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u1dbquestionHi, I'm unable to find any documentation for using u1db in qml?  The only documentation I can find seems kind of sparse00:40
u1dbquestionExcept pretend I punctuated that correctly.00:43
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rschrollA question on QML: Is it possible to style the values of a ValueSelector individually?02:44
rschrollI can do this by copying and editing the ValueSelector .qml file, but this seems silly.02:44
rschrollCan I access the child elements of one, or subclass it somehow?02:45
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dpmgood morning06:02
smartboyhwHello dpm06:03
dpmhi smartboyhw06:03
smartboyhwdpm, so, my code failed with , any reasons/06:06
dpmsmartboyhw, hm, I don't know, perhaps the autopilot test was relying on the label text that you replaced?06:07
smartboyhwdpm, I think so06:07
* smartboyhw changes the text, sigh06:08
dpmsmartboyhw, no need to change the text06:08
smartboyhwdpm, I mean, the test:P06:08
dpmah, ok :)06:08
dpmnow it makes sense :)06:08
smartboyhwdpm, um, the problem is that it doesn't seem to be code error at all (from me)06:11
smartboyhw  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntuuitoolkit/emulators.py", line 127, in switch_to_tab_by_index06:11
smartboyhw    raise IndexError('Tab index out of range.')06:11
smartboyhwIndexError: Tab index out of range.06:11
dpmsmartboyhw, hm, yeah, it seems the autopilot SDK emulator is failing. We will probably have to wait for balloons or some QA people to come online to fix this.06:14
* smartboyhw will get either DanChapman or balloons, no worries:D06:14
dpmperfect, thanks smartboyhw!06:14
smartboyhwdpm, so, the code can't be merged in until they fixed the Ubuntu SDK emulator right?06:15
dpmsmartboyhw, that's correct. Or disabled the test.06:15
* smartboyhw does not think we should disable the test06:17
smartboyhwSo, balloons wake up whenever you can:P06:17
oSoMoNgood morning06:58
dholbachgood morning06:59
gbahryI am totally new to IRC07:13
randomcppwho's the designer of the ubuntu-mobile-icons? I have few question/request :)07:52
wellsbCan somebody confirm for me if ubuntu-mobile is available in /usr/share/icons by default in raring and saucy?08:05
wellsbrandomcpp: ^08:05
randomcppwellsb, I'm on raring, and I had to install a package from the sdk08:06
randomcppI don't remember the name atm08:06
wellsbGood to know.  Thanks08:06
randomcppwellsb, -> ubuntu-mobile-icons08:07
wellsbI don't guess that's available in quantal.  I'm overdue for an upgrade08:07
randomcppI don't think so, but you can always install them manually08:08
randomcppthey're just icons08:08
oSoMoNgusch: hey, would you be available to review https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/ubuntu-calendar-app/reduce-newevent-popup-height/+merge/183090 ?08:28
guschoSoMoN: ok08:32
guschoSoMoN: I just saw that I'm not in the correct group to top approve it08:41
oSoMoNgusch: right, if you approve it I’ll top-approve myself (and will take on the consequences of doing so)08:45
guschoSoMoN: done08:46
oSoMoNgusch: thanks08:47
randomcppre: who's the designer of the ubuntu-mobile-icons? I have few question/request :)08:54
randomcppany documentation on ubuntu actions?09:06
randomcppubuntu unity actions**09:06
hakermaniarandomcpp, you mean unity launcher shortcuts? How to have a dynamic list of options?09:10
randomcppnope, "hud" actions09:11
timprandomcpp: yes, on the cpp side http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/cplusplus/unity-action/09:13
timprandomcpp: qml docs are in the code, but for some reason for the online docs we *have to* choose between cpp and qmld ocs09:14
timpWellark / dpm ^ is anything happening with the unity-action qml docs?09:14
randomcpptimp, thanks :) I just wanted to know how keywords were meant to be set09:15
dpmtimp, unfortunately, not really unless they can be separated into different packages or the publisher script is modified. And working on the script is low on my todo list :/09:15
timprandomcpp: if you are using the ubuntu-ui-toolkit and want to make actions available for HUD, assign Actions to the actions properties of MainView (global actions) or your Page (local actions, only visible when the page is active)09:15
randomcppand I found the answer there09:15
timpdpm: okay09:16
randomcpptimp, ok :)09:16
randomcppicon designers: ping09:24
Laneyis there a signal I can use when a Dialog is opened?09:45
Laneyor how can I refer to something within the dialog from the place where I open it?09:59
LaneyI'm getting confused by scoping09:59
LaneyComponent -> Dialog -> TextField { id: foo }09:59
Laneywant to focus foo when the dialog is opened09:59
seb128Laney, alias a property?10:00
