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u-k-i-tJust an ask. When installing ubuntu gnome with lvm and disk encryption, all is fine. Upon first boot and enter my chosen password that does contain the '@' symbol I find that at that point the system is still using a US keyboard layout. What would be the suggestion of package to file the bug under?09:49
xnoxu-k-i-t: known bug.09:49
u-k-i-tGood :-)09:49
u-k-i-tSomeone working on it?09:49
xnoxu-k-i-t: no. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity/KeyboardBug09:49
u-k-i-txnox: Cheers.09:50
xnoxu-k-i-t: we have a keyboard layout problem with every single step.09:50
xnoxu-k-i-t: in the installer.09:50
xnoxthe one you referring to is bug 104738409:50
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1047384 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "System Encryption Password set before setting keyboard locale" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104738409:50
u-k-i-txnox: That will be some bed time reading for me. Don't use disk encryption normally. Just thought it maybe a good try in my testing.09:51
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Bert_2Hi, I'm trying to make https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openldap/+bug/1216650 fit with the SRU-procedure, but creating a tutorial for someone who does not know the software is pretty much impossible, you'd need to explain someone how to setup ldap and mdb and how to populate it, are we actually supposed to do that?14:55
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1216650 in openldap (Ubuntu) "slapd crashed with SIGSEGV in lutil_str2bin() when using mdb" [Medium,Confirmed]14:55
penguin42Bert_2: A way to repeat is certainly ideal; could you actually just give a script to populate it?14:59
Bert_2penguin42: I could maybe try doing it with some dummy data, would rather not distribute hashes of my users15:00
penguin42Bert_2: I mean it depends how much of a PITA it is - if it turns out that you need very specific data to recreate it that's basically impossible to set up then I guess not; but you seem to have identified the exact upstream fix for it15:01
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Bert_2penguin42: Well, the creater of the bug has indeed found a patch that works and attached and linked it15:05
Bert_2Basically slapd crashes with mdb when deleting some stuff, so I can apparently not remove accounts15:06
Bert_2which is highly annoying15:06
penguin42yes, I can see that it's a good way to get your users banging down your door if you kill slapd15:06
Bert_2Indeed, I feel like putting importance on high, but I guess that wouldn't be very social, but for me at least it's rather important15:07
penguin42well I've just marked it as Triaged15:08
penguin42Bert_2: But it seems reasonable to propose that for SRU though, a crash in something like slapd would be a real PITA15:09
Bert_2penguin42: thx, yeah, it's quite a PITA15:09
Bert_2Can I do any more steps to move it along, penguin42 ?15:10
penguin42Bert_2: Can you confirm to me that the bug doesn't exist in something newer than 12.04 ?15:12
Bert_2penguin42: I'm setting up a VM to quickly check it15:14
Bert_2penguin42: it seems fixed in 12.1016:06
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RockinRoelHave I properly formatted this bug? What's the next step I have to perform? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openldap/+bug/121665022:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1216650 in openldap (Ubuntu) "slapd crashed with SIGSEGV in lutil_str2bin() when using mdb" [Medium,Triaged]22:06
RockinRoelI've never filed a bug report before, and definitely not for a stable release, so I'm not sure what to do22:07
penguin42What you need to do is find someone in the ubuntu-drivers team I think22:15
penguin42RockinRoel: I've marked it as fix released because it's fixed in newest stuff, and put a nomination for precise; but you need someone with more authority who can move it to the next stage22:17
penguin42ah right, so I think the thing to do is subscribe ubuntu-sponsors22:18
RockinRoeldo I have to attach a debdiff for that? cause I've just got a simple patch22:19
penguin42RockinRoel: might be best to ask them22:20
penguin42bdmurray is the type of friendly person who might know22:26
bdmurrayRockinRoel: the bug looks good to me, the fix would end up in Ubuntu quicker if there was a debdiff for it22:34
RockinRoelbdmurray: thanks, I'll look into that tomorrow. I also found something about pushing a branch to launchpad and then submitting a merge proposal?22:36
RockinRoelthat's just a different way of doing it, then?22:37
bdmurrayRockinRoel: right, that's just a different way.  It can sometimes be challenging to find the right bzr branch.22:37
RockinRoelbdmurray: I'll give it a shot :-)22:38
bdmurraycool, thanks!22:41

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