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mzanettitsdgeos: good morning07:06
mzanettitsdgeos: I had to merge trunk at this one. mind checking/approving? https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/quicklist-unset-model-before-closing/+merge/18151707:07
tsdgeosmzanetti: checking07:09
tsdgeosmzanetti: technically i only need to check you merged right, no? :D07:09
mzanettitsdgeos: yeah :)07:09
tsdgeosmzanetti is the name of the branch "wrong"?07:11
tsdgeosit's called unset before closing07:11
tsdgeosbut you close before unsetting, no?07:11
mzanettitsdgeos: ah yeah... I had it the other way round at first07:12
mzanettitsdgeos: caused some issues.07:12
tsdgeosmzanetti: so we got a whole lot of autoland fails still :-/07:22
mzanettitsdgeos: it's not a whole lot any more, but yeah, too many, I agree07:22
mzanettitsdgeos: from what I see this are the main issues:07:23
mzanettiautopilot-tests for unlocking sometimes freezes when swiping away the greeter07:23
mzanettione of the builders causes a nullpointerexception somewhere in jenkins07:23
mzanettiand at times, the unit tests for lvwph randomly fail07:23
tsdgeosyeah, we need 5.1 for lvwph07:24
tsdgeosmzanetti: you set https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/unity8/indicators.menu-items-cleaning/+merge/181410 to approved07:24
tsdgeosbut it's been merged already, no?07:24
tsdgeosisn't it r249?07:24
mzanettithere was something weird, yeah...07:24
tsdgeosok, i'll edit the MR manually and set it as merged07:25
jameshsil2100: hi.  Has there been any progress on getting mediascanner into main?07:25
mzanettiah... reminds me...07:25
mzanettiis didrocks in vacation currently?07:25
sil2100jamesh: working on that ;)07:26
sil2100mzanetti: yes, for 2 weeks07:26
mzanettisil2100: I found a situation where commits get past the releasing process without being tested07:26
sil2100mzanetti: how? What's happening?07:27
mzanettisil2100: if something gets merged by the upstream merger in between the release job starts and ends, it gets merged and then the release job commits the release commit message on top of that07:27
mzanettisil2100: check out unit8's history07:27
mzanettisil2100: there is a commit with a rather long commit message. starting with "tweak launcher folding"07:28
jameshsil2100: I guess the same goes for unity-scope-mediascanner? :)07:28
mzanettisil2100: it doesn't show up in the changelog because it landed after the release jenkins started, but before it comitted the changelog07:28
sil2100mzanetti: ok, this situation indeed might happen, sadly we don't have a way currently to not make it happen - but the good thing is that it's not really being released without testing07:30
sil2100mzanetti: let me check the lp:unity8 history to make sure07:30
mzanettisil2100: do the tests run again after jenkins posts the changelog?07:30
sil2100mzanetti: from what I see on lp:unity8, there's not really any problem - the process looks like this that the 'changelog' and the revision that the snapshot is being taken is actually created before the testing starts, during the prepare job07:32
mzanettisil2100: yeah. but at that point it also does the checkout to run the tests07:32
mzanettisil2100: so I'm quite positive that this commit was not tested by the release jenkins07:33
sil2100mzanetti: it's tested by the next release, look:07:33
sil2100mzanetti: it just didn't appear in the changelog because it wasn't released07:33
mzanettisil2100: sure.. it'll be tested by following released. that's true07:33
sil2100mzanetti: the snapshot was made from 24907:33
sil2100mzanetti: your commit was 250, so it went to the next release - so it's all safe and nothing goes 'unnoticed'07:34
mzanettisil2100: yeah... it creates a snapshot at 249 and tests this07:34
mzanettithen 250 comes in07:34
mzanettithen the release jenkins finishes testing and commits its changelog bump to 25107:34
mzanetti251 gets released because of that, containing 250 - untested07:35
sil2100mzanetti: no no no07:35
sil2100It's not07:35
sil2100mzanetti: look, jenkins says clearly: Releasing 7.81.3+13.10.20130826.4-0ubuntu1 (revision 249 from lp:unity8).07:35
sil2100mzanetti: when releasing it doesn't take lp:unity8 directly, it only uses the commits it prepared during the prepare job07:36
sil2100mzanetti: it creates the source package only once, when doing the snapshot07:36
sil2100mzanetti: 250 didn't land in this release07:36
sil2100mzanetti: what jenkins does is - it prepares the packages in the prepare job (the changelog is then prepared), builds and tests the packages, if all is ok, it commits the 'Releasing ..." commit to trunk and releases the *exact* packages it used for testing07:37
mzanettisil2100: ok... understood it now07:38
mzanettithanks for explaining.07:38
mzanettiI was watching it live yesterday (to debug our issues in jenkins) and saw those commits coming in in that order... made me think this must be an issue07:39