seb128Laney, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15953151/qml-aliases-to-children-properties10:00
seb128Laney, something like that should work?10:01
Laneyis the answer to remove the Component right?10:01
LaneyI did that because that's what the example in the docs does10:01
seb128Laney, I'm not sure to understand what you are doing ... did you try to make a "property alias foo: id.foo" in your component10:02
seb128then just use componentId.foo in your caller?10:02
Laneyyou can't make new properties inside a Component10:03
Laneyand it's not found if you do that from the top level10:03
Laneylet me try getting rid of the Component layer10:03
seb128yeah, maybe that's the easiest10:04
Laneybreaks PopupUtils.open() at least10:06
Laneymaybe you can open it directly10:06
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LaneyOK, that works; dialog.show()10:12
Laneydon't know if that's bad in some way though10:13
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Laneywhat's the way to stop an event handler being called when the item is first constructed?11:38
Laneya skip boolean?11:41
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mefriomhall119, ping12:42
wellsbSure would be nice if OptionSelectorDelegate.qml set the maxheight of the icon passed to it to the height of the row, in cases where we want to use system icons and can't resize them ourselves12:50
wellsbnic-doffay: ^12:51
nic-doffaywellsb, what cases would those be?13:17
wellsbusing Online Accounts, it might be desirable to pull the icon corresponding w/ the service from /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mobile, rather than packaging your own, but the smallest is 14413:19
popeydpm: have you tried the weather app today?13:21
dpmpopey, not yet, but I did yesterday on the PC when I saw the MR landing :)13:22
dpmlooks awesome13:22
popeyseems odd13:22
popeyon the device13:22
* dpm tries13:22
popeyi see no hours as he showed on the hangout13:22
popeyyou have to swipe to make it move from one day to the next, and there's no animation doing that13:22
mhall119mefrio: pong13:24
popeymorning mhall11913:24
mhall119morning popey13:24
mefriomhall119, I am developing an app for the ubuntu appshowdown contest. It build using CMake instead of qmlproject because of I use a C++ part. Is it allowed?13:24
wellsbnic-doffay: Does that seem like a reasonable use case?  It'd be a relatively trivial change to optionselectordelegate13:25
dpmhm, I can't enable the wireless connection on the device, so weather won't work without location (I swiped all data this morning)13:25
mhall119mefrio: under the rules of the showdown yes, it's allowed.  However, packaging and distributing compiled apps is still an unsolved issue for the app store and Click13:25
mhall119mefrio: do you have an armhf device you can compile it on?13:25
mefriomhall119, no, I don't have any Ubuntu Touch supported devices....will my app be package by a packager team?13:26
nic-doffaywellsb, yeah def13:26
nic-doffayI'll add it.13:26
mhall119mefrio: it'll need somebody, yeah, we'll work that out though13:26
mefriomhall119, ok so my app is fine for the contest. Thank you!13:28
nic-doffaywellsb, I think a boolean governing whether the iconSize is constrained is a better idea.13:29
nic-doffayBut I'm concerned about the width in that case.13:29
wellsbnic-doffay: That's a fair idea, though.  You can just PreserveAspectFit.  If they try an icon that's not square-ish, then they'll find out when they test it13:37
popeydpm: phablet-network ?13:49
dpmyou're my hero13:50
dpmnice one, thanks13:51
smartboyhwdpm, can you approve my merge? balloons said that Jenkins won't merge in my changes to fix if you don't approve it14:27
WebbyITdpm, popey, boiko, design meeting time? :)14:32
dpmWebbyIT, coming!14:32
popeyWebbyIT: arriving14:32
boikoWebbyIT: yep, I will be joining soon, finishing another meeting before14:32
dpmWebbyIT, coming?14:35
WebbyITdpm, where is the hangout?14:35
dpmWebbyIT, it should be in the calendar invite, it's https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/32f5d7e7aa06e6c29c8b0d7820cff00d613089d014:36
smartboyhwdpm, did you see my message?14:36
WebbyITdpm, thanks14:36
balloonsiBelieve, howdy14:45
iBelieveballoons, back again. Internet problems :(14:50
balloonsiBelieve, heh.. how's file manager fixes coming along? vUDS is behind us now, so if you need help, I'm ready to help14:52
iBelieveballoons, I've been working on them this morning. Just ran the app and the popovers work again! I'll run autopilot now to see if they're fixed14:54
randomcppdoes anyone know how can I fix symbols like & in qml strings?15:03
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dholbachyes yes yes!15:15
smartboyhwdholbach, +!15:15
iBelievedholbach, awesome!!!!!15:15
smartboyhwOops, +115:15
popeyI haven't even read it yet, it's that awesome15:16
