OvenWerk1knome: turns out Both amps work just fine... which means they have had time to really cool down... Going to have to run them both enough to cycle the temperature.01:03
OvenWerk1way more power than what I was using for monitoring before.01:06
OvenWerk1I can listen in _any_ part of the house I like :P Maybe a bit much01:11
micahgOvenWerk1: is anything needed from me?01:14
OvenWerk1As soon as I push ubuntustudio-icon-theme it can be uploaded, but it is not urgent.01:15
OvenWerk1It does not have to be changed to work with everything, just cleanup01:16
OvenWerk1micahg: it has been pushed, But like I say, it is not urgent.01:17
micahgI'll see if it's easy01:17
micahgdoes -menu have a proper replaces on -icon-theme?01:21
OvenWerk1The icon theme is still uused01:21
OvenWerk1Also the old icons and the new have different names01:21
micahgah, ok01:21
micahgnothing needed then01:22
OvenWerk1micahg: Thank you.01:27
zequenceOvenWerk1: The icon theme only has the CoF now, right? The license should probably be derived from the Ubuntu CoF04:57
zequenceand we still don't know who created the Ubuntu Studio version04:57
zequenceAnd that's only for the CoF04:57
zequenceIf we get more icons, those should have their own license05:00
OvenWerk1zequence: there are two more in there for some applications that don't come with their own (hexter and one of the sound card controlers)05:07
OvenWerk1I have left the copyrights pretty much as is. Scott had labled the COF as cc-sa 2.5. The I put together are the same. The debiam directory has been left as gpl2+. I don't know if that should be changed05:08
OvenWerk1But that was the way it was already listed.05:09
zequenceAh, ok05:22
zequenceOvenWerk1: We should probably create a policy for licenses when it concerns the debian dir05:23
OvenWerk1zequence: I think most of the "debianizing" lic are gpl2+05:31
OvenWerk1But I don't know if the *.deb package is actually licenced or how as a container itself.05:33
OvenWerk1It is supposed to be able to hold packages of various lic, inc, prop.05:33
OvenWerk1It may effectively be PD.05:34
zequenceDon't have the time to check now, but I'd look through here http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/05:34
zequenceWhat's PD? 05:35
OvenWerk1public domain05:35
OvenWerk1It is a standard.05:35
smartboyhwWelcome cub 07:11
cubthank you smartboyhw and good morning. :D07:11
cubI saw that Planet Ubuntu tweeted your blog post07:12
smartboyhwcub, well, if you are an Ubuntu member you can post to Planet Ubuntu07:12
smartboyhw(And I can post to Planet KDE too)07:13
smartboyhwttoine, hello, when can we officially announce the store?07:24
ttoinesmartboyhw, sure07:24
smartboyhwttoine, sure?07:24
ttoinebut it's up to zequence  to take the decision07:24
smartboyhwttoine, OK:)07:24
ttoinenow, he has all the elements07:25
smartboyhwzequence-work, ttoine says the store is ready to be announced07:27
ttoinesmartboyhw, for me it has always been ;-)07:28
smartboyhwSo, should we announce it?07:28
smartboyhwttoine, LOL07:28
cubthere was a discussion about..a week ago? Check the logs07:29
zequence-workI've just been busy the last weeks. Exams, debconf, etc07:30
zequence-workI'll create a page for it within the week07:31
cubhey zequence-work when is the interview today?07:31
zequence-workAt 15.0007:31
cubwear your ubuntu studio t-shirt. ;)07:33
smartboyhwcub, no, wear one with Linux logo:)07:33
smartboyhwttoine, ?07:36
ttoineIt would be nice to wear to Ubuntu Studio stuff07:36
ttoineit will introduce the shop07:36
smartboyhwttoine, I'm afraid the interviewer won't even know what's Ubuntu Studio:P Maybe wear a Linux T-shirt and bring along a mug:P07:37
ttoinesmartboyhw, what kind of interview it is ?07:44
ttoinesmartboyhw, the interviewer will asks what the shirt is about07:44
smartboyhwttoine, Linux job interview:)07:44
ttoinefor a job ??07:44
smartboyhwWell, at least wearing the T-shirt does show zequence-work's Linux geekiness07:45
ttoinebut maybe they don't look for a geek ;-)07:45
smartboyhwttoine, that, I don't know:-)07:45
ttoineat my work, not all developpers are geeks ;-)07:45
ttoinebut most of them eat Java and Linux at breakfast07:46
smartboyhwttoine, eat!>07:46
zequence-workThey are looking for Linux people, and probably they know what Ubuntu is. I find that many do, but they don't often know Ubuntu Studio07:50
zequence-workMusicians who use Ubuntu are usually the ones most likely to know Ubuntu Studio07:51
smartboyhwzequence-work, so, wear a Ubuntu T-shirt?07:51
smartboyhwAnd bring your Ubuntu member cert?07:51
cubTo work for HiQ I think the way to go is shirt and perhaps even a suit.07:52
cuband then have a geeky CV07:52
zequence-workI have my pure data t-shirt on. Suits and shirts will have to wait for later :P07:53
cubzequence-work, I hit a snag with my create-several-test-partitions-project07:58
