roaksoaxbigjools: did you have anything for me? or am I crazy?04:06
melmoth__i m trying to install several maas node, i do not understand how things works for maas-dns04:20
melmoth__i was thinking of having 1 region controller running dns, and 2 cluster controller running pxe boot stuff04:21
melmoth__but i do not see where to set up the dns menu for the region controller as this menu use to be in the cluser controller settings04:21
melmoth__is the region controller supposed to be also a cluster controller ?04:21
bigjoolsroaksoax: the uefi thing04:38
bigjoolsmelmoth__: if you install maas-dns it will write a zone file for the dns server on the region controller04:38
bigjoolsthen obviously you need to configure things to use the dns server04:39
roaksoaxbigjools: ah yes04:42
roaksoaxill look into that tomorrow04:42
roaksoaxI'm dead now04:42
bigjoolsroaksoax: ok, try not to die too much.04:43
melmoth__anyone knows how is maas being told to update the dns zone file when a new node is allocated  ?05:52
bigjoolsmelmoth__: yes:06:14
bigjoolsthe cluster controller scans the dhcp leases file06:14
bigjoolsand matches IPs to MACs06:14
bigjoolsit tells the region, which then notices and changes and writes a new zone file via a celery job06:15
melmoth__does it use rabbitmq to communicate with the dhcp ? (ie, can the dhcp be on another box ?)06:15
melmoth__s/the dhcp/the region/06:15
melmoth__ahh, celery job. that is rabbitmq, right ?06:15
bigjoolsthe dhcp server has to be on the same box as the cluster controlle06:15
bigjoolsMAAS controls all of that06:15
bigjoolsit writes out dhcp configs to fix the IP address to the host06:16
bigjoolscelery uses rabbit as a transport, yes06:16
bigjoolsso there's a celeryd on each cluster and the region controller06:16
bigjoolsthe clusters scan their leases files and report to the region, and the region generates jobs to update the zone06:17
* bigjools has to step out for a bit06:17
melmoth__any idea where are the rabbit auth crednetail stored on the cluster controller ?06:26
melmoth__we do not experience the update of zone file, but we have some credential error message on the rabbit bus06:26
melmoth__ahh, looks like it s in pserv.yaml06:30
bigjoolsrabbit auth is sent to the cluster by the region when it connects06:54
bigjools(connects to the region)06:54
freeflyingusing maas 1.2+bzr1373+dfsg-0ubuntu1~12.04.1 on precise, after bootstrap, can't get any machine allocated09:24
freeflyingjuju status indicate deployed charm are pending09:24
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newcomerhey everybody17:15
newcomeri've installed MAAS17:32
newcomerand now i want to add a node but don't know which mac adress i got to enter?17:33
mattrae_i noticed if i terminate-environment as an admin user, it terminates all machines from all environments. is that expected? it happens in juju-core but not pyjuju20:12
mattrae_also juju destroy-environment, when i am not using an admin user in maas gives '403 forbidden'. are non-admin users not allowed to destroy-environment?20:13
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