barrydkGood morning everyone05:25
Kilosgreetings peeps05:40
Kilosyo Superhuman 05:58
Kilosmorning superfly 06:27
Kilosi hope 8.30 suits you better for meets06:28
Kiloshi psychicist 06:37
theblazehenhi all06:51
theblazehenhi Vince-0 07:09
Vince-037 total yoh07:09
Kiloshi theblazehen Vince-0 07:09
theblazehenhi Kilos 07:09
KilosVince-0, your mailing list is a data hog07:10
Vince-0it is? 07:10
Kilosdont you peeps send/receive mails the normal way?07:11
Vince-0I don't notice - also don't use the groups page07:11
Vince-0Email summary/digest to my Inbox and I reply there07:11
Kilosjust login in and looking at first pages maile uses 3 meg07:11
inetprogood morning07:12
Kilosmorning inetpro 07:12
Vince-0Kilos, you should have digest/summary on to get it to your inbox rather than visiting the groups page07:13
Kilosdo i do that online there?07:13
Kilosi use thunderbird with pop so i see all my mails here in my inbox07:15
Kilosall list mails that is07:15
Kiloshehe theblazehen have you started reading the LPI manual yet?07:16
Kilosmassive book07:16
Vince-0yep, those two exams are not small07:16
Vince-0took me about 2 months part time to summarize notes on just the first exam07:16
Kiloswill take the rest of my life i think07:17
theblazehennot yet Kilos 07:18
Kilosim only by irq's now07:18
Kilosbut they auto im sure07:18
Vince-0Kilos, I see domdoner and kilosblunt07:19
Kilosya they both me07:19
theblazehentrying out i307:19
Kilosdomdonner was last year and blunt was when i tried to get there last week or so07:20
Kilosdual core pc07:21
theblazehenKilos, nah, the window manager07:21
Vince-0Kilos, so you've got no Email option set for either of those accounts. Would you like me to remove one and update for Email to abriged/digest/all emails ?07:21
theblazehenuses vi keys07:21
Kilosyes please to domdonner07:21
Vince-0ok do you want all mails or the digest?07:24
Kilosi dunno whats the diffs07:24
Kilosall mails from now on i think07:25
Vince-0digest is once a day, all mails are immediate07:25
Kilosya immediate07:25
Vince-0done! domdonner lol07:26
Kiloshehe ty very much07:26
Kilosnow i can turn off the blunt one here07:26
Kilosim with pcs like you would most likely be if someone gave you a stripped automatic gearbox and said sort it07:28
Vince-0automatic yar07:31
Kilosnow you can mail your list an advertise the "coming soon " LPI classes on #linux-studies07:31
Vince-0who uses those07:31
Kilospeeps that are too lazy to change gears07:31
Kilosand some women find it easier07:31
Kiloshehe i think the pros car is auto07:32
Vince-0theblazehen, here is the book I'm using 'cos it's up to date for the recent revision for LPI1 http://www.amazon.com/CompTIA-Linux-Study-Guide-LX0-101/dp/111853174407:32
theblazehenty Vince-0 07:32
Kilosisnt amazon stuff to buy?07:33
Vince-0Its a good place to start but it won't include absolutely everything in the exam. The layout doesn't exactly follow the LPI objectives in order 07:33
Vince-0you could start with the exam objectives on the lpi.org site and work from there using as much material you can find07:34
theblazehenty Vince-0 07:34
Kilosisnt the book the monkey gave us up to date07:34
Kilosit wgets lekker and free07:34
Vince-0ya but it is a bit old for the newest revision, let me check the dates07:36
Kilosall the foss and floss then you go buy a book07:36
Vince-0ya to win the exam easier07:36
Vince-0it is a hell of a task creating your own notes to match the objectives07:38
Kilosbut best way to remember stuff07:39
Kiloswriting down that is. not here on pc07:39
Vince-0here's the addendum notes on the lpi wiki: http://wiki.lpi.org/wiki/LPIC-107:39
Kiloscan i wget them or must i first go page to page07:40
Vince-0looks like the latest revision published April 200907:40
