caodepalhahi everyone1 is anyone using the gnome desktop enviroment with ubuntustudio?01:59
holsteinno.. but there should be no issues with it caodepalha02:00
holsteinwhat would i do? get minimal, or main ubuntu.. get gnome running.. add what meta-packages or just plain audio/video packages i want02:00
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:00
caodepalhaso it is safe to install it in ubuntustudio then'02:02
holsteincaodepalha: as i said, it should work fine.. there is nothing that will "break", AFAIK02:02
caodepalhathank you :)02:02
holsteincaodepalha: i also explained how i personally would go about doing it02:02
holsteinbut, if you just want to install ubuntustudio and add gnome, you should be able to keep XFCE and ubuntustudio-desktop, and just choose gnome at login.. unless you switch to gdm, then, it'll look different there as well02:03
holsteincaodepalha: you will want to be cautious about adding PPA's..02:04
caodepalhai'm installing it via terminal02:06
holsteincaodepalha: its pretty irrelevant the method by which you obtain the packages.. but, if you use an unsupported source, such as PPA, you'll want to be cautious02:06
caodepalhaok why?02:07
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:08
holsteincaodepalha: since you referenced "safe" above02:08
OvenWerk1holstein: So far as I know, The only thing to watch for is that the machine can run The gnome session at all.02:14
holsteinOvenWerk1: thats true02:14
OvenWerk1Might be best to at least try the ubuntugnome ISO live first02:14
holsteini should have said, its a 3d desktop.. i assumed that was known..02:14
holsteinand shouldnt have02:15
OvenWerk1So long as the DE works on the hardware there is no problem with any of the studio SW, zequence runs the debian version.\02:15
maxvaliantciao a tutti sono nuovo di linux, come posso installare office?10:18
smartboyhwmaxvaliant, ?10:20
smartboyhw!it | maxvaliant10:20
ubottumaxvaliant: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:20
maxvaliantok grazie e....ciao10:22
kiki__i have a small problem. when not using jack, if i play a game trough wine, and i have skype making a call, the audio is "scratchy" how can i fix it?15:19
Sakrecoerhi all! :)17:24
Sakrecoerrecently, many freinds have come to see me and ask to install ubuntustudio on their machines...17:25
studio-user321<Sakrecoer> and thn u did help!17:26
Sakrecoermost of them come and see me with older machines. because they want to try first... before they sort of "convert" on their production machines ....  i am thinking about having a partition on my HD, where i can boot up a system that would deliver installations to other machines thru LAN-boot.17:28
Sakrecoercould any one here point me to a how-to set up something like that?17:28
SakrecoerLAN-boot installation seems to be pretty faster than USB. Not to mention that on some older machines LAN is the easiest way to get anythin on there. (in example when bios can't boot on USB, or no floppy disks available etc)17:30
studio-user321Hi Sakrecoer i am new to linux! and now i am installing to ubuntu studio to my laptop toshiba17:31
studio-user321i do not know more about ubuntu but i think so that you can install ubuntu from LAN.17:33
Sakrecoerthanks for answering studio-user321 :) yes i'm 98% sure it's possible with all ubuntu distro... i'm just having a hard time finding out how to proceed... so thought i might check here if anyone had a link to detailed documentation17:42
OvenWerk1Sakrecoer: hang around till zequence gets home and ask again17:43
OvenWerk1I think he has better experience than most17:43
studio-user321<Sakrecoer> You can try googling!17:46
Sakrecoerthanks guys! hehe studio-user321: you are so right! even thou i prefer searching the internet, over googling it <3 i have searched for it, but not really found the answers i need, or perhaps just not the ones i expect??... thanks alot anyways! :)17:48
studio-user321You're welcome.17:49
zequenceSakrecoer: It's possible to install both from network and from a partition on the HD18:32
zequenceIn the first case you need to set up a server which has the proper installation files in it. The Debian wiki has some docs on different way to achieve that18:33
