:07
khajvahno need to stay with old versions14:07
sethjPHProgrammer, how in the world is that going to work?14:07
khajvahunity is good14:07
noneofthemHi all14:08
DS_McGuireUnity is awesome. By 14.04 I am sure it will be even better with Unity 8.14:08
PHPprogramerlike PyGTK binds for say PHP and XML14:08
incepted14.04 won't ship with unity 814:08
khajvahit wont?14:08
BrudaA platform still needs to be efficient.14:08
sethjI prefer JS14:08
iktunity 8 set for 14.10 iirc14:09
CheeseBurgWon't there be a test session for Unity 8 in 14.04?14:09
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=== Guest89187 is now known as pythoniseverywr
DS_McGuire"is set" Mir was pushed forward too minf.14:09
BrudaI'm a Go programmer. I'd like to see an API.14:09
smartboyhwjono, you are ignoring testers, balloons will be angry14:09
ZonovRomanWhat about Mir on Nexus 10?14:09
petros_14.04 will distributed with mir?14:09
khajvahI still don't understand why they stop using xour14:09
smartboyhwpetros_, yes14:09
=== rrnwexec2 is now known as randall
marcoceppiPHPprogramer: Why not Python :)14:10
mhall119petros_: 13.10 wil ship with mir14:10
inceptedmhall119: not mir, xmir.,14:10
mhall119xmir is a layer between mir and x1114:10
* koukos slaps mhall119 around a bit with a large trout14:10
* koukos slaps mhall119 around a bit with a large trout14:10
=== randall is now known as Guest90647
popeykoukos: please dont14:10
petros_so, it will had a nested mir into xorg?14:10
BrudaA cloud based application engine is obviously a good way to go.14:10
mhall119xmir requires mir14:10
khajvahso 13.10 is based on mir14:10
* spongebob slaps ubuntulog2 around a bit with a large trout14:11
khajvahand 14.10 is based on xmir/?14:11
khajvahwill be14:11
inceptedonly mir14:11
popey13.10 = xorg fallback, xmir on mir14:11
popey14.xx = mir14:11
slangasekpetros_: no, it will have an X server running on top of Mir.14:11
inceptedalso 14.04 with xmir but no fallback14:11
koukosspongebob u-23214:12
ikt14.04 = xmir, 14.10 = mir14:12
mhall119yes, 13.10 will use mir as the system compositor and X11/Unity7 as the session compositor14:12
petros_the other DEs (gnome, kde, mate, xfce) will they run on mir ?14:12
dextreaqui todos hablan ingles14:12
khajvahyes with ubuntu14:12
nadirhello guys14:12
khajvahI think14:12
mhall119dextre: generally yes14:12
petros_dextre: εγώ μιλάω και ελληνικά αν σου κάνει...14:13
mhall119petros_: they can run on Mir using XMir yes14:13
dextrei use gnome remix 12.1014:13
koukosxaxaxa kai egw lol14:13
petros_γεια σου ρε κουκε14:13
smartboyhwdextre, upgrade to 13.0414:13
koukosgeia sou petros_14:13
smartboyhwIt is at least official in 13.04:)14:13
dextrei cant14:13
smartboyhwdextre, ?14:14
dextremy laptop has uefi14:14
balloonssmartboyhw, we're all a part of the community :-)14:14
petros_koukos: από που;14:14
incepteduefi works with 13.04?14:14
smartboyhwballoons, lol, just that it's unfair to ignore us:)14:14
smartboyhwHey amjjawad nice to see you on IRC:)14:14
dextreand every time i install 13.0414:14
smartboyhwincepted, yes14:14
petros_koukos: διπλα ειμαι, λαμια...14:14
popeyUEFI has been supported since 12.04.214:14
dextreubuntu cant install14:14
koukosmia xara :P14:14
popeywell, UEFI has been supported way longer than that14:15
amjjawadsmartboyhw: hi :)14:15
dextrealways fail grub14:15
khajvahboot with a usb and configure gtub14:15
smartboyhwamjjawad, why don't you try to come on and stay on IRC more often? ;)14:15
Ursinhadextre, it doesn't install or doesn't boot after installing?14:15
dextrebut if i install 12. this one install  very good without problem14:15
* petros_ is bored of too much blahblah...14:15
dextreyes this ones boot after install14:16
amjjawadsmartboyhw: I am not an IRC type :)14:16
dextreafter install ubuntu 13 doesnt boot14:16
smartboyhwamjjawad, IRC will prove to be important as your work inside different flavours are more extensive:)14:16
urmumdextre: cause u nub14:17
