Silver_A1rowAnybody there and know why mixer is borked?00:11
Silver_A1rowpulseaudio volume control doesn't see any of my sound hardware either, only 'dummy output'00:18
jazzdude00021Question for anyone out there: I'd like to make a bootable DVD with a browser and not much else on it to run on a few of my school's old laptops. Is remastersys the best way to go for creating that image or is there another software that works?00:19
Silver_A1rowLive DVD of xubuntu have too much stuff on it?00:20
Silver_A1rowWell, I think there is too much junk on there myself, they had to abandon cd's00:22
jazzdude00021a little... I'd like them to boot it without getting an install prompt...00:22
Silver_A1rowsoftware center, bleh :P00:22
=== Silver_A1row is now known as Silver_Arrow
Silver_ArrowDerpy client, I just noticed that00:23
jazzdude00021and the terminal is root so they could /hypothetically/ install stuff to any existing writable medium00:23
jazzdude00021Is there a live dvd that doesn't install that I just missed when looking over the Xubuntu webpage?00:24
Silver_ArrowDoubt it00:24
jazzdude00021I guess I'll use remastersys unless there's a better option...00:25
Silver_Arrowthe only live cd I know of off the top of my head that doesn't install anything is g-parted live, and it wipes entire hard disks00:25
Silver_Arrowoh, make sure you take g-parted off of the live dvd too00:25
jazzdude00021Will do... though the HD in the laptops will be wiped anyway so there's not much they could do with it00:26
jazzdude00021at least nothing I couldn't undo by runing G-parted :-)00:27
Silver_Arrowlemme guess, shipped with windows 8? :300:27
jazzdude00021Nope... these are old.. .shipped with XP or in some cases Vista00:28
jazzdude00021just trying to breathe new life into them00:28
Silver_Arrowah, I have an older laptop with xp pro I made into a dual boot00:28
jazzdude00021give our students basic internet access, nothing more... Basically make a Chromebook out of old hardware gathering dust in the closet00:29
Silver_Arrowwhen I tried using the xp much I had to upgrade the ram in it00:29
Silver_ArrowIs it possible for a kernel to have a memmory leak?00:29
[0gb_us]Do I need any extra software for a game controller to work in Xubuntu?00:40
[0gb_us]Never mind. It seems the controller wasn't working due to some issue in some of the games I tested it in. Also, if anyone out there is considering getting a game controller, I'd recommend one with a joystick. Many of these games assume there is a joystick, and won't allow movement by arrow buttons.01:19
aj_Hey folks, I have a couple questions regarding my graphics on xubuntu 13.04.  I have sandy bridge. when I do lspci -v and look under the VGA controller for the Intel GPU, it's listed and it says the kernel driver in use is the i915.  When I do lsmod, I see for video, it has two modules loaded -- i915, nouveau.  Same thing goes for drm, two modules - i915 and nouveau.  Is this normal?02:08
xubuntu790I need help!03:05
xubuntu790Help someone?03:05
nerdtronxubuntu790 what help do you need?03:47
liyuceHello, I'm running xubuntu 13.04 on my computer, but I've faced a problem about this program: http://lovebizhi.com/linux_deb05:14
liyuceqrc:/UI/image.qml:143: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: myimage05:14
liyuceqrc:/UI/image.qml:119: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: myimage05:14
liyuceqrc:/UI/DetailForm.qml:88: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: tagsmodel05:14
liyuceqrc:/UI/DetailForm.qml:56: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: kvmodel05:14
liyuceqrc:/UI/DetailForm.qml:39: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: detailtitle05:14
liyuceqrc:/UI/imagelist.qml:10: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: datamodel05:14
liyuceSegmentation fault05:14
Unit193Contact the author, and please put pastes in pastebin.com05:18
liyuceI dont05:26
liyuceI don't know what the different between 13.04 and 12.04, because I can successfully run it on 12.04, so I'm asking here~05:27
liyuceAnyway, thanks for your reply~05:29
xubuntu329hello xubundu friends05:50
xubuntu329can someone help me how to connect my xubundu machine on a domain controller network on windows server 2003?05:51
xubuntu329the best help for me will be a guide for noods (if there is any)05:52
xubuntu329can someone help me how to connect my xubundu machine on a domain controller network on windows server 2003?06:08