Vince-0that's a wiki page, dunno if a wget will give you a usable page07:41
Vince-0I tried some of the practice exams linked on the lpi.org site - they're not that easy07:44
Vince-0some tricky multiple choice and "type the command" questions07:45
Kilosyo nocware 07:49
nocwareBeen a while.07:50
Kilosyeah where you been07:50
nocwareJst had sme biz that kept me off.07:51
Kilosand fingers got tired07:52
Kilosall the shorthand07:52
nocwareA bit. 07:53
nocwarebtw anyone know how to solve some error i keep getting about hd0 out of disk and then grub rescue loading??07:56
nocwarealready tried re-installing grub.07:57
nocwareDidnt work07:57
Kilosyou using 13.0407:57
Kilosah thats easy then07:58
KilosMaaz, google boot-repair for 12.0407:58
MaazKilos: "How to Repair GRUB2 When Ubuntu Won't Boot" http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/ :: "Boot-Repair - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair :: "Restore/Reinstall/Repair Grub on Ubuntu 13.04 / 12.10 / 12.04 from ..." http://www.howopensource.com/2012/05/reinstall-recover-grub-from-07:58
Maazubuntu-12-04-live-cd-usb/ :: "installation - Cannot install Ubuntu 12.04 After Windows Insta…07:58
Kilosuse the top link07:58
Kilosboot-repair fixes those probs if its not your drive crashing07:59
nocwarehvent tried boot repair.But i did use the terminal method n i still get those errors.08:01
Kilosboot-repair is a great tool08:01
Kilosfixes anything fixable08:01
Kilosand if its probs in the boot sector the are other ugly tricks to keep drive going08:02
Kilosyou using 12.04 only or with win as well nocware ?08:03
nocwareOnly Ubuntu 12.0408:03
nocwareno win08:03
Kilosthen go with boot repair08:04
Kilosit even fixes dual boots08:04
Kilosand can be run from a live cd as well08:05
nocwareMy laptop boots, jst after rebooting a couple of times..08:06
Kilosif you cant get past the grub prompt and use ctrl+alt+F@08:06
Kilosboot-repair will fix it im sure08:06
Kilosalso what email client are you using?08:06
nocwarel'll try it.08:07
Kilosits not big08:07
nocwarei dont use any e-mail clients...08:07
Kilosif you add the repo as that link explains then run it probs are gone08:08
Kilosok. i had evo probs08:08
Kiloshi barrydk 08:18
barrydkHi Kilos  I greeted early this morning already08:38
Kilosoh sorry, head full of learning08:39
Kilosno place for memory08:39
barrydkThats good no problem, just dont want you guys to think im not greeting. 08:40
Vince-0its IRC, can't take offense over manners in text communications08:43
Kilosi thought they had dropped lilo08:44
Vince-0from LPI? 08:44
Vince-0I think there aren't specific config questions about it but just that you know it exists and its limitations08:44
Kilossure i read something about that last year08:45
barrydkTime to go enjoy the evening everyone12:46
Kiloshi Cantide 13:14
Cantidehello '<13:15
Cantidei ran into some bad luck :/13:36
Cantidewhile on my mission to conquer Korea today, i managed to seize the car's engine T-T13:36
Cantideso much for going to RMS next week :/13:36
Cantideyeah T-T13:59
Cantidethe good news is that i received my contract, had it printed, signed it, and sent it with all my other documents via DHL to Korea13:59
Cantideso by the end of the week, my VISA should be on its way :)13:59
Cantide"Join us in 10mins at 2pm UTC for the opening Ubuntu Developer Summit session, including a keynote from Mark Shuttleworth - watch the video stream live at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/meeting/21887/intro-and-keynote/"14:00
Cantidei am there :)14:06
theblazehenhi guys, maaz coffee on15:01
theblazehenMaaz coffee on15:01
* Maaz puts the kettle on15:01
theblazehenMaaz http error 41815:02
Maaztheblazehen: Excuse me?15:02
theblazehenMaaz google http error 41815:02
