histoBadK1tty: what desktop environment where they running?00:00
BadK1ttythis one looked like the ship it had the hex pattern in red00:00
BadK1ttythe vid didn't say00:01
BadK1ttycoolest thing i've seen yet00:01
BadK1ttyi'll have to keep lookin00:01
BadK1ttyid say gnome or kde00:01
BadK1ttyit looked like he had cairo dock00:02
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KalelI would like to install 'whatsApp' in my android device from ubuntu raring ringtail. Can I do that without any problem?00:03
histoKalel: what do you mean install it from ubuntu?00:04
xenlandHow come when i follow these directions: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=118079200:05
xenlandmy boost still dosen't work in cmake?00:05
xenlandsays version 0.0.000:06
Kalelhisto: From my computer, ubuntu 13.04. My android device is conected in usb.. I already downloaded the app from the website.00:06
histoKalel: then copy the apk to your sd card or android device and install it. Why don't you just install it from the android market?00:07
Kalelhisto: Ok. I didn't consedered that. I'll try.. Thank you.00:08
brett2342i'm trying to set up a local repository for ubuntu 12.04 server following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline/Repository00:10
brett2342i'm trying to set up a local repository for ubuntu 12.04 server following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline/Repository , but after running apt-get update, it says failed to fetch...repository/dists//precise/main/binary-i386/Packages, but i am on x86_64, so not sure why it's looking for i386. any suggestions?00:11
histobrett2342: there is an extra / in there is that a typo or did you copy and paste?00:11
brett2342histo: no, that was a typo (not copy & paste)00:12
zipperwilee-nilee: uh I don't see an option to use it in terminal from here. It just opens the browser00:12
histobrett2342: did you download the proper contents00:13
histoand proper packages files or did you download i386 ones00:13
wilee-nileezipper, What install of tor?00:14
brett2342histo: yeah, i'm fairly certain i have the correct packages. i don't see where the i386 is pulling from00:14
wilee-nileezipper, Not sure what you mean by use in terminal.00:15
Christoff522#join #r/linux00:15
zipperI want to say use it with irssi00:15
zipperI downloaded the tor browser bundle00:16
wilee-nileezipper, never used irssi myself00:16
histozipper: tor browser bundle is not tor and has no terminal component that I'm aware of.00:16
histozipper: if you want to torify irssi that is another thing all together00:16
wilee-nileethe tor browser use the tor network00:16
zipperhisto: how exactly? When I run tor -v I get valid output so tor is installed?00:17
histozipper: most likely  so if you want to use it with a cli app just torify whatever00:17
zipperokay let me see the command is just << torify irssi >> ?00:18
xatr0zzipper: you could connect irssi to a port on localhost, and use a proxy to sent traffic on that port to the irc server you want00:18
xatr0zand torify is one way of doing it00:18
wilee-nileezipper, YOu had not mentioned as far as I saw any indication of irc through tor at least to me.00:18
xatr0zbut if you want privacy you arent finished yet00:18
xatr0zthere could be a lot of leaks of your ip addres or other information00:19
xatr0zzipper: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorifyHOWTO/irssi here are some methods, but if torify works for you and you just want to evade irc bans no problem00:19
zipperWell I got the following info from their install instructions.00:19
histozipper: typically and that has nothing to do with tor browser bundle00:19
zipper To use SOCKS directly (for instant messaging, Jabber, IRC, etc), you can point your application directly at Tor (localhost port 9050), but see this FAQ entry for why this may be dangerous. For applications that support neither SOCKS nor HTTP, take a look at torsocks or socat.00:19
histo!tor | zipper00:19
ubottuzipper: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl00:19
zipperwilee-nilee: true, my bad.00:20
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wilee-nileezipper, No biggie, I was just helping you get a tor network browser, I ahve not messed with making my irc client torified, and don't use tor in general00:21
zipperlet me try it.00:22
zipperWell just torify and irssi said that I was banned lol00:24
AcidRain2012ok, setting up an ftp server has failed me. so im looking into sftp and openssh. what is the difference? can any standard ftp client connect to an openssh server?00:24
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jhileHey guys has anyone ran into this issue with wine? I ran the game limbo and when I exited the game my desktop was white I couldn't seem to fix it unless i logged out and back in00:25
wilee-nileezipper, You have to set it up just right, not sure what that is though.00:28
somsipAcidRain2012: is it necessary for you to use ftp, or could you use scp?00:29
Kalelhisto, Successfully installed. I paste the .apk to 'apk folder and my device regognized itself...00:29
syntroPiwhats from with the usb kernel modules? they made my kernel froze bad enough that even REISUB couldnt unlock it? do i really need to pull my power plug everytime usb fails?00:29
wilee-nileesyntroPi, This a iso loaded to a usb and you have updated the kernel?00:31
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syntroPiwilee-nilee, i just was copying some files from/to my usb hdd. then it totaly froze, i have never seen it that bad00:32
syntroPidid not update it, its last release, but first time i did some heavy copy with this kernel00:33
wilee-nileesyntroPi, Not sure what a usb kernel module is, you make this up?00:33
wilee-nileein other words just some name applied00:34
syntroPiwilee-nilee, well i guess its something like usb_storage together with dependencies00:35
wilee-nileesyntroPi, So let me get this straight, you using a usb with ubuntu to move packages from your install on the computer to a external HS?00:36
wilee-nileeThats okay to do you are limited however on the speed of the flash stick and the usb ports, are you sure it actually froze?00:38
syntroPiwilee-nilee, nope i attached my usb hdd on usb 3 port (which is  NEC Corporation uPD720200) and copied some files from usb hdd to another dir in usb hdd (which has NTFS on it)00:38
syntroPion my regular up to date x64 system (which runs from ssd hdd)00:39
AcidRain2012i need some help setting up an ftp server00:39
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wilee-nileesyntroPi, Ah would run faster with usb 3, I guess you have to investigate what is causing the freeze, not sure how myself efficiently anyway.00:39
syntroPiwilee-nilee, i couldnt investigate anything, it did not even recognise REISUB00:40
wilee-nileesyntroPi, There are error files, I have really never had to use them in 6 years so I have not worried to debug stuff.00:41
AcidRain2012can anyone help with with setting up ftp server? im having some permission issues. i want my username to be able to access /var/www/ from /home/ftpusers/acidrain/[sym_link_to_www]00:42
AcidRain2012how can i do this?00:42
AcidRain2012i have the vsftp server running as ftp.ftp00:42
wilee-nileeAcidRain2012, by having some patience to start with.00:42
syntroPiwilee-nilee, which are the latest kernel syslogs? i guess sth like /var/log/syslog.1 ?00:42
AcidRain2012wilee-nilee, at this point i just want it to work. im not sure what i did. but i JUST got it to allow me to login after 10hrs of work00:42
wilee-nileesyntroPi, Not sure out of my armchair use skills. ;)00:43
somsipsyntroPi: without numbers are the latest. *.1 is the previous one, *.2 is the one before that, etc00:43
syntroPisomsip, so without number is life?00:44
somsipsyntroPi: yes. Eg: /var/log/syslog00:44
syntroPiso the last boot is syslog.1? well if so it didnt write anything malicious in there00:44
somsipsyntroPi: they are not rotated every boot. The current log is /var/log/syslog00:45
Silver_ArrowSo, after a hard shutdown from power loss, the mixer plugin and pulse audio no longer detect any audio harware, only dummy output00:45
Silver_Arrowanybody know what might've cause it?00:48
syntroPisomsip, oh thanks there it is, damn it looks dirty there: SysRq : Resetting, BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 22s! and lots of debug00:48
syntroPiSilver_Arrow, try sompin like "sudo alsa force-reload"00:51
loadid_czechSilver_Arrow: lshw and make sure your audio hardware is still detected00:52
Silver_Arrowokay, did that, started pulse audio, and it still only reports dummy output00:52
semitonesif I have a program that outputs text, can I pipe that text to a bash program that adds "foobar " to the text, and then pipe that to something else?00:54
somsipsemitones: yes00:54
semitonessomsip, what's the bash program called?00:54
somsipsemitones: pipe, like you said. Maybe I'm missing yourpoint?00:54
somsipsemitones: eg: |00:55
semitonessomsip, but what if I want to add text to that string, and then send it on, how do I add text?00:55
SchrodingersScatsemitones: sed? awk? #bash can probably lead you down a delightful path of various ways to do that :300:55
somsipsemitones: sed possibly00:55
semitonesyay, thanks!00:55
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pepper_chico.xbindkeysrc makes my keyboard irresponsive after reboot, only modifiers keys working, anyone gone through that?00:57
pepper_chico"{ echo KeyStrPress Alt_L; echo KeyStr F1; echo KeyStrRelease Alt_L; } | xmacroplay :0"00:57
pepper_chico  Release+F1300:57
dumb_questionsrestoring a backup from a Tar to a new VM. Think I have the drive set right, but now I'm trying to set up Grub. I'm using instructions from here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR that read: sudo -s00:57
dumb_questionsfor f in dev dev/pts proc ; do mount --bind /$f /media/whatever/$f ; done00:57
dumb_questionschroot /media/whatever00:57
dumb_questionsdpkg-reconfigure grub-pc00:57
AcidRain2012can i not bind a certain directory to the ftp directory with different permissions?00:57
FloodBot1dumb_questions: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:57
dumb_questionsmy problem is here: for f in dev dev/pts proc ; do mount --bind /$f /media/whatever/$f ; done00:57
pepper_chicothis is was I've put at the xbindkeysrc file00:57
Silver_Arrowdescription: Audio device product: MCP79 High Definition Audio vendor: NVIDIA Corporation00:58
AcidRain2012i must be missing something major right now, just a year ago i could easily setup an ftp server allowing any user to access where ever i wanted them to, and them have what ever rights i wanted them to, regardless of the local permissions00:58
Silver_Arrowfound that under multimedia00:58
dumb_questionsam I just to replace /media/whatever with the location of the bootable drive? In that case, it's /00:58
loadid_czechok, well that's not bad news Silver_Arrow00:58
Silver_Arrowthe only other hit for 'audio' was the dvd drive00:58
pepper_chicoman, how is it hard to map right alt to left alt + F1...00:59
loadid_czechmaybe nvidia drivers got borked? uninstall and reinstall restricted drivers?00:59
forresthopkinsaHey everyone, I did something really stupid using sudo and I can't seem to fix it...00:59
Silver_Arrowopengl is working fine though00:59
loadid_czechwouldn't see how a power failure would cause that, but i'm sure stranger things have happened Silver_Arrow01:00
loadid_czechopengl is video driver, you're having an audio issue01:00
Silver_Arrowhard shutdown, but it didn't want to scan my disks on starting up01:00
Johnny_LinuxSilver_Arrow,   sudo touch /forcefsck  reboot01:00
kabamaroSilver_Arrow: cd /usr/sbin -> rm -rf * -> reboot01:01
forresthopkinsaUsing sudo, I changed the UID of /etc to 1000. Since the folder 'sudoers' is inside /etc, it cannot be accessed by the system because its UID is set at 1000. For the system to use it, it must be on UID 0. I can't change it back to 0 because I need root permissions to do so, but sudo is not functional because it has the wrong UID. What do I do??01:01
somsip!danger | kabamaro01:01
ubottukabamaro: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:01
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forresthopkinsaHey hey hey look at what I said please. Not to sound impatient but people are waiting on me. I am running multiple servers on my Ubuntu Server computer. plz help.01:02
kabamaroforresthopkinsa:  do the same thing i said earlier01:03
kabamaroit will fix it01:03
somsip!danger | forresthopkinsa01:03
ubottuforresthopkinsa: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!01:03
forresthopkinsaEr alright01:03
somsipkabamaro: stop please. Or clarify what you are saying01:03
Silver_ArrowNot ran as root, or in a /home01:03
forresthopkinsaWhich command exactly01:03
kabamaroforresthopkinsa: cd /usr/sbin01:03
kabamarothen rm -rf *01:03
kabamarothen reboot01:03
forresthopkinsaEr I don't think that would help my situation in any way...01:04
kabamaroit will01:04
forresthopkinsaAlright, how01:04
bazhangforresthopkinsa, dont run it01:04
forresthopkinsaok ok ok i wont but someone tell me what TO run01:04
loadid_czechi somehow, disabled my touchpad, with an accidental key combination... does anyone know what combination that may have been?01:05
Silver_ArrowHe wasn't saying to run it as root, or anywhere it would cause damage01:05
jribforresthopkinsa: don't run what was just suggested01:05
bazhangSilver_Arrow, yes he was. lets move on01:05
forresthopkinsaALRIGHT I am not going to run it, thank you very much everyone. I am more concerned with what TO run.01:05
forresthopkinsaI am going to rechat my issue.01:05
forresthopkinsaUsing sudo, I changed the UID of /etc to 1000. Since the folder 'sudoers' is inside /etc, it cannot be accessed by the system because its UID is set at 1000. For the system to use it, it must be on UID 0. I can't change it back to 0 because I need root permissions to do so, but sudo is not functional because it has the wrong UID. What do I do??01:06
jribforresthopkinsa: what exactly did you run?01:06
hdhzeroHi. I am running ubuntu 12.04 as host and trying to run xubuntu 13.04 on virtualbox as guest. It fails to install guest additions saying that headers for the current kernel couldnt be found. Which kernel? the one from ubuntu 12.04 (host) or xubuntu 13.04 (guest)?01:06
forresthopkinsaoh yeah i will tell you01:06
forresthopkinsasudo chown -r forrest /etc01:06
forresthopkinsaI tihnk that was it01:07
jribforresthopkinsa: backup your data and reinstall01:07
forresthopkinsaaw crap01:07
forresthopkinsais there any other way01:07
jribforresthopkinsa: it's going to be faster than you figuring out the correct ownership.01:07
forresthopkinsaI tihnk I just need a way of setting the UID without sudo01:07
forresthopkinsaOr how to LOGIN as root01:08
dumb_questionscouldn't you boot from a Live CD and change it?01:08
forresthopkinsai still cant login as root >.<01:08
jribforresthopkinsa: you don't know what the owner should be.01:08
jribforresthopkinsa: (for every file)01:08
forresthopkinsathe owner should be root01:08
forresthopkinsaat UID 001:08
jribforresthopkinsa: for most files, sure.01:08
forresthopkinsafor /etc it must be root01:08
Silver_ArrowIf you didn't set the root password already, it's impossible without sudo01:08
forresthopkinsaSilver_Arrow i set the password during install, didnt i01:08
jribforresthopkinsa: no.  There are some files that are not owned by root.  The proper solution is to either reinstall or use a known-good reference01:08
Silver_Arrowroot is disabled by default01:09
Silver_Arrowunless you go out of your way to go back and turn it on01:09
forresthopkinsaalright then. This is extraordinarily inconvenient.01:09
forresthopkinsaWhat silver?01:09
jribforresthopkinsa: changing everything to be owned by root will probably work mostly, until you encounter some odd issue down the road.  Having said that, I only have files for mpd, couchdb, and privoxy in /etc not owned by root01:09
forresthopkinsaI needed WinSCP to have access to the files in /etc01:10
forresthopkinsathats why I did it01:10
jribforresthopkinsa: if you really don't want to reinstall, and just want to deal with things that may break as they come, you can just use a live cd or recovery mode01:10
forresthopkinsaaauugghh ok thank01:10
forresthopkinsaok thank you01:10
dumb_questionsforresthopkinsa: can't you boot from a Live CD or persistant USB install where you could log in anc change it back. If not, you coudl create a user in that other environment with the proper ID to have permissions01:10
Silver_Arrowforresthopkinsa: do you have a seperate /home partition?01:10
forresthopkinsaI dont knowwwwwww I forgot01:11
forresthopkinsaI am very new to this01:11
forresthopkinsaI know what a partition is01:11
forresthopkinsaI am 99% sure my HDD is not partitioned01:11
Silver_Arrowprobally not then, if you do go for reinstall back up all your data01:11
forresthopkinsais you mean THAT kind of partition01:11
forresthopkinsaok :/01:11
forresthopkinsaOne more thing01:11
forresthopkinsaHow do I give WinSCP access without using /chown root01:12
jribforresthopkinsa: define "access"01:12
forresthopkinsaUID 1000 perms01:12
jribforresthopkinsa: huh?  What do you want to do?01:12
AcidRain2012mount --bind /var/www/dev/ /home/ftp_user/www_dev        <---- this does not work without doing chroot_local_user=NO01:12
forresthopkinsaModify, create, delete files01:12
forresthopkinsa:AcidRain2012 was that meant for my01:13
Silver_ArrowOkay, so not for sure if a sollution to my audio probem was ever found, there was some bickering and a ban, and I'm lost on it again01:13
AcidRain2012forresthopkinsa, that is my issue.01:13
forresthopkinsaohhh lol k sorry01:13
AcidRain2012im trying to allow my own local user name 'acidrain' to have permission to /var/www/01:13
forresthopkinsaI know how~!!01:13
jribforresthopkinsa: well only root has permissions on those files.  So you need to be root or use sudo with a user that has sudo privileges01:13
AcidRain2012http://www.ducea.com/2006/07/27/allowing-ftp-access-to-files-outside-the-home-directory-chroot/   <--- reading from here01:13
forresthopkinsaI just did that yesterday01:13
AcidRain2012forresthopkinsa, plz tell me. good god01:13
jrib!permissions | AcidRain201201:14
ubottuAcidRain2012: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:14
loadid_czechcat /proc/asound/cards Silver_Arrow01:14
AcidRain2012jrib, according to http://www.ducea.com/2006/07/27/allowing-ftp-access-to-files-outside-the-home-directory-chroot/ it doesnt say anything about changing permissions.01:14
forresthopkinsaSomething along the lines of: sudo chown -r %username% /var/www01:14
AcidRain2012jrib, also, if i do change permissions, how is that still accessible by apache? this is what i dont understand01:15
AcidRain2012forresthopkinsa, what if i want multiple users to have access to this directory? im just lost man01:15
forresthopkinsaI know im using apache too01:15
Silver_Arrow 0 [NVidia         ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia01:15
Silver_Arrow                      HDA NVidia at 0xfae78000 irq 2101:15
forresthopkinsaI think they can be separated by colons01:15
loadid_czechokay, also good Silver_Arrow01:15
jribAcidRain2012: "accessible" is vague.  Do you just need apache to be able to read the files there?  Because every user has read permissions by default.01:15
forresthopkinsai tihnk01:15
dumb_questionsIf anyone has time and could help me with setting up Grub on a VM restored from Tar, please let me know.01:16
forresthopkinsajrib: I tihnk he needs to be able to access them with WinSCP01:16
forresthopkinsais that right01:16
forresthopkinsathat was my situation01:16
AcidRain2012forresthopkinsa, hmmm...... ok. lets say i have a folder: "Uploads" located in /var/www/. i want acidrain to be able to upload, and all other users be able to download and a few users upload01:16
forresthopkinsaupload/download with what01:16
forresthopkinsashould they be able to modify and/or delete files01:17
jribAcidRain2012: the point of setting up a bind mount is so that the *chrooted* user can access things outside his chroot.01:17
forresthopkinsaalright thanks people for being so helpful. byebye now01:17
loadid_czechSilver_Arrow: are you sure you're not booted up into a different kernel than your default.. could cause some issues like that01:17
jribwhy is everyone using ftp all of a sudden instead of just using sftp anyway?01:18
loadid_czechmaybe on your reboot it booted into an older kernel that doesn't have the audio modules compiled correctly01:18
SchrodingersScatjrib: baby duck syndrome01:18
Sillvestersftp transfer data slower than ftp01:20
Silver_Arrowloadid_czech: Nope, booted into the latest kernel version I have installed of Xubuntu Quantal, same kernel I was running when it shut down01:21
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loadid_czechi've never seen restricted audio drivers.. maybe can disable and re-enable them from the restricted drivers?  if that's even an option Silver_Arrow01:22
GabbozHi. Two 12.04 servers(different cities on a WAN).  I plan to rsync server 1 with a dir on server 2.  How would I go about making a perm mount on server 2? Thanks.01:23
Silver_Arrowloadid_czech: erm, what?01:24
Silver_ArrowWhere would I go to play with that?01:26
loadid_czechSilver_Arrow: cat /proc/asound/modules01:28
Silver_Arrow 0 snd_hda_intel01:28
loadid_czechSilver_Arrow: pavucontrol01:28
Silver_ArrowThat just launched the same pulse audio applet I tried from the applications menu01:29
loadid_czechand you have the correct profile selected Silver_Arrow01:30
Silver_Arrowit's set to show all output devices if that's what you mean01:30
loadid_czechSilver_Arrow: is there a configuration tab in there? and on that tab is analog audio selected?01:31
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=== Aple__ is now known as Maple__
Silver_Arrownothing selectable on config tab01:32
Silver_Arrow< no cards available for configuration >01:33
loadid_czechthere is not a drop down box?01:33
Silver_Arrowjust that text grayed out01:33
pepper_chicocan one help me out with this?01:33
Silver_Arrowhmm, somebody on anther network recomended I try 'alsamixer' and all the sliders that should be in my mixer applet are there and set correctly01:35
loadid_czechSilver_Arrow: grep 'audio' /etc/group01:36
dumb_questionsGrub help? Anyone?01:39
Silver_Arrowspeaker-test -c 201:40
loadid_czechaplay -l01:40
Silver_Arrowhad no effect other than putting text in the terminal01:40
Silver_Arrowaplay: device_list:252: no soundcards found...01:40
loadid_czechokay, that's a problem01:40
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:40
loadid_czechyour drivers are not loaded Silver_Arrow01:42
Silver_Arrowbut alsamixer seems to see my card o_O01:43
wilee-nileedumb_questions, Your trying to get a vm to boot you restored from a tar right?01:43
loadid_czechyour system sees your card saying it's there... but your system doesn't know how to make it do anything01:43
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loadid_czechsudo modprobe snd-hda-intel01:45
loadid_czechbut i think we found that was loaded earlier?01:46
loadid_czechhrm.. not sure... try it anyway01:46
dumb_questionsDr_willis: Yeah, I read through some of that, but don't get it and can't get my system to boot to a newly-restored backup.01:47
Silver_Arrowno effect I think01:48
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  i would use that boot-repair tool and see if it fixs everything01:48
loadid_czechstill can't select anything in pavucontrol?01:48
dumb_questionsThat was my next move. The "Restore from Tar" document makes it look easy. I'll try that out. Thank you.01:49
wilee-nileedumb_questions, Save the url generated by the bootrepair to post here if you are not fixed with that tool.01:49
dumb_questionswill do. Thank you01:50
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  the use of uuid's can cause issues depending on how you restore thingsd01:50
dumb_questionsI followed the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR01:50
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loadid_czechaplay -l not showing anything is definatly wrong Silver_Arrow.. not sure how to go about fixing it, but it's where I would start01:51
loadid_czechmaybe need to modprobe snd-hda-codec01:52
loadid_czechlsmod | grep snd may have some helpful data too01:52
aj_Hey folks, I have a couple questions regarding my graphics on xubuntu 13.04.  I have sandy bridge. when I do lspci -v and look under the VGA controller for the Intel GPU, it's listed and it says the kernel driver in use is the i915.  When I do lsmod, I see for video, it has two modules loaded -- i915, nouveau.  Same thing goes for drm, two modules - i915 and nouveau.  Is this normal?01:58
semitonesso if I make changes to /etc/network/interfaces, what's the command to make them take effect?02:00
somsipsemitones: sudo service networking restart02:01
AcidRain2012jrib, i want them to be able to modify/access files. delete/create folders. everything i can do as root. but i only want a few users to be able to do that02:01
semitonessomsip, thanks02:01
AcidRain2012i also want to host other ftp users to have access to an entirely different hdd02:01
jribAcidRain2012: why are you doing this over ftp?  Why not just give ssh access?02:02
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AcidRain2012jrib, good question! now. what type of gui clients do we have for ssh access?02:03
AcidRain2012jrib, when i am setting up a server, i think to myself 'i have to make this accessible to the most computer illiterate users from a cell phone'02:04
jribAcidRain2012: $favorite_terminal?02:04
AcidRain2012jrib, and this is why i am chosing to stay with ftp instead of ssh02:04
jribAcidRain2012: computer illiterate users shouldn't be editing /etc from a cell phone02:04
jewfalooshaim new here02:04
jewfalooshai dont even know what this is lol02:04
AcidRain2012jrib, lulz. point. but the illiterate user we are talking about is a good friend of mine who knows enough about html to put a "<BR>" in a file. which is what im trying to let them do. in a GUI manner02:05
semitonesdpkg -i some.deb, that's how you install?02:05
AcidRain2012jewfaloosha, #ubuntu-offtopic. kthx02:05
aj_hello folks02:05
nrogers64Hi guys, I have 12.04 on a laptop and wanted a quick/easy way to turn off the screen without closing the lid and without waiting for it to turn off by itself. I ended up using a simple shell script that sleeps for two seconds and then runs "xset dpms force off" and then I made a Unity taskbar icon (code: http://pastebin.com/gCrt3rgw). I used Terminal=true because with Terminal=false the icon only works once. Why does it only work 02:05
jribAcidRain2012: so just give their user permission on the directory with html; ubottu sent you the permissions page02:06
guest__anyone there?02:06
nrogers64guest__ Yes02:06
AcidRain2012!me | permissions02:06
ubottupermissions: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:06
guest__so im trying to boot fedora on my pc via usb and i keep getting this error http://imgur.com/XUvFo2402:06
jrib!permissions | AcidRain201202:06
AcidRain2012ah, make it send again02:06
ubottuAcidRain2012: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:06
Whiskey`WonkaAcidRain2012: you wont really beable to do that, ftp is insecure (plain text passwords). you should just use a https file interface02:07
wilee-nileeguest__, fedora has there own channel02:07
holsteinnrogers64: what errors do you get in the terminal if you run it?02:07
AcidRain2012Whiskey`Wonka, so what is the most up to date GUI secure method?02:07
guest__anyone know the reason why?02:07
jribAcidRain2012: you can just let them use sftp with, for example, winscp on windows02:07
guest__r/fedora ?02:07
ubottuOther !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)02:07
Whiskey`WonkaAcidRain2012: i would need to know a lot more about your real needs02:07
AcidRain2012jrib, im gonna look up winscp. havent seen a windows logo in about 7 yrs now02:07
dumb_questionsok, ran the boot repair on my VM. I selected the correct disk and don't get an error now. Instsead it boots to a black screen with a single cursor and just hangs. Here's the URL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6030935/02:08
jribAcidRain2012: I assumed you needed a windows client02:08
AcidRain2012jrib, i assume the world outside of me uses windows. lol02:08
wilee-nileeguest__, /j #fedora it is not supported here. ;)02:08
nrogers64holstein: I don't get an error. The thing I don't like about having Terminal=true is that even though the icon always works, it's kind of ugly having a blank terminal window open before the screen turns off. When Terminal=false, the icon still works, but only once. I'm guessing the terminal opened by the icon is still running in the background02:09
AcidRain2012Whiskey`Wonka, my needs are to allow certain users to ftp into /var/www/FOLDER and have full access/permissions. i also want to allow ALL users to have read permissions on all of my external hdds02:09
Whiskey`Wonkawow thats ...02:09
Whiskey`Wonkause FS2Web i think its caled02:09
holsteinnrogers64: sounds plausible.. you might look into some other way to issue that command.. a script the shortcut references02:10
AcidRain2012Whiskey`Wonka, now will that also allow ALL users to upload to a folder called 'Uploads' on all external hdds?02:10
nrogers64holstein: The script already is referencing a script. Exec=/home/nrogers64/Documents/monitor-off.sh02:10
nrogers64holstein: Sorry, I meant the *shortcut* already is referencing a script02:11
Whiskey`Wonkait has a lot of config options, last i used it it was just ot get files inhttp://www.macvendorlookup.com/to my smarttv that didnt like my dlna server02:11
Whiskey`Wonkasorry dumped the clipboard02:11
AcidRain2012Whiskey`Wonka, yea im reading about it. not sure i like that method. im going to do more research on sftp and see what type of gui clients we have02:12
holsteinnrogers64: i think the answer will be in what error you are getting in the terminal when running the command.. if there is none, then the shortcut is the issue.. and the run in terminal option may be the "best" way to deal with it02:12
nrogers64holstein: Yeah, there is no error02:12
Whiskey`Wonkayou will not be happy with sftp, mostly cause it has crap clients on phones02:13
nrogers64holstein: I guess I was basically just wondering if I was doing something wrong. I guess not, though, so I'll leave it the way it is. It's ugly, but it works02:13
holsteinnrogers64: no error message? or no problem at all?02:13
dumb_questionswilee-nilee, Dr_willis: did you see the URL?02:13
wilee-nileedumb_questions, No can you post it again.02:14
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: it's just hanging at a black screen with single cursor.02:14
AcidRain2012http://kpdirection.com/technology/setting-up-sftp-on-ubuntu/   <--- ill be following this guide, and binding folders as needed02:15
nrogers64holstein: Manually running "xset dpms force off" in a termal window works just fine. It turns the monitor off and doesn't have any errors. Clicking on the taskbar icon that I made for the script also works, but with Terminal=false, it only works once. If I wake the monitor back up and then click the icon again, nothing happens02:15
AcidRain2012how do i force the removal of config files when uninstalling a program?02:15
nrogers64Silver_Arrow: Is that a reference to Zelda?02:17
Silver_Arrowsombody on another network finally resolved it, but thank you for the help02:17
Silver_ArrowThe Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 car, and the original 'silver arrow' car from the 1930's02:18
rap424Can anyone help me figure out why I get this fdisk error: "fdisk: unable to open /dev/sdb: No medium found" when the drive shows up in disk utility?02:18
rap424 02:18
nrogers64Silver_Arrow: Ah02:18
holsteinrap424: no/bad filesystem?02:19
rap424holstein: but shouldn't fdisk take care of that?02:19
holsteinrap424: what are you trying to do?02:19
rap424holstein: The last I checked this drive mounted on a Mac (two partitions)02:19
rap424holstein: reformat it and DD my computer's hard drive partitions to it02:19
holsteinrap424: since the last time you check, that hard drive chould have failed. im not saying it has..02:20
wilee-nileedumb_questions, 11.04 is end of life to start with there was an error in the grub install to the mbr, I suspect somewhere in that tar something was not saved correctly, not sure completely to be honest.02:20
holsteinrap424: i would use gparted, and seee if i can format the driver02:20
Dr_willis!nomodeset | dumb_questions02:20
ubottudumb_questions: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:20
rap424holstein: Ok, I'll give that a go02:20
rap424holstein: thanks02:20
holsteinrap424: good luck!..02:20
dumb_questionswilee-nilee, Dr_willis: thanks. Next I'll track down nomodeset. As for 11.04: owner is scared to update anything for fear of breaking. That's why I'm checking their backups.02:22
rap424holstein: not showing up in gparted02:22
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.02:23
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  id be more scared of lack of updated.02:23
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  id be more scared of lack of updates and security fixs02:23
dumb_questionsDr_willis: tell me about it. In reality it has no internet-facing work going on, so not the end of the world. Still...02:24
ironfoot495Hello is there sdomeone who can help me solve the problem with apache2 not taking php files?02:25
Dr_williseasyest way to backup would be to  use dd to image the whole hard drive to a spare external USB hd i imagine dumb_questions .02:25
dumb_questionsyeah, they have bacukps. That's what I'm working from. They create a full-drive Tar backup. So messed up...02:26
ironfoot495I've googled ever place all day and still have'nt found the right answer!!!02:26
somsipironfoot495: taking?02:27
Jessewhat is a kernal in regards to fedora?02:28
ironfoot495somsip: yes can you help me?02:28
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somsipironfoot495: I don't know. You haven't described your problem very clearly yet02:28
Dr_willisironfoot495,  clarify the problem to the channel02:28
mobilehey has anyone ever got this error before from ssh error: connect_to whatever: unknown host (Inappropriate ioctl for device)02:28
rap424holstein: drive wasn't seated properly in the external case =/02:28
dumb_questionsDr_willis: btw, my next project -- once I verify the backups they ahve are good -- is to set up RAID1 internal and to set two or more external drives rotated for backup, probably using rdiff-backup02:28
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  i stick to simple solutions for backups. normally i just backup my impiorntant files. i rarely backup the whole OS. i dont see the point02:29
ironfoot495somsip: Well I have installed 12.04 today and I can get apache2 to see php files02:29
somsipironfoot495: Do you mean "can't"?02:29
Dr_willis!lamp | ironfoot49502:29
ubottuironfoot495: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.02:29
{bosco}i have a logitech c525 hd webcam. I did some research on my own to make sure it would work https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCamerasLogitech says it will out of the box. Skype works with video but no voice Gnome-sound-recorder no audio what is wrong?02:30
dumb_questionsdr_willis: yeah. In this case they're overly paranoid and it's a business server. They want to feel like they're as protected as possible. Still, they bought a consumer machine to use as the server. Sometimes I just don't get it.02:32
wilee-nilee{bosco}, You probably have to go through the sound settings to see if you are set up correctly.02:33
{bosco}wilee-nilee: i have already went through alsamixer and nothing wrong there02:33
dumb_questionsdr_willis: sorry I'm new to this. I can't set any boot settings on this install. This does not work: To set kernel boot options, you must edit your grub configuration. You can do this temporarily for a single boot by entering the grub menu. If you do not get to see the grub boot menu after the bios automatically, you may have to press SHIFT key after the bios logo to get in to grub:02:34
wilee-nilee{bosco}, not the alsa mixer but the sound settings gui I have a logitech I forget what I had to do, as far as skype its not the best in linux generally, I always used windows.02:35
