tonkDo you know if  there is any way to change the name of the "Pages" in the Plasma netbook environment? (I find no "activity" option in the menu while configuring the desktop, as in the non-netbook edition)00:36
tonkis this always so silent? This is the first time I connect.. is this a user's-support channel, or just intended for developers?00:57
tonkgood day..01:04
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kilo_bytehey.. i have more than 1 desktop enrvironment. how can i uninstall everything other than Kde09:26
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »09:28
tsimpsonkilo_byte: try that link09:28
kilo_byteits not just gnome 09:28
kilo_bytexfce, lde , unity.09:28
kilo_bytepretty much of everything :P09:28
tsimpsonit has instructions for most *-desktop packages09:28
tsimpsonubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu, and edubuntu09:29
kilo_bytetsimpson, my system has gone pretty slow too09:29
tsimpsonthe others shouldn't be hard to remove09:29
kilo_byteis there something I can do about that 09:29
tsimpsonprobably the best thing to try is replacing the HDD09:29
kilo_bytehdd aint that old :D09:30
tsimpsonand upgrade RAM if you can, that's always a good way to get a boost09:30
kilo_bytebesides its not economical :P09:30
tsimpsonHDD's tend to get very inefficient over time09:30
kilo_bytei have 3 gb ram and 500 hdd more than enough for kubuntu i suppose09:30
tsimpsonyou could possibly do a fresh install, not so bad if you have a separate partition for /home09:31
kilo_byteyep . they do09:31
kilo_bytebut its just 2 years ;)09:31
kilo_bytei dont have a seprate one :P09:32
kilo_bytei think i will back up that one09:32
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving09:32
tsimpsonit's very useful, especially if you ever want to reinstall or completely replace your OS09:33
kilo_bytei have got windows too :P09:33
kilo_bytewhich is really a pain09:33
ubottuk/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.09:34
tsimpsonsooner or later you get tired of dual-booting, or you realise that you've been avoiding it for so long it's not really worth you keeping windows around09:35
tsimpsonbesides, you can get windows in a VM pretty easily09:36
kilo_bytetsimpson, there is only one use of windows for me09:36
kilo_bytegoogle input tools09:36
kilo_byteand writing :D09:36
tsimpsonthe only time I've ever needed windows is when some device needed special drivers to interact with, and those drivers only existed for windows09:37
tsimpsonand for those I just used a VM 09:37
kilo_bytewindows 8 has a pretty good UI09:38
smartboyhwkilo_byte, I hate Metro UI09:38
kilo_byteand it boots pretty fast too09:38
kilo_bytemetro UI09:39
kilo_bytehavent hear smartboyhw 09:39
smartboyhwkilo_byte, Metro UI = Windows 8 UI09:39
kilo_bytesmartboyhw,  oh.. cool09:40
smartboyhwkilo_byte, not cool09:40
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yossarianukhow can you scan files to see what has the 'execstack' flag enabled ?10:35
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
Dardohow can i connect samsung tab 710:42
yossarianuk# find . -name \*.so -exec execstack -q {} \;   - does it10:46
BluesKaj'Morning all11:26
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marcelluxhi. I've got a problem. when I connect my laptop to my tv via HDMI nothing happens. any ideas?11:52
eur33rKDE is so slow11:53
eur33rit doesn't run on 2.2GHz dual core celeron11:53
ikoniaeur33r: why do you think it's the cpu that's the bottleneck /?11:54
eur33rCPU usage, 30% idle11:55
eur33rI also have 4GB RAM11:55
ikoniathat doesn't mean it's causing a slow down11:55
eur33rATI Radeon 6450 HD11:56
ikoniaas if it was slowing down you'd expect more usage as it would be bottlenecking11:56
eur33rand yeah that#s all the information I am allowed to give you11:56
ikoniaallowed to give me ?11:56
eur33rnot my computer11:56
eur33ryou might hack it11:56
ikoniathen no point discussing it any more - please don't raise this topic again unless you are willing to provide information 11:57
