davecheneyweblife: pretty sure you need the mongo from raring00:21
davecheneyor one from our backports ppa00:22
davecheneyto the best of my knowledge 10gen do not ship an ssl enabled version00:22
weblifedavecheney: Correct!  I just spent the last half hour figuring this out, wans't documented to well.  But apparently no packages are except for the enterprise version. (bye bye mongodb 2.6)  Although, I do think I see how I can but that will be for a later date.00:25
davecheneyweblife: mongodb 2.4 + ssl is available in ppa:juju/stable if you are running < raring00:26
weblifeI just removed the 10gen package. The juju-local package pulls from there(I believe)00:28
weblifedavecheney: I just removed the 10gen package. The juju-local package pulls from there(I believe)00:28
davecheneyweblife: i cannot confirm that00:32
davecheneyit would only do so if there was a conflict with the name o the package00:32
davecheneyweblife: i have no experience with the 10gen provided package, so much so that I didn't even know it existed00:45
weblifegetting error on 'sudo juju bootstrap': error: net: no such interface.00:46
davecheneyweblife: have you renamed lxcbr0 to something else ?00:46
weblifedavecheney:  :)  I find it funny mongodb recommends that package over the apt-get package even though its not the current stable00:46
davecheneyweblife: sods law says that 90% of documentation is out of date00:47
davecheneyweblife: 10gen might change their mind when 14.04 is out00:47
weblifedavecheney: no... Think it was because of my initial install conflicks with the 10gen package00:47
davecheney2.4 hasn't been backported to 12.0400:47
weblifethat makes sense then why they do00:48
weblifedarn.  tried un-installing all the packages and re-installing. but still same error.  Need a break from this madness.  Maybe I will reboot and everything will work like magic. :) hahahaha (like this is windows)00:56
davecheneyif the error is about interfaces01:00
davecheneyit is unrelated to mongodb01:00
davecheney19:46 < weblife> getting error on 'sudo juju bootstrap': error: net: no such interface.01:00
weblifemaybe because im Saucy01:00
davecheney19:46 < davecheney> weblife: have you renamed lxcbr0 to something else ?01:00
weblifedavecheney: No never touched it.  Just let juju-local get it going01:01
davecheneyifconfig -a01:01
davecheneydo you have lxcbr0 ?01:01
_mup_Bug #1206959: error from no installed lxc is obscure <juju-core:Fix Committed by axwalk> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1206959>01:01
weblifeOh yeah thats strange.01:05
weblifeI run lxc and says its not installed.  Then I try and install it and it says its already the newest version01:05
davecheneylxc may not be a command01:07
davecheneydpkg -L lxc01:07
weblifejuju-local installed it and started it: lxc start/running - lxc-net stop/pre-start, process 17104.  But it isn't showing in ifconfig01:07
davecheneyifconfig -a01:07
sarnoldlxc-net should be started for the bridge to be created, right?01:08
weblifeyeah its acting funky on me.  I am going to switch kernels real quick.  I am using a special version to fix my network interface because I am on a surface pro.01:10
davecheneyweblife: mate, i think you're doing things which are too advanced for juju. We know there are some limitations on the environment the local provider expects to run in, and I think you're probably going to trip over those.01:13
weblifeHey hey.  It was my kernel01:13
sarnoldhow much memory does that surface pro have? how much memory will mongo take?01:13
weblifeThat sucks makes connecting to the web a pain without it.01:14
kurt_davecheney: is 1.14 making its way to precise?01:14
sarnoldbut you can connect to irc fine? :)01:14
davecheneykurt_: it will be in ppa:juju/stable01:14
weblifeI have the 128 GB only 30GB reserved for my ubuntu but 60 GB SD for most storage01:14
davecheneygetting things into the precise main archives is a very ardious process01:15
sarnoldjuju probably more than most, converting from python to go doesn't easily fit in the SRU guidelines :) hehe01:16
kurt_davecheney: sorry, I'm not fully aware of the release process yet.01:16
davecheneykurt_: me too01:16
kurt_I really only care it makes its way to precise01:16
davecheneythe most expedient way is ppa:juju/stable for well, stable01:16
davecheneyand ppa:juju/devel for devel01:16
davecheneykurt_: i recommend you address you precise question to the mailing list01:16
davecheneyi honestly dont have the answers for you on that one01:17
weblifesarnold: yeah once I connect its no problem for the most part.  Just have to deal with disconnect / reconnects to often.  Which does actually affect irc a little, especially if someone send me a msg in the small period01:17
