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atluriwhat are the prerequisites for this talk?14:29
xnoxatluri: not much, just fleshing out things that need to be done for mongodb package. It's more of a discussion & coordination, than a talk.14:37
atluriOk. Thank xnox14:47
atluriThank you xnox14:47
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* med_ waits for jamespage_uds or Daviey to open the youtube15:07
* med_ waits for jamespage_uds2 or Daviey to open the youtube15:07
* jamespage_uds2 pokes smoser15:08
jamespagehi all15:11
jamespagesmoser is just spinning up the youtube channel15:11
zulhowdy ho15:11
* jamespage twiddles his thumbs15:11
jamespagehey \sh15:12
\shhey james :)15:12
* med_ twiddles his twid15:12
* \sh is fighting with the summit registration ;)15:12
jamespage\sh, nice15:12
jamespagewe'll get started as soon as smoser has got the channel up and running15:13
* med_ sings "Anticipation...."15:14
med_and watches jorge and marco in the other window15:14
jamespageI've got my best orange t-shirt on and everything15:14
\shok here we go I am registered after 10 mins ;)15:15
jamespageanyone else want to join the hangout?15:17
* \sh will be lurking and sent my rants via irc , /me is not a good look on the cam today ;)15:18
zultechnology is hard15:18
\shna...i'm on pto and not even showered ;)15:18
med_I'm not on PTO and not even showered.... and have a face for radio15:18
jamespageOK folks - so we are struggling a bit to get the hangout going15:19
jamespageso I'm going to start on IRC until we do15:19
* jamespage goes all old fashioned15:19
jamespageOK - so we set out with the objective of getting MongoDB into main for 13.1015:20
jamespagetwo primary drivers15:20
jamespage1) juju-core  - mongodb is key in the central state servers15:20
jamespage2) ceilometer (openstack metering) - mongodb is the primary backend database target15:20
jamespageMIR process has started15:21
jamespageone second - might be about to go on air15:22
mgzblast, was enjoying the irc version15:22
jamespagesorry mgz15:22
smosercan anyone verify ?15:22
med_you are live15:22
med_oh wait, starting soon15:22
rbasakI see you.15:23
\shgo ahead :)15:23
med_in both the direct link and the embedded.15:23
rbasakNot sure what the lag is. Say ping?15:23
yolanda_udssee you now15:23
med_very working15:23
rbasakAround a minute for me it seems.15:23
med_very laggy15:24
mgzhm, no audio-only version with youtube15:24
\shso, mongodb is (like nodejs) a very moving target, so are we easily able to push (eventually) newer (major) versions into ubuntu (like the 14.04 LTS etc.)?  Regarding the use case in a fast paced development environment  many devs want to have a latest greatest stable releases15:31
med_cloud-tools? new pocket.  Where is that being discussed (which session)15:31
mgzchuck dead15:31
zul<-- yay for rural internet15:31
med_He's only mostly dead.15:31
mgzzombie chuck15:31
med_\sh I'm not sure where nodejs is being disussed, but this is a pretty big issue for any cloud stuff.15:32
med_ie, we need a much much newer version15:33
jamespagemed_, nodejs is not  - that moves way to fast15:33
med_jamespage, well, other folks (other teams) are talking about an MRE for it too15:33
jamespagemed_, which teams?15:33
med_public cloud15:33
jamespagemed_, hmm15:33
mgzjamespage: what was the second issue with the MIR update, still the license thing?15:34
\shthanks :)15:34
med_just heard you ask the voice question15:34
med_very laggy15:34
\shplease, don't talk about nodejs it's a mess ;)15:34
rbasakI'm not sure I'll be able to get the ARM upstreaming work done this cycle.15:37
rbasakIt's pretty low priority for me, because nothing is broken.15:37
jamespageany more questions?15:38
rbasakIt's also extremely time consuming, because running a test build/test suite takes hours.15:38
rbasakI think it might be better to fix things the next time the ARM patches need touching.15:38
jamespagerbasak, ok - I postponed all the workitems in that area15:38
\shoh I have still one question ;)15:39
\shjamespage, eventually could you read through the comments in isotopps post regarding some issues in mongodb which are more architectural? https://plus.google.com/117024231055768477646/posts/CBHoxCkLH2C15:40
\shjamespage, especially the one comment from isotopp starting with 'it begins with mmap()'15:43
jamespage\sh, nice15:43
\shthis guy is using DBs quite a lot :) and he knows what he's talking about :) (working for booking.com and formerly for mysql AB))15:44
med_quite  a rant.15:45
\shactually very interesting, but my question is more, how far can we go to address some issues which our user base is experiencing regarding large scale infras (which actually comes down to the point: how can we support our user base with fresh releases without breaking our enterprise commitment)15:50
rbasakWhich issues? I don't think it's appropriate for Ubuntu to address fundamental issues about an upstream project (whether they are valid or not). Surely this is a discussion better had with upstream?15:54
\shrbasak, what ever issues are coming up, while using ubuntu as foundation to a business15:57
rbasak\sh: can you enumerate these issues please?15:57
frost12345is it over?15:59
\shRight now I can't ... but I could write up usage issues with so called 'enterprise' distros for large scaled enterprises :) (dev and ops related) any let's go over to virtualization stack work15:59