petros_dextre: whats your problem?14:17
=== tek is now known as Guest93611
Ursinhadextre, I had problems booting once in my notebook that has uefi so I used boot repair and it was fixed14:17
cjwatsonurmum: that's inappropriate14:17
urmumcjwatson: so?14:17
Ursinhadextre, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair14:17
Ursinhaurmum, so don't do it14:17
cjwatsonurmum: so we have a code of conduct here and calling people names isn't welcome14:17
BrudaGeneral discussion with who? Other random users?14:17
urmumcjwatson: thats wot ur nan said14:17
=== wanderer is now known as iwonderandwander
cjwatsonI'd be happy to look into dextre's problem but perhaps not when I'm about to dive into three days of meetings14:18
mhall119urmum: please stop14:18
khajvahslap him14:18
smartboyhwWe should get IRC ops here..14:18
Ursinhacjohnston, hello :)14:18
mhall119code of coduct, follow it14:19
Cantideand general decency14:19
dextrebut boot repaird i cant install because after install and restart this one send me to the multiboot14:19
AhnbergCommon sense isn't.14:19
cshubhamraohi everyone14:19
dextreand i dont have any option14:19
cjwatsondextre: if you have a bug number already where you've filed installation logs from the failed 13.04 install, feel free to pass me the bug number; otherwise it would be useful to have those logs some other way14:20
Ursinhadextre, you can download the boot repair image and boot with it, run boot repair tool and it should fix your boot accordingly if you have uefi14:20
ZonovRomanI'm Elementary OS user, but this these screenshots i miss Ubuntu with Unity)14:20
cjwatsonI'm not at all sure that boot repair knows how to deal with UEFI properly?14:20
khajvahdexter, this chat is really not a good place14:20
cjwatson(could be wrong)14:20
khajvahtry to write your problem14:20
khajvahin ubuntuforums14:20
dholbachor askubuntu.com14:20
Ursinhacjwatson, I had a problem with the new machine I bought and I managed to fix the boot with it14:20
slangasekthere are "boot repair" images that do deal with UEFI, but I don't know that any of them are called "boot repair"14:21
Ursinhait has UEFI, and grub was confused with it, it seemed14:21
Ursinhaslangasek, http://sourceforge.net/p/boot-repair-cd/home/Home/14:21
BrudaDon't buy machines built for Windows if you intend to use Linux :P14:21
GeochrGuys i think that here is a channell for the UDS and not a support channel, join the #ubuntu forsupport14:22
slangasekUrsinha: right, that one's from yannubuntu and distinctly does support UEFI :)14:22
khajvahmost machines are based on windows14:22
jcastrosounds good!14:22
ZonovRomanHi Mark!14:22
PseudoNinjaspeak up a bit?14:22
* slangasek applauds14:22
zygasound is good14:22
Brudayep, clear here.14:22
PseudoNinjabetter ty14:22
zygathis is good14:22
mhall119sounds okay to me14:22
Brudalooks like a nice home.14:23
sethjsounds just a tad quiet14:23
mhall119jono: click on yourself if you want us to see the slides14:23
BrudaI also read lips.14:23
mhall119jono: unclick yourself when you want us to see mark14:24
=== Bruda is now known as Brudha
karniI wouldn't mind seeing Mark while he talks through the first intro slide :)14:26
=== rube is now known as rlongf
Ubu-0987654321hi all14:28
karniThank you14:28
khajvahhe is not talking anything important14:29
scorp62i don´t watch this video at first time, can i watch it later on an replay by youtube ?14:29
zygascorp62: yes14:29
Brudhatrust is earned in most cases.14:29
mhall119scorp62: yes, it will be available at the same URL14:29
Ursinhakhajvah, I think that's important, yes14:29
khajvahI heard these things many times14:30
CheeseBurgAlso TV operating System14:31
Brudhathe core can work with multiple interfaces. It seems the interfaces make most of the difference between devices.14:31
dextrei am downloading boot repair disk14:32
CheeseBurgKDE is doing the same thing14:32
dextrei install ubuntu like this14:32