sil2100mzanetti: if there were some commits made in the meantime - well, they don't get released, since the source package got created during snapshotting - those commits that got into trunk in the meantime will be picked up by the next release, thanks to the (revision <num> from lp:unity8) <- this tells the build bot which was the last commit it used07:39
mzanettisil2100: I was thinking that the commit to the changelog is the important one07:39
sil2100mzanetti: no problem ;) I guess we can't do anything not to let those things get 'out of order'07:39
sil2100mzanetti: but luckily it's safe07:39
tsdgeosmzanetti: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-mako/266/testReport/junit/unity8.shell.tests.test_lock_screen/TestLockscreen/test_can_unlock_passphrase_screen_Native_Device_/ failing again :-/08:19
tsdgeosany clue why?08:19
mzanettitsdgeos: I know it will strike back08:19
mzanettitsdgeos: no. I have absolutely no clue and haven't been able to reproduce it locally in hours08:20
mzanettis/know/knew/ ^^08:20
tsdgeosstupid tablet ran out of battery while flashing08:33
tsdgeoshope nothing bad happened08:33
mzanettitsdgeos: seems this phone produced just one failure. the next run on it was a good one again08:34
mzanettitsdgeos: you can't break the device by flashing it with phablet-flash08:34
tsdgeosgood stuff then :D08:34
sil2100jamesh: I need to consult the MIR for mediascanner a bit since mediascanner is using A LOT of typical universe-only packages08:39
sil2100jamesh: since gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad and gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly we can't get into main08:40
jameshsil2100: I'm in a standup right now.  Can I get back to you in 20 minutes?08:41
sil2100jamesh: are those required? Are those used in the code extensively?08:41
sil2100jamesh: ok08:41
tsdgeosdednick: ping08:41
dednicktsdgeos: pong08:46
tsdgeosdednick: just commented in https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/unity8/indicator.multi-icon/+merge/18186208:46
mhr3sil2100, do we know why are the ap tests for unity failing?08:47
dednicktsdgeos: hm. maybe i shouldnt be using gu then.08:48
tsdgeosnot sure08:49
tsdgeoswhat are you trying to achieve?08:50
dednicktsdgeos: it's the width between indicator icons. 0.5 is a bit too close, 1 is a bit too far.08:51
tsdgeosdednick: maybe round the 0.7 gus?08:51
sil2100mhr3: not yet08:51
tsdgeosthe problem is that qml "knows" how to paint in 5.6 pixels08:52
tsdgeosbut that will look mega-crap on some displays08:52
dednicktsdgeos: maybe should just use dp ?08:52
tsdgeosand it's also affecting the rendering speed since needs to do "some for this pixel and some for this other pixel"08:52
mhr3tsdgeos, btw sorry for not replying yesterday, we had public holiday here08:52
tsdgeosdednick: maybe, but then dp is not scaled, no?08:52
dednicktsdgeos: right. antialiasing.08:52
tsdgeosmhr3: sure, no worries08:53
tsdgeosdednick: i mean if you use dp, won't it look "too close" in a tablet?08:53
dednicktsdgeos: probably on retina it will be super close.08:54
tsdgeosdednick: so maybe the rounded gu?08:54
tsdgeosseems a bit lame, but....08:54
greybackhow about mixing the two: units.gu(0.5) + units.dp(2)08:54
tsdgeosgreyback: is dp scaled?08:55
tsdgeosi thought it was "always 1 pixel"08:55
greybacktsdgeos: it is scaled to 2, for high DPI screens08:56
tsdgeosdednick: maybe that works then?08:56
dednicktsdgeos: i'll see how it looks08:56
dednickgalaxy nexus should provide a high enough gu08:57
tsdgeosgreyback: i'm trying to test https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity8/fix-sidestage/+merge/182212 but my battery keeps running out08:57
tsdgeosgreyback: is that the fix for "starting a side stage app with nothing on the main stage makes the side stage app not be shown"?08:57
greybacktsdgeos: see attached bug. Side stage apps were completely broken08:58
tsdgeosso someone ignored my bug report and created a new one08:59
greybacktsdgeos: as in, when you launched the app, you saw the side-in animation, but then you get black. The app was not allowed to shine through the shell08:59
tsdgeoswhat i said08:59
tsdgeosdays ago08:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1210079 in Unity 8 "Side stage app does not correctly paint if there is no main stage app" [Undecided,New]08:59
greybacktsdgeos: I thought I got it irrespective of if a minstage app open or not09:00
greybackbut thinking about it you're probably right,09:00
jameshsil2100: hi.  As far as the gstreamer dependencies go, the I know -bad and -ugly are not required for mediascanner to run.  I'll have to check what is actually needed for the test suite09:00
tsdgeosgreyback: so dupe bugs? or?09:01
greybacktsdgeos: I've sorted it09:02
tsdgeosah you already set the branch09:02
sil2100jamesh: please do, I'm working on getting the other deps into main in the meantime - we'd probably need to get rid of the gstreamer1.0-libav, gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad, gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly build-deps, as I'm sure we won't force anyone to let them into main09:02