Unit193Well, I think you can use centrifydc, no?  It's in the partner repos.06:10
ubottuYou can learn more about ActiveDirectory intergration at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto06:10
xubuntu329i give a try to this link06:12
xubuntu329thank you ubottu06:12
xubuntu329what is partner repos?06:12
xubuntu329Unit193 i suppose centrifydc is a program for xubundu?06:13
Unit193Yeah, more or less.06:13
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »06:13
xubuntu329i forgot to tell you that i'm noob06:13
xubuntu329oh , i see.... every thing on terminal! :P06:14
xubuntu329i'll give a try on that too06:14
xubuntu329thank you06:14
Unit193You can also open software sources, but so much easier to tell you to copy and paste. :P06:14
xubuntu329so i'll copy-paste this on my terminal and .... ?06:15
xubuntu329thank you guys for your help06:28
flaviuscorheiHello. Using my phone to ask questions... I installed 12.04 and could not use qualcomm 3g modem. Please help. Thx08:32
flaviuscorheiRemote area. No access to high speed net08:34
cubflaviuscorhei, I was hoping there was some information already in the ubottu, but it wasn't.08:36
flaviuscorheiI checked net and came here. Thx.08:37
flaviuscorheiI am not t total newbie.08:37
flaviuscorheiCan u help pls?08:37
flaviuscorheiLsusb id i have. Bus1 dev508:38
cubNo I have no experience of qualcom.08:38
flaviuscorheiThx cub. Can you suggest whrre to look ?08:39
cubNo hang around here and someone else might help you.08:42
flaviuscorheiHello. Anyone can help with qualcomm 3g usb ! Yhx.09:37
timbermaniacHey guys. My network manager (connection info) shows the correct DNS server entries, yet whenever I run dig or even try to resolve in Firefox, it's not using these servers. Looks to only be using root servers. Any clue?09:50
flavcorHello. Anyone familiar with 3g quallcom usb modem? Does not work. Thanks10:53
xubuntu265How can i use a new memorycard ? I think i need to format it in linux some way but how ? i get a message the media is read only.11:38
TheSheepxubuntu265: there is a switch on the side of the card11:40
TheSheepxubuntu265: switch it11:40
xubuntu610it is me with the memory card. can not copy and paste anything.11:52
xubuntu610and the stupid mousepad stoping sometimes so i need to restart to use it.11:53
TheSheepinstall powertop and disable power management for the touchpad11:54
TheSheepthat should help11:54
xubuntu610why is it not possible to copy or paste anything ?11:55
xubuntu610and even with the switch turend of it is read only on the memorycard.11:56
TheSheepxubuntu610: what does dmesg say?11:59
xubuntu610first of all i can not paste it dont working. when i try send to i get this:  Error while copying to "9016-4EF8".12:01
xubuntu610this message i cud copy and paste.12:01
TheSheepit should have some details below it12:01
xubuntu610The destination is read-only.12:02
xubuntu610that is all12:02
TheSheepwell, is the card switched to read-only?12:03
xubuntu610i have try both positions.12:04
TheSheepany relevant messages in dmesg?12:05
xubuntu610it is mounted but read only.12:06
xubuntu610do i need to format it some ways ?12:08
xubuntu610how can i format it ?12:09
bgardnerxubuntu610: Please read the support questions - TheSheep has twice asked you about dmesg, that should be your next step.12:09
xubuntu610dmesg ?12:09
xubuntu610i dont know what dmesg is.12:09
bgardnerxubuntu610: Open a terminal and type 'dmesg | pastebinit' and give us the URL it hands back to you.12:10
lokote_jonesXubuntu said it could "auto install" my OS. Well, it installed a MBR on my media hard drive and now I can't get my files. I am about to pay $40 to get some software to recover my files. No real question here; just bitching because I want my blood pressure to go down. =( Also, my head phones aren't working in Xubuntu after a reboot.13:55
cfhowlettlokote_jones, cool off and we'll tell you how to fix it.13:56
TheSheeplokote_jones: did you read the part where it told you to backup everything?13:56
* cfhowlett thinks ... "faq? README? We don't read no stinking README!"13:58
lokote_jonesTheSheep: I had backed up the drive about 35 gigs ago (which is relatively short for me)... so I thought "well; this will be fine... I have installed debian millions of timeswith no problem"13:58
TheSheeplokote_jones: just teasing, sorry13:58
lokote_jonesBut now I want my 35 gigs back. =( cfhowlett: I tried TestDisk, Fdisk, Chkdsk.13:58
