joemHi, I got an error after running this command (sudo apt-get update). Error like this (W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/upubuntu-com/themes/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/i18n/Translation-en  Unable to connect to ppa.launchpad.net:http:02:17
cjohnstonlooks like an invalid ppa url02:19
joemcjohnston how to fix this? do I need to delete some ppa url?02:21
cjohnstonjoem: have you tried running update again?02:23
joemnot yet, just update?02:23
cjohnstonsudo apt-get update02:24
joemok running02:24
joemcjohnston I got the same error02:39
cjohnstonjoem: I'd try #ubuntu to get some help02:39
joemcjohnston ok will try to ask from them(#ubuntu). Thanks02:41
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smoserwgrant, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/23404714:02
smoserare you saying that we can re-run that importer and shoudl be good ?14:02
smoserbecause that would be wonderful14:02
wgrantHuh, it's failed again?14:02
wgrantThe import had just succeeded when I replied.14:02
wgrantHave you push --overwrited again?14:03
smoserwgrant, i'm almost certain that i've not push --overwrited14:04
smoseri'd say 3 nines certain14:04
smoserhttp://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/ shows it fail though and in a class of a bunch of other things now.14:05
wgrantThose other failures are expected; they haven't had the importer side of their history cleared.14:05
wgrantxnox: how'd you do the history erase?14:06
* xnox tries to recall. I wonder if udd create merge proposals again.14:06
xnoxwgrant: well requeu --full from scripts should do it.14:07
wgrantIt should, yeah.14:08
xnoxbut i'm certain I did re-run cloud-init with --full.14:08
wgrantAnd the log confirms it imported successfully14:08
wgrantAnd then failed shortly afterwardss.14:08
xnoxi did requeue-package --full on it now, but i'm not sure what's going on.14:09
xnoxunless something was published and deleted from proposed pocket.....14:09
xnoxall branches have package-importer as the last commit =(14:09
wgrantThose revids are old.14:09
wgrantThey're not recent uploads.14:09
wgrantUnless different branches have different revids?14:09
xnoxi'd be very sad if that was true....14:10
smosersomething may have gone to proposed and then out in the past14:10
wgrantDB confirms that cloud-init has no revids atm.14:10
smoserbut not recently.14:10
wgrantSo --full works.14:11
smosernote, i have ~smoser/ubuntu/cloud-init/ branches also. (just mentioning it in case they got stacked and pissed it off)14:11
wgrantShouldn't a requeue-package --full result in branches that have no revids that aren't by package-import@?14:11
wgrantHow did a smoser@ revid get into a fresh import?14:11
wgrantUnless it doesn't clobber the tags on push, maybe.14:12
wgrantThat would be hilarious and explain a lot.14:12
smoseri think you have to push --overwrite14:12
smoserto clobber tags.14:12
smoseri'm sure you guys know what you're doing.14:12
wgrantupstream-0.7.3~bzr850 smoser@ubuntu.com-20130726183219-00faz3j7eb0vfn5114:13
wgrantupstream-0.7.3~bzr851 smoser@ubuntu.com-20130729161937-ysm5frpj4mcvb5sj14:13
wgrantupstream-0.7.3~bzr858 package-import@ubuntu.com-20130814214422-yyrtaytgrqoprzcl14:13
wgrantupstream-0.7.3~bzr860 package-import@ubuntu.com-20130815160140-pio7vc0osb6epcft14:13
wgrantupstream-0.7.3~bzr861 package-import@ubuntu.com-20130820160622-jn9dcbq1kcofb1nu14:13
wgrantFrom the LP branch.14:13
wgrantI think it is indeed not clobbering tags.14:13
wgrantI recall a bzr change there a year or two ago.14:13
wgrantI don't see why it isn't clobbering, though.14:16
xnox... because it has cached branches on jubany and it's using cached branches?14:16
wgrantIt shouldn't have cached branches on jubany14:16
xnoxor it has to manually delete tags, but that's weird cause --full did work on other branches.14:17
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xnoxwgrant: looks like package importer is going crazy, all of tryton-* stuff failed, despite being always in-sync with http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/tryton-modules-product.html#2012-10-29 00:23:04.13435814:19
xnoxAssertionError: ('package-import@ubuntu.com-20120630182214-nsidrwntnbrgic14', '0443d4976946480a828a9e822a07440f56d48567') != (u'package-import@ubuntu.com-20120630182214-7vjhgzxz1c2qji7p', u'1b996ce7ade175beadd6a2c5eafa629f7b0cf206') for tryton-modules-product 2.2.1-2 in raring, something has changed14:19
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wgrantAnd its local state was clearly fresh, because it had package-import@ revids in its DB from the reimport.14:20
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