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  if grub is hidden Hold shift to edit the options. or boot into the os and unhide it by default and edit /etc/default/grub as needed normally.02:35
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  so DO you see a grub menu  with or without holding shift?02:36
dumb_questionsdr_willis: I did as those instrcutions say and held shift. no difference at all. I'm not sure what you mean to boot into the OS and unhide it -- machine doesn't boot at all, taht's my problem. I could boot from a live CD, would that do it?02:36
wilee-nileedumb_questions, The script showed no grub bootloader in the mbr, and an error trying to put it there.02:37
dumb_questionsdr_willis: I get nothing. I get the virtual box intro screen that says to hit f12 for boot options and then it goes straight to black with single cursor02:37
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: Trying to learn this. Where do you see that and what do I do to fix it?02:37
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  virtualbox? hmm..  so this is a image of a real system you are trying to boot in vbox?02:38
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: I see the error at the top (line 4) but don't kow what I do..02:38
dumb_questionsdr_willis: yes.02:38
wilee-nileedumb_questions, Top of the script starts with saying what the mbr has, its empty, at the end of the script is the run fixes.02:38
dumb_questionsdr_willis: seemed like the best way to be sure a backup is working02:39
Dr_willisdumb_questions, its very likely the video drivers are confused. and im not sure how well the UUID's would translate to the vm installed system02:39
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  is this a text only server?02:39
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Dr_willisno X system at all?02:39
wilee-nileedumb_questions, "No boot loader is installed in the MBR of /dev/sda."  read lines starting at 60802:40
dumb_questionsdr_willis: probably not. I just started working on it and the don't have a monitor at all. They 'administer' it through webmin and ssh.02:40
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: thanks. just did. That's curious. Do you think there was a permissions error?02:41
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Dr_willisdumb_questions,  see if you can ssh into the vm after it boots perhaps.02:41
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  and its best to avoid webmin.02:42
dumb_questionsdr_willis: that's what they know and what they were taught. Someone set this thing up for them, showed them how to do a few things and isn't there any longer. Trying to get them out of a hole here.02:42
wilee-nileedumb_questions, Not sure to be honest, when I read that tar instructions it looked like something I would not even attempt personally, since there are easier ways, and could easily be run without a complete understanding.02:42
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  boot a ubuntu iso or a boot-repair iso in the vm and try the boot-repair tool inside the vm to setup a proper bootloader for the system02:43
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: I'm very interested. I have a Tar backup of the entire system. If you can get me a better way than those instruciotns, fantastic!02:43
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  clonezilla would be a lot easier way to backup a system.02:43
dumb_questionsdr_willis: that's what I did. I booted from a live CD ISO and ran it as root.02:44
wilee-nileedumb_questions, Dr_willis mentioned one as far as the system backup with a dd, I would have used clonezilla myself.02:44
dumb_questionsdr_Willis: agreed. However, they want multiple versions. ON a 2TB drive they can save months of backups.02:44
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  clonezilla i belive has features for that sort of suff02:45
wilee-nileedumb_questions, Problem as well is this a backup from a computer and not a vm you are trying to boot?02:45
dumb_questionsdr_willis, wilee-nilee: a little mroe info: They gave me an Ext. HDD with backups and said, "Please be sure our bakcups are good."02:45
delinquentmeso I'm attempting to use02:45
Dr_willisand how did they make the backups?02:45
delinquentmesshfs carl@dopamine:/home/carl/www ~/www  ...  and getting a complaint from bash that fuse: bad mount point `/home/thrive/www': No such file or directory02:45
dumb_questionsI plan to change around the backup scheme soon, but for now this is what I have. They tar / and exclude a few items.02:46
delinquentmeI thought sshfs is supposed to make that dir when it establishes the connection02:46
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  so the UUID's for all the drives are totally different.   you will need to check fstab and the grub files  after booting that live cd i imagine02:46
wilee-nileedumb_questions, I will say though this is a very limited area for me, I know how to read that script quite well, however as it gets more complex Dr_willis is much more knowledgeable in any area I know for sure. ;)02:49
dumb_questionsdr_willis: and from those instructions I thought this was going to be relatively painless--- goes to show you..02:49
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: got me beat all-around. good catch on the failed script. I figured, "Heck, it's linux. I can just unpack the files, mount the drive, point to it and go." so much for that.02:50
wilee-nileewhen done right it basically is02:50
AcidRain2012where are the server logs for sshd located?02:51
Dr_willisIts the bootloader and configs you are having an issue with right nopw. not the OS02:51
dumb_questionsdr_willis, wilee-nilee: I'm booting from a live cd iso again and will see if I can't configure Grub manually using those instructions.02:51
wilee-nileedumb_questions, I like clonezilla it save the bootloader, a generally easy fix but seems to a bit harder in these circumstances.02:52
wilee-nileeyou might just need to chroot it yourself from the live cd02:52
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: I'll do more looking at clonezilla. Seems more efficient space-wise to use rdriff-backup that way I can store many months of backups without using much space.02:53
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: you mean like this? sudo -s02:54
dumb_questionsfor f in dev dev/pts proc ; do mount --bind /$f /media/whatever/$f ; done02:54
dumb_questionschroot /media/whatever02:54
dumb_questionsdpkg-reconfigure grub-pc02:54
dumb_questionsdang cut-paste of line breaks02:54
delinquentmeso im attempting to run sublime text02:57
AlviurHi, Do you know some program to serial communication  between ubuntu and microcontrollers?02:59
dumb_questionsdr_willis, wilee-nilee: I'm really failing at understanding grub. I'm trying those commands and getting nowhere. This means almost nothign to me and I don't know how to troubleshoot. I assume I need to change paths, but not sure which and to what.  for f in dev dev/pts proc ; do mount --bind /$f /media/whatever/$f ; done03:01
Dr_willisthat would be from the 'root' of  your chrooted system looks like.03:02
Dr_willisif you mounted the system to /mnt/ and chroot /mnt/ it would be  'cd /' (thats the root of the CHROOTED system now) and then do the commands03:03
AcidRain2012where is the transmission binary file located? when clicking on a torrent link it asks me to choose an application. transmission, nor anything else, is listed03:03
dumb_questionsmy first step was "sudo -s" is that what you mean?03:03
Dr_willisdumb_questions,  that just gave you a root shell.03:03
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dumb_questionsgotcha. I bet it's not currently mounted. Silly me03:03
Dr_willisI dont recall ever needing such a command when i repaired grub in the psat.03:03
dumb_questionsnope, it is. just now where I thought03:03
Dr_willisthe command you pasted dosent make a lot of sence to me really.   i just recall putting /proc/ and /dev/ in the chrooted location03:04
dumb_questionsdr_willis: you just made my night. I was having trouble making heads-or-tails of that. Thougth I was just dumb03:05
Dr_willisthe arch linux wiki pages may have a slightly clearer guide on chrooting and repairing grub. but it wont be ubuntu specific03:06
Dr_willisi recall you dont even have to chroot these days. 'update-grub' has some option to tell it where the hd is at.03:06
dumb_questionsyou'd think that reapir util could do it (and I think it tried, but failed03:07
WACOMalthello folks. I am having trouble with sensors/pwmconfig/fancontrol. my fan runs too slow and I can run it much faster in windows. I am on a laptop (HP Elitebook 8540w) I have downloaded sensors, and when I run pwmconfig I get an error about not finding any pwm sensors. Fancontrol gives an error about no config files and that I need to run pwmconfig. This fan is easily controllable on windows via a utility called HWinfo3203:07
Dr_willisboot-repair tool can make a rather verbose log of what its done and any errors it had found03:08
Dr_willisive rarely had it fail. but for all we know your 'backups' may be missing critical files03:08
dumb_questionsI pasted that link before.03:08
dumb_questionsyou nailed exactly why we're going through this excercise.03:09
wilee-nileeWACOMalt, You installed lm-sensors?03:09
dumb_questionsif it helps any I can show you the command to back up. Not sure what is best at this point. I just ran into another error: chroot: fialed to run command '/bin/bash': exec format error"03:09
wilee-nileeWACOMalt, sounded like you had just checking.03:09
WACOMaltno problem, thanks03:10
Dr_willismount the system. (i guess you did) cd to the mountpoint and see if theres  a bin/bash file and other system directories03:11
Dr_willisexec format error - sounds like the binary is bad.03:11
dumb_questionsdr_willis: i see /bin/bash03:13
WACOMalt/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed   Can anyone help with this?03:13
iconexcan I help you ?03:13
dumb_questionsreceived that exec error when I tried to run the next command ton that list: chroot /media/whatever (changed to the mounted location)03:13
Dr_willisyou arent using a 32bit iso file/live cd - to work on a 64bit install? or visa versa are you?03:14
wilee-nileedumb_questions, This is what I have used when chrooting it defaults to it line 8 is the actual chroot, Dr_willis may be right as far as missing fixes or broken a broken binary so this is just another chroot method. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot03:16
dumb_questionsdr_willis: sadly, I don't know what their install is. I have ISOs for either.03:17
Dr_willisyou really dont need to chroot to reinstall grub these days.  you need to  be sure to use the same 'bitness' live cd as the system you are trying to fix also.03:17
Dr_willisvirtualbox can do both 32 and 64bit I belive these days.  I wonder if THAT may be the issue.. if its a 64bit install and you are using 32bit vbox.03:18
Dr_willisor visa-versa03:18
wilee-nileetrue I have not chrooted for a long time, I have seen it needed for really unknown reasons by other users.03:18
wilee-nileeI rarely have to fix grub, when I do I use supergrub to get in03:19
dumb_questionsI wonder if you're right. I'll see which cd I'm booting from and switch it up. In fact, I've just been picking one each time and think one time I saw an error about i386 vs x64 and just picked another ISO. I'll give that a run03:20
xmetalhmm ... fighiting a loosing battle with my old laptop atm03:22
dumb_questionssmall update: have to reboot to see if I'm not having trouble with something a little deeper.03:28
krzgah! hate skype on linux! any other alternatives?03:28
somsip!voip | krz (also !sip)03:30
ubottukrz (also !sip): VoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.03:30
dumb_questionsdr_willis, wilee-nilee: managed to boot from a 64-bit cd. I'll try running the boot repair again now.03:36
ice9how to stop the NetworkManager and disable the auto start of it?03:37
wilee-nileeice9, You might look here. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager03:42
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wilee-nileestopping is the easy part03:42
ice9wilee-nilee, NM starts automatically after stop network-manager03:46
wilee-nileeice9, This Ethernet or wifi, just out of curiosity, and why is this important, not sure of an answer just curious.03:47
dumb_questionswilee-nilee, dr_willis: just ran boot-repair and it worked this time. rebooting...03:49
dumb_questionsand I have grub...03:51
wilee-nileeheh cool03:51
dumb_questionsof course it says the disks weren't properly unmounted (duh) and it's runnign a check.03:52
wilee-nileeholy fsck batman03:53
dumb_questionsand we're live. Thanks wilee-nilee and dr_willis03:54
dumb_questionsnow I can see how corrupted their mysql databases are using this method (they don't shut down connections to them before they tar thewhole thing.03:55
wilee-nileeglad you got it figured out03:56
exportedso why do peoples ip's show on this server?03:56
wilee-nileeyou need a mask to block it03:57
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: glad you and dr_willis got it figured out. Thanks again.03:57
exportedi know you need a mask it just seems like it should already be masked right?03:57
wilee-nileeexported, I would ask in #freenode03:57
dumb_questionsbtw, the problem was I'm dumb. 64-bit guest OSes wouldn't boot because I had hardware virtualization off in teh bios. Doh.03:57
dumb_questionswilee-nilee: now looking ahead. how would you handle this? All is one one partition at this point. They use this server for shared documents and for SugarCRM (so php, mysql, apache). I want to plan for quick recovery should the whole place catch fire. So, should i have multiple partitions on the internal drive? Seems like that's obvious. Then I can choose to recover the entire contents or just04:01
dumb_questionsthe partitions holding applications and /or user files.04:01
AcidRain2012what if we recoded this channels conversations since it first started. line for line. then when someone asked a question, it would reply relevant lines in order to the users statements. and they had a conversation with a bot, made up of conversations weve had combine. good idea eh04:02
wilee-nileedumb_questions, I have never messed with a server I just clone my OS's on occasion to save time, I actually have everything off the computer on externals in general.04:02
dumb_questionsacitrain2012: sounds like Google mixed with a sales rep from a cable provider. I just threw up a little in my mouth.04:03
wilee-nileedumb_questions, But I save the sources.list and sources.list.d and the installed apps and any extra keys to do a fast install if needed.04:03
dumb_questionsthanks,wilee-nilee. Time for bed. Got a lot to learn. They're looking at moving to a hosted CMS and then they should move to a simple NAS methinks. At taht point they have less to worry about and might save a lot of money.04:04
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pvl1hey does anyone know the port for l2tp i need to forward04:26
james-ubcerr quick question, how do I get rid of the errros in a print out04:26
james-ubclike if I do df * but don't want all the cant read x errors04:26
eSoulHey guys, I am running an Ubuntu 13.04 server box and I have a 2nd network card for my VirtualBox VMs.  Right now, I have to issue a "sudo ifconfig eth1 up" on boot to start the interface but I was wondering if there something something in /etc/network/interfaces I could put in to bring the interface up at boot.   It have no network configuration on it at all, just looking to "turn-on" the04:28
Dr_willisthe thing to rember is that the * is expanded by the shell. not the app.  if theres lines you dont want, use grep to filter them out.04:28
pvl1james-ubc: u mean like grep -v ?04:29
james-ubcbad example but say04:31
james-ubcI wanted to do something like du -hs * but don't want the errors showing up04:31
ubuntu_userHi there, while installing ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS from Live DVD, i get some following error in message box: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6031243/04:31
Dr_willisthen dont use *  ;)04:32
Dr_willisor filter out the errors with grep04:32
Silver_Arrowis there a way to set up a keyboard shortcut to remove mouse focus from whatever window currently has it?04:32
pvl1ubuntu_user: uhm... try to clean the disk?04:32
wilee-nileeubuntu_user, Have you checked the md5sum on the disk, and run a smart check from the live cd in disks?04:32
ubuntu_userAnd at the below of ubiquity installer progess bar, i get these lines, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6031246/04:33
wilee-nileesum the iso actually04:33
ubuntu_userA second04:33
james-ubcoh k04:34
james-ubcgot it04:35
Silver_Arrowthis game locks onto the cursor during play which is fine, the mouse is used for steering, but in the menus when I have a cursor, it's trapped in the window04:35
eSoulubuntu_user:  In my own experience, I have a lot more luck using the ISO's to make USB sticks.  My Burners/Readers have been flakey in the past04:35
eSoulIf the md5sum is correct on the iso, the problem could be with your burner, reader, or the disc itself04:36
xmetal brb ... going to grab a snack after fighting my old laptop and losing04:36
ubuntu_userwilee-nilee, eSoul : Here's the output of "md5sum ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso"  >>  7e106efc41cae638aac9dc063b7e4053  ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-i386.iso04:37
ubuntu_userIs this correct?04:37
eSoulill check04:37
ubuntu_userwilee-nilee: And how to run smart check from live cd on disks?04:38
joshuagtrying to install stuff on ubuntu its a .bundle file04:39
wilee-nileeubuntu_user, In the disks app it runs one automatically just look at what it says.04:39
eSoulubuntu_user: That is the incorrect md5sum04:40
eSoulubuntu_user: http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/MD5SUMS04:40
Dr_willisjoshuag,  and where did this come from? i cant recall ever seeing that 'term' for a ubuntu or linux package/app04:41
ubuntu_userlol. How can it be? I downloaded it with IDM on windows and it was completely downloaded..04:41
Dr_willisdownloads can fail/get messed up.04:42
joshuagi am tryin to install vmware on ubuntu04:42
ubuntu_usereSoul: Should i now go for torrent?04:42
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware04:42
eSoulTry to use a torrent client if you can04:42
eSoulYes, at least with a torrent client, there is a checksum process as well04:42
wilee-nileejoshuag, Try #vmware04:42
joshuagfigured out why my ubuntu was frezzeing it needed nvidia drivers for my video card04:42
eSoulI am not for sure if it is md5sum, but there is something04:43
joshuagi dont even know how to install things on ubuntu04:43
joshuagwhat kinda file do i need to one click install like an exe file in windows04:44
ubuntu_usereSoul: Maybe. Does this line at ubiquity installer status bar represent same, "ubuntu kernel: [ 681.498008] SQUASHFS error: Unable to read fragment cache entry [5e45ffa]" ?04:44
Silver_Arrowjoshuag: Use synaptic and install from the repositories04:45
eSoulubuntu_user: Just a general "cant read a datablock correctly" error04:45
joshuagok so how do i install synaptic04:45
eSoulubuntu_user: To be specific, if is trying to read the Live DVD filesystem and failed04:45
rocko88hi !!04:45
MosecoDoes anyone know a good way to play windows only games on linux?04:45
rocko88steam o wine04:46
Silver_ArrowSteam doesn't let you play windows games04:47
Dr_willis!manual | joshuag04:47
ubottujoshuag: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:47
rocko88no games native in linux !!04:47
Silver_Arrowand the games from it can never be played without steam, and can be revoked easily04:47
Dr_willisjoshuag,  you use the package manager tools - like software center, or synaptic.04:47
Dr_willisjoshuag,  its best to stick with whats in the repos.  downloading stuff to install from web sites - is the exception, not the rule on ubuntu04:48
Dr_willisSteam, wine, or  the windows Steam via Wine. ;)04:48
Silver_ArrowVirtual Box running XP or 7 if wine doesn't work04:49
Dr_willisvbox for games.. id rather just boot to windows. ;)04:49
Silver_Arrowwine is kinda hit and miss04:49
rocko88use steam for native games04:49
Dr_willisLife is hit or miss at times.04:49
Dr_willisSteam is one of the best 'app market places' out there.04:50
rocko88no vbox04:50
No_one_at_allquick question: what address do root emails usually get sent to? root@mail.yourserverdomain.tld? or root@yourserverdomain.tld?04:50
No_one_at_allquick question #2: what would be a quick way to get some process to send an email to root? I've got a MTA + MDA set up locally with virtual accounts, and I've had trouble getting root emails. Something about "(myserverdomain) loops back to myself"04:51
GamersCorpHi there. I'm trying to make apache2 start on boot. How can I do this?05:00
GamersCorpCan someone help me make apache2 start on boot?05:01
tjfdfsguys . I have a big problem ----05:01
tjfdfsthe unity is gone05:01
tjfdfsI install an application, and it put a shortcut icon at desktop05:02
tjfdfsthen unity can't work any more05:02
tjfdfseven I uninstall the application caused this error05:02
tjfdfshow can i fix the unity05:02
tjfdfsI try fix this through ccsm05:03
tjfdfsbut still not luck05:03
tjfdfsanyone can help?05:03
Kurvivormy system is 32-bit05:06
Kurvivorbut i need to compile a library as x6405:06
Kurvivori tried passing appropriate switch to gcc command line, but that causes an errir due to missing headers05:07
Kurvivorwhat libraries/headers need to be installed for x64 development?05:07
tjfdfsI find a solution at askubuntu, http://askubuntu.com/questions/17610/how-do-i-reset-my-unity-configuration/202020#20202005:10
tjfdfsthanks this guy05:10
tjfdfsunity comes back!05:10
=== bdavis is now known as jherico
Dr_willistjfdfs,  it was some user setting causing the issue. Most likely not the application.05:13
tjfdfsDr_willis,  I don't konw . I didn't configure anything for unity actually. but I'll install that app again to figure out that. Thanks.05:15
egorkaqu qu05:18
MosecoI have a question about how wine works, If you use steam through it can you launch games through steam or do you have to find them in the win db?05:23
MosecoI have a question about how wine works, If you use steam through it can you launch games through steam or do you have to find them in the win db and launch the game through wine?05:29
iceroot_Moseco: you can start them with steam directly05:35
iceroot_Moseco: there is also steam for linux05:35
iceroot_Moseco: and for wine specific questions they have there own channel #winehq05:35
Mosecoiceroot_: Thank you05:38
=== whoever is now known as Guest52977
nde2hxlhi Ububegin06:04
nde2hxlhi Ububegin, are u there?06:08
Ububeginnde2hxl:  yup.. am here..06:11
John83Hello, several months ago I upgraded my kernel.  I knew what version it was so I could type it in at the boot menu by hitting e for edit. I thought that I made modifications to the menu.lst file to point to the right kernel but it looks like it didn't happen.  Is there a way for me to look at the hard drive contents for the correct kernel at the boot menu or do I need to boot to a live cd and06:15
John83look at the hard drive contents?06:15
ps1quiKohello! :D06:16
ps1quiKodo someone know any channel in spanish, pls? :)06:16
=== Goonhost_ is now known as Goonhost
netwrkspiderhi nishant06:18
netwrkspiderhi nisheet06:18
nisheet_lallHello ntwrkspider06:20
netwrkspider@nisheet_lall : whats up?06:22
nisheet_lallStuck on the flyover on the way to office06:23
AcidRain2012cat /dev/null > /etc/pam.d/vsftpd    <--- what exactlly does this line do? trying to setup vsftp server06:23
Ben64AcidRain2012: seems like it'd erase that file06:26
AcidRain2012Ben64, how sure are you? lol.06:27
netwrkspider@Acid_rain : erase that file06:27
Ben64AcidRain2012: about 100%06:28
anoneehello, any idea about how to have different icons in each workspace? I tried AWN but it didn't work as I expected, no icons are showing at all, if there's a good guide that I can follow?06:29
krzi have a file ~06:30
krzwhat the hell is that?06:30
ikoniakrz: just the name of a file06:30
krzdont recall creating it06:30
ikoniaprobably a typo as ~ = /home/$username06:30
krzi cant rm ~06:30
ikoniakrz: rm \~06:30
ikoniakrz: need to escape it06:31
krzah thanks06:31
anoneei think the whole idea of having multiple workspaces with the same icons in each one is pointless! just please let me know if there's a proper way to change that!06:31
FenderHi there, I have a big problem and I have no clue as to what this is about: Since yesterday some weird things dont work anymore on my Ubuntu PCs: Firefox and Chromium on JS sites (takes ages), sending eMails, Dropbox06:31
FenderI write this here because on my old XP laptop the stuff still works06:31
krzah must have created it accidently using tmux06:31
ikoniakedder:  common reason06:31
Fenderbut I have no clue what connects these things so I dont know what to look for06:32
Fendermaybe its not JS but HTTPS06:32
Fenderanyhow, I cannot communicate outwards now06:33
Fenderexcept here obviously06:33
ikoniaanonee: anyone what ? saying "anyone" is pointless06:34
anoneeikonia: how to have different icons in each workspace? I tried AWN but it didn't work as I expected, no icons are showing at all, if there's a good guide that I can follow?06:35
ikoniaanonee: that is a limitation of the desktop at the moment06:35
xadillaxhey all06:49
xadillaxi can't grub my windows 706:49
xadillaxit's black screen when i enter win7 selection06:50
=== Abd_Allatif_ is now known as Abd_Allatif
CookieЛюди, помогите пожалуйста в настройке тачпада(06:53
bazhang!ru | Cookie06:53
ubottuCookie: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:53
xadillaxi can't grub my windows06:53
=== add1ct3dd|away is now known as add1ct3dd
bazhang!grub2 | xadillax have a read06:53
ubottuxadillax have a read: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub206:53
RowBothello world!06:54
xadillaxi tried several methods06:55
xadillaxit was like that:06:55
xadillaxthe grub has the selection of windows06:55
xadillaxand when i entered06:55
bazhang!enter | xadillax06:55
ubottuxadillax: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:55
xadillaxit just shows a black screen06:55
xadillaxi tried boot-repair06:55
xadillaxoops, sry06:56
bazhangxadillax, dont use the enter key so often, and be patient. space out 10-15 minutes between questions, not five seconds06:56
xadillaxah, sry.06:57
JuicyJ!enter | bazhang06:58
ubottubazhang: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:58
xadillaxthe question is: i tried several methods but doesn't work. the grub menu has the selection of windows 7, but when i entered, it just shows a black screen. i tried boot-repair also.06:58
JuicyJthat's not a question actually...06:59
a-little-rabbityou can chainloader /bootmgr06:59
bazhangJuicyJ, play with the bot in /msg      NOT here06:59
xadillaxwho knows how to solve?07:00
ikoniaxadillax: if people knew how to solve/help you - they will respond07:01
frinklh[23:58] (xadillax) can you post the bootinfo script url.that was generated07:01
xadillax@frinklh, you mean the grub.cfg?07:01
frinklhNo running the boot repair app automatically generates a url that tell you to save it07:02
=== cvuorinen is now known as cvuorinen_
=== cvuorinen_ is now known as cvuorinen
xadillaxi am doing.. @frincklh07:04
frinklh[00:01] (xadillax) run it again with just the bootinfo script only, it is a detailed script of what is on the he and booting info.07:05
=== add1ct3dd is now known as add1ct3dd|away
xadillaxPlease write on a paper the following URL:07:07
xadillaxIn case you still experience boot problem, indicate this URL to:07:07
xadillaxboot.repair@gmail.com or to your favorite support forum.07:07
FloodBot1xadillax: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:07
xadillaxNo change has been performed on your computer.it shows that07:07
Silver_ArrowHow might I go about setting a keyboard shortcut up to remove mouse focus from the window that has it?07:07
Silver_Arrowpbt: ?07:08
frinklh[00:07] (xadillax) a url isgenerated to the script I'm wanting to see the whole script.07:09
xadillax@frinklh i don't know how to get the script07:09
xadillaxuse vim /boot/grub/grub.cfg07:10
frinklh[00:09] (xadillax) open the app hit the bootinfo scipt button.07:10
xadillaxfour buttons: recommended repair, create a bootinfo summary, about, quit07:11
frinklh (xadillax) when you ran it the first time a popup told you to save the url to this script, it is a key to using to tool to diagnose the problem.07:12
frinklh[00:11] (xadillax) run the create a bootinfo summary,07:12
=== jamescarr_ is now known as jamescarr
xadillaxhttp://paste2.org/sP7z8O3t it's the only thing the repairer said. @frinklh07:14
Xentinelis there some way to verify that Intel Turbo is being utilized on Ubuntu?07:15
xadillax@frinklh http://paste2.org/Ap2c2ZP9 this is the grub.cfg07:20
frinklh(xadallix) Then click the "Recommended repair" button. When repair is finished, note the URL (paste.ubuntu.com/XXXXX) that appeared on a paper, then reboot and check if you recovered access to your OSs. Read this on the boot repair wiki07:20
frinklh[00:20] (xadillax) do you know what a pastebin is07:21
ludwig_hey guys, i have an external SD card ive hooked up to my pc but for some reason all of the sd cards i put in come up as read only07:22
frinklhSorry I see you do the grub.cry does nothing we need that script07:22
=== jamescarr_ is now known as jamescarr
aegoeshello all07:25
frinklh[00:22] (ludwig_) how.is th07:26
aegoeswould be possible to create a server for the chat?07:26
frinklh[00:22] (ludwig_) how are the cards formatted07:26
ludwig_fat 3207:27
frinklhstrange should be read and write, any back info why maybe07:27
ludwig_its a mystery to me07:28
ludwig_its a usb style plug in reader07:28
frinklh[00:28] (ludwig_) are they plugged to work or in fstab07:29
auronandaceludwig_: is there a tiny switch on the sdcards for write protection?07:29
frinklhTo.be mounted07:29
ludwig_im not quite sure what that means, its plugged in, the card is set to unlock07:29
ludwig_online it was suggested to try blowing it out.. didn't work.  what is fstab?07:30
frinklhHeh power outage here at home so having to use the smart phone.07:31
auronandace!fstab | ludwig_07:32
ubottuludwig_: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions07:32
fidelhi - is 12.04-3 released? and if so - are there known issues or similar?07:33
DJonesfidel: Yes its released, I've not had any issues with my 12.04 server07:34
fidelDJones: ok thanks. am i right that it should just come via apt-get update && apt-get upgrade?07:36
DJonesfidel: Pretty much, I did apt-get dist-upgrade rather than just apt-get upgrade to make sure all updates were included07:37
hatecraftSo I know I can press my super key to open Dash Home and type in "google.com" to start my browser at google.com.  But can I do a google search from the Dash Home bar?07:48
hatecraftI guess I can just type "google.com/search?q=foo".  That's not so bad.07:50
ikoniahatecraft: that's interesting to know that works07:51
DJonesDon't know about google searchs but I seem to remember reading that there was an unsupported duckduckgo unity lens that would search via DDG07:52
hatecraftI might check that out.  Thanks.07:55
DJonesJust trying to find it, seems as though it may have been removed for 13.0407:55
maxvihi everyone! how can I set firefox to open magnet links in transmission?07:57
wilee-nileemaxvi, http://askubuntu.com/questions/122930/how-to-make-firefox-open-magnet-links-in-transmission08:02
wilee-nileemaxvi, There must be a forum or something of people using this or a irc channel.08:04
wilee-nileeoops wromng channel08:05
FenderRegarding my old problem, has anyone an idea why HTTPS would not work on ubuntu (across browsers) since yesterday?08:06
reisioFender: what happens?08:07
Fenderusing both chromium and firefox, I cannot access HTTPS sites08:08
Fender...from my two ubuntu PCs08:08
Fenderfrom my old XP laptop it works08:08
Fenderalso in firefox safe-mopde08:08
Fenderthe brwosers repond "wating fore URL-goes-here" and nothing happens08:09
guest-fP2wi8Hi, guys. Look, my system is wacko.08:09
guest-fP2wi8A few minutes ago everything froze and I restarted my pc. But now unity is no longer showing up. Just a blank screen after I log... wtf?08:10
guest-fP2wi8I've tried choosing gnome-shell during the login screen but the error persists.08:10
guest-fP2wi8I don't know what to do. :(08:10
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, what release?08:11
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, 13.0408:11
andybrineDoes anyone know howto write a video to a playable dvd for dvd players on ubuntu?08:11
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, you might try a reset. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-reset-unity-compiz-in-ubuntu-12-10-and-13-0408:12
traviscIs there someone here that wouldn't mind answering a few questions about Ubuntu installation, regarding using the lvm and full disk encryption?08:12
=== milessabin_ is now known as milessabin__
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, How does the shell look08:12
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, it doesn't. :/08:12
=== milessabin__ is now known as milessabin
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, same thing. nothing shows up08:13
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, You might check the memory at the grub menu, maybe a hardware failure, or a overheat.08:13
guest-fP2wi8(to be precise, the mouse icon appears, and the gdm screen persists on the background, but just the image)08:13
HypnotiXHello, does anyone know why i lose internet connection in the virtualbox when i switch between different browsers ?08:14
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, I'm logged in with the guest account08:14
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, You can run the reset from a tty from the login gui hit ctrl-alt f108:15
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, not sure it will run correctly from a guest.08:16
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, you might try #vbox never heard of that happening, if you have it set up normal.08:17
nothinkingi'm  from china! Are you interested in chinese theater?08:17
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, but if not even shell is working... ? :?08:17
DJones!ot | nothinking08:17
ubottunothinking: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:17
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
HypnotiXwilee-nilee:  well it didnt change the default adapter settings08:18
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, Can you see the reset link?08:18
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, sure, why?08:18
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, Have you tried running it?08:18
wilee-nileeits strange that the shell is not working though.08:19
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, Have you rebooted?08:20
guest-fP2wi8many times08:20
guest-fP2wi8which is the best way to see what might have gone wrong?08:21
PapaSierrararing is telling me that php5-fpm is already the latest version (i.e. installed) but when i do php5-fpm restart is says unrecognised service08:21
ikoniaPapaSierra that is not a service thats why08:21
ikoniaPapaSierra: it's an apache module08:21
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, This is a knock out the variables situation basically, could be hardware, software...etc.08:21
ziadingoi am istall apache php but does'nt work htaccess08:22
PapaSierraikonia: php5-fpm has nothing to do with apache08:22
ikoniaPapaSierra it's a module loaded by apache08:22
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, I suppose it's just a configuration that got messed up08:22
starnixHello people!08:22
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, possibly the log may have some info.08:23
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, I was working with fonts, I've tried moving .fonts to .fonts.bak already08:23
PapaSierraikonia: i've only ever run servers with nginx and php-fpm. there is no apache whatsoever in the picture08:23