lokote_jonesTheSheep: It's ok. I'm just suffering from kilo-tons of butthurt right now. =(13:59
cfhowlettlokote_jones, if those files were overwritten for formatting they're gone ... or so I understand.13:59
lokote_jonesIt appears Xubuntu thought it was helping by taking my entire 1tb NTFS partition and turning it into a MBR. The files are safe and sound; just have to use this disk recovery software I have to pay for cuz the open source stuff didn't work. But I did the free trial; got some test files back; and now I get to go from there.14:01
lokote_jonesI'm going to write up a blog post on it when all is said and done. TestDisk took 4 hours and 30 minutes to "analyze" the drive. Then it came back and said "Nope; I dunno what to do." lol....14:02
bipolarlokote_jones, something doesn't make sense to me... the MBR isn't really a partition. Did Xubuntu format and mount a /boot partition there?14:03
lokote_jonesbipolar: I'm not sure. Let me type up exactly what occurred ---14:04
lokote_jones1. I used a usb drive to boot into a install ISO for Xubuntu. It said that it recognized that I had Lubuntu and asked if it could just replace it. I agreed. The installation began. After the installion was completed the computer wouldn't boot. I moved to BIOS, changed the "boot drive" from my SSD to my media drive. The computer booted. I tried to mount my media drive. It refused to mount. At some point one of these tools said my entire media drive wa14:05
lokote_jones2. I reinsted the drive into the xubuntu machine. ran all the different ubuntu recovery tools. none worked.14:06
lokote_jones3. got the drive back out, brought it to work, and tried one of the recovery tools we have here. It got me 3 files and said if i want the rest I can pay 39.99.14:06
lokote_jones4. ??? 5. profit?14:06
lokote_jonesThat's the whole story give or take all the cussing and such.14:07
bipolarWas the media drive in a lower numbered sata port or something? That's kindof strange. Did you get a grub menu when booting from the ssd?14:08
bipolaryour step 1 got cut off... what did it say when you tried to mount it?14:09
lokote_jonesbipolar: I did not. The SSD was marked as /dev/sda and the media drive was /dev/sdb if that helps.14:09
lokote_jonesbipolar: I got an error in which it returned a non-zero error of 12. It stated my drive had an issue with the size.14:09
cfhowlettlokote_jones, working with multiple destinations is definitely an advanced user level task best performed manually and NOT left to the ubuntu installer script.14:10
bipolarSounds like the partition table got fubar'ed14:10
lokote_jonesAll I wanted it to do was install everything to the SSD, like lubuntu did, and not touch my media drive. I have since removed all hard drives from the computer and mounted htem into USB cases. From now on; I wont use linux with more than one Hard drive.14:10
lokote_jonesThe SSD is all that will sit in that box from now on.14:11
bipolarlokote_jones, just unplug the extra drives when you do an install.14:11
bipolarI mean internally... disconnect the sata cable.14:11
lokote_jonesJust so I don't sound like I dislike xubuntu, which I really do like, I would like to say that xubuntu did something new I have never seen before. My HDMI video card now pushes sound out of my television. that is super neato. But every thing else is a tremendous anger-factory.14:12
lokote_jonesCan Xubuntu be installed on a computer that uses an ATI radeon hd3200 video card? Still get video acceleration? Any hardware lists for xubuntu?15:01
Myrtti!hwl | lokote_jones15:04
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:04
Myrtti dunno how up to date it is though15:04
knozzleWould someone possibly know about any available documentation about modifying the look and feel of the splash screen presenting when entering the passphrase on an out-of-the-box encrypted installation?15:09
manufortbjr je viens d'installer xubuntu  mais j'ai  un probleme avec flash player15:26
Kaapaguys, I have a problem with (I think) gtk themes15:27
Kaapathat's gitg, one of the apps that exibith that behavior15:27
KaapaI have no clue where that black stuff comes from15:27
manuforthow install flash player for firefox please15:28
Silver_Arrowmanufort: Did you install the restricted extras package?15:29
manuforthow that?15:29
GridCubesudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras15:31