weblifeand multiple net interfaces that I need to shut down01:17
sarnoldweblife: aha :)01:17
kurt_davecheney: ok.  I'm trying hard to wrangle all the bits I need to successfully deploy openstack with gui with juju, etc.  It's been a major challenge01:18
davecheneyweblife: also, https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/121677501:18
_mup_Bug #1216775: cmd/juju: local provider doesn't give a clear explanation when lxc is not configured correctly <papercut> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1216775>01:18
davecheneykurt_: i'm sorry to hear that01:18
davecheneyobviously we don't intend it to be that hard01:19
davecheneyi'd like to hear more about the background of your problem01:19
davecheneyespecially to find out where our documentation lead you astray01:19
kurt_davecheney: it is what it is.  It's like a snapshot in time with the half-life of strontium 23801:19
weblifedavecheney: when I figure out the exact reason I will submit a bug report.  Just glad its working now.01:19
weblifethis is awesome though.  No more long waits on aws to setup01:21
davecheneykurt_: we're going to cut a new stable 1.14 soon (ie, less than a week, hopefully less than 48 hours)01:25
davecheneywhich we recommend everyone upgrade too01:25
davecheneyit'll be 1.14.001:25
kurt_davecheney: ok. hopefully that's on precise. :D01:30
davecheneykurt_: can you please say that again01:30
kurt_davecheney: I'm looking forward to getting the debug-log back.01:30
davecheneykurt_: me too01:31
kurt_davecheney: I opened another bug too01:34
kurt_actually 3 today01:34
davecheneykurt_: yup01:34
davecheneythank you01:34
davecheneywe can't fix problems we don't know about01:34
davecheneyi apprecate you eating our dogfood01:35
zradminhey guys, I am trying to deploy an openstack HA with the juju guide posted on the ubuntu website. I am up to deploying the mysql instances, but the virtual IP never comes online and when i run a juju debug-log i get this line about corosync not configuring:02:41
zradmin2013-08-29 15:20:02,364 unit:mysql-hacluster/3: unit.hook.api INFO: Unable to configure corosync right now, bailing02:41
zradmindoes anyone have any ideas?02:41
thumperhmm, which guide is saying to use juju 0.7?02:41
zradminthe ubuntu HA02:42
zradminjust a sec, I'll grba the url02:42
zradminor have the charms moved on to the go implimentation of juju now?02:43
kurt_I think it comes through from jamespage's opus02:44
kurt_zradmin: you can use any IP address.  Try deploying openstack in a non-HA scenarios02:44
kurt_the vip will be ignored02:45
kurt_zradmin: try using juju 1.1202:46
kurt_zradmin: np02:47
adam_ghazmat, fyi hitting some issues with darwin + juju-core + MAAS today.  gonna look closer at it tomorrow, but i periodically fail to reset the environment. in case you have any ideas in the meantime: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6042664/03:26
hazmatadam_g, hmm.. that looks like a maas or api binding issue wrt to oauth token03:27
hazmatwhat's even more strange is that its coming back on the cli vs in the provisioner03:27
adam_gwonder if its the same issue as https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/121567003:29
_mup_Bug #1215670: After exhausing OpenStack quotas, juju status output polluted <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1215670>03:29
hazmatadam_g, not exactly, that's a recorded error async from the provisioning agent recorded into state. deploy is the initiation of the async command, records to state, provider output recorded to state shouldn't be on the cli till the provisioning agent has a chance to process the state change.03:32
hazmathmm.. it could be some sort of provider credential validation early that's failing.03:32
hazmatadam_g, how reproducible is it?03:33
hazmatadam_g, there's some sensitivity with the token and clock skew between the client and the server/maas afaicr03:34
adam_ghazmat, seems to be 1/2 of the deployments i kick off. FWIW, MAAS has always been a bit unreliable03:34
adam_gits just that the previous deployer / darwin's py env is more tolerate03:35
hazmatadam_g, fair enough, but really we should be filing bugs on these rather than papering them over03:35
hazmatbut yeah.. we can do something similiar here if nesc, although ideally via a flag, cause i'd like to get them fixed if they occur.03:36
adam_ghazmat, yeah, agreed.03:37
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raywangjamespage, ping07:13
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jamespageraywang, hello10:06
raywanghi jamespage, i saw your wrote ceph charms, just want to make sure, and OSD daemon go with system disk .e.g. /dev/sda ?10:07
jamespageraywang, nope10:07