Maaztheblazehen: "List of HTTP status codes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTTP_status_codes :: "Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol - Wikipedia, the free ..." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyper_Text_Coffee_Pot_Control_Protocol :: "What is the story behind HTTP status code 418 - "I'm a Teapot ..." http://www.quora.com/What-15:02
Maazis-the-story-behind-HTTP-status-code-418-Im-a-Teapot :: "Stack Overflow returning HTTP err…15:02
MaazCoffee's ready for theblazehen!15:05
theblazehent yMaaz15:06
theblazehenty Maaz15:06
theblazehenhello theblazesbot15:11
theblazehenwb theblazesbot15:16
theblazehenhi nocware 15:28
nocwareyeh theblazehen#15:28
Kilosyo kbmonkey 15:35
KilosMaaz, seen magespawn 15:36
MaazKilos: magespawn was last seen 18 hours, 55 minutes and 40 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-08-26 22:40:42 SAST], and has been online on freenode since 2013-08-23 14:52:55 SAST15:36
theblazesboti've gone15:36
nocwareSo, Kilos when  i created a separate partition  for home the problem seems to have disappeared.15:36
Kilosdid you make seperate partitions to start with?15:37
nocwareNope. jst did it 2de... 15:37
Cantide2de == today ?15:38
Kilosi always make at least 3. root boot and home and on large drives i add a storage partition at the end15:38
Kiloswe dont use @ on irc15:39
nocwareIm not so sure abt making one for boot...i'll leave it as is.15:39
Cantidei don't mine the @thing :)15:40
=== theblazehen is now known as thing
Cantideyeah, i think just a separate home partition is enough15:40
Kiloswhen you install you make them but you can make just root and home15:40
Cantidei will do that for my next install i think15:40
=== thing is now known as theblazehen
Kilosthe advantage of having a home part is that with a reinstall you dont lose all your setting and stuff because you install but dont format /home15:41
kbmonkeyIm back tonight Kilos 15:47
Kilosi see so15:47
Kilosim trying to install centos on other pc to use for the class15:48
kbmonkeyhey did we not use @name before in irc days of yore? lol15:48
kbmonkeynocware, a boot partition is not required. it is used more for server installs or special occasions15:49
Kilosits twitter peeps that have that habit15:49
kbmonkeyno, @ was used waay before anyof social networks existed man15:50
kbmonkeyin roguelike games, your avatar is the @ symbol. since then it signals a player or user15:50
CantideKilos, that also introduces problems when old, bad settings are kept when you want a fresh install - especially when changing versions15:51
Cantideor ChanServ >_>15:51
theblazesbot/msg nickserv15:51
Cantideops '-'15:51
theblazesbotoh okay15:51
Kilosya if there are bad setting or some corruption  but it can save lotsa hard work if your /home wasnt corrupt15:52
Cantidetrue that15:52
kbmonkeywhich CentOS do you have Kilos ? I have 5.615:52
kbmonkeyI remember that 6 came out...15:52
Cantidei only really reinstall though if my installation is broken or if i'm changing versions, in which case keeping my /home is a bad idea15:52
theblazesbotsomeone please link the octothrope thing15:52
Kilosand old one from nuvo15:52
kbmonkeyja then we have the same Kilos 15:53
Kilosbut it be stupid15:53
kbmonkeyhow so?15:53
Kilosonly got a 6g drive in but it wants to install on hdc15:53
Kilosthen says its too small15:53
Kilosshould be hda if anything15:54
kbmonkeyoh. can one choose features and smallify the install?15:54
kbmonkeyyou have two drives in there?15:54
Kilosyo grant15:55
Kilosthe thing wants to install to eth015:55
Cantidethat's your network interface15:56
Kilosnope only the 6g but it must be seing the eth to router15:56
kbmonkeyeh? 15:56
kbmonkeyhow about changing it Kilos 15:57
