bluesabrepidgin uses a system tray icon, enable it from preferences00:02
bluesabreochosi: yay for gtk3 panel stuffs!00:03
bluesabreknome: xubuntu-icon-theme now builds correctly in the daily ppa00:20
knomei'm officially away, but thanks00:21
knomewhy does twitter have to lag so much00:22
bluesabremicahg: trying to get mugshot into debian, but the ITP is taking forever, do you thik you could get it into ubuntu if I create a bug with the source.changes file?  Only asking since FF is tomorrow09:45
smartboyhwbluesabre, FF is the day after tomorrow, to be exact09:46
bluesabrestill, getting a bit close for comfort :)09:46
bluesabresince debian sponsorship is unlikely to happen within 24 hours09:47
smartboyhwbluesabre, well, then you should get it into Ubuntu first09:52
bluesabreyup, hence why I am pinging micahg :D09:53
bluesabreknome, micahg: https://code.launchpad.net/~smd-seandavis/xubuntu-default-settings/keyboard-shortcuts/+merge/18235210:56
bluesabrethe above merge adds additional keyboard shortcuts for hardware keys10:56
bluesabremicahg: updated https://code.launchpad.net/~smd-seandavis/xubuntu-default-settings/lightdm-gtk-greeter-updates/+merge/17795910:56
knomemicahg, i'm just reminding you that FF is on the day after tomorrow10:57
knomemicahg, want to make sure you either upload stuff that's pending or tell you can't, so we can look for other people to upload for us10:57
micahgknome: I plan on spending a few hours tonight sorting things out and uploading13:07
knomemicahg, great to hear that :)13:07
ochosimicahg: awesome!13:08
ali1234i heard there's a way to make gtk3 indicators work in xfce? I'd like to help testing this as it's the main reason i'm using gnome fallback instead of xubuntu right now17:32
ochosiali1234: you need to build a few things from source17:47
ochosiif you PM me your email address i can send you the instructions i wrote up17:48
ali1234no problem, sent17:48
ochosiok, might take a few mins...17:48
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ali1234ochosi: this is building xfce-panel against gtk3 method, right?18:07
ochosithe panel itself will remain gtk2, but it will accept both gtk2 and gtk3 plugins18:08
ali1234is it necessary to uninstall the distro packages for each thing i build, or does /usr/local auto-override?18:10
ochosithe latter18:12
ochosi/usr/local has the advantage of letting you uninstall things in a clean way again18:12
ochosibut not all plugins might show up, only internal ones and ones you install (or symlink) there18:13
ali1234is that why indicator-plugin is rebuilt, or is there some patch which is required in it?18:20
ochosiindicator-plugin doesn't support gtk3 by default18:21
ochosiand it didn't at all before the 1.0 release iirc18:21
ali1234ah yes, i see where the gtk3 branch was merged18:21
GridCubeknome, :) remember to update the website to add the desktop of the week and inform pleia2 when you do so she can socialmedialize it P:18:34
ali1234ochosi: does indicator-plugin need autogen.sh --enable-gtk3?18:34
Unit193knome: I don't think mich or puit (don't remember which) was thinking if we didn't land .12 in Saucy, they didn't think there was enough testing for T, or am I mistaken?18:35
ochosiali1234: nope, otherwise i'd have added that ;)18:35
ali1234ok, just checking :)18:35
knomeGridCube, ta.18:35
ochosiali1234: sure, i almost expected that because it's the only component that doesn't need that18:35
knomeUnit193, i disagree with them though.18:35
ali1234i'm wondering what it would take to get this in a ppa18:35
ochosiali1234: someone who has time to do the packaging...18:42
knomeali1234, right19:57
ali1234ok, so given that the sound indicator works correctly on ubuntu, what do i report the bug against?19:59
knomeali1234, also, http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/#testing19:59
ali1234lol, the @finding the right package@ looks like a link, bt isn't20:01
knomehow so?20:01
knomeit is.20:01
knomelinks to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage20:02
ali1234not here. here it's just orange underlined text20:02
knomeright, on the tracker20:02
knomeali1234, the tracker bug is fixed. recheck.20:04
ali1234however, this bug is xubuntu specific20:04
knomethen tell it's xubuntu-specific20:04
ali1234sure. which package do i report it against though?20:05
knomei'd say sound-indicator, and you can also mark xfce4-panel as affected by the bug20:05
ali1234it's going to be indicator-sound-gtk2 right? since i haven't installed the gtk3 stuff yet20:05
knomei assume that's correct20:06
knomealso check if there isn't a bug already20:06
knomethat bug is known, but i don't know if it is reported20:06
ali1234i've reported similar bugs on previous releases20:06
ali1234just looking for them20:07
knomeit's possible it'll be broken for 13.10, but we are looking for a solution or other at least for 14.0420:07
ali1234is it specifically caused by the gtk2 indicator being old and broken?20:08