khajvahthe core can be easily ported if it is not 100% working14:32
dextreuefi  swap /   /home14:33
krish2014i see an important role of money now14:33
khajvahis ubuntu sdk fully working?14:34
khajvahi am thinking of developing for ubuntu phone14:34
mhall119it's working, but it's not complete14:34
BrudhaFocus on the product not the audience. People adapt if the product is powerful enough. If you let them dictate the direction, you may end up too many traditional features, it hinders innovation.14:34
rolliewhy Canonical is not "connected" with the Fairphone project ? it seems to be a great project and close to Ubuntu philosophy... Am I wrong...? :)14:34
=== mote is now known as Guest11131
dpmcore app developers rock! \o/14:35
sharifos install in samsung phone help me14:35
mhall119sharif: you can get help with getting Ubuntu Touch on devices in #ubuntu-touch14:35
brechtthis is so fascinating14:35
boulabiarmaking a phone+tablet+pc OS, needs a new way to create applications that works on phone+tablet+pc environment, and that can have the same core, but a different UI depending on the phone|tablet|pc use. A UI that can be attached and detached depending on the context14:35
Ahnberg /l14:35
slangasekrollie: first I've ever heard of Fairphone.  Interesting idea, though they seem to have already shipped their product, a little late for Canonical to get on board?14:35
khajvahubuntu touch is not usable for now14:36
mhall119boulabiar: the Ubuntu SDK provides exactly that14:36
BrudhaThat sounds great. Reducing resource usage.14:36
mhall119khajvah: Ubuntu Touch has been on my only mobile phone for a month now14:36
CheeseBurgFairphone isn't in US yet which sucks14:36
mhall119it's usable14:36
khajvahi heard from14:36
khajvahubuntu guys14:36
khajvahthey say it is not usable for everyday use14:36
mhall119it's not stable enough for average end-users to use it14:37
BrudhaMark, check out Manjaro/Arch, at least for inspiration on how to make the core system more lightweight.14:37
sethjeveryday use is relative14:37
mhall119but if you're a technie who likes new things, it's fine14:37
rolliethey are still in production AND in evolution ! and perhaps Canonical could give them a more international place :)14:37
sethjIt's stable for everyday use, but it isn't ready for end users14:37
rolliestill speaking about Fairphone :)14:37
boulabiarmhall119: can you take a small look here http://goo.gl/soZUJk (Scenario 3)14:38
osdevwill it be possible to work in a ubuntu touch device? Or will it make the same mistakes like Windows RT?14:38
Cantidekhajvah, I usually check this guy's youtube channel - he installs it once a month and tests it - here's his latest test: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stx0frMuw8414:38
mhall119boulabiar: I'll read it later, in the mean time you should look at http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/ubuntu-layouts.html14:39
Brudhabut compatibility is in question?14:39
mojo706any where I could get the audio stream?14:39
linuxtechWhere is that slide in a readable format?14:39
khajvahI hope they will get hardwar compnies to work with ubuntu14:39
mhall119mojo706: it's a youtube broadcast14:39
mojo706I can't stream14:40
boulabiarmhall119: thanks for the link14:40
mojo706poor connection14:40
inceptedxmir will catasthrope for games14:40
mhall119incepted: not likely14:40
inceptedi'm just playing dota 2 on my pc14:40
khajvahis it possible to dualboot android and touch?14:40
inceptedbut dota 2 runs noticably slower in ubuntu14:41
mhall119once xmir has composite bypass the game will talk directly to the GPU, bypassing almost all of both Mir and X1114:41
moteprimeincepted is it good?14:41
BrudhaDOTA 2 runs pretty well in Manjaro.14:41
tvoss__incepted, what gpu are you running on?14:41
inceptednvidia gts 45014:41
Mordrekaikhajvah: Ubuntu Edge would had ben released with Android and Touch so, sure thing14:42
dextrewhy windows is more popular than gnu/linux14:42