Kilosand that means it dont even see the 6g with xp on15:57
kbmonkeyI'm booting it in kvm now15:57
kbmonkeyhang on.. need to get this support request for my web host done.. damn thing does not see rsync15:58
Kilosright im in a kinda parted tool15:58
Kilosill sort it kbmonkey you do your stuff ty15:58
kbmonkeywatch me multitask man ;)15:58
Kiloswhats a lvm group16:01
Kilosbetter to format drive with gparted then start and install16:01
kbmonkeylogical volume management16:02
Kilosand they aint even got ext4 yet16:02
kbmonkeyit allows you to pool your drives together, so they become one large space16:03
kbmonkeyamong other things16:03
kbmonkeyit is how servers can add more disk space without needing reinstallation16:03
Cantideoh, cool :)16:05
Cantidethat is logical xD16:05
Cantidehey Vince-016:05
Vince-0RMS is in Joburg16:05
CantideVince-0, I may need to cancel my RMS booking T-T16:05
Vince-0oh that's OK16:06
Vince-0There will be an update this week16:06
Cantidemy dad's car died today16:06
Cantideso i don't think i'll be able to get there16:06
Vince-0ow, I'll pick you up on the day16:06
Cantideif it's not a problem, that would be cool16:06
Kilosyou seized your dads car16:07
Cantideyup :D16:07
CantideCantide -1 T-T16:07
Vince-0sure, email me closer to the time and we can arrange it16:07
grantwhi everyone 16:08
Cantidek, i'll catch you on here sometime :p16:08
Kilosoh my this centos gives the choice of gnome kde server and i dunno what more16:08
Cantidehi grantw '<16:08
Vince-0centos with x? noooo16:08
Kiloshows things grantw 16:08
Kilosyou been scarce16:08
grantwgoing OK, been sick for 4days16:09
CantideKilos, have no DE and just use the terminal :)16:09
Kilosno man16:09
Kilosi dont want a server16:09
Kilosi wanna see wassup16:09
Cantidethen what are you using it for?16:09
Kilosfor the LPI classes16:09
Vince-0I use webmin for a gui16:09
Kilosthats what they use16:10
Cantidewhy not use Ubuntu?16:10
Vince-0wait for rpm vs deb package management16:10
CantideVince-0, yeah, i had a centos server with cpanel on it >.<16:10
Cantideand enjoy yum, Kilos :)16:10
Vince-06.4 Centos?16:10
Kilosthats redhat?16:10
Cantideit is redhat16:11
Cantideand free16:11
Cantideand without support16:11
Kiloswhy isnt LPI in debian16:11
Cantideor something like that16:11
* Kilos cries16:11
Vince-0its distro agnostic16:11
kbmonkeywhat? really? I thought Fedora is RedHat unbranded16:11
kbmonkeyKilos, did it see your drive yet?16:12
Cantide"CentOS ("Community Enterprise Operating System") is a Linux distribution which attempts to provide a free enterprise class computing platform which has 100% binary compatibility with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)"16:12
Vince-0Fedora is more the testing ground for cutting edge repos + kernels16:12
Vince-0I tend to stick 1 version behind latest on Fedora16:12
kbmonkeyah great thanks Cantide 16:13
Cantidei just pulled that from wikipedia :p16:13
Vince-0Maaz: what is Centos16:13
MaazVince-0: I'm afraid I have no idea16:13
Vince-0Maaz: wikipedia Centos16:13
MaazVince-0: What?16:13
CantideMaaz, coffee please16:13
MaazCantide: There isn't a pot on16:13
CantideMaaz, coffee on16:13
* Maaz washes some mugs16:13
Vince-0Maaz: google Centos16:13
MaazVince-0: "www.centos.org - The Community ENTerprise Operating System" http://www.centos.org/ :: "www.centos.org - centos.org content" http://www.centos.org/mirrors :: "CentOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CentOS :: "DistroWatch.com: CentOS" http://distrowatch.com/centos :: "6 Things You Should Know About CentOS Linux - rackAID"16:13
Maazhttp://www.rackaid.com/resources/things-to-know-about-centos-linux/ :: "Karanbir Singh (Cen…16:13
Kilosya its installing kbmonkey 16:14
kbmonkeyMaaz, where are the rusks?16:14