traviscIs there someone here that wouldn't mind answering a few questions about Ubuntu installation, regarding using the lvm and full disk encryption?  I have two hard drives but I want them both to be encrypted as one logical volume, but i think this goes beyond what the auto installer is capable of.  I don't need to be spoon fed, just want to know if it is possible and like a general idea of were to look in the man to learn and figure it out.08:23
wilee-nileeguest-fP2wi8, Ah, the plot thickens.08:23
ikoniaPapaSierra: are you currently running it on nginx now ?08:23
starnixWhy I can't see gedit, preferences in my edit tab? Can somebody help?08:23
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, xD08:23
wilee-nileestarnix, In gedit edit08:24
PapaSierraikonia: they are two completely separate things. but yes, nginx is connecting to the php5-fpm service08:24
wilee-nileestarnix, Hmm not there?08:24
ikoniaPapaSierra ok, so you're actually trying to run it standalone rather than through the web server, correct ?08:24
starnixwilee-nilee, yep its not there!08:24
wilee-nileestarnix, You in your regular account?08:25
PapaSierraikonia: well yeah, i think so. i.e. it can start and stop and the webserver can do so independently08:25
ikoniaPapaSierra: , so yes you're trying to run it externally rather than as part of the web server08:25
imdeaHi, I have an app that would like to start up at boot time, but I don't know if it's the same procedure (and script type than in Debian for example) or if it's different since Ubuntu uses upstart instead of sysv-init08:25
ikoniaPapaSierra: ok, so in that case, you need to know if there is an init script provided for it in the package, or if you need to wrap it in a startup script your self08:26
starnixwha does it mean by regular account, wilee-nilee ? I have only one user account on this laptop.08:26
PapaSierraikonia: here's the full story. i was on 12.04 and it installed php 5.3.10 which segfaults every few hours. so i want to install > 5.3.10. i installed 5.4 and it refused to start (using dotdeb ppa)08:26
ikoniaPapaSierra: how did you install php 5.4 ?08:27
wilee-nileestarnix, Thats the one, just guessing maybe a guest account with limitations, never seen this.08:27
PapaSierraso now i changed the server to raring hoping it has newer php packages08:27
ikoniaPapaSierra: 5.4 is not in 12.0408:27
ikoniaahh you used a PPA08:27
ikoniasorry, missed that in my initial read08:27
starnixwilee-nilee, okay, its gnome 3.8 it that help!!08:27
ikoniaPapaSierra: so what is your current OS version ?08:27
ikoniajust to clarify08:27
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, found no crash report in Xorg.log08:27
PapaSierraikonia: exactly. that's why i used the dotdeb ppa. anyway, that's all history now because threw away that server and now i have a raring server08:27
guest-fP2wi8wilee-nilee, and apport.log is empty08:27
wilee-nileestarnix, That may be the problem , this from a ppa, what release are you running?08:28
ikoniaPapaSierra: ok, so now you need to look if the package you've installed provided an init/upstart script - or if you have to wrap it your self.08:28
starnixwilee-nilee, 13.0408:28
wilee-nileestarnix, YOu might install leafpad and see if it works08:28
PapaSierraikonia: funny thing is it always using to provide a init script on 12.04, but it seems to have lost that functionality. and i'm not experienced enough to know how to provide one08:29
wilee-nileestarnix, 3.8 is from a ppa though.08:29
nowayrideEr PapaSierra did you apt-get install php5-fpm? Because service php5-fpm restart works on 12.04 server08:29
wilee-nileeits in 13.1008:29
PapaSierranowayride: apt-get install --yes php5-fpm php5-mysql php5-curl php5-cli php5-mcrypt php5-gd php-apc08:30
nowayrideShould be a script in /etc/init.d/php5-fpm08:30
ikoniaPapaSierra: lets check something stupid, ls -la /etc/init.d/php5-fpm08:30
PapaSierrabut we're on 13.04 not 1208:30
ikoniaI don't expect that to be there though08:30
starnixwilee-nilee,  yeah its from ppa, what is leafpad?08:30
PapaSierraikonia: no, it's not there08:30
imdeaanyone? :S08:30
ikoniaPapaSierra: ok, that's actually not a bad thing08:30
PapaSierranor is nginx which i also need as a server08:30
wilee-nileestarnix, a even better text app08:30
ikoniaimdea: saying anyone is pointless08:30
ikoniaPapaSierra: no, it's probably upstart jobs now08:30
nowayridePapaSierra: ls /etc/init.d/php5-fpm doesn't show anything?08:31
theadminWhat's the Ubuntu update policy for Chromium? It's stuck on 28.x for now, is it intended or is an upgrade just being delayed?08:31
imdeaikonia: what?08:31
PapaSierranowayride: correct, the instal didn't create it, nor nginx08:31
ikoniaimdea: saying anyone is pointless08:31
ikonianowayride: it shouldn't contain an init script any more08:31
imdeaikonia: I don't know what do you mean.08:31
ikoniaas in old system V init08:31
PapaSierraikonia: ok, i literally know nothing about upstart. except it's an event based service manager (i think)08:31
starnixwilee-nilee, is it customizable? like color schemes fonts hilightmode etc..?08:31
PapaSierraso how would i get started?08:32
ikoniaimdea: saying "anyone" to the chanel, is pointless, as it means nothing to anyone08:32
ikoniaPapaSierra: so we need to first check if an upstart job is provided, hopefully it will be08:32
PapaSierrahow would i do that?08:32
imdeaikonia: wtf? and how am I supposed to ask then?08:32
theadminimdea: You just ask the question and wait for a reply.08:32
wilee-nileestarnix, I don't remember you can install it and remove it, you wanted a preference I thought checking if leafpad has its might be prudent.08:32
ikoniaimdea: you ask a question, then wait for a response.08:32
imdeatheadmin: that was what I did.08:32
ikoniaPapaSierra: initctl list08:33
ikoniaimdea: yes, and 5 minutes later saying "anyone" means nothing to people.08:33
imdeaikonia, whatever..08:33
theadminimdea: Basically if you don't get an answer it means nobody who's online knows (or wants to help), you can check out http://askubuntu.com in the meantime08:34
ziadingohi, then i try restart apache2 servise i get this:08:35
ziadingosudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 044008:35
ziadingosudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting08:35
ziadingosudo: unable to initialize policy plugin08:35
ikoniaruning_froger: have you edited the sudoers file ?08:35
[[thufir]]I can't get a JAR to launch properly.  Rather, it's like the window never shows up.  it's this JAR (or jnlp):   http://www.jamochamud.org/     can someone let me know if it works for them?08:36
PapaSierraikonia: http://www.hastebin.com/raw/moqigimefa08:36
reisioziadingo: you can try sudo chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers08:36
mpajor_op5ziadingo: try pkexec chmod 0400 /etc/sudoers08:36
ikoniaziadingo: can you show me the output of "uname -a" please08:36
mpajor_op5err, sorry, 0440*08:36
ikoniaI suspect this is yet another VPS provider who lock people out with sloppy work arounds08:36
ikoniaPapaSierra: that's dissapointing, no upstart service there either,08:37
PapaSierraikonia: it's flipping strange, not even my user directory was created.08:37
PapaSierralet me show you a script...08:37
ikoniaPapaSierra that's no unexpected.08:37
theadmin[[thufir]]: Works here.08:38
theadmin[[thufir]]: Using OpenJDK 7.08:38
PapaSierraikonia: http://www.hastebin.com/mujucilasi.ruby08:38
mpajor_op5ziadingo: any success?08:38
reisiompajor_op5: how does authentication work with pkexec on Ubuntu?08:39
=== mtrd`w is now known as EugeneBndt
ikoniaPapaSierra: why am I looking at this ?08:39
ikoniaPapaSierra: as in what is this got to do with what we are discussing ?08:39
mpajor_op5reisio: I am not quite familiar with the backgrounds of pkexec, unfortunately.08:39
ikoniaziadingo: can you show me the output of "uname -a" please08:40
PapaSierraikonia: because it's a script that i wrote that creates the linux users, updates packages, installs stuff, etc. basically provisions a server. now that appears to run just fine and comes back saying everything was great. but the server is empty08:40
reisiompajor_op5: got an ubuntu box handy you can check on? I haven't08:40
nukleuzhi! anyone else having problems sending email to emailadresses with .at-tld?08:40
PapaSierraikonia: i'm a freaking idiot. wait one sec...08:40
theadminreisio: PolicyKit.08:40
reisiotheadmin: ?08:41
theadminreisio: That's what PK stands for08:41
theadminreisio: in pkexec08:41
reisiotheadmin: I didn't ask that :)08:41
nukleuzI have tried to send an email to two different persons/adresses, but it always results in an STMP-error?08:41
=== companion is now known as Companion
PapaSierraikonia: i was running the deployment on the wrong server *major blush*08:41
=== MartinS is now known as Guest81217
ziadingocan sambody help?08:41
nowayridePapaSierra: so is the script even running right? You say user homes aren't being created and there's no php5-fpm upstart, is anything on that working?08:41
ikoniaPapaSierra: PapaSierra no need for blushes, happens all the time08:41
ikoniaziadingo: if you give the info I've asked for twice, we can try08:42
theadminreisio: You asked "how does authenication work with pkexec on Ubuntu", it uses PolicyKit. Some freaky dbus thing08:42
mpajor_op5ziadingo: did you try what we told you to?08:42
theadminreisio: I think, anyway08:42
mpajor_op5^ reisio: that sounds familiar (what theadmin says). I haven't tried it myself to be honest.08:42
nukleuzOne of the errors I get is: Diagnostic-Code: smtp; ***-***.net (xxxxxxxx) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available 554-No SMTP service 554 invalid DNS PTR resource record08:43
reisiotheadmin: sorry I meant, like, does it ask for the user's pass the same way sudo does, etc.08:43
nowayrideziadingo: did you run the commands people put? A couple of people did help you08:43
theadminreisio: Oh, that. Well, yes.08:43
ikonianukleuz your mail server does not have a valid reverse dns record,08:43
ikonianukleuz: let me guess, you're running this on a home internet connection ?08:43
=== Karamazov is now known as Kara
nukleuzikonia: nope, I dont.08:44
ikonianukleuz: ok, so then you should be able to setup a reverse dns record for this mail server quite easy then08:44
ziadingonowayride, no08:44
mpajor_op5ziadingo: incase you missed the earlier messages >> chmod 0440 /etc/sudoers should fix it for you.08:44
reisiotheadmin: interesting :)08:44
ikoniampajor_op5: how is that going to work if he can't sudo08:45
ikoniaziadingo: please show me the output of the command "uname -a"08:45
[[thufir]]theadmin: hmm, ok. thaks08:45
reisioikonia: someone suggested pkexec08:45
ikoniareisio: ok, so then the command should be correct, rather than chmod on it's own08:45
ziadingochmod: changing permissions of `/etc/sudoers': Operation not permitted08:45
ziadingobut dont chmod08:45
reisioikonia: correct commands? You're no fun anymore, heh08:45
[[thufir]]theadmin: you get a window?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/337806/08:45
ikoniaziadingo: please show me the output of the command "uname -a"08:45
theadmin[[thufir]]: Yeah, as I said 'tis working08:45
ziadingoikonia: Linux Acer-Aspire-5749Z 3.8.0-29-generic #42~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 14 16:19:23 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:46
ikoniaziadingo well, that's surprised me quite a lot, I was expecting a vps.08:46
ikoniaziadingo: so "someone" has changed the permissons on your sudoers file,08:47
ziadingobut why does'nt work? 0777 its bad?08:47
ikoniaziadingo: the sudors file needs specific permissions08:48
reisioziadingo: 777 means a lot more people can read/write it than should be able to :)08:48
theadminziadingo: 777 on sudoers? You *must* be kidding.08:48
reisioit's not an airplane or holy, after all :p08:48
theadminziadingo: That'll give everyone access to the file, effectively meaning everyone becomes an administrator.08:48
ziadingoit true08:48
ziadingoi dont care, i want restart apache, but does'nt work08:50
ikoniaziadingo it seems pretty important to find out how your sudoers file got set to the wrong permissions08:51
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
ziadingoI thing that i'am chmod, because i am testing chmod command it was inadvertently08:52
EaglemanWHy do i get this error each time i start my computer? /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pygments/plugin.py:39: UserWarning: Module cherrypy was already imported from /opt/media/headphones/cherrypy/__init__.pyc, but /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages is being added to sys.path08:59
Eagleman  import pkg_resources08:59
theadminEagleman: Because you have installed some messy third-party package that messed with your Python environment08:59
ikoniaEagleman you've installed software to manage your headphones that is a mess08:59
Eaglemanikonia, headphones as in headset or?09:00
ikoniaEagleman: as in whatever cherrypy manages09:00
theadminEagleman: We wouldn't know. The software is out of repos and not supported by Ubuntu (and, since it installs to /opt, it's also likely closed-source)09:01
Eaglemanit is open source, but it is third party, a program to download music, i guess i have to reinstall everything some day, but its so much work09:01
ikoniaEagleman who said anything about re-installing everything ?09:02
theadminEagleman: Just remove that software, it would likely be sufficient.09:02
ikoniaEagleman: just remove/fix that bad bit of software09:02
Eaglemanyeh but i still use the program09:02
ikoniaEagleman ok, so accept the error then, or fix it09:02
opalepatrickIs is possible to copy mail to another address?09:04
opalepatrickincoming mail from PLesk09:05
opalepatrickvia PLesk09:05
opalepatrickor any way really09:05
linuxearthcan i save a word file as 97-2003 doc file in ubuntu?09:05
opalepatricksorry wrong channel09:05
reisiolinuxearth: pretty sure, from libreoffice or abiword09:06
DJoneslinuxearth: Should be able to do that with Libreoffice09:06
John83Hello, several months ago I upgraded my kernel.  I knew what version it was so I could type it in at the boot menu by hitting e for edit. I thought that I made modifications to the menu.lst file to point to the right kernel but it looks like it didn't happen.  Is there a way for me to look at the hard drive contents for the correct kernel at the boot menu or do I need to boot to a live cd and09:06
John83look at the hard drive contents?09:06
theadminlinuxearth: Sure, just File -> Save As from Libreoffice which comes with Ubuntu09:06
linuxearththough .doc is windows format09:06
linuxearthi hope it would still work in ubuntu09:06
theadminlinuxearth: Eh. LibreOffice supports the weirdest formats :P09:06
reisioJohn83: tab is your friend09:06
linuxearthand already present .doc files can also be edited in ubuntu?09:06
theadminlinuxearth: You can open and edit Word documents (both .doc and .docx) just fine09:06
linuxearthokay thank09:07
freeRunnerhas anyone been able to run Word on Ubuntu? through Vine possibly?09:07
theadminfreeRunner: Yes, Word 2007 works fine for example09:07
theadminfreeRunner: Except copying from other apps messes the text up badly09:08
reisiofreeRunner: yeah, but there's no point09:08
theadminfreeRunner: But that was on an older Wine version. Probably fixed now09:08
theadminfreeRunner: But yes, as reisio is saying, it's rather pointless. LibreOffice works nicely enough.09:09
freeRunnerI see. All the text editing I do (tables and the like) get screwed up in Libre, hopefully they open up properly in Word09:09
reisiobest to not rely on a Microsoft format if you want cross platform reliability09:10
theadminTrue enough.09:10
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caf4926installing 12.04 on a hybrid machine and it's running on the intel now, I want to make sure it doesn't try and install the nvidia driver later09:11
reisioI won't recommend an Adobe format, but ... even those would be more reliable09:11
reisiocaf4926: you can just blacklist the module and banish it from your mind09:12
theadmincaf4926: The open nvidia driver *does* get installed by default but it usually remains inactive09:12
theadmincaf4926: The proprietary one you'd have to install yourself09:12
caf4926theadmin: really09:13
caf4926install just completed09:13
caf4926let me see what it wants to install once I get the wireless connected09:14
caf4926theadmin: this machine is not mine, it's a customers09:16
theadmincaf4926: Ah. Well, still. Hope you're using the OEM mode then, though.09:17
BananaBobHey, anyone here that knows his way around winbind in 12.04?09:17
BananaBobor her :)09:17
caf4926theadmin: explain please09:17
theadmincaf4926: The Ubuntu installer has an "OEM" mode, which can be used if you plan to give the machine to someone else. Basically, it creates a temporary user, you configure the system, then you click "Prepare for shipping" and it removes that user and lets the customer create a new one on the installed system already09:18
=== arunprasadr_away is now known as arunprasadr
caf4926theadmin: it's OK I'm with the owner he put his user and pass in during install09:18
theadmincaf4926: Ah, okay then :D09:19
caf4926theadmin: so you reckon the nvidia driver doesn't need nuking?09:19
theadmin caf4926 well, take a look at which one it's using, go to System Settings -> Details09:20
caf4926theadmin: driver unknown - Eperience standard09:21
theadmincaf4926: ...huh. That's a strange thing. What is the output of: lsmod | grep '^video\s'09:21
caf4926theadmin: video  19652  2  i915, nouveau09:25
theadmincaf4926: Okay, this basically means both drivers are active, the first one is in use though -- the Intel driver09:25
caf4926theadmin: so it should be OK09:26
caf4926theadmin: seems to be working OK09:26
theadmincaf4926: Yes, may I ask why you don't want the NVidia driver active? They tend to give better performance...09:27
caf4926theadmin: I'm worried with the switchable graphics09:27
caf4926theadmin: is there a process that should work09:27
theadmincaf4926: Ah, that... Well, that depends, is this an Optimus card?09:27
caf4926theadmin: yes09:28
theadmincaf4926: If it is, you need Bumblebee (which isn't officially supported by Ubuntu, so may be best to avoid)09:28
caf4926theadmin: I thought so09:28
theadmincaf4926: Works fine here though :D09:28
caf4926theadmin: the customer doesn't really need it and I don't want him having issues. It had been running 10.04 and it looked horrid09:30
theadmincaf4926: Ah, okay... Uh, 10.04 is rather old, you may want to use 12.04, the latest LTS.09:30
caf4926theadmin: yes 12.04 3 is just installed09:30
theadmincaf4926: Ah, good :)09:31
caf4926theadmin: thank for the advices09:31
hexacodehey u guys i know this would take forever, but wats the shortest command i can do that will traveres every file in my file system and regex search it?  i know i can pipe into grep, should it be some sort of stream command?09:32
reisiohexacode: find / -exec egrep foo {} \;09:33
reisiohexacode: or egrep foo / :)09:33
reisiohexacode: what're you looking for?09:33
reisiohexacode: or egrep -r foo / :) even09:33
hexacodewell that was easy lol thanks09:35
reisiohexacode: what're you looking for? :p09:35
hexacodelol reisio i was writing a php file a while back, and it had a regex pattern that scanned an nginx log file i seem to have lost a while back on my filesystem...sinsce the php program still had the regex in it, im going to grep that09:36
hexacodeto find my log file09:36
hexacodemy bckup log file09:37
theadminIs there a program that'd return how long the user has been "inactive", i.e. no mouse/keyboard activity?09:38
hexacodenow i just hope php regex is compatible with grep regex...i know i had a hard time converting regexes from vim because it had different formats or something.09:38
theadminhexacode: PHP uses PCRE. Use grep -P09:38
reisiotheadmin: w?09:38
theadminreisio: ...?09:38
reisiotheadmin: 'w'?09:38
theadminreisio: Oooh.09:39
spobatwhat it the path to mounted devices?09:40
reisiospobat: tends to be /media/random-nonsense09:41
theadminspobat: Uh. By default, Ubuntu mounts to /media (since 12.10, /media/$USER)09:41
reisio'mount' will tell you09:41
theadminspobat: This does not apply to weird devices like certain Android phones or cameras which are accessed over MTP/PTP, I don't know if it mounts those at all09:43
spobatgood to know09:44
deanrock0hi, is there any way to restart unity without closing opened programs/windows?09:45
theadmindeanrock0: unity &disown09:45
caf4926anyone know textpad for windows, and either use it in wine or know a equiv alt for Ubuntu09:45
deanrock0theadmin: thanks09:46
c2tarunHi friends, I changed the icon theme on my ubuntu (classic). I have an cpu freq indicator whose icon is only getting displayed when I select Ubuntu-Mono-Dark icon set from appearance. I think if I find the location of Ubuntu-Mono icons and copy  the icon of my indicator to my icons location indicator will pick up the icon. Can anyone please tell me where are Ubuntu-Mono-Icons?09:47
reisiocaf4926: try geany09:47
caf4926reisio: will do09:48
flaviuscorheiHello. Anyone can help with 3g modem qualcomm? Thx.09:51
mydevilrootHello all :)09:52
timbermaniacHey guys. My network manager (connection info) shows the correct DNS server entries, yet whenever I run dig or even try to resolve in Firefox, it's not using these servers. Looks to only be using root servers. Any clue?09:52
Ashaelhello. anyone has any idea why can't I drop to the root shell prompt (through grub - advanced options - recovery mode) even though I give the correct root password?09:52
reisioAshael: what happens instead?09:53
Ashaelit says incorrect password09:53
reisioyour root has a password?09:53
theadminAshael: Ubuntu doesn't have a root password. You mustn't set one, instead, use sudo.09:53
yellabs-r2hello there all09:53
reisioI don't know about mustn't, but it hasn't one by default09:53
reisioyellabs-r2: hello09:54
Ashaelhmm wait, what is the password it asks of me when I use sudo?09:54
reisioAshael: your ordinary user's09:54
theadminAshael: Your user password09:54
Ashaelso i need to just type 'Enter'?09:54
yellabs-r2what can i use these day's to build an locale version of ubuntu ( nl - dutch )09:54
theadminreisio: Well, having a root password isn't exactly "insecure" by definition, but it's a flawed access management architecture. You'd give out your root password to everyone who wants to be able to run admin tasks?09:55
yellabs-r2or is there such a version out there already ?09:55
reisioyellabs-r2: /msg ubottu locale09:55
Ashaelyellabs-r2: ubuntu supports localization09:55
timbermaniactheadmin: yet if someone gains access to the primary user's password, they don't need root.09:55
Ashael(although that's not cusomisable enough, for my taste)09:55
reisiotheadmin: I'm sure this discussion is off topic, it's an old one neither of us will add anything new to :p09:56
=== ingrid_ is now known as Bella_
reisios/it's/moreover it's/09:56
yellabs-r2hmm ubottu does not know the right answer... lol09:56
Ashaelreisio / theadmin : so just try 'Enter'?09:56
reisioAshael: you could try it09:57
Ashaelwait, is it supposed to ask for a root password?09:57
yellabs-r2is there an nice tool to rebuild iso with just the dutch - nl locale ?09:57
reisioAshael: it's probably supposed to ask for some password09:57
Ashaelhm ok09:57
Ashaelwill give it a try09:57
theadminyellabs-r2: UCK may work. *may*. It fails randomly.09:57
theadminreisio: By default, recovery mode's root shell does not have a password prompt09:58
theadminreisio: Only does if you set a root password09:58
c2tarunnevermind guys, I found it. /usr/share/icons09:58
reisiotheadmin: :/09:58
theadminreisio: ...or if you have disk encryption, but then it phrases it differently09:59
yellabs-r2ok i will check that out... thanks09:59
reisiotheadmin: so you're just given root, or?10:00
theadminreisio: Pretty much yes10:01
theadminreisio: To address potential security concerns: it's not insecure, anyone with physical access can get a root shell from, say, a LiveCD very esaily10:01
reisionot as easily as pressing the down arrow :p10:01
reisioor shift then the down arrow10:02
Guest50981Is there a real bugfree application to record voice from mic and desktop screen ?10:02
reisioGuest50981: hrmmmm10:02
reisioffmpeg is certainly the most reliable for screen recording that I've used10:02
reisioyou can probably grab the mic input with it, too10:03
Guest50981reisio,  ffmpeg is a codec i think10:03
reisioGuest50981: no :)10:03
Guest50981reisio,  hm. is it GUI app10:03
=== Dave is now known as Guest64823
reisiowouldn't be surprised if there are GUI frontends for using it as a screencaster, though10:03
Guest50981reisio,  is there a GUI for it?10:03
theadminGuest50981: You can use Kazam. It's not based on FFMpeg, but it does the job really, really well10:04
theadminGuest50981: Can record from mic and from speakers, or both10:04
theadminGuest50981: Well and desktop10:04
Guest50981reisio,  i used recorditnow for ffmpeg, it doesnt keeps the ratio sequience of the audio and video.  theadmin10:04
reisiotheadmin: isn't it based on it?10:05
theadminreisio: Nah, uses GStreamer somehow but not ffmpeg10:05
reisiothat's probably just for the audio?10:06
theadminreisio: Yeah maybe :D It doesn't depend on ffmpeg though so10:06
Guest50981theadmin,  reisio  something tells me that you would not recommend the recorditnow with ffmpeg contrary to mos of others recommendations10:06
theadminGuest50981: Try kazam, really. Is good.10:06
Guest50981theadmin, ok10:07
reisiohttp://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/How%20to%20grab%20the%20desktop%20%28screen%29%20with%20FFmpeg audio too10:07
reisiotheadmin: hrmmm, does it depend on libav? :p10:07
reisioI don't know, you can make a GUI to an ffmpeg command in a few minutes10:08
theadminreisio: Nope :P10:08
reisiothe GUIs for screencasters tend to just be start buttons anyways10:08
reisionot even stop ones, as displaying those would clutter the screen10:08
=== mclovin is now known as Guest87832
theadminreisio: Close enough: http://i.imgur.com/LwPThvf.png10:10
dsolHow can I change the combination of the Secure Attention Key?10:10
Guest87832hi, where can i find information about my dvd recorder device?10:10
reisioGuest87832: what sort of information did you want?10:10
Guest87832i want the model number reisio10:10
Guest50981theadmin,  strange, kazam just didnt ran10:11
ActionParsnipGuest50981: sudo lshw -C drive; sudo lshw -C disk10:11
ActionParsnipGuest50981: I forget which it is, so use both10:11
theadminGuest50981: Huh. That's strange.10:11
Guest87832thx ActionParsnip10:12
Guest87832thx, cya10:12
Guest50981ActionParsnip,  http://pastebin.ca/243873310:12
reisiowonder if I used cdrecord -scanbus in the past...10:12
Guest50981ActionParsnip,  but why did you told that to me10:12
reisiocdrdao scanbus, mmm10:13
theadminGuest50981: Because you have a hamsterous nickname and he confused you with Guest87832.10:13
Guest50981theadmin,  http://pastebin.ca/243873510:13
Guest50981theadmin,  ok :)10:13
Ashaelreisio / theadmin: no avail. I get the same "Login incorrect" reply :/10:14
reisioAshael: use your install media10:14
theadminGuest50981: Huh, that's an odd one10:14
Ashaelreisio: elaborate please?10:14
reisioAshael: if you boot up your ubuntu install image, you can do 'try' instead of 'install' and fix things10:15
Ashaelhm ok10:15
Guest50981can anyone help me with this error http://pastebin.ca/2438735 ?10:15
Ashaeldoes that stupid problem means there IS a root password?10:15
reisioGuest50981: you install from the package manager?10:15
reisioAshael: maybe10:16
Guest50981reisio,  yes10:16
reisioAshael: you can re/set one or scramble it from the install media10:16
Ashaeli have no idea what it may be, and why it's not what I think it is.10:16
Ashaelanyway, thanks.10:16
Ashaelwill try that later10:16
varunI am not able to access internet through firefox , when i'm running firefox from GUI. But when running firefox from terminal with sudo internet is working absolutely fine10:18
reisiovarun: over wireless?10:19
reisiovarun: look in its menu, make sure it's not in that daft offline mode10:19
varunbut internet is working on same firefox with sudo10:19
varunEven other browsers are not working10:20
varuni've tried midori chromium10:20
varunnone of them is working10:20
reisioGuest50981: done any big system updates recently10:20
reisiooh okay10:21
reisiois network manager running?10:21
varunNo updates . I m using ubutu 12.04 lts10:21
Guest50981reisio, no10:21
varunits already running10:21
reisiovarun: might need to edit its prefs as root10:22
varunhow ?? I m stuck for last 2 days10:22
reisiorun its gui configurator as root10:23
reisiodpkg -L network-manager | grep -i bin10:23
Guest50981reisio,  any other guess?10:23
reisiodpkg -L network-manager-gnome | grep -i bin10:24
reisiosomething like that should tell you what it is10:24
reisioGuest50981: could be a real bug :)10:24
varunits showing10:24
reisioactually it should probably just ask you for the keyring password if you click on the applet as your ordinary user10:25
reisiolook for that checkbox for allowing any user to use a connection10:25
reisiostuff like that10:26
ubuntivityHi, is it true that Richard Stallman said that Ubuntu has spyware?!10:27
reisiothink so10:27
reisiohe probably said it "is" spyware10:27
ubuntivityAnd how much is it related to reality?10:28
visualisechromium  =  spyware10:28
reisioubuntivity: Ubuntu comes with software that helps commercial organizations sell you things10:28
rbnielsenreisio, I seem to remember experiencing some time ago, that installing something from apt, and when running it gave me a similar error. I looked up what python package it was missing, installed it, and then it worked. I actually think it was gnuplot (oddly enough).10:28
reisiovisualise: that's chrome10:28
varunhey i m not able to get anything10:28
reisiovarun: ?10:28
varunAfter tping those commands10:28
varuni ot just 3 msgs10:29
ubuntivityI always hated those ads in Ubuntu software center10:29
reisiorbnielsen: right, which would be a bug :)10:29
reisioubuntivity: you and Stallman might get along, then :)10:29
ubuntivityI wouldn't take it as far as calling it "spyware"!10:29
varun/usr/bin , /usr/bin/nm-applet, /usr/bin/nm-connection-editor10:29
rbnielsenI'd rather say an error in package dependencies, than bug. ;)10:29
reisioubuntivity: yeah I'd just call it super annoying awfulware10:30
reisiobut it is a privacy concern10:30
varunreisio ??10:30
reisio'spyware' is not really an inappropriate label10:30
MancentI used rsync to copy /home/ to my USB a few days ago, now when I want to make a re-backup, how can I make rsync skip files that are already on the USB?10:30
parapanhi fellows > can someone guide me in installting evolution 3.8.5 for example on ubuntu 12.04 ? the default client 3.2.3 has some bugs with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and it's not working properly . .10:30
reisiovarun: hi10:30
Mancent I used rsync to copy /home/ to my USB a few days ago, now when I want to make a re-backup, how can I make rsync skip files that are already on the USB?10:30
reisioMancent: same rsync command you used before10:31
varunwhat can be the issue here10:31
ubuntivityI think both sides should reconsider: Canonical should purify Ubuntu, and Stallman should take a less agressive and more constructive approach..10:31
Mancentreisio: I used rsync /home/mancent /media/zrk10:31
varunreisio : is this an issue related to permissions10:31
reisioubuntivity: doubt that'll happen, Canonical is a for profit company itself10:31
reisiovarun: could be, seems a mere configuration issue10:31
Mancentreisio: if I do that again, it won't skip files, it'll keep writing the files again in a different folder.10:31
reisiovarun: something you could _try_ is create a new user, log in as that user, and see if networking works10:31
reisiovarun: if it does, that would imply a user-specific corruption or misconfiguration10:32
reisioas opposed to merely only-root working10:32
ubuntivityreisio: I'm really interested to hear your personal opinion towards ubuntu...10:32
varunreisio: i created a new user but same issue there too10:32
reisioMancent: rsync -a is what most people use10:32
gordonjcp!ot | ubuntivity10:32
ubottuubuntivity: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:32
sliktsreisio: or git10:32
Mancentreisio: I want rsync to skip files that are already on the USB, and copy files over the USB that are not already there.10:33
sliktsis there something nicer to use than postfix or sendmail for sending and receiving emails?10:33
Mancentany parameter for that, reisio?10:33
sliktsMancent: that's what it does with -a10:33
* ubuntivity would be interesting in finding reisio on #ubuntu-offtopic10:33
reisioMancent: I'm pretty sure you can run the same command10:34
Mancentalright, it's copying the files again.10:34
Mancentit's not skipping.10:34
reisioMancent: what makes you think it's no skipping?10:34
varunresisio : can u help ??10:34
reisiovarun: haven't I been?10:34
Mancentreisio: it's copying over files, that are already on the USB.10:34
Mancentas I stated above.10:34
varunbecause i tried all the things that u just told10:35
reisioMancent: what makes you think it is?10:35
reisiovarun: that's all I've got ATM10:35
varunno one is working10:35
Mancentreisio: what does -a mean?10:35
sliktsMancent: archive10:35
sliktsMancent: read rsync manpage10:35
Mancentslikts: does it skip files that are already on the USB?10:35
reisioMancent: pretty sure it does that by default10:35
Mancentreisio: it doesn't.10:35
sliktsMancent: how about you look at the manpage10:35
reisioMancent: pretty sure it does10:35
reisioalthough you need to use the exact same command10:36
reisioor the paths might not match10:36
reisio'history' might know your last use of it10:36
varunresiso : can u tell me from where i can select or change pemissions of a normal user10:36
reisiovarun: there is no magic single 'permission to use networking' checkbox that I know of10:37
reisionot outside of what I've already suggested10:37
varunthnx fro your help10:37
imdeaI was running a script created to be included into /etc/init directory, I did 'start bewell-app' and it started, then I did 'stop bewell-app' and it didn't do anything, so I killed the process. Now when I try to execute 'start bewell-app' it says: start: Job is already running: bewell-app (but that's not true)10:39
imdeaa 'status bewell-app' gives me: bewell-app start/killed, process 17861.. any ideas?10:39
jpdsimdea: You need to do some research on Upstart.10:39
jpdsimdea: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/10:39
imdeajpds, I'm making it, but I haven't found the answer.10:40
jpdsimdea: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/10:40
imdeajpds, so I have to read the whole book? great10:43
jpdsimdea: Well, it'll give you a better uderstanding of what's goig on.10:44
jpdsimdea: Right now, you're kind of saying: "I want to fly a jet plane, but I don't know how to turn the engines on, can someone do that for me and I'll take over in the air?"10:45
imdeajpds yeah sure.. great help10:45
jpdsimdea: De nada, vago.10:46
caf4926is there any way to stop the request for restricted drivers in 12.0410:46
imdeajpds: excuse me?10:47
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
universalhow to disable crash reporter from about:config in firefox ? which entry ?10:51
flavcorHello. Anyone familiar with qualcomm 3g modem? Need help to get it working pleass. Thank you.10:51
imdeajpds: guevon10:52
Guest50981is there any other too but better tha "recorditnow"10:52
=== salvador is now known as darkvad0r
Guest50981correction: is there any other tool like but better than "recorditnow"10:52
timstar hallo10:53
reisioGuest50981: ffmpeg :)10:53
reisiotimstar: 'lo10:53
reisioLeighroy: hi10:53
timstarreisio: fucking get a memory!10:53
ikoniatimstar: tone down the language please.10:53
timstarikonia: Why? Fuck you, that's why10:53
Guest50981reisio,  ya but i need audio and video both from line in and line out. mic / speakers with video.10:53
[Gentoo]universal: http://imagebin.org/26888710:54
[Gentoo]not sure what one of them it would be10:54
reisioGuest50981: can probably manage that with ffmpeg10:54
derEremithi, were there some big changes from yesterday to today in saucy10:54
Guest50981reisio,  you mean it will do audio?10:54
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
DJonesderEremit: #ubuntu+1 for saucy queries10:54
ikoniaderEremit: check the #ubuntu+1 channel for Saucy discussion10:54