tsdgeosgreyback: now is when we get some shit for ignoring this since 8 August :D09:02
greybacktsdgeos: :)09:03
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tsdgeosgreyback: did we got anywhere we can merge https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-mir/application_manager_tests ?09:35
greybacktsdgeos: nope, I didn't have chance to look into what's going on. I'm guessing we need to set up those tests to run on actual device09:37
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tsdgeosgreyback: ping09:55
greybacktsdgeos: pong10:01
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tsdgeosgreyback: should i be able to "move" (i.e. uncollapse) a side stage app if it's the only app open?10:04
tsdgeoserr uncollapse -> collapse10:04
greybacktsdgeos: no10:04
greybackit should be locked10:04
tsdgeosthen it works :D10:04
greybackyay :)10:04
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tsdgeosdednick: not sure i understand https://code.launchpad.net/~nick-dedekind/unity8/indicator-location/+merge/18233110:30
tsdgeosdednick: so they changed the "default" file for indicators?10:31
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dednicktsdgeos: there are old backends and new backends. Currently byu default we used the old backend compatible UIs. But now, every indicator we add is going to be compatible with new backend UIs. so i changed the deafult qml file we use.10:32
dednicktsdgeos: but at the same time, i added the override for the location indicator so that it gets a "friendly" title.10:33
tsdgeosdednick: where does the title come from otherwsie?10:33
tsdgeosdednick: and how do we i18n that title?10:33
dednicktsdgeos: at the moment if just uses the indicator name by default (eg indicator-datetime) if not handled in unity8. It's something that needs sorting out.10:34
dednick*it just uses10:35
tsdgeosdednick: so we are not providing i18n facilities for it either?10:35
dednicktsdgeos: nope10:37
tsdgeosdednick: because we'll have a better solution so not worth it? or?10:38
dednicktsdgeos: i'm not sure if we have a solution at hand, but this is not the final one for sure.10:39
tsdgeosnot sure how important is i18n at this point10:39
tsdgeosi know paulliu was working on it for a while10:39
tsdgeospaulliu: you there? was your i18n push for a tradeshow or something?10:39
dednicktsdgeos: i just respaced those icons to 0.510:46
dednicktsdgeos: with the addition of the location indicator we would be running out of space again anyway, and it wasnt much diff to 0.7 anyway10:46
dednickprobably going to need a better solution anyway. we've still got loads of icons to go :(10:47
* greyback_ not fond of 0.7 gu, it means we're not using the pixel grid that the whole shell UI placement should adhere to10:50
nic-doffaygreyback_, ping10:51
greyback_nic-doffay: pong10:52
nic-doffaygreyback_, are you familiar with the Icon class at all in the SDK? Particularly where the assets are stored which it loads by name?10:52
greyback_nic-doffay: not off the top of my head. Wellark or larsu probably know more than I about it10:53
* greyback_ moving to office, back in 3011:06
tsdgeoscan i link a static lib into another static lib?11:08
tsdgeosgood old google11:10
tsdgeosso it seems "you can't"11:11
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tvoss__tsdgeos, you can :) you just need the right linker magic11:19
tvoss__tsdgeos, see the magic whole-archive option approach here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/platform-api/trunk/view/head:/src/ubuntu/hybris/CMakeLists.txt#L1911:19
tsdgeostvoss__: yeah well, that's exactly what's failing :D11:19
tvoss__tsdgeos, what does it say?11:20
tsdgeosmy ua_url_dispatcher_session symbol ends up in src/ubuntu/hybris/libubuntu_application_api.so.1.0.0 but not in src/ubuntu/mirserver/libubuntu_application_api_mirserver.so.1.011:20
tsdgeoseven if both are linking to the .a11:21
tsdgeosi think it's because in one it's before the whole-archive11:21
tsdgeosand in another after11:21
tvoss__tsdgeos, ah, it's working, but the mirserver part is not pulling it in ...11:21
tsdgeosmy question is why11:22
tsdgeossince it seems it should :D11:22
tvoss__tsdgeos, the issue is here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/platform-api/trunk/view/head:/src/ubuntu/mircommon/CMakeLists.txt#L4111:23
tvoss__tsdgeos, lacking the whole-archive thingy11:23
tsdgeosi added it there11:23
tsdgeosbut didn't seem to help11:23
tsdgeoslet me try again11:23
Cimimzanetti, ping11:35
mzanettiCimi: pong11:37
Cimimzanetti, was wondering what's the launcherDragArea and the EdgeDragArea11:37
Cimithe difference between the two11:38
mzanettiCimi: one is for dragging in, the other for dragging out11:40
tsdgeostvoss__: so, no i did not do it before, i did it on the laptop and then compiled on the phone \o/, but now that i do it on the phone doesn't work either, seems too much stuff is getting inside the whole-archive, let me paste11:40
tsdgeostvoss__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032225/11:43