cubstupid windows already have created 3 primary partitions, Ubuntu Studio 12.04 on the fourth. Doh!07:58
zequence-workcub: Should be enough I think07:58
cubanyone used partimage?07:59
zequence-workjust use logical volumes07:59
zequence-worknot me07:59
cubzequence-work, sadly no. I can't do anything with my free space.07:59
zequence-workNewer partition tables don't have these limitations08:00
zequence-workWould be time to start using those :P08:00
cubI shrinked the windows OS partition and got 100 GB left over. But it's outside of the Ubuntu one08:00
cubzequence-work, how can I do that?08:01
ttoinesmartboyhw, it is an american sentence. If you look at the Pixar movie "Cars", at the beggining, McQueen says "I eat loosers at breakfast" ;-)08:25
ttoineTo work for HiQ I think the way to go is shirt and perhaps even a suit. -> I agree with Cub08:26
ttoineBut what I do know, is calling the company before the interview and ask about the dress code08:27
ttoinezequence, I get my job as a community manager for I put a lot of details on what I do/did for free and open source software on my resume / CV08:28
ttoinedon't forget that this is valuable experience ;-)08:28
ttoinecub, did you tried gparted ? I did something like that previous week on my laptop08:29
ttoinegparted even reconfigure grub08:30
ttoinezequence, ?08:30
cubttoine, I could only find options in gparted to make a copy to another disk. I needed an iso file.08:31
ttoinecub, could you tell me what do you try to do ? sometimes, gparted is a bit tricky, you have to carefully respect steps08:32
cubMy HDD was set in 4 partitions: win-recover, win-boot, win-OS and Ubuntu 12.0408:33
cubI free up 100 GB from the win-os partitino08:33
cubto be able to use it to install saucy. But since there already were 4 primary partitions I couldn't do that. So I wanted to make a copy of the recovery partition in case my burnt dvds go corrupt in the future08:34
cubpartimage seems to have done the job. Well, I have not done a restore test but...08:35
cubNow I'm a bit concerned that I could only make the free 100 GB as a primary partition. I'll see if I can divide it up when installing.08:36
cubperhaps you can't have two Extended partitions..*sigh08:37
smartboyhwttoine, :O09:17
* smartboyhw watched Cars many times and don't know about this09:17
ttoinecub, sure you can09:27
ttoinecub, you don't have any swap ??09:28
ttoinecub, first, delete win partition. It should be free non allocated space. then, move the ubuntu partition at the beginning of the disk. you can do that with gparted, with a live cd/usb (the ubuntu partition must not be mounted)09:29
ttoinethen, the free space will be after the usb partition09:29
ttoineand you will be able to create a new logic partition. you can create up to 3 or 4 primary partitions, including master logical partitions09:30
ttoineonce done, you can create a lot of new partitions in the logical partition09:31
ttoinein gparted, to create logical partition, you must first create a "extended" partition. thats what I called the master logical partition, sorry for the mistake09:31
ttoineI did that last week from a live cd, and it worked great. this is a bit long to apply.09:32
cubttoine, the Ubuntu partition is an extended partition which include three logical partitions: / /home and swap09:41
ttoinecub, ok. exactly like my pc09:45
ttoinethe ubuntu extended partition is before or after the current 100 gb free space ?09:45
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ttoinein gparted, you can move the partition at the beginning of the disk09:47
cubttoine, http://imagebin.org/26887809:47
ttoinedid you take this picture from a live cd, cub ?09:47
cubbut to do that it will move around the data on the win OS partition as well? /dev/sda309:48
cubno that's from inside my 12.04 instllation.09:48
ttoinethat is the proble09:48
cubI'm not trying to change anything yet.09:48
ttoineto move your ubuntu extended partitions, they have to be unmounted. it means you have to use gparted on a live cd09:48
cubbut before I do anything like that I need to confirm whether it will move data on /dev/sda309:49
cubbecause I've read too many storys on the net of gparted screwing up ntfs and win os partitions09:49
ttoinecub, what I would do09:50
ttoineuse the first 14Gb as swap.09:50
ttoinedon't touch ntfs partitions.09:50
ttoinemove ubuntu extended partition next to ntfs ones09:50
ttoinethen, the 100gb are at the end.09:51
ttoineand then, you can add the free space to the extended partition, and create more logical partitions.09:51
ttoineI need to go09:51
cubthat sounds like a plan!09:51
cubthanks. I'll get it running during lunch. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?! :P09:53
ttoinecub, if you don't touch ntfs, all should be right09:56
