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MooDoomorning all06:56
DJonesNot wanting to wish the days away, but roll on tomorrow, new tablet time07:41
twagerAnyone tell me if a 3g phone will automatically connect to 2g if it cannot find a 3g signal ?07:45
DJonesAs far as I know it should do, should pick the best connection, dropping down until as a last resort it starts chucking carrier pidgeons out as though the phone was a magicians top hat07:47
DJonesAlthough if its a Blackberry, it probably starts with the pidgeon and drops down to postal service07:50
twagerDJones,  Thanks  will give it a whirl...It is an Orange Sanfran dut I have put cyanogenmod on it.07:51
AlanBellmorning all08:03
ikoniagood morning AlanBell08:04
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:18
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mungbeandid anyone watch dragons den?08:26
mungbeanthe fella trying to flog a copy of the yubikey08:27
SuperMattdo what now?08:27
mungbeanwhat i said08:28
dwatkinsmungbean: this? http://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware/08:28
mungbeanthe fella was trying to sell his product which was a copy08:28
SuperMatthow much of a copy?08:28
dwatkinsoh dear, this program is painful to watch08:44
mungbeanhe came for a job interview last week :P08:45
dwatkinsoh, sorry, I havn't got that far yet, I'm still watching the rather unfortunate fashion magazine presentation08:46
mungbeanthink it was after, interspersed witha toilet flush thing08:48
popeythats the thing that was on dragons den09:04
dwatkinsinteresting idea, but it does sound like a derivation of the yubikey09:07
AlanBellno, it isn't09:07
AlanBellno cryptography involved, not a one time keypad09:07
dwatkinsoh ok, how so?09:07
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AlanBellthat thing is just a keyboard sequence09:09
popeymungbean: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aladdin-key-to-remember-open-source-hardware09:11
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DJonesWith the UBuntu images for Nexus 7's, do they allow you to dual boot ubuntu & android or does Ubuntu fully replace Android09:21
popeywe dont support dual boot09:22
popeybut it is possible09:22
popeyfrom marxjohnson09:22
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* bigcalm is glad to be part of stuff in testing once more09:50
bigcalmThough it's frustrating when functionality that you want isn't ready yet :)09:50
bigcalmGetting used to how QML works is difficult for me09:53
bigcalmSeems that file names play a big role in things working correctly09:53
Laneywonder how long my money is going to take to come back through the tubes from paypal10:05
popeymine already arrived10:25
daftykinsnaturally they saw Laney's and said - hey this is a patient guy, we'll just hold onto this...10:27
Laneymaybe they reinvested it on the 1330 at huntingdon for me10:28
daftykinsa hors with your name on10:28
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brobostigongood morning everyone.10:46
daftykinshey brobostigon10:48
brobostigonhey daftykins10:48
penguin42is it just me...the Register causing Firefox hangs?11:18
penguin42plugin-container at 117%11:18
SuperMattI've removed add-block now11:25
SuperMattinstead, I just have a ninja profile with adblock installed11:26
SuperMattI don't know why I spelt adblock so funny the first time around11:26
gordonjcpand, no, plugin-container isn't even running for me11:29
Guest77088popey: yes, one of those guys11:49
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mungbeanfrom the indiegogo page11:49
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bigcalmandatche: please sort out your connection :)12:03
mgdmbigcalm: /ignore andatche joins parts quits12:03
bigcalmmgdm: I could...12:04
andatcheznc issue, sorry12:04
* andatche fixed now12:04
MyrttiI was getting worried ;-)12:04
daftykinsworried we might have to put him down?12:06
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mungbean_oh great. some numpty has signed up with insurance companies with my email address.12:23
