bvbhello friends00:00
bvbis there a way to view the file permissions in the detailed view of folders?00:01
ianorlinin pcmanfm?00:09
bvbso do you know how to apply that setting?00:30
ianorlinI don't00:31
ianorlinnot sure you can00:32
katkissonIs it better to leave my computer on hibernate all night or to shut down? Which one is easier for the computer?02:26
Unit193Hibernate is the same thing, just copies the ram to disk, then copies back on bootup (basically.)  Hibernate is a bit slower and in this a little more unstable.02:28
katkissono.k. thanks!02:29
warsonghi all06:15
warsongis there a GUI for scaning for bad secotrs?06:16
phillwwarsong: out of interest or out of the fact the drive is dying?06:23
warsongI need/want a utitle to scan for bad sectors06:23
bioterrorgnome-disk-utility - manage and configure disk drives and media06:24
warsongIm sorry I dont understand06:24
warsongI have wel over 30 ide drives06:24
warsongLubuntu dose not run gnome dose it?06:25
Unit193Nope, doesn't mean that won't work.06:25
phillwwarsong: you can use gnome-disk-utility  - just install it.06:25
warsongk i will download the packet right now06:26
Unit193I have a seagate drive, so I may use seatools or mhdd. :P06:26
bioterrorif I had ide drives, I would use hammer :-)06:26
warsongI feel your pain06:26
warsongI trash  a lot of them06:26
warsongbut people are in need06:27
phillwIf, however, you want to scan for bad sectors and have them marked as such on the disk(s), then look at the 1st answer on http://askubuntu.com/questions/104063/how-can-i-know-the-number-of-bad-sectors-on-my-hard-drive06:27
warsongbut you cant scan a drive if it mounted06:27
phillwA failing hard drive is failing, but if it genuinely has had a slight accident in its life, that link may help you.06:27
phillwwarsong: for bad sector scanning, expect the drive to be wiped clean. you can not do non-destructive testing.06:28
warsonghuh spin right dose it06:29
phillwwell, you can, but it is not worth the paper you print the result out on.06:29
phillwwarsong: *reading* from a sector <> *writing* to a sector, but if you wish to follow wikipedia, why did you ask in here?06:30
warsongthat dose not fit the roll im looking for06:31
warsongit was just a off topic thing sorry06:31
Jamie_Hello, can I have some help with permissions?06:45
phillw!ask | Jamie_06:49
ubottuJamie_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:49
Jamie_I installed lamp and when I go to create a file inside var/www it won't save the file. I think I need to chmod the directory?06:50
phillwJamie_: this is not lubuntu related, so before the big bad wolf comes and complains, can you please06:51
phillw/j #ubuntu-offtopic06:51
phillwand I'll be happy to chat with you about LAMP and /var/www06:51
Jamie_It is Lubuntu Related.06:51
Jamie_I'm on Lubuntu though...06:52
phillwjamie, please issue the command '/j #lubuntu-offtopic' (with out the ')06:52
Unit193He's asking a support question, which is best off in a support channel...06:53
Mondaywhat do i type to install xfce so that i can test it out, then what do i type to remove it after without removing the xfce stuff for lubuntu11:11
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Mondayhow often are LXDE releases and what version is the current one17:28
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phillwMonday: lxde does not have a 'release' as such, it is the collection of 'lx' components which get updated as the developers have time. These components then go into 'releases'.17:34
phillwMonday: head over to http://blog.lxde.org/ which has lots of great links to the lxde project.17:37
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maphey y'all19:41
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javatexanIubuntu is really nice, thank you for all hard work20:05
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phillwjavatexan: thank you for your kind words :)21:26

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