tsdgeosseems that for some reason ${UBUNTU_APPLICATION_API_LINK_LIBRARIES} is getting expanded to "a lot" ../application/location/libubuntu_application_location.a -lubuntu-location-service -ldbus-1 -lubuntu-location-service -ldbus-1 -lpthread -lboost_system ../application/url_dispatcher/libubuntu_application_url_dispatcher.a -lurl-dispatcher -lgio-2.0 -lgobject-2.0 -lglib-2.0 -lhybris-common11:44
tsdgeosand thus we get the dupe symbols11:44
paulliutsdgeos: i18n for indicators? I thought I fix an issue about i18n in the past in the datetime. Yes for a trade show in China.11:44
paulliutsdgeos: Already got merged I think.11:44
tsdgeospaulliu: well, it got broken again according to dednick :D11:45
tsdgeosCimi: you say it should be fixed with the current code in that branch?11:45
Cimitsdgeos, it works for me11:46
tsdgeosCimi: because it still goes thorugh here, see calculator for example11:46
paulliutsdgeos: Argh. I'll check...11:46
Cimitsdgeos, mmm11:46
Cimitsdgeos, I forgot my ubuntu phone at home, cannot test11:46
paulliudednick: Do you have a screenshot?11:46
dednicktsdgeos: nothing was broken that wasnt previously.11:47
dednickpaulliu: ^11:47
tsdgeosdednick: sure11:47
tsdgeosdednick: for some value of "previosuly"11:47
tsdgeosi mean it may have been working when paulliu fixed it and then broke again (not in this MR of course)11:47
dednicktsdgeos: well there was never i18n for indicators as far as i know11:47
dednickpaulliu: ^ ?11:48
tsdgeostvoss__: any hint?11:48
paulliudednick: For the datetime there is.. So you can get Chinese date-time.11:48
dednickpaulliu: i c. well that's up to the backend now. if they send a chinese label then that's what we display11:49
dednickpaulliu: we are talking about titles. I dont think they are translated at the moment are they?11:50
dednickeg "Date and Time", "Battery", "Messaging"11:50
paulliudednick: yes.. It is from the backend. And datetime strings is based on the locale. for example, LC_TIME..11:51
paulliudednick: ah, that is not yet translated.11:51
paulliudednick: I wonder that is not i18n yet.11:51
dednickpaulliu: dont worry about it. it needs to be fixed anyway11:54
paulliudednick: yeah.11:54
larsunic-doffay: don't use image://gicon (we're in the process of deprecating it)11:56
nic-doffaylarsu, yeah chatting to seb128 about in #sdk11:57
nic-doffaylarsu, not on this server though :P11:57
larsunic-doffay: I'm not in there to read the scrollback. I trust seb128 to give you the right advise though ;)11:58
seb128larsu, I basically pointed them to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/unity-theme-icon-provider/+merge/180805 and to ubuntu-themes to add the icon11:59
larsuseb128: thanks. Still not merged, though :(12:00
larsuWellark: what's up with that ^^? I thought you needed it urgently?12:01
seb128larsu, somebody needs to change the top status12:01
seb128larsu, saviq mhr3 and you approved, why not doing that?12:01
seb128I guess somebody from the sdk team needs to review/push the trigger?12:01
larsuseb128: they blocked it on not having tests. Wellark said he'd write some, but I can't see any in the MR12:02
seb128larsu, try to ping the #sdk guys about it12:02
mhr3seb128, yea, as larsu said, tests missing12:02
seb128urg, still12:02
mhr3sdk guys wanted that12:02
seb128Wellark, ^ weren't you supposed to add some test?12:03
mhr3or convince sdk guys that it's not worth it :)12:03
larsuso the sense of urgency that people communicated to me two weeks ago was greatly exaggerated :P12:03
larsuWellark wasn't feeling well yesterday, don't know if he's back yet12:04
larsumhr3: well, the tests they'd be happy with are really not worth it :)12:04
mhr3but we want that branch anyway, otherwise there's no support for themed icons with fallbacks12:04
larsuseb128: I'll wait for Wellark to reply in case he has a half-finished branch on his machine. Otherwise I'll write those tests.12:05
mhr3well unless you count things like "image://gicon/.%20GThemedIcon%20foo%20bar12:05
seb128larsu, thanks12:05
larsumhr3: we don't count that :)12:05
* larsu certainly doesn't12:06
greyback_mhr3: please tell me that doesn't actually work12:06
larsugreyback_: for your own sanity, stop thinking about that (and don't try it)12:08
* greyback_ steps away12:08
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tsdgeosgreyback_: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity8/u8m-osk/+merge/181887 ¿?13:03
greyback_tsdgeos: yeah I needed to land it, else if you used Mir image, once you opened the OSK, you could do nothing else except type13:04
mzanettidednick: hey13:07
dednickmzanetti: howdy13:08
mzanettidednick: how does that work in the indicators?13:08
mzanettithere is one dbusmenumodel which holds the icons in the panel, right?13:08
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mzanettiand where do the tabs get their information from? not the same model?13:08
dednickmzanetti: there is the IndicatorsModel, which tells both the panel and the tabs "where to get their content"13:09