hateballmarcellux: well what do you expect to happen? are you telling the OS to actually output any image over hdmi?11:58
eur33rikonia: okay, what info do you need?11:58
eur33rjust ask11:58
Leoneofyour password?11:58
ikoniaeur33r: version of kubuntu, the configuration you've done on your video card, what's slow, what's not slow, 11:58
Leoneofeur33r: the animation to min/max window is slow ,right?12:00
marcellux<hateball> no. I did not. I thought I just plug the cable and I can see my desktop on the tv12:00
eur33rLeoneof: yes12:01
marcelluxlike I do with windows12:01
eur33rikonia: too personal tbh12:02
ikoniaeur33r: then please don't ask for help with the problem12:02
eur33rikonia: stop trolling12:03
hateballmarcellux: It depends on what graphics chipset you have. If you have for instance Intel, you can use KDE's native plasmoid to change output12:08
hateballmarcellux: Also it helps to know which version of Kubuntu you're running, as later versions use kscreen12:08
classicchinsAny one there? 12:09
classicchinsi need some help from Mac users who use Kubuntu on mac12:09
marcelluxI am using 12.10 with Kernel 3.10.0. It seems the OS does not even know how to deal with the HDMI port12:10
classicchinsi am having some trouble12:11
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:12
classicchins@marcellux , i have installed Kubuntu 12.04 LTS on macbook, but once i restart after installation, i can't get to chose Kubuntu :(12:12
hateballmarcellux: And what graphics chipset do you use?12:12
classicchinsany there who can help me with this ?12:13
hateballmarcellux: And do you use any proprietary drivers?12:13
marcellux<hateball> How can I find out what graphic chipset I am using? and if I'm using propietary drivers?12:14
marcellux<classicchins> I am sorry, I cannot help you with that. I never installed LInux on Mac12:15
hateballmarcellux: In a terminal, "lspci|grep VGA" should give you some hint12:18
hateballmarcellux: jockey-kde can be used to install proprietary drivers for nVidia or Ati12:18
marcellux<hateball> this is the result: 12:19
marcellux00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)12:19
marcellux01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Madison [Radeon HD 5000M Series]12:19
hateballmarcellux: I know next to nothing about ATI, but I think you should install the proprietary drivers using jockey-kde and that might make things work automagically12:22
marcellux<hateball> thanks. I will try that with the additional drivers for the 3rd party drives!12:23
classicchinsshadeslayer: i need help with dual boot .. i have installed Kubuntu on mac , but once installation is finished, and i reboot the machine, i am not able to chose between OSX and Installed Kubuntu12:27
shadeslayerclassicchins: what machine do you have?12:27
classicchinsmacbook pro 9,212:27
shadeslayerokay cool12:27
shadeslayerso there are two ways to fix this12:27
shadeslayeryou can a) hold option at boot to choose between OS X and Kubuntu12:27
shadeslayeror b) You can install refind which is what I did12:27
shadeslayersee http://sourceforge.net/projects/refind/12:28
classicchinsshadeslayer: well, i had chosen the first way,12:28
shadeslayerrefind gives you the advantage of kernel stub booting12:28
shadeslayerso you bypass grub and you can directly boot the kernel from the EFI bootloader12:28
classicchinsbut, once i install, and reboot .. and hold the option key during startup, again, i can't find the option to chose12:28
classicchinshmmm.. so that leaves me only that option left ?12:29
jussirefind is nice12:29
jussiI recommend it12:29
classicchinsthanks jussi and shadeslayer , lemme try using that now :(12:30
shadeslayerclassicchins: yeah, use refind if holding the option key doesn't work12:30
classicchinshad same issues with Ubuntu earlier @shadeslayer .. but it worked for few weeks, and then again stopped working .. now i am moving to Kubuntu and from the beginning its not working12:31
classicchinslemme see what i can do with refind now .. 12:32
shadeslayercarlosbuz: I suspect some sort of grub-efi issue12:33
shadeslayerbut I haven't used grub in a long time since I started using efi stub booting12:33