jamespagethe ceph-mon daemons will run on the system disk10:07
jamespagecurrently the OSD's required a dedicated disk each10:07
jamespageraywang, I've just proposed some changes to allow you to run OSD's on the system disk - but they are still pending review10:08
jamespageraywang, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/precise/ceph/dir-support/+merge/18260710:09
jamespageyou can provide configuration such as "osd-devices: /mnt/osd-local" for example10:09
jamespageand the charm will use that for the OSD filesystem.10:10
jamespageraywang, specifying osd-devices: /dev/sda will just not do anything - the charm will recognise that this disk is in use and ignore it10:10
raywangjamespage, weired, i only have one disk (/dev/sda), and i set osd-devices: /dev/sdb, it fails, but it can be started successfully10:11
raywangunit.hook.api@INFO: Path /dev/sdb does not exist - bailing10:11
jamespageyeah - osd-devices is a whitelist10:11
raywangunitworkflowstate: transition configure (started -> started10:11
jamespageif any of the devices is already in use it just ignores it - same for if the device is not found10:11
jamespageraywang, so you probably have a ceph cluster right now with no actual storage - just ceph MON's :-)10:12
raywangjamespage, it won't report error without actual storage?10:13
jamespageraywang, no10:13
jamespageraywang, running the ceph charm without storage does actually make sense if you are using dedicated servers for MON's - but only for large clusters!10:14
raywangjamespage, is there any problem with no actual storage ?10:14
jamespageraywang, if you login to one of the nodes and do "sudo ceph -s" it should tell you if the cluster is running10:14
jamespageraywang, well it won't store anything until you have added some nodes with storage10:15
jamespageraywang, the ceph-osd charm can do that as well10:15
raywang2013-08-30 06:15:13.030434 7f16ac7d1780 -1 monclient(hunting): ERROR: missing keyring, cannot use cephx for authentication10:15
raywang2013-08-30 06:15:13.030476 7f16ac7d1780 -1 ceph_tool_common_init failed.10:15
jamespageraywang, I suspect that you are not bootstrapped - how many service units are you running?10:15
raywangjamespage, for mon x 3,  osd x 310:16
jamespageraywang, can you check for running ceph-mon daemons as well please10:16
raywangjamespage, well, I run "sudo service ceph-all start", only two process are running10:18
raywang3793 ?        Ssl    0:08 /usr/bin/python -m juju.agents.unit --nodaemon --logfile /var/lib/juju/units/ceph-1/charm.log --session-file /var/run/juju/unit-ceph-1-agent.zksession10:18
raywang 7064 ?        S      0:00 /usr/bin/python /var/lib/juju/units/ceph-1/charm/hooks/mon-relation-joined10:18
jamespageraywang, which ones10:18
jamespageah - right - so I see mon-relation-joined still running10:19
jamespagethats the peer relation between ceph units that performs the bootstrap10:19
raywangjamespage, but from juju status, everything is started10:19
jamespageany indication as to what its doing10:19
raywangjamespage, well, how do i know? :)10:19
jamespageraywang, look at the debug-log10:20
jamespagejuju debug-log10:20
jamespageor look at the unit log on the service unit directly - it somewhere under /var/lib/juju (for the version of juju you are using)10:20
jamespageraywang, the ceph charms have been fully tested under the new version btw10:20
raywangjamespage, i don't think there is any output about ceph now10:21
jamespageraywang, can you pastebin me "ps -aef" please10:21
raywangjamespage, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6043572/10:24
jamespageraywang, hmm - i suspect the charm hook is blocking waiting for the ceph-mons to startup10:25
jamespageraywang,  can you pastebin /etc/ceph/ceph.conf and check in /var/log/ceph for errors please10:25
jamespagesomething has stopped ceph-mon from starting up correctly  I suspect10:25
raywangjamespage, but from the juju status, everything is started,10:26
raywangjamespage, is it a fake started?10:26
jamespageraywang, no - its just means that no hooks have failed10:26
jamespageraywang, some are still trying to run!10:26
jamespageI should probably include a timeout on the pool for bootstrap  - right now the charm will wait for ever10:26
raywangjamespage, ceph.conf -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6043577/10:27
raywangjamespage, but weird is, i add-relation ceph glance,  I can glance image-create without real storage...10:28
jamespageceph.conf looks OK10:28
jamespageraywang, yeah - remember hooks can fire at any point in time10:28
jamespageraywang, as ceph is not bootstrapped yet it won't give out information to glance10:29
jamespageso glance is still using local storage right now10:29
