rick_hjcastro: you around Sat?01:07
rick_hthere you go for your perl urges http://thechangelog.com/gitprep-open-source-github-clone/02:17
cmaloneyGood morning13:35
cmaloneyAre we having fun yet?15:55
tony-smlrDid you guys see the message from ChanServ?  or did it only show it to me?16:05
rick_hI didn't see anything16:06
rick_hand 'landing all the things' so that's fun16:06
greg-gtony-smlr: did not see, no16:08
cmaloneytony-smlr: Which message?16:38
tony-smlrI changed the entry message for my #smlr channel.  the ChanServ message showed on this channel for some reason16:41
tony-smlrI didn't want to spam you guys because I was updating my channel16:42
tony-smlrBut it looks like it only showed it to me.16:42
cmaloneyAh, no worries17:53
jrwrenanyone know https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/ec2/ very well?19:04
jrwrenthe first column is region, but images are per region, aren't they?19:04
rick_hsmoser: is the master of ^19:05
smoserjwimages are pre region.19:07
smoserjrwren, ?19:08
jrwrenmy brain is hurting.19:11
jrwrenor rather, I typoed.19:11
jrwrenthe first column at that url is ZONE19:11
jrwrenbut images are per region.19:11
jrwrenOK, I'm sticking with zone.19:12
smoserimages are per-region.19:12
smoserap-southeast-1 is a region19:12
jrwrenshit. typo again.19:12
smoserap-southeast-1a is a availability-zone19:12
jrwrenI'm sticking with region19:12
jrwrenah, thank you. maybe that is waht i'm missing19:12
jrwrenyup yup.19:12
jrwrenthanks smoser. I was misreading19:12
jrwrenand miswriting a TON19:12
jrwrenafternoon coffee time!!!19:13
smoserjrwren, you dont seem to me to be the kind of person that uses a gui to find a image-id.19:16
smoseri'm saying this because the data you're looking at is available at19:16
smoserwith a library/tool for querying that at lp:simplestreams (packaged in saucy)19:17
jrwreni wasn't really looking for an ubu image. I was looking to confirm that they are per region.19:20
jrwrenaws docs were failing me.19:20
jrwreni'm familiar enough with the API to be 99% sure I was right. I just wanted to confirm19:20
smoserof course you were looking for an ubuntu image :)19:20
jrwrenbecause openstack is different enough...19:20
jrwrenno. i'm not looking for an ubuntu image becuase I already have them :)19:20
jrwrensmoser: thanks for the json link19:24
smoserjrwren, are you using those in glance ?19:26
smoserie, download images -> glance ?19:26
jrwrenI think so, yes.19:26
smoserso you're not running your openstack.19:26
jrwrennope, team mate is.19:27
smoserwell, you can point him at19:27
jrwrenbut I just matched an md5, so yes, I'm definitely running server/releases/precise/release-20130411.1/ubuntu-12.04-server-buttimg-amd64-disk1.img19:27
smoserwhich basically keeps images in your local glance "in sync" with those published.19:27
jrwrenoh cool.19:28
jrwreni'll link the team.19:28
smoser(and actually produces the same formated data on swift for your local cloud that we have on cloud-images for ec2)19:28
jrwrenare filters availble? like 12.04 x86 only?19:28
jrwrenerr, x86_64 only.19:28
jrwrenwe wouldn't want to sync EVERYTHING19:29
smoserthat will be coming... but as it is right now you get a fire hose :)19:29
smoserwell, you can say "keep 2".19:29
smoserwhich would keep 2 of each release x arch19:29
jrwrencool. when it become a need to sync that, we'll check it out. its a one time thing right now, so no big deal19:29
greg-gjcastro: is it just me, or are the pgup/pgdn keys on the x230 in the wrong places? I would have that pgup would be on the right...21:14
jrwrenpgup is fn uparrow21:16
greg-gnot on the x230 :(21:22
greg-greally, the keyboard layout is pretty crappy21:22
greg-gusability is apparently only for things on the screen, not the input devices. They are just supposed to look purty.21:23
jcastrogreg-g: yeah they're in the wrong place23:55
jcastrostill getting used to it23:55
jcastrolove the rest of the keyboard though23:56
jcastrorick_h: I ordered that new code keyboard from WASD23:56
cmaloneyTHat looks interesting23:59

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