mungbean_cue a zillion quotes12:23
Laneymight be a good samaritan trying to save you some cash12:24
penguin42mungbean_: "To be, or not to be...."12:24
mungbean_my names not sarah though12:24
daftykinsi keep discovering people with my surname across the US because for some reason they keep signing up my "<firstinitial><surname>@gmail.com" to things ;/12:24
mgdmI have the same problem, due to gmail's bizarre handling of . in the local part12:25
mgdmbut then, I don't use gmail as my primary email, so it's not actually that much of an issue12:25
penguin42daftykins: There are another couple of people with the same name as me at work (big company) - most people forget to use the middle initial to distinguish us12:25
daftykinshaha, ouch12:25
daftykinsfirstname.x.surname@ ?12:26
daftykinsseems a bit of a bad choice of policy12:26
penguin42daftykins: we've each got multiple email addresses, and actually it's mostly people using the address book to look up by name12:26
daftykinsreminds me of those pesky married people changing theirs when working in IT :D12:26
mgdmwell it's either that or firstname.surname2@whatever.com...12:26
mungbean_i have first initial sruname @ gmail12:26
mungbean_bad move12:26
mungbean_theres a lot of fbloggs out there12:27
daftykinsmungbean_: ones in america started to try and ask me for my family tree up to the 'Mayflower' ;/12:27
mungbean_i get invited to a lot of job interviews, and family gaterhings12:28
bigcalmGood to be popular12:29
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mungbean_if my name was shanice12:33
mgdmNot just at weekends, you mean?12:33
daftykinsi got asked if i'd tutor someones kid once12:33
daftykinsi had to decline, as the commute to California would be killer12:33
jussi oh dear... I just received a package from france...12:34
bigcalmThis is a bad thing?12:34
MartijnVdSjussi: Surrender gifts?12:34
jussiI was getting excited thinking it was something fun... and it was windows/driver cd's from HP....12:35
* jussi sighs...12:35
bigcalmSorry, but that's a little funny :)12:35
jussiit c ame by courier, to the door!12:35
daftykinsperhaps only HP France has a CD writer12:35
daftykinsok i'm gonna head off, bbl \o12:36
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popeyI got a parcel today12:44
MartijnVdSpopey: Is it as much fun as the box suggests?12:48
popeydunno yet ☻12:50
popeythe first one was fun12:50
SuperMattI can't even begin to figure out how that game works12:57
MartijnVdSif only they'd playtested it a little12:58
SuperMattthat surely would have been a good idea12:58
popeyits good fun12:59
mungbean_check the $5k pledge13:00
mgdmTwitter deploy their code in a cooler way than I get to :( https://vine.co/v/heaOxhb3w5p13:02
mungbean_arduino fans: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2021474419/flutter-20-wireless-arduino-with-half-mile-1km-ran?ref=category13:02
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dutchiehi all - anybody know if there is still a way to import .ovpn configuration into network manager?13:38
SuperMattI've no idea, though I can't see any reason why not13:39
SuperMattyou may have to install the openvpn packages though13:39
SuperMattsudo apt-get install network-manager-open13:40
SuperMattuhm, there's supposed to be vpn on the end of that13:41
SuperMattwho knows how I forgot it?13:42
dutchieah, i found it13:42
dutchiei was just grabbing "OpenVPN" from the add menu13:43
dutchieand not seeing the "Import a saved configuration" option at the very bottom13:43
SuperMattwell done13:43
mungbean_linked in search is broken :(14:13
MartijnVdSmungbean_: linkedin is broken.14:13
bashrclinkedin is best avoided14:22
daftykinsall social notworking, in fairness is :)14:33
mungbean_not if doing some stalking14:34
mungbean_is there an equivalent of unity --reset for windows?14:36
ali1234yeah, open task manager and kill explorer.exe14:36
mungbean_thnking more along lines of restore to defaults14:37
