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Sonicadvance1Registers s16-s31 (d8-d15, q4-q7) must be preserved across subroutine calls; registers s0-s15 (d0-d7, q0-q3) donot need to be preserved (and can be used for passing arguments or returning results in standard procedure-callvariants). Registers d16-d31 (q8-q15), if present, do not need to be preserved00:58
Sonicadvance1So d8-d15 gets preserved by the caller, and d0-d7 and d16-d31 can be overwritten willy nilly?00:59
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Sonicadvance1Is there a compile time flag that I can use to determine if I am compiling as hardfp or not?09:09
Sonicadvance1Ah, found it __ARM_PCS_VFP09:19
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FrayedDoes anyone know if it is possible to get working 3d acceleration on the samsung arm chromebook, and if so how to achieve it?23:30
Sonicadvance1Frayed, Stay in ChromeOS :P23:30
Sonicadvance1Seriously is the easiest way23:31
Sonicadvance1I've got TWM installed in it and running a Gentoo Chroot23:31
Sonicadvance1Pushing the T604 to the max23:31
Frayedyou installed twm on top of chromeos?23:32
Sonicadvance1yea, stop the ChromeOS UI and start up X with TWM instead :P23:32
Sonicadvance1Nothing like a near perfect OpenGL ES 3 driver on ARM hardware23:33
FrayedJust wish I could have that in my bootable sd card xubuntu install23:34
Sonicadvance1Yea, that would be nice23:35
Sonicadvance1Althought for my needs, this setup works well I guess :D23:38
Sonicadvance1TWM is such a lightweight UI that I like it23:38
FrayedIs it possible to set up any package management systems within chromeos?23:39
Sonicadvance1Gentoo's emerge yea23:40
Frayednice, I'll have to look into that option23:40
Sonicadvance1Isn't hard really23:41
Sonicadvance1extract a stage 3 gentoo tarball and chroot in to it :P23:41

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