Maazkbmonkey: Erk, dunno16:14
KilosMaaz, rusks please16:14
Maazbehind the calender on top of the fridge, but dont tell everyone Kilos16:14
Vince-0Maas, can I get hard liquor instead16:14
Vince-0Maaz, can I get hard liquor instead16:14
MaazVince-0: What?16:14
Vince-0maas lol16:14
Kiloshe used to say he wont help corrupt the younguns16:15
Vince-0Maaz: I'm over 18 years old, promise16:17
MaazVince-0: *blink*16:17
Cantidei see <blink> is being removed from html16:17
Cantideabout blinking time  :D16:17
MaazCoffee's ready for Cantide!16:17
Cantidethanks, Maaz16:18
MaazCantide: Sure16:18
Kiloskbmonkey, im not gonna have to update/upgrade to practise on it am i?16:25
kbmonkeyno, I doubt that Kilos 16:26
kbmonkeyin fact,youre probably gonna reinstall it a few times to try out the other options ;)16:27
kbmonkeylike lvm16:27
kbmonkeyonly a 6GB drive in that machine?16:27
Kilosshame that poor 6g drive16:27
kbmonkeyhope you dont run out of space16:27
kbmonkeyhow did you get past the space limit?16:28
Kiloswell plugged in anyway16:28
Kilosit didnt complain i just deleted everything i could in the partition tool16:28
kbmonkeyusing the DVD isos or live CD?16:29
kbmonkeyman I feel too lazy to make dinner. guess it has to be done 16:30
Kilosthe dvd16:30
kbmonkeymake dinner && sudo eat16:31
Kilosit only used 2.3g of the drive16:33
Cantidei used "sudo_wrestler" as my real name on IRC :)16:34
Cantidei think sudo wrestlers eat a lot16:34
Kilosi dont like the blue screen too msish16:37
Kiloslo inetpro 16:40
inetprogood evening16:40
* inetpro seeing talk about everything but ubuntu?16:41
Kiloswell no ubuntu stuff is breaking16:41
Kilosand the lpi think is for the centos thing16:42
inetproalmost thought I was in the wrong channel16:42
kbmonkeyoff to make some dinner, be back later :]16:43
Cantide"...she calls up her favourite black ops field agent Kruger (Sharlto Copley, playing an Afrikaans cyborg ninja hobo, who is every bit as awesome as he sounds) to rain down death, destruction and the most nightmarish rendition of Jan Pierewiet the world has ever seen."16:43
Cantideloool :D16:43
Kilosyou missed nocware inetpro that was ubuntu16:46
inetproKilos: ok, you are forgiven16:50
inetprobut just this time16:50
Kilosty sir16:50
inetpronext time you pay up front16:51
Cantidegood night '-'/16:54
Kilosnight cant16:54
nuvolariright! I fixed it17:18
nuvolarimy vodacom connection17:18
nuvolariI bought 8ta data17:18
nuvolariand... tada!17:18
Kiloswhats tada17:18
nuvolarinee nooit oom Kilos!17:19
nuvolarihocus, pocus, tada!17:19
nuvolari"en siedaar"17:19
Kilosek gebruik daai centos van jou17:20
Kilosop ander pc17:20
grantwso I hear Richard Stallman is coming to za17:22
Kilosthat like fixing a windows pc by installing ubuntu17:22
Kilosgrantw, are you on our mailing list17:23
Kilosthe okes been mailing info there about it17:23
grantwyes, I'm on the mail list17:24
grantwsounds interesting, who is going?17:26
Kiloswhere are you?17:27
grantwcape town17:27
nuvolariKilos: werk daai centos nog!? :P17:27
Kilosek het nou nou instaleer seun17:28
nuvolariwag, dink dit was fedora, nie so nie?17:28
Kilosen t=die cd test gedoen en was goed17:28
Kilosblou skerm ding17:28
Kilosmet gnome17:28
nuvolariaah! ek onthou, ek't centos geinstall voordat hy my te veel issues gegee het17:28
nuvolari:O blou skerm ding. dit was 'n lekker c'putertjie daai17:29
Kiloslyk soos vensters17:29
Kilosdis op die selle pc17:29
nuvolariek jeuk, ek wil nie meer ubuntu hol nie17:30
nuvolarioh hi theblazehen 17:30
theblazehenhi nuvolari 17:30
theblazehenhi Kilos 17:30
Kiloshi theblazehen 17:30
Kilosohi superfly 17:30
superflyhi Kilos17:31
kbmonkeyhallo nuvolari 0\17:47
Kiloshes gone to sleep17:59
kbmonkeyhe got the right idea17:59
kbmonkeyzzz -.-17:59