mungbean_something weird about this install14:37
daftykinswhat are you wanting to reset 0o14:37
ali1234ah. boot the recovery disk and copy the backup registry hive over the main one14:37
mungbean_all fonts are nastified, and opening word, usually would have a blue background outside thepage boundaries, but it is brilliant white14:37
mungbean_fonts are as if the cleartype settings have been deliverately chosen for masximum difficulty in reading14:38
mungbean_the wizard doesn't fix it14:40
mungbean_and there's no way of restoring to defaults14:40
daftykinsis that a bare metal install? 0o14:41
mungbean_dual boot14:41
mungbean_think it all started after plugging a second monitor to the laptop14:42
SuperMatthas anyone here looked through the new wallpapers?14:47
bashrcAre they shocking?14:50
SuperMattwell, I've just looked through them, and many of them seem to be of quite a low quality14:50
SuperMattwell I just did an apt-get update14:52
mungbean_screnshot of desktop viewed on another monitor shows there is a blue title bar and thing on the left14:53
mungbean_and search progs is readable14:53
SuperMattso look at the 4th one (it's the white shilohette of the salamander)14:53
daftykinsseems pretty conventional mungbean_14:53
mungbean_yes but on the laptop the blue bits arent showing14:53
daftykinsmungbean_: right click desktop -> personalise -> picking a theme might force a reload?14:54
mungbean_hmm maybe gamma controls14:54
SuperMattthe jpg is 2560x1600, but it's just an upscaled version of something much smaller14:54
daftykinssome of those look quite nice14:55
mungbean_HEY ITS FIXED14:56
mungbean_the contrast had been changed (possibly by me) from 50 to 55 on the intel graphics options14:56
SuperMattthe leaf with water droplets is completely out of focus14:56
mungbean_completely ruins everything14:56
mungbean_SuperMatt: looks liek they are going for single colour themes14:58
daftykinsmungbean_: how weird14:58
bashrcI wouldn't exactly characterise those wallpapers as being low quality14:58
mungbean_"colour enhancement" my butt14:58
SuperMattmany of them just aren't right14:59
daftykinsso painful looking at those comments14:59
mungbean_are the comments about unity?14:59
daftykinsnah the wallpaper talk14:59
SuperMattthey've been submitted at 2560x1600, but when you look at them at native res, not zoomed in or out, many of them are heavily pixelated14:59
SuperMattso they've just been upscaled15:00
daftykinsyou see they say they've not put the originals up on that page, yeah?15:00
SuperMattyeah, but the package has landed in saucy15:00
SuperMattI'm looking at them right now15:00
daftykinsoh right15:00
mungbean_whats the default? still the techicolour chunder?15:01
ali1234i don't think a new default has been released15:03
SuperMatthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-wallpapers/+bug/1216223 aha, it seems that something has gone wrong between the original submissions and being packaged15:03
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1216223 in ubuntu-wallpapers (Ubuntu) "Wallpapers for saucy salamander are being modified the wrong way, worsening their quality" [Medium,Confirmed]15:04
SuperMattyou're right, the default hasn't been released yet15:04
mungbean_how long are flapjacks edible for?15:07
mungbean_no mould visible yet15:07
mungbean_also...if i upgrade to raring kernel in precise, do i need to upgrade to the xserver-xorg-raring too?15:08
daftykinswhen i make them you need power tools to get them apart :> (flapjack)15:08
daftykinsalways best eaten from the oven :D15:09
mungbean_10 days old15:09
daftykinswhat's the worst that could happen ^_^15:10
mungbean_i die15:10
mungbean_everybody dies15:10
mungbean_the universe implodes15:11
daftykinssucks when people don't spot a rhetorical question :(15:11
mungbean_glad you stopped me when you did15:11
mungbean_i just ate one anyway15:11
mungbean_i can feel the fartrs coming already15:12
mungbean_5 farts per flapjack15:12
daftykinstoo much info15:12
bigcalmHave to say, this phone is satisfying my lust for applying updates15:14