dednickmzanetti: and the UnityMenuModel, which tells each item within the Panel and Tabs "what is the content"13:09
dednickie the Indicators model tells us the dbus path etc, and the UnityMenuModels connects to each dbus path13:10
dednickmzanetti: but we need to connect to the dbus before we can tell if the indicator is visible or not.13:11
mzanettidednick: does that mean that we always have all tabs, regardless if a given system service is not installed?13:11
dednickmzanetti: yes, at the moment.13:11
mzanettisomewhat defeats the purpose of the whole thing, doesn't it?13:12
dednickmzanetti: somewhat the purpose of this branch :)13:12
mzanettiyeah well.. seems to be a workaround for an architectural problem deeper down in the stack13:13
dednickmzanetti: hang on. no, the service is deemed to be installed if the indicator file exists.13:13
dednickonly the ones with indicator files will appear in the tabs13:14
dednickor panel13:14
mzanettiok... at least something :)13:14
dednickthe visibility is more than just "being able to connect to dbus"13:14
mzanettihmm... still don't like the fact that we're abusing the model for this... but don't have a better idea right now13:15
dednickfor example, the messaging indicator in future probably wont be visible unless we have unread messages13:15
dednickbut it still needs to be connected to be able to make that determination13:15
dednickmzanetti: yeah, i didnt really like the fact that i was using setData.13:16
dednickmzanetti: i have another solution in mind, but it's a bit unqmlish.13:16
mzanettidednick: could the panel have a list property controlling all the visible tabs?13:16
dednickmzanetti: yeah, that could be a better solution.13:17
mzanettitsdgeos: you happy with this?13:17
tsdgeoswasn't reading13:18
* tsdgeos reads13:18
mzanettino problem13:18
dednickmzanetti, tsdgeos: although that wouldnt really work nicely with the filtermodel.13:19
dednickas it operates on roles...13:19
tsdgeosmzanetti: yeah, you need a model role13:19
tsdgeosthat's why i suggested an intermediate identitymodel13:19
tsdgeosthat adds the extra role13:20
tsdgeosbut it's a lot of work13:20
dednicktsdgeos: identityModels dont add roles do they? they just transform current ones13:20
tsdgeosdednick: you can add more, that's not a problem13:20
tsdgeosdednick: the other "easy" solution is creating your own proxymodel and reimplementing acceptsrow13:21
tsdgeosbut of course that's also more work13:21
mzanettiwait... shouldn't this behavior be controlled by the service? I mean... the service adds and removes all kind of stuff in the UI. shouldn't it also be able to determine when an entry is "active"?13:22
mzanettiwhich is when it is displayed and the tab is there13:22
mzanettidednick: ^13:23
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dednickmzanetti: it is. the visiblity comes from the service. but you need to make the connection (ie create the tab page) to determine if it's visible. Plus we can't change tab visibility.13:26
mzanettidednick: I mean, this setData(isVisible) should happen within the service13:29
mzanettiah... doesn't work again13:29
mzanettiI don't know... if alberts approach works fine for you... otherwise I guess we have to stick with what you have now13:30
dednickmzanetti: heh. it does. but it has to go through the panel items as they are what is connected to the service. The IndicatorsModel has no connection to the service13:30
mzanettidednick: standup13:31
greyback_nic-doffay: you too13:31
sil2100tedg: hi! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-messages/+bug/1217131 ;)13:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217131 in indicator-messages (Ubuntu) "Test failure in recent quaternourly build." [Undecided,Confirmed]13:32
sil2100tedg: (just poking)13:32
tedgsil2100, Yes, I know, looking at it.  Unfortunately it happens much more often on the builders than locally :-(13:32
greyback_kgunn: joining us?13:33
dednickmzanetti: my potential solution was to have an intermediate model which connected to UnityMenuModel for row that was added to get the visibility.. but it's quite a bit of work.13:35
dednicklike tsdgeos solution, but more pimping.13:35
kgunnCimi: curious, you connecting vga, hdmi or display port ? (mir on projectors)13:36
Cimikgunn, VGA13:36
Cimikgunn, but it behaves very weirdly...13:36
kgunnCimi: gpu ?13:37
Cimikgunn, intel13:37
Cimikgunn, test 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 seems to work13:38
Cimikgunn, cannot do 1.4 and 1.513:38
Cimion scenario 2, 2.1 starts with a weird "mirror mode" with one screen longer than the other13:38
Cimimirror displays however is off13:38
nic-doffaygreyback_, doh got totally carried away.13:39
greyback_nic-doffay: we're still there13:39
nic-doffaygreyback_, on me way13:39
Cimiscenario 3, I have crashes13:46
mzanettisil2100: can you help me finding an issue in the release jenkins tests setup?13:46
CimiI can disable primary screen, but then when I switch the projector off, it goes back to lightdm13:47
sil2100mzanetti: what's up?13:47