ttoinethe only wreong stuff is electricity shutdown during the moving process09:56
cubI need to read up on how to tell my US to change swap09:57
ttoinecub, you don't have to do anything13:05
ttoinelinux use swap automatically13:05
ttoineif available13:05
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, do we have any package that's left to be uploaded?13:08
cubaha, I did a swapon anyhow, looked fine. :)13:27
cubit's moving the 250 gig part right now, 3 hours and counting13:27
smartboyhwcub, 3 HOURS?13:28
cubyup and it's not done yet13:28
cubthe disk was full so a lot of things to move13:30
zequencettoine: Yes, I added FLOSS work on my CV, as that's mostly what I have to offer :P14:54
smartboyhwzequence, heh, you are about to have your interview now is it?14:54
zequenceGoing there a second time for a second interview next week14:54
ttoinezequence, well done !14:54
zequenceSo, story is not over yet14:54
zequenceWould be great to get that job14:54
zequenceLet's see next week :)14:55
ttoinezequence, don't forget to check with them that there no problem for them to let you continue to be involved in Ubuntu Studio14:55
zequencettoine: I'm pretty sure that will be fine14:55
zequenceThey run ubuntu over there14:55
zequenceOn many of their machines14:55
ttoinein some case, in your contract it is written that you can't do the same for your hobbies14:55
ttoinezequence, for my job, I had to ask for a written confirmation14:55
zequencehmm, well, they are pretty easy to get along with, so I'm sure it will be fine14:56
zequencebut, that's a good thing to consider14:56
zequenceI'll ask about it next time14:56
ttoinezequence, it is always better to check that before beginning the job14:56
ttoineif for any reason your boss come to you and say there is a problem, having a document is better than nothing14:57
OvenWerk1smartboyhw: I have had all the uploads done I need. I am just waiting for them to get into the wild.14:57
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, good:)14:57
smartboyhwThat's better than Xubuntu currently:P14:57
OvenWerk14 uploads :)14:58
zequenceI'll do that :). Now, time to go cycling. About 80km today :P14:58
ttoineOvenWerk1, I hope it will not be blocked by a spring river14:58
OvenWerk1some of xubuntu's stuff will affect us I think. catfish is waiting to go.14:58
smartboyhwzequence, STAY for vUDS please;P14:58
smartboyhwOvenWerk1, micahg will be doing uploads today I heard14:59
OvenWerk1thas the plan.14:59
zequencesmartboyhw: What do you mean? Which vUDS? This one?14:59
smartboyhwzequence, this one14:59
zequenceWe don't have any sessions planned14:59
zequenceI personally don't know of anything that would be important for us at this time15:00
smartboyhwzequence, testing?15:00
zequenceHowever, I think we should do a proper meeting with all our members around next vUDS, and preferably do a session out of it15:00
zequence14.04 just has to be great. That's all I'm thinking about right now :)15:01
smartboyhwzequence, :)15:01
zequenceOvenWerk1 has done a lot of great work for 13.10, so much credit to him. It really has moved things forward a bit15:02
zequenceAnd of course, everything else. We shouldn't forget the webshop either, done by ttoine 15:02
OvenWerk1Just having more people interested in contributing is a big plus.15:03
smartboyhwzequence, you can write a memoir:P15:03
smartboyhw(On your blog ofc)15:03
zequenceI've been really busy just moving forward in my personal life, that it has been hard for me to do any proper work for a while. I've done a lot of stuff, but not much that shows15:04
smartboyhwWell, OvenWerk1 is the certain person we should clap clap on15:04
zequenceWe need to reorganize our planning, blueprints, teams and projects a bit15:05
smartboyhwzequence, how are you planning to?15:05
smartboyhwWe almost do that every cycle:P15:05
zequenceWell, I based the planning on previous work. This year will be different15:06
zequenceDocumentation needs a bit of push, and we need to hunt for more contributors again15:06
zequenceI only got full control of all projects and groups quite recently15:06
zequenceNext step is to make sure at least one more person has that too15:07
smartboyhwzequence, I recommend OvenWerk1 15:07
zequenceYes, he is the obvious choice15:07
smartboyhwzequence, Google doesn't allow me to join vUDS Hangouts because I'm under 18...15:10
zequenceThat's pretty silly15:11
smartboyhwzequence, +115:11
* smartboyhw writes an complaint letter to Google about this15:11
zequenceIt will probably be read by an Android too15:12
zequenceOk, gotta go. bb this evening for a bit, and then tomorrow again. I might have some time to work tomorrow15:12
smartboyhwzequence, http://smartboyhwubuntu.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/google-please-let-me-join-vuds/15:26

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