raywangjamespage, there is just one line in /var/log/ceph/ceph-mon.OS01-07.log10:30
jamespagewhat does it say?10:30
raywang2013-08-30 03:33:29.453655 7ff412f31780  0 store(/var/lib/ceph/mon/ceph-OS01-07) created monfs at /var/lib/ceph/mon/ceph-OS01-07 for OS01-0710:30
jamespagecheck in /var/log/upstart as well10:30
raywangjamespage, if glance don't get information from ceph, it will use local storage as the fallback option?10:31
jamespageraywang, yes10:31
raywangjamespage, that's great :)10:31
jamespageand beware - it won't transfer images when ceph does get related!10:31
raywangjamespage, you mean even I register the image in glance, i also can not boot VMs?10:33
jamespageI mean glance won't transfer images that got dumped on local storage into ceph once the relation is fully configured10:33
raywangjamespage,  sudo zgrep ceph /var/log/upstart/ return nothing10:34
raywangok, got it10:34
jamespageraywang, which ceph version are you using?10:34
raywangbut as long as glance get related to ceph, it wil pass the image to ceph later on ?10:34
raywangjamespage, from grizzly cloud archive10:35
jamespageraywang, if you upload images to glance after its been configured to use ceph - yes10:35
jamespageraywang, should be OK - I was testing that yesterday10:35
raywangjamespage, the ceph is not started might be because i only have one disk?10:35
jamespageraywang, no - the ceph-mon's should startup without extra disks10:36
jamespagesomething is blocking it10:36
raywangbut i use the local.yaml from openstackHA, and it tells ceph start osd daemon too.10:36
jamespageraywang, how much memory does you service unit have?10:37
jamespagejust trying to think that is block this10:37
raywangjamespage, 196G10:37
jamespageshould be OK then10:37
raywangand E7 CPU10:37
jamespagecan you pastebin me the relevant bits from your local.yaml file please10:38
jamespageI'll try to reproduce10:38
raywangjamespage, well thank you -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6043604/10:40
raywangjamespage, the reason why I got only one disk is because the HP D?L580 G7 must to have RAID for disks,  i only have two disks, so there is only one disk available to system10:40
jamespageraywang, yeah - thats OK for MON's10:44
jamespageraywang, upstream best practice is to have a dedicated devices for each OSD10:44
raywangjamespage, so only disk is not working with ceph-osd charm, right?10:45
jamespageraywang, not right now - you would need to use the branches I linked to above10:45
jamespageraywang, general rule is 1 core/1GB/1OSD/1Disk10:46
raywangjamespage, i'm sorry which branch you linked above?  I can't find it10:47
raywangah i see10:47
jamespageraywang, odd10:49
jamespagefirst line of my ceph-mon.*.log is10:49
jamespage2013-08-30 10:46:14.333465 7fb27b326780  0 ceph version 0.56.6 (95a0bda7f007a33b0dc7adf4b330778fa1e5d70c), process ceph-mon, pid 1756310:49
jamespagesecond line is:10:49
jamespage2013-08-30 10:46:14.336048 7fb27b326780  0 store(/var/lib/ceph/mon/ceph-juju-serverstack-machine-1) created monfs at /var/lib/ceph/mon/ceph-juju-serverstack-machine-1 for juju-serverstack-machine-110:49
raywanganything wrong?10:50
jamespageraywang, no - started OK on my test rig10:50
raywangjamespage, maybe I need to add an extra disk to re-deploy ceph and ceph-osd?10:51
jamespageraywang, I'm just wondering whether its something todo with the name of your host10:51
jamespageserver is OS01-07 right?10:52
raywangjamespage, OS01-07 is one of the ceph-mon10:52
jamespagesidnei, ah - I just bumped into your backports of juju-deployer for the stable PPA11:42
mthaddonhi folks, is this expected? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6043878/ (i.e. that setting a config value to "" doesn't work)12:05
marcoceppimthaddon: which version of juju?12:06
mthaddonmarcoceppi: 1.13.2-4~1703~raring112:06
* mthaddon has to grab some food, will bbiab12:10
marcoceppimthaddon: So, I think there was a change committed for this, I thought it was in 1.13, let me find the mailing list12:11
mthaddonmarcoceppi: cool, thanks12:19
rick_hmarcoceppi: isn't that the change that setting "" actually sets "" vs the default?12:22
marcoceppirick_h: yeah, I can't find the mailing list post about it12:22
rick_hI know I saw talk about it in #juju-gui, but don't recall seeing a mailing list post. Maybe I missed it12:23
marcoceppirick_h: somewhere, someone discussed it12:23
marcoceppimthaddon: I think the end result is it's a known issue and should be fixed soon12:25
marcoceppinot sure what to do about it until then12:25
mthaddonmarcoceppi: I'll file a bug so we can track it at least - thanks12:25
_mup_Bug #1218877: Can't set config options to empty values <canonical-webops> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1218877>12:27