frost12345When will the next start?16:00
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smoserfrost12345, 4 minutes16:01
\shsmoser, any reason why nobody mentions 'cloudstack'  in this blueprint (upcoming meeting)?16:03
stgraberhallyn_: can you send me the hangout URL?16:04
utlemminghas the session not started yet?16:06
hallyn_it just did.  arewe not live?16:07
argesyou are live16:07
argessomebody should mute, i hear an echo16:07
atlurihow to join hangout?16:08
hazmatuser namespaces, awesome16:08
atluriIs there virtualization for GPUs?16:12
smoseratluri, what do you mean ?16:20
smoserthere is pass through of gpus to a guest.16:21
hazmathallyn_, could you elaborate on the upstream cgroup changes16:22
hazmatstgraber, thanks16:22
hallyn_hazmat: your q was answered?16:25
hallyn_(sorry was on a different screen)16:25
atluriVirtualisation of GPUs16:26
hallyn_i don't know of any work being done on that16:27
hallyn_you mean virtual GPUs that can be programmed ?16:27
hazmathallyn_, i think so.. the nutshell sounds like systemd managing the cgroup hierarchy and lxc integrating with cgroups16:31
hazmater.. integrating with systemd16:31
hallyn_hazmat: yeah so historically cgroups were managed and used using the vs interface.  The guidance du jour is that that's not scalable or manageable,16:36
hallyn_so one manager (systemd, whatever) should use the vfs interface, and everythign else should make abstracted requests of that manager16:36
hallyn_for systemd, requests are in the form of "slices" that something wants to have allocated16:36
hallyn_so libvirt, lxc, etc would all allocate slices for vms/contaienrs they spawn - they wouldn't look under /sys/fs/cgroup themselves at all any more16:37
hallyn_my main requirement, then, is that this be somehow nestable - so that init running inside a container can serve as a manager for itself, but be making requests through a proxy to the manager on the host16:38
hazmathallyn_, gotcha, thanks16:40
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smoser1308 vUDS: Delivering Juju 2.0 into Ubuntu18:05
smoseris about to start.18:06
smoseranyone interested in joining hangout.18:06
smoserany questions ?18:12
yolanda_udshow far has juju-core been testing? currently using that on canonistack, detected some failures18:12
smoserhave you opened bugs ?18:13
jamespageyolanda_uds, bugs raised?18:13
smoser (please do)18:13
zulbooo breakage!18:13
yolanda_udsjamespage, smoer, jus commented on juju_devel channel18:13
yolanda_udsmostly problems with logs, or terminating instances18:13
danwestplease open bugs on any juju-core issues18:14
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rbasakLive now19:06
jamespagejibel_uds - want to join the hangout?19:06
jibel_udsjamespage: sure19:07
rbasakhttp://blog.sourcecode.de/blog/2013/08/27/how-do-we-do-installation-tests-after-package-uploads/ is relevant here. Sounds like we need a mongodb dep8 test!19:07
rbasakI've been looking at mysql19:14
rbasakI should have tracked progress better though, sorry.19:14
danjaredwhich list is that?19:20
jamespagedanjared, list of workitems or list of packages?19:20
danjaredcurrent package issues in seeded server packages19:20
danjared(speaking as an OEM trying to better track such issues)19:21
rbasakjibel_uds: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+packagebugs. The merge report scrapes it (sorry, not my code!): http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-reports-dev/ubuntu-reports/trunk/view/head:/server/merges.py#L7819:21
danjaredthanks, wasn't aware of that before19:21
roaksoaxjamespage: here!19:22
xnoxjamespage: =))) o/19:28
jamespagehey xnox19:28
xnoxjamespage: I like a lot of DEP-8 tests, but I got bitten by "never passed dep-8" test, which then blocked my package for (_no reason_ well from my point of view)19:29
xnoxe.g. stuff like: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-squid3/19:29
xnoxparticularly mysql-5.519:30
jamespagexnox, well that is broken - rbasak is going to revert the last upload19:30
xnoxjamespage: i've been nudging release team to apply the rule "no regressions", as if the the dep-8 test has never yet passed for a package, it's failure should be ignored for reverse-depends.19:31
xnoxjamespage: the interesting bit is how mysql-5.5 managed to land into -release, and then later block reverse-deps with failed adt =))))19:32
jamespagexnox, the mysql-5.5 in the release pocket is fine19:32
jamespageits just broken in proposed19:32
xnoxjamespage: ah, ok. =) it was blocking upstart migrating, so that was all I cared about at the time =)))))19:33
rbasakjamespage, xnox: I tried a revert in a PPA, and I got an FTBFS. Test suite failure.19:33
rbasak(both stokachu and I were getting that locally; hence the delay)19:33
rbasakI'll probably upload the failure anyway, because then at least it's a clear FTBFS as opposed to being muddled with the regression.19:33
xnox /o\19:33
xnoxjibel++ ^^19:34
* xnox giggles at renames ++ =)19:35
rbasakI'm trying a rebuild to see if it's persistent19:35
xnoxjibel: yeah, I also noticed that adt are first run on second upload.19:36
xnoxrbasak: one can setup a custom report / view on jenkins & look up that.19:37
xnoxjibel: and bdmurray extracts that for errors.ubuntu.com19:38
xnoxjibel: so one can look it up somehow.19:38
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