mzanettisil2100: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3770/unity8-autopilot/306767/13:47
mzanettisil2100: on Galaxy Nexus, all unity8 tests fail to open /dev/uinput13:48
mzanettisil2100: works fine on Nexus 413:48
mzanettisil2100: can you point me to the scripts that do the setup before running the tests?13:49
sil2100mzanetti: did you make sure uinput is there and that the user permissions are set-up correctly?13:49
sil2100mzanetti: let me point you to the otto scripts that do the job, since there is some pre-config thing we're doing13:50
sil2100mzanetti: take a look here for instance: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~otto-dev/otto/testsuite_autopilot-unity/view/head:/target-override/usr/local/share/otto/setup-hooks/10-autopilot13:52
mzanettisil2100: and which is the jenkins job that produces the results for this page?13:53
sil2100mzanetti: hah! This might sound bad, but I have no idea ;) I think you'll have to ask someone from the QA team, gema would probably know best13:54
mzanettisil2100: ok. thanks13:55
sil2100mzanetti: since once it's out of the daily-release process I'm maintaining, I don't really coordinate the path13:55
mzanettisil2100: same here... still we need to figure why unity fails. I just hoped you'd know more than me. But no problem. I'll find someone13:56
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kgunngreyback_: ping14:12
greyback_kgunn: pong14:12
mzanettiasac: ping14:18
mzanettikgunn: I've found the issue14:18
asacmzanetti: hi14:19
mzanettiasac: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-test-case-dev/ubuntu-test-cases/smoke-touch-apps/revision/8014:19
kgunnmzanetti: awesome!!!14:19
mzanettithis commit broke it14:19
mzanettiasac: because it removes the call to unlock_screen14:19
mzanettithich contains the chmod 666 to /dev/uinput14:19
asacmzanetti: cool. btw, we think we fixed the uinput problem for real14:19
mzanettieven better14:19
asace.g. adding phablet to autopilot group14:20
asacwhich makes that unnecessary... also fixing the udev rules :)14:20
asacso lets see what happens in 1-2 hours14:20
asacthen we should see results coming in14:20
mzanettiasac: to be precise, in this one: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-test-case-dev/ubuntu-test-cases/smoke-touch-apps/revision/80/unity8-autopilot/setup.sh14:25
mzanettithe NO_UNLOCK=1 is the culprit14:25
mzanettinic-doffay: time for a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/fix-1213153/+merge/18240614:35
larsudednick|lunch: apparently qmenumodel is not building on i386 (tests for qmenumodel are failing: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qmenumodel/+bug/1217335). Do you still depend on QMenuModel (the class) or can we remove it?14:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1217335 in qmenumodel (Ubuntu) "qmenumodel fails to build on i386/amd64 against Qt 5.1.1" [Undecided,New]14:41
nic-doffaymzanetti, on it14:41
mzanettimterry: I assume because you got dragged away for the html thingie, the demo branch is not fixed/ready yet, right?14:42
mterrymzanetti, demo should be fixed14:43
mterrymzanetti, stupid Q_SLOTS/Q_INVOKABLE mixup (I put Q_INVOKABLE after 'public' instead of in front of method prototype)14:44
mterrymzanetti, there's a qmltest that fails on jenkins but works locally. Just pushed a possible fix for that, but shouldn't block testing14:44
mzanettimterry: hehe... and I've seen in the last version you still have a "pubic:" too much :P14:44
mterrymzanetti, you kidding me?  How does that compile?14:45
mterryoh, I don't have pubic!14:46
mzanettistupid typos...14:47
mzanettimterry: line 819 for example14:47
mzanettimterry: not a real problem... but not needed either14:48
mzanetti1262 too14:48
mterrymzanetti, ah, I see what you meaj14:48
mzanettimterry: and 1609 there is still the slot thingie14:48
mterrymzanetti, 1609 needs to be I thought, for the QtDBus auto-binding stuff to work,14:49
mzanettimterry: we really should define that API in lp:unity-api... would fail to compile until all of them are aligned14:49
mzanettiah ok14:49
dednick|lunchlarsu: the messaging still using qmenumodel14:58
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larsudednick: ah okay. So I guess I should have an actual look why the tests fail, then :)15:00
dednicklarsu: fail on amd64 as well :/ works for me...15:02
larsudednick: you have qt 5.1?15:02
dednicklarsu: no15:02
Wellarkseb128: why am I seeing this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032941/15:04
Wellarkthat's on todays touch image on my nexus 315:05
WellarkI must be crazy or something but it states that the installed version of HUD is 13.10.1+13.10.20130816.1-0ubuntu115:05
Wellarkinstead of that 13.10.1+13.10.20130822.4-0ubuntu1 which we worked so hard to fix critical bugs15:07
larsuWellark: did you see our discussion about the theme icon provider from earlier today?15:07
Wellarklarsu: nope15:07
Wellarklarsu: quick recap please15:07
larsuWellark: did you get a chance to work on the tests for that?15:09