marcellux<hateball> unfortunatelly, it did not work. I got an error message telling me to take a look at the jockey.log. could this be caused because of using a higher kernel than what it sues this kubuntu version?12:36
hateballmarcellux: oh you're using a custom kernel?12:38
hateballbackported or such12:38
hateballand yes I guess that could be an issue. to be honest I havent used restricted drivers in years, I tend to stick to Intel for hasslefree computing ;p12:38
marcellux<hateball> the kernel I got it from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/12:40
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marcellux<hateball> got version v3.10-saucy12:41
hateballmarcellux: Yes, sadly I do not know how well that works together with something like jockey12:41
hateballBut someone else in here might, so stick around I guess12:41
marcelluxI will try to go back to the roots, with the original kernel I should be using according to my kubuntu version12:43
BluesKajmarcellux, good plan , then you'll have the correct kernel modules available for your hardware12:48
marcelluxthanks. I will go now offline for a bit. I hope it works. cheers12:50
simpleirc1shadeslayer: der ?12:53
shadeslayersimpleirc1: hi?12:53
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classicchins@shadeslayer der ?13:09
classicchinsI am on mobile now.. I just have to follow same installation procedure with redifin too rt ?13:10
classicchinsSorry its refind13:10
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shadeslayerclassicchins_: oh sorry13:27
shadeslayeryou just download the deb and install it13:27
shadeslayerthat's all you have to do13:27
shadeslayerand then reboot13:27
classicchins_shadeslayer: setting up kubuntu now ..13:27
shadeslayerah okay13:27
classicchins_just the same way i did earlier, but this time i have installed rEFInd13:28
shadeslayercool :)13:28
classicchins_hope this time it works fine !13:28
classicchins_i dont have a pretty good connection and its taking long time to install the packages .. 4th time installing today :(13:28
mauriciomauro_: Hi13:29
shadeslayerclassicchins_: which version are you installing?13:29
shadeslayeruhmmm .. I'd recommend 13.0413:30
classicchins_shadeslayer :  oh :( i dont want to follow same procedure again :( damn .. butw, can i directly upgrade some way or the other to 13.04 ?13:30
shadeslayerbecause the kernel is more recent, probably has better support and I know that the 64 bit kubuntu ISO can be booted off a USB stick13:30
shadeslayeryou can sure, but the biggest issue is booting into Kubuntu once you install13:31
classicchins_hmmm :( what do u suggest me to do now ?13:31
shadeslayerwasn't that your biggest issue?13:31
shadeslayerthat you can't reboot into kubuntu once you install it13:31
mauriciomauro_: ping13:31
classicchins_shadeslayer : yes, that was13:31
shadeslayerclassicchins_: yeah, so 13.04 doesn't have that issue AFAIK13:32
classicchins_shadeslayer: lemme try rebooting now .. i ll ping u here once i am done for now.. lets continue upgrading discussion later .. 13:32
shadeslayerhere's the thing13:32
shadeslayerif you can reboot into kubuntu, awesome13:32
shadeslayerthen you don't need to upgrade13:32
shadeslayerbut if you can't, then you'll need to download 13.04 and install that13:33
classicchins_shadeslayer: Even i hope it will reboot .. if it fails, again i ll have to download and install 13.04 and see if it works fine !13:33
shadeslayercool :)13:33
classicchins_shadeslayer : rebooting.. cya later once i do login after reboot :)13:33
classicchins@shadeslayer : m on mob now.. Its a failure again :(13:37
shadeslayerclassicchins: thought so13:37
shadeslayerclassicchins: please download the 64 bit 13.04 ISO13:38
shadeslayernote that only the 64 bit one works13:38
shadeslayerthe 32 bit one doesn't have grub-efi13:38
classicchinsShadeslayer: from mobile now.. It's a failure again :(13:39
shadeslayer<shadeslayer> classicchins: please download the 64 bit 13.04 ISO13:40
shadeslayer<shadeslayer> note that only the 64 bit one works13:40