mungbean_i turned that off15:14
bigcalmYou turned off farts?15:15
mungbean_i wish15:15
mungbean_or at least my wife wishes15:15
mungbean_so regarding the other question...anyone done the install of xserver-xorg-lts-raring?15:23
mungbean_this is why everything is quiet? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21887/intro-and-keynote/15:28
popeymungbean_: yeah, uds day15:32
penguin42so lets see, everything on there is in UTC, and we're UTC +1 hmm17:04
penguin42bah missed the virtualisation one17:06
daftykinsthings are often better recorded over live :D17:07
penguin42yeh at least they're up on Youtube17:08
daftykinsheh that dev summit link keeps changing video source17:08
daftykinssomeones dancing on the inputs17:08
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penguin42oh dear - the youtube suggestions after watching 'virtualization stack work for saucy' are erm saucy17:35
daftykinsi did think the name was a bit... dangerous17:35
penguin42well, two lots of Miley Cirus and oddly the Lock Ness Monster17:35
daftykinssaucy Nessy17:36
daftykinsi checked a 1.5TB drive i pulled from a clients array17:36
daftykinssure enough - 1,300 odd sectors pending reallocation17:37
daftykinsi seem to be finding record breaking HDD deaths recently :D17:37
ali1234after the keynote session all the suggested videos were some american popstar "twerking"17:38
penguin42yeh I think that's the same one17:38
shaunoI'm impressed you found them at all.  still looking :/17:47
shaunothe link from http://uds.ubuntu.com/agenda/ appears to be to something completely unrelated17:48
penguin42shauno: Yeh they didn't make it easy17:48
shaunoah, I'd apparently found an entirely different subsite.  nice start.  thanks17:49
Laneytracks -> tuesday from that page17:49
AlanBellali1234: yeah, I learned about twerking from the Ubuntu Developer Summit too17:52
daftykinskinda fond of the lack of updates on this BigV debian 6 VPS17:54
penguin42daftykins: Yeh my mail server is still on the non-BigV bytemark stuff17:56
* popey points AlanBell at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21947/client-1308-touch-1404-a11y/17:56
daftykinspenguin42: ah yeah - i helped my friends with those. are you planning to migrate eventually?17:57
penguin42daftykins: Yeh I should sometime - I think BigV is cheaper17:57
daftykinspenguin42: they did have some node issues a while back, once all the instances were frozen and had to be rebooted manually17:57
daftykinstheir CLI tool is great though, just a quick "vm restart <name>" and it was done :>17:58
daftykinsi'm using the BigV VPS with their 'symbiosis' setup, which allows administration pretty much solely via config file creation over SFTP/SCP17:58
penguin42daftykins: Especially after they rememberd to close the VNC console bug?17:58
daftykinsoh? not familiar with that17:59
penguin42daftykins: Ah I can't remember the details; but I think there was a 'reboot' button on the interface and that didn't need any auth17:59
penguin42daftykins: https://forum.bytemark.co.uk/comments.php?DiscussionID=4076&page=1#Item_018:06
daftykinspenguin42: thanks, having a read18:07
daftykinspenguin42: not even sure of my management IP XD18:24
daftykinspenguin42: come to think of it i think i didn't create mine until 2013 so i'm set :)18:26
daftykinsearly adopters got burnt18:26
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Monotoko2Damnit, there's a proxy service that you put in your browser, then it sends all requests to blocked sites through them20:01
Monotoko2then you don't have to go hunting for proxies manually every time20:01
Monotoko2but I can't remember the name of it20:01
penguin42Monotoko2: You want a proxy site for hard to remember proxy sites20:02
Monotoko2penguin42: it gives you a file that you put in your browser20:02
Monotoko2then when you go to a blocked site, it uses there's instead20:02
Monotoko2otherwise it uses your connection20:02
Monotoko2it begins with I if I recall right20:03