mhall119dextre: it was there first14:42
petros_what will gain as users using mir instead of xorg?14:42
Brudhapetros_: performance gains apparently.14:42
tvoss__incepted, which driver are you running dota2 on?14:42
khajvahmir surely wont get us more users14:42
JackYuxmir is still not good enough, while I am using it more than one month:).14:43
mhall119petros_: performance and simplicity, and the same display server on all devices14:43
khajvahperformance is good14:43
inceptedtvoss__: recommened driver for 13.0414:43
khajvahgame developers maybe will gain us more users14:43
CantideJackYu, i'm quite sure it's still in development :)14:43
alecupetros_: there are security issues also that are fixed by mir instead of X14:43
inceptedtvoss__: nvidia-31014:43
Heshamare there course14:43
BrudhaMir supporting Free & Proprietary drivers can bring more gaming.14:43
Heshamdid it begin14:44
alecupetros_: mostly regarding app confinement: a rogue X app can watch all keyboard input that goes to every other app14:44
PupomatI want Linux+Wayland+Qt .. everything else needs to be deprecated14:44
MordrekaiIs it posible to avoid the left/quit messages?14:44
mhall119Pupomat: then go out and make it and take over the market14:44
tvoss__incepted, ah, I thought you were running xmir14:44
ogra_Pupomat, implement it then14:44
petros_but there are so many graphics drivers based on xorg14:44
tvoss__petros_, a lot more based on the android model ;)14:45
petros_why to erase all this work?14:45
mojo706petros_, its not being erased14:45
mhall119because xorg requires big complicated drivers14:45
mojo706its being improved14:45
Brudhaxorg is bloated.14:45
skarmiglionexorg is obsolete14:45
rbasakSee https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunk_cost. "why to erase all this work?" shouldn't even be a consideration.14:46
pitti_udsmhall119: that's mostly KMS these days (i. e. kernel, not X)14:46
inceptedalso improving xorg is so hard14:46
khajvahbut seriously, it is one of few things that survived for sooo long14:46
khajvahand is still living14:46
olbi_why not support wayland? :)14:46
mhall119wayland wasn't going the direction we wanted14:46
mhall119and they didn't want to go the direction we were heading in14:46
mojo706I think Mark wrote an article on why xmir14:46
khajvahby "we" do you mean ubuntu users?14:46
mojo706google it14:46
mhall119khajvah: ubuntu developers14:47
Mirvunity-system-compositor, that is14:47
olbi_Mark allways show that he want be like Steve Jobs :P14:47
dholbacholbi_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec#Why_Not_Wayland_.2BAC8_Weston.3F14:47
slangaseknot so; sabdfl gives a lot more to charity than Steve Jobs ever did14:47
petros_but why noy wayland?14:47
dholbachpetros_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec#Why_Not_Wayland_.2BAC8_Weston.3F14:47
mhall119petros_: different directions14:47
sethjolbi_ I see no connection14:47
mojo706olbi_, what?14:47
inceptedpetros_: mobile devices14:47
MordrekaiThanls, dholbach ^^14:48
mhall119petros_: think of Mir and Wayland like Gnome and KD14:48
dextrewho is speaking14:48
mhall119dextre: mark shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical14:48
MT-WebARTare debian dev welcomed? :P14:48
petros_mhall119: i can't make a connectoction...14:48
mhall119MT-WebART: debian developers are always welcomed14:48
ogra_MT-WebART, sure, many ubuntu devs are both14:48
mojo706MT-WebART, yes14:48
marcoceppiYeah!! Cloud and Juju!14:49
PedroIShutleworth is the guy!14:49
mojo706marcoceppi, hehe14:49
petros_MT-WebART: yes! always! :D14:49
khajvahby ubuntu developer you mean14:49
khajvahyou work for ubuntu14:49
dextreit seems nobody leasen to him14:49
mhall119khajvah: no14:49
KkricoJust a question: how smooth can be the animations with xmir?(and mir also)? I've seen a few animations on wayland and they're very smooth. Btw, ty for answer me guys :)14:49
mhall119there are many ubuntu developers who are not Canonical employees14:49