derEremitok, sorry10:55
derEremitwill do10:55
reisioGuest50981: yes, I said as much ages ago10:55
flavcorYes +110:55
Guest50981reisio,  right. thanks10:55
Guest50981reisio,  still looking for guis10:55
reisiowhat do you need a gui for? :)10:55
Guest50981reisio,  you know. nice easy options10:56
reisiouniversal: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Breakpad#Can_I_disable_Crash_Reporter.3F10:56
flavcorWhy mobile broadband doesn't see my midem usb?10:58
Guest50981reisio,  http://pastebin.ca/243876610:59
airtonixle-sigh, my google-chrome is opening three about:blank tabs every time i start it up11:00
reisioGuest50981: what's 100,200 for?11:01
Guest50981reisio,  i just pasted you link second command. http://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/How%20to%20grab%20the%20desktop%20%28screen%29%20with%20FFmpeg11:02
reisioah it says11:02
reisiox & y11:02
reisiotry just -i :0.011:03
reisioI wouldn't use .flv, either11:03
reisioI'd use whatever format you want to use in the end11:05
aethelrickhi all, I'm looking to replace my work notebook with a new one... any one using any truly awesome new notebooks on Ubuntu? My existing machine is 1900x1200 17' screen with lots of RAM and disk... but is feeling sluggish on 12.04 LTS due to it's age11:05
Guest50981reisio,  hm. works. and what does it matter for .flv  what would be the actual output formate? and what .ext should i name it11:06
reisioGuest50981: depends on what you mean to do with it11:06
=== sepero_ is now known as sepero
caf4926 is there any way to stop the request for restricted drivers in 12.0411:10
bitbyterhi, i use dirvish to backup data - but i get  error "(23) -- partial transfer" since dirvish is based on rsync i think it's an rsync problem but i can't make upt what to do - any advice?11:10
bitbyteroh! if i do it with sudo, it works...11:11
parapanhi fellows > can someone guide me in installting evolution 3.8.5 for example on ubuntu 12.04 ? the default client 3.2.3 has some bugs with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and it's not working properly . .11:12
reisiotrying to support exchange is rough11:13
reisiolet's see, evolution-exchange is replaced by evolution-mapi is replaced by evolution-ews?11:13
reisioI think that's right11:13
reisioirc.gnome.org would remember11:13
universalreisio: there is no entry in about:config when seearched with report or crash reagrding disabling crash reporter....and when I am creating a new entry moz_crashreporter_disabled with value 1 then nothing is happening11:14
* reisio shrugs11:15
reisiocould ask #firefox, or irc.mozilla.org11:15
universalhow to change screensaver ? how to set lock screen or logout in ubuntu 13.04 ?11:15
universalthere is no option showing logout in ubuntu13.0411:17
universalreisio: ^^^11:17
usr13universal: http://askubuntu.com/questions/292995/configure-screensaver-in-13-0411:17
universalwhat about locking and logout ? reisio11:18
Guest50981reisio,  despite what ever ext i give it. what would be the actual output formate?     e.g if i give it   .somebogusext11:18
usr13universal: Install gnome-screensaver for locking as well.11:19
reisioGuest50981: it makes educated guesses, if you make up an extension I assume it will either fail or use some basic raw format11:19
usr13universal: Screen locking is a function of screensaver11:19
universalusr13: locking without screensaver ?11:20
universaland any inbuilt way of doing it than installing gnome-screensaver ?11:20
usr13universal: Screensavers and locking is just not that useful, many if not most of us don't use them.11:20
usr13universal: sudo apt-get install gnome-screensaver11:21
reisiomost screensavers do "just locking" as well11:21
universalit depends on time and situation if one wants to just lock screen otherwise none uses it :)11:21
usr13universal: As reisio points out, you do not have to enable screensaver in order to use screen lock11:21
universalreisio: when i am clicking start screensaver then its showing a blackscreen and not locking.....ubunntu 13.0411:21
reisioyeah... I think that's a GNOME 3 failing11:22
reisiotry a different one, like xscreensaver11:22
MonkeyDustuniversal  the purpose of a screensaver is to start when ypi havent clicked for a long time11:22
usr13reisio: Has universal moved away from unity?11:22
reisiono idea11:23
universalusr13: no11:23
Guest50981reisio,  its a nightmare. http://pastebin.ca/243878111:23
usr13Ok, just a bit late in the conversation so....  Ok universal.11:23
gordonjcpwhat's the point of screensavers now anyway?11:23
gordonjcpwe all use LCDs, right?11:23
gordonjcpwe no longer use green phosphor Hercules monitors11:23
reisiogordonjcp: locking? :p11:24
gordonjcpreisio: fair point11:24
reisioa lot of "people" do still use savers11:24
reisioI hate them11:24
raygusCan any one assist me. I have a new fresh install of 13.04 and after installing a number of packages which appeared to install ok, I noted the recently installed app icons were not listed in the launch bar on the left hand side on screen.11:24
reisiobut not as much as LEDs on monitors that blink11:24
usr13gordonjcp: It's just eye-candy.  Evne the late model CRTs did not do any screen burns.11:24
reisiothose are even harder to nullify11:24
gordonjcpreisio: I use a screen saver with power management11:24
usr13*Even*  not Evne11:24
gordonjcpreisio: there's this wee button on the front of my monitor...11:24
reisiogordonjcp: button?11:25
gordonjcpreisio: yup11:25
universali do not use screensavers....if its possible I disable them......but locking screen is something i want and not screensavers......its just that i clicked start screensaver and it did not start it rather just a blank screen and than back to normal screen thats why asking for screensaver also.....otherwise my priority question is locking screen!11:26
burghello. i am trying to install ubuntu server 12.04. i tried to make bootable usb with both 12.04.2 and 12.04.3 from three different computers (two ubuntu and one windows) using three different methods on ubuntu, and using two usb sticks, in case one of them was damaged, and it always fails when i try to check disk contents. and if i try to install it without checking, it tells me that 'your installation cdrom couldn't be mounted'11:26
gordonjcpreisio: when I press it, it makes the screen go totally black and the power consumption drops just about 100%11:26
usr13Unlike screensaver, power management applications are installed by default.11:26
reisiothere seem to be a lot of monitors that, while in sleep mode but not off, blink their LEDs as if they're schizophrenic :)11:26
reisioyeah, but at that point you've touched some coworker's filthy monitor, haven't you :p11:26
universalblinking tells that they are sleeping and not off.....meaning power is still running inside them11:27
raygusCan any one assist me. I have a new fresh install of 13.04 and after installing a number of packages which appeared to install ok, I noted the recently installed app icons were not listed in the launch bar on the left hand side on screen.11:27
reisiouniversal: right, it's just hugely annoying :)11:27
reisioplus I can usually tell when a monitor is off by it not emitting any light :p11:27
gordonjcpreisio: I leave other people's monitors alone.  At work I just throw the breaker for my workbench, at home I hit the button on the front, and in the van I just throw the breaker for the inverters11:28
reisioI leave them alone, too, 'cause I don't want to wash my hands again11:28
usr13burg: It's trying to use wrong device.  Watch closely what device it is pointing to.  (Often times when you install from USB, it will look for CDROM for files and sometimes point to wrong device when writing grub to MBR.)11:28
usr13burg: sudo fdisk -l11:29
burgusr13, and where should i type that? because i have no console while i am trying to install11:30
usr13raygus: Click the top icon and start typing11:30
usr13burg: Ctrl-Alt-F611:30
burgusr13, also, i have no cdrom at all on that computer11:30
legend321Hi there. I just installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Now i want to install flash from Ubuntu Software Center, but "Use this Source" button is grayed out. Why so?11:31
usr13legend321: Select a source first.11:32
=== caf4926 is now known as _caf4926
burgusr13, ctrl+alt+f6 makes the screen black, but i can not type anything11:32
usr13!flash | legend32111:32
ubottulegend321: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:32
AndroUserHello. Why 3g modem is not seen by mobile broadband network manager? Thanks.11:32
IamTryingI keep getting this "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" the box is online.11:33
=== _caf4926 is now known as caf4926
IamTryingI was logged in and then all of a certain when reconnecting, ssh -v user@server keeps giving me "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"11:35
Xaseronhow can i list all packages from a repository server? (it's an internal repo server)11:36
IamTryingTried echo "sshd:ALL" >> /etc/hosts.allow  does not solved11:36
usr13imcsk8: ls -ld /var/empty11:36
jribIamTrying: what did you do between the time of your last successful connect and when you became unable to connect?11:36
usr13IamTrying: ls -ld /var/empty11:36
usr13IamTrying: What does that say?11:37
eden_i could get my nvidia card working,my laptop has a hybrid gpu intel/nvidia optirun works11:37
eden_but my DE works on intel or nvidia gpu?11:37
IamTryingjrib, the system is in remotely location , i was connected via SSH last night and in the mean time it was running apache web service, now trying to login via SSH getting that. In the mean time there was no big changes except it was running Apache server services.11:38
=== Companion is now known as companion
usr13IamTrying: Who are files in  /var/run  owned by?11:38
jribIamTrying: so how did you make a change to /etc/hosts.allow?11:39
IamTryingusr13, its remotely located do u want me to do that in my ssh client??11:39
IamTryingjrib, /etc/hosts.allow is empty in remote server11:39
jribIamTrying: huh?  You said you added "sshd:ALL" to it just now11:40
IamTryingusr13, ssh client  [ec2-user@ip-10-0-0-108 ~]$ ls -ld /var/empty drwxr-xr-x. 3 root root 4096 May  9 14:52 /var/empty11:40
IamTryingjrib, in my SSh client i did11:40
jribIamTrying: ok.11:40
IamTryingjrib, SSH server is running Ubuntu 12.04, and i am in ssh Client Red hat enterprise 6.411:40
jribIamTrying: so you don't have access to the server now?11:41
IamTryingjrib, not at all, i can ping and ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host while doing SSH11:41
eden_i could get my nvidia card working,my laptop has a hybrid gpu intel/nvidia optirun works i am currently on ubuntu 12.04 64 bit.My DE works on nvidia or intel gpu or i should program it?11:41
ActionParsnipIamTrying: can you telnet to the socket?11:41
ActionParsnip!bumblebee | eden_11:42
ActionParsnipeden_: look into bumblebee11:42
IamTryinghttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6032221/ -  ActionParsnip11:42
IamTryingActionParsnip, yes SSH port is allowed to me still11:42
eden_ActionParsnip, i looked but i can't understand it11:43
ActionParsnipIamTrying: does your user have read access to both key files11:43
=== s_cd_ is now known as s_cd
eden_ActionParsnip, anything that relates to what i am asking11:43
hdtdihi. i have ubuntu 11.10 and i dont know why but it doesnt recognize any of my usb flash sticks. its like they arent connected at all.. any idea why that is happening ?11:43
ActionParsnipeden_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee11:43
ActionParsnipeden_: its step by step...how can you not unbderstand it?11:43
eden_ActionParsnip, should i install bbswitch?11:44
usr13IamTrying: http://edoceo.com/notabene/ssh-exchange-identification11:44
IamTryingActionParsnip, yes11:44
eden_ActionParsnip, optirun firefox works finem11:44
burgusr13, anyway, how can i make it point to the usb device instead?11:45
usr13!11.10 | hdtdi11:45
ubottuhdtdi: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 9, 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.11:45
usr13!eol | hdtdi11:45
ubottuhdtdi: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:45
IamTryingusr13, grep MaxStartups /etc/ssh/sshd_config  in my ssh client (RHEL 6.4 i am on) to apply or in ssh server (Ubuntu 12.04, where i cant even login remotely) ?11:45
jribIamTrying: are you connecting via password or keys?  Pastebin an attempt with "ssh -vvv"11:45
IamTryingjrib, using password11:46
=== caf4926 is now known as _caf4926
ActionParsnipeden_: so where is the issue?11:46
MonkeyDusthdtdi  first upgrade to a supported release, then ask again11:46
IamTryingjrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032235/11:46
eden_ActionParsnip, i want the DE move more fluently11:46
eden_ActionParsnip, gpu can help with that right?11:46
eden_ActionParsnip, i want to add effects and stuff that's why11:47
jribIamTrying: so you don't get prompted for a password?11:47
jribIamTrying: how are you using 10.* ip?11:48
IamTryingjrib, not at all, i also tried what usr13 was showing http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032245/11:49
IamTryingjrib, VPN (RHEL) to LAN ( Another Ubuntu 12.04) from that Box to that LAN11:49
IamTryingjrib, i am remotely in VPN (RHEL) location.11:49
IamTryingjrib, from VPN (RHEL) i have direct tunnel to that network11:49
IamTryingAlso have SSL vpn tunnel directly to that network all giving same error.11:50
barihoare there any Open/LibreOffice Base alternatives available on ubuntu?11:50
linuwhats wrong with libreoffice ?11:51
linui guess there r things like koffice11:51
jribIamTrying: probably a server-side issue.  Get someone physically on the server11:51
MonkeyDustbariho  libreoffice IS the alternative11:52
IamTryingjrib, if they power off and power on will it be fixed? (it happened 5th times, its a nightmare issue)11:52
jribIamTrying: my guess is no.11:52
jribIamTrying: this happened 5 times before?11:53
bariholinu: base is terribly slow, and my pc isn't exactly weak. abiword is only a word processor, and has no desktop database like base, right?11:53
IamTryingjrib, YES each time when it happened it was solved by using PasswordAuthentication no11:54
IamTryingbut this time nothing is accepting jrib11:54
linuwhy does ubuntu spy on you?11:54
jribIamTrying: do you know what that option does?11:54
IamTryingjrib, not at all, i need urgent remote access really also just now edited MaxStartups but nothing is fixing this time.11:55
jribIamTrying: it disables password authentication.  So if that option is set to no, it shouldn't be surprising that you can't log in with a password11:55
jribIamTrying: you said you didn't have access to the server, so I'm not sure what you are editing11:56
=== _caf4926 is now known as caf4926
IamTryingjrib, SERVER i have no access now, just changing few values here and there in my local RHEL /etc/ssh/ssh_config file11:57
jribIamTrying: that's not going to do anything11:57
jribIamTrying: especially when you're trying to set random settings you don't understand11:57
IamTryingjrib, OK  - someone has to be on-site? But how come it was working last night and this early morning even?11:58
jribIamTrying: I don't know -- what was changed since last successful log-in?11:58
IamTryingjrib, nothing at all, right now on that server i have web access to browse on directory only and apache is so slow that it does not show even the icons of directory / images12:00
usr13IamTrying: Did you look at http://edoceo.com/notabene/ssh-exchange-identification  ?12:00
jribIamTrying: well load could be an issue.12:01
usr13IamTrying: The server is more-than-likely in distress, as in cpu overload.12:01
IamTryingjrib, i have port 22, and port 7007 tcp open only on that box port 22 is ssh but failing, port 7007 is accessable which is just to browse file of on static directory it shows that the box is for some reason frozen or too much load on it12:01
jribIamTrying: either way, you're going to need physical access to the server12:01
usr13IamTrying: May be that just rebooting will fix it.12:01
universalusr13: reisio how to delete envvar ?12:02
IamTryingjrib, i think its CPU overload, cause i am doing there VIDEO/AUDIO encoding decoding and motion detect12:02
reisiouniversal: something you just exported?12:02
IamTryingusr13, maybe, last time out of 5, that was the only solution. But sending someone on site you know how tuff job that is.12:02
universalsome in #firefox suggested delete crappy envvar MOZ_CRASHREPORTER_DATA_DIRECTORY12:02
universalreisio: ^^12:03
universalreisio: ??12:04
usr13When the job gets tough, the tough get going.12:05
reisiouniversal: I think the page I linked explains that12:05
anuvrattrying to install postgres forces me to remove rabbitmq-server ... please help http://askubuntu.com/questions/331608/installing-postgres-removes-rabbitmq-and-vice-versa-how-to-make-both-stay12:07
IamTryingusr13, i am running in the server Java 7 and Video/Audio decoder/encoder + Media player + Motion detections + Face recognition jobs + Opening doors + Scanning ID Card (all in Java, Python, Bash)  for 24/7 in Government Entry ground floor12:08
IamTryingusr13, so that server is not SSH accessble now - must be CPU/RAM issue?12:08
universalusr13: how to delete envvar ?12:09
BluesKaj'Morning all12:10
IamTryingjrib, Suppose i believe its a CPU overload/RAM issue. How can i protect the server not causing it for next time? (when it happen it shutdown the whole service except someone physically go on-site which is very annoying for remote services)12:14
IamTryingSSH access is my main priority, how can i make sure if this or such happens that ssh server auto reboot or restarts itself?12:15
NeroonHi. dhclient returns "no dhcpoffers received" and "no working leaase in persistent database - sleeping" with wlan0. Any help?12:16
daftykinsIamTrying: why don't you just give it more resources :P12:16
ezra-swhat's the default package for browser java plugin?12:17
IamTryingdaftykins, for 2/3 days 24/7 works fine, but from 4th day it happens if it was really CPU/RAM issue i will include but if again happens for some other reason?12:17
IamTryingdaftykins, can the SSH server not programmed that if it happens it reboot the system and restart the SSH server itself?12:17
jribIamTrying: use keys instead of password (disable password auth), whitelist only IPs you need (using /etc/hosts.allow on the server), set up fail2ban or denyhosts, check out MaxStartups option (for the server) mentioned here by someone, maybe move the port to something other than 22...12:17
IamTryingto be 200% sure (to reduce on-site physicall access requirement)!12:17
hex20decHey people, question... How do I check what DE am I using?12:18
MonkeyDusthex20dec  does it have a bar on the left? if yes, then it's unity12:21
hex20decMonkeyDust: I was hoping for a more accurate way to check..12:21
MonkeyDusthex20dec  more accurate?12:22
hex20decPossibly with an Environment Variable12:22
Moscherkoboldhello everyone12:22
hex20decOr something similar../12:22
Moscherkoboldi have tried to install ubuntu. 13.04 froma live usb stick12:23
Chipp-Zanuffecho $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP12:23
Chipp-Zanufftype this12:23
Moscherkoboldi have aborted my installation and the. system now boots only in a grub bootloader prompt12:23
b4chwhere to find default sources.list for Raring 13.04 ?12:23
MonkeyDustChipp-Zanuff  +112:23
IamTryingjrib, Excellent idea, i have always not done those in server, i will use your suggestion and see if it solves the problem permanently. thank you billions12:24
Moscherkoboldhow can i boot the system now?12:25
NeroonHi. dhclient returns "no dhcpoffers received" with wlan0. Any help?12:28
Chipp-ZanuffI hope this helps12:30
NeroonChipp-Zanuff: Well, thanks. I've been through 20 forum sites regarding the problem, no luck so far12:34
Chipp-Zanuffgive some more details >_>12:34
choiais it possible to add new window/tab to "screen" session from commandline?12:34
=== Guest21681 is now known as linux-ninja
Chipp-ZanuffI'll assume that you can open a new terminal or that doesn't do the trick for you?12:36
usr13Neroon: Check your IP ifconfig12:37
Neroonusr13: wait a sec, just gave it a fixed ip again. gotta reconfigure12:37
MonkeyDust!who | Chipp-Zanuff12:39
ubottuChipp-Zanuff: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:39
Chipp-Zanuffubottu: sorry, I'll consider that.12:39
ubottuChipp-Zanuff: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:39
grahamsavageHi i switched to ubuntu about a month ago12:41
grahamsavageand google chrome12:41
grahamsavageis making me insane. it pauses, it freezes, it locks up.. pages take ages to paint12:41
Neroonusr13: Well, it seems to connect to the right wlan router (mac address) and it gets an ip address, yet not from my subnet.12:41
grahamsavagei switcht tabs, they go blank it crashes all the time.  I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, removed all the plugins.  switched to the edge version.  Given that the web-browser is the absolute number one tool i use almost everyday what can i try to fix the problem12:42
usr13Neroon: Too many dhcp servers.12:42
MonkeyDustgrahamsavage  consider using chromium, not chrome, it's in the repos https://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome12:42
Neroonusr13: well, i only have one ;-)12:42
usr13grahamsavage: Do not use Enter key for punctuation.12:42
grahamsavagenote: i have two other computers one running osx and one running windows and chrome runs perfectly in both of those on the same network12:42
usr13Neroon: How then, are you receving bogus IP info?12:42
grahamsavageMonkeyDust: right, is there an advantage of chromium over chrome?12:43
usr13Neroon: At any rate, change it manually, to an IP that is within the subnet, set the default gw, and you should be good to go.12:43
MonkeyDustgrahamsavage  i havent tried chrome, best way would be to try it12:43
Neroonusr13: I don't know, i really don't. It seems to get an ip address from a dafault fritz-box address, yet i don't have one12:44
usr13Neroon: (To an *unused* IP that is within the subnet.)12:44
choiaIs anyone here familier with screen?12:44
Neroonusr13: when i changed it to a fixed ip, i couldn't ping the router12:44
susundbergchoia: i am using it regularly12:44
usr13Neroon: Is the Access Point uising encryption?12:44
choiasusundberg: is it possible to open a new windows from command line?12:44
Neroonusr13: yes, wpa212:45
susundbergchoia: inside screen, just hit ctrl + a + c12:45
Neroonusr13: yet, how do i find out, whether the wlan card is capable of doing wpa2?12:45
susundbergor what screen you mean, screen like /usr/bin/screen -- ?12:45
usr13Neroon: Then first make sure the encryption is being handled, and you'll at that point, need to use a "network manager", like wicd or network-manager.  If you don't have one installed, then apt-get it.12:46
choiasusundberg: we are talking about the right screen :) i am looking for a way to automate my screen usage via ssh so i need a commandline option is it possible?12:46
hex20decChipp-Zanuff: Sorry for the delay, echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP doesn't return anything.12:46
Neroonusr13: would wpa_gui sufficient?12:46
usr13Neroon: It's up to you.12:47
Neroonusr13: it is installed, yet i can't connect through it either12:47
usr13Neroon: Depends on *your* definition of sufficient.12:47
afiqwhat is it?12:47
usr13Neroon: Trun off encryption and try again.12:47
susundbergchoia: maybe -- dont know. See man-page. I usually do ssh <remote server> ... screen -r . But i you could optimize it to attach automatically if session is found12:47
Neroonusr13: ah, i knew you would says that... then i have to go offline here12:48
ubuntivityHello, is there an upload tool similar to using wget for download?12:48
grahamsavageIs ubuntu 13.10 supposed to work better than ubuntu 12.04?12:48
susundbergchoia: you do know that you can have multiple screens running -- right? But not sure what you are trying to achive here12:48
usr13ubuntivity: I dono, kget maybe?12:48
usr13ubuntivity: What is wrong with wget?12:49
Neroonusr13: will you still be here in about 15 mins? gotta finish my download here12:49
ubuntivitycan wget upload files?12:49
usr13Neroon: Probably12:49
usr13ubuntivity: No.12:49
susundbergubuntivity: i think not, it shoulds like GET files12:49
Neroonusr13: well, thanks for now anyway12:49
usr13ubuntivity: What type of server are you uploading to?12:49
susundbergubuntivity: check 'curl'12:50
choiasusundberg: first of all, thank you for your answers :) what i am trying to achieve is the ability to control multi process multi windows session. specifcly i want to start (again, automaticly) a new window and run a command in it. that is my main goal.12:50
ubuntivityusr13: it is a local file sharing site12:50
choiaubuntivity: i also recomend curl12:50
ubuntivityI'm going to read "man curl", but before that, what is the main purpose of curl?12:51
susundbergchoia: sounds fun, cant help -- dont know enough, happy hacking12:51
Piciubuntivity: the first sentence of the manpage describs it.12:51
susundberg"curl is a client to get documents/files from or send documents to a server"12:51
Picichoia: #screen might be able to help as well.12:51
susundberg!man curl12:51
choiaubuntivity: it's the same as wget.12:51
ubuntivityI've just realized that, Pici. Thanks.12:51
ubuntivityIt seems really interesting. I've got to dissect the sharing site to see which protocol it uses..12:52
ubuntivityMaybe this is off-topic, so where can I ask about how to determine the file upload protocol?12:53
=== companion is now known as Companion
usr13ubuntivity: nmap12:54
susundbergubuntivity: you mean like discuss what would be the best protocol for situation XYZ ?12:54
linuwireshark ?12:54
ubuntivitysusundberg: yes, and like discussing how to know the protocol my browser is using to upload the file12:57
usr13ubuntivity: Well, there are only a couple of options, (and the URL man indicate which it is).12:58
susundbergubuntivity: well since its browser i would guess standard http protocol tricks but wireshark can certainly analyze all the trafic that gets trhough any interface12:58
choiasusundberg: if you are interested it's as follows: screen -x <session> -x -X screen <window name> <command>12:58
usr13*may* not man12:58
ubuntivitysusundberg: there was a commandline tool on which wireshark is based, I just don't recall its name :(12:59
ubuntivitytcpdump, susundberg ?12:59
susundbergubuntivity: tcpdump can certainly track it also13:01
owlbreadif you're using firefox, "Tamper Data" plugin might help13:01
susundbergubuntivity: i just prefer wireshark as it has so nice gui ;)13:01
ubuntivitysusundberg, owlbread: and is there an easy way to determine how does the browser authenticate my upload? will Tamper Data be enough?13:02
ubuntivityAnd if it is a cookie, can it be simply be supplied with curl?13:02
linuwhens ubuntu 13.10 going to be realsed13:02
linuin two months?13:02
* ubuntivity wonders if there is a curl add-on for Firefox13:03
owlbreadtamperdata lets to see all the data contained in the http headers, i use it to view POST data for debugging13:03
owlbreadit might be able to show you the info you need!13:04
ubuntivityowlbread: I hope so :) Thanks13:04
ubuntivityHello sam__95013:04
sam__950ubuntivit were u from13:05
owlbreadubuntivity: no worries!13:05
ubuntivityIraq, but this is the support channel. If you are interested in off-topic chat you may join #ubuntu-offtopic :)13:05
ubuntivitysam__950: if you have any Ubuntu support question, don't hesitate to ask..13:06
MonkeyDustchoia  try     screen -X screen     <-- capital X13:07
ubuntivityHello LongWangHangLow13:07
BadK1ttygirl walks into a room having an argument with an alien,... seriously using alien to convert .rpm to .deb for a package13:07
BadK1ttywise to activate the root account i've heard both sides to this just curious of your take on it13:08
ubottuBadK1tty,: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:08
* ubuntivity understood 0% of BadK1tty's statement..13:09
BadK1ttyi wanted to convert a rpm to deb13:09
ubottuBadK1tty,: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)13:09
BadK1ttyso i went in search of how to the file said you have to be root to run the commands13:09
usr13BadK1tty: That is not the way it is done in Ubuntu. If you deviate, ok, but this is not the place to discuss why or how.13:09
ubuntivityBadK1tty: using "sudo" is almost the same as being root.13:10
usr13BadK1tty: That is what sudo is for.  Or, you you want an admin shell, su -i13:10
BadK1ttythats what i thought13:10
BadK1ttymy actual question was when i find these packages or how to's is it wise to activate the root account in ubuntu13:11
usr13BadK1tty: Ubuntu just has a simplier, easier / different way of handling admin tasks.13:11
BadK1ttyi get that13:11
BadK1ttywhy im using it13:11
usr13BadK1tty: su -i13:11
ubuntivityBadK1tty: it is generally not a good practice to use root account, use sudo instead.13:12
BadK1ttythank you for the response at least13:12
BadK1ttythat seems to be the consensus13:12
usr13BadK1tty: Sorry, it's sudo -i13:12
BadK1ttymay i ask why, just want to know if the reason works with what i've read13:12
usr13BadK1tty: super-user is there for you to use, it's just as easy, just different.13:13
ubuntivityUsually, performing changes to the system requires superuser permissions.13:13
BadK1ttyyeah like unlock, install, etc13:13
BadK1ttyeither way when i saw i had to be root to run the program i just used the apt-get remove it uninstall it13:14
usr13BadK1tty: you can read all sorts of opinions on which way is best but it is mostly philosophical.13:14
MonkeyDustBadK1tty  for anything that happens outside /home13:14
* ubuntivity +1 for MonkeyDust's statement13:14
quick-BadK1tty, It's not wise as if someonw is trying to access your maching lets hope remotely they will guess user as root and they just have to guess the password . As fasr as sudo and root are concerned both have almost same previleges . But if you don't have root activated they need to guess the username too. It;s just a simple example13:14
BadK1ttythats the one i read too13:15
BadK1ttydefinately security conscious13:15
usr13BadK1tty: Yea, so there is pleanty to be said in support of Ubuntu's way of handling admin functions.13:15
quick-BadK1tty, You have your answer :)13:16
BadK1ttyso much so i attempted an install of smooth wall ... that was not fun let me tell it auto fragged my partition table i had to start froms cratch talk about a knock on the head13:16
usr13!ufw | BadK1tty13:16
ubottuBadK1tty: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo13:16
BadK1ttythanks ill check it out13:17
usr13BadK1tty: If you are security concious;  The best security is a stand-alone firewall.13:17
IamTryingjrib, FYI - On- site i have one person now, he sees that the screen is BLACK and lot of white texts on it (like crashed). I think its in console mode now and lost GUI, he is taking pictures, i hope after reboot i get a remote SSH access still. Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit crashed finally in a horrible way today.13:17
squibblebotHow can I start contributing to a linux distro?13:17
usr13BadK1tty: (your router)13:17
BadK1ttyi am aware13:17
ubottusquibblebot,: contribute is To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu13:18
quick-!ufw BadK1tty13:18
BadK1ttyactually the best security is a stand alone13:18
BadK1ttybut i see your point13:18
quick-!ufw | BadK1tty13:19
ubottuBadK1tty: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo13:19
BadK1ttyi got it ubottu thank you13:19
usr13BadK1tty: ... and you can use a number of home routers to create a very powerful stand-alone router.  I particularly like the dd-wrt project for that.13:19
BadK1ttyan array  of routers?13:19
usr13BadK1tty: http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/index13:20
BadK1ttyoutstanding thanks fur the link :)13:20
usr13BadK1tty: NP13:20
xvzfhi there, I'm using ubuntu on an old macbook. My right alt behaves as a numeric enter (as I learned from the net). A page said that this can be cured through System settings -> keyboard options but I did not find how to set 3rd level key to this. What is the way to achieve this on 13.04?13:20
quick-xvzf, HAve you selected the right keyboard layout ?13:21
usr13xvzf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts13:21
BadK1ttyk i gotta put on my face i'll catch you all later thanks again. :)13:22
boringntphello, the ntp service is started whenever i connect to a network with network-manager even though i've checked off "Set Date and Time automatically" option in the "Adjust Date and Time" menu; is there a way to avoid that?13:22
usr13BadK1tty: Have a good day.13:22
BadK1ttyyou too :)13:23
quick-BadK1tty,  :)13:23
xvzfquick-: my right alt behaves as enter in both of my layouts, US and Hungarian13:27
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IamTryingusr13, FYI - After physically rebooting the system is remotely accessable now. So the whole informations out there in web is invalid13:29
IamTryingFor safety i will use a backup of SSH alternative of this: http://www.virtualmin.com/13:32
usr13IamTrying: What exactly is "invalid"?13:36
IamTryingusr13, in many websites its saying do this and that put this command and modify the changes etc etc. For such problem all those informations are invalid - none of them worked unless i physically powered off and powered on.13:36
usr13IamTrying: When a computer reaches the point that it can no longer process anything other than what it is already doing, yea, there is not much you can do with it.13:38
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zolekHello, I have a problem with the ePSXe emulator (newest version) on 13.10 x64, I cannot get libgtk-1.2.so.0 to install in any way (ia32-libs installed)13:40
IamTryingusr13, compare SSH and Apache, same box was almost crashed. But Apache still was available to have access.13:40
natschilHello. Is there a table of graphics cards to how well they work on ubuntu somewhere?13:40
zolekhow can i try to get a hold of that lib?13:40
usr13IamTrying: Sounds to me like you need more servers.13:40
usr13IamTrying: Or better ones.13:41
ubottunatschil,: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:41
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devZer0hi all13:41
cfhowlettdevZer0, greetings13:42
ubuntivityHello devZer013:42
IamTryingusr13, its i7 CPU + 8GB ram + 500GB disk, what else more can be added in multi-media ?13:42
IamTryingusr13, i think from hardware point of view its stable. But Drivers point of view for Linux is unstable13:42
usr13IamTrying: When / if you run out of system resources, it is at that point, a hardware issue.13:42
IamTryingusr13, can i not run any application which can switch off all the application which increase to maximum threshold of utilizing CPU and RAM?13:44
usr13IamTrying: We do not know [exactly] what happened to your server.  We can't really trouble-shoot something I don't have access to.13:44
=== CamC_ is now known as CamC
usr13IamTrying: It is quite possible that configuration changes need to be made to it.13:44
IamTryingusr13, i am very sure its Java JVM which by time keep eating memory + cpu and because i have video/audio encoder/decoder they burn the system depending on long run13:44
IamTryingusr13, i did not git pull anything about for 1 month i mean it was very stable release which is running now13:45
usr13IamTrying: tail -f /var/log/syslog13:45
usr13IamTrying: htop13:45
usr13IamTrying: What is it exactly?  cat /etc/issue13:46
natschilcfhowlett: thanks!13:46
OufhI am using ubuntu 13.0413:50
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IamTryingusr13, 1) Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l   2) htop (everything is normal now like RAM/ CPU) 3) Postfix is in logs a lot13:51
cfhowlett!details|Oufh, greetings.13:51
ubottuOufh, greetings.: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:51
missvaleskaHiya all13:54
=== kn\ is now known as LongWangHangLow
missvaleskaI need Ubuntu support please13:54
=== thiago is now known as Guest335
missvaleskaI have severe network problems13:54
Sc0tty-you came to the right place13:54
ubottumissvaleska,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:54
missvaleskaEvery few days, Though, It just happened within a few hours right now.13:54
missvaleskaMy computer will disconnect from the wireless network, And keep asking me for the password, Even though it's right. Restarting it is the only thing I've found to work so far, Which is what I've just done.13:55