ali1234if not, i can't really understand why it doesn't work20:08
knomeother people are more qualified to answer that question than me20:10
Unit193Can't we say "API compatibility problems" and pretend to know and sound smart?  (No, I don't  know either, but as releases go, it tends to get less and less usable/breaking more and more.)20:12
knomeit is something like that.20:12
ali1234well at least that muting bug is fixed20:13
ali1234(the last one i reported)20:13
ali1234wow gimp is in the livecd. this makes me happy for some reason20:15
ali1234done, bug 121756620:17
ubottubug 1217566 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "Sound indicator menu is empty on Xubuntu daily live image" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121756620:17
knomeali1234, and did you link that to a ISO testing report?20:17
ali1234no, because i have no idea how to make one of those20:17
ali1234i can;t actually do extensive testing with the iso because nouveau hangs my computer after about 10 minutes of use20:19
ali1234yes, it's a known bug20:19
knomeali1234, i can go through it with you if you have time20:20
ali1234i'm not going to be testing the iso regularly. i'm just going to install it and use it normally20:21
knomeali1234, would be very helpful if you could install even once per milestone and report results20:22
knomeand worth your and our time20:22
knomejust filing bugs is good, but it would be much more useful if they were reported along with an ISO test20:22
ali1234ok then, what do i have to do?20:23
ali1234i've done checkbox testing before20:23
knomelet me grab my mouse and the power adapter, then finish a mail (few mins), and i'll be with you. ok?20:23
ali1234they complained i took the instructions too literally :P20:23
ali1234no problem. if i disappear my computer froze and i'll be back20:25
knomeali1234, i assume you have a launchpad account20:35
ali1234ok, i'm logged in and at the section for xubuntu live image20:35
ali1234yeah :)20:35
knomeso yes, select a milestone, then select a xubuntu product (amd64 or i386), then any test you wish to run20:36
ali1234so i see "add a test result"20:36
knomeafter you've selected that, you'll be directed a page such as this: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/270/builds/52205/testcases/1301/results20:36
ali1234yeah i'm on that exact page :)20:36
knomeif you click on the "testcase" text, you should see complete instructions on running the test20:37
knomethe instructions are long, but basically running through the installation20:37
knomeand telling you what you should expect to happen20:37
ali1234they're short for the live image, actually, they just say "test everything"20:37
ali1234"All applications should function without error"20:37
knomemhm, right20:37
knomethat's correct20:37
knomealso note that there's the download information links20:38
knomeso you should always be running the latest ISO20:38
ali1234well i downloaded this iso about 2 hours ago20:38
knomeapart from milestones, those are rebuilt daily, so it's good to double-check20:38
ali1234but not from that link. how can i check i'm on the right one?20:38
knometry zsyncing20:38
ali1234...i'm on a live image20:38
knomeif you run the zsync command in the directory you have the ISO, it'll make sure you have the latest version20:39
knomeif not, it'll download the missing parts for you20:39
Unit193ali1234: What's head /etc/apt/sources.list say?20:39
ali1234Xubuntu 13.10 _Saucy Salamander_ - Alpha amd64 (20130827)20:40
knomeali1234, on the testcase page itself, you can also see the "bugs to look for" list, which is basically bugs that others have reported against the same test - doesn't hurt to quickly go through them to know what you might be seeing20:40
knomeali1234, and on the bottom of the page, the "add a test result" form to send the results20:41
ali1234knome: are those bugs from this version, or from previous versions? should i try to reproduce and report if they're still present?20:41
knomeali1234, if you don't have a hw profile url, you can just type your specs in the comment field20:41
knomethey are for this milestone, afaik20:42
ali1234how do i get a hw profile?20:42
knomeali1234, so yes, if you have the time, you should try to reproduce20:42
knomeali1234, that's basically just any URL that has your hardware information. i think there has been some unified way to do that, let me find the link...20:42
knomeali1234, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/HardwareProfile20:43
ali1234i think i might have one... i from the checkbox tests?20:43
knomeali1234, sounds correct20:43
ali1234hmm ... i do, but i'm no sure if it is up to date20:44
ali1234however, i see submissions under my fingerprint from that bug i just reported, so presumably it's the same20:45
ali1234hmm wait that can't be right20:45