mungbean_i'm sure there's other chans for that kind of request20:07
Monotoko2mungbean_: not remembering it is driving me absolutely nuts20:08
mungbean_whats the name of the process that runs the panel in the top right of the screen?20:09
* Monotoko2 headdesks20:11
Monotoko2I swear hidemyass isn't supposed to be blocked20:11
Monotoko2unless Virgin have taken to blocking generic proxies20:12
diddledanMonotoko2, it's got the word "ass" so it's blocked by pr0nfilter like essex uni20:19
shaunoreminds me of an article I read recently; a site kept failing to display properly.  turned out it was because one of the devs had a potty mouth, and some of his more colourful comments in the .css caused the file to get blocked by various things20:22
MartijnVdSbwaha :)20:22
MartijnVdSshauno: what about the news site with the article about the "gas explosion" (one word in Dutch: gasexplosie)20:23
MartijnVdSshauno: Or the one mentioning magic powers ("toverkracht", "verkracht" means "raped")20:24
shaunoI'm watching a TV show with dutch subtitles.  I'm more and more inclined to believe it's not a real language20:25
mungbean_i wonder if it will ever become 2nd language in netherlands..20:25
MartijnVdSshauno: I get a similar feeling when I channel-surf past BBC Alba20:25
MartijnVdSshauno: "This must be a joke channel.. right? People don't talk like that?"20:26
mungbean_what's alba?20:26
MartijnVdSmungbean_: http://www.bbc.co.uk/alba/20:26
MartijnVdSI guess it's Scotland20:26
MartijnVdSbut it looks Irishish?20:26
shaunothey're related20:27
MartijnVdShence the extra "ish" :)20:27
shaunobrythonic is the word you're looking for ;)20:28
mungbean_my son says dominoeses ...reminds me of gollum20:29
shaunohm, or not.  that's what I get for trying to look clever20:29
MartijnVdSmungbean_: preciousss :)20:29
shaunoseriously, overwinning?  that's a word?20:44
diddledanshauno, sounds like something that matrin sheen would say21:08
diddledanno, I don't mean martin21:10
diddledanhis son21:10
shaunoI really need to turn these silly subtitles off.  I'm spending more time watching all these crazy words, than actually watching the show21:10
diddledancharlie sheen21:11
diddledanI had to google his name21:11
diddledanshows how out of touch I am :-p21:12
diddledanoh joy of joys: quote: "SOPA is back. Well, one of the harshest and most ridiculous parts of it, anyway. The Obama Administration wants to make unauthorized streaming a felony -- with years of jail time.21:15
diddledanIf this passes, sharing a video of yourself singing karaoke could land you in prison. Singing “Happy Birthday” with your family and videotaping it would be a felony. Click here to say NO to SOPA censorship."21:15
diddledanobviously I didn't mean to copy+paste the click here bit21:16
diddledanand no, you can't click there21:16
Monotoko2I'm the sysadmin at ZyNet, I was informed at 22:45 that our main server22:34
Monotoko2(Neville) has gone down. I can't connect via SSH or HTTP so went to your22:34
Monotoko2control panel to do some troubleshooting. However22:34
Monotoko2https://cp.flexiscale.comis down and I am unable to connect from this22:34
Monotoko2PC or any other PC.22:34
Monotoko2I then tried to use your API to at least see if I could reboot our affected22:34
Monotoko2server, however I'm unable to connect to that either.22:34
Monotoko2I'm sorry to email you out of hours but that is our main server and we need22:34
Monotoko2it up ASAP.22:34
Monotoko2I apologise, please ignore that22:34
penguin42oh sure...22:34
* penguin42 takes away Monotoko2's paste button22:34
Monotoko2penguin42: I have irssi in a putty window22:35
Monotoko2right click is paste -.-22:35
Monotoko2i right clicked thinking I could open another tab because that's what I usually do under Linux22:35
ali1234this is why i use a gui irc client22:46
ali1234even if i paste accidentally i still have to press return before it sends it22:46
Monotoko2ali1234: true, but I can pull this screen up from any machine which is why I use it.22:52

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