khajvahdo you contribute in ubuntu?14:50
mhall119Kkrico: performance between Mir and Wayland will be pretty similar14:50
khajvahor just make apps for ubuntu14:50
ogra_khajvah, become an ubuntu dev and try yourself :)14:50
skarmiglionecan be more better for we on the develop of videogames?14:50
ogra_everyone can14:50
mhall119khajvah: ubuntu developers generally contribute to the core OS14:50
hckrI have just entered. When will Ubuntu in the Cloud be open?14:50
mojo706what are rogue Ubuntu images?14:50
khajvahok now i get it14:50
pitti_udshckr: has it ever not been?14:50
marcoceppihckr: what do you mean?14:50
KkricoOh ok14:50
mojo706marcoceppi, rogue Ubuntu images14:51
hckrpitti_uds I hadn't seen that before14:51
mhall119mojo706: we publish hashes of the official ISOs14:51
khajvahI will get into ubuntu touch developing14:51
marcoceppimojo706: That's clouds publishing their own versions of Ubuntu that aren't canonical approved14:51
mojo706oh ok14:51
mhall119ah, now I see what you were asking about14:52
JackYuCantide, i see, i'm waiting the better version:).14:52
mojo706how do you tell they are rogue?14:53
skarmiglionethen mir is more compatible with android drivers?14:53
mhall119skarmiglione: more compatible than Xorg, yes14:53
dextrewhat do all of you about richard stallman say about ubuntu14:54
skarmiglioneoptimus nvidia cards what happen with it?14:54
mhall119dextre: we wish him the best of luck in his endevours, and we'll continue being awesome in our own way :)14:54
olbi_hmm, let's see, Mir is supported by Canonical, Wayland is supported by: Red Hat, Samsung, Intel, Collabora and many others14:54
khajvahfuck nvidia14:54
dextrewhat do all of you think about richard stallman say about ubuntu14:54
olbi_even Google help with developing Wayland :)14:54
mojo706everyone has an opinion14:55
fearthepiesound's like mark's iphone just got a tweet...14:55
mhall119olbi_: more chefs doesn't always make better food14:55
PedroIDextre: I think he is doing a storm in a glass of water.14:55
mojo706olbi_, what mhall119 said14:55
Filipe_DillyWhat about Wacom drivers Support on Mir?14:55
skarmiglioneok sadly my laptop is that optimus.. and i feel that too fuck nvidia but i have one14:55
CantideJackYu, me, too :) i think it should be good in 13.10 when it's released though :) so I am keen to try it out :)14:55
khajvahI have that optimus thing too14:56
khajvahbumblebee seems fine14:56
mojo706Cantide, try it now14:56
olbi_Wacom is supported in Qt, so it should be no problem for Mir or Wayland to implement it :)14:56
Cantidemojo706, due to certain circumstances, I won't have a PC / phone for a few weeks / months, so waiting will have to do :p14:56
skarmiglionea bumblebee more integrated maybe?14:56
Filipe_DillyNice, but I use it on GTK as well14:56
mojo706oh ok14:57
jcastroover $60k in prizes in the contest, tell a friend!14:57
inceptedskarmiglione: it will be perfrect14:57
mhall119jcastro: nice!14:57
tvoss__Filipe_Dilly, it comes down to evdev kernel support14:57
Filipe_DillyWhat is "evdev"?14:57
khajvahms guys14:58
slangasekFilipe_Dilly: in 13.10, input devices will be handled by XMir rather than Mir; that means any input device that works currently should continue to work transparently via X14:58
JackYuCantide, +1, I'm asking my team to test it.14:58
Filipe_DillyGood to know!14:58
mojo706I'm waiting til 14.04 LTS14:58
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smartboyhwjono, you do realize it's overrunning, do you?15:01
mhall119smartboyhw: yes15:01
* smartboyhw is waiting it to end...15:01
PedroIWhy are all this controversy in the Linux community about Mir?15:01
mhall119PedroI: because we're a bunch of smart people with strong opinions and a platform that let's us express those opinions widely :)15:02
dextredo you know if this chat is always active or just because mark is speaking15:02
jonosmartboyhw, yep15:02
mhall119in other words, the same reason there's always a controversy over something in the Linux community15:02