knomeali1234, as i said, basically any link with your hardware specs will do, but we don't mind if you do it the way specified in the wikipage20:45
skellatLP Bug 1217566 updated20:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1217566 indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120820420:47
knomeskellat, thanks20:47
ali1234this bug is already attached to the iso tracker20:48
skellatYep, and now it shows up as a duplicate which means dragging in the original which has about 5 duplicates20:48
knomeali1234, no problem. descriptions can be upgraded and bugs marked duplicates. the ISO tracker can handle that.20:48
ali1234yeah, just saying. do you still want me to do a report?20:49
knomeali1234, any ISO report helps, and even if the bug is filed, yes, you definitely should still list it20:49
ali1234ok. i reported a dupe of this nm-applet bug too20:49
knomeali1234, we don't want "unique" reports, we want reports of what you got.20:50
ali1234knome: can i edit the report after submitting it to add more bugs?21:06
NoskcajI've fakesynced the latest version of cellmodem plugin, can someone tell me what i did wrong? https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/saucy/xfce4-cellmodem-plugin/fakesync/+merge/18250321:09
knomeali1234, yep.21:13
knomeali1234, but make sure they are something that actually happened during that test, with that exact image.21:16
ali1234ok, report sent21:26
ali1234i'm rebooting into the installed image now, brb21:26
ochosiwii ali1234 22:51
ochosisry, missed a / :)22:52
ochosiyou reported that orion bug right?22:52
ali1234two, actually :P22:52
ali1234but yes, that's me22:52
ochosii only received a notification of the window-borders bug :)22:53
ochosiali1234: could you do a quick test for me?22:53
ochosijust to see whether the issue will be fixed in the next upload22:54
ochosicould you download and extract https://github.com/shimmerproject/Orion/archive/master.zip to ~/.themes ?22:55
ochosi(if the dir doesn't exist, just create it)22:55
ochosithen switch gtk theme and window-manager theme to something else, and then back to Orion22:56
ochosi(close any gtk3 apps you might have open)22:56
ochosithen re-check both bugs22:56
ali1234that doesn't seem to have made any difference at all22:57
ochosicould you additionaly "sudo rm -r /usr/share/themes/Orion" just in case?22:57
ochosior move it to a different dir22:57
ali1234i'll move it somewhere safe, but yeah22:57
ochosiactually if you haven't renamed Orion-master to Orion...22:58
ali1234wait, i messed this up22:58
ochosithen you'll obviously have to change your theme to Orion-master :}22:58
ali1234yes, it does indeed show as a different theme22:58
ochosithat's fine to22:59
ali1234window borders are fixed22:59
ochosino need to touch the other part then22:59
ali1234and the gtk3 menus are fixed too :)22:59
ochosithat's what i hoped/expected ;)22:59
ali1234thanks :)23:00
ochosiwell thank you for both the bugreports and the immediate testing!23:01
ali1234no, thank you - that's the fastest bug fix i've ever seen23:01
ali1234(maybe it was already fixed, it's still the fastest response)23:02
ochosigood to hear :)23:02
ali1234i've got another one for you, shimmer-wallpapers this time23:08
ali1234when it's installed, desktop settings takes *ages* to open, i think it's because of the svgs23:09
ochosihmyeah, there's a new xfdesktop release that should fix that, but i'm afraid we won't get it into this release as there are many things pending and not enough uploaders23:10
ali1234is there a reason why xfce ignored /usr/share/background except for the xfce directory?23:12
bluesabremicahg: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/catfish/+bug/121761523:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1217615 in catfish (Ubuntu) "Please update catfish on saucy to 0.8.1" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:13
bluesabreJust fixed the latest bug, that should take care of things for a while there23:14
ochosiali1234: yeah, the whole wallpaper handling is changed in the update to xfdesktop, the current version sucks in many aspects (sorry)23:17
micahgbluesabre: ok, will do tonight23:42
micahgbluesabre: I'll take care of xubuntu-default-settings as well23:42
ochosimicahg: gmusicbrowser, gtk-theme-config?23:43
ochosioh, and thoughts on my lengthy email? :)23:43
bluesabremicahg: I'm working on getting mugshot on mentors, when I fix the lintian bugs, would you be interested in directly uploading it to ubuntu?23:44
micahgbluesabre: yeah, maybe, I need to talk to -release about that23:44
micahgochosi: gmusicbrowser, yes, gtk-theme-config I'll work out something with -release23:44
bluesabrethanks micahg23:47
ochosimicahg: thanks, gotta go sleep now23:49
ochosimicahg: and just as a teaser, here's the gtk3 messaging menu in my gtk2 panel: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-08282013-015009am.php23:50

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