zequenceThe second case means you need to set up GRUB to boot an installer on the HD18:33
zequenceSakrecoer: Did you try installing from a usb stick?18:33
SakrecoerHi zequence! good to read you!18:33
Sakrecoerit's the network case i am interested in :)18:34
Sakrecoeryes yes! every works fine!18:34
zequenceI've only done it once myself18:34
zequenceSo, I don't remember the details18:34
Sakrecoeri just need to boot from LAN from a machine that has no floppy, no CD-rom and no bootable usb...18:34
zequenceYou could also put the stuff on the HD. That's the easiest way18:34
Sakrecoeroh really...?18:35
zequenceThere are two variants. One where you install over the entire HD. And one where you don't install over the installers partition18:35
Sakrecoerbut then, do i transfer it to the target machine via LAN?18:35
Sakrecoeror do you mean, like, physicaly mounting the disk in the target machine?18:36
zequenceThe target machine needs to have GRUB already18:36
Sakrecoereven if i boot it over LAN?18:36
zequenceYou download the right files, and manually set GRUB to boot from it18:36
zequenceYou don't use LAn18:36
zequencejust one machine18:36
zequenceShort of time, but I'll be back18:36
Sakrecoeryes, but i don't want to have to physicaly unmount the HD and then put it back in the target machine...18:37
Sakrecoerno worries!18:37
Sakrecoeri'll keep you posted if i find something on my own ;)18:37
Sakrecoeri need to set up that server for my purpose...18:38
Sakrecoerthanks zequence! i was stuck on the word LAN....18:45
Sakrecoer"network boot" got me to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot18:45
Sakrecoerwhich is exactly what i need!18:45
studio-user143hello . may i get some help please20:10
OvenWerk1  If you report your problem, perhaps the most qualified person will resond when they see it :)20:12
studio-user143in fact , i setup ubuntu studio r8 nww20:14
studio-user143but 2 h left and it hasn't finish yet20:14
OvenWerk1Did you set it to download updates as it installs? Is there network activity?\20:16
studio-user143now it's saying >>>> installing system >>> since 15 min till nw20:16
studio-user143processing triggers for update notifier20:17
OvenWerk1Ok, the thing to remember is that studio is more than twice the size of the next biggest ISO20:17
studio-user143u mean to let it take it's time .. there is no problem r8 ?20:18
OvenWerk1So long as there is activity it should be ok.20:19
studio-user143ancyanother thing appeared it says : error power management descrepancy20:20
OvenWerk1When I was testing, I always installed from the live session so I could monitor /var/log/syslog20:20
OvenWerk1 Has the installer stopped though?20:21
OvenWerk1 Did you get a dialog box?20:21
studio-user143no no just appeard in the black area below the slideshow20:21
OvenWerk1Could be a hardware thing where the system doesn't quite know what to do with your HW20:22
studio-user143i wanna let you knw that i own HP probook which came with  ubuntu . it supports ubuntu how could it be ? won't the laptop work well so ?20:23
OvenWerk1It may not be able to enter a sleep mode or some such.20:23
OvenWerk1I can't answer that. I would assume it came with vanilla or ubuntu desktop?20:24
OvenWerk1It may be an xfce thing.20:24
studio-user143it's the power management >> the sticker on my laptop says : SUSE Linux enterprise & ubuntu desktop 1120:25
OvenWerk1I would wait till install is complete and see what works or doesn't.20:26
studio-user143no changes in the activity area it stopped viewing the error20:26
OvenWerk1OK is there hd activity or network activity?20:27
OvenWerk1Are you connected via wireless?20:28
* OvenWerk1 guesses your network is fine as you are talking here..\20:28
studio-user143yes i talk to u using the laptop r8 nw >>> hd : i don't know >>>> i use wired connection20:28
studio-user143i am here amigo20:38
OvenWerk1S where are things now?20:40
studio-user143the same20:41
studio-user143showing the error20:41
OvenWerk1Did you check your downloaded ISO against the checksum by chance?20:42