iBelieveJust registered my namespace :)15:18
dholbachdpm, should it turn up here as well: http://developer.ubuntu.com/community/app-developer-blog/?15:22
dholbachbeuno, can you add a link to the "publish" doc to the announce?15:23
beunodholbach, sure15:23
beunodholbach, replacing a link or adding it in?15:23
dholbachmaybe replace this line:15:24
dholbachYou can upload your apps here: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/new/15:24
dholbachFind out how to submit your Ubuntu Touch app here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/15:24
dholbachbecause people will have to sign up, etc.15:24
beunodholbach, sounds good15:24
dholbachbeuno, you're my friend!15:24
wellsbnic-doffay: If you notice your merge get approved in the trunk, shoot me a ping so I can uncomment the constrainImage: line in my code15:24
nic-doffaywellsb, will do. It's working just busy writing tests for the branch.15:25
* dholbach hugs beuno15:25
dholbachbeuno, I spread the news in a couple of places15:26
balloonsdpm, why did you re-assign this to me? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rssreader-app/+bug/121057115:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1210571 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "test_rssreader.TestMainWindow.test_add_remove_feed_and_topic failure on devices" [High,Triaged]15:32
dpmballoons, because I like you? :)15:33
smartboyhwdpm, now, that's a comment:P15:33
balloonsdpm, rofl.. the application is misbehaving, so ideally one of the developers could implement what omer recommended :-)15:34
balloonsdpm, does that make sense?15:35
iBelievepopey, ping15:38
cwayneiBelieve, ping15:45
iBelievecwayne, pong15:46
cwayneiBelieve, hey, im gonna try and set up the account-plugin-trello for you today :)15:47
iBelievecwayne, awesome!!15:47
cwayneiBelieve, i should have a branch + ppa set up today, i'll ping you when it's ready for some testing15:49
popeyiBelieve: pong15:49
iBelievecwayne, great, thank you so much15:49
iBelievepopey, so I'm working on fixing some bugs in the file manager and also making various improvements15:50
iBelievepopey, I'm going to update the sidebar with a better version that I wrote15:50
iBelievepopey, for the header at the top, should I leave my original one, or replace it with one that says the file is part of File Manger and is copyrighted by Canonical?15:50
iBelievepopey, the component is GPLv3 or greater15:51
popeyhmm. I think you need to sign the CLA first.15:52
iBelievepopey, I signed something, I think that was it. I'm part of the Canonical Contributor Agreement team in LP15:53
popeyhttps://launchpad.net/~mdspencer doesnt show you in that team15:53
iBelievepopey, that's weird - it shows it for me: http://i.imgur.com/fgajs7s.png15:55
popeyoh, odd15:56
popeyit has no logo, i didnt look down there15:56
iBelievepopey, so what should I do about the file header?15:59
popeyI would leave the original intact16:00
popeyand we add your name to the changelog & contributors list16:00
iBelievepopey, which original? My original or the same as other files?16:01
popeyoh, i misread, thought you'd said there was one originally.16:02
popeyso leave whatever header in you already had16:03
iBelievepopey, okay, thanks16:03
iBelievepopey, okay, here's the merge request if you have time to review it: https://code.launchpad.net/~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/fix-popover-caller/+merge/18322516:10
popeyiBelieve: I'll let the file manager devs review that ☻16:17
iBelievepopey, Neither of them have been reviewing my merges for a while. Arto said he doesn't have time for much except replying to emails and Carlos does backend stuff16:18
iBelievepopey, so I don't know who else to go to16:18
popeyiBelieve: we talked about this at the meeting, I think Arto will have some time for this. if it doesn't get reviewed promptly, let me know and we'll sort it16:27
iBelievepopey, okay, thanks16:28
dpmballoons, sorry for the late reply, doing too many things at the same time today. Let's chat next week about core apps and tests!16:58
Elv13_Hi, is there a preferred way to access the contacts for Ubuntu Phone? (in Qt)16:58
balloonsdpm, no worries..17:02
PaoloRotoloHi all!18:38
aquariustimp, who knows about the Arguments object? http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/ui-toolkit/qml-ubuntu-components0-arguments.html19:16
aquariustimp, specifically, how am I meant to use it in an app run with qmlscene?19:16
wellsbIs it safe to references images such as /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mobile/actions/scalable/share.svg or should I bundle my own in the app?  I think from saucy on it will be fine, but I guess I should bundle for backward compatibility?20:16
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