manufortit's possible to drive xubuntu with my smartphone15:33
manufortand for change the resolution ?15:35
xubuntu763Is there someone of whom I may ask a question about xubuntu?16:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:23
xubuntu763Alrighty, then. I'm using xubuntu, but having some problems with screensavers, suspend and the like. The system locks-up or logs me out with annoying frequency. I've removed xscsreensaver which seemed to be the problem, but it is pretty shaky. Any ideas how to fix this?16:24
xubuntu763Perhaps it will help if I specify that I'm using xubuntu 15 (Olivia) xfce x64. I've got 8 - 4 Ghz cores and tons of ram. I also run XP Pro in a virtualbox vm.16:40
rjdohnert_No you are not using Xubuntu, you are using Linux Mint16:41
bazhang!mintsupport | xubuntu76316:42
ubottuxubuntu763: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:42
rjdohnert_The only alternative distribution that I know of thats based on Xubuntu is OS/4 OpenLinux, http://www.os4online.com16:43
xubuntu763I got here through the xchat support link on xubuntu and, trust me, that is the os i am running.16:43
rjdohnert_They use the same repos as Xubuntu16:43
rjdohnert_Thats because they base the repositories on Xubuntus, but its not Xubuntu16:44
xubuntu763i was running Mint, but took it off and reloaded xubuntu.16:44
rjdohnert_There is no Xubuntu 15 though16:45
IsololAttempting to dual boot install xubuntu and win7 (which is already on, I shrunk a partition already), I was following http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/05/17/how-to-dual-boot-ubuntu-12-04-and-windows-7/2/ as a guide, and was curious if I could just skip the / and /home as separate paritions and just make the / partition16:48
rjdohnert_Yes you can16:49
IsololAlso, should I really use 4gb swap? That seems a bit excessive when my Linode only has 256MB16:49
rjdohnert_The installer bases the amount of swap on RAM thats availbale to the machine, you can lower it if you want though16:51
IsololThe guide said to use 4gb of swap. I don't know what a good amount to have for it is I use 16GB RAM currently.16:52
sfarber53Are there any known problem with screen savers and/or suspend in Xubuntu x64 13.04?16:52
rjdohnert_With 16gb of RAM you really dont need swap16:53
IsololAlright, thanks for the info.16:54
rjdohnert_Unless you think you will run out of RAM16:54
IsololI would hope not o.O16:54
Isololpermission denied to create directory 'root/.cache/dconf' dconf will not work properly17:00
Isololjust spammed my installer window, not sure what to do about that17:01
GridCubewhat you tried to do?17:01
IsololI was installing xubuntu alongside win7, using the guide above.17:02
GridCubestandard aplications should not be able to create folders on /root17:02
IsololThis is during fresh install.17:02
GridCubeIsolol, why dont you just choose "install alongside windows" from the installer?17:02
IsololI'd rather not have windows and linux fighting over the MBP17:03
GridCubethey will17:03
IsololI created a separate /boot partition for xubuntu17:03
GridCubeyou have to replace the windows mbr with grub in order to boot one or the other anyway17:03
aguitelhow install jockey-gtk17:42
GridCubesudo apt-get install jockey-gtk17:45
GridCubebut you dont need it17:46
aguitelno abre che17:46
GridCubeits integrated to the last tab of the application sources menu in the ubuntu-software-center, and you can access it in the aditional drivers option on the menu17:46
aguitela ok17:46
GridCubeon the setting menu17:47
GridCubeP: 'sup aguitel17:47
aguitelGridCube, tell me a good theme for xfce17:49
GridCubei like greybird, albatross and mediterranean17:51
aguitelneed to add ppa or install from normal repos?17:52
GridCubegreybird and albatross are default, mediterranean is on the webupd8 ppa17:53
aguitelthe first link work in xfce?17:54
GridCubeyep, see my screenshot17:54
aguitelok gracias17:54
GridCubede nada17:54
syrehey guys, is there any commandline way of autostarting XBMC when the X-server starts up? like .xinitrc or .xprofile? I'm coming from arch and that's the way to do it there17:59
lokote_jonesWould it be considered rude or appropriate when making a support request to do so in the ubuntu forums and then post a link to the question here with a short synopsis?18:18
GridCubelokote_jones, if you do that to post most of the information its ok18:31
GridCubebut if you get a solution in this channel or any other you should update the forum thread with the solution and mark it solved18:32