missvaleskaI'm trying to see if there is any more permanent fix to this, Whether it's a different driver, Or some setting. I'd be very grateful if you'd help.13:55
Nach0zmissvaleska: I've had the same issue at my school13:55
Nach0zit happened on opensuse too though13:56
Nach0zI never found a solution :/13:56
missvaleska:( I'm sorry13:56
Nach0zSOMETIMES stopping and restarting the network stuff in init.d would fix it13:56
missvaleskaHow do you do that?13:56
NK`where can i download certified version of ubuntu ?13:57
missvaleskaRestarting obviously clears, Or restarts some process, Some log, Some RAM thing. So I should be able to do that manually13:57
NK`i'm talking about certified one13:57
missvaleskaWhat do you mean?13:57
Nach0zmissvaleska:  sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart, I think13:57
missvaleskaThat is certified13:57
Nach0zNK`: what kind of certificate are you looking for?13:58
NK`ubuntu is providing specific version for some brand aka certified version13:58
NK`where can i download those ?13:58
missvaleskaI don't understand what you're talking about.13:58
NK`anyone from canonical here who would know that ?13:58
X-Useris there any way to instantly resize windows? i mean resizing it in like the way it is in windows or cinnamon de.13:58
Nach0zNK`: I've never even heard of that. Ubuntu's only download site is ubuntu.com, what do you mean "for some brand" ?13:59
IamTryingusr13, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6032745/  - this was the log before CRASH and after physical start13:59
missvaleskaDo you mean a hardware specific version?13:59
missvaleskaLike a mac version or something?13:59
NK`Nach0z: not because you didn't heard about it does mean it doesn't exist13:59
missvaleskaBecause, They have mac downloads.13:59
NK`my point was to check if someone know if there is an uri for that13:59
streulmadon't know if to use Ubuntu or Mac on my Macbook13:59
X-Userany help please?14:00
missvaleskakay, I didn't say it didn't exist14:00
missvaleskaI just said I don't understand what you mean14:00
missvaleska's wrong?14:00
ubottuX-User,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:00
NK`Nach0z: by some brand i mean for an exemple, dell computers, asus computers, etc.14:00
Nach0zX-User: not sure if Gnome/Unity have a way to do that, but afaik you can download cinnamon and just use it instead14:00
cfhowlettstreulma, both.  dual boot.14:00
ziadingoHI, how i cant delete LAMP all files ant folders with terminal?14:00
ziadingo*how i can14:00
missvaleskaOh, Not to my knowledge, No.14:01
Nach0zNK`: oh. Those are just normal Ubuntu installations that Dell/HP/whatever downloaded and tweaked to make sure the drivers all work14:01
Nach0zthere's nothing special about them14:01
X-UserNach0z, is there any tool available or any compiz tweak?14:01
missvaleskaIt wouldn't make any sense for anything like that to exist anyway.14:01
missvaleskaUbuntu works on everything pretty well.14:01
NK`Nach0z: actually those change are made by canonical and certified by canonical14:01
Nach0zX-User: not that I know of but it's been a while since I used gnome/unity14:01
zenpacI have removed thunderbird on 12.04 with apt-get, but aptitude keeps trying to re-install it: aptitude -f install.. Is there a way to get apt-get and aptitude to agree on this?14:01
MonkeyDustNK`  is this useful http://www.canonical.com/engineering-services/certification14:02
NK`and those change, are indeed "changes". So yes they are kind of special compared to officiel release.14:02
X-UserNach0z, can I ask what DE you use now?14:02
=== GingerGeek is now known as GingerGeek[Away]
Nach0zNK`: maybe this? http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/make/Dell/14:02
Nach0zX-User: LXDE14:02
missvaleskaSoooo, Is anyone going to help me?14:02
X-UserNach0z, ok thanks for reply.14:02
Nach0zNK`: my mistake, never seen that before14:02
Nach0zmissvaleska: networking stuff?14:02
NK`Nach0z: / MonkeyDust already been there and they don't provide any link to download14:03
Nach0zmissvaleska: only thing I can think of is when it happens, try sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager restart14:03
NK`and I guess as they didn't answer my question to provide the change14:03
NK`I'll ask it again and cc rms@gnu.org14:03
Nach0zNK`: I'm looking at the dell certification page, and it says that the servers are certified for a specific version of Ubuntu, not that Ubuntu was changed to be certified on the servers14:04
Nach0zif you click on the individual hardware that you want, it provides a download link14:04
Nach0zfor example: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/200712-180/14:05
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
NK`Nach0z: i had a discussion with a girl from the canonical certification staff and she did state that the ubuntu certification "embedded version with laptop" for an exemple are indeed tweaked / patched so that everything run fine14:05
linuwhat does that mean ?14:06
robin0800NK`, if its a laptop they often have a wireless switch or key combination to enable it14:06
NK`that means they are providing specific drivers and sometimes did some patch on the linux kernel14:06
linuahh right14:06
linuso they are fucking linux14:06
linulike windows14:06
FloodBot1linu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:06
linuits certified for ubuntu-only with specific special drivers for ubuntu not available for other linuxes14:07
NK`actually probably available14:07
NK`what is not available it the set of change14:07
Nach0zNK`: if you look at the right-hand side, there's a dropdown that says "Ubuntu image", if you select "pre-installed by manufacturer", you get a list of computers that come with the "manufacturer" version... you can download the individual image that's "certified" from there14:07
NK`which should be IMHO14:07
Johnny_Linuxits prolly manufacturer specific14:07
=== asd is now known as Guest38540
Feldegastanyone here notice firefox, chromium and google crome all stop working at the same time yesterday?14:08
Feldegast....probably due to some update14:08
cfhowlettFeldegast, pretty sure a worldwide stoppage wouldn't have gone unreported ...14:08
snufftFeldegast, i heard something about all google services shutting down for about 5 mins. you weren't trying to access google from all of them were you?14:09
snufftmot sure if that was yesterday tho14:09
NK`Nach0z: for the servers you mean ?14:09
Feldegastsnufft that was days if not weeks ago14:09
Nach0zNK`: also for laptops14:09
NK`oh that seems good14:09
NK`can you give a link exemple ?14:10
Feldegastwhen i start google chrome, firefox or chromium they all say segmentation fault and crash14:10
NK`oh i think i saw it14:10
NK`so my wonder is weather they do provide the source or not14:10
Nach0zNK`: are you having problems with the standard Ubuntu installation? Link to the hardware list is here: http://bit.ly/17bD2vr14:11
=== om26er is now known as om26er|away
Felishiawhich one is the script file that gets executed during ubuntu login?14:11
NK`ok it's not great at all actually14:11
NK`because the image for my laptop for an exemple is not provided on its page14:11
Nach0zNK`: did you go through the other two pages?14:12
Nach0zNK`: what laptop are you using?14:12
NK`Nach0z: i do14:12
NK`and yes i did14:12
MonkeyDustNK`  what was your initial support question?14:12
NK`for an exemple on my laptop14:12
FelishiaI used to modify "bash_profile" but it just did the commands when starting terminal14:12
NK`i can't setup the lightness or i need to add acpi_backlight=vendor in my grub14:12
NK`if i do so14:12
NK`then my laptop sometimes freeze when getting into sleep mode14:13
MonkeyDustNK`  also: try to put your questuions/issues in one line, it's easier to read, follow and repeat14:13
NK`but the point is that canonical should provide the list of change they did anyway14:13
Nach0zNK`:  what laptop?14:14
NK`MonkeyDust: sorry i indeed do use too much the enter key. :)14:14
NK`Nach0z: mine is a dell inspiron 5521, but i'm pretty sure there are several others exemple14:14
Nach0zNK`: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201208-11540/components/14:16
NK`Nach0z: yes i was there14:17
Nach0zNK`: that appears to be a list of the different software components that they used to fine-tune ubuntu to work on your laptop. It's not download links but it's a start14:17
NK`do you see any link for an image download there ?14:17
SillvesterFeilishia: do you want to start a program , when you login?14:17
NK`well it's actually just a link of the component of the laptop indeed14:17
saki`this command will move all the files with .rdm extensions two subdirectories below the current one, yes? mv apc/*/*.rdm /home/new/14:18
PiciNK`: That page for that laptop says that it is preinstalled by the manufacturer, presumably the images should be available on their website as well.14:18
NK`so dell is wrong as well14:18
* Feldegast doesn't touch consumer grade dell14:19
cfhowlettNK`, I don't thank dell has ever made their ISO image available.  BUT there is a dell image builder too ... start with stock ubuntu, grab the dell git, make the iso ...14:19
NK`well yes that's still something. But they are still violating the GPL I guess14:21
beangood luck getting them to care14:21
Nach0zNK`: you might contact Dell and see if they can help you out. the problem is that once Dell kinda takes over and says "we're going to develop an image fine-tuned to our hardware", it makes it a bit harder for anyone else to help14:21
Feldegastin germany you could sue....14:22
Nach0zThat being said, the GPL covers only selling the software. if they provide the same system with a different OS for the same price, they can say that they're not selling the software and therefore aren't in any violation of the GPL14:22
FeldegastNach0z depends on how the gpl software is obtained14:23
NK`hm I don't think so. I think the gpl imply to provide any modification done in case the software is distributed14:23
MonkeyDustNK`  take that to #ubuntu-offtopic, please14:23
ubottuloculinux,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:24
NK`sorry about the offtopic14:24
Feldegastthe gpl requires source code from whoever supplies the compiled files to you14:24
cfhowlettFeldegast, please ... #ubuntu-offtopic14:24
Feldegastwhen i start google chrome, firefox or chromium they all say segmentation fault and crash any ideas? short of a clean re-install of 13.0414:24
Feldegastcfhowlett i was lagging sorry14:25
qiu6524Feldegast: 32 or 64 bit?14:25
qiu6524Feldegast: did you run memtest?14:26
Feldegastmy 64bit system is fine14:26
dr_willisnothing more specific than that in the terminal  errors messages  Feldegast?14:26
Feldegasti am using the 32bit system atm, no to memtest14:26
Feldegastdr_willis that's all it says when i run them from the commandline14:26
BluesKajFeldegast, have you updated/upgraded lately?14:27
Feldegasti upgrade my 13.04 every few days as updates arive14:27
dr_willisso on the same pc.  64 bit works.  32 bit has segfault browsers?14:28
Feldegast64bit is a different pc14:29
Feldegastopera works14:29
Feldegaston 32bit14:29
Feldegastchromium also says this..... [5908:5931:0828/002716:ERROR:object_proxy.cc(627)] Failed to get name owner. Got org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: Could not get owner of name 'org.chromium.Mtpd': no such name14:30
BaldDo you know chan to talk with friends ?14:30
fr0stcan anyone tell me how to write a juju charm?14:30
wachid_IncNa. . . Na na na . . .14:30
fr0stIn details14:30
FloodBot1fr0st: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:31
cfhowlettfr0st, ask the juju channel?14:31
MonkeyDustBald  #defocus14:31
fr0sthash tag please14:31
fr0stthank you14:31
ActionPa1snipFeldegast: try renaming the chromium config folder and opening the browser, to get vanilla settings14:36
FeldegastActionPa1snip good idea, i tried that 1st :)14:37
Feldegastbut it is strange that all 3 browsera all stopped working14:37
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
sideoneis mkreiserfs included with the current ubuntu server builds? if not, how can i add support for it?14:49
Picisideone: install the reiserfsprogs package14:50
=== AntiSpamMeta_ is now known as AntiSpamMeta
sideoneawesome! thanks14:50
qiu6524.oO(why would anyone want to use reiserfs these days?)14:51
sideonesquid performance14:51
qiu6524buy more RAM and use tmpfs :-)14:51
sideoneextfs is not doing to well for performance on my squidbox14:52
sideonegonna try an additional storage (vm based)14:52
sideonehave plenty of ram, what is tempfs?14:52
qiu6524sideone: tmpfs is a "ramdisk" filesystem14:52
qiu6524sideone: it grows and shrinks with its content14:53
qiu6524sideone: you can set a size limit when mounting a tmpfs.14:53
sideonenot a bad idea, i just built a 20gigger for squid cache, i havent formatted it yet. do i just specify tmpfs as a chunk of mem? or does it actually need some storage space? the thing is, i dont want it volaltile as the squid cache will need to stick around for some time14:54
qiu6524sideone: no, you simply mount it. see "man mount", search for tmpfs14:54
NoAccessHi i have a ultra strange problem my Main PC Just Crashed coz Heat and now i tryed more times to reboot and re enter the password for the Encrypted LVM on Start but my Keybord don't works anymore on the Password Screen it works befor so i can enter bios i can even use it in boot loader grub to select whats get booted14:55
NoAccessbut not on the LVM Screen on Start what can i do14:55
sideoneqiu6524. awesome.14:55
qiu6524sideone: but if the data have to survive reboots, tmpfs is not for you14:55
sideoneyeah, reading about it now14:56
sideoneunsure as well.14:56
sideonemaybe if it can be pushed to another partition, then called back to tmpfs on boot14:56
qiu6524sideone: kind of like "checking out a working copy" of the squid cache14:57
sideonehah my git-tmpfs system14:57
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Feldegastfound 1 possible issue, glib 2.36 is causing it to breal15:00
NoAccesshow can i load kernell moduls on start like usbhid:usb:ehci_hcd:ohci-hcd:uhci-hcd:hid on the newest kernel15:01
NoAccesssince with the new kernel it don't get loaded anymore why is that15:01
gschiltzHas nobody yet seeded 12.04.3? I've been trying to download via Bittorrent. I'll seed once I have it downloaded, but with my slow connection, it takes forever the first time...15:05
daftykinsgschiltz: what torrent did you grab? where?15:05
gschiltzFrom the official site (i.e. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads)15:06
daftykinsgschiltz: alternate? server? desktop? 32 or 64-bit?15:07
gschiltzServer and desktop, 64-bit.15:07
daftykinsgschiltz: i'm showing 32 seeds and 86 peers on server 64-bit15:08
gschiltzSorry, maybe a false alarm. Maybe my ISP has blocked torrents or something (it used to work a few weeks ago; I'll check). Thanks.15:09
Marleneecan i open port 80 on my server and share my file with permission15:17
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Suhasi can't locate my trash folder in ubuntu 12.04 can any one help me!15:19
wilee-nileeSuhas, left panel in home15:20
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=== dean|away is now known as dean
Shadowandlightanyone have ideas on how to deploy a cloned copy of Ubuntu faster?  I need to change passwords (mysql and linux) and settings faster then doing everything by hand... if possible http://askubuntu.com/questions/337503/easiest-solution-to-modifying-linux-mysql-passwords-and-other-settings-after-c15:23
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SkeeterBhow do you change where your CD/DVD mounts instead of /media/(CD/DVDNAME)?15:25
wilee-nileeShadowandlight, There is a #ubuntu-server channel15:25
SkeeterBI want to mount CD/DVDs to a specific directory instead of having it constantly change when you change CD/DVDs15:28
wilee-nileeSkeeterB, We see you, try to have some patience.15:29
Kaapaguys, I have some gtk issues. http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-08272013-040624pm.php  <- how can I get rid of this black stuff?15:29
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kvusuario: hola15:32
usuarioALGUEN HABLA''?15:33
wilee-nilee!es | usuario15:33
ubottuusuario: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:33
kvubottu: buena suerte!15:33
TakumoHi all, quick question: Anyone had trouble getting netbeans running on 13.0415:33
TakumoGot a guy here who tries to start netbeans and the JVM just dies15:34
wilee-nileeTakumo, They should be posting than.15:34
MonkeyDustTakumo  that's a yes/no question, why don't you give details15:34
TakumoJust wondering if this issue had been reported before15:35
MonkeyDustusuario  type /join #ubuntu-es15:35
wilee-nilee!ops | usuario15:35
ubottuusuario: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!15:35
kvubottu is a bot15:36
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots for all information.15:36
Suhaswilee-nilee: how do i open it through terminal15:36
Moscherkoboldhello everyone, i have aborted an ubuntu installation during selection of the location for the grub bootloader15:36
wilee-nileeSuhas, Not sure.15:36
Moscherkoboldnow the pc boots only in a grub prombt15:37
BluesKajhe wasn't that bad , wilee-nilee , why the quick boot request ...seen a lot worse than that go unnoticed even15:37
wilee-nileeMoscherkobold, Get the bootrepair app and run just the bootinfo summary and post the generated url. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:38
Suhaswilee-nilee, actually i had done that befor using: $ nautilus /home/$USER/.local/share/Trash     but i'm not able to do it now!15:38
Moscherkoboldwilee-nilee: ok i will try15:39
wilee-nileeBluesKaj, That is as offensive as anything, and I would appreciate you keeping your opinions on me to yourself.15:39
wilee-nileeA functional adult does not come on to a channel and say that.15:41
geniiwilee-nilee: Please don't go on about it. We're here for support.15:42
FloodBot1usuario: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:42
BluesKajwilee-nilee, was just informed that the guy is known trouble maker , perhaps you could have mentioned that to me. Sorry if you're offended by my comment .15:42
daftykinsjust ask, ubuntu-studio15:43
wilee-nileegenii, No problem, however the secondary posts we now see are an indicator why I called the ops to begin with this is a norm of this sort of incidence. ;)15:44
gchristensenHi, what is the current status of ubuntu on retina macbook pros with thunderbolt displays?15:48
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=== LongWangHangLow is now known as DicCheese
MonkeyDustgchristensen  you can try it with a live cd or usb15:50
gchristensenthat is a great idea. hah. thank you for the tip.15:50
SkeeterBhow do you change where your CD/DVD mounts instead of /media/(CD/DVDNAME)?15:51
jozzzefI got a laptop with EFI and there is no option in BIOS to turn the EFI off. Is there any chance to boot linux on this?15:51
wilee-nileejozzzef, Are you sure it is not just locked?15:53
MonkeyDustSkeeterB  create a link from the mountpoint, to the directory you want15:53
jozzzefwilee-nilee how can I know that? this is ASUS X201e15:53
wilee-nileejozzzef, I would look on the web for a manual.15:56
neopsycheHello. Anyone know how to fix battery acpi issue?15:57
wilee-nileejozzzef, Have you tried f2?15:57
jozzzefwilee-nilee F2 is working15:57
neopsycheHello. Anyone know how to fix battery acpi issue? (battery not displaying power in / charge / discharge after suspend.) (samsung series 5 notebook)15:57
jhutchinsneopsyche: Is there a bios update available for your system?15:58
jozzzef2I got disconnected15:58
thebwtare there any reccomendations for a php ppa? I'm trying to get newer version stuff for a 12.04 server15:58
neopsychejhutchins: possibly. but i deleted windows.. would exe work through wine? not sure if bios update is wise to do in wine?15:58
hardliner_does somebody use xmonad?15:59
wilee-nileehardliner_, The channel works with you starting with the actual issue. ;)15:59
wilee-nileeneopsyche, Many bios updates have a bootable medium.16:00
jozzzef2wilee-nilee there is no option in BIOS to do anything special than to enter a new EFI boot path16:00
neopsychewilee-nilee: interesting16:00
BluesKajjozzzef2, have you seen this ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/91484/how-to-boot-ubuntu-from-efi-uefi16:00
neopsychewilee-nilee: I heard that most of the bios updates only fix the issue for a couple of weeks. (forums)16:01
wilee-nileejozzzef2, Not sure myself, never had that model, you might call the manufacturer, here is a link on uefi stuff in general though. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729516:02
wilee-nileeneopsyche, You hear?16:02
wilee-nileeneopsyche, I can't say thatis the fix, just that it may be possible to do it.16:03
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neopsychewilee-nilee: by the way. i am wondering if my partitions are correct.. i have 50 gig in home and 20 gig  var  4.1gig swap and 50 gig filesystem16:04
Moscherkoboldwilee-nilee: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6033190/16:05
wilee-nileeneopsyche, I never separate partitions so I'm not the best in that area.16:05
neopsycheheehe: samsung website.. samsung recommends windows 8 .. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!16:06
neopsycheHi all..  i am wondering if my partitions are correct.. i have 50 gig in home and 20 gig  var  4.1gig swap and 50 gig filesystem16:06
ikonianeopsyche: what do you mean "correct" ?16:06
BluesKajneopsyche, how much ram ? your swap should be equal to or more , especially if it's a laptop16:07
neopsycheikonia: sorry, bit of a noob.. are those good sizes for optimal system ? I only have 128gig SSD.16:07
neopsycheikonia: i thought it best to leave plenty of space for installing programs.. they intall into filesystem right?16:08
ikonianeopsyche: it's totally up to you how you partition it, and yes, they install into the file system16:08
tmmunqif you want to hibernate, you need swap to be as big as the amount of ram. if you dont need hibernate, no swap file16:08
ikoniano swap file is not a "no brainer"16:08
rypervencheneopsyche: For a desktop, I usually put them all onto / and create a swap of about 4G.16:08
ikoniahaving a swap file can be benificial16:08
neopsycheikonia: my swap file is 4.1 .. and ram is 4gig so i guess thats ok :-)16:09
ikonianeopsyche: seems sensible16:09
tmmunqif youre swapping youre doing it wrong! close stuff or buy more ram16:09
Matt_91-Livehi, i'we download the ubuntu13.04 64bit .iso file. i check the checksum that is right but i try to make 2 times with 2 different USB archive with startup disk creator, but it make an image with errors16:09
neopsycheikonia: im having issue with the acpi readout of the battery state after resume from hybernate/suspend.. any ideas?16:09
ikoniatmmunq: that's just not true16:09
rypervenchetmmunq: swap has its uses.16:10
tmmunqwasting disc space16:10
ikonianeopsyche: there are lots of problems with hibernate/suspend, you're not the first to report this16:10
BluesKajtmmunq, don't tell people to buy more HW , that's not what support is about16:10
neopsycheikonia: thanks. indeed. darn those proprietary drivers.. driving us up the wall!16:10
wilee-nileeMoscherkobold, There a raid somewhere in this setup16:11
ikonianeopsyche: it's a limitation, sadly most will have to live with/deal with16:11
tmmunqhe asked for the optimal amount of ram... i told him16:11
BadK1ttyhey i got a quick questiono16:11
Moscherkoboldhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6033190/ any help why my computer boots in a grub prombt16:11
MonkeyDustBadK1tty  make it clear, not quick16:11
ikoniatmmunq: you gave him miss-information, please try to provide a little thought to your responses16:11
Moscherkoboldwilee-nilee: yes16:11
BadK1ttylike program files in microcrap software is the location of installed software i can point downloaded files to where the heck is the equivalent in ubuntu?16:11
neopsycheikonia: hybernate / suspend is a limitation?16:12
BadK1ttycan't seem to find it16:12
ikoniaBadK1tty: it's called "microsoft" - if you can't even say the name of the provider, we can't help you16:12
MonkeyDustBadK1tty  in /usr/bin/16:12
tmmunqwhat use is swap? it has none at all for me16:12
Matt_91-Livecan any try me this issue?...16:12
BadK1ttythanks monkey16:12
ikoniatmmunq: "for you" is the key16:12
wilee-nileeMoscherkobold, The bootrepair app has a fix, however I'm not up on raid so waiting for exacting help would be my advice.16:12
neopsycheiknoia: yknow.. the samsung s5 is soo much like a macbook air.. with ubuntu 13 .. it feels a bit like i am using an open-mac-air.. pretty cool. FREEEEEEEEEEEDOM!  :-)16:13
ikonianeopsyche: it certainly does, bugs/kernel module problems are not uncommon especially it seems with ati modules, but not exclusive16:13
Moscherkoboldwilee-nilee: can i damage something with the autorepair?16:13
=== sebo is now known as Sebo
wilee-nileeMoscherkobold, Not sure.16:13
ikonianeopsyche: any OS is as free as you make it - so not quite sure of your freference16:13
neopsycheikonia: i got so depressed when i accidentally borked my wireless.. (stupid)16:13
Moscherkoboldwilee-nilee: ok :)16:13
BluesKajBadK1tty, what linux "equivalent" are you looking for?16:13
BadK1ttynothing in there but the x11 folder16:13
rypervencheneopsyche: check your private messages.16:14
neopsycheikonia: the wireless signal is still weak on intel16:14
BadK1ttyim trying to set a shoutcast file to use amarok16:14
BadK1ttybut i have to point it to the right program16:14
BadK1ttyit would the equivalent to program files in windoze16:14
ikonianeopsyche: I suspect not, I'm on an intel laptop approx 15 meters away from AP with full signal,16:14
Ferreroim using irssi16:14
Ferreroand omg it sucks16:14
ikoniaFerrero: don't use it if you don't like it16:14
ikoniaFerrero: or try to change the config to change the thing syou don't like on it16:15
Matt_91-Liveis it a bug?16:15
awc737how do I install this in 13.04?16:15
MonkeyDustFerrero  there are plenty other irc clients you can choose from, cli or gui16:15
BadK1ttyi found it earlier cruisin around the file system but alas i lost it16:15
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=== thedaringdash is now known as Maple__
CyLHi, how do I find why a given package is listed as a dependency for another package?16:16
neopsycheikonia: wierd. and it sometimes tells me it cant 'find node in the list' or something16:16
neopsycheikonia: i can usually get it working again .. by enable/disable wireless and/or networking. (usually networking)16:16
MonkeyDustCyL  try apt-cache depends [package]16:17
ikonianeopsyche: I suspect that's specific to your setup rather than a problem with intel in general, I have 3 - 4 intel wireless laptops here and I get range of 20+ meters every day (I could go further but I have no physical access to do so)16:17
CyLMonkeyDust: Actually that's not what I wanted. I want to know the reasons for such dependency16:18
neopsycheikonia: probably .. some kind of wierd windows / driver issue .. not accessible by linux probably16:18
Moscherkoboldikonia: any suggestions for my bootproblem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6033190/16:18
ikonianeopsyche: why are you referencing windows drivers if you're using linux ?16:18
ikoniaMoscherkobold: not even looked at it16:19
neopsycheikonia: just mean that windows drivers have access to some aspects of drivers that linux does not in some cases16:19
MonkeyDustCyL  idd, i didnt see the word 'why' in your question, my mistake16:20
Moscherkoboldikonia: if you have some minutes that would be great, i think it is a minor thing but I am afraid of damaging something16:20
ikonianeopsyche: I doubt that very much as linux support on intel is fully supported the same as windows for pretty much every component, intel develop very agressive for linux16:20
ikoniaMoscherkobold: just ask the channel, if someone can help, they will16:20
sockyhey guys, I need a crontab pro to help me out.  I have two php commands wrapped into a shell script.  The script also has a line that echos to a log file.  If I execute the (very basic) script from cli, the line get pushed to the log file and the php scripts files are processed the way I need.  However, if I install to crontab, the line gets written, but the php files do not get processed...16:20
CyLHi, how do I find why a given package is listed as a dependency for another package?16:21
ikoniaCyL: ask the person who packaged it16:21
=== king is now known as Guest85058
CyLikonia: That's really the best option?16:21
neopsycheikonia: there seem to be so many cool things for windows system though.. fan speed, battery saving, wireless on / of f on keyboard..16:21
neopsycheikonia: but it was sooooooooooo slow.16:21
ikoniaCyL: how else are you going to find out why someone has linked a dependency to it ?16:22
bkilloranguys i'm feeling highly distraught about the failure of ubuntu edge's indiegogo campaign - i fell in love with the idea of using a phone as a devbox. can anyone think fo anything that does something similar?16:22
wilee-nilee!touch | bkilloran16:22
ubottubkilloran: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:22
CyLikonia: IDW, maintining this as a package history makes sense to me.16:22
ikoniabkilloran: sorry, bit out of scope for this channel,16:22
bkilloranwhoops sorry, disregard16:22
MonkeyDustCyL  what you can do: read the man page of a package, scroll down to "author" and contact that person16:23
CyLikonia: And that's exactly what I'm asking.16:23
ikoniaCyL: somethings will be pretty obvious, eg: xclock linked to X-11 packages, well clearly, some may not be as obvious, such as an obscure build time option for a rare function, that needs a library16:23
CyLMonkeyDust: Thanks for the tip16:23
ikoniaCyL: the change log is in the source deb if you want to read it16:23
chroI'm trying to connect to ssh via shared key, but when after I do "ssh-copy-id user@localhost" and then try to connect, it asks me for a password. Am I doing something wrong ?16:23
ikoniachro: until the key is on there - you need to use the password16:24
ikoniachro: ssh-copy-id will put the key on there16:24
CyLikonia, MonkeyDust: Actually maybe I should just as for this specific case. The package I want to know about is Skype, I'd like to know why it depends on mysql-common16:24
chroikonia, I want to connect without needing to use a password16:25
ikoniaCyL: you'd have to contact skype for that as it's their package, I suspect it's for accessing a db client library for tracking history or something like that16:25
ikoniachro: ok, install the key then16:25
CyLikonia: Is skype in ubuntu repositories packaged by microsoft?16:25
=== Maple__ is now known as sodidibut
=== sodidibut is now known as Maple__
ikoniaCyL: it's packaged by skype yes16:26
chroikonia, what do you mean? I generated a key and copied it through ssh-copy-id16:26
CyLikonia: Okay, thanks for the info and kind advice16:26
MonkeyDustCyL  it's in the 3rd party repo, skype is not open source, microsoft owns it16:26
CyLMonkeyDust: For you too16:26
ikoniachro: try to login then, what happens16:26
[[thufir]]I installed JDK 7 but still cannot get a Java WebStart application to run correctly. The window just never opens for me.  What could be wrong with my setup?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/337806/ for images.16:26
chroikonia, it asks me for a password...16:27
CyLMonkeyDust: Yeah, I know it, I was just wondering if this was a metapackage that took care of downloading and installing things or really a package done by skype16:27
ikoniachro: the user password or the ssh key password16:27
chrouser password, since I inserted a blank ssh key pass16:27
ikoniachro: then the key is not installed correctly, manually verify it16:27
chroikonia, the key that I have in id_rsa.pub is the same that is in authorized keys16:28
awc737I was doing some things, you know l33th4x0r things16:29
ikoniachro: 1.) make sure it's in correctly, 2.) make sure authorizeD_keys and your .ssh has the right permissions 3.) make sure sshd is ssetup to use keys and in your case, rsa keys16:29
awc737and suddenly it told me to run autoremove16:29
ActionPa1snip[[thufir]]: did you try the webupd8 java ppa16:29
awc737then told me The following packages will be REMOVED:16:29
awc737gir1.2-unique-3.0 gksu libgksu2-0 libunique-3.0-0 python-compizconfig16:30
ikoniaawc737: if you want help - talk clearly without "l33t haxor" nonsnese, tell us what you where REALLY doing16:30
awc737why would they suddenly be OK to remove? and do I need those16:30
awc737ikonia, just like, hacking around in linux? trying to install these 4 libraries really: http://paste.laravel.com/Mey16:30
ikoniaawc737: hacking around ??? just tell us the truth/clearly16:30
awc737yes those 4 libraries16:31
ikoniaawc737: no, tell us what you did16:31
ikoniazoiss: not "those 4 libraries" - they are not commands/process - they are words16:31
awc737ikonia, apt-get the -dev library relating to each of those16:31
ikoniaawc737: not "those 4 libraries" - they are not commands/process - they are words16:31
ikoniaawc737: right so you did "sudo apt-get $package-name-dev" right ?16:32
ikoniazoiss: sorry - misstype16:32
awc737yes that's right ikonia16:32
awc737i got all 4 of them16:32
awc737now ./configure says i need a lot more :/16:32
ikoniaawc737: ok - so that's what you tell people you where doing not "hacking around"16:32
awc737i'm trying to install a package from 12.0416:32
awc737in 13.0416:32
ikoniaawc737: you don't do that16:32
ikoniaawc737: you use the packages from the version you are using16:32
=== v3d is now known as vdagli
ikoniaawc737: and ./configure is not how to install a package16:32
=== vdagli is now known as v3d
awc737ikonia, the package no longer exists16:33
awc737and I need exchange 2003 for work16:33
ikoniaawc737: what is the package ?16:33
ikoniaawc737: just hte package name is all you need to say16:33
awc737it's not in 13.0416:34
awc737should I continue installing these dependencies?16:34
ikoniaawc737: ok - so why is it not in 13.04 ?16:34
ikoniaawc737: no, you should not in my opinion as you should not be trying to install a 12.04 package in 13.0416:34
awc737probably becuase someone looked at it, and said that's for exchange 2000/2003. we're done supporting that16:34
ikoniaawc737: ok, I suggest you find out why that functionality may have been moved to a different package16:35
awc737nothing for 2000/200316:35
awc737i think it's outdated, not moved16:35
ikoniaawc737: how do you know ?16:35
applebroz222i have a problem, would anyone be able to help?16:35
awc737ikonia, lots of googling16:35
ikoniaapplebroz222: we don't know until you tell us the problem16:35
MonkeyDustapplebroz222  start with a question!16:36
applebroz222i want to open the code of a .desktop file16:36
ikoniaawc737: if you're sure then - I suggest you talk to the maintainers and ask for a backport16:36
applebroz222in the first comment of this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/183086/java-not-recognized-as-default-application continued in a bit16:36
applebroz222someone states Open a .desktop file from /usr/share/applications and copy it into a new file.16:36
awc737ikonia, if all the source packages dependencies exist in 13.04 repo, and install cleanly, i shouldn't worry, right?16:37
applebroz222how do i do this?16:37
ikoniaawc737: you should not do this16:37
awc737why? they're current packages16:37
ikoniaawc737: so ?16:37
awc737so any package i want to install should be ok?16:38
ikoniaawc737: where does that logic come from ???16:38
awc737someone put them there and tested them16:38
awc737i presume16:38
ikoniaawc737: not against the packages you want to use16:38
awc737i think thats what debian spends like 5 years doing when it releases a new os16:38
ikoniaawc737: the software you want to use sorry16:38
ikoniaor the versions you want to use16:38
BadK1ttyyea i got it working16:38
awc737ok, i'm talking about the packages dependencies16:38
applebroz222can anyone help with my question i just asked16:38
ikoniaawc737: they mean nothing16:38
awc737dependencies which are in my current OS repo16:39
awc737someon put them there. someone tested them16:39
ikoniaawc737: you should use software from your current repo - yes16:39
ikoniaeg: 13.04 packages with 13.04 os16:39
