StevenKwgrant: Bad you for using Equal/NotEqual for None02:31
wgrantStevenK: Where?02:32
wgrantIn my IBB rework?02:32
StevenKNo, your log fix for r1675002:33
wgrantThat was cjwatson, I just reviewed it and missed that :)02:33
StevenK% bzr grep 'assertEqual.*None' | wc -l02:35
StevenKSo I can't complain too much. :-)02:35
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stubWho's up for a Swift branch review?08:10
cjwatsonStevenK: I had to use assert[Not]Equal there, because that mixin method is used in test case classes that derive from TrialTestCase rather than from the LP TestCase variants, and that don't have assertIs[Not]08:49
cjwatsonStevenK: (I tried using the more correct methods first, of course)08:50
cjwatsonNo doubt we should fix that, but I didn't feel like pulling in a complete test rework08:50
stubI just use self.assert_(foo is None), even if the test fail message is suckier.08:52
stubOr maybe I abuse assertEqual too... sucks this is all so fragmented.08:53
cjwatsonI was following usage in nearby tests, anyway.08:54
cjwatsonW: Conflicting distribution: http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com devel Release (expected devel but got saucy)08:54
cjwatsonOh dear08:54
cjwatsonI did not predict that :-(08:54
wgrantHuh, really.09:09
mptWow, dogfood.launchpad.net still exists, separately from staging.launchpad.net09:31
lifelessmpt: yes, dogfood was an entirely separate cluster IIRC11:58
StevenKcjwatson: Ah ha, Trial impacts again.12:50
StevenKlifeless: "is"12:50
lifelesswgrant: "pedant"12:51
StevenKlifeless: Duh? That's wgrant means.12:52
lifelessStevenK: EPARSE :)12:53
StevenKlifeless: As in duh, wgrant is just another word for pedant12:54
lifelessStevenK: Ah :).12:56
cjwatsonwgrant: Hey, it has builders attached.  That makes it a cluster, right? :)13:20
wgrantHeh, I guess it does now.13:21
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cjwatsonwgrant: I'm seeing a lot of tracebacks like this in buildd-manager:20:06
cjwatsonis that new?20:06
lifelesscjwatson: private bin :(; probably a -ops channel question?21:13
cjwatsonsorry, got confused about where I was22:08
lifelesscjwatson: I don't remember seeing that before22:40
cjwatsonwgrant did quite a lot of rearrangement of buildd-manager that went into the last deployment, and I suspect a regression from that22:43
cjwatsonunless it's one of my buildd-manager changes, but I don't think it is22:43
lifelessseems likely22:51
wgrantProbably a regression from my stuff, but I tested TTBJs.23:44
wgrantI think it only happens when they fail.23:46
wgrantAnd anyway, TTBs aren't critical, and this doesn't seem to have wide impact, so can probably wait until Monday.23:46
wgrantcjwatson: Thanks for poking.23:46

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