TheMuemthaddon, rick_h, marcoceppi: we already have https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1194945 for this missing feature12:34
_mup_Bug #1194945: juju set is overloaded <juju-core:In Progress by themue> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1194945>12:34
marcoceppiTheMue: thanks, I couldn't quite find that bug12:35
rick_hah, thanks TheMue12:35
mthaddoncool, thx, will merge the two12:35
TheMuea new unset command has already been merged and will now be released12:35
TheMuenext step will be the setting of string options to empty strings. but we have to take care for the API which still unsets the option12:36
mthaddonTheMue: I've observed the same behaviour when passing a yaml file as the config - will your work cover that too?12:36
TheMuemthaddon: have to discuss with fwereade, but imho it should12:37
mthaddonTheMue: do you have an idea of timeframe for that, as it's affecting a service we want to bring online in production and I'd like to know whether to try and work around it another way or not12:38
fwereadeTheMue: AIUI your charm package change does do that, right? the problem is that it changes public api behaviour and *that* needs to be worked around12:38
TheMuefwereade: exactly12:39
TheMuemthaddon: I think it's in next week12:40
mthaddonok, thanks12:40
natefinchevilnickveitch: I'm adding a page to the Get Started section at the bottom of the getting started page, but I don't know what class to give the link... I can't find a pattern  for example, local is page-item-20 and openstack is  page-item-359613:00
natefinch(at the very bottom of https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/getting-started.html)13:01
marcoceppinatefinch: where?13:02
natefinchthis stuff: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6044074/13:02
marcoceppinatefinch: OH, in the footer. If you're going to edit the13:02
marcoceppinatefinch: don't edit the footer directly in the boiler plate13:03
marcoceppialso, that's just auto-generated wordpress crap13:03
marcoceppiyeah, we sync the header and footer with the wordpress install using a build script that replaces the boilerplate in all the pages13:03
natefinchahh, well that's good. Certainly better than copy & paste by hand :)13:04
natefinchhow do I add a section to that list, then?13:04
marcoceppinatefinch: you need WP admin access13:04
marcoceppiwe can add it in later13:04
natefinchmarcoceppi: that's cool13:05
marcoceppinatefinch: just add it to the doc sprint spreadsheet and I'll make sure it gets done13:05
natefinchmarcoceppi: will do13:05
mgzcan we not version the boilerplate? is having a seperate build step that painful?13:08
marcoceppimgz: boilerplate is versioned13:08
mgzsorry, as in, can we please not include the boilerplate .tpl in all the doc files we actually care about?13:09
marcoceppimgz: template/ directory has the boilerplate templates13:09
marcoceppimgz: eventually,  yes, but for now it's not a focus of this sprint IIRC13:09
jcastroevilnickveitch: where's the hangout?13:10
marcoceppimgz: we really _really_ need content13:10
jcastroor should I just pick a todo item?13:10
marcoceppijcastro: the hangout was about an hour ago ;)13:11
mgzmarcoceppi: I know, I know :)13:11
jcastrooh I thought we would just be hanging out all day and people coming in and out?13:11
marcoceppijcastro: oh, I'm game for that13:12
mgzjcastro: that too, I guess we just use the one in the calendar?13:12
* marcoceppi sits in the hangout13:13
jcastrogot it13:13
bloodearnestheya folks13:58
bloodearnestam having some trouble with juju-deployer hanging after deploying services13:58
bloodearnestusing an lxc env13:59
bloodearnestrunning with -v, I get a string of  "Delta unit: u1-psearch-fe/0 change:installed" type messages, and then hang14:01
bloodearnestif I ctrl-c, the traceback looks like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6044247/14:02
bloodearnesthave tried this on 2 different hosts with 2 different configs14:02
marcoceppibloodearnest: can you paste what juju deployer command / flags you're using?14:03
bloodearnestmarcoceppi, sure14:03
gary_posterarosales, jcastro, hi. fwiw I'm going to be proposing to mramm (next week probably?) that the problem-driven services journey that I advocated in yesterday's "awesome first 30 min" vUDS session be hanging off of jujucharms.com--something like discourse.jujucharms.com and openstack.jujucharms.com and so on.  Maybe I'm crazy, but I wanted to let you know in case you or anyone else wanted to try to stop or redirect me off14:08
gary_posterearly. :-)  I don't think that should stop any plans you guys are doing, if plans are already being made.  We can move content easily enough, if we all end up having enough of a consensus to do so.14:08