GridCubewhat is not correct is for you to cross post trhough irc channels18:33
knomeor any communication methods at the same time, without giving people time to respond, really.18:34
GridCubetrue that18:34
didierHello I'm try to install xubuntu 13 on my usb drive but the installation program only allow me to install on /sda. How can I use another drive ?18:34
knomedidier, there is no xubuntu 13. i assume you are referring to 13.04 ?18:35
GridCubedidier, when choosing how to install go to the manual partitioning and choose a different target fo /18:35
didierGridCube: I just have the /sda18:36
GridCubethen your usb is not being properly recognized, i sugest you to retry with the usb drive in a different port18:36
GridCubeyou can choose to go to a live session previous to try to install and make sure the usb drive is being recognized18:37
didierGridCube: But I am on the live session on my usb18:37
didierGridCube: Do I need to use 1 usb for the live session and another one to install ?18:38
GridCubeor at least a partition in the usb drive18:38
GridCubei guess18:38
didierThanks I try18:39
elfyand you need to make sure that grub is installed in the right place18:39
lokote_jonesGridCube: Thanks. And I assumed as much but I am not entirely familiar with IRC standards of behavior. So I thought it was best to find out. I would prefer to do both since it gives a chance for others to google and find the solution if I document it in that manner. Thanks!18:40
GridCubelokote_jones, if you do it here it gets logged at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com18:41
GridCubeand is searchable18:41
lokote_jonesGridCube: Did not know that. Thanks for the link!18:42
lokote_jonesEarlier I posted asking if the Radeon HD3200 is supported by Linux... http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/legacy/Pages/legacy-radeon_linux.aspx That is the link to the driver for that video card. Just incase. <Issue solved lol :3>18:47
xubuntu804Can not go online with xubuntu 12.1019:40
ali1234right, i'm on the xubuntu daily live image. the sound indicator doesn't work, but the keyboard controls do finally...19:55
knomeali1234, if you wish to help with xubuntu testing, you should report the results on the ISO tracker, not on this channel19:56
ali1234where's that?19:57
knomeali1234, /join #xubuntu-devel and we can chat more about that19:57
ali1234incidentally, it doesn't work on the release either :P19:57
ali1234i'm already there19:57
idodeisukehow do i let the screensaver show a certain picture only instead of an actual screensaver?20:00
didierCool it works :)20:06
olbi_who is admin of xubuntu.org website?20:42
knomeolbi_, i am one. what's the issue?20:43
xubuntu409is there anyone21:29
knome!anyone | xubuntu40921:29
ubottuxubuntu409: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:29
xubuntu409I am unable to boot cd21:29
xubuntu409In Ubuntu there was a program Wubi which starts installation, what file does xubuntu have which starts installation21:31
knomexubuntu does not have wubi; you can't start the installation from windows.21:32
xubuntu409ok, but cd doesn't boot, I thought that installation file is missing21:32
knomewhat is the error you are getting?21:32
xubuntu409DMI pool checking Data21:32
knomedid you check the md5 sum for the iso?21:34
knome!md5 | xubuntu40921:34
ubottuxubuntu409: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:34
knomeit might be your CD is burnt incorrectly because of problems in downloading or something else21:34
xubuntu409says md5 check somes are different21:38
knomein that case the downloaded file is faulty21:39
xubuntu409MD5 Sum column shows alfa numeric numbers but Compare column is blank, I pressed compare & message popped , md5 check some are different, did I do it right?21:43
xubuntu409Do I have to download it again?21:47
knomeGridCube, he's gone21:53
GridCubelol, ok21:53
ali1234this is great :)21:57
ali1234font rendering is finally fixed :)21:57
ali1234and there are nice themes21:58
Monkeytoehas anyone purchased a wireless adapter recently that was fully supported by linux?22:26
Monkeytoelooking at this on wiki.debian.com22:32
MonkeytoeUSB: 0846:9010 NetGear, Inc. WNDA3100v1 802.11abgn [Atheros AR9170+AR9104]22:32
Monkeytoeis that the same one you think? That is in stock22:32
geniiMost Atheros work great23:21

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