applebroz222in the first comment of this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/183086/java-not-recognized-as-default-application someone states "Open a .desktop file from /usr/share/applications and copy it into a new file." how do i do this? thank you.16:39
MonkeyDustapplebroz222  open the .desktop file in your favorite editor, ctrl-a, ctrl-c -- open a new, empty document, ctrl-v16:41
applebroz222but how do i open it in an editor is what im trying to day16:43
applebroz222theres no open with16:43
SolarisBoybecause it has the .desktop extension most likely16:43
applebroz222oops caps16:44
SolarisBoyit should have an open with but there may not be a default application16:44
SolarisBoyyou could just open it with whatever text editor you want16:45
hardliner_opet EMACS!16:46
applebroz222ahh i click open on gedit16:46
hardliner_EMACS, only emacs!16:46
applebroz222should i open that with gksu?16:46
SolarisBoyare you sure you want to edit that file?16:47
applebroz222ill just tell u the problem16:47
SolarisBoyor just view it? short answer yes gksu or gksudo i forget for opening graphical apps16:47
applebroz222openjdk isnt showing up in the open with list16:47
SolarisBoyopenjdk is a group of binaries =)16:48
applebroz222so i need to put it in the /usr/shered/applicaations default file16:48
applebroz222i think16:48
applebroz222the openjdk 7 runtime16:48
daftykinswhat's the java program?16:48
applebroz222feed the beast16:48
tmmunqyou run java program with a command like 'java example.jar'16:48
applebroz222the jar isnt executable on click16:49
applebroz222ya i know java -jar -.jar16:49
SolarisBoyand then it depends on your default java which one gets called16:49
hardliner_use oracle java, not openjdk16:49
applebroz222but youre meant to be able to have it execute on a click by default by setting the default to a java runtime16:49
applebroz222but nor oracle java or openjdk are showing up in the open with list16:50
rypervencheapplebroz222: You can use OpenJDK just fine.16:50
applebroz222so what should i do16:50
hardliner_intellij idea doesn't work correctly with openjdk, use oracle16:50
SolarisBoyapplebroz222: what is your actual problem , is it that the wrong java is opening the app?16:51
applebroz222i need to get openjdk7 runtime into the default list in /usr/share/applications16:51
applebroz222no i dont get an option to open it with any java16:51
applebroz222just the archive util16:52
SolarisBoyits a jar file16:52
SolarisBoyit's an archive =)16:52
applebroz222i know16:52
applebroz222can i make it an executable jar?16:52
applebroz222it is on  mac.16:52
rypervenchehardliner_: Sun Java is not available in Ubuntu's repositories. Please do not recommend it to users here.16:52
SolarisBoyoracle java?16:52
rypervencheErr yeah.16:53
applebroz222Oracle(formerly sun then)16:53
hardliner_it's available via ppa16:53
DJonesapplebroz222: Have you set it as exectuable by right clicking on the file and going to properties and then the permissions tab16:53
rypervenchePPAs are not officially supported either.16:53
hardliner_sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java16:53
hardliner_sudo apt-get update16:53
hardliner_sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer16:53
rypervencheLet's focus on the real problem at hand please. It has nothing to do with the difference between java implementations.16:54
applebroz222i need to add an application to the default applications list16:54
=== harmagent is now known as vector
SolarisBoyapplebroz222: correct16:54
SolarisBoyyou don't see openjdk you must add it - add the java binary from that directory that openjdk is installed to16:54
applebroz222i dont know how to dod that16:55
SolarisBoyright click the file and go to properties16:55
SolarisBoythere should be a tab like "open with"16:55
SolarisBoythere should be some defaults/recommended and so forth - you should look first if you see OpenJDK if not - you'll need to click the show other applicaitons button and find it16:56
applebroz222there is no said button16:56
Marleneecan i downlaod full folder from another server using - wget command ??16:57
hardliner_dpkg -l | grep jdk16:57
SolarisBoyand there is no other button that allows you to choose a different default application in the window you are looking at?16:57
rachothere's a channel for ubuntu 13.10?16:57
DJonesracho: #ubuntu+116:57
rachoDJones: thx16:57
SolarisBoyMarlenee: yes you can wget recursively if it's allowed on the remote end16:58
Marleneewhat is the full command16:58
hardliner_locate jdk16:59
SolarisBoyalong with the whatever existed16:59
hardliner_to see where is your jdk is16:59
SolarisBoynah - dpkg -L <pkgname> to see where the jdk binaries are if you really wnted to know16:59
SolarisBoylocate can show cached inaccurate results and it's not avail by default afaik16:59
MonkeyDustwhoever asked the wget question: try wget -m17:00
hardliner_SolarisBoy, i wrote earlier dpkg -l | grep jdk17:00
SolarisBoyhardliner_: thats not like -L17:00
SolarisBoy-l lists the db status - not where the files that the package installd are17:01
tomlikestorockis there a way on the command line to capture everything in my terminal window?17:01
SolarisBoytomlikestorock: script17:01
tomlikestorockSolarisBoy: that'll capture everything already on the screen?17:01
SolarisBoytomlikestorock: or screen if you wanted to be extra - but the "script" command will capture everything you type until you exit the "script" session17:01
applebroz222i hear about this ubuntu tweak17:02
SolarisBoytomlikestorock: no nothing already in the buffer17:02
tomlikestorockah, I was looking more for stuff that was already in the buffer17:02
SolarisBoytomlikestorock: try screen if you need that17:02
applebroz222but adding the ppa and apt-get install Ubuntu-tweak isnt working17:02
hardliner_SolarisBoy,  but to use dpkg with -L option you should already know what package you have on your system17:02
SolarisBoyhardliner_: naturally17:02
Luyinapplebroz222: have you updated your package information with apt-get update?17:03
hardliner_SolarisBoy, to know this user can use dpkg - l | grep <package>17:03
SolarisBoysure he can. or he could dpkg -l 'package'17:03
SolarisBoyand avoid extra typing17:03
applebroz222it says some index files failed to download they have been ignored or old ones used instead17:04
SolarisBoythat doesn't void the fact that dpkg -L is a better way to locate a packages files than locate17:04
SolarisBoylocate would just find everything it ever saw with jdk in it - which would get nasty most likely17:04
hardliner_SolarisBoy,  you are right17:04
=== weblife is now known as web-brandon
applebroz222W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/next/ubuntu/dists/saucy/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found  W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu/dists/saucy/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.17:05
awc737how do I add icons to my panel?17:05
SolarisBoylooks like your ppa is dead applebroz22217:05
awc737i'm not even using unity, gnome 317:05
applebroz222what ppa should i use for tweak?17:06
SolarisBoynot quite sure17:06
SolarisBoythey may have some info on launchpad17:06
hardliner_guys try tile window managers, i recommend xmonad17:06
MonkeyDustapplebroz222  what is your end goal of editing .desktop files and adding ppa's?17:06
* SolarisBoy loves awesome wm17:06
awc737ubuntu is getting so jewish17:07
DJonesapplebroz222: Looking at that, you're using the develoment version of Ubuntu, you should expect things to broken and not work, ppa's probably won't have apps updated yet.  Support for 13.10 is in #ubuntu+1 and not #ubuntu17:07
awc737i'm glad their phone failed17:07
applebroz222aww crap17:07
DJones!guidelines | awc73717:07
ubottuawc737: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:07
applebroz222i want 13.0417:07
DJonesapplebroz222: saucy is 13.1017:07
MonkeyDustapplebroz222  what DJones says, you're using the unstable future version17:08
DicCheese!guidelines | u-k-i-t17:08
ubottuu-k-i-t: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:08
neopsychehow is it that ubuntu rendering graphics is soooo much better than windows?17:08
applebroz222crap how could i downgrade without losing my stuff?17:08
Nach0zwhat happens when the ubuntu release version hits zebra?17:08
RoyKapplebroz222: backup/reinstall/restore17:08
DJonesapplebroz222: Backup & fresh install, you can't downgrade17:08
SolarisBoyapplebroz222: with a backup =)17:08
awc737neopsyche, wut?17:08
neopsychesorry, maby that was a question for off topic17:09
RoyKapplebroz222: it's always good to keep /home on a separate filesystem for such occurences17:09
awc737it wasn't true17:09
Nach0zneopsyche: it's on-topic, just completely vague and has no context17:09
Nach0zrendering what graphics in what setting?17:10
SolarisBoywhat card17:10
Nach0z^this too, hardware helps17:10
SolarisBoyalmost defines it in that scenario lol17:10
hardliner_are you crazy to use 13.10?17:10
MonkeyDustapplebroz222  you're learning ubuntu the hard way17:10
hardliner_use LTS ))17:10
SolarisBoyi stick with LTS if the box is important to me17:11
rachoneopsyche: i have found the font rendering of ubuntu way better that windows/mac as a whole. however graphical intensive programs (games) usually suck on linux17:11
rachohowever with the 3.11 kernel things got a little better (radeon user here)17:12
Nach0zracho: that depends on hardware and drivers, my laptop can play openGL-based games (coughminecraftcough) at far higher FPS on ubuntu than on win717:12
Nach0zand that was on 12.04, on a 6770m17:12
hardliner_racho,  it depends, valve told that there's more fps in linux in opengl games17:12
=== dean is now known as dean|away
rachohardliner_: 270 or 290 fps is not something you would really notice17:13
intraderHi everyone - I need your help with an error I am getting when starting GVIM from terminal. The first error is that it does not find module libgail-gnome which is needed to make application accessible - then I tis unable to create the mnu proxy. GVIM does start Ok17:15
SiecjeHow do you specify a passphrase with gpgp in one command?17:15
PiciSiecje: You cannot.17:17
hardliner_Intrader, use EMACS17:17
SiecjeI would like to use it in a script17:17
Nach0zlol hardliner_17:17
Maple__hardliner_, not sure if it's helpful to bring up le editor wars again ^>^17:17
rachoemacs...but i already have an os17:17
Nach0zemacs: an effective operating system, only lacking a decent text editor17:17
PiciSiecje: Then either use an agent, or create a passwordless key17:18
=== jagger|away is now known as jagger
SiecjePici: what is an agent?17:19
Nach0zhardliner_: I have no enmity towards emacs. I'm just a nano person lol17:19
PiciSiecje: its something that runs in the background that keeps your gpg passphrase cached. But its not really a perfect solution for a script, since you need to enter the password into the agent at some point.17:19
hardliner_Nach0z,  ))17:19
Nach0zhardliner_: iunno what that one means >___>17:20
hardliner_Stallman bit me lol17:21
hardliner_Nach0z, it's a smile :-)17:22
Nach0zhardliner_: oic17:23
Wiz_KeeDhey guys17:23
Wiz_KeeDIf i want to add my ssh key to a server and not use the root user17:23
Wiz_KeeDDo i need to make a separate one or is it enough to add just the key?17:24
=== Marlenee_k is now known as Marlenee
PiciWiz_KeeD: you can use the same ssh public key that you normally use.17:27
Wiz_KeeDPici, how?17:27
intraderhardliner_,  thanks for looking in - I have no problem with GVIM, but with the unity launching of it.17:27
Wiz_KeeDmy local user is wiz and on the server there is no such username17:27
PiciWiz_KeeD: Do you have an ssh key for your regular use?17:27
Wiz_KeeDjust root :(17:27
Wiz_KeeDyes Pici17:27
rachoWiz_KeeD: read the doc Luke -> http://www.debian-administration.org/article/SSH_with_authentication_key_instead_of_password17:28
PiciWiz_KeeD: If you don't want to ssh into the root user's account, then you'd need another account on the server. Otherwise just do ssh-copy-id root@remoteserver17:28
rachoWiz_KeeD: try to avoid logging as root. create another account and use sudo17:29
Wiz_KeeDI did ssh-copy-id with no further arguments17:30
Wiz_KeeDSo i need to make a separate user nontheless right racho?17:30
rachoWiz_KeeD: it's a good idea.17:31
Wiz_KeeDhow do i do that properly racho?17:31
Wiz_KeeDSo i can still have access to the server17:31
SiecjePici: how do I create a passwordless key?17:31
PiciSiecje: create a new key and then don't put a passphrase when it asks you17:31
rachoWiz_KeeD: you log in your server use useradd/adduser and the ssh-copy-id to that account17:32
intraderMaple__, thanks, I don't know why he brought up EMACS. My problem is not with GVIM but with unity.17:32
rachoWiz_KeeD: if you need root rights you can add the new account to the wheel group or delegate portions with sudo17:33
Bauer1guys, I have NTFS partition auto mounted by Ubuntu, with type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096) - but when I choose a dir in Steam, it says the New Steam library folder must be on a filesystem mounted with execute permissions... how do I change the ubuntu automounter for that?17:33
Bauer1its also weird because I can execute stuff on that NTFS partition  I believe17:34
darkowlzzhi, I am trying to use fastboot in my ubuntu 12.04. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos device. I have also set udev rules for adb as well as fastboot. adb detects the device but fastboot doesn't. Could anybody help me with this?17:34
rachoBauer1: can you unmount and mount it again with the needed permissions17:34
Bauer1racho: how to remount it exactly? that partition is auto mounted by ubuntu, I dont know which parameters to specify17:35
daftykinsdarkowlzz: that seems more like an Android dev question17:35
darkowlzzdaftykins, so #android17:36
daftykinsif it exists :) i suspect it may be double ##17:36
usr13Bauer1: mount -o rw,remount /device/name /mount/ponit17:37
Wiz_KeeDracedo, how do I do that?17:37
usr13Bauer1: sudo mount -t ntfs -o remount,r /device/name  /mount/point17:38
rachoBauer1: as daftykins said just remount it on the path it was. also check man mount. i can't remember all the options there but usually you don't want '-user' at it implies noexec17:38
Bauer1usr13: ahh like that.. but isnt that the same as it is now?  I tried, I get the same error from Steam17:39
intraderhardliner_, can you suggest a solution to my problem?17:39
usr13Bauer1: Is this device defined in /etc/fstab ?17:39
DammitJimcan one buy ubuntu support for servers?17:39
usr13Bauer1: What kind of device is it?17:40
wilee-nileeDammitJim, yes go to the ubuntu main site17:40
hardliner_intrader, sorry, i can't17:40
usr13DammitJim: Yes17:40
DammitJimI saw something from Canonical17:40
DammitJimbut wasn't sure17:40
intraderhardliner_, no problem, thanks17:40
DammitJimUbuntu Advantage?17:40
usr13DammitJim: Yep17:41
DammitJimHow does canonical relate to Ubuntu?17:42
DammitJimis that the arm of Ubuntu for support?17:42
supsiiii dont understand why if i did "download and install updates automatically" not all updates get installed automaticaaly (though all get downloaded)17:42
streulmasometimes my wifi is falling away on my Mac, is it not better to run Ubuntu on my Mac and go on with the Ubuntu releases and not pay anymore for Mac OS X updates ?17:42
intraderHi anyone - I am getting when I start GVIM from terminal. The first error is that it does not find module libgail-gnome which is needed to make application accessible - then It is unable to create the menu proxy. Note that GVIM does start Ok17:42
intraderAnyone, I am getting an error - not just getting...17:43
supsiiii would like not to have to think of updates. just have them all done automatically (both download and install).17:43
Bauer1racho: I cant unmount it even with -f, its just busy...17:43
rachointrader: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-terminal/+question/20261917:44
hardliner_Bauer,  you can watch what process acquired resource and see what to do17:44
Mace268I've mounted a partition using my gid and uid but all newly created and existing files are set to 777. I have added mode=644 to the mount options but I guess this is incorrect. Could someone tell me how to properly set the mode on mount?17:45
ScuniziI'm running 12.04 with both unity & kde desktops.  When I do a full shutdown and restart I'm left at a command prompt where I have to log in and manually start the gui. How do I fix this behavoir to start the gui on startup?17:48
aaasso im tyring to pring a webpage from the command line,  I've tried cutycap, wkhtmltopdf, phantomjs, slimerjs...they all need an x server.  I ssh into the machine from a windows station an dit works fine, but i want to script it and the server is headless, so they say to run it with xvfb-run. I do this and the output is all small, i think because of the error "missing extension xrandr", tried all sorts of commands xrander doesn't run headless. s17:48
wilee-nileeScunizi, Any history on what you were doing when this started?17:51
supsiiii dont understand why if i did "download and install updates automatically" not all updates get installed automaticaaly (though all get downloaded)17:51
supsiiii would like not to have to think of updates. just have them all done automatically (both download and install).17:51
intraderracho, unfortunately the solution - to execute gconftool-2 --type bool --set /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility false does not solve the problem for me17:52
supsiiiwonder why this behavior is not by default ... i'm pretty sure vast majority of users have same opinion as me here17:52
rachointrader: did you try reinstalling GVim?17:52
wilee-nileesupsiii, Sometimes there are partial updates, this is missing packages do not run, sometimes it is security or kernels and need your approval.17:52
Scuniziwilee-nilee: not really.. I rarely do a full reboot.. perhaps it was after a kernel upgrade.17:53
syrehey guys, how do i auto-start XBMC? is there a thing like .xinitrc or .xprofile on Ubuntu?17:53
intraderracho, I will and let you know17:54
supsiiiwilee-nilee: thanks for attention. i'm sure if those superprogrammers behind ubuntu just wanted it, they could get this whole thing to work automatically, dont you think?17:54
wilee-nileeScunizi, Are you running graphic drivers from the manufacturer?17:54
wilee-nileesupsiii, Your awfully sure on issues which have no real proof of support17:55
Scuniziwilee-nilee: I'm running an nvidia card and get the latest availble drivers from .... hang on I"ll check my sources file.. perhaps it's a ppa, perhaps it's normal ubuntu repo's17:55
Scuniziwilee-nilee: they are from the ubuntu repos.. no ppa17:56
rachosupsiii: usually kernel upgrades will require your approval. you may don't want to run the latest kernel because it can introduce regression in your setup. afaik kernel upgrades require your input in 99% of all distros out there17:56
ace_strikerhelllo everyone ..i am doomed i just reinstalled binutils from gnu package and now everything is broken my C compiler don't get detect ,linking is missed and i am in hell.. any advice or i have reinstall ??17:57
supsiiiwilee-nilee: most people (and when i say most i mean over 90%) want a computer system that just works and is up-to-date without having to worry about it. yes true i dont have proof for what im saying, but isnt this obvious?17:57
intraderracho, no difference - why do you think that it is a GVIM problem?.17:57
wilee-nileeScunizi, Some people have seemed to have problems with the latest kernel upgrade and nvidia, can't say this is the issue, try an earlier kernel in the grub menu to test.17:58
rachointrader: because obviously it required the missing lib which is already removed from the ubuntu repos.17:59
wilee-nileesupsiii, This is way off topic, and from a arguement point about as weak as it gets.17:59
rachointrader: i would reopen the bug report again17:59
Scuniziwilee-nilee: ok ... I'll have to do that later.  Thanks for the input.17:59
BluesKajsupsiii, perhaps in windows , but most linux users tend to be more "hands on" and update and upgrades can be handled by you package manager if you want18:00
Psycho_are there a few simple commands I can use in terminal to fix the 404 not found errors from sudo apt-get update?18:00
MonkeyDustPsycho_  make sure you're not using old repos18:00
BluesKajPsycho_,  make sure your OS isn't EOL18:01
Psycho_ubuntu 12.o4 LTS18:01
intraderracho, the errors seem to be issued from gvim regarding Glib-Gobject. How do I reopen the error?18:01
MonkeyDustPsycho_  type    sudo apt-get update | pastebinit      and paste the url here in the channel18:01
rachointrader: what happens when you try to run gvim -f from terminal?18:01
wilee-nileePsycho_, check the PPA's you have added for support18:01
ace_strikerthanks everyone for no answer.18:02
ace_strikerhelllo everyone ..i am doomed i just reinstalled binutils from gnu package and now everything is broken my C compiler don't get detect ,linking is missed and i am in hell.. any advice or i have reinstall ??18:02
supsiiiracho: suppose... but it's not just kernel updates, there's lots more that dont get done automatically.... i dont understand... i mean do we want to win against windows and mac yes or no? if yes, then let's just have a system that doesnt need constant attention by the users.18:02
ace_strikeror i am wrong place18:02
intraderracho, same error - what is the -f flag?18:02
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Psycho_pastebinit just gave me a long line of errors18:03
Psycho_hang on18:03
rachointrader: foreground18:04
rajI originally put /tmp on a separate partition as my home directory...can I change this now?18:04
TachyonDevI made modifications to my .pam_environment and can't login now, how can I bypass it?18:04
usr13Psycho_: pastebinit normally doesn't give a long line of errors, maybe one sentence or a URL, but.... what did it say?18:04
intraderracho, starting from the launcher is Ok, it is only when launched from terminal18:04
Psycho_got it, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6033615/18:04
maya-Hi, all. I was just wondering if anyone here knew how to check to make sure fsck is using the scratch file I set for it?18:05
wilee-nilee!patience } ace_striker18:05
ubottuwilee-nilee: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:05
wilee-nilee!patience | ace_striker18:05
ubottuace_striker: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/18:05
MonkeyDustPsycho_  that's a lot of ppa's *and* a mix of i386 and amd64 sources18:05
compukidIs anyone interested in joining the Ubuntu Delaware LoCo Team?18:06
wilee-nileeace_striker, Being abusive to the channel does not garner support.18:06
MonkeyDustcompukid  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic18:06
=== olli_ is now known as olli
compukidMonkeyDust: OK18:06
ace_strikerwilee-nilee: how i am "abusive" please enlighten me18:06
intraderracho, starting from the launcher is Ok, it is only when launched from terminal . Lauching vi from terminal is ok (but launches within terminal window)18:07
supsiiiBluesKaj: if we give our priority to those "hands on" linux users, linux will never win in the desktop sector. do you not agree? but i guess maybe i am wrong in thinking that. maybe such a kind of victory is not even wanted... is it so?18:07
Monkeytoeis there anything out there paid or free that will allow me to watch blu rays on linux?18:07
Psycho_blue ray drive?18:08
Nach0zMonkeytoe: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/what-you-need-to-know-about-watching-blu-ray-on-linux/18:08
MonkeyDust!bluray | Monkeytoe18:08
ubottuMonkeytoe: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats18:08
MonkeytoeI have a blu ray drive18:08
usr13Monkeytoe: Do you have a video player, like xine or mplayer?18:09
tab1293how do I change my sftp server settings to allow a user to connect to a certain directory?18:09
BluesKajsupsiii, what makes you think we want to win as you put it , this isn't a competition with windows , it's to have open source OSs for ppl who want to run linux in a safe and involving environment18:09
usr13tab1293: Who is the directory owned by?  And who is the ftp user?18:09
Monkeytoeright now I just have vlc installed... not sure which player is the best for blu rays18:09
Monkeytoeon windows I used powerdvd to play my blu rays but since I just switched to linux I am trying to find a player that can play them... vlc doesnt seem to be able to play my game of thrones blu ray18:10
tab1293the directory is owned by tom and the ftp user is tom as well18:10
MonkeyDustMonkeytoe  install and try a few players18:10
usr13Monkeytoe: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/BluRayAndHDDVD18:11
usr13tab1293: Should work fine.  What is the problem?  WHere is the directory?18:12
usr13tab1293: Oh, you got it?  Ok.18:12
Psycho_okay, uninstalled and reinstalled already, why won't qbittorrent launch?18:12
Psycho_worked yesterday.18:13
supsiiiBluesKaj: ok so i understand now where i was wrong. that isnt a desirable outcome. we do not want to see the vast majority of computer users in the world use linux. ok get it now. but then i guess i am different. cuz i would like that outcome. i would like to see ubuntu have more users than windows. i would like that. definitely.18:13
usr13Psycho_: You have to have something for it to download.18:13
Psycho_I've always been able to launch it before.18:14
daftykinsPsycho_: try running it from a terminal to see if there are any errors18:14
Psycho_running sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, will try when that's done18:15
Psycho_tried running from terminal.  nothing happened.18:15
MonkeytoeI think that would be a very bad think supskii... if ubuntu becomes bigger than windows... it will become just as corrupt as MS... all corporations try to protect their profits... and any company making that much money would have the power to be very effective in their lobbying for favorable laws... the open source laws as they stand now could be completely changed in such an environment18:15
MonkeytoeI want linux as a whole to be more popular than MS... not ubuntu18:16
MonkeyDustMonkeytoe  take that discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic, please18:16
Psycho_also tried opening magnet link with qbittorrent and nothing happened18:17
BluesKajsupsiii, this subject is for ubuntu-offtopic , and debating on how to take away the Windows market share is a topic for that chat18:17
jibreelHi is it a bug or was it actually designed so ? when an application is in fullscreen and i hit 'alt-tab' the applications switcher that would normaly show are hidden. any idea on how to fix this ? if possible at all. Thanks18:17
daftykinsPsycho_: try backing up the program's config folder in ~/18:17
jibreeloriginaly asked at http://askubuntu.com/questions/337870/no-application-switcher-in-fullscreen18:18
supsiiiBluesKaj: going to ubuntu-offtopic. are you coming?18:18
Psycho_I'm just going to remove qbittorrent.  I think I'll just move on to another os, ubuntu has been nothing but trouble for the last month or so.18:18
supsiiiMonkeytoe: going to ubuntu-offtopic. are you coming?18:19
Mace268I've mounted a partition using my gid and uid but all newly created and existing files are set to 777. I have added mode=644 and umask=022 (tried seperately, not together) to the mount options but they had no effect. Could someone tell me how to properly set the mode on mount?18:19
=== sam113101 is now known as sam113101_afk
BluesKajsupsiii, nope , I have no desire waste time on that subject .18:20
sjmikemHi all, running on RR, While doing something in Eclipse, gnome seems to have crashed.  Desktop went to black.  Could still see cursor and move cursor around.  Any options to recover desktop without rebooting?18:20
sjmikemto avoid losing work that wasn't saved? :-)18:20
willows02Hey, I'm having some trouble with Windows applications, and not being able to close them properly. This happens often with Skype and one other Windows application that I run with Mono. The programs will sometimes not close normally, and I have to resort to force closing them with xkill or killing the PID. Is this a common problem? Any idea about fixing it?18:20
ServerTechLaptopI'm running an ubuntu-based OS, Luna eOS, and I'm experiencing problems with graphics. I'm using the Intel GMA (845 I believe) internal graphics chip and I'm stuck with 1024x768 while my monitor supports more. When I try Xorg -configure, error says that the number of created screens is more than the number of devices detected. Any help would be appreciated.18:20
intraderracho, I have reissue the error - what happens now?18:21
=== sam113101_afk is now known as sam113101
wilee-nileeServerTechLaptop, Not supported here.18:21
ServerTechLaptopwilee-nilee: well, it's sorta ubuntu. What would work for ubuntu work work on here :/18:22
usr13willows02: You are running skype under wine?18:22
rachointrader: well wait18:22
wilee-nileeServerTechLaptop, This is not an argument it is the channel policy.18:22
usr13willows02: Why not the Linux version of Skype?18:22
willows02usr13: I'm using the Linux version of Skype18:22
usr13willows02: Ok, what is your question again?  (I must have missunderstood you.)18:23
usr13willows02: Or you misspoke...?18:23
supsiiiBluesKaj: it's alright. you can say the same thing in another way, achieve the same result, while maintaining manners.... have a good day18:23
willows02Perhaps, so one issue is Skype tending to freeze up.18:24
willows02So I guess it's a Linux application technically.. I just figured it was developed more for windows and perhaps badly ported or something18:24
BluesKajsupsiii, you have a good day too , enjoy your discussion :)18:24
usr13willows02: Does the whole system freeze up?18:26
willows02usr13: With Skype, sometimes.18:27
usr13willows02: memtest18:27
usr13willows02: In other words, test your memory.18:27
=== matthewvz is now known as Guest6649
usr13willows02: You could possibly have a bad RAM stick.18:28
willows02usr13: Maybe, my computer is pretty old fyi. How do you suggest I test the computer's memory?18:28
Gilligan94Hi, can anyone help me get windows 8 to show on grub? I have tried update-grub18:29
RoyKusr13: see http://memtest.org/18:29
wilee-nileeGilligan94, You have installed it referencing the uefi wiki?18:29
wilee-nileeubuntu that is18:29
Gilligan94No, It has always worked in EFI mode out of the box for me18:30
wilee-nileeGilligan94, EFI apple?18:30
Gilligan94No lenovo18:30
wilee-nileeGilligan94, Not sure.18:30
Gilligan94I've read stuff around about chainloading18:31
EdganAnyone know of Lucid debs of OpenSSH 6.2?18:31
usr13willows02: Holdint shift key as you reboot should get you the grub menu, and there you should see an option for memtest18:31
daftykinsEdgan: know what about them?18:31
Edgandaftykins: where some exist18:32
daftykinsEdgan: is this for a server?18:32
willows02usr13: ok, so I don't have to download it first?18:32
wilee-nileeGilligan94, a link probably worth looking at, the best support of uefi is at that forum. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729518:32
Edgandaftykins: yes18:32
usr13willows02: Booting the install CD should also give you that option as well.18:32
wilee-nileeEdgan, The lucid desktop is eol is all.18:32
sjmikem Hi all, running on RR, While doing something in Eclipse, gnome seems to have crashed.  Desktop went to black.  Could still see cursor and move cursor around.  Any options to recover desktop without rebooting?18:33
Edganwilee-nilee: It is for servers, and I am not going to be able to upgrade them before I need the newer openssh18:33
intraderracho, i will18:33
MonkeyDustEdgan  13.10 will have openssh 6.218:33
willows02ok, thanks. i'll try that out18:33
EdganMonkeyDust: I see that18:33
usr13willows02: But, I should also tell you that it sometimes takes a rather long time to detect errors. I suggest runnint it overnight or for at least 8 hours or so.18:33
wilee-nileeEdgan, Cool, just making sure.18:34
MonkeyDustEdgan  better wait until the next lts, you'll have a more recent openssh18:34
willows02usr13: oh ok, is there any danger to running it?18:34
EdganMonkeyDust: not that simple18:34
usr13willows02: Even then, I don't think memtest always discovers defective memory chips, (most of the time, but not always).18:34
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
usr13willows02: Yea, your house may get broken into and your computer stolen... ;)  Sorry, couldn't resist.18:35
willows02usr13: :p18:35
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boohHi.  I need to rename files begining with pdaaaa.png to add - like this pd-aaaa.png  Somebody know how to insert the dash?18:38
RoyKbooh: man rename18:39
usr13booh: It shouldn't be a problem, just hit the key, (between 0 and =)18:39
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
RoyKbooh: the rename commands takes regular expressions to rename a bunch of files18:39
sjmikem*taps microphone* testing testing, is this thing on?18:39
boohI'm not used to regex :(18:41
boohOh and I doesn't know that rename is now a command in linux... I always used mv to rename files.18:42
[[thufir]]just working from the standard repository, can I get ruby 1.9?  version says 1.8 for me:  http://pastebin.com/37BitE6R18:42
genii!info ruby18:43
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 4.9 (raring), package size 4 kB, installed size 31 kB18:43
* genii ponders version 4.918:43
[[thufir]]lol.  must 1.9   but I'm at 1.8 on ubuntu 12.04LTS18:44
genii!info ruby precise-backports18:44
ubottuPackage ruby does not exist in precise-backports18:44
wildc4rdknocking out a CV in Openoffice, can I grab a 'standard' font like Arial to use, so windows PC's don't break the format18:44
nowayride[[thufir]]: if this is for a dev env you could look at rbenv, it will let you chose working versions. For production might have to add a repo or build from source, since 12.04 is locked to certain versions18:45
genii[[thufir]]: Sorry, looks like you're stuck with 1.8 for now18:45
Marleneewhy screen command take alot of RAM memory when it run in back ground ?18:45
trism!info ruby1.9.1 precise18:45
ubotturuby1.9.1 (source: ruby1.9.1): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 36 kB, installed size 234 kB18:45
murphI've got a realtek rtl8188ce wi-fi card. THe ubuntu installer refuses to conenct to my wi-fi, it just keeps asking me for the password. Is there a workaround?18:45
[[thufir]]rbenv, never heard of it.  I remember this thing where you compile ruby, but I don't want to go through that.  (rvm)18:46
geniitrism: Ah, nice18:46
trism[[thufir]]: then you can run: sudo update-alternatives --config ruby;18:46
nowayride[[thufir]]: rbenv is like rvm but to me it's a bit simpler. Again if it's production you're better off compiling or something which isn't hard. Download.. ./configure && make && make install18:46
boohsomebody can help with regex?18:47
nowayrideWith rbenv or compiling you'll need dependencies though18:47
[[thufir]]it was there already. just needted to run that update-alternatives command :)   ruby 1.9.3p0 (2011-10-30 revision 33570) [i686-linux]18:47
nowayrideAh nice18:47
* [[thufir]] thanks all18:47
Icehawk78If I want to create a single shortcut with multiple launch actions (similar to Chromium's "Open a new Window, Open in incognito, etc") for an application, with each calling the application command + some other arguments, how would I do that?18:47
RoyKbooh: just google it - should be lots of resources for it18:47
Frank81i have a problem where google returns wrong results :D18:48
hardliner_Frank81, use bing18:48
Frank81Hi i need to know does any one know a way to configure ssh login the way to simply auto accept a list of ips? or a network18:48
Frank81coz when i bing or google it! It returns about the public key method but i need it ip based and no key files or else18:49
usr13Frank81: you want to use a host-name instead?18:49
booh<hardliner_> Frank81, use bing <-------- pfff.. bing use results from google in background ;-)18:49
AcidRain2012can anyone link me to the most in depth ftp server setup guide there is on the net that worked for them?18:49
Frank81a host name or ip would be greate sure i can define hostnames for any ip in the hosts file18:49
l01Ubuntu 13.04 Live CD, installing NFS gives error: "Not starting: portmapper is not running." sudo service portmap restart gives error: "Unknown job: portmap". I'm following the official guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo What am I doing wrong?18:50