mhall119dextre: this channel is specically for this session and the last one on Thursday15:02
PedroIthanks mhall!15:03
mhall119dextre: the other sessions will be in separate channels, like #ubuntu-uds-appdev-115:03
ogra_smartboyhw, it isnt overrinning, it is sabdfl'ing15:03
smartboyhwogra_, nice verb:)15:03
mattywhow would I get involved in helping out with that Netflix oss stuff?15:03
zyga"but for some people that's cool"15:03
mhall119mattyw: ask jcastro or marcoceppi15:03
mattywmhall119, cool thanks15:03
marcoceppimattyw: stop by #juju sometime :)15:04
dextrebecause i wnat to conect in other moment15:04
Mirvthere's also the general #ubuntu-uds channel15:04
cjohnstonjono: eat your veggies15:04
Mirvnot tied to any track15:04
mojo706marcoceppi, what if you are a total noob?15:04
mhall119mojo706: they'd like to have you just the same :)15:05
Cantidethanks jono and Mark :)15:05
* ikt claps15:05
marcoceppimojo706: doesn't matter! We'll help you out15:05
* asac applaudes15:05
mojo706is there like a juju-off-topic15:05
ogra_*clap* *c;ap*15:05
smartboyhwCLAP CLAP15:05
smartboyhw^ OK, that's advert15:06
dextreok friends i have to go to cook, it was good pleasure talk with all of you15:07
boulabiarmhall119:  don't forget to read the article, and maybe comment ;)15:07
dextreyou can visit in artepinturasdextre.blogspot.com15:09
stavros_stavrosits not live haha15:10
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jasonamyersI've been using the SDK15:17
jasonamyerstrying to build a campfire client15:17
* advation slaps HansHeeling around a bit with a large trout15:33
craigbookerI can see you.15:35
Sadpepsiwatching this from a windows, watch out we have a badass over here? :>15:37
sabret00theDisappointed that it's all over just as I found time to tune in. But I'll watch the video.15:39
xnoxadvation: that's not appropriate language here. please don't do that again.16:01
RobertJDohnertI still dont see what Mir offers that makes it better than Wayland16:07
ogra_RobertJDohnert, different input layer, mobile support being the main focus etc etc16:08
ogra_code test integration too16:08
owais@RobertJDohnert, total freedom and control which is extremely important if you ask me for such a critical part of the stack16:09
ogra_that too, yeah16:09
RobertJDohnertAnd once again, what advantage does it have Wayland is open source, its a freedesktop.org project now.  Does this have to do MORE with the fact it was a Red Hat project at the time Wayland was introduced rather than any actual advantage.16:14
ogra_RobertJDohnert, it would essentially have become a wayland fork since upstream wouldnt have accepted the ubuntu changes (there are quite some architectural differences) ...16:14
ogra_so the option was to constantly have wrangling going on with getting your upostream stuff into something you have forked anyway, or just go and write something from scratch16:15
jjmarinRobertJDohnert: AFIK, Waylan has been an intel project, it has been a Red Hat project as the same way that it has been a Canonical project when Canonical decided to leave16:17
ogra_RobertJDohnert, best to read the series of blog posts that RAOF wrote about "why Mir" it explains pretty well how the decision process to do a new thing from scratch worked16:17
ogra_RobertJDohnert, http://blog.cooperteam.net/2013/03/mir-and-you.html16:19
ogra_RobertJDohnert, and http://blog.cooperteam.net/2013/03/for-posterity.html16:22
RichHerohey mate16:30
McWolfHello Everyone.16:32
rjdohnert_hey mcWolf16:35
lyubakashi all16:49
BernardooooI find that racist.17:37
ogra_the silence ?17:37
BernardooooErm... yes?17:37
RyeinI hear birds18:54
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ubuntuuser25688More info of ubuntu edge can be seen on this blog: http://bit.ly/18PEJfs22:48
metasansanaI did the same thing a few hours ago. ;)\23:29

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