larsuWellark: I can't see any on the MR and I remember you needed the theme provider desperately two weeks ago15:10
Wellarklarsu: doing them today after we get this critical HUD problem sorted out15:10
Wellarklarsu: well, we all need it15:10
larsuWellark: ah cool. Thanks. Yes, other people have been asking abou this, which is why I'm pinging you right now :)15:11
Wellarkin the mean time I fixed upstream QIcon15:11
larsuah, very cool15:11
Wellarkand HUD15:11
Wellarkand HUD15:11
Wellarkand HUD15:11
Wellarklarsu: so yeah. unit tests to get that MR forward coming today15:12
Wellarkor I will lock my self to bathroom and cry15:12
larsuhaha, please don't :)15:12
* larsu hears that is not good for mental stability15:13
Cimimzanetti, you said the launcher jumps in with my launcher branch, how?15:13
Cimimzanetti, you mean the shadow suddenly appears?15:13
mzanettiCimi: no15:13
mzanettiCimi: the EdgeDragArea has a minimumMovement15:14
mzanettiCimi: which means, you need to drag for half a grid unit or so before the drag gesture is recognized15:14
mzanettiCimi: once the gesture is recognized, the launcher shows up, already having moved for that distance...15:15
mzanettiCimi: I think the easy fix for that is to make it visible onMousePress already15:15
mzanettiCimi: because then the shadow will appear when you put the finger down and the rest happens as before15:15
Cimimzanetti, but there is no onMousePress15:16
mzanettiCimi: DirectionalDragArea::Status15:17
Cimimzanetti, recognized?15:18
mzanettirecognized is when a drag is recognized15:18
mzanettithat's too late15:18
Cimiso what?15:18
mzanettiCimi: how about Undecided?15:21
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Cimimzanetti, probably better opacity: 0 when is waitingfortuouch or no status?15:22
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mzanettiCimi: not only...15:30
mzanettiCimi:  it also needs opacity = 1 when the launcher is revealed15:30
mzanettiCimi:  but you're getting close, yes :)15:30
Cimimzanetti, implying 1 all other cases15:32
dednicklarsu: just upgraded to 5.1 . still passes :(15:36
dednickwell. :)15:36
larsudednick: let's close the bug as WORKSFORME :)15:37
dednicklarsu: lol15:38
larsudednick: ah! "QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display"15:40
larsuI guess we jut need a xvfb-run somewhere in there...15:41
* larsu wonders why this worked before15:41
tedgsil2100, So larsu found a fix for the indicator-messages issue.  Can we kick off the stack manually to see if it's all green?15:46
seb128tedg, he's hosting a vUDS track, not sure he has time for IRC15:50
seb128tedg, let me have a look15:50
tedgseb128, Ah, okay, thanks!15:50
seb128tedg, build triggered15:52
tedgseb128, Thanks /me crosses fingers!15:52
Cimimzanetti, opacity: (root.state == "" && dragArea.status === DirectionalDragArea.WaitingForTouch) ? 0 : 1 ?15:57
mzanettiCimi: looks reasonable. did you make sure that it doesn't disappear too early? afaik the state changes to "" before the animation is done with hiding it15:57
Cimimzanetti, could do x == -width instead root.state == ""15:58
mzanettiCimi: yeah, that seems a good one15:59
Cimimzanetti, you think we need a behaviour?15:59
mzanettihmm... I'd add one.16:00
mzanettibut UbuntuAnimation.FastDuration16:00
Cimimzanetti, do they already work?16:01
Cimimzanetti, ubuntuAnimation16:01
mzanettiCimi: also, need to check if that doesn't conflict when you drag in the laucnher very fast16:01
Cimimzanetti, it's why I was asking16:01
mzanettiCimi: yes, UbuntuAnimation works fine16:01
Cimimzanetti, I pushed, if you could test on your phone...16:04
mzanettiCimi: ok. not sure I'll make it today16:07
mzanettiCimi: but I'll review tomorrow16:07
dednicklarsu: ping16:21
larsudednick: yep16:22
dednicklarsu: is the only diff between g_object_unref & g_object_clear that it nulls the pointer after?16:23
larsudednick: no, it also checks for NULL (this was more of an FYI then something you have to fix)16:24
dednicklarsu: ok. thanks16:25
larsuMirv: I have a patch that makes the qmenumodel tests work for me. Can you please test it? (branch is attached to the bug)16:26
dednicklarsu: hm. did it just fail outright for you then?16:27
larsudednick: when sshing into a vm :D16:28
dednicklarsu: ah :)16:28
larsuI like using vms when adding ppas like that16:28
larsuand sshing seemed like the easiest way to get a no X situation16:29
dednicklarsu: indeed.16:29
seb128bregma, hey, is anyone looking at unity failing publication because too many tests fail?16:35
bschaeferseb128, bregma is out until tomorrow, and we are trying to look at all the failures...but not a lot of stuff has changed in unity it self the last few days16:37
bschaeferseb128, hoping to focus on all the AP failures today...16:37
seb128bschaefer, ok, great, thanks16:38
bschaeferseb128, np! thanks for poking us!16:38
Mirvlarsu: tested. added my approve, works now both locally and in the 5.1.1 PPA with your branch!16:40
larsuMirv: awesome! Exactly the message I want to hear on my eod :)16:40
larsudednick: ^^ can you approve it too, please?16:40