shadeslayer<shadeslayer> the 32 bit one doesn't have grub-efi13:40
shadeslayerclassicchins: ^^13:40
classicchinsIn boot menu ... I had 2 options.. One for mac and other to load linux.. When i chose linux it failed andbasked to insert boot device13:40
classicchinsI am trying 64 bit onw13:41
classicchinsNow again i ll have to wait for 1 day to get 13.04 downloaded :(13:41
shadeslayerclassicchins: yeah, macs are horribkle13:43
shadeslayerI've vowed never to get one again13:43
classicchinsShadeslayer: lol.. Any ways.. Thanks for ya time.. Cya tomo :)13:44
classicchinsShadeslayer: but i love mac n macos ;)13:45
shadeslayerclassicchins: heh, sure, but they charge you apple tax for no reason13:45
shadeslayerI got swayed by the guy selling the laptop at the apple store13:46
classicchinsShadeslayer : i know :( i wish they lay it off soon :(13:46
shadeslayerlol, probably never going to happen13:47
shadeslayerwhy do you think they have billions in the bank13:47
classicchinsTrue that ;)13:47
* shadeslayer will get a thinkpad + beefy desktop next year13:47
shadeslayermy MBP is now > 2 years old13:47
shadeslayerprobably going to die by next year13:47
classicchinsShadeslayer: any ways :( cya around tomo once i try with 13.04 13:49
classicchinsHope that will work :(13:49
shadeslayerit will13:49
classicchinsHope it ll13:50
classicchinsOr else m going to hang myself.. Lol13:50
classicchinsCya.. Thanks a lot again :)13:50
ikoniashadeslayer: do you run kubuntu on your macbook ?13:51
shadeslayerikonia: yes13:52
ikoniawhich year macbook is it ?13:52
ikoniahow do you find it ?13:53
shadeslayerdepends, I had *alot* of issues when I bought it13:53
shadeslayerwhich was in late mid 201113:53
ikoniaa lot of issues with it as a device, or a lot of issues running kubuntu on it 13:53
shadeslayerthe latter13:54
shadeslayerprimarily because the kernel didn't have proper hardware support13:54
ikoniayes, hence my questioning, 13:54
shadeslayerit's alot better now13:54
ikoniadue you dual boot it with mac OS, or pure kubuntu ?13:54
shadeslayerikonia: I've done both in the past, but I have OS X now because sometimes I have to call up apple support for part replacements and they only support OS X fore debugging13:55
shadeslayerso far I've had my battery and HDD replaced ( over the course of 2 years )13:55
ikoniashadeslayer: how do you manage the booting ?13:55
ikoniathat's shockingly bad luck for hardware failure13:55
shadeslayerikonia: I use refind which allows me to directly boot the kernel13:55
ss_hazeI need to make a short cut to command on kde desktop like sudo dolphin /var/www13:55
shadeslayerss_haze: you could put a desktop file with : kdesudo dolphin13:55
ikoniashadeslayer: so you basically put a layer into the efi setup, 13:56
shadeslayernot sure if dolphin takes arguments13:56
shadeslayerokay it does13:56
ss_hazeso I create .desktop file13:56
ss_hazeI forgot this13:56
shadeslayerikonia: kinda, EFI allows you to run additional scripts once it sets up everything13:56
shadeslayerrefind is just a EFI script13:56
shadeslayerwhich allows you to choose between OS's/Kernels and even allows you to boot grub EFI13:57
shadeslayerkernel stub booting is necessary on the 8,2 because with grub efi something goes wrong with the radeon card13:57
shadeslayerbut works perfectly with kernel stub booting13:57
shadeslayerikonia: though the hardware itself is bad in certain ways13:59
shadeslayerikonia: for eg the aluminium shell gets dented easily13:59
shadeslayerI dropped it a couple of times and one of the edges is pressed in13:59
shadeslayerthen it has heating issues because the body is all aluminium14:00
ikoniashadeslayer: I concur, it's a mixed bag of good/bad14:00
shadeslayerbut I won't ever buy another MBP again14:00
shadeslayertoo much apple tax14:00
ikoniaI was curious to how you'd found it with kubuntu and especially the boot management14:01
shadeslayerGet a Dell / Thinkpad + 3 year warranty14:01
BluesKajit's a shame how some manufacturers won't supply drivers for linux users , altho most HW is supported there some anomalies that are constantly ignored. Lexmark (most) and Creative SB CAO132 are a couple of examples14:01