Kilosme too soon. got up to runlevels with a modicum of understanding18:00
Kiloswill go through that tomorrow18:00
Kilosi think thats english18:01
nuvolarioh hi kbmonkey 18:06
kbmonkeypretty tired tonight18:06
Kiloskbmonkey, you gotta advertise on the lists about classes18:09
Kilosthen you can go sleep18:09
Kiloshoe gaan dit daar nuvolari 18:09
Kiloshoekom moeg ubuntu18:10
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie oom18:12
nuvolaribeter week as laas week18:12
Kilosthat lvm thing , what is it for18:21
nuvolariIIRC logical volume management? 18:28
nuvolariwell, a guess oom Kilos :P18:29
Kilosya but whats that for18:29
theblazehenBasically flexible partitions18:29
theblazehenso you can rersize it on the fly18:29
nuvolariit enables you to combine the space from multiple drives into one, for example18:29
theblazehenyeah, and what I said18:29
Kilosoh my18:30
Kilosclever hey'18:30
nuvolariand more18:30
Kilosi go sleep. night all. lekker slaap18:30
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 18:30
nuvolarilekker slaap18:30
nuvolariI should try to fix my arch boot 18:31
kbmonkeygn ki:]18:31
kbmonkeyai ai ai, the 3g is failing tonight18:31
kbmonkeyoh git tags are neat. how come I never used these before?18:34
theblazehenkbmonkey, what they do?18:47
kbmonkeythey mark a specific commit with a name so you can get the code for that version18:48
kbmonkeyhmm, I do not have any windows to test if my game runs through this pyg launcher18:50
theblazehenah ty19:04
kbmonkeyhave you worked with git theblazehen ?19:14
nuvolari\o/ it's alive!!!19:47
nuvolariafter months!19:47
nuvolariI love Arch again :>19:48
kbmonkeystill have not run Arch 19:49
nuvolariaw :-/19:49
nuvolarikbmonkey: I think you'll love it19:49
nuvolariI have not tried #!, but I get the idea they are similar19:49
kbmonkeyI may be getting my afrihost mobile device this week, then I will have to celebrate by downloading a distro :D19:49
nuvolariok... so let me see how much updates I have 19:50
kbmonkeya lot of the crunchbang people also run Arch, or even only Arch19:50
kbmonkeyon the forums19:50
nuvolarigood grief! 407MiB's downloads :-/19:51
kbmonkeywow! what windows manager have you installed with it ?19:52
nuvolarimy boss set up arch on his monster box at home19:52
nuvolarikbmonkey: xfce19:52
nuvolariit's on my netbook, so I tried to make it as lightweight as possible19:52
kbmonkeythere were lots of updates from upstream the past few months though19:52
nuvolarithe trouble with arch is that you'll have to update frequently19:53
nuvolarior rather, there ar e frequent updates19:53
kbmonkeyitit is a custom rolled distro right? not based on debian is it?19:54
kbmonkeyit is*19:54
nuvolariit's somewhere based between package managed and gentoo19:54
kbmonkeyas I understand it's updates are as frequents as if running debian sid19:55
kbmonkeyi.e. very regular XD19:55
nuvolariI had to install some stuff that required git (which is spart of the build system)19:55
nuvolariso it's quite source-oriented19:56
nuvolaribut ont as bad as gentoo19:56
nuvolariargh, lag19:56
nuvolariwell, I can't really comment on gentoo19:56
nuvolariI heard the stories, you know19:56
nuvolariall of a sudden I crave some pasta19:57
kbmonkeyah it is rolling release19:57
nuvolariyeah, rolling release19:57
nuvolariI just resqued my system with a "january" image19:57
nuvolarioh sorry, february19:58
kbmonkeywell I got all my dotfiles on github and that includes my window manager bindings and shortcuts, 20:01
kbmonkeybe interesting to see how portable they are on another distro :D20:01
nuvolarialrighty, seems stable again20:29
nuvolariand I promise to never force an upgrade again when a warning is given :P20:29

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