gary_posterAlso, I'm hoping Makyo will be available to start on doc sprint in an hour or two, after his timezone comes around.14:08
bloodearnestmarcoceppi, juju-deployer -v -s 5 -W -L -c $DEFAULT -c $CONFIG -c $SECRETS $TARGET14:10
kurt_Can't destroy my environment14:11
kurt_error: gomaasapi: got error back from server: 409 CONFLICT14:11
kurt_even after deleting node from maas14:11
kurt_we need a hammer mode for destroy-environment. ie. -f switch :D14:12
arosalesgary_poster, if you put together a doc I would be happy to take a review14:12
gary_postercool arosales14:12
arosalesgary_poster, +1 on creative thinking on any idea to improve the first 30 min ux14:12
gary_posterarosales, heh, ack14:12
arosalesgary_poster, also good to hear about Makyo and docs sprint14:13
MakyoOne more coffee and I'll be good.14:13
gary_poster:-) cool14:14
arosalesevilnickveitch, https://code.launchpad.net/~a.rosales/juju-core/correct-exposing-link/+merge/18318614:21
evilnickveitchjcastro, arosales yay! you guys are the best with all your exciting additions14:22
* arosales starting with the low hanging fruit first14:22
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fwereade_evilnickveitch, ISTM that there's so much overlap between authors-charm-anatomy and authors-charms-in-action that they should basically be merged, would you concur?14:42
fwereade_jcastro, marcoceppi: ^?14:45
evilnickveitchfwereade, there is a fair amount yes...14:47
fwereade_evilnickveitch, jcastro, marcoceppi: possibly into anatomy (the files in the charm, and what hooks are run when) and hook-environment (the hook tools and env vars and other relevant bits)?14:48
marcoceppifwereade_: I feel like that might be a lot of content. Hook environment might be strong enough to stand on it's own14:49
marcoceppibut to the former, yes I think files of a charm and hook execution plan make sense together14:49
evilnickveitchfwereade_, yeah, I am restructuring some of the docs anyway. I think the anatomy should contain the descriptive bits, and we should have an additional pages for further hook realted bits14:50
* marcoceppi 's opinion14:50
fwereade_marcoceppi, sorry, yeah, there was an implied leading "and then broken down again: " that I somehow forgot to type14:50
fwereade_evilnickveitch, yeah, maybe just a listing of the valid ones in the first doc (along with the rest of the anatomy) and a link to the more detailed treatment14:54
fwereade_marcoceppi, evilnickveitch: ok, I'll set about breaking those two into three, thanks14:55
evilnickveitchok, cool14:55
marcoceppievilnickveitch: for some reason this didn't find it's way in to the footer template15:18
marcoceppievilnickveitch: for jorge's page, add <script src="https://google-code-prettify.googlecode.com/svn/loader/run_prettify.js?skin=sunburst"></script> to the bottom of the page right above </footer>15:18
marcoceppievilnickveitch: going to keep digging in to the style issues15:19
marcoceppievilnickveitch: fix for funky css colors. https://code.launchpad.net/~marcoceppi/juju-core/fix-css-prettyprint/+merge/18322015:39
Makyoevilnickveitch, https://code.launchpad.net/~makyo/juju-core/enable-viewboxing/+merge/180354 re: saving icon SVGs with viewbox attr.15:45
jcastrohey TheMue15:52
jcastroI am writing a nodejs example app page for the docs15:52
jcastroand I need to link to the local config page in the docs that is currently in progress15:52
evilnickveitchMakyo, hi - i thought that got merged. let me check15:52
jcastrowhat's the filename of the html you will use so I can link it?15:53
TheMuejcastro: it is config-local.html15:55
TheMuejcastro: yw15:56
hazmatadam_g, did you end up filing a bug on the maas unauthorized thing?16:09
hazmatadam_g, didn't see it .. i filed bug 121899716:12
_mup_Bug #1218997: maas throws unauthorized sometimes for no reason <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1218997>16:12
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jcastrobcsaller: hey I hear you're the one who volunteered to test docs?16:41
jcastroutlemming: ^^^16:44
jcastrosorry, mixed up my Bens16:44
utlemmingjcastro: ack, looking16:45
jcastrohas a rendered version so you don't have to html yourself16:45
jcastrom_3: which branch should I MP on for the rack charm?16:57
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natefinchcan someone help me get my stupid apache working so I can test my docs?17:09
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natefinchevilnickveitch, jcastro, marcoceppi: little help?  I tried symlinking to the docs directory from /var/www and that didn't work, so then I used marco's apache config... but I'm still just getting 403s when I try to view the docs17:14