ikoniaI'm sat here now on my second thinkpad with perfect support and stability14:01
shadeslayerikonia: well ... I can definitely say that the average person who buys a MBP won't be able to run Kubuntu on it14:01
shadeslayeryou'll need to mess with too many things14:01
ikoniaBluesKaj: apple is an exception to the rule, they do make it %101 clear when you buy and in support that their hardware/software platform is a black box 14:01
BluesKajikonia, and with most things apple , you pay for support , correct ?14:02
shadeslayerbtw with Windows 8.1 coming up TPM chips will become mandatory14:02
ikoniaBluesKaj: partly, there is a good warranty14:03
shadeslayerso not sure how much I can trust computers with 8.114:03
shadeslayerBluesKaj: I have an extended warranty14:03
shadeslayercost me 300 USD I think14:03
shadeslayergives you a extended 2 year cover period which does not involve the battery14:04
shadeslayerbut I managed to talk them into replacing mine for free14:04
BluesKajnever owned any apple prods , altho my daughter has an IMac which has a dead HDD ,and replacement is really complicated and expensive. 14:04
shadeslayeryep, if you go through the official channels it's super expensive :<14:05
BluesKajso she bought a lenovo thru her friend'scompany , saving about 40%14:05
* shadeslayer needs to find people at lenovo :P14:06
shadeslayerthen I can buy a thinkpad for super cheap prices xD14:06
shadeslayerI'm waiting for a thinkpad with a Intel 4400 chip + a FHD display14:06
shadeslayerand that's less than 1.5 KG's :P14:07
BluesKajok , bbl ... gotta check some things14:09
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jcgsHi, has anyone here had any luck running xen? I've installed it, but when I choose the hypervised kernel it gets most of the way through the boot process and htne hangs before the login screen comes up. It won't even respond to crtl-alt-del at that stage, and I have to pull the plug :(16:37
ikoniajcgs: sounds like a hardware problem/incomaptability16:41
ikoniajcgs: what's the last thing it does on screen 16:41
ikoniajcgs: try to not to cross-post questions across mulitple channel too please.16:42
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jcgsikonia: i definitely have hardware virtualization, and it's enabled in bios. The last thing on screen is either the kubuntu logo (if booting with splash) or lots of * starting... type entries (if using nosplash)16:53
jcgsikonia: will it be listed anywhere in a log file, that sort of thing?16:53
ikoniajcgs: note it down, boot it withou the splash 16:53
jcgsikonia: will be writing for quite some time. I've only see it claim to be starting lightdm once though, and it still hung after that :(16:55
ikoniajust get the last one or two entries 16:55
ikoniaor get anyone that it hangs on 16:55
jcgsit doesn't seem to get stuck doing anything though... it seems to do everything it says it's doing sucessfully 16:55
jcgsikonia: it failed again :( the last two things were * stopping [OK] * starting CUPS printer spooler/server [OK]17:06
jcgsikonia: i think it's stopped on the cups one a lot17:06
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ikoniait shouldn't be stopping anything17:10
ikoniait should be starting17:10
jcgsikonia: it stops lots of things17:17
jcgslike "restore sound cards mixer states17:18
jcgsikonia: going to have dinner now, but will leave IRC open.17:18
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arkanabarIs there a KDE plasmoid that will hold the mouse pointer locked in place?18:25
arkanabarThere used to be a panel widget for that in gnome 2, and I would LOVE to have that for my laptop.18:25
BluesKajarkanabar, does synaptiks have such a feature ?18:27
arkanabarBluesKaj: not sure, not on my lappy right now.18:30
BluesKajI don't recall such a feature , but I haven't had access to my laptop in over a yr :P18:33
arkanabarI'm using 12.04 on it.18:33
geniiBluesKaj: Are you running 13.10 right now?18:35
BluesKajgenii, ^18:36
geniiBluesKaj: I asked my Q in +1 :-)18:37