studio-user143i chose the check desk this morning and told me it's ok >> n errors20:42
studio-user143no it isn't good > the installation made me crazy hhhhhh > i really don't know what to do20:44
OvenWerk1Ya, it is hard to know. I would try again while watching the log. It may give you more info.20:49
OvenWerk1If you boot to the live session and open a terminal20:49
OvenWerk1 you can type in:20:50
OvenWerk1less /var/log/syslog20:50
studio-user143where should i type this log please20:50
OvenWerk1when it comes up enter a F (yes capital) and it will follow the end of the logfile20:50
OvenWerk1In the menu there is a terminal in the first 4 items at the top (can't remomer which right now)20:51
OvenWerk1you should be able to look at that log now I guess.20:52
OvenWerk1If you start less /var/log/syslog and then type > it will go to the end and you can page up to see if there are any helpful entries20:53
studio-user143there is nothing in the top of the screen > just i can see the slide show & the activity area > nothing more is in front of me20:53
studio-user143with windows language >>> the is no task bar20:54
OvenWerk1Ok, I am wondering how you managed to start the chat, must be a link from the slide show then.20:57
studio-user143aha u r r820:57
OvenWerk1So you chose install from the boot screen then, ok20:58
OvenWerk1Easiest to try again but choose the try ubuntustudio option at boot .. the top choice20:59
OvenWerk1It leaves you with more options20:59
studio-user143ok . you mean exit > shut down the laptop forcely >> damage the HHD >>> wait 2 more hours >>>> face the same error >>>> u mean all of this r8 >21:01
OvenWerk1ctrl/alt/F1 should give you a prompt sudo shutdown21:03
OvenWerk1I'm not there, it is hard to know what questions to ask.21:04
studio-user143give me an instructions to the best installation way21:04
studio-user143i have the DVD and the laptop nw what ?21:05
studio-user143believe it or not21:05
studio-user143a dialoge box appeared21:05
studio-user143installation complete21:05
OvenWerk1It should let you reboot then21:05
studio-user143if this successsed i will make a post for u on my page on FB >>> i am the 3rd DJ in egypt by the way21:06
OvenWerk1I normally start the install and walk away21:06
OvenWerk1video or audio only?21:06
OvenWerk1mixxx or idjc?21:07
studio-user143i work for MANOVIN records & Pause studios21:07
OvenWerk1Or something lese?21:07
studio-user143i use traktor >>> using wine21:07
studio-user143i can't wait21:07
studio-user143i will reboot21:08
OvenWerk1ok C U in a bit21:08
HouseLegendHello can anyone help me set up 5.1 in ubuntu 13.04 ?21:35
HouseLegendi have trouble21:35
OvenWerk1I think, in the menu in multi-media playback there is the pulse audio volume control.21:42
OvenWerk1on the config tab (last one) there should be a pull down for your card. (internal I would guess)21:43
OvenWerk1It defaults to stereo, change it to 5.1. If it is like mine, I think you have to have something plugged into it first so the system knows you have enough outputs.21:45
OvenWerk1plug sensing and all that.21:45
HouseLegendAnyone can help me out with 5.1 surround in ubuntu 13.04 ?22:09
OvenWerk1 I think, in the menu in multi-media playback there is the22:13
OvenWerk1                   pulse audio volume control.22:13
OvenWerk114:43 -!- wilee-nilee [~Carnac@unaffiliated/fyodorovna] has joined #ubuntustudio22:13
OvenWerk114:43 < OvenWerk1> on the config tab (last one) there should be a pull down for22:13
OvenWerk1                   your card. (internal I would guess)22:13
OvenWerk114:45 < OvenWerk1> It defaults to stereo, change it to 5.1. If it is like mine,22:13
OvenWerk1                   I think you have to have something plugged into it first so22:13
OvenWerk1                   the system knows you have enough outputs.22:13
OvenWerk114:45 < OvenWerk1> plug sensing and all that.22:13
OvenWerk1HouseLegend: Have you tried that ^^^22:13
wilee-nileeOvenWerk1, Why are you posting what is already available.22:20
HouseLegendmulti-medi aplayback ?22:23
HouseLegendI cant find that22:24
HouseLegendOvenWerk1, if you have a sec to help me out22:24

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