utlemmingdoes LXC on precise not work for the local provider?17:14
utlemmingits stuck in pending and hasn't created the container for unit 117:15
marcoceppinatefinch: every directory between "/" and "htmldocs" needs to have r/x permissions for world17:15
evilnickveitchnatefinch, you can't symlink, you need to configure apache. Hopefull17:16
evilnickveitchnatefinch, does the log have anything useful?17:16
marcoceppiutlemming: it does work, but I don't know if it's been tested thourgholy. We used it at a charm school using 1.13.1 on precise without much incident17:16
hazmatutlemming, might want to check the machine logs inside of JUJU_HOME17:22
natefinchmarcoceppi: well, we've upgraded from a 403 to an internal server error :)17:22
marcoceppinatefinch: what's apache2 error log look like?17:22
utlemminghazmat: thanks17:22
natefinchmarcoceppi:  /home/nate/docs/htmldocs/.htaccess: Invalid command 'RewriteEngine', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration17:23
hazmatnatefinch, nginx ftw ;-)17:23
marcoceppinatefinch: ah, this easy. `sudo a2enmod rewrite`17:23
natefinchhazmat: heh... I'm sure that has its own problems ;)17:24
marcoceppiwell, I second that. nginx ftw.17:24
marcoceppibut IS uses apache, got to replicate production :)17:24
weblifejcastro:  Nice.  If Mims approves my merge,  you will also be able to run a default(It's working app) load the most current verified stable version or PPA.17:24
hazmatmarcoceppi, why is there a rewrite rule?17:25
marcoceppihazmat: from old docs to new docs17:25
natefinchmarcoceppi: brilliant, it's working.  Thanks a lot.17:25
hazmatmarcoceppi, gotcha17:25
hazmatnatefinch, ok even simpler.. cd htmldocs && python -m SimpleHTTPServer17:26
jcastroweblife: which charm?17:26
natefinchhazmat: actually, that's brilliant, especially for people like me that are just working on the docs temporarily17:26
marcoceppihazmat: +100017:27
weblifejcastro: sorry, was responding to your doc.  Node-app17:27
jcastroah, awesome!17:27
natefinchmarcoceppi: there should be a doc on how to contribute to the docs, and include that as an easy way to test them17:27
marcoceppinatefinch: there is a doc for contributing to the docs, feel free to add that in there :D17:27
marcoceppinatefinch: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/contributing.html17:28
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* marcoceppi spies a lot of thigns that need to be fixed17:28
natefinchmarcoceppi: oh, sweet.  EvilNick should have mentioned that ;)17:28
weblifePretty sure were gonna be in Syria shortly. Assad won't sit at a table for talks. Naive Obama.17:34
hazmatif we're doing politics we should be working on the drupal charm since its running most of the usg agency sites17:38
hazmatminus the plone ones like fbi/cia17:39
* sarnold idly wonders who's brave enough to run on joomla!17:39
hazmatsarnold, most of them are behind cdns with WAF appliances.17:47
sarnoldhazmat: I hope fairly draconian..17:48
hazmatsarnold, i haven't seen any joomla, but drupal has become the defacto cms around the usg.. doe, whitehouse, nasa, etc.17:49
marcoceppihazmat: a lot of DC runs on Drupal, sadly17:50
marcoceppior fortunately, depending on your skill set17:50
hazmatthe revenge of php17:50
m_3jcastro: renamed17:53
m_3jcastro: I'll send curtis mail asking to flush web caches17:53
m_3lp:charms/rails is lp:~charmers/charms/precise/rails/trunk17:54
m_3and neither lp:charms/rack nor lp:~charmers/charms/precise/rack/trunk exist anymore17:54
m_3old rails is held at lp:~mark-mims/charms/precise/rails/trunk17:55
marcoceppijcastro: lp:~marcoceppi/charm-tools/python-port18:21
marcoceppipython charmtools/getall.py /path/to/where/you/want/them/all18:21
natefinchnot sure who's looking at doc merge proposals right now, but here's mine: https://code.launchpad.net/~natefinch/juju-core/win-getting-started/+merge/18324618:22
utlemmingis there any way to configure which bridge the local provider uses?18:32
sarnoldutlemming: I think that's been a matter of discussion in here the last few days, I think the conclusion was the bridge name is more or less fixed as an assumption somewhere.18:43
utlemmingsarnold: that is unfortante, as lxc lets you define the bridge in /etc/default/lxc and /etc/lxc/lxc.conf18:43
sarnoldutlemming: yeah, and I could easily see wanting to use hand-managed lxc instances for one set of tasks and juju-managed instances for another set of tasks...18:44
utlemmingsarnold: my use case is the Juju Cloud Image for developers. I was going to create a bridge, bind eth0 to that bridge and then use that bridge as the LXC bridge and then use host-networking for Virtualbox. It would effectively allow people a developer environment and let them intereface with servcies from the host.18:46