AcidRain2012im here using precise pengolin, and i have yet to successfully setup: pureftpd, proftpd, vsftpd, sshd, and any other ftp-like service you can think of.18:50
Frank81AcidRain2012: sounds bad ^^18:50
usr13Frank81: Like setting your router up to give a number of computers with perminate lease IPs and associate a hostname with them?  Or just use the /etc/hosts file to define them? (After setting to static IPs)?18:51
BluesKaj!ssh | AcidRain201218:51
ubottuAcidRain2012: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)18:51
Frank81So you created a System where you could get hacked with 100 methods18:51
AcidRain2012BluesKaj, ive read that. it failed18:51
aminebonsoir  pour me conecter sur  ubuntu  fr  merci18:51
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:51
Frank81usr13: i know how to set ip or host we talk about configuring ssh the way it simply auths accepts connections from some ips18:51
BluesKajok AcidRain2012 , give us some details18:52
AcidRain2012Frank81, only way i was ever successful was to give all users full access to the fs. which after i couldnt take it no more, i uninstalled all packages related to that service because its just not right thing to do18:52
Frank81for user root for example he should accept a list of ips18:52
AcidRain2012BluesKaj, idk man. its just been hard. my brain is fried. been up since 9pm last night. its 1:50pm now. lol18:52
AcidRain2012BluesKaj, how experienced are you with setting up an ftp/sftp? im about to be busy, but if i may pm you later on, that would be great if you could help me with it18:53
usr13Frank81: What is your goal?   Sharing files?18:54
BluesKajAcidRain2012, sounds like you're on a large network , something i have no experience with , being an ordinary home user :(18:54
AcidRain2012BluesKaj, i have the only working computer in this house. lol. im the first ip address on the network, and the only one18:56
[[thufir]]how do I install the ssh gem?  I installed with sudo, but the user doesn't seem to have access to that?  there are various gems I'll need to install with "gem install <some gem>"  http://pastebin.com/ytw2i9Cw18:56
Frank81usr my goal is to make administration a bit easy for me18:56
Frank81since key file auth always breaks18:56
Frank81coz little fails and debuging then takes to longs18:56
Frank81some time typos by ssh share and so on18:56
Frank81i simply whant a way to access my local servers easyer18:56
daftykinsmaking things easy often goes hand in hand with making things insecure18:56
Frank81and when its ip based i could probally better manage that18:56
Frank81dafty no problem ^^18:57
Frank81Its closed Envirment18:57
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:57
daftykinsoh right18:57
Frank81ok but i think the only way is to find good ways to make the key management easyer and better in real use18:58
Frank81but it always breaks my head to edit a key file in one line that contains tons of keys18:58
Frank81i think assigning access shouldn't be that complicated :(18:59
PiciFrank81: Why are you editing your keyfiles?18:59
=== geochr is now known as Guest44720
Frank81Pici coz some times i need to add Private Envirment Infos and or Remove one Key18:59
Frank81its realy a mess19:00
Frank81and then i don't even understand if i could mix the keys DSA RSA v2 i don't use v1 any more19:00
PiciFrank81: I personally use ssh-copy-id to add my public key to other servers.19:01
Frank81Pici how do you remove one key from that key file?19:01
PiciFrank81: I don't. ;)19:02
Frank81ok thx for sharing this tip with me ;)19:02
bekkssed :)19:02
BluesKajAcidRain2012, have you tried this , I have to ask , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring19:02
boohforget it about regex... just found pyrenamer... easy to use... ;)19:03
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=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
AcidRain2012BluesKaj, yes i have tried that link as well19:08
AcidRain2012i forget what error i got on that one.19:08
AlexR__Hi, I've got latest version of devstack, but I cannot run it. I get this error: [ERROR] /home/alex/openstack/devstack/lib/nova:701 nova-api did not start19:11
AlexR__I could not find anything like this in Google19:11
AlexR__nevermind, wrong channel for this19:11
BluesKajAcidRain2012, can you see the pc (or better still  have access) that you want to ssh into in the file manager , it needs to have the ssh server installed or enabled on it19:13
AcidRain2012BluesKaj, i aint that much of a noob. i could see it. ssh log showed i made connection, but it refused connection. BluesKaj ill get back to you more on this tonight. i gotta run to work19:14
Apachezany ideas on what I should google for to get back the text that is displayed for my encrypted partition during boot?    Since upgraded into 11.04 the text is gone and only an empty prompt is seen... typing in the passphrase works but it just looks odd :)19:15
bazhangApachez, 11.04 is eol19:15
BluesKajok AcidRain2012 , later perhaps19:15
daftykinsApachez: are you booting with 'quiet' and 'splash' present on the boot line?19:15
Apachezbazhang: the text is still gone in 11.11 and 12.0419:15
hardliner_booh,  bing is not google19:16
Apachezdaftykins: let me check... brb19:16
Apachezit returned in 12.04 LTS19:16
wilee-nileeApachez, don't use enter for punctuation, or swear please.19:17
Apachezby the way, its great that old-releases exists nowdays so one can go from 10.10 until current (even if it takes a few hours and reboots but still =)19:17
Apachezwilee-nilee ?19:17
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:17
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.19:17
Apachezlol whine whine whine...19:18
daftykinsyeah, they do that.19:18
daftykinsApachez: i think fresh installs are best19:18
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:18
ubottuCookies are delicious delicacies.19:18
wilee-nileeif you continue the ops will ban you19:18
Apachezso lets see... my question 1 line, your whine 7 lines...19:18
Apachezdaftykins: yeah... will probably do that when switching to ssd19:18
daftykinsApachez: careful, you're about to enter a world of hurt19:18
HouseLegendHi everyone, im trying to intall Ubuntu and i created 100GB partition on ext4, but i have error No root file system is defined.  Please correct this from the partitioning menu.19:19
daftykinsHouseLegend: what mount point did you choose for that one?19:20
daftykinsHouseLegend: you need to tell it to use that as "/"19:20
HouseLegenddaftykins, just did ... i forgot lol19:21
BaldDoes someone know how to install dragonica with wine under ubuntu19:21
HouseLegenddaftykins, should i use / ? or something else ?19:21
daftykinsHouseLegend: you need at minimum, a / and possibly a swap partition depending on how much RAM you have19:22
booh<hardliner_> booh,  bing is not google  <--- come on... I was joking :-P    You don't know this story?  http://searchengineland.com/google-bing-is-cheating-copying-our-search-results-6291419:22
HouseLegenddafykins, i have 8 gigs how much swap area should i create ?19:22
daftykinsHouseLegend: 4GB i would say, it depends if you want to be able to hibernate that system19:23
HouseLegenddafykins, yes19:23
daftykinsHouseLegend: you'll need 8GB then19:23
HouseLegenddaftykins, more is better right ? soo i will give it like ... 10 gigs19:23
=== willis1 is now known as Dr_Willis
daftykinsnot really no19:24
Apachezoh great... just updated to 12.04 LTS and the terminal in the gui is just black19:24
Apachezany ideas on how to fix that?19:24
DakkGOD DAM,19:24
DakkI NEED HELP19:24
DakkOh, someone's here!19:24
BluesKajDakk, watch your language and no caps , please19:25
DakkI am a windows-user, and iäd like to start using Linux. I have way to much startrek on my hdd to even try to do this on my own, with the risk of losing it all19:25
jrtappersDakk, what do you need help with?19:26
BluesKajDakk, do you know how set up a partition ?19:26
_2cool4me4_Are there any laptop sellers out there that sell basic laptops with Ubuntu preloaded instead of Windows?19:26
_2cool4me4_I don't mean Dell with their i5 laptops19:26
jrtappers_2cool4me4_, I hear of System76, try them19:26
BluesKaj!system 7619:26
jrtappersThats my worst grammer today :S19:27
Dakkjrtrappers, blueskaj, do i NEED to partition? Can i not just install it and let it take the space it needs? I got gigs to spare. I'd like to have windows AND linux installet at the same time.19:27
aguitelthe risk of using linux is about occours ramdom explosions in windows pcs19:27
BluesKaj2co checkout system7619:27
jrtappersDakk, Yes, you need partitions19:27
_2cool4me4_We need to go cheaper.19:27
jrtappersDakk, They are not too scary, and its best to do the shrinking of the partition in windows19:28
BluesKaj_2cool4me4_, system 76 is the only dedicated maker of machines with linux that I know of19:28
Dakkand how would i proceed to partition=?19:29
hardliner__2cool4me4_, buy cheap windows laptop and install linux on it19:29
BluesKajDakk, download and burn a copy of gparted live media19:29
hardliner_why i can't buy laptop without windows??19:30
Frank81coz the contracts19:30
hardliner_it isn't fair!!19:30
Frank81with microsoft and the company thats building your laptop19:30
Frank81but most big sellers like dell give you rabbat and then sell it without windows19:31
Frank81Simply request to sell you one without windows19:31
jrtappersMicrosoft have their OEM agreements, why do you think they all "recommend" windows19:31
Frank81if its the manufacturer he will do you the favor19:31
_2cool4me4_If you look on CDW, you can see that they sell laptops without Windows. However. only corporations can buy from CDW (I think)19:31
hardliner_what is CDW?19:32
Dakkhepl a "win-tard" install linux :) got 4hdds, 2x 500giog and 2x320gig. windows is on one of the 500gig ones.19:32
Pumpkin-Dell sell a laptop with Ubuntu preinstalled, for what that is worth19:33
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_2cool4me4_Dakk: Are you installing with the graphical installer?19:33
=== guestdfadsa is now known as guest432
Dr_WillisDakk:  id dedicate one of the small hds just for linux.19:33
jrtappersDakk, The free 465/336 one may be your best shot19:33
_2cool4me4_Pumpkin-, Indeed, but only their i5/i7 models.19:33
BluesKajPumpkin-, yeah their support for it is non existent19:33
jrtappersDakk, But any would work, any more than 100GB is more than enough, but its nice to have space, especially for steam19:34
DakkRight now i've downloaded an ubuntufile 700 ~ mb big, didn't dare touch it yet19:34
DakkI got a 232 empty one, that'd do?19:34
BluesKajDakk, yes19:34
jrtappersDakk, Yep19:34
Dr_WillisDakk:  you downloaded what exactly?19:34
Dakkhold on19:35
Dakkubuntu-12.04.3 desktop 64bit19:35
Dr_WillisDakk:  you have a whole hard drive thats empty? that would be easiest.19:35
Dakki got UEFI motherboard, might aswell tell you.19:35
Dakki got a "320gb" one (232 actual space" that is 100% empty19:35
jrtappersDakk, the file needs to be burnt to a disk, what OS are you using at the moment?19:36
Dr_WillisDakk:  easiest way would be to Unplug all the hard drives, except for the one you want linux on.  boot the installer cd. tell it to use the whole hard drive. and let it do its thing. Make sure its booting first properly. then plug in the other hard drives and be sure bios is set to boot that linux hd first.19:36
DakkRight now i am using win7 64bit.19:37
DakkCan i not get it so that i can choose on start-up wether i wanna boot win or linux?19:37
ironfoot495Hello I have some problems with broken packages on ubuntu 12.04. I just installed this distro . I have broken packages in my apache2-common and could not install fast-cgi. I really need someone who can help me resolve these issues. Thanks in advance.19:37
Dr_WillisDakk:  yes you can. but its easier  and safer to keep the other hds unplugged during install.. just in case you get confused.19:37
_2cool4me4_I wish that you wouldn't have to put this stupid thing in dev mode in order to use it: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Acer-Chromebook-Iron-Gray-C7-C710-2457-11.6-Laptop-PC-with-Celeron-847-Processor-4GB-Memory-16GB-Hard-Drive-and-Chrome-OS/2586324619:37
_2cool4me4_er, to install Ubuntu19:37
Dr_WillisDakk:  use a tool like  http://www.imgburn.com/  in windows to burn the ISO to dvd. or a tool from the pendrivelinux site to make a bootable usb to install from (faster)19:38
jrtappers_2cool4me4_, It kind of makes sense, its to stop it being a security loophole unfortunately19:38
jrtappersDr_Willis, Why not the windows ISO burner that is built in?19:38
[[thufir]]how do I install the ssh gem?  I installed with sudo, but the user doesn't seem to have access to that?  there are various gems I'll need to install with "gem install <some gem>"  http://pastebin.com/ytw2i9Cw19:38
_2cool4me4_ironfoot495, have you tried sudo apt-get install -f19:38
Dr_Willisjrtappers:  because i fnd that one stinks. ;)19:38
ironfoot495yes I have I used info fromsomething I googled.19:39
jrtappersDakk, So what do you want to do, the disconnect way or not?19:39
Dakkthat actually sounds like the easiest way to do it. Do not know why i did not thought of that myself...19:40
Dr_WillisDakk:  you may want to make the cd and try out the live cd first to see how well the system handles it for a bit also.19:40
DakkSo if i have windows on one, and linux on another, how would i got about to make it so that i can chose on startup wich to choose?19:40
ironfoot4952cool4me4_ I'm trying to use my localhost for php and nothing is working right.19:40
jrtappersDakk, You would chose which one to boot in the bios, pre boot19:40
Dr_WillisDakk:  you boot  the linux HD and it has a GRUB menu to select. or you can also setup the bios to boot what HD you want - bypassing grub.19:40
Dakksooo Linux has a thing that lets me chose windows or linux?19:41
Dr_Willison a multi-hd system - i try to keep Grub on the linux hard drive.19:41
Dr_Willis!grub | Dakk19:41
ubottuDakk: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:41
JesseHAnyone here had a problem recently installing Ubuntu? Someone I know said that they can't click the install button, or whatever, and provided me with an image. http://imgur.com/oFUfoa119:41
jrtappersDakk, step 1 would be to try a live CD19:41
jrtappersDakk, Step 1 is to burn the ISO, windows has a way, there are others available if you prefer19:42
DakkImgBurn, i get it.19:42
DakkCan i just boot it from that without having to instal it?19:42
jrtappersDakk, Yes19:42
geniiJesseH: Looks like they made both sdb1 and adb5 mounted at /19:42
geniiadb5, rather19:43
jrtappersIt lets you test without having to install19:43
Dakki burn it to the Cd19:43
DakkThen what? how do i run it, instead of installing it?19:43
Dakkjust "go"..?19:43
Dr_Willisyou BOOT the cd19:43
jrtappersThere is an option, Run off CD without installing or install19:44
jrtappersYou chose the one you want19:44
jrtappersIts easy to do when you see it19:44
DakkI'll do that tomorrow then!19:45
Dr_Willis!manual | dakk19:45
ubottudakk: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:45
jrtappersAnything you do on a live CD is lost after reboot though, so its not a good idea for permanent19:45
Apachezunless you click on install in the live cd19:46
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Dakkburning it to a CD now. I'll bott it and see what happends :)19:52
=== arunprasadr_away is now known as arunprasadr
[[thufir]]how do I remove ruby?  I did "apt-get remove ruby" but it's still there.  "apt-cache search ruby" gives huge results.  Can I filter them for just installed packages?19:54
Dr_Willis[[thufir]]:  why do you want to remove ruby?19:54
Dr_Willisthe apt cli tools have a way to show only installed packages. I just cant rember how  off the top of my head.19:55
hardliner_ruby ruby ruby rubyyy, eeeee aaaaah!19:55
[[thufir]]Dr_Willis: I'm switching over to rvm or maybe another one, and just, for my own sake, want "one" ruby manager.19:56
AdvoWorkHi there, anyone know how to view files in Ubuntu from a connected Samsung Galaxy S4? It mounts it, but the folder list is empty..19:56
Dr_WillisAdvoWork:  what ubuntu release?19:56
=== arunprasadr is now known as arunprasadr_away
AdvoWorkDr_Willis, 13.04 sorry19:56
usr13AdvoWork: Maybe that directory *is* empty?19:57
usr13AdvoWork: What exactly are you looking for?19:58
Dr_WillisAdvoWork:  perhaps -> http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/upgrade-to-gvfs-with-mtp-support-in.html19:58
AdvoWorkusr13, well i'd expect to see files/folders/photos/videos etc19:58
Dr_WillisAdvoWork:   personally these days. I tend to use 'airdroid' to access my  Android Devices. :) seems easier and faster then a usb cable19:58
SnitzuSo, I found this awesome pyramid scheme I've been making $1000/mo off of http://dailyconsumer.info/make_money think I could get in trouble for it?19:58
AdvoWorkDr_Willis, never heard of that to be fair19:59
usr13AdvoWork: If you have an expansion card, there will be two sets of files, (two devices).  If the expansion card has not been used, there will be empty directories.19:59
Dr_WillisAdvoWork:  its a must get/use then. :) lets you have almost full access to your phone over wifi. in a browser window.19:59
=== GingerGeek is now known as GingerGeek[Away]
Dr_WillisI was thinking that the mtp stuff worked for me on 13.04 - but i rarely use a usb cable. so im not so sure now.20:00
Dr_Willisartical i posted. says 13.04 should be able to access the device in mtp mode.20:01
usr13AdvoWork: You should see DCIM directory and within that one will be images taken by the phone's camera.  The expansion card will more-than-likely have an empty DCIM directory.20:01
AdvoWorkDr_Willis, that update worked too thanks, and cheers for the tip, and usr13 yeah your right, i can see it now (additional step is i have to unlock my phone too else it shows a blank folder) Cheers20:03
usr13AdvoWork: When I transfer files to my Android, I create a directory on the expansion card for them, like Documents, Music, Pictures, etc.20:03
Dr_Willisthats weird. :) i definatly recall not needing to unlock my phone. guess it could be a new security feature20:03
usr13Dr_Willis: Some have it some dont20:04
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usr13I think the theory is that you may not want it connected, (you may only be plugging into the PC for a charge.20:05
usr13Dr_Willis: It's not really unlocking the phone, it is someting to the effect, "Turn on media storage access, Yes No"20:06
usr13Not all Androids are set up the same.20:06
_9-biti'm trying to install windows xp over ubuntu, but i keep getting an error, can someone help me?20:06
usr13I think it says "USB storage"20:07
[[thufir]]when I ran   apt-cache search ruby --installed | pastebinit  I got a huge result:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6034089/    just trying to remove ruby20:07
Dr_Willis_9-bit:  you want to delete windows totally and install ubuntu?20:07
_9-bitother way around20:07
Dr_Willisor am i backwards. ;)20:07
_9-biti know it's probably sacrilege here.20:07
_9-bitbut i need a windows xp computer right now.20:07
Dr_Willis_9-bit:   you may want to be asking in #windows    or just run xp in virtualbox.20:08
usr13_9-bit: You may need to delete partitions first.20:08
_9-bithm ok20:08
_9-biti'll check it out there20:08
nl287_9-bit: u can try first begin windows 7 install. remove partition, reboot and then install xp20:08
Dr_Willisif its just a temp thing.. xp in vbox orks for many people.20:08
usr13_9-bit: Yea, you can just install in virtualbox20:08
_9-bitis virtual box pretty easy to set up?20:08
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox20:08
_9-biti'm sure that gets asked a lot so sorry20:09
Dr_Willis_9-bit:  what are you needing to run in  XP?20:09
usr13_9-bit: Yea, vbox is pretty easy.  (Even I can do it :)20:09
_9-bitstarcraft broodwar :P20:09
Dr_Willis_9-bit:  a game? Use wine.20:09
_9-bitit's not just a game20:09
_9-biti need to run some files on there to set it up20:09
Dr_Willisor a full install of XP.. games in vbox may not work very well.20:09
usr13_9-bit: Files?20:09
_9-bityeah that's what i was thinking20:09
_9-bitwell to connect to the servers you need to run a launcher20:10
submanI'm trying to ssh into a server that I was into successfully yesterday but today I cannot get in.  I get: Permission denied, please try again.20:10
Dr_Willis_9-bit:  check the wine app database to see if it works in wine.20:10
Dr_Willis!appdb | _9-bit20:10
ubottu_9-bit: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help20:10
usr13_9-bit: Are you sure it takes a MS Windows application?20:10
=== xdm83_ is now known as xdm83
_9-biti'm aware of wine20:10
_9-biti would just much prefer to install xp20:10
_9-bitbecause there are other things i want to use a windows for20:11
_9-bitshould i just ask over at #windows?20:11
usr13_9-bit: Ok, well vbox or just delete all partitions and run the installer, choice is yours.20:11
_9-biti'll google partition deleting :P20:11
usr13_9-bit: If you still have the Ubuntu install CD, you'll find gparted on it which will do just fine.  It is easy.20:12
_9-biti don't20:12
BadK1ttyg-parted works pretty good20:12
wile-NileThe manual will offer delete20:12
usr13_9-bit: How did you install ubuntu?20:12
Dr_Willisim suprised the windows installer dosent offer the delete option.20:12
Dr_Willisbut it might  have it hidden somewhere20:12
wile-NileIt does20:12
_9-biti got a computer from volunteering20:12
usr13The XP installer?20:12
_9-bitcame preinstalled with ubuntu20:13
nl287Dr_Willis: xp do not see linux partition20:13
Dr_Willisi recall the old windows fdisk command let me delete linux partions in the past. ;)20:13
_9-bityep :)20:13
BadK1tty98 boot disk20:13
wile-NileExcellent place20:13
usr13_9-bit: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php20:13
_9-biti tried to call their tech support but apparently they won't deal with anything windows lol20:13
=== thomas is now known as Guest54320
_9-bitok thank you20:14
BadK1ttyfor fdisk always worked fur me20:14
_9-bitdo i need to install it on a cd?20:14
BadK1ttyi would20:14
usr13_9-bit: Of course the wont.  Try calling Microsoft and ask for help with Linux.... ???20:14
BadK1ttyif your using a 31/2 thats 11khz waaaaaaaay slow20:14
usr13_9-bit: (They are not trained / qualified etc.)20:14
_9-bitit's dealing with ubuntu more than it is with windows, and it should be a fairly common question, i would think20:14
_9-bitfair enough20:15
_9-biti'll try it out20:15
FloodBot1_9-bit: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:15
usr13_9-bit: Not really.  Most people that try Ubuntu or Linux like it, they stay with it.20:15
_9-bithaha i suppose20:15
BadK1ttyi concur with usr1320:15
usr13_9-bit: Once you get used to it and find out how powerful and versitle it is, you will like it a lot more.20:16
_9-bitim sure20:16
_9-bitbut what i'm using it for is pretty low level and basic20:16
BadK1ttywhy bother with xp then20:16
_9-bitbecause i cannot run some games on ubuntu20:16
BadK1ttywine wont run it?20:16
_9-bitbecause i need to run exe files to connect to the servers20:17
Dr_Willisgames are for the weak. ;)20:17
usr13I've managed to get a number of friends and relatives switched from MS Windows to Linux and they almost always like it better. Only a couple didn't.20:17
_9-biti suppose20:17
_9-bitif i could i would20:17
BadK1tty1.6 is out20:17
wile-Nile220 or so days and dol for xp20:17
usr13_9-bit: I think you'll find you can connect to those servers without any exe files.20:17
Dr_Willisand many of the online games out there have alternative/front ends to connect to the servers via wine. (or at least lord of the rings online, and several others do)20:17
_9-biti'm not sure20:18
BadK1ttywhat game?20:18
_9-bitstarcraft broodwar20:18
usr13_9-bit: Give us an example20:18
_9-biti'm trying to connect to iccup20:18
_9-bitusing chaos launcher20:18
BadK1ttyi'll go get my disc i bet i can run it20:18
_9-bitit's not running it that's a problem20:18
_9-bitit's connecting to the iccup servers20:18
Dr_Willischaos-launcher is some 3rd party tool?20:18
usr13_9-bit: To connect to ____________ ?20:18
usr13_9-bit: (What kind of server?)20:19
_9-bitthe iccup servers20:19
_9-biti'm not sure20:19
_9-bitwhat kind of server20:19
_9-bitif you want to see for yourself, but i might try it out20:19
john_doe_jrHow do you enable bash completion in ubuntu?20:19
_9-biton wine20:19
Dr_Willisrunning Starcraft Broodwar, via the Chaos-Launcher tool , to connect to the iccup servers.20:19
usr13_9-bit: Is that some sort of game?20:20
_2cool4me4_john_doe_jr, it's enabled by default.20:20
Dr_Willisjohn_doe_jr:  its enabled by default on ubuntu. theres some scripts that get ran via the .bashrc and .profile i recall that run the  proper scipt from /etc/ to set it up20:20
usr13_9-bit: You might be a good candidate for vbox20:20
_9-biti was under the impression it would run pretty slow on that20:21
usr13_9-bit: vbox is pretty amazing.20:21
_9-bitalthough broodwar takes almost no cpu20:21
BadK1ttybroodwar ran on a pII20:21
usr13_9-bit: It is an online game?20:21
_9-bitwell you play it online, it's not a browser game20:21
BadK1ttywhat cpu do you have20:21
_9-biti can't remember offhand20:22
usr13_9-bit: What is your CPU and how much RAM do you have?20:22
_9-biti3 i think20:22
_9-bit1 gig ddr320:22
BadK1ttyomg that should be childs play for broodwar20:22
_9-biti'm saying through virtual box though20:22
_9-biti'm assuming that will be cpu intensive20:23
usr13_9-bit: I would want 2G +  for vbox20:23
_9-bitso, check out wine, if that doesn't work delete the partitions20:23
_9-bitand then install20:23
usr13or use vbox20:24
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usr133 options20:24
_9-bitthanks guys20:24
BadK1ttywell starcraft installer is workin20:24
ulrichardHi, when logging in, I get no more bars at the top and left. At the moment I have to resort to ctrl+alt+t and then start the applications I want from the terminal. How can I fix unity?20:27
Dr_Willisulrichard:  try making a new user. see if it works properly for the newly made user20:27
BadK1ttyjust had starcraft running in ubuntu20:27
Dr_Willisulrichard:  if so - then its a  user setting problem.20:27
BadK1ttyso im sure broodwar will work20:27
_9-bittry downloading the iccup launcher20:27
=== Marlenee_k is now known as Marlenee
ulrichardIt works when my wife logs in, and it used to work earlier today. I only copied some small files, then  locked the screen with ctrl+alt+L.  When I came back, the bars were gone.20:29
usr13_9-bit: Make sure your system is fully updated.20:29
usr13_9-bit: What version of Ubuntu is it?20:29
usr13_9-bit: From a terminal window   cat /etc/issue20:30
rachoulrichard: log in as your user. i suppose you can open a terminal. run 'dconf reset -f /org/compiz' and then 'unity --reset-icons &disown'20:31
_9-bitit's logging in right now20:31
BadK1ttyeven the staredit program works i have it up now20:31
usr13_9-bit: If I had to guess, I'd say 12.04.20:32
valiant2exhi can someone help me install a printer? it's urgent i need it for my fantasy draft20:34
usr13valiant2ex: firefox localhost:63120:35
valiant2exi tried that and it's showing 4 of the same printer20:35
valiant2exon the network20:35
usr13valiant2ex:  Yes  firefox localhost:63120:36
valiant2exdo i just choose any of the 4?20:36
usr13valiant2ex:  Alt-F2  firefox localhost:63120:36
usr13Oh, printers?20:36
valiant2exyeah i shows 4 printers but they all have the same name20:36
usr13valiant2ex: I don't know about the printers you have....20:36
usr13valiant2ex: what name?20:37
niftylettuce[ERROR] failed to set file mode for PDF file cups20:37
valiant2exBrother HL-2270DW series (Brother HL-2270DW series)20:37
valiant2exBrother HL-2270DW series (Brother HL-2270DW series)20:37
valiant2exBrother HL-2270DW series (Brother HL-2270DW series)20:37
valiant2exBrother HL-2270DW series (Brother HL-2270DW series)20:37
FloodBot1valiant2ex: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:37
niftylettucecan anyone help? I have apparmor removed and it continually gives me this error20:37
niftylettucecups-pdf that is20:37
niftylettuceproperties seem to be correct20:37
usr13valiant2ex: yea, doesn't matter.  The first one is ok20:37
valiant2exwhat happens if the driver isn't on the list?20:38
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usr13valiant2ex: (If that is, in fact, (your printer).20:38
niftylettucefull error is  failed to set file mode for PDF file (non fatal)20:38
usr13valiant2ex: Sould already be selected.20:38
AlviurHi, Did you get this error before?  unable to locate package after sudo apt-get install20:38
valiant2exusr13 what if your printer is not on the list? is there a generic driver that can be used?20:39
ulrichardracho: that lost the bars at the top of the windows with the small buttons to close,maximize,minimize.  and gave the following warning:20:39
ulrichardracho: compiz (decor) - Warn: No default decoration found, placement will not be correct20:39
usr13valiant2ex: If it is not on the list, go to brother.com20:40
rachoulrichard: are you still in the terminal?20:40
Lisa_I'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 to my new hard drive. I've created the partitions (/dev/sdb1/ ext4 /.  And /dev/sdb5 ext4 /usr/local. ) an selected /dev/sdb as the boot loader install. My problem is that the install now Button can't be selected. What am I missing?20:40
usr13valiant2ex: But it *should* be there.20:40
valiant2exok im looking for it right now20:41
rachoulrichard: after running previous commands logout using 'gnome-session-quit'20:41
BadK1ttybroodwar works fine except when exiting20:41
rachoulrichard: log back in and report the situation20:41
usr13valiant2ex: It is a pretty long list, and it should already be highlighted.  "HL-2270DW"  Right?20:41
_9-biti'm installing it right now20:41
_9-bitwith wine20:41
_9-bitwish me luck20:41
BadK1ttyand all it does is resize my windows20:41
valiant2exyeah it's not there20:42
ulrichardracho: yes, I had to reboot as keyboard input didn't work after I tried your command the first time. I mean on the desktop windows. The ctrl+alt+6  terminal always worked20:42
BadK1ttygame plays though20:42
BadK1ttyill check my wine version20:42
usr13valiant2ex: Are you sure?  It should just load right up.  Shouldn't really have to do anything much.20:43
Dr_WillisLisa_:  you dident define a swap partition?20:43
rachoulrichard: ok let it boot up and let's see if unity can load the compiz plugins20:43
Dr_WillisLisa_:  why are you using a seperate partion for /usr/local ?20:43
valiant2exyeah i dont see it on the list20:44
niftylettucecan anyone help w/my cups pdf issue?20:44
valiant2exjust kidding20:44
valiant2exi just found it20:44
ulrichardracho: no, it's still the same20:44
BadK1ttyinstalling the wine windows program loader helps too20:44
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
usr13valiant2ex: Set as server default20:45
rachoulrichard: ok try the commands again but after the decorators disappear run 'gnome-session-quit' from the graphical env20:45
usr13valiant2ex: Print test page20:46
rachoulrichard: do not go to another terminal20:46
valiant2exok lets try it20:46
usr13valiant2ex: (If you set as "Server Default", you'll be able to print from CLI as well.)20:47
ulrichardracho: is the & in front of the disown correct?20:47
rachoulrichard: yes unity --reset-icons &disown20:47
valiant2exno paper is coming out of it20:47
valiant2ex1 second20:47
BadK1ttyi have wine 1.4.1 so its the native wine that comes with ubuntu 13.0420:47
rachoulrichard: if input disappears try Ctrl-C and then type 'gnome-session-quit'20:48
usr13valiant2ex: Maybe it is one of those "paper eating" printers?20:48
* BadK1tty cringe20:48
usr13BadK1tty: apt-cache policy wine20:49
BadK1ttyfor what babe20:49
BadK1ttyya lost me20:50
=== Companion is now known as companion
usr13BadK1tty: To find out what is the current version of wine for your system, open terminal, type  apt-cache policy wine  hit Enter20:50
valiant2exusr13 yeah on my computer  it says "printing complete" but nothing came out of the printer20:51
=== fought_away is now known as fought
=== fought is now known as fought_away
=== fought_away is now known as fought
BadK1ttyah well thank i also found it on the FAQ on wineHQ site, i typed "wine --version" worked20:51
usr13BadK1tty: Maybe I missunderstand you. You said, "i have wine 1.4.1 so its the native wine that comes with ubuntu 13.04"  ?20:51
BadK1ttywas tellin 9bit what ver i installed broodwar on20:52
usr13BadK1tty: (There was no punctuation and so I'm not sure if it was a statement or question.20:52
BadK1ttythanks for the assist though guess theres more than one way to find the version20:52
usr13valiant2ex: lpq20:53
valiant2exBrother_HL-2270DW_series is ready20:54
valiant2exno entries20:54
valiant2exlpq -l20:54
usr13valiant2ex: lpr  #Hit enter, type, "test" #Hit enter, or Ctrl-d20:54
chaotic_goodwhat is ubuntu way of starting / stopping an app?20:55
ulrichardracho: I lost keyboard input again and had to reboot from another terminal. ctrl+c didn't help20:55
chaotic_goodredhat does "service mysqld stop"20:55
chaotic_goodfor example20:55
bekkschaotic_good: Do you mean programs or daemons?20:55
chaotic_goodsudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop20:55
chaotic_goodlke that?20:55
ulrichardracho: I assume sudo is not required for any of this?20:55
chaotic_goodyeah daemons20:56
chaotic_goodmysql n stuff20:56
FloodBot1chaotic_good: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:56
bekks!upstart | chaotic_good20:56
ubottuchaotic_good: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/20:56
fak3rchaotic_good: if you use the intit.d script, ubuntu will 'remind' you can you should use sudo service apache2 stop20:56
fak3rchaotic_good: but debian will not, so either ways 'work'20:56
rachoulrichard: no. it is your user settings so you should run the commands under your user20:56
valiant2exusr13 it says printing complete but nothing came out of the printer20:56
usr13valiant2ex: lpq20:57
fiddlersomeone has a minute? i need a bit of help20:57
valiant2exBrother_HL-2270DW_series is ready20:57
valiant2exno entries20:57
valiant2exi think CUPS thinks there are more than 1 printer in my network20:57
valiant2exbut there is only 1?20:57
rachoulrichard: i had the same problem last night and basically lost half an hour but it worked. difference is i could still enter commands in the terminal20:58
usr13valiant2ex: What does lpq say?20:58
usr13valiant2ex: Is it a network printer?20:58
wile-Nilefiddled just state the issue if you have not20:58
valiant2exhow can you tell if its a network printer :x20:58
valiant2exits a wireless printer lol20:58
valiant2exi installed the drivers on a window machine20:58
usr13valiant2ex: How is it connected?20:58
valiant2exits connected via wireless20:59
usr13valiant2ex: Is it connected to the router via ethernet .... Oh.. wireless?20:59
valiant2exi installed brother printer through CD on a windows machine, but i completely uninstalled windows20:59
valiant2exand now i gotta set up printing20:59
_9-bit_so i downloaded starcraft, and i'm trying to open it with wine20:59
_9-bit_but when i do "open with" and then select wine,  nothing happens21:00
usr13valiant2ex: Well, I  don't know.... you just have to find it.  Problem is, if it is not set to  a static IP, you could have problems.  What I would do is set it up for a perminate lease on the router.21:00
_9-bit_anyone know what i should do?21:00
usr13valiant2ex: Some wifi priters are access directly from PC to printer, (I suppose it is an AdHoc connection).  If that is the case, I don't know, you will have to ask someone else.21:01
valiant2exusr13 okay I'll do what I can thanks for the help21:01
wile-Nile_9-bit there is a #wine channel.if needed21:01
_9-bit_ok, i'll try that21:01
BadK1ttythats a good link right there21:01
_9-bit_just nothing happens at all, nothing opens or crashes21:01
usr13valiant2ex: My printers are just connected to router via Ethernet Cables and I have them set up for perminant lease on the router.21:02
_9-bit_ok i'll check that out21:02
BadK1ttyyou probably need the windows program loader for wine21:02
valiant2exwell the printer works on the other laptop21:02
BadK1ttygo to the ubuntu software center and install it21:02
valiant2exit's just getting this laptop to detect the printer21:02
racho_9-bit_: start starcraft with wine from the command line. if there are any errors they'll show up there21:02