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BluesKajyup genii , I saw it18:39
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PewPewPewFor people that use non-stock kernels. pf vs liquorix? I have been luqirox *zen really) for years. But would like to hear others experiences19:57
PewPewPewliquorix (zen really)19:58
BluesKajPewPewPew, I dropped it after about a month , didn't see much benefit and it mucked up my graphics driver after an upgrade on 13.04 last week 19:59
BluesKajliquorix that is19:59
PewPewPewWell this is basic intel (not i7) so its pretty simple going19:59
PewPewPewAnd even with liquorix its not that /hard/ to get it going even after an update20:00
PewPewPewnvidia that is20:00
BluesKajok , my graphics is nvidia 8400gs pci 20:00
PewPewPewyou just need to use the manual nvidia installer on kernels such as these20:00
PewPewPewand remember to reinstall after each kernel upgrade (as long as you have headers)20:00
BluesKajwell , i'm not a gamer so i don't see much difference 20:01
PewPewPewYa, I dont really care about that, I just wanted the ck patchset20:01
PewPewPewAs I have been using Con Kolivas' work for over 10 years now20:01
BluesKajI bought the graphics card to connect to our TV HDMI input 20:02
PewPewPewThis is just a buildbox/desktop in a 1U server20:03
PewPewPewAnd its all simple intel stuff, integrated, not APU20:03
PewPewPewGMA3500 and stuff, even on my thinkpad20:03
BluesKajbut using a debian kernel for graphics in my case wasn't the right choice 20:03
PewPewPewThis sucks I bored my old ~/ dir, I have so much configuration to do20:03
BluesKajwhy not just reinstall to / ?20:04
PewPewPewReinstall zsh, setup all my aliases, give sudo passwordless access (I dont allow zsh except from LAN20:04
PewPewPewBluesKaj:drive died20:05
BluesKajok 20:05
PewPewPewNow I got my 1U buildbox/desktop I grabbed on the cheap. And thats gonna be a desktp rather than my thinkpad20:05
BluesKajzsh ?20:05
PewPewPewYes, I love zsh20:05
PewPewPewMyuch more powerful than bash imho20:05
PewPewPewbrb. need to reboot or relogin totally to get zsh fully going20:07
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leonardocrhello, I need some help, I want to customize an live CD of ubuntu 13.04, I used uck, remastersys and the manual method, but it not work (excuse my english)20:16
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leonardocrBluesKaj, I don't understand20:19
BluesKajleonardocr, I was trying to invoke the factoid bot , like this 20:21
ubottuuck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/20:21
BluesKajbut there used to be another tool to do so , but I've forgotten the name20:22
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility20:26
BluesKajleonardocr, http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Fully-Customized-Live-Kde-Cd/Dvd-Using-Kubuntu20:27
leonardocrahh, ok BluesKaj, but I used uck with kubuntu 13.04 but I get an error when it is creating the iso20:28
BluesKajleonardocr, that tutorial uses remastersys 20:29
BluesKajlooks like a lot of work to me , don't think I can be bothered20:31
leonardocrBluesKaj, I followed that tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization, but finally when I was testing, I get an error20:36
Guest40539Is Kubuntu any good?20:46
PibbleSure why not20:46
PibbleI run it20:46
Guest40539I'm saving up for a sony vaio and im looking for a linux distro to run on it20:47
Guest40539Yeah. Does kubuntu have a software center20:47
geniiGuest40539: It uses muon by default, same idea20:53
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lurkanHello , 23:43
wxlso i have a pdf form appparently filled out in os x by writer (assumedly this is the print to file function; i didn't make it) and when i open it in okular i can see all the form data. however, if i print it, there is no data. any ideas?23:44
chachanguys, I'm having the following issue to get connected to a VPN http://paste.kde.org/ped994ad0/ Any idea?23:58
chachanwhat's that about tun0?23:59

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