dednicklarsu: sure16:49
dednicklarsu: done.16:52
dednicklarsu: my fixes are in UnityMenuAction branch as well.16:53
TheMusois there anybody around from the unity 8 team who is able to jump into http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21947/client-1308-touch-1404-a11y/ and join the discussion?17:59
TheMusotvoss: ^^ Are you able to join, or could you point others who may be in a better position to discuss the situation?18:02
Dash__Hello, how can I deactivate the animation when the dash opens ?18:05
tvossTheMuso, gimme5, with you then18:05
TheMusotvoss: Sure, hangout URL is https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/ff15e632070786351f22a797e5fcf553212c43a8?authuser=018:06
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bschaefermhr3, quick fix will be landing soon!18:22
kgunngreyback_: just wondering when you phlash are you using -b ?18:35
kgunnwonder if that's a diff18:35
greyback_kgunn: not usually, unless things get very confused18:35
kgunngreyback_: specifically what image are on atm18:36
kgunnive gone back and forth several times...pending+mir got lots of rendering glitches on dash18:36
greyback_kgunn: nexus4, yes I've heard of rendering glitches unfortunately18:38
kgunngreyback_: but these aren't just in the panel area....this is why i thot i had no assetts....they are there, just weird18:38
greyback_kgunn: can you send me a screenshot/photo of the phone?18:39
kgunngreyback_: holy crap...it just recovered...what the what18:40
kgunnlooks awsome now18:40
kgunnhmmm.....i was measuring framerate...killed that...then it got better....18:40
greyback_very odd18:42
* greyback_ hopes that doesn't happen again18:42
kgunngreyback_: ah...weird..."stop unity" unity failed to stop...but, i ran unity again on top....18:43
kgunnso i had like 2 unitys ?18:43
greyback_kgunn: yep, it's on my todo list to prevent that18:43
kgunngreyback_: just checking...password for su phablet is "phablet" right ?18:44
greyback_kgunn: yep18:44
kgunngreyback_: this definitely worked earlier...but now unity is being stubborn18:44
greyback_kgunn: any strange output in your shell?18:44
cyphermoxwould someone be so kind as to review this very simple merge request? https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/unity-lens-applications/libcolumbus/+merge/18246718:45
cyphermoxI'd be so very grateful :)18:45
kgunnphablet@ubuntu-phablet:/$ su phablet18:45
kgunnphablet@ubuntu-phablet:/$ stop unity18:45
kgunnstop: Unknown job: unity18:45
seb128cyphermox, can do18:45
cyphermoxseb128: thanks18:45
kgunngreyback_: unknown job unity?18:45
greyback_kgunn: "unity8"18:46
kgunngreyback_: you know...i was just thinking...did i accidently delete the 8 in my notes?18:46
greyback_kgunn: :D18:46
TheMusogreyback_: Whats your launchpad user ID?18:49
greyback_TheMuso: "gerboland"18:50
TheMusogreyback_: Thanks.18:50
greyback_TheMuso: thank you18:50
greyback_kgunn: everything ok?18:58
* greyback_ had to go18:59
om26ermzanetti, did the icon size in the launcher change recently? they look a bit smaller to me with today' image19:15
mzanettiom26er: yes. they are a bit smaller19:43
om26ermzanetti, they look to small  in comparison to the dash icons, probably something for design to consider19:44
mzanettiom26er: this is what I got from design19:44
mzanettiom26er: actually it was a bug on my side that they were bigger. all the design specs had the smaller ones, right from the beginning19:45
om26ermzanetti, it could possibly be that my eyes got used to the old size afterall.19:45
om26erthe continued use of the next few days will tell if they look weird still19:45
om26ermzanetti, offtopic: the quicklists appear on the launcher, shall i raise a bug for that ?19:46
mzanettiom26er: yes, if it turns out to cause issues I'm sure the size will be increased again19:46
mzanettiom26er: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/120446619:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1204466 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[Popover] Functionality to control positioning needed" [High,New]19:48
om26ermzanetti, ah - cool19:48
mzanettiom26er: did you see this before? http://s-jenkins:8080/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-saucy/2287/console19:54
om26ermzanetti, no, never saw that one. try a restart for that job ?19:56
mzanettiom26er: there are 4 of this in a row now :/19:56
om26ersomething is broken with that VM maybe ?19:58
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EricDumb question: I want to try unity. How do I get it?22:25
=== Eric is now known as Guest50120
bschaeferGuest50120, well what are you on right now?22:26
Guest50120Ubuntu 10.04.22:28
bschaeferGuest50120, hmm well you'll either have to upgrade to 12.04, or partition your current hard drive with 12.04 or 13.04 to avoid messing up your 10.04 version22:29
bschaefertheres always this fun online tour: http://www.ubuntu.com/tour22:31
bschaeferbut, it wont be like the real thing :)22:31

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