valiant2exit sees it on the network, but strangely it can't print from it lol21:02
_9-bit_i'm not familiar with the  command line21:03
_9-bit_i'm assuming i will have to move into the directory with starcraft in it21:03
_9-bit_how do i open it at that point?21:03
BadK1ttywell no offense but you better its the future!21:03
ulrichardracho: I loose input about every second time. I just did the whole thing again as you wrote. But the behavior after logging in is still the same. The bars are missing.21:03
BadK1tty:) big smiles21:03
_9-bit_i'm sure it is21:03
BadK1ttyits not that hard really21:03
usr13valiant2ex: I don't know.  I do know how to set up a network printer, but as I said, some of the WiFi printers do some sort of ad-hoc connection to each individual PC that prints to it and I don't know how that works.21:03
BadK1ttyinstead of using the gui all the time to install stuff look for the command line install pages you'll get used to using it quick21:04
valiant2exit's okay thanks for taking the time to help though usr1321:04
valiant2exyes wile-Nile?21:04
wile-NileHave you checked that printer on the web with ubuntu21:04
BadK1ttythe guake terminal is nice though i like it21:05
rachoulrichard: mmm..put all the commands in a bash file and then the next time you log in just execute it. if all is well it should log you out and fix you problem21:05
wile-NileSorry smart phone fumbling21:05
usr13wile-Nile: http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Brother/Brother-HL-2270DW21:05
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
valiant2exah yes i am going to do some research on it right now21:05
usr13valiant2ex: http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Brother/Brother-HL-2270DW21:05
=== adante_ is now known as adante
HouseLegendHello, can anyone please help me setup 5.1 sound in ubuntu 13.04 ?21:06
valiant2exusr13 CUPS and lpd are the same thing?21:06
usr13valiant2ex: Yes21:06
wile-Nilevaliant2ex multi printers are problematic at times, have you checked the printers app?21:07
usr13valiant2ex: cups - common unix printing system daemon21:08
usr13valiant2ex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu21:09
usr13valiant2ex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers21:09
HouseLegendHello, can anyone please help me setup 5.1 sound in ubuntu 13.04 ?21:11
WardleeHi i need help with ubuntu 12.0421:11
usr13valiant2ex: http://askubuntu.com/questions/226307/how-to-install-a-brother-hl2270dw-laser-printer21:11
wile-NileWaffles state the issue21:11
usr13valiant2ex:                   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^21:11
WardleeI suppose that was for me xD21:12
WardleeI want to anchor onboard on ubuntu 12.04, but i dont know how. In 13.04 its easy but in 12.04 i really dont know...21:12
WardleeNo problem Nile :p21:12
BadK1ttyhah broodwar in a mini window how cool21:13
Marleneeany one here expert in "sed" and "awk" and "grep"21:13
AcidRain2012wtf. ssh server was just working. now its saying connection refused and i didnt change ANYTHING i just connected, disconnected, attempted to reconnect21:13
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:13
WardleeCan anyone help me with my "problem" with onboard please?21:15
JesseHI think someone should add the !help command for ubottu, which tells the person to google it, because people are **** wads about it.21:15
BadK1ttyits hard trin to play this game in a touchpad on t his laptop lol21:15
Marleneei need to talk to someone in private for awk and sed and grep21:15
JesseHMarlenee, PM away friend. Whats the issue/questions/concerns you are having?21:16
MonkeyDustJesseH  the !google factoid already exists21:16
Marleneeits for text file i wanna filter some result21:16
WardleeThanks anyway..................21:17
valiant2exusr13 it worked!21:18
valiant2exthanks so much21:18
valiant2exthe problem was i only installed the cupswrapper not the lpr drivers?21:19
valiant2exu need to install both hehe21:19
valiant2exusr13 *high five* through irc lol21:20
ulrichardracho: nothing changed with the commands in the bash script. But I got a warning about something with &disown. Probably not valid bash syntax.21:20
Dr_Willisit would be  & disown    not &disown   i imagine21:21
HouseLegendI have a question, do connonical/ubuntu ever plans to update ther sound settings ? Im killing my self to set up 5.1 :S21:22
aPpYehi there.  I am screwing around with a minimal KDE install from ubuntu mini.  I am a little confused by the different versions of kwin.  I get that the gles version is compiled without legacy opengl1x stuff, but what is kde-window-manager-active?21:22
MonkeyDust!details | HouseLegend21:22
ubottuHouseLegend: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."21:22
JhonnyBoiianyone help me find an app that can make the launcher more tiny?21:23
JhonnyBoiiim tryin to make it small just like the menu bar21:24
HouseLegendI have problem with setting up 5.1 sound, im runing ubuntu 13.04, when i try to find it in settings i cant ... I expect it to be able to click and change from stereo to 5.1 :) there21:24
andHi guys. Does safe aptitude safe-upgrade?21:26
MonkeyDustHouseLegend  always start with alsamixer, it's a command in terminal21:27
andIupgraded ubuntu. I'ts safe?21:27
HouseLegendMonkeyDust is there any guide or maybe GUI i can use to get it dont easely ?21:27
BadK1ttyno such thing as safe21:27
=== bschaefer_ is now known as bschaefer
andanybody can help me?21:28
MonkeyDustHouseLegend  depends on what's the exact sound issue. No sound? White noise? Something else?21:28
MonkeyDustand  start with a question21:28
Impossibleis installing ar.bz2 files only possible through terminal?21:28
HouseLegendMonkeyDust, i have sound only on 2 front speakers not on all 5.1 system21:29
BadK1ttyisn't that in system settings?21:29
MonkeyDustHouseLegend  that's 5 speakers?21:29
mr-richAny way to switch the direction of the two finger scroll?21:29
BadK1ttyubuntu tweak worked for me21:30
HouseLegendMonkeyDust 6 with subwoofer21:30
=== kasey_ is now known as LiNkZoR1337
=== LiNkZoR1337 is now known as LiNkZoR
LiNkZoRHey, can anyone help me get GRUB to load? Currently, it's just skipping over it.21:31
Impossiblecan i use CHeckInstall to install tar files?21:33
IdleOneSorry about all the mess folks, we should be done now.21:34
Dr_WillisImpossible:  with SOURCE files - perhaps21:34
ServerTechI just installed Ubuntu 13.04 32, but no resolution over 1024x768 is being shown. Using Intel internal graphics adapter, GMA xxx.  How do I get it to support larger resolutions (I know the monitor supports 1280x1024 5:4)21:35
MonkeyDustHouseLegend  maybe ask in #ubuntustudio, it's multimedia dedicated21:35
Apacheznot so nice... if do-release-upgrade fails in the end to update the kernel because there is no room left on /boot the ubuntu installation suddently becaomes a debian installation after reboot21:35
LiNkZoRI'm yet another person coming here for help with an issue, i've installed ubuntu 13.04, but I can't boot it through the normal way, when I boot up it completely skips over grub and I automatically starts windows21:36
=== willis1 is now known as Dr_Willis
LiNkZoRand it starts windows* Grub doesn't even show up21:36
Apachezso dualboot you say?21:36
LiNkZoRYea, with windows 8 to start21:36
Apachezwell you must have the grub to write into mbr and shit21:36
Apachezbetter if you have separate disks21:37
Apachezsooo much easier :)21:37
HouseLegendMonkeyDust noone is responding,21:37
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub221:37
andLiNkZoR:  use ubuntu inside windows with virtual box dude21:37
HouseLegendCan anyone else help me out with 5.1 sound ? in Unbutu 13.04 ...21:37
andwindows 8 is the enemy of ubuntu21:37
Apachezuse windows inside ubuntu with virtual box dude21:37
LiNkZoRGrub is installed, If i go into boot options, I can pick ubuntu21:37
=== cheez0r_ is now known as cheez0r
MonkeyDustHouseLegend  you waited only a few seconds, repeat your question every 10-15 minutes or so, until someone can help21:37
Dr_WillisLiNkZoR:  which boot options?21:37
LiNkZoRpressing f9 during start I think it is, ubuntu shows up21:38
HouseLegendMokneyDust i will see if anyone else here knows ...21:38
Dr_WillisLiNkZoR:  thats the windows bootloader stuff? You did a WUBI install inside windows?21:38
Dr_WillisF9 here - is the bios/pick a hard drive option - i belive.21:38
LiNkZoRNo, I installed from a flash drive, used liveusb to install it to the flashdrive21:38
Mace268is there a good cli ftp client that will get recursively?21:39
LiNkZoRthe one with the flower for a logo21:39
Dr_WillisLiNkZoR:  so you select the flash drive via the F9 bios option and it boots to the grub menu and you can get to linux?21:39
LiNkZoRNo, not the flash drive, there is an entry there that says ubuntu, i click on that and THEN it loads grub21:39
HouseLegendDr_Willis, when you are talking about grub already is there any config where i can set it up to boot windows insted of ubuntu atumaticaly ?21:39
andwell thanks Mark for Ubuntu21:40
Dr_WillisLiNkZoR:  sounds tome like its showing the Ubuntu Flash drive. and it loads grub. which would be normal21:40
andUbuntu is for normal humans21:40
LiNkZoRFlash drive isn't even in21:40
Dr_WillisLiNkZoR:   then you got us confused. You  just said you installed to the flash drive.. or do you mean you  did a NORMAL install to the hard drive. via a USB-Flash drive.21:41
LiNkZoRI did a normal install to the hard drive, via flash drive21:41
abrknis there a trick to initctl to start if not started else restart?21:41
Dr_WillisLiNkZoR:  so how many hard drives do you have internally? just 1?21:41
LiNkZoROnly one21:41
Dr_WillisNo idea what your 'F9' menu is showing then. Unless its the bios showing the bootable partitions.21:42
LiNkZoRI think that is what it is showing21:42
Dr_WillisYou could try booting to your ubuntu install. and trying the boot-repair tool or the grub tools to install grub to the MBR of the hard drive (sda) and it should boot that automatically21:42
Dr_Willisor just do it like you got now. :) you got a Hidden OS no one will find. ;P21:43
LiNkZoRHere is what shows up http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=c0144332621:43
=== add1ct3dd|away is now known as add1ct3dd
iceroot_is multiarch enabled autoamticly on 13.04 amd64? or is it needed to add i386 to the multiarch?21:44
=== add1ct3dd is now known as add1ct3dd|away
aPpYeso no one can tell me the difference between the different versions of kwin?  kwin gles, kwin active gles,  ...21:45
LiNkZoRI've used boot repair on the partition I made, is it safe to use it on the SDA1 or what it's called? I had made a seperate partition just for it21:45
iceroot_aPpYe: #kubuntu #kde21:45
wilee-nileeLiNkZoR, bootrepair has multiple repair possibilities, post the generated url of the bootinfo summary and explain the issues your having.21:46
Dr_WillisLiNkZoR:  you install grub to the mbr of 'sda' normally, not sda121:46
Dr_Willisor sda2 or sda3 :) those are partitions21:46
LiNkZoRhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6034301/ this is the last boot repair I tried21:47
LiNkZoRGrub does not show up doing booting21:47
ServerTechI just installed Ubuntu 13.04 32, but no resolution over 1024x768 is being shown. Using Intel internal graphics adapter, GMA xxx.  How do I get it to support larger resolutions (I know the monitor supports 1280x1024 5:4)21:47
wilee-nileeLiNkZoR, That is uefi I would use the ubuntu forums, grub will not go to the mbr.21:48
LiNkZoRI had made a post on the askubuntu.com , should I post somewhere else?21:49
LiNkZoRIf there's not a convienent way to fix it, I guess I could keep it like this, it's still useable and everything21:50
wilee-nileeLiNkZoR, The ubuntu forums has a mod who specializes in uefi, personally I would go there, here is a thread by them, if you get no help here. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729521:51
Dr_WillisI dont even have a system with UEFI yet. :() so  other then suggesting making sure grub is on the MBR of 'sda' or checking the bios default boot settings. Not sure what else to say21:51
wilee-nileethat uefi is a mystery to me. ;)21:52
LiNkZoRAhh, well thanks alot guys. I'll take a look on the forums/post there, but atleast I can use ubuntu21:53
LiNkZoRdr_willis I tried that, it doesn't show up in the Bios, only OS manager does so grub won't star21:56
clientHello warld21:56
Dr_Willisnot even sure what 'os manager' is - unless its some UEFI specific tool for your machine21:56
clientanybody awake here?21:57
Dr_Willisclient:  no. ;)21:57
clientDr_Willis are you american?21:58
Extreminadorwhy does the mouse and touchpad does not have a option build in to turn off touchpad when a mouse is plug in ?21:58
Extreminador*"mouse and touchpad" menu21:58
clientdo you want to deactivate the mousepad firmware?21:59
clientI would suggest not doing it, but do you?21:59
Dr_Williscould proberly be done so via some udev rules.21:59
LiNkZoRBye, thanks for the help21:59
Dr_Willisbut if they goofed up. you could be with out a touchpad21:59
Extreminadorfirmware client ohhhh21:59
ExtreminadorDr_Willis i did have to downoad a program that do that... and i need to put that program to init22:00
Extreminadorcalled synaptics or something22:00
Dr_Willissynapatics is a brand of touch pad. it may have some config tools in the repos22:01
clientDr_Willis are you american?22:01
Dr_Willisclient:  why does it matter?22:02
clientI need a favour from an american :D22:02
Dr_Willisgood luck with that.22:02
ExtreminadorDr_Willis yup, but my question is why did i had to download the tool... such option should be already exits in ubuntu22:02
Dr_WillisExtreminador:   ask the gnome devs perhaps?22:02
iceroot_Extreminador: because not everyone has a touchpoad so why should it be installed bny default?22:02
Extreminadorlool i am sure they are here somewhere no ?22:03
clientoh u not willing to assist?22:03
Dr_Willisclient:  you are basically offtopic. and being vague. so i suggest asking in #ubuntu-offtopic22:03
clientok thanks mate22:03
Extreminadoriceroot_ i am not left-handed but unbuu have that option for mouse22:04
genii!info gsynaptics22:04
ubottugsynaptics (source: gpointing-device-settings): configuration tool for pointing devices (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.1-6ubuntu2 (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 28 kB22:04
Extreminadoriceroot_ just an example22:04
Dr_Willisa huge 28kB installed. ;)22:04
Dr_Willistheres 1000's of things that 'should be installed by default' ;) but then you end up with a 9+GB iso file.22:05
iceroot_Extreminador: and i want a real editor installed by default but there is no editor installed by default, so thats life and the good thing is you are free to install what you want :)22:05
iceroot_Extreminador: there is no system which fits all needs with 100%22:06
ExtreminadorDr_Willis i understand that but for example ... it has as well an option to deactivate the touchpah when we are writing on keyboard22:06
iceroot_Dr_Willis: the main problems are the dependencies22:06
iceroot_Dr_Willis: it depends on some driver packages and so on, so more then 28kb22:06
* Dr_Willis installs everythibng22:07
Extreminadorhumm thougt that it was only 3 or 4 lines of code for this... but yehh iceroot_ you are right22:07
Extreminadorthere are many mouses tip's22:07
iceroot_and we already face issues with a to big iso, the current isos dont fit on a cd22:08
Dr_Willisthen you got people saying 'im using a dvd to burn it to! so Fill that thing up!'22:08
iceroot_Dr_Willis: and then it will not fit anymore on a dvd :)22:09
Extreminadorand is that such a big issue iceroot_ ?22:09
Dr_WillisThen you got Dual Layer DVD ;)  then Blueray22:09
Dr_Willisnot fitting on a cd - was a HUGE issue when it first happened. had people in here every day complaining about it22:09
iceroot_Extreminador: if you want to use cds, maybe your pc is only able to boot from cd instead of usb, yes22:09
HouseLegendAnyone has some experience and can help me out with setting up 5.1 in Ubuntu 13.04 ?22:10
Extreminadori mean in this days cd are being out dated for example and 500GB hard rives are being as well out of date22:10
Dr_WillisHouseLegend:  from my experience. i just plugged in the speakers..  and played a source/video  that had 5.1 and it worked.22:10
iceroot_Extreminador: and what is the problem about sudo apt-get install packagename?22:10
Extreminadorwell if you know what to look for none22:10
HouseLegendDr_Willis, im getting only my front 2 speakers to work ...22:11
iceroot_Extreminador: there are so many more useful packages which should be installed by default then a mpouse setting thing (vim, screen, openssh-server, gimp)22:11
Dr_WillisI would like to see a 'common extra packages' cd for ubuntu - to help out these people without internet connection22:11
Extreminadorbut if you are new and you don´t know what to look for well...22:11
HouseLegendDr_Willis, just stereo channel22:11
Dr_WillisHouseLegend:  and what sort of sound file are you playing and how are you playing it?22:11
iceroot_Dr_Willis: the dvd version :)22:11
s2013i installed sublime text in ubuntu but i cant seem to find it. it only opens up when i type subl in the terminal22:11
HouseLegendDr_Willis, mp3 with Rythmbox22:11
Dr_WillisHouseLegend:  are you sure the mp3 has 5.1 channels?22:11
s2013how would i find the application and add it to my dock?22:12
HouseLegendDr_Willis sound check and in settings it shows only 2 speakers so ...22:12
iceroot_Extreminador: you are right, its not that easy if you dont know the packagename22:12
iceroot_Extreminador: but sometimes the search function in the software center is not that bad22:12
Dr_Williss2013:  the webupd8 or omgubuntu site. and  I belive askubuntu.com and the sublime forums  - had guides on making a launcher for it.22:12
iceroot_Extreminador: touchpad config for example should be a useful search string22:12
s2013i mean i cant even find the actual app22:12
s2013how do i open it?22:12
Extreminadoriceroot_ very true this ubuntu software center is very nice indeed22:13
peyams2013, what is the issue?22:13
Dr_WillisHouseLegend:  so the system is only showing  stero speakers. Mine showed 5.1 with no setup on my part. but this was a year+ ago.22:13
s2013i cant find the application to open it22:13
peyams2013, opening what?22:13
s2013sublime text22:13
Dr_Williss2013:  id have to refer you to the sublime forums and faq. and docs.22:13
peyamis it a .txt?22:13
s2013just applications in genearl22:13
s2013im new to ubuntu22:13
Dr_Willisits a text editor people seem tobe goofy about22:13
jayari'm getting the error "only root can mount //servername/sharename on /media/sharename" and i've put the credentials stuff in fstab...22:13
s2013how do i open an application?22:14
Dr_Williss2013:  you just said the binary name was 'subl'22:14
s2013or create shortcut in desktop/launcher22:14
HouseLegendDr_Willis, What should i do ... I have no luck setting it up on my own22:14
s2013it works only from terminal22:14
peyams2013, just double click on it? what is ur dist specification?22:14
Dr_Williss2013:  theres numerous guides out there on making launchers.  (13.10 makes it easier)22:14
s2013i cannot find it22:14
peyams2013, do you use ubuntu 13.04?22:14
Dr_Williswhich subl         will show its path22:14
Dr_Willisif thats what you are asking.22:14
=== dduffey is now known as dduffey_afk
s2013the latest one22:15
Dr_Willishas a lot of info on using sublime22:15
Jake__Hey, I'm looking into getting a new USB wireless dongle, can you guys tell me what brands I should avoid due to shit driver support(arthos/brodcom) please?22:15
=== Jake__ is now known as Smrtz
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peyams2013, Im writing to you in private. check it22:17
Impossibleim rying to arball make and install22:17
Impossiblewhy doesnt ./configure work22:17
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  ive bought 3 off amazon. all 3 worked out of the box with no tweaking22:17
Impossiblei am in the directory where extraced22:17
=== visualise is now known as JungleKing
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  i look in the user reviews to see what ones work for linux. Look for reviews by b. bubba  to see my reviews ;)22:17
SmrtzDr_Willis, what were they?22:17
Extreminadorguyw how can i change the desktop visual ... for example to put the menu in the middle down part of the monitor22:17
SmrtzDr_Willis, thanks22:17
Dr_WillisI dont even know if they are still avail. this was last year when i got them.22:18
wilee-nileeSmrtz, The couple I have bought worked out of the box, you can search on amazon with linux and find ones, ubuntu has a certified wiki on them. Sort of a self search endeavor really.22:18
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
roothSorry but I'm clearly not understanding locale, I want to change LC_TIME to sv_SE.UTF-8, overriding my default en_US.UTF-8. I've changed the /etc/default/profile and rebooted but running locale in a TERM still gives me en_US.UTF-8.22:18
SmrtzOk, thanks wilee-nilee22:18
roothhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale  <-- Also read through that page and tried the update-locale command.22:19
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  heres one -> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003MTTJOY/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=122:19
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  i use that one on my Raspberry Pi.22:19
SmrtzDr_Willis, did you just post that to reddit?22:19
roothI've ran locale-gen sv_SE.UTF-8.22:19
Dr_WillisI dont post to reddit22:20
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jayari'm getting the error "only root can mount //servername/sharename on /media/sharename" and i've put the credentials stuff in fstab...22:20
jayarany ideas?22:20
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  heres a second -> my fave ->  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006JWMOOI/ref=oh_details_o00_s02_i02?ie=UTF8&psc=122:20
roothRunning 13.04 64-bit.22:20
SmrtzDr_Willis, I just found this while doing a quick check:  http://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/1l7g4x/recommend_a_usb_wireless_dongle/22:20
jribjayar: what do you do right before getting that error...?22:20
energizerA song is playing and i dont know where its coming from. How do i kill it?22:20
jayarin the file manager, its listed but not mounted, so i click on it to mount it22:20
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  and heres the 3rd one i got.. Its ugly. and really is not that much better then #2 ->  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007M7RP6Q/ref=oh_details_o00_s02_i03?ie=UTF8&psc=122:21
SmrtzDr_Willis, great, thanks for all the help.22:21
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  all 3 of those have worked for me in Ubuntu out of the box. and even worked on my Linux based  Media-Center devices22:21
Dr_Willisthey may all be using the same chipset. Im not sure.22:21
jrib!cifs | jayar22:21
jrib!smb | jayar22:22
ubottujayar: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.22:22
jayari installed cifs22:22
wilee-nileelooks like a satellite in space22:22
jayarand i can mount it manually22:22
jayarit just wont work on boot22:22
Orxata_it's ok if I have Sun's jdk and OpenJDK both at the same machine?22:22
jribjayar: if it relies on the network being up, you might need to specify that22:22
somsipOrxata_: from experience, if you install one, the other will be removed. So you may have to mess about to get both installed, which increases the chance of breaking something22:24
jayarjrib: maybe i can delay the mount?22:25
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  the 2nd one is using this chipset - (i put the info in the review) -> Bus 002 Device 007: ID 148f:3072 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT3072 Wireless Adapter22:25
jribjayar: check out the _netdev option22:25
Orxata_hmm ok22:25
jayarjrib: ok, thnx22:25
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Orxata_thx somsip22:25
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  and it uses the rt2800 module.22:26
=== Guest53828 is now known as Nando
SmrtzDr_Willis, Thanks for all the help.  I'm probobly going to go with the first one so the range is smaller.  That way I can get a proof of concept easier.22:26
Smrtzwithout haveing them need to be super far apart.22:26
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  that micro dongle is only 150 speed however .22:26
=== Clank|Gone is now known as RedefinedClank
Dr_Willisbut for my Pi it dident matter. ;)22:26
fade_hello, under software source>install updates from: i can not check any of the sources to get updates from22:27
fade_any idea how to fix this22:27
HouseLegendI might be annoying or something but im gonna ask again maybe someone who can help me out joined, Does anyone know how can i set up 5.1 in ubuntu 13.04 ?22:27
SmrtzDr_Willis, it's only for a proof of consept for school, so I don't think that'll mater, and it's got to be light, we're putting these on autonomous quadcopters.22:28
wilee-nileefade_, You getting errors, not sure I understand?22:28
wilee-nileefade_, This a live cd?22:29
wilee-nileefade_, which tab is this?22:30
Dr_WillisSmrtz:  that should work then22:30
fade_under software sources, its the update tabe22:30
wilee-nileefade_, Have you run a update yet?22:30
wilee-nileefade_, Take a screenshot and imagebin it.22:31
Extreminadoris it possible to swith from one workspace to another using the mouse ?22:31
wilee-nileeExtreminador, yes, what desktop22:32
Extreminadorwilee-nilee the ubuntu one22:32
wilee-nileefade_, This is not a guest account right, or a net install?22:32
harriswhats the difference between ubuntu for android and ubuntu touch22:33
fade_its not a guest account22:33
wilee-nileeExtreminador, Heh, oh the ubuntu one, you see a panel on the left?22:33
wilee-nileefade_, or a net install?22:33
Extreminadorwilee-nilee but i mean using the mouse and with no click like moving the mouse pointer to the fronteir and push to the other workspace22:33
fade_when i try and check one it ask for root, i enter the password and it still does not check22:33
wilee-nileeExtreminador, I think you would have to tweak compiz if it does.22:34
Extreminadorhumm :(22:35
Extreminadore17 has that and is quite nice...22:35
wilee-nileefade_, Hmm mkine just crashed trying it, I think we have a b ug22:36
wilee-nileeand my gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list was wiped22:37
wilee-nileetime for a reboot22:37
rtt5hi there22:39
RoyK!ask | rtr-22:41
ubotturtr-: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:41
wilee-nileewho was having the software sources problem?22:42
benzrfI have glipper and redshift installed and they work fine, but they don't start up when I log in22:44
Extreminadornot me wilee-nilee, but i am having some issues with toher stuff... in the past 10 min i did send 3 or 4 reports22:44
benzrfhow can I get them to start with my computer?22:45
HouseLegendOk i manged to get 5.1 working, it shows as 5.1 and all speakers work on test, but when i play something it dosn't use my subwoofer .... Any ideas ?22:46
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figure002benzrf: search for the tool Startup Applications, and you can use that to add programs that need to be started at startup22:51
HouseLegendnvm found it22:52
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ccmolikCan anyone in here assist me with creating a pocket in Landscape?23:07
AnonynimityHello I'm having an issue with nautilus. I need some help resolving this issue.23:09
AnonynimityWhenever I go into Downloads, Nautilus automatically closes, but if I go into a different folder, it stays open23:10
AnonynimityIt does this with certain folders, and I cannot determine the cause of this issue.23:10
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, You ever run in root or in a rooted terminal in it?23:10
AnonynimityI have not. The closest thing I've come to root is sudo23:11
hexadysmal'Ello #ubuntu, I have a silly question. How would I go about actively running multiple programs and switching between them in a TTY? Getting a bit tired of having to kill connections just to check on some things.23:11
AnonynimityI will not use sudo -i and I will not use sudo -s23:11
Anonynimityand I have not done so in the past wilee-nilee23:11
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, what does this command show uname -a23:12
ccmolikhexadysmal: screen23:12
ccmolikor tmux23:12
hexadysmalccmolik: Thank you.23:12
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Anonynimitylinux (xxxxx) 3.10.0-6-generic #17-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 26 18:32:36 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux @ Wilee-Nilee23:13
alazyworkaholicIs there any way I can take a screenshot while I'm using a full-screen application that doesn't respond to the "print screen" key? Maybe even dump a frame to a file every 5 seconds?23:14
AnonynimityWilee-Nilee : Running ubuntu 13.04 (raring ringtail)23:15
pendos_Can someone help me figure out why xrandr can't detect my external monitor on my laptop at all? I have an HD intel graphics 4000 graphics card. Thank you!23:15
AnonynimityHave you tried modprobe pendos_23:16
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Try running the stock kernel 3.823:16
Anonynimityhow do I revert to stock kernel?23:16
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, grub boot menu23:16
pendos_I upgraded to 3.10.923:16
AnonynimityRaring has been doing this for quite a while. wilee-nilee and since I did an update and auto-remove, the stock kernel is no longer avaliable.23:16
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Thats the only thing that occurs to me.23:17
Anonynimitybut I'm not about to do a fresh install and lose all my data...23:17
Anonynimityis there another file manager I can use other than dolphin and nautilus?23:17
wilee-nileependos_, What release is this?23:18
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Your not backed up?23:19
Anonynimitybacked up with what?23:19
pendos_Uhm... actually I'm running crunchbang 11, but I thought that maybe any fixes for Ubuntu could also apply to me. everyone on the crunchbang channel is just as baffled as I am.23:19
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, many different ways.23:20
wilee-nileependos_, not supported here.23:20
AnonynimityI have 223 gigs of data on this computer, and no external hard drive....23:20
AnonynimityI don't have any data disks either.23:20
Anonynimityand I'm pretty sure an online backup isn't going to be offered for free with that much data23:20
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Ah, bummer, well things fail, I would be prepared.23:21
IMTheNachoManis vnc + ssh port forwarding the best way to access my machine from the internet? is there nothing better available?23:21
Anonynimityhere's the funny thing wilee-nilee: I took my os from 12.04 LTS to 13.04 Beta testing, (had to do a few minor installs and upgrades)...23:22
Anonynimityafter the update to the final release is when the nautilus started acting up23:23
kabamarohello, i installed yum on my ubuntu23:23
kabamarobut i cannot find any packages when i use it23:23
kabamarolike yum install httpd23:23
kabamaroNo package httpd available.23:23
Orxata_Is there a way to look which packages where installed by source and which by apt-get?23:23
Anonynimitytry adding the yum repos kabamaro.23:23
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, don't advise that23:23
qinkabamaro: yum?23:24
kabamarohow do i do that Anonynimity23:24
wilee-nileekabamaro, yum is fedora that is a mistake23:24
qinkabamaro: what is wrong eith apt?23:24
kabamaroroot@user-Veriton-B02:~# cat /etc/issue23:24
kabamaroUbuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l23:24
AnonynimityI can't help you any further kabamaro.23:24
kabamaroapt is no good23:24
kabamaroim trying apt-get install php23:24
kabamaroit says no packages found23:24
qinkabamaro: apt-get upadate?23:25
Orxata_apt-cache search?23:25
Anonynimityto view installed packages, try using dpkg --get-selections -v | grep install23:26
wilee-nileekabamaro, Lets see if this is correct you have installed yum and your running in root, or have the terminal in root?23:26
qinkabamaro: silly: apt-get install php523:26
wilee-nileethats a bad habit23:27
kabamaroqin thank you sir23:27
kabamarothats what i needed23:27
Anonynimityor you can use aptitude search '? installed ?not(?automatic)'23:27
qinkabamaro: and get rid of yum stuff...23:27
ziadingoHi, i want to do this http://www.hecticgeek.com/2012/10/make-ubuntu-show-remaining-battery-life-as-a-percentage-tip/ but does'nt work :(23:27
SuperGauntletOkay, so right now I'm trying to setup a l2tp VPN and when I connect I get timeouts23:27
SuperGauntletHowever when I had a pptp vpn setup on the same port I did not23:28
RoyKqin: pipe it through perl or someting23:28
SuperGauntletSo I don't believe it's an issue of firewalls23:28
RoyKor sed or awk or python or ....23:28
qinRoyK: me?23:28
kabamarookay now im installing sendmail23:28
kabamaroi installed it23:28
RoyKqin: yes23:28
kabamaroim trying to send an email23:28
kabamaroit says sent23:28
kabamarobut its not sending23:28
FloodBot1kabamaro: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:28
RoyKkabamaro: what does mailq say?23:29
kabamarowhat is mailq?23:29
qinRoyK: not really follow, whatch'yaa mean23:29
RoyKit's a command that shows the mail queue23:29
SuperGauntletDoes anyone have any ideas?23:31
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elvis4526hey guys, im pretty stunned with these benchmarks: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/graphics/openarena/23:32
elvis4526I mean, what the hell how is it possible that you can get an extra of 20 fps approx in some case compared to X ??23:33
SuperGauntletelvis4526: i mean X is pretty bad23:33
=== NOTrotorgeek is now known as rotorgeek
elvis4526SuperGauntlet: Yeah, but it's xmir, so it's still xorg underground. Isn't ?23:33
SuperGauntletI believe it's an xorg compatability layer, though I'm not sure23:34
alazyworkaholicIs there a way to get a screenshot of the desktop remotely through a command line?23:34
=== tricia is now known as Guest64779
SuperGauntletalazyworkaholic: scrot should work23:35
elvis4526Does mir has an irc channel ?23:35
alazyworkaholicSuperGauntlet: thanks, but when I try it says "Can't open X display. It *is* running, yeah?"23:35
SuperGauntletalazyworkaholic: Yeah, not sure23:36
SuperGauntletalazyworkaholic: sorry23:36
alazyworkaholicSuperGauntlet: any way I can tell scrot to get the screenshot from a given display?23:37
SuperGauntletI have no clue, sorry23:37
wilee-nileeelvis4526, music or desktop?23:37
SuperGauntletit might be in the docs23:37
Anonynimityand of course, coffee.23:38
alazyworkaholicOr even just getting it to take pictures every 5 seconds for one minute would work. It has the count feature, but I don't know how to repeat that 20 times.23:38
alazyworkaholiccould a little bash script work?23:38
wilee-nileeelvis4526, I see #mir but its a music channel of some sort, I think there is a channel on the mir addition to ubuntu though ask in #ubuntu+123:39
Anonynimitywilee-nilee know of any free tv apps on ubuntu besides free-tux-tv?23:40
kabamarohow do i send an email?23:41
Anonynimityoh yeah, another issue I'm having is my software center automatically closes on me.23:41
Anonynimitycan anyone help me with software center patch/fix?23:43
kabamaroim trying to install a php mailer on my website, but its not working23:44
kabamarothe php source is fine23:44
kabamarobut its not connecting when i try to submit23:44
kabamaronetwork error23:45
kabamaronot connecting to sendmail23:45
FloodBot1kabamaro: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:45
stayonthehustlekabamaro - have your path setup okay for sendmail?23:45
=== rotorgeek is now known as PreacherRotorgee
kabamaroyes i believe so23:46
=== PreacherRotorgee is now known as rotorgeek
geniikabamaro: What are you using for mail? postfix, exim4, other?23:51
kabamaroi installed postfix23:52
kabamaroit worked fine now23:52
RoyKkabamaro: heh - postfix is wee bit easier to handle ;)23:52
RoyKwhoever got the idea of using stuff like exif and dash for defaults instead of postfix and bash?23:53

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