dalek49I'm an undergrad looking to include juju in my senior thesis.  I was wondering if anyone here knew of a place I could get a small number of servers for testing purposes18:54
natefinchdalek49: If you're on linux, you can use the local provider to set up services on your local machine using lxc containers.  Otherwise... no?  If you can cobble together some cheap/free computers off of craigslist, you can install MaaS on them, which treats them just like a cloud, which juju can then use.19:01
natefinchdalek49: http://maas.ubuntu.com/19:02
dalek49Yeah, I've been working on local mode19:06
dalek49I wasn't aware that I could put maas on my own cluster19:06
utlemmingany idea what's going on with the local provider here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6045349/19:36
utlemmingI can't "juju ssh" or get a juju debug-log, but I can do deployments19:36
marcoceppiutlemming: you can't ssh to a machine number in local, this is a known issue19:39
utlemmingmarcoceppi: ah, thank you19:39
marcoceppiutlemming: you can't debug-log either, because there is no bootstrap node19:39
marcoceppiutlemming: you can however `tail -f ~/.juju/local/log/unit*.log`19:39
marcoceppiutlemming: all local provider logs are stored in the ~/.juju directory to make them easily accesible19:40
marcoceppiutlemming: juju ssh juju-gui/0 instead*19:40
utlemmingsweet, thanks for the help19:41
marcoceppievilnickveitch: charm-tools documentation https://code.launchpad.net/~marcoceppi/juju-core/charm-tools/+merge/18326519:58
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weblifeI haven't looked into it yet but I was wondering if it would be possible to pass a tar file in  the deployment line? If not I could see some usefulness in it, fyi...20:09
jcastrohazmat: how's deployer docs coming along?20:10
marcoceppiweblife: not at the moment20:11
hazmatjcastro, stuck in a meeting20:11
hazmatjcastro, already 11m over and then back into docs20:11
* jcastro nods20:11
jcastroTheMue: how'd you do today? Anything to land?20:11
marcoceppiweblife: but it's a really interesting idea20:12
natefinchevilnickveitch: https://code.launchpad.net/~natefinch/juju-core/win-getting-started/+merge/18324620:13
TheMuejcastro: just tested if my doc is correct20:16
jcastroTheMue: rock and roll!20:16
TheMuejcastro: now adding it to the menu as it is a new document and then pushing it20:16
TheMuejcastro: yeah20:16
jcastrook, a bunch of us landed stuff, nice!20:16
jcastroI'll go ahead and mark your section as DONE then20:17
jcastro^^ this should be deleted right?20:26
weblifestupid connection20:27
weblifeoff to see cafe tauba20:29
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TheMuejcastro: so, proposed20:47
TheMueso guys, i'll stepping out. liked this sprint. have a nice weekend20:51
jcastromarcoceppi: can you repaste me the hangout URL?20:59
marcoceppijcastro: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/552b1b180f1908b8a7ba7f65402ab654f5b7384720:59
hazmat4 branches in the queue, 15 merges today21:04
hazmatgo docs21:04
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dalek49why does juju depend on mongo?21:29
rick_hdalek49: juju stores state into mongo21:32
dalek49is there some documentation on that?21:32
rick_hdalek49: http://blog.labix.org/2013/06/25/the-heart-of-juju has some of the basic design ideas. The 'state server' is mongo backed.21:33
rick_hdalek49: I'm not sure if there's real docs on the state server in the full docs https://juju.ubuntu.com as it's more user docs vs technical 'how it works'21:35
marcoceppidalek49: we dont' really cover it too much, as it could change in the future (we've already moved from originally using ZooKeeper)21:39
marcoceppimore merges!21:42
dalek49I'm getting ssh: connection refused when I run debug-log.  Anyone run into this?21:44
marcoceppidalek49: local provider?21:44
dalek49marcoceppi: yes. It's local21:45
marcoceppidalek49: debug-log doesn't work on local.21:46
marcoceppidalek49: however, all the logs are stored in ~/.juju/local/log/21:46
marcoceppidalek49: where "local" is the name of your local environment21:47
dalek49marcoceppi: many thanks21:48
marcoceppinp, if you want the debug-log experience of having a bunch of text rush at you at once, you can run `tail -f ~/.juju/local/log/unit-*.log`21:49
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adam_ghazmat, new issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/121911623:05
_mup_Bug #1219116: juju-deployer fails against juju-core: dial tcp connection refused <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1219116>23:05

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